The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 7, 1950 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 7, 1950
Page 6
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•AMI CLASSIFIED 'ADVERTISING INFORMATION __ J£c i HUM per iltM pet dtf .'.,... tc' • MBM per, tin* p«r d»f ...... t« II U0M p«r tin* per d*f ke Month per lln* M« OOUAl five *ter*ffe words to the line M ordered for lbr*« or *Ji time* end •topped before eipiratlon will be chant* M tor 1 >h* number of time* the *d »ppeered and mdjuetmtnt of Mil made All • C.uvULvd Advertising copy »ub- Jnltted by p«r*oh« r»ld.nR ovitflld* 'of the dty mint be •eeompRnled by c»sh »»tn nmy cully be computed from the . Advertising order for rrffulit Insertion* uke* l/i* one ttm« t»bl« Ho responsibility will be tnkeo for •tore then one incorrect Insertion of All td* are restricted to thc» Drnp-t eltetlflcattnn a I j I e and type The Courier New* rwcnw tht rleht lo edit or. reject any *d Apartment tor Rent ALTERATIONS Your clothes carefully, expertly altered. Reasonable pri- cea/Mrs. C. R. Collins, 511 Chickasawba, ph. 4303. 9-19 i)k 10-1 (AM*.) COURIER NEWS Plastering BOBMALONE Call 2028 731 ck 10. TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS 111 W W.I.UI rknn< 3JO Plenty of Parkin Space 1114 For So/c, Misc. Furnished * Lilly, ; unfur, fijiU. 401 K, As 10,7 pX 10; 4-room unfur. npt. «t bath Ph. — 105 ck 10 3-room fur. efuclency. Close In wit Utimtw; Couple only. Mrs: Harry Lewi Ph. 3*67. 10|4 ck 10 3-rwm imfur apt, pns A- hot wnte 322 Dougfin. Ph. 2612 or 2366, 10;4 ck 10 2 pcom furn. apt. Ph, 2334. Bible welcome, 10)4 pk 1 2-room fur, apt. &, 3-room untu »pt. Ph. 4673 or 3C25. 10,7 pk 1011 4 room apt.. 106 W. Asb, $40.00. 3 room furnished ftpt. 700 W. '-* . D. Fersuion. ph. 552. 10:1 ck I 2 Modern Apartmenti. Apply IVU Cafe, 1017 ck 11 : room furn. apt., upstairs. Adul If. 700 W, Walnut, ph. 2000, 10;3 ck t Modem fur. apt. 4-rooms & bulb O«B equipment. Elec, refrigerator i: W. Dtrta. Ph. 3373 P. Blmon. io;« ck Modern duplex »p*,, upstairs A!: twdroom In prlrat* home Fh 2480 : ; 8.21 pit 10,2 Furniahed apt 1 rooms ind bath 9*w equipment, electrlo refrigerator Good furniture Ph 3373 fi 23 ck t 3 unf. rooms and bath. Call 491 •r -W74. ' '. 10'3 ck t I-room hous* unfur pt 2fi74 1,0 ck t Mewly decorated 3-rbom' apt. 211 re*.body. Call 2660 or 3288 »|11 ck t 3 Turn, rooms and bath in Bowen Apt*. Couple only. No pets. Ph. 6218 Auto Supplies and Services ' ACTTO ANT> runwrrtrRB LOANS - ! Prompt Person*) Serrlce i l O*n«r»l Contract Purcbw* Corp ' ~ 106 South 3th Pbcrn* 5803 Don't endanger your family with fealty ilrw—BUY LH TIRKS CHAPMAN SrnVTCX STATION ***** * DlTWon Phone 25<W » ' . 12113 ck « Watch and Jewelry Repair -» «on« — - *nd clock* OuarmntMd work f expert r«p«lr£D»n. Urwe*i PAT O'BRYANT M«in t Second Power ft Hand lawn mowers •harpened 4 repaired. Motors tuned up or completely overhauled. Parts for Clinton & Brigrg^t Stratton motors, carried in stock. We repair all makes of washing machines. Parts available for all types in one week. Blytheville Machine Shop 211 S. Second Phon« 2828 cfc tf *jng dressmaking ftUeratlotui. but- tles. 313 N. ath. Phone 67SO 10.3 pk 11 [3 -.A£hlng machine. Two Ktallc uba. Prlc« 125.00, Ph. 3515 10j3 pit 10 OIL BARREL RACKS. TOM'S SERVICE STA. PH. 3919 S. 61 HIWAY 9-M pk 10-1 Semi-Carter TrfiLlerK. Closed b Cab over Engine trucks. 10 wood spr t inattre.sses. Otic 6 ft. Warren DIs lay meat box. Oood us nc-v. Apply D . Moore, Oscooln, Ark. J0;7 ck 11 USED COMBINES All Makes—Priced to Scl If it's a Used Combine Yoi Want—See Us First. 61 Implement Co N. Hiway 61 Phone 214! 4 13 ft meat display cases Tw rifHYy rtuty with storage 3 palr^ Ran \tsry ecfilen One Hobi^ri mcRl ^Itccr One meat grinder Bosc-i used leu ihan year Call 3900 or write box • Elliot Johna 19 ck tiuAranleect used Pianos Eaxy it: ... Piano luulng Ph 1071 Day or 205 C nlghi* . fl.fl ck lOiS Fresh Catfish rtnlly, Wllllnma Fish MAT'fel. 3 2is1 St.. Ph 3532 922 nil 10,72 Two used combines. Good condition Reasonable Price. Hnle Seed Farm? " rdetie. Ark Ph. 702 926 ck U Uirge omce desk.'Ph. 2537. 10:3 pk I GOLDEN HAMSTERS Ideal pets. Clean and odorless, A re_- l*c teddy bears UECI! by laboratories everywhere $2 & M R p/ilr. c A Hunt- m. Hlw&y 51 3o Ph 3857. 9,H pk :ula(or. 510 E. Cherry. St. Ph 105 pic 10,i: Oil clr 4021. One Oliver 70 tractor »nd cultivator, JIB one row Internal lona I combine, n flood condition. One 1043 Jeep, one 939 Hudson * other used equipment, lake us a price. Glln Harrison Motor ft.'Imp. Co. 10J5 ck 10.12 3-bedrqom house. Good lo- ation on Kehtucky.St. 100 Ft. "rontage. Price |8,500. ?!,OO Cash. BaJance payable $<18 3«r Mo. " --'' H. C. CAMPBELL G. 0. YATES ' Ph. 6819 10-2 ck If Two Pianos, Famous Make- Ill sell separately for 'halnnce to re- ponsihle partr. May tRfce over pay- ents— Write Credit Manager. Jop_ Piano Company, 312 Main Joplln. Isscmri. ' io;4 ck 19:18 DUCK HUNTERS FISHERMEN Used one Season 12 Foot Thompson JO H. P Mercury TRAILER New Motor Guarantees BUI Tniner Western Auto io;4 pk 10 40 gal. r«kH electric water heftier. orence, 2-burner, circulator oil heat- Call ^fiOO or 631-1* 10 t 5 pk 8 Grocery utorft for e»ie. Located nt 500 Ficre farm. 3',i miles rroin KRBt alrle. Mo,, on good gravel road, \'t IEe from concrete rond, has 8 Chouses, barns, excellent mlitd l«nd, all In Itlvntlon. Main house h r. R seven wms. hardwood floors, and bath. Prlc- iU $200 per acre. II Interested call IAKFIN BROTHERS *t Citrtithers. le. Mo., phone 202. We cooperate th brokers. 10]4 ck 11 RMXNMKK Doi't Pit Off Needed Service "Operations" ^ ^ ] 9. i It gives your pocketbook a break! G«t on Authorized Reconditioned Ford Engin* ... a ring job . . . valv* «rind . . . n»w clutch . . . front or r*or axl« . . . trantmiision . . . body r«3ni»h!ng . . . ony major »«rvic«— AND PAY AS YOU DRIVE A "RENEWED" CAR 5th. & Walnut ompang Phone 4153 For Sale, Real Estate Lund lor sale. Small traciv W. E arrlson Mi Popular. Blythevllle. Ar*. 1 10.5 pk 10.1 nouse J3000 9,11 el ir S-room tioilse sh Can 26H Good 6-room house ntic. ath, 58,000 B. T. U. oil cir- ilator, Venetian blinds, fenc- (I backyard. Nicely located 506 E. Cherry. Price §„ 00. Has a goocl'F. H. A. loan, "onthly payments ?39.G8. Commercial building, -10 x )0 ft., '.01?*$- deep lot in the 00 block on South and Has <le alley. Good location. Price 1,250. f 1,250 cash will han- e. See or call— JOHNNY MARR P'hone 4111 Bes. Phone 6371 0-16 ck tf Hy ow.-ner, spaclnus four room house. rccned nack porrh Car port Wnll rnsce heat. Wall nnd celling Insu-' Ion. 33^ South Walker Boulevard 9,28 pk 10'30 rooms, half bath, ','* block of new h school. Ph. 362fl. 10'4 pit 11 Used Car Prices Thar Are Really 3916 POISTIAC—See (his clean, clly-drivcn car...a 4-door Sedan with radio & heater 1917 CHHVHOLKT AEKOSEDAN-lieauli- ful (wo-lone finish, irood (ires, radio & healer 1939 FOKU—here's Hie cleanest older car In (own 19J7 PONTIAC STRKAMI,INKR!!A '-fiidor' bedan thai s perfect any way you look at it has radio & heater. * ' 1950 CHEVROLET CONVERTIBLE—a slick car, white sidcwall tires, radio & heater AAC '395 ? 1195 Mony Others $50 And Higher Noble Gill Pontiac, Inc. USED CAR LOT Across th« Street from (h* City Hall lo<tcrn houRp." double lot. Priced w. See 2120 Marguerite, ph, «1B. 10,3 [})c 10 O.scnrs Cafe doing «ood business brat location In town. Reason for Felling Jiving town, 315 West Main St. I'hone Real Estate ' Farms — Cily Property LOANS U ixtertMrd in or ^I Noble Gill Agency REALTORS — Cecil Earls — Glcncoe Bldg. Ph. 68G8 • jo c« rr There's Always Tomorrow! . And what we do today determines our future success. Every Used Car on our lot Is your symbol of safe, dependable Irnnspo'r- tation guaranteeing you comfort and economical driving pleasure. We recondition every late model car—give you a 50/50 gu.irautce on parts and labor. Easy terms for your convenience. We'd like to t serve you! 1949 Plymouth Special Deluxe 1940 Ford Club Coupe S—1949 Kaiser Special Pour Door Sedans and many more, all values galore The 61 Motor Co. Your Kaiser-Frozer Headquarters North 6th. St. Phone 2142 "We'll be Here TOMORROW to Back Up What We Say and Do TODAY1" REAL. ESTATE We have same real bargains In farm and city property. It yovi are Interested tn, buying or. selling, • it iwlll DRV you to see lis. We abo make 50 year term loan* •*Vr Interest. -We cr,n zet you a city jironeriy loan In « few houra . CHU Hubbard Land Co. Ph. 565 SATURDAY, OCTOBER T, THOSE REVERSE ENCLISH!-Jusl when the U.S. is working frantically to get its fighting ships out of molliballs and into service Great Britain Is still putting her ships away for a long rest Here a Royal Navy ordnance worker sprays rubberized "cocoon" material on a range finder on the reserve fleel battleship Kuig George V at Careloch, Scotland. Help Wanted, Female Car-hops, wanted. Apply Razorback Drive Inn. 0-28 ck tf SEU, CHRISTMAS CARDS KARS 1110 I'ROF'ITS PLUS HO.VLIS Famous Harry Docltla. Artl.sttc wnt heerful selections sell on Blj-ht rompt. delivery Iioni Dalls. No Wall ns. Hequrit Bcnsatlonal sum pie kit o iff dlspinj- folders nnd box HssorL lents on approval. COLUMBIA 180 o. Almrd. Dejit. N. Diltns. Texas. 10|7 pk 10.8 or Sale, Cars and Trucks Help Wanted, Male BIGGEST USED CAR BARGAI BURNETl AUTO SALES Ml I JJiln rhon. xn Clean 4U Studebaker Champion con- ertlble Radio, heater, overdrive, hill- older, white wall tires, chrome wheel ngs. automatic choice A hUh Idle iurol. clg lighter, clock, glove < link comparl.-netit lights Good rub •r Only 12.000 miles. Call «61 befori p.m. after 5 p.m. call 4055. 9:15 dh Late model 1949 2-ton Chevo!et truck, 32 ft. Kingliani railer; air brakes, good tires. 3,500. \Vill finance $2,000. Jtley Eros. Lbr. Co., Holland, lo. • 10-5 pk 12 Wanted to Buy Wanted to buy used photoaraphlc ulpment. Including an enlarger. Bly- evllle High School carnern club, rh 1 Stabler 2772. • 10,7 ck 10,3 .. Highest Prices Paid for HENS & FRYERS. Blytheville Produce .Co. Rear of Leadway Store Main & Division Phone 6875 8-10 ck tf House for Sale. Leaving City. 900 East Main Call 6214 , 10-3 pk 17 Highest price* paid rot cnrCKSNS A»h strt«t Omcerr * Market f <"h «;7 ck tl Private Rooms Large, comfortable brtrcwm. Men onlj.310 W. Walnut. 10;3 c "" t siM?, n h!° rI ,' lb '° , b f d ">°m "dj'olnlns bultabl. (or »lrl or teacher Ph 2671 B.31 pk 10 21 "I«l7 rur from bedroom Adjoining ^>>_ Men onlj- p n MJ2 »,3 ck if J bedroomj. Men only wTli z r Blomeyer. ph 26«. 923 pk 10 li Nicely f,ir. front bedroom. Ete'am ne»t. /aentlemen. Ph. 3261. •, 1°;« pk ll;< Bedroom ndjolnlng bath. Steam heat. MI W. Ash. ph. 2209. 10;4 pk l(i 3 Comrortnlile bedroomi. Ph 2313 10J pk 11:7 Insurance Call 3545 For Complete Insurance Protection W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection IM W Alh r» QLVTi'COB HOTEL Walker Insurance Agency 202B Isaacs Bldk Phone 3490 Complete CoVerage Automobile, Truck. ' "Liability, Comprehensive. Five Insurance, Bonds. 9-20 ck tf For Rent 3 room house and bath, i\irn All electric kitchen. Call 6116. 106 jilt 10 Ono 3-room iinfnr. house. One 2- room unftir. house. N. 6th St. Ph. 436fl, 10,3 p'K 10 ; 13 5-room modern house. Unrur. Ph «12 after « p.m. 106 pk 10,8 2-room fur. house for rent. Sen or call Luther Oaun. Ph. 6272. 417 S. 20lh. _ 10.5 pk 10,8 4-rnom itnftir. house. South Serond St. .Ph. 36U. 105 ck 10.3 8-room house >mfur. with 2 baths 11 Clurtt SI. Ph. 6198. 10 5 pk 10,IJ 3 room turn apt., private bath. Also 3-room unfurn house. 315 Lake 10.1 pk 10 Modern cabins. 11.50 up Weekly rate r"ur. apt. Car* ncrvlce Re* Meals boat Boy Court. Ph P3I 9;|5 pk 10|I5 Light ho >-i« Keeping room. Ph 2920 B!12 pk 10112 Bedroom adjoining bath. Phone 2338. 10.5 10,15 3-room house In rear or 306 North 5th St. 115.00 per mo. Phone 3467 or I17 >- 105 ck tr Small, comrortable, imrnrnlsbed unfurnished house. Water furnished Fh. 712. 10.7 c)c tf i-room house nnfur. 1138 Willow Bt, 10.7 pk 10,11 Salesman wanted Your Southern Anto has unusually good position for those »'ho can qnnllfs' Must have de- pc-MdnbJe car. prefer rnnrrled, between axes 25-40 EXPERIENCE NOT NCCE = . SAHY Vour success Is uuurccl write r • can Ray Davis southern Auto ilythevllle. Arkansas Pn 3(21 ' _ JVanted: Man vdlh~c7r to sell «nd ollect Insuracne. Establlshea debit ^ ^ e ,"l''l: Ca0 " eornl "8'' Hasungs.' H tteM. Ash. | 0>3 pk jo PIN BOY3 WANTED! Van's bowltnr anes. cull 4929. 10,5 pk 1()11 o Watili-d body- i paint man. Must be ,ble to do first clans ivory, Ouaranteed salaiy jilua commission. A ical orwor- tunltj' for « good man.'See or call Wencr Wlllla, n5 . Ph . 2M6 H orner Wilson Motor Co. Blythcvllle. • inj ck io;i4 Wanted. Someone to mo* y«ro~~& wash windows. 708 W. Main. I I0:i pic 10:11 Business Opportunities Frozen custard stand with 2)4 gallon continuous freezer. Includes build n" n-ltbi steam Iabtc3, Neon sign, popcorn machine. Butldlng easy to move writ" P. O. Box 259. Blythevllle. 10O pk 10 NOTICE Notice Jj hereby given that, the undersigned has filed with the Commissioner of Revenues of the State of Arkansas for permit to sell and dispense beer Bt retail on the premises described as N. Hiway 61 Blythevllle. Mississippi County. The undersigned states that he Is a citizen of Arkansas, of good moral character, that he has never been convicted of a felony or other crime nvolving moral turpitude; that no license U> sell t>eer by the undersigned has been revoked within Jive vears last past; and that the 1111-. rtersigned has never .been convicted' of violating the laws"of this state, i or any other state, relative to the sale of alcoholic liquors., Application is for permit to be issued for operation beginning on' the 1 day of Oct. 1950, and to.ex- pire on the 30 day of June. 1951. Mrs. Sybil Bunch Subscribed and sivorn to before me this 29 day of Sept. 1950. Mrs. Marshr-ll Blackard Notary Public My Commission expires: 3 953. 10-7-50 NOTICE Notice is hereby given that the mdersigned has filed with the Commissioner of Revenues of the State of Arkansas for permit to sell ind dispense beer at retail on the jremises described as N. 6th, Bly- '.heville, Mississippi County. The undersigned states that he Is a citizen of Arkansas, of good moral character, that he has never been convicted of a felony or. other crime nvolvlng moral turpitude; that no icense to sell, beer by the nnrlcr- signed has been revoked within live years last past; and that the undersigned has never been convicted of violating the laws of this tale, or any other slate, relative o the sale of alcoholic liquors. Application is for permit to be ssued for operation beginning on he 1 day of Oct. 1950. and (o expire on the 30 day of June. 1951. J. E. Halsel! Subscribed and sworn to before me this 6 day of Oct. 1950. Mrs. Marshall Blacfcard My Commission expires. 3J953. 10-1-50 Notre* Wanted to plclc your cotton with In- ernallonal picker. Experienced operates furnished. Call 2S32W nights or iSJ5 Day. Clarksdale, Mlsa. 10:7 ck 10,14 New. rcne?nl Subscriptions to Read- rs Oldest. Contact Susan Hufrman 'h 2309. 8,27 pi: 10,37 REAL ESTATE If interested in a home or Farm, see us. We have any- IhiiiK from A vacant lot to » plantation. Also city and farm loans. CATES-WIGGS REALTORS 115 S. 3rd St. Blytheville, Ark. Ph. 2751 8-11 ck U We're Proud of Our Work « work * Woodwork icturing • Welding BARKSDALE MFG. CO. Machine work Manufacturing SHEET METAL WORK- - —OF ALL KINDS CMtom work for jrfns, aifalf* mills, oil mills. C»sto» Shtarini «p ( 0 1/4 inch Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 So«th Broad w«, Phon* 2«51 How'i Your Speedometer? To be sure It's reading right, M «a check II. We Rive one^rlny service on speedometer repairs'*tor all tars and trnek». T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. 121 E. Main Phone 2122 Drive A Late Model USED CAR With New Car Performance VALUES THAT MEAN SAVINGS TO YOU 1919 1919 1918 19 IS Two Two 1917 1917 1917 19-IB 19,'t9 19.17 1917 1917 191fi Chevrolet deluxe Fleet line 2-door Sedan Chevrolet deluxe 4-door Sedan Chevrolet'deluxe Fleefline 4-door Sedan Chevrolet deluxe Fleet lint 2-door Sedan 39.18 Chevrolet Stylemasler 4-door Sedans 5.MS Chevrolet Sfylcmaster 2-door Sedans Chevrolet Fleelmaster 4-door Sedan Chevrolet Fleel master 2-door Sedan Chevrolet Sfvlemasfer 2-door Sedan Chevrolet Pleetmasler 5-P asS en K er Coupe Chevrolet 2-door Sedan Plymouth super deluxe 5-Passenjrer Coupe Ford super deluxe 5-Passen K er Coupe I<ord deluxe "S" 2-door Sedan Ford deluxe "8" 2-door Sedan MOST OF THESE CARS ARE LOADED WITH KXTRAS EASY GMAC PAYMENT FLAN Remember, Y.u C« Always Get A G^d De«l at SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY .311 West Walnut ph . n , S7g HEMORRHOIDS (PILES) Carrier AIR "CONDITIONING HEATING REFRIGERATION - ELECTRICAL Sales-Service-Engineering City Electric Co. Phone 2241 WE BUY AND SELL USED & NEW FURNITURE PHONE 2112 DIAL3391 TEXACO HEATING FUELS BUY NOW! USED, TrucksJ PRICES ARE DOWN! 19 U I9J2 1937 19 (fi . * , • 1917 1918 1917 1916 CMC IVi- Ton LWB, new paint. . .$193. CHEVROLET 2-Ton LWB, n ew paint... $250 CHEVROLET 1 «/ 2 -Ton with bed... $125. TNTBKNATIONAL LWB 2-speed axle, stake bed tt 1947 INTERNATIONAL KB-7 with b*d...|5 95 . CMC 1-Ton Slake, new lire.,. . .imagine, $ 8 95. DODGE Rolling Store, only 12,000 miles. . .$545 CHEVROLET 2-Ton LWB, slake body. . .$ 540 INTERNATIONAL K-TOB Panel, new paint... JEEP Pickup, J-wheel drive, '51 license. $ 695 . 19(6 FORD fc.Ton ,,, ckup> new|y pain(ed , . . $550 HORNER-WILSON 309 East Main MOTOR CO Phone 2056

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