The Paducah Sun-Democrat from Paducah, Kentucky on July 28, 1928 · 6
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The Paducah Sun-Democrat from Paducah, Kentucky · 6

Paducah, Kentucky
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 28, 1928
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11 f ACE SIS PAD? CAE, EY XYX!fl&3 SATTSDAT, JTLY 2S, 123 il rr 1 I -. !:l F SC.V FCBL1SHLSG lOilPJSI, Incorporated BT CARRitK, t-r weea, lici Bl, pvr moot, , b? CAr.Vi!iit, Bwiittt in advanca i.7, B CAKRIfcPl. a ! Is uilBit, I. MAli. UTcl kcCrxktB, RJiard. U'Hm, Ti.. K:rma, t-Jou, Crit'.eaaen. MraH lJiavoo. fuaua, Crli.. Cnuay cuunca 1u keaiuisy; sissaac asd Pop coeniies ta I,,tncs; asid Henry, Aetntr and Ogiob cvboit a TtnrteaM-a t meruit II. li tor taraa a-cnuiA It for m months led 14 ur yar. Outsida ' lAat sona it la Ije a moatk All sr-ail aubacriora payaesa la advanra. mred at tna foatufliea at Padaiaa, Kir, a aecoaa tuu maitsr. 'laa AaMrtaira Pm la airiMiTclr Militoa m laa raiiaiia '- at all a. creatwa la lata aa aa4 alaa aa aw rr4n4 it r aat otacrwiaa craait4 la laia wp' aa4 ataa la taa tacai aawa ' paMiftlaea laerata. Th Evening Suu it an independent newspaper without obligation to any political party. It policies art dictated wttk regard for truth and directed to the best interests of the community it serve and the ftatwn it is a part oft it endeavors to stand tor the thing that art nyht and tn dong to take no account oj the policies of whoever may fct tmolvtd. LOVE'S' ECSTASY ly MAY CHRISTIE HHAT HAS UAI'FEXED SO FAH. j"Five hundred dollars or nothing Ti.:riio.Ma Editunal Ucpartmeni. av7i Uuiintu nfflca, tvou. Aieda Riy, pretty country gl and Gary Chester, young engineer, aie in love. A led A, workirg as a sutographer ia Jew York, U living with Manse ie Rense, vhu young, sophisticated uster, Goldie and Clive Mortimer, ne'er-do-well Englishman, - are engaged In blackmailing game. They receive a "commission" to arrange a party for Smithson. wealthy roundt-r. A.eda and Gary return at midnight from a dnva into the country. Goldie, jeaioua ot Gary's tr-ve for Alt da, tricks Aleda Into attending Smithson's party and then sends a note to Gary asking him to meet Aleda there. Aleda is shocked by the "goings-on" at the pfrty and ia anxious to leave. .NOW OO OJS HUH THE STORY. Still Trustful. j 0 A Boston clergyman publicly mourns that there are 'no more real children in the world" and that Mother Goose rhymes and Santa Claus are being banished because they are not suj i ported by scientific proof. But he fails to take into account J the. incurable trustfulness of human nature. When we contemplate the unquestioning faith of men and women in all manner of harmful as weJl as harmless fakes, it . would seem nearer the truth to declare there are no grownups . in the world ; all are children and that all assumption of wisdom is but playing at being grownup. Delusions, fancies and fads may change from 'time to time as to subject matter, and may even assume aspects more dangerous than the innocent belief in SanU or Mother Goose, but they are just as absurd as ever, and all the wonderful discoveries in the scientific world which have marked the past 50 years have apparently in no wise discouraged the faith of human nature in the supernatural. o Abandoned Cars. One often wonders what became of all the worn out automobiles in this country. The street commissioner of .New York City has answered the question in part. He says a good many are just abandoned on the streets. A recent statement from the functionary reveals the surprising information that as many as 70 or 80 cars are abandoned in New York every month. The owners simply drive them to some deserted, silent street, park them at the curb and go away, usually removing the license plates before they leave. The city is spending a good deal of money to remove these rolling bits of junk. Fittings and metal parts that can be salvaged are saved, the rest is put on a barge, towed out beyond Sandy Hook and dropped into the ocean. Abandoning an auto jou can't use any longer is one vfay of getting rid of it. It's hardly to be recommended, .however in view of the wear and tear on street commissioners' nerres. o China's Students. 0 The earnest patroitism of her student bodies has been a great boon to China. It is the students who have been the back ; bone of the Nationalist movement, so far as enthusiasm and propaganda are concerned. The students have supported vigor-' ously every effort toward progressive policies in the empire. But in their youthful zeal, these students are apt to go far. They may cause harm where good was intended. The officials of the federation have notified the student bodies in Manchuria that they will only make trouble for their country if the; persist in an announced intention to protest against Japanese activities in the Northern provinces by resort to the boycott and other weapons of passive resistence at this moment. It is probable that the officials of the students' organization realize that the.y should leave matters of international in p.irtnnee to the duly constituted authorities of the new Nationalist regime in China now that the opposition to that element of the government has been removed. Such a decision reflects credit upon tne good sense of the students. While there was need of arousing the Chinese people to the necessity for a change, while the war lords, and '.he petty tyrants of cities and provinces held the country in their grip and bartered Chinese rights for foreign cash, there was a .. t'-jrnpndous job for stud.nts. Tht;' were able to make a profound impression upon the ignorant masses of the nation, because of the fact that nowhere in the world is there greater respect , for learning than in China. The peaple there will follow in- formed leaders as they will do in few other countries. Victory has been achieved by the Nationalist cause, however, i. and there is no longer the necessity for "direct action" by the students. They are wise in being willing to leave to more experi- enced statesmen and political leaders the actual handling of the i delicate situation left by the victory of the Nationalist cause, f o CHAPTER XXXVI Clive Mortimer bad delivered tiro eases of champagne at the root apartment just before the party. "Cash payment 'was arranjed for.. No checks," he said to tie Negro butler when bis gooos were dumped in the kitchenette. 'Just wait a moment, sun. Ill cali Mr. Briggg." "Mr. Brtggs! Who'. Mr. Biiggs?" In this transactiou CHve hail heard of nobody but Mr. Smithson friend of Goldie the hest. "Mr. Briggs is my master, sub. TMb is his apartment." Tr.e servant vanished. And piesently none other than Smithson whom Clive bad seen once and now immediately recognized cam into the room. "Ah!" lit poked and ferreted among the bottles. " This looks lil.e genuine stuff! What is the price?" "Five hundred dollars," tartly said Clive. "Hum! Pretty steep! Aren't you piling it on a bit?" The Englishman was nettled. TCit was the agreed rat". And I ant cash settlement No checks. We filed all thai on the phone." "Of course. Of eourse." This iu a modifying tone. mithsOB flung a furtive look over' his " It waa almost as though thb latter were afraid that someone else had come with CUve . . . "Or maybe he's scared of prohibition agenu," thought the tngltah-nan. In a neat packet, held by a bond, Mr. Smithson handed him fifty $10 bills. CUve counted them, said briefly, "That's In order," and turned to depart. As he did so, he heard the but ler say to Smithson: "Mr. Brigsi. suh. I've laid covers for eight." Mr. Briggs again! The meaning of it flashed on Clive. "That little runt has rented this apartment on the sly under a fuke name, so be can have Jolly times up here without bs wife finding out!" The crafty eyes "narrowed calculatingly. Here, tumbled into nil har.dmoBt providentially, was ret another source of income (he wouldn't give its rightful name of blackmail, for that waBn't yrettv). He'd wring "bush money" out of silly little Smithson, u.ueet, through this unexpected knowledge, the so-called Briggs to the last cent! '-. a a a The party was growing gayer and noisier every moment Over the loaded table, orchid-decked maidens flung provocative glances at the "butter and egg"- nun. . Only Aleda was distrait and silent and afraid. ; This hateful termination to ber magic evening with the one Gary Chester! , She could have wept over the anti-climax. ' Goldie ' -was, halt intoxicated. She had been indulging freely in The Mexican Presidency. The ni"stion of who shall succeed President Calles of Mexico seems to he the foremost issue in tat republic now. Some want ;. Cilles to retain the office, while others are equally 'etermined '" to put in somebody else. The passions aroused by the slaying of Obregon still persist. Had Obregon liveo, and takea office oli iVct mber 1, as planned, Mexico -ight have enjoyed trmquillitv, fur a time at least. It seems that of all the leaders and pseudo-lfadci-s, Calles and Obregon only had proved thcms.'.ves able to T govern Mexico in this era of unrest. . ; Not all the Obregon support ;rs, however, arc favorable to Calles remaining in office. It is uncertain whether he wisl i to stay. The. problem is a serious one for the i.iore responsible ;' elements in the nation's life. The constitution is silent as t the procedure to be followed in filling the office under the cir-'. cumstances. The congress has authority to revise the document and can do so in such manner, doubtless, that Calles won"1 have a legal title to stay on for a period rfter his term expires, :H notwithstanding that, eor.-ccutive terms for the same individual ;i: as president arc barred. The taction of the agrarian population U to such procd '.re is not certain, howe-er. ' jf o s The modern miss may be bold and carry a flask and show t.'hcr knees,1 but at least she doesn't giggle. The old campaign times seem tj be' completely gone. Nobody : can radio a torchlight procession. : No wonder Mr. Ra-skob resigned as chairman of the General Motors finance committee. Chauffeuring the Democratic , campaign is quite a plenty for any man. ' . ;." ; o - At the close of one of the speeches in tho Grtgory-Fcrgu son debate yesterday at Mayfiold, the wooden platform erected for tho debaters collapsed. The wonder is most of the audience , didn't do likewise. Percy Grainger, composer, will be married August 9, with a full orchestra accompanying the services. The orchestra will play Mr. Grainger's own composition, a fantasy called "Warrlers." Whittle your own comment. Simile. As quiet as a soft-drink parlor in Havana. Says tha Rav. Mr. Wiley "Perhaps gentleman marry brunettes because it is so d i f f i c u It to hang around a blonde and re- Nq main a gentle- Withering retort, 1906 "None of your beeswax !" DAILY PUZZLE (Kews Item.) Mr. and Mrs. George Reed will leave Saturday for New York, where they will attend the wedding of their son, John Eeed, who will return with his parents by auto. 5 CONTINUED STORY "tonJon Society" Copyright 1928. by Kins reaturcs tyndlcata, tne. Those who scoff at the spirit t of the times, and think everything is going to tha dogs, can take heart from the following society item - Miss Eleanor Hanktns and Miss Marion Wilson entertained decently at a bridge luncheon at the Mission Inn, having for their guests college friends. cax;agne. ani was now givTnj ; vent to wkat the termed "w:;e j cricks." -If I eou'.d only get her ho ne , Quick!" thougat Aleds, ner mind full of the understanding with Manse. Some wine was spilled upon the wble. The whole thing was so distasteful to Aieda that it een seemed that already the American beauties nad a wilted lock! They huag their delicate heads as though- in shame of what ttey witnessed. But the human American beauties did not act that way. They became broader and more provocative ia their sallies. Tue heads of two of them reposed biazenly on middle-aged male shoulders. "Now comes the 'piece de resistance' ot the party!" exclaimed Goldie, s u d denly jumping u She signed to the girls to accom pany her Aleda followed and they all went out into the bed room. We'll put on these and give the old boys a great thrill!-' Gold ie fumbled with unsteady fingers at the wrappings of a package sh had brought with her. "These," to Aieda'a astonish ment and horror proved to be several sets of vajamaa! Golai tossed her a pair. You wouldn't Goldie! Cotae right home!" Aleda caught ber arm. O oh! Kll-joy! Prunea and prisms!" leered G-oidle mockingly. You wouldn t let her!" Aleda appealed to the otherg iris. Loud giggles were the only comment, and a x"Goldle, your friend aure la early Victorian!" i m- respectiuii i ve got a Utile decent pride in myself! it's horrible these old men, leering like satyrs." A. nob caught in her throat. Goldie ' seemed m o mentarily sobered. She said, coaxingly : Come off it, Aleda! Don't high- hat ub! It's only a joke! It. Isn't! It's beastly!" Aleda was. beside herself. Leaving thtm tnere in the bedroom. sht ran through the hallway to the eleva tor and pressed the button fran tically. But ho lift came up! She waited, her finger itlll on the bell-push Don't , make an idiot of your self! Come on back!" Goldie sp peared at her side. "I'm going ' homo! I wouldn't slay another minute!" The forget- me-not blue eyes were an.y - MADE-IN-PADUCAH Goldie V mood - changed. Sue tossed her head.. "Ring all you like, the-, elevator - boy has et his instructions cot to take any body down from the roofP' Then Where's the exit? Noth Ins will keep me here. GoUJie, you ought to be ashamed of your- c r tj w i- n self!" .. . . Sponsors or Idea Working Un Goldie'B eyes took on a cunning! " IVf;,s-t. PI f!,; 1 , l TT . i . . , I lVAiftJlLV A 1UI1 LV VJU111 luun. xier. iiiiiiu wuiacu liwil'j.v. That trick of the note written in Aleda's name 'to Gary Chester was too crude. The - game would be discovered.. Now,' at this moment BUT HE'S STILL IN THE ROUGH ,33 SYNOPSIS. Beware, Sir Harry Doncaster, of Miss ' Remember, you have a wife and child. THE WEAKER VESSEL "CLS1E DE VAVTi iWoasI Pihaw, how foolith I" laid Harry to him$lfr as n tttpped brithly past hit wift, to peer at him te If in tho hall glass. "You are not well, Harryl" said Elsie, his wife, as she marked his , heightened color; "you've been annoyed at business, I take It." "Not a bit," said he, patting her on tha cheek, and tossing up his child. "Not bit, and now let's have dinner; for I have a business engagement this after, noon at four." Sir Harry, you are thinking of Hit i think twice before you take thie ttep. (Continued Monday.) Golddiggers' slogan "Any old sport in a storm." ' Slogan for Al Smith- Mary is a little bum, . She smokes and drinks and chews, And then she goes to Sun- 'day school To chase away the blues. An old timer is somebody who can remember when all the .young melt wora Indian bead watch fobs. -. a a a , And Moronia think at grand tlam ha eomething to do with the door on a Ford. Bs that as. It may, the proprietor of the Willow Clan barber shop is none other thai Mr. D. Lay. -a a WILL MAKE PI I Bin Jusn News. I Miss Katharine Kanardl has accepted a position lis houie- keeper at the Holllster Advance office. . - Fewer liquor fines more fine liquors. and A gat we like ' It Sutie Wheat She never drivel From the old bach e The reaton'e clear To mny aopi She'i alway parked On the driver' t lap. A U. W. FAMOUS LAST WORDS But, Sheriff, you've got the wrong man! Sold te ?i gentleman In the proy deriiy. chance.- "Calm V n II T aalf Ana ft planning suicide by jumping rff U0- S1?1 meetings have been . . . . - i T a . I htln ntr hill cHrtoaa m an wh r i.ra in. vu. v wxa ... : " i PRODUCTS PLAN IS' ON SOLID FOOTING Public Support Sponsors of the "Bus Fadueah to remedy her error came her Product" campaign are working out a tangible program for; the success of their Idea, it was stated the roof to save outraged modes- palgn . of education will be con ducted during the next several months. - ' A complete list of all the pro ducts that are manufactuied in Ptulucah will be published by the sponsors of the movement in a ty, call Gary Chester at his - club ie?Sted ,ln h ?,an- "a " am and get him to come, right up here and .fetch both of us home. Before Aleda could prevent hr. she bad darted 10 the telephone. . The club-porter informed tier that Mr. Chester ' had just a , few Ah! That was great! Her trick " li. Z 'J,.:. wculd be adequately covered. She " B;" ' .r". fihhf.fl to AieH hnthoiv ..KrT. been retained as. secretary of fie n rr v. '....Vi. association. 9 vum"1 lieUb UV, ' I tcA ieonMwHnn Wd,r1QV vt, hio r. j,'' 'Ii. Mr. Franz of the number o' Patlu ttaAa j ij ttf, ,..". I "e lucai . rpiaii marker., j air. Aieaa ana said, .n a stiff, strange 1 rv. ,.j i ,. . tK. to-e- "I eot the messaee I came Franz Btated in nla rePrt that tne lo-e. i goi ae message, i came lm, 0,,0h rfoi.0Mo lu.i. Aa she InnfcPrl intn that ul "nowieage ou uie part OI me tL V0,2t0:? buying public of the produ-its made-ana ottered for sale in.. Fa dueah. - - SOUTHERN ILLINOIS HASOffiTO MEET Lodge Members ' Will Enjoy Outing At Fort . METROPOLIS, ILL., July - 28. It is expected . there, will be one of the largest crowds of the season at Fort Massac State park tomorrow.. Not only will Masons and members of their ' families from all over Southern Illinois ?nthi?r thars fnr- . An Annilfll ; nlfl- nic but ' the Mesoher- family - Wllf hold their yearly reunion there the same day. . .The Meshers constitute quite a numerous family. Many of them ' reside in Massac county,1 some in; - Johnson and Pope. A ,few will come from oth er state , the weather Is fit. Work has commenced on the big bridge ata Dixon, Much of the grading has' been done between . GranUburg and Vienna. Strenuous efforts', are being, made- to get the highway department to let the -contract for that part of the highway between Vienna and Anna which will afford a short- cut across Johnson and Union counties, between Route. 1. and 2.. '. ,.' The .Metropolis baseball . team appears to have disbanded without taking,, formal action to accomplish.,.,, that result. Second baseman Bfll Stockton and Short Stop Heinle Derneddle said, today they ; would c play -on f a Paducah team Sunday while First Baseman . Mike Hanktns has an': offer from . Karnak.,. Some of ..the boys .are going to attend a game at Joppa tomorrow. proving face which only a few hours ago held such tender warmth, for her, her heart sank wtetchedly and no words came.;. ivuuuuuea .monuay.j The ancient mulberry and other trees that for generations had furnished shade for the Lukens, Duncan and' Jacobs families: were felled today on the site acquired for the postoffice.;. Some of the stumps had to .be dynamited before the trees could,-be pulled down after excavation had been made to their roots. .: An office building for Cardan! and Com pany, general contractors for the poBtoffice, will be' completed to morrow and by , Monday excava tion for the foundation of the postoffice will begin. UP AND DOWN THE STREET The summary of the report will be made public later, ofheere of the association stated, A buy-Paducah-products cam paign will be Btarted . at in early date through advertising and per sonal ' solicitation amonc mer chants. Mr. Franz Bald that bl survey showed that the amount of Lerov Parsons. 412 South Ninth Paducah-made products beir.g street, has returned from Camp DOBni nere ai me present time ; Daniel Boone, the state Y. M. C. les8 than zo per cent or what it A camp of Kentucky. Parsons, snouia De. tie saia that faducan who is one of the best smatwir raauufacturing plants are giving boxers in the city, has been tak- employment to 4,057 persons aud ins a course in nhvsical tminlns huve an annual payroll of $4 at Camo Daniel Boone for sevral 680,000. Officers of the associa weeks. Two 'hundred boys and tlon estimate that if . the buying ycune men attended the traintne public gives whole-hearted support school. ' Parson secured ills Jyn- lo lne ouy-raaucan-proaucts move-lor Red Cross life, saving melaL mwjt that tbe annual parroll of and waB awarded the position of the8e plants would be doubled, honor athlete of the camp. Par- .James G. Wheeler is prf-sident sons will be one of the leaner in otthe new association which has the physical directors' equad un- as lts slogan. "Buy Paducah-made aer tne y. m. c. a. physical direct rruaucls- tor. J." P.. Bailey, who will coma r to Paducah tbe first ot 3entem- Mite!! t Cl', at Broadway Church Announcement is made of the uuvmus at an eany aaiesot mi) Aoitoj i, . . F"lty .Ciheo0n6"an(l.Dfllca- town musicians tho choir of the lOTau i uul" ruu" i"1- Broadway Methodist church, in ansuiwuDuu lor me opening are I cnninnoUnn with tho hnir. fmm nearlng completion.- The Purity the Flrgt CnrlBtlan and lne Flm uuv u" "e oi vne most at- PreiihvtoHan hnr.h.. mill r,. iracuve esiaonsnmenia ot its o hoMtir.,i mn.iu a,i.. In U III. V. - l I " U "im me onop re- evening at 7:45 o'clock at the arranged and new fixtures and Broadway Methodist church. In decorations Installed. Curtis Ov- a(idUion to the talented artists eiujr win oe-general manager oi from these three churches, Mr, tne new MincneOnette. Air. OV- Harrv Cllhert of Now VnrU Mr. erbey has been manager of other! Aim ' uppA nf r.Mnzm Mr luncheonettes in the city and Is Robert Gelsh of Indlauapolls and well known. Mlna Mnrv Whefllnr nf Psdursh will appear on the program. Lovely plans have been made for the service which promises to be a rare trnat In musical circles. Mm. R. H. WtnRtanri iu nrznnln iu raoucan evening tsun u at Broadway Methodist church authorized to announce The program will-Include both GARTH K. KEHGUSON solo, duet and quartet numberi! Candidate For Cnngresa. repre- The public Is Invited. This will sentatlve, First congresslmul dls be the final of the rnflon services, trlct, subject to the action nf the Democratic Prlmarv. Auiriist 4th. M I hf,inf. 192gt i run intiiuini tiui' ,CT n, runerai services tor uoroiny c,s- v u iu iu ... t. uitt,wm un, Jones. 7 yenrs old, wlo dlnd Candidate for re-election fot Con- yesterday morning in the come rf gross, first district, subject lo Ur parents, Mr. and Mn Solon Junes. 722 North Seventh str-'ft O. B' Lunderman bus returned wete held at 2:30 o'clock (his nf to his borne In Miami, Florida, ternoon from the I'nlty church In after a vhlt with his sister, Mrs. Marshall county- Burial was In lorn ha . The most - extensive- peach or chards in all this-section are in Pope county, , not, far : from., the Massac line and known , as the Egyptlon Orchard company. The company -. was . : put ' into bankruptcy several months ago. Abner Field, clerk of, the. circuit court of Pope county, was named receiver. He advertised .the property for sale but due to' low bids asked the : United . States court not to. confirm the sale but per mit him to harvest the peach crop, ThU was the order ot the court Mr. Field is selling off the peach crop now. He will market more than 16,000 .bushels,' which will bring more than the highest bid made for the property at auction, St.. Paul's Lutheran church will hold twilight services Sunday eve ning on the lawn . at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Pansing on the Golconda road, not far from this city. The pastor, Rev. J.; W, Paetznick will preach. . Several persons from here, probably Including Doctors J. A. Fish er and M. H. Trovilllon. will at tend the funeral tomorrow at the Baptist church In Brownsfleld of J. Chester Baker, who ' is pre sumed to have committed suicide by drowning himself In a well, The coroner's jury investigating the case returned an open verdict, stating simply death was caused by suffocation. Announcements Police Magistrate T. a Sharpe, Judge . W. L. Krone and Dan Miller attended the fair at Harris-burg' yesterday accompanied by Donald Miller, - son ot Former Sheriff Oscar Miller. Attorney and Mrs. Walter 'Rob erts and children have been visit ing, relatives in Cairo while he was there attending to .. official dujies as inheritance tax attorney tor tne tate. The second large barn In Johnson county to be destroyed by fire this week was one on the farm of Jlmmle Walker, a mile' from Qanntown. It was burned to the bround Wednesday night, together with a lot of hay and farm Implements. A theory Is the fire was started from a lighted cigarette stub carelessly thrown away. On Monday night a barn o ' the farm of Ira Karquhar. near Grantsburg, was destroyed. Persons v.lsltlng here from the Dixon Springs neighborhood today reported contractors on Roule 146 from Golconda to Vienna are making fine progress. They are HOOKS AND CAPE . NINE PLAY TWICE Meet Here Today and Tomor- ' ' " row Afternoon , The Paducah Hooks will , the Cape Girardeau, Mo.,, basenall nine in the first of a two game series at Hook- park this afternoon, while they will play the concluding game at 3 o'clock tomorrow afternoon". . The Cape club has a good bunch of college stars on its rooster, that have been going at a, fast clip this season. ' Hugh May, Btar of the Hook nine last year and an outstanding athlete at Murray State Teacher s -College, will hurl one of the games for .the Mlssourlans. May, 'who has turned in aa enviable :. box record this year, has been used in the" outfield when not hurling. He Is a powerful 'hitter, and for this reason will probably be used In the box one day-and the gar-' den the other. Schwetman and McGulre &re the other pitchers on the Cape team. '').'- - Paducah will present a Strong defense against the Cape outfit with the return of 'Bubba' Maaon who will hold down third base. Meacham will, probably be placed in right field because ot an in-Jury, Barnett sustained in the Duyuoln game last Sunday. . Burns St Charles, high school athlete who was graduated from TUghman this Jane, will pitch for Paducah today, while Jess Haynes, back from the South, will do the flinging In the other fracas., Jess has been with 'Jackson in the Cotton States' League. ... ' MRS. KILGORE TO RE BURIED I.V KANSAS- CITY . The funeral of Mra. B. C. Kil-gore, mother of Blaine -Kllgor cf . Paducah. will be held in Kansas City, Mrs. Kllgore's death oc-eurredat her home in Kansas City. Blaine Kllgore left for Kansas City at once upon receiving a message of his Jiother'i death. The burial will also take, place in Kansas City. . NOMINATE HUGHES. GENEVA SWITZERVILI.E,. July ?8 iJP) The name of Charles Evons Hughes was placed 'o noin-' Ir.Rtlon'by Austria today for tne world court vacancy caused by the. r;j!gnation of John' Basiett Moore. ' ' 4. tb tUurcti eenicleri. w v . jror klpg men Ion tours while, ternber, Miss Rowena Shaw left Wednesday for Rlngould. Tenn., where he will Join a camplnk party, for ten days. Miss Shaw will return to Paducah the first of icp- 1 r,' i t f

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