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Brooklyn, New York
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WASHINGTON BUILDING, OoartaJoralo Bian 8t9. MKETINO OF TJIK Bt. Patrick BOCIETK. MUBIOAI HALL, Fulton bL Thh Boir uuAK Tnorr 07 Glass Blowehs. BUETIS' VARIETIES, oomer Fulton and Pineapple streets.

Songs, Dances, Ac. AMERICAN CONCEET HALL, 444 Broadway, N.Y For the defence, the two cartmon and another witness Mr. Storey, Michael O'Brien, Mr. Parks aud Anthony Carman, who were present at tho levy, swore that no violence was used beyond Iho force requisite in wresting tho butler pail from the plaintiff, who fell upon her knees and was dragged upon the floor; the Constable said ho would have to arrest her if she did not keep qniet. An' execution on goods of Ferdinand Pretzer, amounting to $40.

wnfl put in as evidence, whereupon Mr. Ware ing remarked That goods to the amount of $300 were carted away, and lurihcr Uiat the palls or butter had come into tho store that very morning and could not be included in tho inventory attached to the execution. Ferdinand Pretzer, huslmnd uf complainant, was placed on the stand, lie left home on the morning of the 6th int. on coming homeatniglit everything was gone Lant had made a levy on the store three or four days before the butler came in that morning the goods carted away, at wholesale prices, would fetch $240 or $250. There was a blast and counterblast from tho learned counsel, of course, in which Bomo hard hits were ox changed.

When tho oratorical metre had been exhausted, Jusiice Cornwell delivered Judgment. It did not seem clear to him that the constable had gone there with any intention or excessive distress, and whatever of violence had been used was caused by Mrs. Pretzer's resistance. On the other hand ho thought such resistance natural on her part, the butter not being included in the levy. He did not see how he could hold either of the parties to answer, aud Uiereforo would dismiss both complainants.

The goods lcvied.on, it is understood, have been replevtued. To Residents of Greenpoint. Those residing at Greenpointcan have the Daily Eagle regularly served by leaving their name and reai dencewith the Post Master at that place. BitooKi.TN Fact Established Ten Tears The Incomparabiltty of Williamson's Photocraphs and Annual Ball and Drill of Company B. The annual ball of the National Guard has beon looked forward to for years as an event in military circles.

Not only were the re unions got up under the auspices of the company among the pleasantest of each successive season, but the Nationals showed by their annual drills, which has always been a feature of their entertainment, that amid the mutations of time and change the reputation of the National Guard, early acquired and generally acKnowledged, snowed no diminu tion. Perhaps ot tne eany nienioers oi me Guard not ten remain, but the spirit of the corps has never been relaxed, and none of its members hove forgotten that they had the reputation of the crack company of perhaps tuts country to maintain. Since Captain Sprague firBt took command of the Guard he has educated almost two generations of our volunteer militia but the pride that his company should excel does not relax for an instant. On a recent occasion when on account of a difficulty, which it is not necessary to more than allude, half of his command fell away from him, military men who took no interest in the quarrel regretted it, because they believed that it would be impossible to again collect a company in Brooklyn that might fairly challenge comparison with any organization of the kind anywhere. But the indomitable energy, end the ability ol Captain Sprague as a military officer, has shown his friends that the corps he commands shall maintain its character while he is at its head.

Lost ever ing the annual ball and exhibition drill of the "Old Guard," now known as Co. 13th Regiment, took place at tho Academy Music. When the expense necessary to so ex ttrnsivean undertaking is considered, it will be confessed that it was a hazardous experiment for a single military company' to undertake. But the company relied on the host of friends that annually rallied round them, and were not disap pointed. Despite the severest night of the season the ball was attended by a very large and fashionable company.

While in point of num bers the Fire Department ball was somewhat superior, and there were generally more costly at ured lames at the opening ball, the ball of Co. had its distinctive excellence. On neither occassion did we observe so many young and gracefully attired ladies on the floor, and a large number of the gentlemen being ar rayed in military costume, the effect was exceedingly line. The stage was arranged as usual, except that one of Cilyo's handsome corridor Bcenes took the place of the national colors at the back. Two bands were provided.

one supplied the music for the dance, and in the intervals the other discoursed some of the choicest operatic gems. The exhibition drill with the sterner portion of the assembly especially, was looked forward to as the feature of the night. At eleven the stage was cleared, and in a few minutes after the'National Grey'e, 80 strong, were marched out from behind. They were drilled in Scott's tactics first by command, and their precision In every movement elicited loud applanse. Captain Sprague then took the drum and at each tap the men went through the movements as before, not a man at any instance makinp a single blunder.

The drum was then laid aside, and to test the perfect discipline of the men they wen through the same movement over again without any indication whatever. Without a word, or signal, or sign, the men went through the same movement, and if the corps machine like obeyed some guiding hand, their movements could not be me more simultaneous and more accurate. The "silent drill" was decidedly the feature of the evenintr. The Company then re tired and dancing was again in order. Since the Chicago Zouaves have visited U3, our military men in this and New York city have more or less given their attention to Zouive practice as a means of acquiring certain military habits that it Is desirable their men should have Captain Sprogue's company took the matter up late, but they determined last night to give their friends an opportunity of seeing the progress they had made.

The stage was again cleared and the guard appeared dressed a la Zouave. Red'pants reaching a little below the knee, hanging losely over white jackets and red caps, com pleted the eoBtume. The company marched ia quick and double quick time, broke into sections and squares, and again formed into line with amazingly celerity and accuracy. The knapsacks were then removed and the more peculiar features of the Zouave drill were shown. At the word of command each member of the company was down on the stage as if shot, at the word load, they turned over on their backs, assumed their former position and lircd with the same regularity as when going through the more familiar drill.

An American flag was brought on the stage, and in an instant, and with the quick Zouave yell, it waB defended by bayonets at every point, the band struck up the "Star Spangled Banner," and the patriotism of the house was aroused and found expression in loud applause. The ladies seemed greatly pleased with the Zouave drill, and joined in the marks ofapprobition. We append the names of those who took part in the drill Capt. SritAOUE. PEED ifc COLE, Auctioneers, (IITY SALE RDOM.I No.

3 13 FULTON STREET. BROOKLYN, (Opposite Montague 1'lacb.) Batl uday Evening, Feb. 9th, At 7J4 o'clock, at the Sales Room, selected as3onment of standard and PS by Dickens, Gerald Griffin. Cooper, cott Sir iii.a,: auuiurs. Also complete, scls 01 tue A'oeiB.

rine steel Encrft cln A. Mat EOST AND FOUND. LFTt'1; snkdeker's uotel, during LSISenfBSIIAWLial.nii ln.t' worated Bent'sSIIAWL; also a lady's worsted ing property and paying for this "fVajS LUST A i'KUiNUH. OPERA GLASS, r3E tween F. J.

Nodlne's stable. 12S l'lerrcpont treet and the City Hull, on February 1st. 1861. Whoever will retorn it to F. NODINE'S stables shall receive Ave dollirJVe fa 4t AMUSEMBNTS.


10,1801. Should the weather prove stormy. It will take place the first fair Sunday thereafter. On which occasion the following ladles ana Rentlemea have kindly volunteered their services MRS. T.



WEINLICH. MR. NOLL. And the members of the NATIONAL MUSICAL INSTITUTE, OF NEW YORK, Consisting of Fifty Ladies and Gentlemen. Conductor CAUL aNSCHUTZ.

HCKETS FIFTY CENTS EACH, To be had at ihe Book Store. No. 180 Fulton street and at the Music Stores of Adler Grube, 353 Fulton itreet. opposite City Hall, and of Mr. Prox, 213 Fulton street: of the Sej.

ton of the Church: and at the door on the evening of theConcut. fan.m Boors open at to commepce at 8 o'clock precisely. to3t BROOKLYN ACADEMY OF MUSIC. OtERA. NEW SEASON OF SIX NIGHTS.

SIGNOR MUZIO ha the honor to announce that the urt preculenteu success which lias attended the firit Opera season since Its inauguration, has induced him to enter with tt Directors of the Academy of Music into another by which he win iclve SIX GRAND OPERAS. THE ARRANGEMENT TV1LL BE OF THE COM PLICTE DESCRIPTION. With the exception of IL TROVATORE, which has heen cenerally requested, no opera of those performed In the tirst season, will be repeited. The price of admission will remain the same as on the first se ason. Two regular opera (subscriber's) nights will be given per The sale of tickets will commence as follows: To morrow and Saturday tickets only will be sold to sea ton subscribers.

Notice. The bubscribers of the tint season who are desirous to retain their seats for th present season, are requested to leave their orders before Saturday at the box office of the Academy. On Mondsy commences the sale for the first opera night, which will take place on TUEjD AY next. fe" tf PHILHARMONIC SOCIETY OF BROOKLYN. The Direct rs of the Society beg to announce that they have been induced to POSTPONE THE THIRD CONCERT and NINTH REHEARSAL, from Saturday, Feb.

9th, until SATURDAY. Feb. 16th. By doing this, they are enabled to give the members the double attraction of TWO NEW PRI5IA DONNAS, on the same evening. SIGNOUINA ELENA and MISS ISABELLA HINKLEY, (the latter having kind volunteered her services by consent of the associated artists,) in addition to S1GNOR SUS1NI already engaged.

The Board confidently trust that this arrangement will meet with the entire approbation of the Society. Dated February 7lh. 1861. f7 tf 'KOOKLYN ACADEMY OF MUSIC SATURDAY. FEH.


On th'soccasion. the following extraordinary performance will take place, rtfhe entire Opera of Vtrdi's celebrated EltNANI. MME. COI.EON as Elvira. ST FAN1 as ErnanL FUHRL ss Carlo Quinto.

aUSINI as Silri. And the Last Act of DonizetH's Grand Opera. LUCIA DI LAMMERMOOR. MISS HINKLEY as Lucia STEFANI as Egardo. Director and Conductor Si.

MDZIO'. NOTICK The Opera, on Saturday, will commence precisely o'clock Doors open atti o'clock Seats can also be secured at sibell's, Wall street, New York. fotd AMERICAN CONCERT HALL. AMERICAN CONCERT HALL. AMERICAN CONCERT HALL.






Parquette 19 cents. Galleiy 10 cents. Seats in the Private Boxes 50 cents. ROBERT W. BUTLER, PROPRIETOR.

MONS. LA THORNE, Stase Manager. F. VON OLKER Musical Director. fea lw MUSICAL HALL, COlt.

ORANGE STREETS. OF FULTON AiND THE BOHEMIAN TROUPE OF Will exhibit FIVE EVENINGS THIS WEEK, and on WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY AFTERNOONS. No exhibition on Thursday, Feb. 7th, owing to the IlalL being previously enpaged. A great varieiy of VALUABLE PRESENTS distributed at every enterrainmer.t.

BYBKQUhST On FRIDAY EVENING. Feb. 8ttva valuar hie CASE OF GLASS WORK will be given to the author of THE BEST ORIGINAL CONUNDRUM, Subject "Tbe Glass Meam Engine." To he decided by a competent committee, selected from, theaudience. Every conundrum will be rad. Reading to commence at 8J4 o'clock.

All Conundrum to be addressed "Bohemian Troupe, Musical Hall." None received alter 12 o'clock on Thursday. SPECIAL NOTICE. A TREAT FOR CHILBItEN ON SATURDAY AFTERNOON. All Ohiloren present on tbN occasion will receive a BEAUTIFUL PRESENT, in connection with the number presented; Ihem at the door, giving them a chance for a more valuable present. TH! BEAUTIFUL GLASS STEAM ENGINE, Will be in full operation.

GOOD MUSIC INA TTEND A CE. The Piano used is from J. B. Dunham's celebrated manufactory, and kindly furnished by Messrs. Grube Adler, 353 Fulton street.

Exhibition commences at half past 7 o'clock; distribution Attermon Exhibition at 3 o'clock; distribution at 4. Boors r.pen half an hour previous to Exhibition. Admission 15 cents. No half price. fe4tw A 51 1 AMERICAN isiUajSUM OLD ADAMS' CALIFORNIA MENAGERIE OF GRIZZLY BEARS, AND OTHBlt WILD ANIMALS.

From California, Utah, and the Rocky Mountains, including the Nreat Mammoth Bear, SAMPSON, the largest ever seen, vfeiphinR neat 2,000 pounds. These Hears which include 15 varieties, will he exhibited anti performed by II EUR DHIESBACII, The renowned I ion Tamer Srst appearance In 7years. The prtat LIVING BLACK SEA LION, the only animal of the kind evtr seeo alive In Aew York, the Fabulous Neptune, KING OF THE OCEAN. THE TWO LIVING AZTEC CHILDREN. AI.I11NO 1AJ1ILY.


GRAND AdUAItH. wax figures, and near a million ci'riositiks. from all parts of the world. In the Lecture Room the.splendid driroa. LADY OF ST TROPEZ.

will bepcrformed EVERY AFTERNOON AND EVENING at 3 and 7M o'clock. MISS DAWKOK, tbe Double Voiced Singer, appears at each. Admission only 25 cents; Children under (en, 15 ceats, Parauette 15 cents extra. Children under ten, 10 cents extra. TOURTIS' VARIETIES, COR.

OF FULTON flNJliAimiK Bits. Manager BURKS. Treasurer L. B. PACKARD.

Btafte Manager J. L. DAVIS. Musical Director FRED. Y0NKER3.

OPEN EVERY EVENING. MORE I S. AN ENTIRE CHANGfToF PROGRAMME. Engagement of WASH. NORTON, lato of Bryant's Minstrels, and JOHN CLTTSKEY, the Champion Dancer of tho World, appears To night.


DAVIS. MASTER CHARLIF. And a host of others. In NEW AND ORIGINAL AOTS. Admission.

ID cents. Orchestra Seats 20 cents. Doorsopen at 7 o'clock performance to commence at a quarter, to o'clock precisely aps XX IN EAV BOWEKl THEATKK Between Canal and Hester streets. Messrs. ft.

L. Fol and .1. W. Orchestra Seats 50 cents; Boxes 25 cents, Pit 12 cents. Doors open at 7 o'clock; to convraeuce to 9 o'clock THIS EVENING The performances will commence with THE NOBLE SOLDIER.

To be followed by HARLEQUIN JACK, THE GIANT KILLER, To conclude deyil'3 QAK. BBOOKLYM DAILY EAGLE OFFICE 2X P. M. By Telefrrapb to Brooklyn Daily Eagle. The Convention of the Southern States.

A SOUTHERN CONFEDERACY FORMED, The Constitution of the U. S. Adopted. Montgomery, Feb. 4.

There have been unusually heavy rains within the past few Days throughout South Carolina, Georgia and Alabama, and as a consequence the creeks and rivers are full, and some of the rivers mark a higher stage of water than there lias been known for many years. It is unnecessary to state that much damage has been caused at Atlanta, on Saturday night. Tho train on the State railroad was twelve hours behind time and fears were entertained that some of the bridges on the route had been washed away or otherwise damaged by the floods. The regular passenger train from West Point, duo here at near noon, when within about three miles of this city, met with a serious accident to the cars and wheels, but no person was injured. The track was broken up for about fifty feet, the baggage and express cars were considerably smashed, and thrown disengaged from their trucks.

On the train were several delegates to tho Convention lion. A. II. Stephens, Robert Toombs, James Chiawell, T. J.

Withers, T. E. E. Cobb and others whose names we could not learn all escaped unhurt. There are not, so far as I can loam, more than twenty of tho delegates now present.

The others may reach here this forenoon. Like all other conventions, there ig much speculation indulged us to the gentleman who will be selected as permanent president, but it is geaerally considered that the Hon. Howell Cobb will bo chosen Other names aro meationed, bat that of Mr. Cobb ap pears to bo the mosi. talked aboui.

What will tho Convention do' I do not pretend to be able to state; but I am satisfied that a provisional southern government will bo formed, and that the constellation will in a few months number fifteen of the bright particular stars in the old confederacy. It will embody as much intellect, experience and statesmanship as convened in our country. But the Convention meets to day, and I am writing only a few words before the session commences. There is nothing new from Fensacola. Some few or pernapsa dozen ofihe soldiers who were stationed atl'en sacola, are here now on furlough.

They say that there are United States armed vessels off the port, and more are expected there. All was quiet. It is true that the Postmaster General has abolished the Post Office at Pensaco la, but there has been no material trouble experienced tbout it. Mails are made up and independent of the Post Office department and so it will be wherever post offices are abolished. The streets here are in a bad condition, and the Alaba.

ma river is up higher than for many years. There appears to be considerable trouble in the Legis. lature about the passage of a Stay law. The Ilouse passed a Stay law, but the Senate arrested ii in so many ways that it is now considered very doubtful whether any law satisfactory to both branches can be passed. Montgomery, Feb.

T. The Congress has secured an oflici il copy of the act of Alabama appropriating half a million dollars for the sup. port of the Provisional Government of tbe seceding States. But a short time was spent in open session. The committee on the plan of a Provisional Government reported in secret session.

It was discussed four hours, with much unanimity of feeling, when the Constitution of the United States was adopted, with some addition in relation to free trade with all the world. Adjourned to 11 o'clock to morrow. Two Days later from Europe. Arrival of the Canada. Halifax, Feb.

S. The 11. ir. steamship Canada, from Liverpool Jan. 2G via Queenstown 27, arrived outside at 3 o'clock this morning and arrived at her dock at 8 a.

m. The steamship Australasian from New Tork arrived at Queenstown on tl'e 26th. The Canada has $53,000 in specie. The London Times in another editorial on the American crisis is very bitter on President Buchanan. It says few men who have heen called upon to play such an important political part have been found so utterly unequal to their situation.

The bombardmeat of Gaeta continued, and occassione much damage. The Sardinians entered the Roman States on the 22d, dispersed the re actionary bands, and burnt the Convent of Casuzalia. Prince CaTjgnan v. as about to proceed to Gaeta. The Calcutta and China mails had reached London, but the news has been anticipated by the Anglo Saxon.

The Calway mail contract is allowed to remain suspended till the 20th of March, and then lo lie effectively carried out. The Paris Bourse was tlrm, the rents closing on Tuesday at CTf. 50c. Commercial Intelligence. Jan.

27. Liverpool Cotton Market. The sales of cotton on Saturday were hut 0,000 bales, including 1,000 to speculators and exporters. James Hewlett Co. report all qnalitics slichtly dfclined.

Breadstuifs have a declining tendency. Provisions dull. WANTS. WANTED TO RENT A SMALL HOUSE immediately, or from 1st of Itent not over 4S0(i per annum. Vicinity of Fulton avenue preferred.

Address, ststinp particulars, location, rent and conveniences, 0. box 1003 N. Y. 1'. O.

fg 3t ANTED A SMART MAN WOULD LIKE for which a small amount will only be asked. Address tiifiie oince. 7 at WANTED BY A GIRL a situation in a private family; Is a ool washer and holier; can ib general housework; Laa good city references. Call at No. 92 Concord street.

fTSt WANTED AREALLY GOOD MICROSCOPE! Reply, statins number and Taniie of power, style of mounting and pi ice, to C. Daily Eaule Office. fG lw BOAKOTNG. I JU. EG A NT AiSD PRIVATE en suite or sir pie; hnuse has pas, warm and cold baths; furnace, very comfort; location one of the linestin Brook lyn.

only five minutes walk from "Wall and South Ferries, dinner at washing done in the house; private table, if wished; 157 Henry street, Brooklyn. References clven. Terms reas or able. f7 lw BUARD rlNE ACCOMMODATIONS CAN be bad in a private family, by a family of four, or pen tltnaan and wife, ora single gentleman, where all the comforts of a home can be enjoyed at a moderate rate. Only one block from tlie City Hall and Fulton avenue cars.


Will read the Trial fccene from the MERC ANT OF 1 AND HARD ELI. vs. PICKWICK." With his ImiiersoDiitions of JiulRe, Jurj Counsel TICKETS TWKNTV KIVK CENTS. To be hiitl at W. H.

Iliibc.ick'slii.okat.iro Car Proi saml 1 1 nt's Miimc Stnri'H, Fullon street; and vv. Rose Iloult Store, nrl Dickinson's Druirbtore. Atlantic at. a KOOKLYN YOUNG MEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION. JOHN Ii.

GO0GII WILL LECTURE ON TEMPERANCE. For the first time since his return from the West. IN PLYMOUTH CHURCU. On THURSDAY EVENING, HUi inst, Commencing at 8 o'clock. TICKETS.

5 CENTS EACH. Can bepurchaaed at the Roomsof the Association, 182 and 181 WashlnBton street; Swayne'e, 210 Fulton street; Hose, Hi Atlantic Btreet, SUPEEME COUKT, COUNTY OF KINGS Matilda F. Auns asalnst Richard B. Kimball, Julia C. Kimball, his wife; Joshua Davis.

Samuel L. Davis, Eunice E. Cook, Daniel A. Cook, her husband: Nancy II. Htuckburn.

George Ulackturn. her husband: Eliza D. Bryant, Charles AV Bryant her husband; the unknown owners as heirs at law ol Orlant H. Partridpe. late of Philadelphia, in the Slate of Pennsylvania, deceased, or otherwise, of the real es'aie situate iu Brooklyn.

Kinira County, New York, whereof said Orlando H. dieii seized; l.ucy Howell, anil the Ulrard Fire and Marine Insurance Company. Summons fer relief. (Com. not served.) To the above named defendants You are hereby summoned and required to answer the complaint In this action which will be filed tha office of the Clerk of the County of Kings, at the City Ball, in the City of Brooklyn, and serve a copy of your answer to the said complaint on lhe subscribers, at their office number 3 Hanover street, In the City of New York, within twenty days afier the service of this summons on you, exclusive of the day of sucb service, and if you fail to answer the slid con plaint within the time aforesaid, the plaintiff lnthlsootloa will apply to the Court for the relief demanded in the complaint.

Dated New York, February 1, 1861. I.VARTS. SOUTHMAYD OII0A.TE, Plaintiffs Attorneys, The complaint in Ihls action ivas filed in the office the Clerk of the County of Kings, at the City Hall to ttie City of BrooMju, in the fourth day of February, ltd. SOVTDMAYI) Sc ClIOATK, feSluwCwF I'luuiHCC's Attorneys. Wive in the Third Ward.

ONE MAN KILLED. Another Injured by the Fall of a Chimney. This moraine shortly after 3 o'clock, officer Geary, of the 3d Precinct, reported a (ire in tho Ocean Mills coffee and spice factory, No. 200 Fulton street. The premises were occupied on tho lower Door by Wright, illis it and tho upper floors by .1.

II. Ilaramand, as a tailoring establishment. The flames extended rapidly and soon enveloped the whole building in a blaze. The excessive cold prevented the firemen from working as effectually as under other and more favorable circumstances, and the flames communicated to the adjoining premises, No. 203.

The lower floor of this buildinc was occupied by Hodges Mooro as a commission paper warehouse. A large stock of this combustible material was on hand, and added to the intensity of the flames. The upper floor was occupied by William Adams as a hoop skirt manufactory. During the progress of tho fire, Joseph Skillman, a member of No. 15 Truck, was instantly killed by tho falling of a chimney, and 'William liunnett or the same company, was seriously injured.

Tho body of Mr. Skill man was taken to the Truck House, and Runnctt was conducted to the City Hospital. His injuries are represented to be of so serious a character that it is feared ho cannot survive. Both men are spoken of in the highest terms of praise by their acquaintances. They are extensively known in the Bowery as active, energetic firemen and upright citizens.

The buildings, with contents, were entirely consumed, but the total amount of loss cannot he correctly ascer tained. It is supposed however that the damage will exceed $25,000. Several of the Arms were insured, but in what offices could not be ascertained. The neighborhood is so full of ice as to make it almost impossible for vehicles to pass. Beaten nearly to Death.

This morning about one o'clock, as Officer C. A. Smith, of tho'llth Preeinct, was patroling his beat, ho heard the cry of murder proceeding from the house No. 11 Dry Dock street, and upon forcing an entrance found the occupant, Patrick Gallagher, prostrate on tho floor and covered with blood he being terribly beaten with clubs by several men, who lied when tho officer approached; and made their escape. Gallagher was attended to by a physician.

The Tide and the Boats. The gale of tnrday afternoon had the effect of lowering the tido to such a degree that at noon to day it became exceedingly difficult for teams to ascend the bridges from the boats on either side of the river. We have heard of no accidents of a serious character, although bumping against tho piers by ferry boata was no uncommon occurrence Annual Exhibition of Public School No. 15. The fine building in Powers street, corner of State street, occupied by Public School No.

15, was yesterday the scene of a success most gratifying to the numerous friends of education ia attendance. The occasion which brought to. gether so large a number of ladies and gentle meD, was the second annual exhibition or "reception," given by the pupils of this well conducted school. No. 15, is the largest school in the city, and has at present upon its roll, 1326 pupils, about seven hundred of whom are in the primary department under the care of Miss S.

J. Martir, and the remainder form tho fframmar classes, presided over by Mr. S. G. Taylor, the very efficient principal of the school.

The exercises of yesterday, consisted of singing, declamation, dialogues, and performances on the pianoforte, and were presided over by Mr. Cox, chairman of the local school committee, assisted by Messrs. Poole. Sprague and others. The Kev.

Drs. Farley and Eockwell were also among those present, and conducted the graver portion of the proceedings of this highly interesting occasion. In the forenoon, the little ones of the primary department, acquitted themselves most creditably in carrying out tbe programme laid down for their observance. Some of their dialogues were given with a spirit, and conducted with a self possession, fully entitling the little ones to the measure of applause which the thronged audience bestowed upon them. In the afternoon, "the big boys" and "the big girls" composing the grammar classes, gave their exhibition, which ot course was of a more ambitious character than that ot the juniors.

Their programme was quite diversified, and embraced the recital of original compositions of the pupils, some excellent declamations, and solos on the piano forte, given with a feeling and finish of execution such as to take theaudience quite by surprise. Indeed it is no exageration to say that the piano forte performance of some of the young sirls displayed an accuracy of finger that would do no discredit to many an ordinary concert room. We do not mention names, individually, of those taking part in the programme, for where all were really so excellent it would be invidious to particularize, but we will append the names of all the young missess and masters who took part in the exercises of the occasian, premisine that all, did credit to themselves and their efficient teachers. The following are the names of those promising pupils: Misses Habberton, Divis, Beatty' Robinson, Tulkenburgh, Davy, Walcoit, Coe, Suydam, Masters Crombie, McGeary, Palmer, Belton, Wheeler, Coggeshall, Addoms, Chalmers, Patterson. S'une niuely semi innuil ceriifieatt were distributed among the most meritorious pupils of the grammar cUsses.

At tbe close of the exercises some appropriate observations were addressed to the pupils by gentlemen present, and then after the bendicUon had been pronounced by the Rev. Dr. Rockwell, the large audience separated highly gratified with this interesting cxhibiiiun of proficiency displayed by tbe pupils of No. 15, to whom no doubt the day will be ever a memorable one. Drowned in a Tub.

Coroner liegeman held an inquest on Thursday, at Flatbusb, upon the body of Oliver V. Selver, an infwt, a year old, who was drowned by fjlline into a tub of water the day previous. The mother had absented herself for a few minutes, durkg which time the accident occurred. A verdict of death by accidental drowning rendered. Police.

Ihsanb. John H. Drake wns found wandering about in lhe Pth "Ward last evening, apparently unconscious of his whereabouts or destination, and was taken to the ttation house by officer Johnson of the 9th. Larokny. John McGroney is held for examinanation charged wilh stealing a stove, the property of Taomas Armstrong.

KonnKKiKS. The house of Mr. Abraham Poole, No. CO Soutti Sixlli street, was feloniously entered on Wednesday night, and robbed of silverware and jewelry to the value of $70. Some sneak Ihief on Thursday evening entered the hi.usc of Mrs.

Smith, in South Second street, K. and carried off $20 worth of femule wearing apparel. Caught a Tartar. Dutchtown, E. was honored with a visit on "Wednesday night, from three Mulberry street ruffians, namely, John Muloneyaiid Pat "Welsh, who fully calculated on a good time generally; hut they were out In their reckoning, for Oapt.

Mullen, of the 6th district put on special duty to go round wiih the distinguished visitors and show them the lions. Tbey respectfully declined tho captain's attentions and stood up manfully for the right of secession. The magic locust, to which Rarey strap isn't a circumstance, reduced them to passive ohedience, and the trio passed the night in tho 6th station house hotel. Next morning Aid. Kt ihl fiued them $10 each, which they considered rather rough, considering that they had no value for the money one way or lhe other.

Tub Lead RonnERT. Chas. "Walt was yesterday committed to await the action of tho Grand Jury on the charge of stealing 81 'i lbs. of lead, from tho Kerosene factory In Washington street, tho property of C. O.

Crosby. Patrick Ireland, James McEvoy and John McGlv ney, arrested by officer Whlto of the Sd precinct, as accomplices, beingfound in company with Wall in McEvil les house, corner of Tillary and Raymond streets, were abbolved from the charge and placed on tho Btand as witnesses awainst Wall. They were too cute however, and affected to know nothing ot nilhor all or tho lead robbery. The ovidenco against Wall was iho discovery of a pockot book containing a permit from the Mayor authorizing tho said Wall to pound stray pigs, Tbls was found in one of tho tanks, together with a knifo aud file, the morning ensuing tho stealing of tho lead which wai sold to a junk dcalcr in Myrtle avenuo. Wall has beon many a time and oft before tho Court for divers offences.

The Constable ofthe Fourth Ward Chakoeo with Excessive Levy, Assault Ann Batterv. Tho complaint of Dorah Pretzer against Jeremiah Lant and counter charge of defendant against complainant far ob strucling an officer in tho dlschargo or hl3 duty, were heard and disposed of In the police court this morning. The cnEC excited considerable interest, Mr. N. Waring appeared on the side of the prosecution, Mr.

Duns back defended. A brief sketch of the evidence, for and against, follows Pfiboroli Prclzer sworn, says I live on tho corner of Cranberry and Honry streets, and keep a grocery store. On the 0th of February, between 10 and It o'clock at night, Jeremiah Lant came in and took all tho things out of the Btore and placed Ihem In two cars ouiidc; wanted a little butter for her family and took tvdd of the butter pot to pit some; Lant seized tho puil and struck mo down upon the floor, almost into tits; tny knoes aro quite blue. On lhe cross examination, Mrs. showed tho least tnsle In life of lempi r.

She would show her knees to a doctor, hut not to counsel; knew nothing of any execution; taw a little paper in defendant's hands. This was the prima laciie case for tho prosecution. Songs, wancks, ace. BABNUM'B MUSEUM, New Torfc OoitKOTios or TAMTAM CmuosiTiES Pkbtoemanob in Ljcotom boom item alteenooh and evening. Oak.

FKIPAg EVE2VINC FEB. 8 Br. Chapin's Lecture at the Academy Postponed. We are requested to state that a telegraphic dispatch has been. received from Dr.

Chapin, and thafhe is blockaded by the storm at Herkimer, and cannot react the city in time to lecture. This unforeseen event will be regretted, but the lecture will be delivered at an early day, and due notice thereof will be given. The Opera. Extraordinary attractions are offered at the Academy to morrow night the whole of the opera of Ernani will be given with Madame Col. son in the leading role, aDd M'ss Hinkley will appear in the last act of Lucia de Lammermoor.

This will give an opportunity of contrasting the voice and manner of both artists, and ol enjoying the exquisite singing of each. The night is set apart for the benefit of Madame Colson, which will be an additional inducement with her numerous admirers. We are glad to state that the success which has attended tie opera on this side of the water, has induced the Associated Artists to give us another season of six nights, commencing: on Tuesday next. An entire new series of operas will be given, and additional efforts will be made by the artists to show that they are not insensible of the support their efforts have met with in this city, so creditable to the taste of our music loving citizens, and so agreeably contrasting with the neglect of the New York opera goers. We bespeak for the second season the same success which has attended the first.

The Concert at the Athenjettm. Tse com plimentary Concert given by Mr. Carl Prox at the Athenajum, last evening, was largely attended. M'. Prox is among the music loving citizens of Brooklyn, who have risked something to aid in developing a taste for music and to gratify it.

The rally of his friends last evening, must assure him that his labors have not been unappreciated. The entertainment offered was exceedingly good. Mr. 'Prox himself wielded the baton gracefully and ef fectively. Air.

Stein sang the Dying Soldier, afavo rite German ballad with so much feeling that the audience insisted on its repetition. Miss Stein way eang one or two solos very gracefully. The accomplished tenor of Sydney Place R. C. Church sang the Bomanza from Martha JU'appari tutu amor," capitally.

With the voice of Brignoli, in this favorite aira, still ringing in our ears we cm accord to Mr. Pereine konest praise. The audience enthusiastically requested a repetition, and "Donna Mobili" was substituted and rendered with equal satisfaction. On the whole, the Concert was an artistic and very well arranged affair. The Oxd Ladies' Home.

The tenth annual meeting of the Brooklyn Society for the relief of respectable aged indignant females, was held in the chapel of the Institute, corner of Washington and De Kalb avenue, on Thursday afternoon. The Kev. Dr. Thrall presided, and addresses were made by Kev. Drs.

Buddmgton and Farley. The annual reports were read, from which it appears that the present number of inmates is 48, board ers servants b. Entered the past year, G. Deaths during 1860, 3. The names of deceased were Mary Albertson, aged 94; Alice Toggart, aged 8S Elizabeth Vansyle Hicks, aged 73.

The Institution has been well constructed, and the inmates are well cared for, and satisfied with their treatment. The finances are not in a flourishing condition; still there are funds sufficient to meet all expenses and leave a small surplus. The lady managers appeal to the wealthy for contributions in aid of the Institution. The following officers and managers were elected for the ensuing year, after which the meeting adjourned First Directrees Mrs. J.

S. T. Stranahan. Second Directress Mrs. Hosea Webster.

Corresponding Secretary Mrs. J. E. St. John.

Recording Secretary Mrs. Nathan Burchard. Treasurer Mrs. David M. Stone.

Managers Mesdames Hazard, Alanson Trask, Eii Merrill, uolDrooK, J. D. Hurlbut. David Johnson D. J.

Ledyard, J. F. Herrirnan, A. M. White.

Edward Anthony, R. P. Buck, M. E. Taylor, J.

F. Seoville, Ann Burrows, Theodore Polhemus. W. C. Bawers.

John A. Dayton, W. Buddington, W. S. Dunham, Mrs.

Gregory, rmu, i.ucy inomnson, jj. u. DparKman, h. I.nh man. H.

W. Law. C. whitine. C.

Cutter. Mrs. Brtmrv. Townscnd, Barllett, Elmendorf, Miss 8. A.

Duryea, Miss nuuuuru. Extraordinary Variations in the Atmo sphere Observed btC. Becker at the Meteor ological Observatory, 54 Columbia street, Brooklyn. With a strong storm of 8 pounds on the square foot, blowing from the W.S.W., yester day afiernooD, at 2 o'clock, the barometer had reached the extraordinary low stand of 29,14 inches, while on this hour the thermometer hid risen to 45 degrees. The storm grew stronger, and had a pressure of 10 pouuds on the square foot at 3 P.

blowing exactly W. The barometer was rising very fast, being already at that hour inches, the thermometer had fallen to 37 degrees. 4 M. the Etorm had reached its maximum and was blowing from the W.N.W. with a force of 10 pounds on the square foot, the barometer had ris en to 29,48 inches, and the thermometer had fallen to 30 degrees.

At 5 P. M. the storm had a force of 8 pounds, and reached a pressure of 14 pouuds on the square foot at 11 P. blowing from the W.N.W., and after that hour lessened by degrees. 6 I.

M. Barometer 29,49 Thermom'r21 degrees. 6 P.M. 1 15 12 8 4 0 7 P. M.

8 P. M. 9 P. M. 10 P.

M. 11 P.M. 12 M. 1A.M. 2 A.M.

8 A.M. 4 A.M. 5 A.M. 6 A.M. 7 A.M.

8 A.M. 9 A.M. 9.S0 29,98 29,93 30,02 30,05 30,12 80.14 80 20 80,20 30,4 80,28 3 ,29 1 dog. below 0 30,8 1 Showing that the thermometer has" fallen dur ing 15 hours 54 degrees, while the barometer has nsen.during this period 1,06 inches. Brooklyn, Feb.

8tb, 1801. Presentation. The newly elected Assistant Engineer, Mr. Henry Van Brunt, was presented last evening with a complete lire suit, bv tho members of Empire Engine Co. No.

19, of which company ne was iormerly Foreman. Mr. Thos. B. Herbert, of the Brooklyn Standard, made the presentation, which was receWed by Mr.

Van iJrunt in a neat and appropriating speech. The Company then adjourned to a neighboring restau rant to partake of a collation provided for the occasion, and, we are informed, did not break up uu au euriy nour inis morning. Frozen to Death. This morning, about six o'clock, an unknown man, apparently about 55 jvuad uge, was louna by officer O'Rourke, on Int. In niihtftn owcci.

UUIDBr Ot Hnm Unn antniia aead ffl? by Ow frost. He wore a brown beaver undercoat, brown cloth vest, 7 JOUna a Patent lever silver watch with a long square link neck chain attached ond a brass door key. The watch was marked "Gottcnburg No. 32, J0s. H.

Moore." Coroner morning verdict, frozen in i AT ITIU Tlin Uti. Buu.muus to nro in the seventh dis cuiiseu oy a will o' thc wia Trim uuuuvtu looiv uuL 1II.U1. Cameo types. Fulton street, opposite Clinton. Books and Engravings at Auction, on Saturday Evhmso, at IVt o'clock, by Pked Colk.

at their salesroom, being the bilance of the stock of a retail dealer. conrprisinp a Reneral assortment of Historical, Poetical, Biographical, Theological and Miscellaneous Works, a lot of fine Steel Engravings, Ac. to be sold without reserve. Zephyr Worsted, The cheapest store iu the city for all kinds and colors, at P. T.

Wells, 263 Fulton street, opposite Clinton street. Dress Trimmings A large stock selling off below cost, at P. T. Wells, 263 Fulton, opjosite Clmton street, Brooklyn. Coitees, Teas and Sugars Grocers, Boarding HouBeB and large consumers supplied on liberal terms at 92 Atlantic street, Brooklyn.

All the new styles of Fur and Cloth Winter, at BiOLovv's, 185 Fulton street. Cips Of Metropolitan Gift Book Store, No. 320 Fulton street, Brooklyn At this establishment; all Books are sold atthereBular retail Di'lces, and a Gift, varying in value from 50 cents to MOO, will be presented to each pur chaser (at the time of sale) of 1 and upwards. For particu laiswe refer to the advertisement in another column of this paper. Religious Notices.

The Ansivessahy of tue Chcbch Chahity ForsDATios willbe held In the Church of the Holy Trinity, on Sunday evening. 10th at 7X o'clock. The Provisional Bishop will preside, and the Kev. Alexander H. Vinton, D.

of Philailtlphia, will preachthe sermon. MAKK1ED, Cabtek Tjio.mae On Thursday, Feb. 7th. by the Rev. Dr.

Litllejohn. J.istks B. Cahtkr to Emeua C. Thomak, daughter of Geo. F.Thomae, Esq, Kershaw Johnson Feb, 6th, by Rev.

E. M. Johnson, at his residence 24. l'earl street, William Kershaw to Miss Eliza Johnson. Lawlkr Juhssok Also, on the 7th by the same, NicnoLiS Lawler to Miss Mary E.

Johnson. Falconer OsTRANnER At Trinity Chapel, (S5th street,) New York, on Thursday. Feb. 7th, Mr. W.u.

Falconer to Mattie. daughter of V. B. Ostrander. Wilson Hartt On Thursday.

Jao. 31st, by Rev. R.C Putnev, CiLiBLES II. Wilson to Hannah 1 Hartt, ah or Brooklyn, E. D.

DIED. Lines ON THE DEATH OF FOUR CHILDREN, WHO DIED IN TUE SHORT SPACE OF FIVE WEEKS. Over the river they beckon to me. Loved ones who've crossed to the farther side, The uleam of their snowy robes I see, liut their voices are drowned Jn tharushiDg tide. There's one with hrow of lofty height, And eyes, the reflection of heaven's own.

light: lie crossed in thetwilifiht ray iind cold. And tbe pale mist hid him from mortal We saw not the aogel who met him there, The tcsteaof the city we could not see. Over the river, over the river, My boy stands waiting to welcome me. Over the river, the boatman pale. Carried mother the household pel; Her brown curls waved in the gentle gale.

Darling Bella. 1 see her yet. She crotsed on her bosom her dimpled hands, And fearlessly entered the phantom barque; Wu watched it glide from ttie silver sands. And all our sunshine grew stramtely dark. We know she ia safe on tho further aiiie, "Where ah the ransomed and angels be; Over the river, the mystic river.

My childhood's idol is waiting for rae. For none return from those quiet shores. Who pays with the boatman joMand pale; We hetir the dip of the golden oars. And catch a gleam of the snowy sail And lo they have passed from our yearning hearts; They cross thestream and are gone for aye; We maynotsunderthe veil apart, That hides our vision the gates of day. We only know tDat their barque no more May sail with us o'er life'ssiormy sea; Ytt somewhere 1 know, on this unseen shore, They and beckon, and wait for me.

And I sit asd think, when the sunset's gold la flushing river, and hill and shore, I if hail one day stand by the water cold. And list lor the sound of the boatman's oar, I thall watch for a gleam of ihetlapoingsall; 1 shall hear the boat as it gains the strand; 1 sball pass from blglit with the boatman pale. To lhe better shore of the spirit land; I shall know the loved who have gone before. And joyfully sweet will the meeting be, When over ilte river, th peaceful river, 'flse Angel of Death shall carry me. W.

II H. Sili eck On Thursday, Feb. 7tb, Alice, Infant daughter of IiHueU. and Wiihelmina F. Silleck, aged 11 montus and 10 days.

Ti.e friends of the family are invited to attend the funeral on 'jiturtiaj. the itth inst, at 10 o'clock from residence of her parents. No. 184 Adelphi street. The remains will be conveyed to the Cemetery of the Kvergreens (or interment.

Nkwbubb On Friday, 8th after a short and severe illtitfrs, AMIS Nkwuuhn. aged 45 years, late of London, Eng. The funeral will take place from the residence of his broin er, alter Nev hurn, Ureene avenue, between and Franklin. Brooklyn, tomorrow (Saturday) a' 2 P.M. 'The rt hitivcs aud friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend.

tePJECXAlj itOT1CS. ASSOCIATION OF EXEMPT FIREMEN THE regular monthly meeting of this Association will be held at the Rooms uf the Fire Commissioners, in Court street, TI'IS EVENING. at8o'clock. Members will please tak notice thit the regular meetings will be held on the second Friday of every month. f8 It JOHN B.

FITT. Secretary. KATliNG! THE BROOKLYN SKATIN'G HALL, Jn the CARY'S BUILDING, secondOoor, back, opposite the Atltntuni. will be opened FOR THE INSTRUCTION OF YOUNG LADIKS AND CHILDREN In that most beautiful and heulthfut accomplishment, THE ART OF ICE SK ATlNG. ON SATUltDAY.

FKBftUAKV 9th, 1861. The pubfictibers pledge themselves to accomplish, the pupil by (Le use of the SHdLER FLEXIBLE HOLLER PATENT FLOOR SKATE, and in th short stmce of Ten Lessons of one hour each The Hall will also be open for tbe ukc of the SKATES BY THE HOl'll, to such as wish to enjoy this unequalled exercise. Hour of Skating from in A. M. until p.

M. t. Afullstocko' the above Skutes will be for sale at the prices oi lhe New Vork iepot, 4 lti Broadway. ft 1m O. M.

VAIL CO, nniJE COPAR 1 NERSllIL EXISTING JL TWEKN RYAN BAUM. is this day dissolved by mutual consent. MOKHIS BAUM tUrins, and TUuMaS KY ill carry on the bu lness as usual and settle all out ttandinK accounts Brooklyn, February 7ih. WA. THOMAS RYANV f82t murium haum.

1ROOKLYN ART ASSOCIATION. NOTICE TO MEMBERS. The number of the members of this Society havnp been limited, by a resolution passed at the Inst meetintr, to two hundred, uentleinm elected are requested to seud in their subscriptions to UK WILLI AMS, or the Secretary, at hij studio, 137 Montaitue street, before Monday, the 11th Instant. It will also bo necessary forth ee desirinp to join the Society to forward their names to the Secretary before the even Iiir of the Bume day. as the Committee on Invitations have to procetd nt once to the apportionment of the tickets for the iiret reception of the Society, at tbe Academy of Music, on the 18thlrfrt.

t73t PATRICK'S SOCIETY A REGULAR SD monthly meetintr of thft abnvft Sonictv will be held on FRIDAY EVENING, Feb 8tb. at 8 o'clock, at WASHINti ION BUIlDIG, corner of Court and Jnralemon atreeis. Punctual attendance is requested. By order. f72t JOrtN F.

HENNESSEY. Secretary. pI'iY CLERK'S OEEluE, BROOKLYN, FEB. 6th. 1861.

Notice hereby given that the Committee on Water and rrainapewilltueeton FRIDAY. Feb. 8, 186 at the Committee Rcom, City Hall, at 7 o'clock P. M. By order ol the Chim an, fe7 td WM.

U. BISHOP. City Clerk. IT OK SALE OR EXCHANGE BUILDERS1 Hardware: also afarmof 152 acrei: also 2 brick houses (H'ore t'l oueiiy) in Brooklyn, at a sacrifice. Apply to J.

11. i un.iAjr., ulton Blrett tirooK yn. MT BANK, BliOOKLYN, FEUKUAKY 1st, 1F61. PXVIDEND The Board of Pirectors have declared a dividend of percent payable to the stockholders on the 19th instant. I I td R.


h. Principal. The Spring term of tills Institution will open on MOS DAY, the 4th Inst. 3 POUTJCAIi. DEMOCRATIC CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION An adjourned moetlnK of this Convention on MONDAY KVUN1NO, the 11th Inst, at 7S o'clock.

T. C. CAUilCOT, President. Aifhed R. liEtnsLD, Secretary.

(8 31 1st Lieut. Baldwin. Privates, Groenwood. 2d Cuff. Johnston.

8d Robertson. Kearney. 4th Hurley. Markhaui. 1st Corpl.

Bunson. Manley. 2d Lone. Eemse'n. 3d Cushing.

Stewart. 4xh Wilson. Schoomalcer. Privates, Appel. Smith.

Bauer. Soavor. Brooks. Williamson. Cornwell.

Hayes. Coot. McKee. Davis. Sims.

Dean. Brown. Those marked with an asterisk () did not appear a la Zouave. After the drill, the dance was resumed and sped on without interruption until far into the morn ing. Among tho military gentlemen present we noticed tbe following, all of Brooklyn Major Gen tral Dnryea and staff; Brigadier Major Brewster and other officers of Brigadier General Crooke's stuff; Colonel Smith, Lieiftenant Colonel Clark, Mujor Willet Adjutant Smith, Paymaster Mum by, Quartermaster Mooney, Captains Thoroe Sullivan, Balsdon and Smith, all of tho 13ib, betides many non eommissiDned officers and privates of the same regiment.

Tbe 14th Regiment was represented by Mijor Fowler, Lieuts. Myers, and MeClasker, besides a number of the non commissioned officers and privates. Of the 38th Regiment we notieedLieut Col. Burns, Major Drake and others. Col.

Gra bain and stall' of the 70th Regiment was also on hand. There was a very large delegation of military friends from New York, amoDg whom we noticed Ex Col. Durvea. of the 7th, Col. LefTerts of the 7th, and Major Shaler, of the 7tb, besides a good many other officers and privates.

Col. Le GI, of the 55th (Garde Lafayette) and stiff wore also on hand, accompanied by tho adopted "daughtherof the Rf giment," a graceful young Miss of ten or twelve years, who seems to be more than a pet with the gallant fathers of the 55th. The City Guard of New YorK were largely represented and their gay uniforms offered a pleasing contrast to the graver colors of the civilians. We noticed also anumber of the Highland Guard of Heigh' wood Guard, of Hoboken, and of the Fox Guard, of New York. On the whole the Ball of Co.

was a great sue. success, and had it not been for the terrible severity of the night it would doubtless have been still more largely attended. We need hardly ro. mind the members that they cannot be too grateful to the diarmirg ladies who braved such weather to add the charm of their presence to tho occasion. Cohbkts French Woven Mechanicals, only $1 per pair, Domestic, 5 cents per pair; all other kinds equally low, at P.

T. Wklls. Fulton, opposltu Clinton st..

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