The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on December 2, 1882 · Page 1
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 1

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 2, 1882
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THREE CENTS,? BROOKLYN. SATURDAY, DECEMBER 188S. VOL. 43. - NO. 333. THE HOHDAVS. OHN M M M ii ii if M M M a ii 5i M si ii M M M M M M ii M ii M W .M ii ii m M M M ii ii 21 M ii ii ii ii M ii ,T OOO H .1 0 OH jo on JO OH .1 0 OH H KN H NN H N N N N N N MM MM M M M M M M MM MM M M M M H N N O HHHH N K N N N N N NN NN M M M M M M MM M M M M ,1 o u II ,T J 6 OH j JO OH JJJ 000 Ii H N H N H N H N NOS. 82 AND 84 A SPLENDID OPPORTUNITY FOR THOSE BUT A SMALL CALL AND KXAAl OOO oooooo oooo oooo o EDENITUEB, o BF.DDING, o oooooooooooooooooo K LEG ppip p p fppp p p v A A A A A AAA A A A A RRRR r, R R L R R L RRRR L R H I. R R I. u r i.llli. ODD RRRR O OR R O OR R O O RRRR O OR R O OR B 000 R B oooooooooooooooooooooooooo o A FULL LINE OF F.NGr,I8H o BRUSSELS A c OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO UPHOLSTERING IN OOOOOOO OOOOQOOOOO o O WINDOW o LAMBREQUIN - , o oooooooooooooooooo LARGEST ASSORTAIENT AND LOWEST NESS. CASH. - OR 8PK0IAL TERMS OK JJJ J J .1 J ooo o o o o o o o o o o 000 H H n it K H HHHH NN N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N a nn MM MM M M M M M M M M M M M M M MM M M MM M M M At JJJJ 68883 - 2S2 S 83 3 S2 88 83 32 8883 22 84 83 2S tM 8822 t - sSSS - ) 44 A 4 4 4 4 !c A A A &.&&. A 88SM 83 83 44 444 4 44 MM MM M M M M M M M M M M M M M MM M 81 MM M M AI M t 4 44 18 8844444444 S3 88 44 BS888 44 W7ESTABLISHEU 75 YEARS. 1832 COWPKRTHWAIT'S, 411.410 AND Tl2 FULTON ST.. Cor. Gallatin plane. Brooklyn. AND 168 TO 1&7 CHATHAM 8T NEW YORK. Wholesale and Retail Dea!ersi PUBNITURE, CARPETS, BEDDING, ETC.. FINK FURNITURE A1AD14 FROSI DESIGNS. UPHOLSTERING IN ALL ITS BRANCHES. WINDOW SHADES, LAMBREQUINS, CURTAINS, ETC. SPECIAL TERMS OF CREDIT, IKDESIRKD AU CTION SALES lli ORRIS WJLKINS, AUCTIONEER. fl EXECUTOR'S SALE. KHTATH OK THK LATE ANDREW BLBAKLRY. E. H. LUDLOW 4 COMPANY, pe:U At auction, on WEDNESDAY, Di'COil.lior - i, 1892. At 1' - ' o'clock, . - itthe F.XCIIANOE SALKKROOM, 111 Broadway (Trinity iiuildini:), New York, By order of Murj ; E. Kloiky uud Clir,r(88 F. Hunter, Eiojutora, VALUABLE PROPERTY AT FORT HAMILTON, KINGS COUNTY, N. Y., Sltuatu'l un Fort Hitniilton, Ooli - ton, New UtrBcht, Ltt, - fayettH Lrxinntmi nd Fifth ovcauo?: Monmouth, Concord. Wanon. Joirersou and Hifthty - siith streets. Blnus and full particulars at the oflice ot the ntictioneers. No. :t Pine st. Now York. r"M. OOLE, AUOTIONEEK. rv r - ni.R AMI) MURPHY. City Satefirooin. 370 Fulton st. and to.')S Adams St. MONDAY, December 4. 182, 12 At, 172 Pacific Bl. tiutween Court ana Clinton 8C9. Two atory aud basement Phlladelpina Or,cJt statii st'tlls on first for iw leot. aeop; slrhh m unttomoiu - . flnrt l,ran m.iin tor carriiLaeB. larcu hurueas cl loriet; sec - ond atory lnri; lott nua Hat lor coictunan a uni.a ; t ' Ban and carriage wanh; terms easy. Apply to JO II ft tr. JAMES, 18'. Montaxrie 6t. MONDAY. December 4. at 11 o'clock. REAL ESTATE. FOURTEENTH W ARD - Property on southweBt corner ofSeoondanrt North T.'iird sts. .WzS3, on which thorB are tlve frame buildings (including storo.i, now rented for Sa'u TWoTiCAXT LOTS, 20x100 each, on east aide of Fatclien av. 40 feet north of Decatur st. eligibly louatod lor buildinc purposes. MONDAY, December 4, nt 10:30 o'clock, At 365 FULTON STREET. BAR AND SALOON FIXTURES. Bar and oyster counter, glass, wall casoa and shelving, silver Dinted show cases, saloon tables and chairs, oyster range and stores, crookery. outlery, bar Blassware, ouar figure, Ac. Ac. Balance OI omara auu miuu.a. j!'bL,EECK.ER, AtlCTlONBBR." A ....ncn.oOlO DnCTTlVI.' RAf.E TO TH K H 11 HST BIDDER TO CLOSE TUB ESTATE. a'j BLEECKER ."SON will soli on WED.NESOAY, Docenibor ti at 12M.SI E.xchsnge Kiilesrooin, 111 Broad - ;,,(; y a. desirable two c'.o. - y ir.ime house and sis lota an Tw'cnt'fsecond and ' Twenty - , hint Bts. Brooklyn, be - Sitl. and Hoveuth avK : Una Earden plenty of fruit; maps at BI.KKCKER'S, 7.1 Nassau st.N1Y; T COLE, AUCTIONEER. 0 AT THE COMMERCIAL BXCHANGR. No. 3B'J KULTON STREET, OoDositetho Citr Halt. THURSDAY. Deoember 7, at 12 At, At the Commercial Kichana; - , Nn.aUJ lulton st, opposite tho City Ha'.l NO 111) OONORKSS ST - Sa'.o positive, by order of the Ad."'n straVrii of the estate ot Koran O'Brien deceased Th s h - mVe and lot are on the northerly Sldo of tlonglgta st, rJ. I "iVt ei from Hicks rf. between H.cks and Hl - nrj". The lot is leased from the Brooklyn Benevolent sweaty for 2 1 years from 1 872. at 4 per annum ground red and th privilege of renewal. KXFoVmlR'sALE OF FIVE VALUABLE LOTSON UAll M AV AND VARKT ST.. BROOKLYN. E. T A I SO an LOTS IN THE TOWN OF FLATBUSH. L'l ON VERNON AV. AND CLINTON ST.. NEAR BEDFORD AV. jacob C0LE Will sell at auction on WEDNESDAY. December (I, 18!, at VI o'clock, noou. At tho Commercial F.xchange. No. M9 rullon at., br order nf executors, tho above valuable pr"JMtV; The Flatbush av. horse cars pass to iheso ..'J lots. Maps and further particulars ot ihe office unl salesroom of auctiouoor. No. - yt) Fulton st. . ol uuct WEDNESDAY, December 0, At 12 o'clock .1!.. At the Commercial Eichaiieo, No S8D Fulton st, opposite the City Hall. FULTON ST, 8 lota on the touth side, 23 foot east from BHKHIMER ST. 8 lots on the north side, in the rear of tho above. Terms verjr reasonable. Fositivo sale of the balance of the sale of Ioj6mber l... consisting of lots. 5tJ LOTS ON SIXTH AV. including tho corners of Thirtv - mh. 'l'hirtv 'evcntli anri Thirty - olgbtU sts. it" I LOTS "(IN 8KVKNTH A V. including tho corners of U'hii ly - ixth. Thirty - seventh and Thirty - oiglith sts. 2H . LO TS ON THIRTY - SIXTH ST, between Fifth ond Bt'?LOTS8'ON THIRTY - EIGHTH ST. between Filth "HLOThONTHIRTY - BBVENTH ST. between Fifth and Ktchtii avs. , , , ,. This property is on high grados in a growing part of the olty Full particulars at the offioes of A a J. A. Lot 1, Maps afei:reaVdy 11 'tSSlfce of the auctioneer, 389 Fulton Street. , B - YJAMES O. EADIE, AUCTIONEER. Kieoutor's sale of the estate of GEORGE RICARD. deceased, on THURSDAY. December 7, 18J. at. the h. I). Kxchango Salesrooms. No. 4. Broadway, Brooklyn, E. j at v o'clock, noon, throo valuable lots, junction of Sr'oadway and Hart street; three lots on the northeast corner of Prospaot place and Vanderlnlt avouue: nno lot on Prospoct plaos, Boventv feet east ot Vanderu.l avenue with 2 story frame dwolliug; also, two lots, ;..U1 - I. feet c - ach, on South avenue. Mariners' Harbor Staten Island. ee Poster, for full partiouUrj Byotd.r,bfooKK AUSTIN D. EWEN, JOHN R. CONNER. Hxeciitoroi George 3ticard, deceased. BY - JOSEPH "HEGKMAN tfc OO. SPECIAL SALE OK 0ARPUTR, At the CENTRAL SALESROOMS, Corner Willnuyhby and Poarlsta. On AlONDAY, December 4, ut II) A. M.. New and aacond hanJ carpotBif overy uoscnpliun. T UOTKKN - LINUS AY, "AUOTION BBS. of houwttoJd furniture, cRrpota, budding, ruga, plated Sra.o win3OTra!iad. books, and other pronPrty to numer - oustomuiilio. TbissAlois ltxr&a ana worts me uu - 'suico of buyers. AWN BROKERS' SALTS - S. F1KUSK1, Buctinnotr, i ana iwj tuitonit, sous .wji - j'a i,ai o'c - loftk. dre: - BB. Bhawis. remnants. L - lanketa. iiuvit - a, BbonU. IjooU. iiUooe, ett - ., by M. Brnckbeinier, Or and st. et TI1UKSDAY, December 14. clnth nff, by .1, Harriv, Smith it. HI DAY, December 15, clothing, by S. Good oteiu, UridKoa. . 8" fJKKIFK'S SALE THOMAS A. K.ER - KIOAN Auctioneer, will sell on MONDAY, December 4, nt 10 o'clock A. U Kendall Bros UoB I5ninff Ktoves, cornorof Irrinff and Vr.u Hrunt ais , South Brooklyn aliout ltX'X bales of whit ana eolorBrt ras: hand trucke, pre..s, screen,. VMt$gff2?. GKORtlB W. HlIX, Deputy. CLA1KTOYANTS, fRS. a. C. i,A PAGE, BUSINESS CXtAIR - 4 nut' - nmnlniii Vl.lR mlllmnd from tbO VJt for trio Winter montbs, nnd cm Ijr consulted on all aifaira of life. Office hours. 10 A. M. to '. m. ia n - loiiRHtty t. ... AHAME PHEBE, INDIAN ASTROLO -, csi'sea speedy marriage with one you love. unites nouar.w.l. removes evil iiiuuencu. ioreioin mm destiny. No. 150 V.y. iie av, near Gold st : hoars iu to w, not .Sun - !iy. lea frum 25 cents : no uenta. v'(: - f:Kl'(;L, CELEIiR - .TEl, NAT - i.:,,.,,. , Mi,li:v. Dt - DOUE. was ,a,,,1 u:,t Io'i'r leiht nnfl flltlirft. all - Bent Inonna; lebt n - .iy mysiery un prevents from all dan - Kera : 1 ecvel A lent i:no goods, reuii. ted those separate 1. No. 3'W ookl si. ueir Myitio av: hours from 10 A Al. lo P. At 50 cents to 1. Railroads. B ROOKLYN ANNEX. FOR JERSEY CITY - PENNSYLVANIA AJlllOAU. LEAVING FOOT OF FULTON STREET DAILY. A fl c - 30 TOO, 7 - 30, 8:X). 8:30. O.I0. :30. 10.00, 1(1 V Vl' - lii II 30, IS;i. P. v.. 12:30, 1 :(, 1. - 30, 2:00, ' - .ui vi Vj - . - li 4 - 30, 5:00, 5:3'), (1:0 - :), 11:30, 7:00, 5'V m - 'm' - :!,' : i; !l:20, 10:0(1, 10:3 l, 1 1 - 00. To i' all' Rivor and Boston boat. 4 ;'.(. 1'. At R - iujuiuj. leive Jersey City mi arrival of all trams 11a 'iiji. cheeked an.l tickets sold t , all points. Ask for "Hrj'oklju tickets when returniu - ; lo Brooklyn. F. JANSEN, Superintendent. L ONG ISLAND RAILROAD. WINTER SCHEDULE. I.KAYF. DEPOT CORNER Ob ATLANTIO AND I I.A'IBUSH AVKMES, BROOKLYN. DAILY EXCEt'l' SUNDAY. FOR Babylon. 8: o, 1 , :0 A. U.. 3:2 .. 4:20, 5:2 7flOP. AI. PatOJOX'ie. 8:3') A. At. 3:21. 4 :2' - ' P. M FsiRock ,w.y. ::".!. A. At 3:25. 4:2), 5, TOO r. M. ..Saturday nights cmly, 13:10). . Ca.i'en City , - ,nd llenipstd, ".00. 0: 5 A. M.. 1:30. :2.l. 4 : - .:. : - - . :; - 3u P.M. (loP. M. except Saturday). JVeuni nlay i - jj .Saturday n:ghti only at 12:10. Hoi.jn. l,:r,i c.,v.:. (iifll H' - a - J (.es Cliff;. Locust Valloy, :00. . - 5 A. .".! . :VJ. 4 :3 .. .1 ;. , 6 :30 P. At Rnfirlie;:dHii'JCree!:iio:r - - :O0 A. At, 3:25 P - At 8ae Harbor. - :3'J A. M..:i:j.i p. ii. Huntin. - lousod Norrhpori. i;5". A. At. 4;20, 8;3J P.M. Poit Jeflerson. : A. .',1. 4 - 2(1 P. M. , , . , . ?.l;XrAYS ONLY. Babylon, MOO, A. M. ; U P M Fctchogue, 0:00 A. AI Far Rockaway. OK) A. M. : G - .30 P. M. K; g tl:i.u. :i :'")i . M. Gardou City and Hompitead. Off) A At; 1 - 50, Si30. 10:00 V. M. , - , Itoslyn. Glen Cove, Glen Head (Roa Oltfl), Locuat Valloy, 8. - 00 A. At. 6:30, P. M. Huntington and NortUpoct, 9:0J A, M,i BeW P. M, PertJefiursonO A, Al. Till; HOLIDAYS. J OHN MULLINS. M M ii M it M M ii M it M it M ii ii M it M 5 At ii M M ii ii It NN N 8SSB I1SN N8 S II N N N S II N N N S II N N N 88S3 hn n N S ti r, U r, u L u L U L U I. TI L Ii L L L Li L Ii L UN KS 8 U L H6 N N NN SSSS , UUU Ll.LLL LLLLL MYRTLE AVENUtt WISHING TO FURNISH OUTLAY OF MONEY. INS MY STOCK OF oooooooooooooo ooo o 0ARPUT8, o STOVES, Em o o ooooooooooooooooo ANT A HOME WITH TTTTT T T T T T T SSSS h a s SSS3 s s s 6S8S M M - I oooooooooooooooooooooooooo liODY BRUSSELS. TAPESTRY o o NO INGRAINS. o o ooooooooooooooooooooo oooo ALL IT8 BRANCHES. M M M it ii ii m m ii M it 1! M oooooooooooooooooo o SHADES. O o CURTAINS, ElO. o o oooooooooooooooooo PRICES OF CREDIT IF ANY HOUSB IN DESIRED, AT THE BUSI - u r, u L U L U L U L r. L L L L NN S RSS3 ' N N N 8 S ' N N N S 1 N N N SS88, N 14 N S N NN S S N NN SSSS M M ' Al M ii v v v V V U L UUU LLLLl LLLLL II r Y KKRK TTTTTIj Y Y R R T L Y Y R R T L YY RRRR T L Y K R T L SEER B E FEE E E A AA A A AAA A A 1 A L A Y R R T I VV v a R t. LLLLLEEEB V "jr D, FARKELL, 78 andISTbowery. Near Canal street, NB.W YORK, IS OFFERING IMMENSE BARGAINS IN FURNITURE, CARPETS, BEDDING, ETC?, LONGEST TIME. EASIEST TERMS. CASH. OR WEEKLY OR MONTHLY PAYMENTS. HOUSES FURNISHED COMPLETE. A call iiill amply repay intending purchasers. Ji. D. J ARHELL. 72 AND 7.'. BOV.'MBY. Near ('anal street, NE1V YORK. TBAYEIL, IBAKSPORTATION, CENTRAL RAlLltOAU OF NEW" JER - J SEY Station in Now York, foot of Libertyst. Station in Brooklyn. fo;.t of I.'ulton st, Jewell'.' Wharf. Commencing October 2, 1 "82 - Leave New York: ii:45 A. At. - - Pot Flominutou. Eseton. Wind Cap, Alsucb Chunk. Tanianenn. Taniaqua, Hazleton, Drifton, Upper Lobigh, Scrant.m. c. . 9:110 A M. - For Flemington. jtiigh Brtdgfl Branch, Sc'.iooloy's Mountain. Buda's Lake - . Lako Hopatconc, Kasion, Allentown, Readinc, Harrialmrg, Alancli Chunk, W liliamsport, Tumaqua, Na&tiuoke, Upper Lehigh, IScrau - "'p1. M For Fleinington. Easton, Allentown, Heading, Harrisburg. Mauch Ciiunk, Ha.leton, Wilkesbarro. o. ::4r P. M For Easton, Wind Gau. Mauch Chunk, Tamtiqua, Drifton Wilkonbaxre, Hazloton, Mcranion, Ac. ".00 1", At. For Flininaton. Hign Bridge Branch, Sciiooley'fi Mountain, Budd's Lake, Lake Hopatcon;;. iiavton, ic i P. 3f. For Sotuervulo, Flemwel'ili.&c. r. I'. M. For Easton, Allentown, Reading, Harrisburg, Alancli Chunk, Wilkosbarre. io. ..... Sunday trains leave ntM: - ir A. M., 12 P. SI. for Bound Brook and intermediate stations : at nt'.io P. M. for EastOD, Allenuiwu. Hairtshurtc aud the West. For Newark atf.:'. 8:f., t!:IS. :45, 7:1.1, 7:.10, 8:0J. 8 - ir h - au.i' - .'iii.n - .ir). a.i ih - .ir,, io:45. n :ir. A. At. 12:00 AI 12 - '45 i - l". 2:00, 2 :30, 3 :tX), 3 :30. 4 :0l I, 4 t - 'HI, f :D0, 5 :1 ", & :io 5 4S tl - Oil, U - .1S, 1:30, 7 - .0O. 7:3(1. 8:1.1. OW, 9:46, lt')::l', It :) - . 12:W P. M. For trains to io;;al points see time tables at stations. PEHTll AMBOY BRANCH. For Sawaron and Perth Arnboy. S:(Ki, B:00, 8:15 11:45 A M.. 1 4 :ix 4:45 and r:0b P. M. For Freehold .".!' 10 8:1.1 11:41 A. M., 4 :( and 6:00 P. M. For Keyport, 5:00, 8.15 11:45 A. At, 4a 4:45 and G:o F - W NEW JERSEY SOUTHERN RAILWAY. VIA SANDY HOOK. STEAMER WILL LEAVE PIKR 8. N. It - FOOT RECTOR STREET, COMMENCING October 2. 18J. For Highlands, Saabright, Alonmouth Beaoh and Long T? - a....1. .1 - no i a? Lieave foot J.lhorty St. n:io A. - nr., i :i., tr. ai. fur Lakowond. MKncliuster, Toms Hirer, Barnogat, eto. L :4: V ii., lur au:' etij. .iiimnuu, uLLutQ.uih ovu. 8:15, A. M.. tor stations. to Highlands. 1 - .45 4 :4.1 P. ftt for etations to Soabrigllt. 4 - 00 P. M. for stations to Sandy Hook. For Atlantio Highlands, 4 - .0J R. M NEW YORK AfiD' PHILADELPHIA BOUND BROOK ROUTE. FOR TRENTON AND PJ1IJ.ADKLPHIA. Leave Now York from Station C. R. R. of N. J. For Philadelphia. Ninth and Greene sts, at 1 :45, 930. Il - l'.A M 1 - im. 4:IW, 4:SH, S - :)ll, 7:00, 12:00 P. M. On Sunday, at 8:41 A. At, 5:20, 12:00 P. AL For Third and Berks st. at 7:43, 11 :l:i A. M., 1 :30, 4 :30, 5 . - 'JO, 7 :00 P. AL MSot8'.. 1:15 A M.: 1:30. 4:00.4:30, 5:30. 7 - .00. 12:00 P. 81. On Sunday, 8:45 A. St.; 5:30, 12:00 P At Return trains leave Philadelphia for Now York. From tt - itions Philadelphia and Readinc Railroad Ninth and Green sts. at 7:30, 8:30, 0:3(1. U iX) A. At: 1:15. 3 - 41, r.40, 0:45, 12:00 P. AI. Sunday, 8:30 A.M.; 5:30, 12 :0U P. M. From Third and Berks sts, at 5 : 10 8 :20, 9 :15 A.M.; l :(H. 3:30, 5:20, 0:30, 11:30 P. M. Sunday, at 8:15 AFrom Trenton,1 1 :25, (J :2(, 8 .03, 0 .05, 10 - .08. 11 :34 A. At : 2 ::. 4 ::, 6 :24, 7 :28 P. M. Sunday, 1 :25, 0 - .18 A. M. ; 6kt5 P'lL'LLM AN PARLOR CARS are attached to day trains and SLEEPING COACHES to midnight trains from New York aud Philadelphia. Connection is made at Jersey City Btation to and from Brooklyn via Annex. Jewell's Wharf. Tski'ts (or sale at foot oi Liberty st, No. 23:), 201, 401, 044. f7, 1,323 Broadway, and at the principal notelB, Now York ; Nos. 2 and 4 Court st, and Annex office, Jewell's Wharf, Brooklyn. , , i Tho New York Transfer Company will can for and oheolr baiccaae from hotel or residence to destination. II P. BALDWIN, General Passenger Agent. W.W . STKAllNS. General Superintendent. 5 PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD GREAT TRUNK LINE AND UNITED STATES MAIL ROUTE On aud after November 20, 1882 Trains leave New Yerk, via Desbroases aud Oonrtlaudt etreots femes, as f , ,', lows Express '.or Harrisburg, Pittsburg, the West and South, with Pullman Palace Oars aUuched, 8 :0o A. M., 0:00 and 8'inii'. M. daily. New York and Chicago Limited of Parlorj Dining, Smoking and Sleeping Cars at OA. At For, Lock Haven, Corry and Erie at 8 - .00 P. - Jl . cnnneitin - .' at Carry for Tituaville, Petroleum Center and the Oil Regions, bor Williamsporl and Look Haven, K :i) A. .M. . , , " j ... , . - o. YYishinston and tho South, "Limited Washing ton I huoas" oi puiiiuan Parlor Cars daily. Bxcopt hun - dav lo - 0:i A. M. Arrive Washington 4:00 P. M. Regn - larvi - i ii P - R - R - 5:15 and 8:30 A. At, 3:40 and!:X P Al : nd 12:0i mVht; via Ii. & O. R. .. 1 .00 and 7 .00 P.' U.. 12:(K)ni - ilt. Sunday, via B. 4 P. R. R., 5:00 A. Al and H:00 P. M.. 1 - :"I night; via B. AO. It. R.,7:00 . P.M.n - - Kt't;HlI.ADELPHlA. V - (j" - i - IO 4 - IW "'1. (ijiiil. 7:00.8:00 and 11:11)1 P.M. and 12:i)0nigi.t. Sunday, 5 :00. 8:00 (!:i) LiinitBd) and 10 - LD.l A At: 4:OU, 0:0'!, ":' - '. R :00 and 0 :00 P. M . and 12 - 00 night.' thniyrant and second class, 7:00 P. M. Express lor Philadelphia, via Camden, 7:20 A. At and 4 :(Kl P. At, exce it Son - lay. FOR ATLANTIC OITY. Express, except Sundry, 5:15 AM. and 1:00 P, BL On Sunday, 5 - .00 A. Al. FOR CAPE Al AY. ExDress, except Sunday, o:io aud 11 :10 A. M. On Saturday only 1 :0J P. At , . , . Boats of Brooklyn Annex connect with all through traini nt Jorsey City, nilording a apeedy and direct transfer for Brooklyn travel. , t . . .n Accommodation for Trenton, 6;30 A. M 2:00 and 4:40 Long Branch, Bay Hoad Junction and intermediate ata - tious, via Rahway and Arnboy. - .':00 A. M., 12:00, noon, 3: 3o and .1:00 P. M. On Sunday o :00 A. At Newark and Elizabeth. 0 :00, 0:30, 7:30. 8:30, 0:00, 0:10, 10 - 10, 11:1 - ) A. At. 12:(X. 12:10. 2:00. 2:30.3:00, 3:2ii 4.W, 4:Io. 4.:iu, 5 :00, 5 :lt), 5:20, 5:3f3, 5:10. 5:50, 0 - 10 0:30. 7:0", 7:3 ", 8:15, 10:00, 1 1 :0 P. At. and 12 uiht Sunday. 8:15. 0:00 and 0:30 A. M., 1 .01', 4:30, 5 - 45 0 - 20, 7r0, :15. 0:15 P. At, and 12:00 night. Ni.wark onlv, 7;o0 and H;io A. At, 4. 50 P. M. wook day. Rahway. O - .o - "'. 0:30, 7:30, 8:10, 8:30, H:0O. 9:10. 10:10, 1 1 - .10 A. M 12:00 At, 12:10. I - .0), 1 - m. 2:3o, 3:0)1. 3:20, 4 - '. (i 41o. 4:30. 5:O0. 5:1(1. 5:20. 5:30, 5:40, 5:50, 0:10, K ilo' 7 00 7:30 K:45, 10:00, 11:30 P. At, and 12:00 night. Sunday, 8:15, :i;0 and 0:30 A. At, 1:00. 4:30, 5 - 45, 0:31). 7:00, 8:15, 9:45 P. Al . and 12:00 night Woodbridco. Perth Arnboy auri South Arnboy 6:00 and. 10:10 A. At. 2:30 and 5:50 p. M. New Brunswick, 0:30, 7:20. 8:30 0:10 and 11 :10 AM., 1 - OO Z - 'HI, 3 :' - a, 4 :30. 4 :10, 5 :00, 5:20, 0 ;(X), 7 :(K). 8 - 0 I II :'i0 P. At, and 12:00 night. Sunday, 8:00 and 0:30 A AI . 1 .OO, 4:30, 7:00. :C0 P. At. and 12:00 night. East Millstone, 0 :3.i and 11 :1"A, At, 3 :;0 and 4. - 30 P. At Kingst m and Rocky Hill. 8 :30 A. At, 4 :40 P. AI 1'rinoe - Mn.;30. 8:3'. U:10 A. At, 1:00.2:00. 4:40. 7:00 P. At LTmbortvil o. 0:30 ar.dl I :I0 A. AI 1 3. - 20 .nd o :00 P. At Flemingi m. '1:30 and 11:10 A. At and .1:20 P At Philhnsbiirx and Ilelv.dore. o:SJ and 11:10 A. At. J:.o and 5:OJ P At Trenton, BordBlltown, Burhugton and Camden, 5:15. 7 :20, 8:00 3nd II :10 A M.. Ml ":;" i :i, 4:4t)and7:(V'P. AI. Freehold, 6:30. 1 1 :I0 A. M , 2 :00 and 5:0O P. M. Farmingdale and Squan. 0:30 and 11 - .10 A. AI, and2:'i. llightstowu. Pumberton and Camden 0:30 A Al. an 1 3 :oo P. At, via Monmouth Junction. Trains arrivo - From Pittsburg. 0:20 andll:20A. At. 7:30 and 1.1:20 P. Al. doily. From Washington and Bait l - l::ore, U :30. n;50 A. At. 3:50 5;30, 9:35, 10:15 and 10:50 P. At Sundav, 0:30, t!:5i) A. At. 10:3.1 and 10:50 P. At Foin Baltimore. 1:20 P. At: on Sunday. 9:35 P. M. From Phi.adelpllla, 3:50, B:20, 0:3' . 0:50, 0:30. :40, 10 - 40. 11:10 A. At, 1:20. 2:00, 3:50, 5:30,0:20, 7:30, 8 - :.(l 0 - 3.1 10:20, 10:35 and 10:50 P. Al. 8unday, 3:50, 6:20' (1:30, 0:50, 11:10 A St, 8:20, 7:30, 9. - 35, 10:20, 10:35 and 10:50 P. Al. ..... Tioket otticcs, 435 810 and 044 Broadway, No. 1 Astor House, and foot of Desbrojses and Cortlandt sta, New York - No 4 Court St. and Brooklyn Annex Station, foot of Fulton St., Brooklyn: Nos. 114. 110 and 118 Hudson at. Hobimon: Station, Jorsey City, Emigrant ticket offlc, ThoNw York Transfer Company will call for and check baggage from bole's and residences. oaggago iron, V0UL) Uonorai p,enger Agent. CHARLES E. PUGH. General Alanager. SteaKHBllllo. JMPERIAL GERllAN MAIL - NORTH GERMAN LLOYD 8TEAA1SIUP LINE BETWEEN NEW YORk SOUTHAMPTON AND BRKJ1EN. COMPANY'S PIER, FOOT SECOND ST, HOBOKEN. Wl'.HRIi ODER ..Sat., Nov. 25 DONAU. ...Sat., Doc. 2: ELBE. ... Wed., ...Sat., Deo. 8 Deo. 9 Rates of pass.igo from Now York; to Southampton, Havre or Bremen: First Cabio 8J00 Second Cabin 00 Steerage 30 Return tickets at reduced rates. Prepaid atearage certificates, at $24. Steamers sail from pier betwuan Second and Third ats, Hobokcn, N. J. For freight or uasangn, apply to OE1.1U0HS A CO., No. 2 Bowling Green. N. Y. J. I.EHRENKRAUSS, 377 Fnlton st. Agents for Brooklyn. NUHOR lilNE, UNITED cli'ATiSO MAIL, Din AS1 atlA NEW YORK AND GLASGOW. Via, LONDONDERRY. From Pier 20. North River, Now York. ETHIOPIA. Deo. c.2 P. M?rFURNESSlA,Doc,23, S P.AI CIRCABSIA.Doc.l'i: 10 A.MI ANCHOR1A, Ooc 30.0 A.M Rates ol passage to Gl,ASGOW. LIVERPOOL, BliLKAST, or LONDONDERRY. Cabins JUO to $80. Kxcursion tiokets at reduced rates. Second cabin, giO. Stworaze. outward, ,42'J, Prepaid. $30. Druita issued at lowest rates, payable (free ol charge) throughout England. Sootloud and Ireland. Forbook of "tours in Scotland," rates, plana, etc, apply to HENDEKSON BROTHERS. 7 Bowling Green, N.Y., or E. J. SNOW. 70 Court st. Brooklyn. Open BaVopjajr IromT :30 to 0 o'clock. ssss u u s s u v 8 u u ssss u u s u y s s u u BSS9 uuu a - . - u - MWi4.Al - - "UJ". THE HOLIDAYS. AMES GASSIDY, 277 FULTON ST. SEAL SEAL SEAL SEAL SEAL H HAL SEAL SEAL SEAL SEAL SEAL SEAL SEAL SEAL SEAL SEAL SEAL SEAL SEAL SEAL SEAL SEAL BEAL SEAL SEAL SEAL SEAL SEAL SEAL SEAL SEAL 8 HAL SEAL HEAL SEAL SEAL BEAL REAL Seal seal SEAL BRA, SEAL SICAL SEAL SEAL SEAL SEAL OOO O 0 o O O OOO A AA A A AAA A A J J J J JJJ NO. 277 FUL I AM EXHIBITING TUB LARGEST FFFFF F F F FFfi" V F V V V V u V u Tf TJUUUU EVER SHOWN IN THE OITY, Olf MY , EEE A I, Hi AA L :S3R tr TT TT BM W 6oa8i GSS EE A A L 8SaKK HNNN K K IJN NN BSS8 KEK A ALLLL 0S3a K SEAL SEAL. SEAL SEAL SEAL SKAl. SEAL SEAL SEAL SEA1 AN SEAL ! SEAL i SEAL SEAL SEAL SEA ii SKAL SEAL SEAL DDD D D D D DDD OO O O O O O O 00 r. Ii T, L LLLL SEAL SEAL SEAL SEAL SEAL SEAL SICAL SEAL SEAL SEAL SEAL SEAL SEAL KtfA . AND FUR LINED GAR OF THE LEAD AT MY USUAL ALSO, A COMPLETE ASSORTAIENT TRIMAHNG3 OF EVE oooooooooooooooooooooo oo oo o o LADIES IN NEED OF FURS OF o INVITED TO LEAVE ORDERS AT o THEAI EVERY ATTENTION, o OOOO0OOOOOOOOOOOOO 000000000 J. OAS NO. 277 FUL I Ullll SEAL SKAL REAL SEAL SEAL SEAL SKAL SKAL SEAL SEAL SEAL SEAL SEAL REAL BEAL SEAL SEAL rjIHE FIRST PPP EKH A RRR RSSS A L AA L A A L T. L P P F, AA K K ; PPP EE A A RRR aSSs T R AAA 1? 1? AAA L L P EEBA AR R SS A ALLLLUJi SacS THE LARGEST F.STABLISHAIENT OF THE WITH A COMPETENT ARTIST AT ITS 0000000000000 ooooooooooo o SIR. FRANK PEAR o oo ooooooooooooooo OOOOOOO THE VERY BEST WORK OO0OO0OO0OOOO0OOOOOOOOO0OOOO S PHOTO - PORTRAITS o o'V OOOOOOOOOOOOOO 000000 OOOO OO SIAKE ONE OF THE 0000000O00000O00OO0 o HOLIDAY O O O Oct) OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO THAT OAN BE SELECTED, AND HE IS 00000 OOOO 00 0 00 OOOO 000 O 00 0 o A1ANY HAPPY HOMES o OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO THIS ESTABLISHMENT IS TOGRAPH10 LINK, FR0A1 THE NOW PRE TINY MIN CKTIIER WITH PHOTOGRAPHS OF HOU SCAPES, AIIL1TARY ORGANIZATIONS, AR OTHER BOOIETIES. AND ALL KINDS OF OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO o THE UTILI a PATENT AP o OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO THE GREAT DEAIAND FOR AN AMATEUR PEARSALL TO INVENT ONE FOR TUB USE TION 18 ONE OF THE OOOOOOOOOOOOO O OOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOO S GREATEST ACHIEVEMENTS OF o ooooooooooooooooooooo 0000000000 AND HAS BEEN "PRONOUNCED BT COM ANY YET PRO DUO OOO 0 OOOOOOO o UTILITY o o olo oooo oooo BEFORE PUROKASING. NO. 293 PRACTICAL FULTON STR UKN'I'S' FUKrVBSIIING GOODS. "BjAltlj & WILSON. EARL 4 WILSON'S MKN'S LINEN COLLARS AND OUFFS ARE THE BEST. FOR SALE EVERYWHERE. TRADE EEH E EE E BEES 44 W W W 4 4 W W W W 44 4 W W W W 4 4b WW WW 444 11 W A1ARK. TRAVEL, TRANSPORTATION, Ac. Sleaiiialiiiisi. C GENERAL TRANSATLANTIC COM - PANY, between New York and Havre. Oompauy'fl Pier (newt No. 42 North Kiver, toot of Morton st. Travelers by this line avoid transit by English railway and tho diseomfortaof crossing the Channel in a email boat. AMEIUOUE Wednesday. December ii 1 :00 P. M CANADA Wedujsday. December 13. 7:00 A. M. FRANCE Wednesday. Deoerubor 20 Checks drawn on credit, Lyonnais, or Paris, in amounts to suit. For Iroight and passage apply to LOUIS DE BEBIAN, Acent. . No.J)BowMng Green, N. Y. ATONAL LINE OF STEAMSHIPS, BETWEEN NEW YORK, LIVERPOOL. QUEENS - TOWN AND LONDON DIRECT, sailing weekly from Pier 30. North River. New Yark, are amonc. tho largest steam. I ships crossing the Atlantic. Cabin rates sjO to 870 ; ex cursion, ISI'V tO lIU; UUVYTVW rrooiuju, Bteerage tioketB. $28; "being 82 lower than most other lino,?1 Office. 09 and - 3 Broadway. New Vork. Agnnt al Brooklyn. JOHN C. HENDEKSON 4 SON, 844 Fulton street ; WilliBmsburgb, SMITH COX. ON ARCH LINE S. S. COMPANY. SAFETY. COMFORT AND ISOONOAIY. . lUEENSTOWN, LIVERPOOL and all pomta on the flnnrlnnnl. via LONDON. RATES LOWER than by any other tine, to and from ail parts oi EUROPE. PATTON, VICKKRS ft CO., General Agents. 35 BROADWAY, NEW YORK. . S L ROWLAND. General Agent for Long Island, t)l MYRTLE AVENUE. GITION LINE UNITED STATES MAIL STEAA1KRS, sailing from Pier No. 38. North River, foot ot King st, for QUEKNSTOWN and LIVERPOOL, on TUESDAYS, ns follows: dm ARIZONA Tuesday. December 5, at 12:30 P. M. ABYSSINIA .Tuesday, Deceinbor 12. at b:00 A. M. Cabin pa?sage. 80, $80. S100. Intermediate, $40. Steerage at low rates, payable in CUrrBn w'lI.LIAMS 4 GUION, 29 Broadway. New York. JNO. O. HENDERSON 4 SON. 344 Fulton at. S1 SJTATE LINE. . NEW YORK. TO GLASGOW. LIVERPOOL. BELFAST OB Lunuufliiuaui. PASSENGER STEAMSHIPS SAIL EVERY THURSDAY From Pier 42 North River, foot of Canal st. Passenger accommodations unsurpassed. First cabin, $60 to 'i5; second cabin. $40 ; steerage to Europe, $3o. Kcournion tickets nt reduced rates. These steamers carry ne.ther cattle, sheop. nor pigs. AUSTIN BALDWIN 4 CO., AgentB, No. 53 Broadway. BERNARD BOOAN, Agenl. 05 Court at. Brooklyn. Parcels forwarded to all parts ol Europe by Baldwin's European Express. . WHITE STAR LINB. " TO OUEENSTOWW AND LIVERPOOL. ADRIATIC THURSDAY. Doc. 7, 2:30 p, M. GERMANIC SATURDAY. Deo. 16. 9:30 A. M. CELTIC ..... THURSDAY. Deo. 21. 2:03 P. M. FROM PIER 52, NORTH RIVER. Oabin rates. S6T), 880 and lo Mtoerago tickets from the Old Country, 30 ; return tickets at reasonable rates. N. B These steamers do not cany cattle, ahoep or pigfl. For passage tickote or drafts payable on demand every - JOHN P. MORgAjBgadwa& Wi.liamsburih y jpUNAKD LINE. THE CUNARD STEAMSHIP COMPANY. LIJtlTED. Between New York and Liverpool, calling at Cork Harbor, FROJ1 PIER 40, nTr., NEW YORK. BOTHNIA Wednesday, Nov. 22, 2:30 P. M. CATALONIA Wednesday, Nov. 20. 8:00 A. AI. GALLIA Wednesday, Deo. 0, 2:00 P. At And every following Wednesday. RATES OF PASSAGE: Cabin paeaage, $80 and $100, aocording to aooommoaa - ''Tickets to Paris $15 additional Return tfoketa on faror - abln terms. , , , r. Steerage at very low rates. Steerage tickets from Liver - poo) and tineBnstown and all other parts of Europe at low - "'Through biils of lading given for Belfast, Glasgow, Havre Antwerp and other ports on the Continent and for Mediterranean porta. For freight and passage apply at tho company's ofh'ce. No. 4 Bowling Green. New Y ork. company a oi VERNON II. BROWN 4 CO., Agents. tr.. - ... fnini ir iYiy UnrrillR. drafts at I'lWPJlt ratos und further information apply to T. M. H KNDRIOK - SON, 215 Atlantic av, Brooklyn. Coastwise stcamors. EV YORK AND CUBA MAIL STEAM .., eniipiwv xfrm HAVANA DIRECT. rNLY WEEKLY LIN K OF AA1ERIC AN STEAMERS. li roio riu to Ejiueu ai di, a SARATOGA SATURDAY December 2 NtAGARA ...."....SATURDAY. DocemberO Thesrateainereare all large, new iron ships, built ex - prealy for this trade, and their passenger accommodations !Ks!fwARl Jgentl N.Y 7HARt,ESTON, SAVANNAH, FLORID IDA and THK SOUTH AND SOITTHWEST. For CHARLESTON. 8 - C at3 P. A. Froai Pior27t North River, foot of Park place: OITY OFOOLUA1B1A. .Captain Woodhull....Sat., Deo. 2 AlORRO OASTLh. .Captain Pennington. .... W ed., Deo. 6 JAMBS W. QU1NTARD 4 00., Agents. Via SAVANNAH, Oa.. 3 P. At. From Pier 43. North River (New No. So), foot of Bpring st, ,1.. , I.III.UTA flan,.. In TCieVorSOn S.t.. DOC 2 TALLAHA8SElit....V.bantaIn Fisher....... - Wed.. Deo. 6 H. YOWUH. ju - ageni. Insurance H of oae per cent.. Premium can be pollooteq Union oOicii or by 3 o'o'.ook at piers on or before day of . - (!!... mti.t h. nnl hi R&innflr. Vtir fnrthr intormatioa apply W the agenU of the re. speatlve iinB as above, office on pier, or w - ti . ii.. nan, a General Agent u Uaw. uoisa offioo. General Agent Great Southern FreiaMancI PaBaoaa; THE HOI.IDA VS. 1 AMES OASSIDY, 277 FULTON ST. SKIN8 SKINS SKINS SKINS BKINB SKINS SKINS SKINS 8K1N8 SKINS SKINS SKINS SKINS 8KIN SKINS SKINS SKINS ,aS8a BB8g Budd D D Bdi Y T Y Y YY Bsfsa TON STREET. SKINS AND M08T OOMPLETD 8TO0K OF i KIMS KINS 6KIN3 BKINB SKINS SKINS SKINS SKINS SKINS SKINS SKINS SKINS SKINS SKINS SKINS SKINg SKINs SKINR 8KIN8 8KIN8 SKINS SKINS SKINS SKINS SKINS SKINS SKINS SKINS SKINS SKINS SKINS SKINS SKINS SKINS SKINS SKINS SKINS SKINS SKINS SKINS SKINS SKINS SKINS SKINS SKINS SKINS SKIN3 SKINS SKINS BBSSB 8 8 B S 8 asBsa sv i BaaBBB OWN MABUFAOTURH, COMPRISING. U IJ II IU a UU EEBSS' 8 MAI MAI M M At At M MM M M MM AI M Al Al A AA A A AAA A A NN N a8 NN N N N N N NN N NN aS8n SSS8 MENTS IN GREAT VARIETY INO STYLES LOW PRI0E8. OF MUFFS, SHOULDER OAPES AMD RY DESCRIPTION. ooooooooooooooooooooooooooo o EVERY KIND. OF MY A1AKE, ARE o ONCE, SO THAT I MAY GIVE o o o o ooooooooooooooooooooooooooo SIDY, SKINS, BK.1NH SKINS SKINS SKINS KINS SKINS SKINS 8KIN8 SKINS SKINS SKINS SKiNB SKINS SKINS SKINS SKINS SKINS SKINS SKINS SKINS SKINS SKINS SKINS SKINS SKINS SKINS SKINS SKINS SKINS SKINS SKINS TON STRETtT. rHE FIRST P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P' P P P P V P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P GGO A G G AA G A A G GG AAA GGO A A t, EEE RRR Y Y L L L F, R R EE RRR F, R R Y Y YY Y Y LLLIi LLLL EEE R R KIND IN THE OITY; EACH DEPARTMENT HEAD, THUS GUARANTEEING TO ooooooooooo o oooo oooooooo SALL'S PATRONS o o ooooooooooooooooooo ooooo THAT CAN BE PRODUCED. oooooo 0 OOOOOOOOOOOOOO 0000 0 00 IN COLOR ' o o OOOOOOOOOO o OOOO 00 oooooooooo o MOST ACCEPTABLE - 0000000000000000000' O' PRESENTS o o ooooooooooooooooooo BUSY FILLING ORDERS TO SURPRISE OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO o ON OHRISTA1AS DAY. o o 0 0 0 OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 0'0 oo PARED TO DO EVERYTHING IN THE PHO - IATURE TO THE LIFE SIZE HEAD, TO - SES (INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR). LAND - OHITECTURAL DRAWINGS, AIASONI0 AND PHOTOGRAPHIC WORK GENERALLY. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO O TYOAA1BRA. o LPIED FOR. o o 0000000000.0000000 CAMERA BOX HAS INDUCED SIR: FRANK OF AMATEURS AND OTHERS. THIS INVEN - 0OO0O000O00000 00OOO0OOOO00O'0OOO HIS PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE, o o oooooooooooooooooooooooooo oo oooo PETENT JUDGES TO BE SUPERIOR. HO ED. EXAMINE THE oooooooo 00 o CAA1ERA o o ooooooooooo INSTRUCTIONS GIVEN TO AMATEURS) ERT. DOWN TOWN. . EUROPEAN AlVliIETBSRMEjVjr8. TTNlVERSALLY'PRESORiBED BY THE U FACULTY. TAMAR A LAXATIVE AND REFRESHING FRUIT LOZENGE FOR CONSTIPATION, HEAIORRHOIDS, BILE, HEADACHE, CEREBRAL CONGESTION, 4a Prepared by GRILLON, Solo Proprietor. Pharmaoieu do I re olaese de la Faeuite de Paris. 11 RUE RA4IBUTEAU", Paris. TAAIAR unlike pills and - tho usual purgativesis agreeablo to take and never produces IND1EN lirritation. BSOLDNBY ALL CHEMISTS AND - DRUGGISTS. 75 CE NTS A BOX. TBATEL, TBAKSPOKTATloa, ScC Nt eanitioalti, OTONINGTON "LINE I FOR BOSTON, O CONNECTING WITH ALL POINTS EAST. REDUCED FARE S3 to Boston lor Pint olass tiokete, good only aa specified on their face. Tho elegant steamer.) RHODE ISLAND on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and NARRAGANSETT on Tuesdays, Thursdays ami Saturdays leave at 4;KO e. At. FROM PIKR 33, NORTH RIVER, foot of Jay Rt, New York, arriving in Boston at 0 A. M. Tickets for sale at all principal ticket officos. Staterooms secured at olticcs of. Westcott Express Company, at Nos 207,381 . 397, and 121 Broadway, and at Fifth avenue and Windsor liotel tioket offices in New York, and at 040 Fu'ton St. nnd 333 Wafibingtonst. Brooklyn. PROVIDENCE LINE FOR FREIGHT ONLY. Steamers leave from Pier 2.i North River, foot of Warren st, at 4 . - .10 P. At daily (Sundays - excepted) (or Boston v'a Providonoe direot. Freight via. either line alwayB taken at the lowest rates. D. S. BA BCOCK. Presidont, L. W. Filkins, Gonerai Pasaonger Agent. LB AlY BOATS, "PEOPLE'S LINE J DREW ana ST. JOHN leave Pier 41, Nortn River, foot ot Canal st, every WEEK DAY atO P. M., connoct - tnc at Albany (Si'tiday morning exoepted) witn trains nortn, west and east. Staterooms warmed. . . Excursion ticketato. Albany ana return, good for SO dayi J2.50. W. W. EVERETT. President. OROUraORWALK, NORWALK n AND DANBURY DAILY. Steamer AAIER10US leaves Pier 27, E. R... near Peck alio, N. v.. at 2:45 P. At and Thirty.flrat ot, a. tu, at a P. At, connecting with Danoury and New Haven railroads, each way. At greatly reduced rates of fare, FARE. 15 ".IKSTS. EXCURSION 25 CENTS. FOR BRIDGEPORT. 8TEAA1ER ROSEDALB i eavea rier i.u. .nt u.aai aHo,,.t,j.wi.jii. , . ...,., - Orstst, BaBt River. 3:15 P. Al. daily, SundayB excepted. s.trA nnnnnntinti wifch all evenins trains on N. Y.. N. H.. Naugatuckand Housatonio Railroad at Bridgeport. TROY BOATS. v CITIZENS LINK For Troy, Saratoga, Lake George. Adirondack Regions and all points North and East. New palace steamers, SARATOGA and OITY OF TROY, leave Pier 44 N. R, foot of Christopher at, a any (except oaiuraay, tor. m. Sunday firoamors touch at Albany. , , , . State rooms, through tickets and ohecks for baggage at 4 Court Bt.83S Fnlton st, or at office on pier in New York. pALL RIVER LINK REDUCTION OF FARE. NEW YORK TO BOSTON, $3. NEWPORT, $2. FALL RIVER, $2. Limited tickets, corresponding reductiou to alt BAetaBi noints. PA LAO K STRAMKRS BRISTOL AND I'ROVIDKNOE. Leavo New York daily. Sundays included. at4:30 - P. M. from pior2H. Kort h River, foot of Murray ot.. connection by ANNKX BOAT from Brooklyn and Jersey Oily. 4 P. M. Tickets and state roams may be socured in New Yoric at all principal hotels, transfer aud ticket oflices, at the ofhee on pier and on steamers. Also at 118 Broadway, B. D., 730 Fulton st.. 4 Court st.. and at Annox office, Brooklyn. GICO. U CONNOR. General Posaena AenU Bohtjen & Lovell. Acents. CONEY S$I,AKB - ORIGHTON BEACH. "BROOKLYN, FLATBUSH AND CONEY ISLAND RAILWAY. m WINTER ARRANGEAIENT. Ou and attar November 2 1832. Trains will be run as follows : Leavea Flatbush av.. Stopping at Vandorbilt av, Bedford and Prospect Pork at 8:15, 9:45. and II :45 A. AL and 2:1.1, "avePros'poct'ParkatT - .OO.SSiOOand 1 1 ;53 A. M. and 2:23. 3:40 and SRAt Leave Brighton at 7:40. 0:00 and 11:00 A. M., and 1:30. 3:00, 4:25 and 5:3U P. M. . Train leaving Prospeot Park at 7:00 and Brighton at Train leaving atbnsbav. at 6:10 R M nins to Pros - . pecti - arkoniy, "Genera Snnorintendent DONBY ISLAND, WEST BRIGHTON BEAOH BRIGHTON BEAOH. MANHATTAN: BKAOH PUO'SPEOT PARK AND CONEY ISLAND, RAILROAD, Brooklyn Depot, ft IN Th AV ano iiwb. TIBTH ST. CGrwnnoooi). Excursion TICKETS, On anil after TuasdayNovetnber 21 and until farther .Vr: :ll Rn.nL.Wn rianot for Conar Isl - Jndai follorfs: 6 lao. 735.ya 10,' It, A. M. anrt 12 M.,1 MpLtn?niiitrans wil toa West Brighton for Bkk at 7. 8.05, 9:80, 10:80, 11:30 A. At, 12 :.).. 1:30, W 3:30. 4;:jo. a:3u. omw, ' : - o. ni. i. .u. " .w n. - 3n a HI tr.ln, tram RrnoklvT) ana the 7 and 8 '05 A 31.," trains from West Brighton will ot hernn'onSundays. Extra trains will be run when travel roauires. Brighton Beach and Maunattin ueacn are oniy . . - ..t ,nlL - tivrm WfiRf. Rriirhtnn. The Park. Vonderbilt and Ninth tv, lines fram Fnlton a ,AA,i,nv;nn (..rinii via. Project Park, and the Hamil ton avenue and Ninth st. line frtm Hamilton Ferry run directly to tho dopot Passengers via tha Adams st, - d ... ni.nn ,.n Fifth bt line transfer at the corner of Fifth av. and Fifteenth at, and those via Jay and Smith st. lino transfer at the . corner ot Ninth av. and Fifteenth st. tnoso Via Atiantio av, and rroapect Park line from Wall st rod Soath ferries transfer athe oorner ol ., ., nnS Park RRRRR R R g BRRBR R R g I R B8S A 000 QQQ S 8 aa o a a g bsa a a o g Q g AAA 0 0 Q QQ BSSHA A CC0 iQQ THE HOLIDAYS. 171 REDBRICK. LOKSER & CO. FFFff F F FFP - j V V t L I. Ii li L LLLLL OOO 9 2 o o o o o o OOO KERB K KEB E E EEEB SSSS B S 8 SSS8 8 S 8 E863 oooooooooooooooooooooo o On MONDAY morning, Decern o o o GOODS Seotlon 2.000 ooooooooooooooooooooooo DDD D D D D D D DDD EEB U EE K EEE '88, 'S8, S BHSS BSS8 Putuplnauitablo lengths for CHRISTMAS 'newest and most desirable patterns of the ooooooooooo oo ooooooooooooooooo oooo o COLORED DRESS LENGTHS: o 0 SERGES,, ,roHa 82.00 to 88.00 eaoh o 1 OACHBAUREB from $?.00 to $8.00 each o o CRAP - r - OLOTH from $2.00 to $8.00 eaob o 2 CAMELS' HAIR SERGE.. from $2.00 to $8.00 eaoh o o ARA1URH from $4.t0 to $8.00 eaoh o 0 BASKET OLOTH from $4.00 to S10.00 eaoh o 2 DRAPD'ALMA froa)85.00to $10.60eaeh o o TRICOT from85.00to810.00oacn o Ipoooooooo ooooooooooooooooo oooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooo o COLORED and BLACK KMBROID At extremely ooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooo o v o In our popular DRESS GOODS o".' o o Department, we are offering full o o o lines of all the fashionable Mate - o o o rials, from 18o. to SOo. per yard. o o oooooooooooooooooooooooo FREDERICK LOESER 4 CO. THORBURN. TTTTH H OOO RRR BBB B 1 1 II rl or. R B BO O RRR NN N UH R NN N it RRR N N N T HHHO QRRR BBB O 11 HO OK K P IR B B UR R N NN H U OOO R BBB UU R R N NN, LATB PORTER 4 THORBURN, NO. 419 AND 421 FULTON STREET, CORNER PEARL, WILL SKLL ON AlONDAY. 100 PIECES FANOY VELVETS, CENTS YARD. 2 - 2 23 22i!22 ""55' ACTUAL COST OF IilFORTATION 80o. A YARD. 200 PIE0E8 CHUDDAH CLOTH, 44 444 - 4 44 CENTS. 444444 44 FOLLY 20 INCHES WIDE. HAVING SOLD FOUR CASES LAST WEEK. SAME QUALITY, A FEW INCHES WIDER, AT 100., WOULD ADVISE AN EARLY SELECTION. THE COLORS ARE GOOD AND AN EXTRA HEAVY CLOTH. 10 PIECES BLACK BROCADE SATIN, 888883 oaWaa - OBNTS YARD. w.93 ra99 ' 83 88 88388 V EXTRA GOOD VALUE FOR 8L25. THE VELVETS MENTIONED ABOVE WILL OL05BD OUT FROMKNJKU TABLE. J. THQRBURN.' " - . - .' - - 419 AND 421 FULTON STREET. , OOOOOOOOOO OO OOO'OO. o ARCADIA o o OOOOOOOOOOOOOO ooo - ooooooooooo oo ooo ooO'0 - oo o VBIiVB !, o o o oooooooooooooooooo o - o - o - o. F I N E S T It Ji s T GODHY'S LADY'S B')OK, October issue, says: " In the general rush nmong modistes nnd dressmakers for a lino brand of volveteon, there seems to bo great delight expressed over a new brand wbioh appears in tho market for the first time this season, viz. : Tbe ARCADIA VELVETEEN. It is a Manchester production, of exceeding fineness, depth and richness of texture, nud is much sought aftor for jackets and fur trimmed suits, for children's costumes and ladies dinner drosses. Its cost is also an element in itB suocesa. as it oan bo purohased at the same price as ordinary brands." I The pile is fine, deep and The finish is soft and silky. The colors are porfectly uniform! The tints aro bright and beautiful, harmonizing with tbe latest aud most fashionable shades in. dress goods. Tboy aire durable and handsome. They are warranted. They do not fade. They do not spot. They are not harsh and hoavr, like ordinary Velveteen. They are not streaked. They cannot be distinguished from Lyons Silk Velvets. They are not equaled by any other make. GOODS EQUAL TO SILK VELVET AND GOST v ONE - THIRD AS MUCH; Seo that tho name ARCADIA is stamped' on baog of every yard. Aak for this ; take no other. SOLD BY FREDK. LOFSEH & Oo., A. D. MATTHEWS 4 Co. LADIES ! 1 We are offering great in - U RRR SSS dacements to purchasers of u S BS , a TT Tl RS r.un. laaairuiaeouaiM, TT HT!R S98 U R R 3 FUR LINE D DOLMANS, R K S R R S.88 SEALSKIN SACQUE3 AND FANCY FURS Of all descriptions, made in latest designs and newest materials, at VERY LOW AND ATTRAOTIVB. PRICES. MAI MM Af Af M - M AI AIAf M At MM M 8888 TTTTT EEEB RRRR NN S S T E R B NN N N N N S T T' T SSSS 8 S S S6SS EEB RRRR N N Al MM AI AI AIAI AI... Al Al Al... E R E K EEEB R R N N N NN NN 44 4 4 ' 44 4 4 4 44 4 4 444 4 SSSS OOO NN 8 8 O Oi NN N N N s a, a - n n SSSS O ON SO O N S SO ON SSSS OOO N N N N H NN, NN . 787 AND 789 BROADWAY (UPSTAIRS), OORNER TENTH ST, NEW YORK. DON'T STAND i UPON THE ORDER TO OOAIE, BUT COMB AT ONOB, AND SEE WHAT WE OAN DO FOR YOU IN THE WAY OF SUPPLYING YOUR CLOTHING REQUIREMENTS FOR WINTER. WHETHER YOUR TASTES BB PLAIN OR FASTIDIOUS, NO - MATTER; WE HAVB PROVIDED LIBERALLY FOR BOTH EXTREMES, AND ALSO FOR THOSE WHICH RUN BE TWEEN. EVERY GARMENT WE OFFER IS OF RECENT MANUFACTURE AND OF LATEST DESIGN, OUR PRICKS ARE THE VERY LOW EST, AND SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES. THEY ARE MARKED ON THE TIOKETS ATTACHED TO THE GARMENTS. SO THAT INTENDING. PURCHASERS MAY READ THEM. GOODS EX.. CHANGED OR MONEY REFUNDED WHEN REQUESTED. FASHION CATALOGUES MAILED I ON APPLICATION. I . , r, r,.nTjintr Til 'tr.tiT ' tl - tt UUU w WV.U BBBB RRR OOO NN N NN B BR RO Q N N NNN B BR RO ON N NN N NEEEESRR N E K R N E R Rr BBBB RRR O ON N NN B BR RO ON N NN B BR RO ON NNN BBBB R R OOO N NNN K NEEE RRR I S'k k x NNK R R NNEEKKB. R I ' 44 4 4 44 ft 4 ft 44 ft ft 444 ft COCO OOO O CO O O , O O O s O O O O o O OO O. CCCO OOO , 1 810 TO 6ia BROADW.Y. THROUGH TO CB05BY STREK7,', NEW YORK. LARGEST - HETALEi OLOTjjifG HOUSB US AMBB'loA. gPEOIAL BAKGATs in 0ABPBT5 ND0IL CLOTHS DURING XHB KB'JAINDER OF THE SEASON. r.!l assortment of RUGS, UAT8. KUGGETS, WINDOW SHADES, 30R$CirjES OURTADS POLES, 40., AT REDUCED PRICES, GEORGE H. TITUS, COa AND 011 FULTON BTEBBT, 60: Dress Patterns Draaa Patterns Dress Patteroa o DreBS l'atteTtis Dross Patterns Dress Patterns Drass Pittletns Dress Patterns Dress Patterns Dress Patterns J. 'll 4 11 4 41 33 II 414441 IS III 41 A. FFFF II F U F U FFF U F U F U U F UUV AND CLOAKS. I w - . - ...', ., - ..';! , .".7 - v v . - . - . - v : ; THE HOLIDAYS. FREDERICK LOKSER & CO. L L L I L L L L S L T. 7. L L L L EEEB RRRR F. R U E R R 44 4 4 44 4 4 4 44 4 4 444 4 OCCO OOO O OOO O O O O O O O O O O OOO occo ooo EEE RRRR K R E R KEEK R R R R ooooooooooooooooooooooooo o bar 4, we will open in our DRESS o o especially attractive o o oooooooooo o.o oao oooooooooo PPP A TTTT TTTT EKE RRR NN N RBB, T E it it n r. Do PPP A A P AAA T T EE B RRR N N N SSo rt a a a n a a P A A BEE B R N L and HOLIDAY PRESENTS. They oompiiio the - L season. r I, o ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooo o 0 o BLAOK DRESS LENGTHS: o o o o ENGLISH 0A8HA1ERE $2.40 eaoh. o o o o ENGLISH CASHMERE $3.90 each, o o o o ALL WOOL ARMURE 84.85 each, o o o o ALL WOOL ARAIURE $5.95 each, o o o o 44 INCH SHOODAH. 84.50 each, o o a o 41 INCH B'OULE $6.50 each, o o o o 44 INCH AIERINO $5.03 eaoh. o o o o 40 INOH all wool OASIIA1ERE $7.00 eaoh. o o o ooooooooooooooooooooo ooo oooooooooo L oooooooooooo o'o ooooooooooooooooo L o ERED and BRAIDED ROBES in BOXES o L o low prices. o L o ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo L O O 0 0 O O O 0 o o o o o o o o o o o o o o oo c o L o o o OALIOOES and CAMBRIOS, in o I, o o o Dross Lengths, suitable for Holiday o L o o o Presents, from 75o. per pattern up - o L o o - o ward, o L o o oooooooooooooooooooooooooo ti L FREDERICK LOESER 4 00. L N OUN CEMENT. H H H A - H H AA It HHHH A A - H II AAA RRR R R RRR R R TTTT T T T T H U H A ARB RRR R - R RRR R R R B 00 O O O O o a OO ssss BBB tJBI? BaaS . SS" ' INFORM THEIR PATRONS THAT THEIR SB - H LECTION FOR THK HOLIDAYS 18 NOW OOA1PLETB, CONSISTING OF RARE, NEW AND CURIOUS GOODS, SELECTED BY MEAI - BERS OF THE FIRA1 IN EUROPE, AND INCLUDES GEAI8 IN DIAMONDS, PEARLS, RUBIES, SAPPHIRES, CATS' EYES, QUARTER SECONDS FLY BACK WATCHES, DIA - A10ND OHATELAIN AND GLOBE CRYSTAL WATCHES, THE FINEST SELECTION OF CAR. RIAGE CLOCKS, REPEATING AND ALARM, WITH CATHEDRAL OHIAIES. ALSO - SOMETHING ENTIRELY NEW IN FRENCH A1AR - BLE CLOCKS, WATTE AU PANELS, WITH CATHEDRAL QUARTER HOUR CHLMES; OR AlOLU CLOCKS OF RARE ARTISTIC DESIGN. A FINE DISPLAY OF STERLING SILVER WARE. ALL THE LATEST NOVELTIES IN JEWELRY OF DOAIKSTIO MANUFAOLURK, AIANY OF THE DESIGNS BEING EXCLUSIVELY OUR OWN. ARTICLES A1AY NOW BE SELECTED AND LAID ASIDE FOR HOLIDAY GIFTS, SUBJECT TO EXCHANGE IF DESIRED. OPEN EVENINGS DURING DK - OEA1BER. OLD JEWELRY AND SILVERWARE TAKEN IN EXCHANGE OR PURCHASED FOR CAbH. A FANOY GOODS HOLIDAY OIFfS. B. ALTAIAN 4 CO., NINETEENTH ST. AND SIXTH AVENUE, . NEW YORK. SSa EEB A t AA L A A L K K II NN N K K II NN N KK II N N N E 'SSQ KE ssc 8 AAA L K K 111 Cuttb wir n a ssa K K II N NN BUY OF THE A1ANUFACTURER. SEAL SKIN SACQUES, DOLMANS. PALETOTS AND FUR LINED GARA1ENTS. LARGEST ASSORTAIENT, PERFECT FITTING. GOOD GOODS AT LOW PRICES. FULL. LINE OF MUFFS. OAPES, COLLARS, TKIAI - A1INGS AND ROBES. II It 11 H II H H 11 H 11 II : .EE ?. EE E EEE DDD D D D D D D DDD EEE E EE E - EEE SS, THE FOURTEENTH STREET FURRIER. It' WEST FOURTEENTH ST. BETWEEN FIFTH AND SIXTH AVS. NEW YORK. o ESTABLISHED OVER THIRTY YKARJBa ALTAIAN 4 OO. OFJ58R BEST QUALITY,' BEAL SAOQUKS, AT $03, $110, 150, $17S. ALSO, SEAL DOLMANSv FUR LINB GARAtENTS. FUR LAP - ROBES AND. LADIES OAPF.8. COLtARS AND MUFFS. B. ALTAIAN 4 CO., NINETEENTH STREET AND SIXTH AVENUE. KB.W YORK. TROPIC fc'KJT LAXATIVE. rjpRXPIO FRUIT LAXATIVE. TTTTT T T - T T T T RRRR R R R R RRRR R R R R R R OOO PPPP II CCCO OOP PHO O O OP PHO O O PPPP II O OOP II C OOP II O O OOO P II CCCO FFFF RRRR U U II TTTTT R R U R R U RRRR U R R U R R U U II U II T T T T T I F FFF F F V U II U II U II R UUU II r. L L L L T. A AA A A A A X X X X XX A AA A A A A TTTTT n V V EEEB VE V F, T T T T ' V V V V V W V EEE E F, EEEE AAA XX AAA A X X A A A Ll.LLL A AX IS BETTER THAN PILL8 OH. OTHER PUROATIVE rvEffiRW - m EXTRAORDINARY OUgyTAVyrcl.NT BOX. SOLD BY ALL DRUG - GISTS. Dl - PSTISTBY. ,R. L. J. HOYT, DENTIST, no. go Fnlton at. directly opposite utiy nan. unot x 'heater. Laughing etas irean aaiiy iur vu - ii - - tractinff ot teeth. All work - - arrantot lilJTE INSWiXANCE. NICKERBOCKER LIFE . ...... nnum Mir UI'ullunuVBir - a - No 39 BROAD - A AY. KB YORK. Q' ESTABLISHED, 1R53. . JOHN A NIOHOLS. presiaen - . 0E0ROB If. 8WI - IrBN. BWiVMIt THE KfiOL.IAS. JQISCOVERED AT LAST ! o O 0 - , o CO .00 oo CO CO 00 oo CO o Numerous paragraphs in the papers reeently, eon - versations in the parlor, chit chat in the cars and between tho acts at the theaters havo had for their CO burden a mysterious substance w hioh is creatlng - v 00 furor in England. From hints dropped, we con - CO cludod that it conoernod House Deoorations. This 00 Is in our line, and a hint of a netr article oioited 00 curiosity. We Bet t work to discover it We sue OO oeeded. Found that it was - all that waj olaimed 00 for it, and have imported a full assortment. It CO the ladies will visit our store, pass through our CO spaoious salesrooms crowded with furniture and CO housekeeping articles of the latest style, to the OO second story of our wararoonis, they can see in all CO of its beauty and attraction, this famous and CO world renowned substance, OO OO OJ 00 CO 00 00 00 CO CO oo 00 CO 00 CO CO CO CO OPAHN. OOWPERTHWAIT COMPANY, 408 TO 412 FULTON ST, BROOKLYN. N. Y, CORNER OF GALLATIN PLAOB. SEND FOR SAMPLB COPY OF "OUR HOMES," A Journal of Suggestions upon Into - rior Decorations, Furniture, OarpetingSi Upholstery, etc. PUBLISHED AtONTHLY BY THB UOWPKRTH WAITS, MANUFACTURERS. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IN FURNITURE, CARPETS, BEDDING, ETC, 408 TO 412 FULTON ST., BROOKLYN, AND 153 TO 159 CHATHAM ST., NEW YORK. OO CO 00 oo 00 CO 00 00 CO CO i IAGUIRE, 703FULTON ST. NEAR FORT GREENE PLAOB, Will offer to - day. 60 MEN'8 SCARLET WOOL SHIRTS, 830. and $1 ciioli. 50 dozen WHITE AIERINO SHIRTS. 50c. each. 2 cases of LADIES' AIERINO VESTS, SOo eaoh. A lino of CHILDREN'S AIERINO VESTS, 13c. and upward. - ALSO, A f ill line of HOUSEKEEPING GOODS, consisting of TABLE LINENS. HLAlrrU'.TS, FLANNELS, OOAIFOK'1'AHLES. WHITE COUNTERPANES, MARSEILLES COUNTERPANES. SHEETINGS, Til AY CLOTHS. NAPKINS, TOWELS, TABLE COVERS, PIANO COVKKS, DAMASK CLOTHS. FRINGED DOYLIES, rn,ijjvir uaainoa. Tlt;tvle.wr, liTC. Anpeoial bargain in WOOLEN LONG SHAWLS, $8.50 each. 2 boxes IMITATION INDIA SHAWLS, $8.50 and $14 each. 1 box BROOHE LONG SHAWLS, 310 and $20 each. 1 boiBROCIIU LONG SHaWLS, 2j each. An immense stock of CLOTH and FLANNEL SKIRTS,, 40c. to $2 each. FIAiYOS. iUUSSC cc. in H. CHANDLER, Jr a l"2 AION'i'AGUR ST. THE LARGEST STOCK OF PIANOS J.V BROOKLYN. For sale or for rent nt the lowest possible prices. Ohickcring, Haines, FiBher and several other good mnkers. fy, REAT DEMAND FOR PIANOS a AT 593 FULTON STRF.ET. A. G. SLADE, UPRIGHT AND SQUARE PIANOFORTES On easy paymeuts to suit our oustoiuors. Our stock is better than ever before. SECOND HAND PIANOS AT BARGAINS. CABINET ORGANS A. G. SLADE RENTED UNTIL PAID FOB, 503 FULTON STREET. NDERSON & CO. l. ANDERSON 4 CO. ANDERSON it. CO. ANDERSON 4 CO. PPP P P PPP P P A AA A A AAA A A NN W NN N NNN N NN N NN OOO O O o o o o ooo ;ssss SSSd s SSS SOLD ON AlONTHLY SOLD ON AlONTHLY PAYAIENTS. PAYA1KNTB. Also, a lariro stock of good secondhand pianos at nil prices tor sate or to renr. WAREUOOMS: OPEN 3(1 COURT STREET. EVENINGS. SI'KCHAIv NO' - TICES, KKT1RING FROM BUSINESS. HOLIDAY AND FANCY GOODS, TOILET ARTICLES, Ac. GREAT REDUCTION. TIIOAIAS WWOODS, 303 FULTON STREET. 8 oMiyriiiNG Ninv for thk holi - DAYS - OSOANYANS LOCOOAIS - AIORSELS OF DELIGHT A delicious Turkish conf.e. tion : a toothsome dessert for tho tnblo and an osthotic edible for evening: parties. KOU1NSON 4 CO., solo agents, No. TS Atlantio avenue. ' k1 HjiINE DIAMONDS AT LOWEST PRfOES.' WILLIAA1 WISE. 230 Fulton st. opposite Clark. EW AN1 1 SECOND HAND BOOKS BOUGHT AND SOLD. If you have n small package or . largo Quantity of books or Appleton's "Picturesque America," Europe or any serial piiblicatiens. send us word and wo will call and examine thorn. We are always prepared to purchase anv amount trom $5 to $1,000. Don't forgot tho BROOKLYN BOOK EXCHANGE, 122 ASyrtle avo - P - - UHE INDIA TEAS FROM THK Districts of Assam, Ohittagong, Oachar, Kangra Valloy, Darjeeling, Dohra Doon nnd others. Absolutely Pure. Superior in Flavor. The .Most Economical. Ke - ouiro half tho usual quantity. Sold by all grocers. JOHN C. PHILLIPS 4 CO., Aconts of this Calcutta Tea Svndie. - .te. 130 WATER ST. N. V. . ATEUIALS FOR AND CRAYON" WAX FLOWERS DRAWINGv C. W. KEEN AN, Fulton, corner Jay at. i28 KITCHKN FURNITURE AND UTENSILS. 9J? 023 i)2rt 928 S)2 92fl 928 1)2 92S (Full lino, best grades, fair orices.1 928 FULTON ST, near ST. JAMES PLACE, CHARLES E. LITTLE'S Branch of no Fulton st. Now York. HARDWARE, TOOLS, AND FOOT POWER A1ACHINKRY. HAT" JIL IS THE BEST TO BURN ? TIEAIANN'S LUNAR OIL IS THE BUST, PUIJKST AND SAFEST Vol Oil Stoves. Student Limps. lirackot Latnpj, ofix NO SMOKE. OR SMELL, lfyour grocer does not havo it send a postal card to J. h, T1KMANN, .MamiracUirer aud PatAJUtee. 34 MYRTLK AV KNU it. . 7INDOW SHADES. NEW DESIGNS : HA L.BERT'S, IN 2U6 AND 224 SHADES. - ! FULTON STREET. DADO Olio I'rjo FKOM Si TO $2.50. ALWAYS IN STOCK. NEW COLORS IN HOLLANDS. l.aoie CURTAINS CLEANED. NO CHARGE FOR STORAGE. ORDERS BY MAIL PRO.MPT1.Y ATTENDED TO MAGNETIC ELECTRIC TRI.ATMENT BY CLAIRVOYANCY. THK F.CLK01IC .MEDICAL INSTITUTR. 1(15 HICKS STREET. Is NOW OPEN for ttie recopsinn of rai - - nts - uffering from longstanding diseases. Diaguoiia oi disease by o.octrlo "'"maGNKTIO! ELECTRIC! - CLAIRVOYANT I Dr WALTER HOW ELL. the eminent magnetic physician Irom England, will be - ilvaAAendivnco from 10 A. At to 4 P. At daily. As a clairvoyant Dr. HOWBLL has never been known to fail to bring the most obstinale - cdbbs under control. Call Mdiwas. 'gWgto, OPECIALT1ES. ! THE COMBINATION OOFFEB. A COFFEB. BEYOND COMPARISON. ROYAL CHOP OOLONG TEAS, 50c per lb and - nkw "Indian teas, BLACK OR - MIXEDi BKST QUALITY, - 80. per lb Conflidcred superior to China and Japan teas costing 23 , per cent aklT osiLY 0F BENNETT; , AND THB (BENNETT TEA HOUSB, 10 Fulton street Corner of Veaoy and Green - wich sts, 07 nnd 09 Vosey, 6.thdoorfroFuItonFeri7, and 211 nnd213 Grsenwioh . streets, NEW YORK, I NEW YORK. I TiSV USANCE. g "10NTINENTAL INSURANCE CO. OOR. COURT AND MONTAGUE STRRBTR. RI'SKRVKforreinsuranoeofoutstuidijrrisli$l,3t4,l 19.54 other claims 5!31,i8.4a SfStVW rTTiiS I V IV CASH NET SURPLUS - . . . J,! TOTAL CASH ASSETS... - - ... .......... .$4.(W7 0O. - ..2l) GF.O. T. UOPK. President ti. H. Lamport, Vice President. .. n. CHARLES II. DUTCHER, Secretary Brooklyn Department, A' TLANTIC 1NSURAN 1.E COAIPANY. MUTUAL OFFICE, 51 WALL STREET. (ltOANlXKO. 1S42. INSURES AGAINST MARi.N'F. AND INLAND W1IX ISSUE POLICIES MAKING LOS3 Divmii; ris: rr.x - . - .i.i kit AND ASSETS FOR THE SECURITY OF ITS POL - OIKS Re. MORE THAN TEN A1ILLION DOLLARS. Tho profits of the company revert to the Mur - 0,sna are divided annually r.pou ihe premiums tormniatea aur - tog the year, certificates tor which are isso - l. boanuff mtitrest in accordance with its charter. J. D. JONES. President, , . , CHARLES DENNIS. Vico P;Mli0K W. H. H. AtODRE. Second Vice President. A. A. RAV EN. Third Vice FresidanU J. H - CHAPMAN. S0.cre - .a7j. HENIX INSURANCK COMPAWlt OvF BROOKLYN. N. Y;, m lNSUliiif AGAINST LOSS BY SCRS. 0'l.TO.iWT - JANUASY I. IWSt OAPITAL ia UNITED STATRS BONDS.. RBSBBYJ. FOR REINS.URANOB, ETO.. NET SyfiPliUs 1,000,000.00 l10.2O7.78 511,C07.09 .82,820,874.87 ABSSXtw.. So. ........... .,..,..?:. IB COURT STUKET, BROOKLYN Kn 08 K - BROADWAY, BROOKLYN, B. D. . - W Vnw r yn! AND IN THE CITY OF NEW Y4IKK - J,,, W ESTER N UNION BUILDIKil Brood - ay, wru.N y Sirco. i)li - lCKItS - . STEPHEN PROW ELL, Ptesldeal Purr avovr SHAlv. Vice Preaiiient and 8ectry. . FlttTj - SDEBOHA w 0HABXJ,j,Si Assistant Seorotarjd AMDS EiWEMTS. AVERLY'S BROOKLYN THEATER. H H H H HHH H H A V VERB RRR L AA V V E R B L Y Y Y Y YY SS88' 8S3a. A A V V KK RRR X AAA VV R R R L Y Y U HA A V BEE U H LLLL To night. Last Night of THE WALLACK THEATER COMPANY. THE QUEEN'S SHILLING. NEXT MONDAY EVENING, Deceinbor 4. H H H H HHH' H H H H A AA A A 7.ZZ EES r. 7. E L Z F.E I, Z E I. ZZZ ERE LLLL K K II RRR K K EEB KK II R R K K E KK II RRR KK EE KK II R R K K K K K II R R K K EEB A A QRAND OPERA HOUSE. - MONDAY, NOVEMBER 27. THANKSGIVING WEEK. . THREE, MATINEES, WEDNESDAY. THURSDAY AND SATURDAY. Tho Eccentric Comedian, ROLAND REED, In the Most Laughablo Comedy on the Stags. CHEEK, By tha author ot Lotta's Zip, Alusatte, Bob, Murphy's Kerry Cow. eto., Mr. FRED MARSH KN, MONDAY. December 4, WILLIE EDOUIN IN DREAMS ! MONDAY, December 11, EMMA ABBOTT'S GRAND ENGLISH OPERA COMPANY. POPULAR PRICES WILL PREVAIL. Ro3erred Soats, 50c, 75c. and $ I , according to looation. Guneral admission, 35c. anil 50c. Gallery, 20c. MATINEE PRIOKS: Orchestra. 5oc. Balcony. 'Uc Gallery, I5o. OADKMY OF MUSIC. BROOKLYN. L TUESDAY, Decomber 0 1S82, Don Jose Esoamillo (Toroador) . ll Dancairo II Roinemdado Zuniira Morales Aliohiola Paquita Signer Ravelli SiK.Ciamoi - Cellaj Signor Itina'.dini Sianor Corsini , Siguor Alonti Signer Bieletto .....Allle. Dotti , Allle. Yalbrga AND Carmen, a gypsy Allle. Alinnie Hauk alma, aim viua Cavallaexi and Corps do Ballet. Direotor ot the Music and Conductor Sig. Arditi BOX OFFICE NOW OPKN. ROOKLy;i ACADEMY OF MUSIC. LAST NIGHT OF CATHARINE LEWIS THB MoOAULL OO.MIQUE OPERA COAIPANY. OLIVBTTE. OLIVETTE. OLIVETTE. UNIVERSALLY ACKNOWLEDGED THE BEST C'O.UIO OPKI1A PKRFORAI ANOB EVER GIVEN IN BROOKLYN. THE EXTREMES OF POPULAR PRICES. M AT I N F. fl! - - 25, 50, and 75 cents. KVEN1NG - 25, 50 anil 75 cts. tud $1. (pi RAND " CONCERT, AT THB - FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH, Corner of - Pierropoiit and Clinton sts, THURSDAY EVENING, Docomber 7. 1883". Mrs. K. ALINE OSGOOD, Soprano. TUB WK.BICR QUUvTET, of Hosoin, And the NEW YORK FHILHAttllONIO CLUB. PROGRAA1 ME rART I. " Italian Traveling Sketclm". Krug iu "Tur. - ontelii." 0 " Serena !e.' . - "The llonian Shepherd." NEW YORK PHILHARMONIC CLUB rv...viA.n Sa 1 lie I - lower" Quartets A THE WEBER QUARTET. Recitation and Aria' - With Verdure Clad ' tion") Mis. K. ALINE OSGOOD. Violin solo" ilanee" (new) lJ onsen Zoulluer "Crea - Hadyn 8arasato i.r. i:i(jHA:vLI Alv.MJl.U. ., ,.,, (a' Giii - Ale l) Thou Groat Jehovah". .. .Dow Quartets ",ri5a: tihine'. ferthv Light in Conie". Rhodes Till. WEBER QUARTET. a " Sun. Withunt. Word')" Tschaikowski ib - " Scene from llallet Sylvia" Delibes NEW YORK PHILHARMONIC CLUB, run u. Quartet" Tho Carnival ol Venice" Gonee Translated especially for unit sing bv THE Wl'IlIM: QUARTET. 8ong - "Good By" Tosti Airs. E. Al.iNE OSGOOD. Song" Yeoman's VVcddin: " Poniatowski Air. (t K. TITUS. Ja - " Lovo Son " Nosslor lb " Seron.' Maure. Miuo " Jonas NEW YORK PHILHAKMONIO CLUB. Quiutet. - " Old Folks at Home" Foster (arrangH.1 for Woi.or Qil'iriet by .!. O Warron) Mrs. OSGOOD AND THE WEBER QUARTET. Atusioal Director Mr. OKI). W. COLBY RESERVED SEATS. ONE DOLLAR On salo nt CHANDLER'S, 172 Alontaguo st. SHEADINGS. CUAINOCK. WnH.t.otli inst.. FIRST HA PTIST CHURCH Suoond Untettainmuut Y. Al. C. A. star Course. Tickets, 25c. ; with rosorveu seat, .oc, now on saie ax r. ii. v.. a.. Rooms, Gallatin plate. Professor R. L. CUMNOCK, finest reader now in America. A "GRAND RAPID SKETCHING ENTERTAlNAtENT WILL BE GIVEN BY THK FOLLOWING EA1INENT ARTISTS: EDWARD MORAN, WA1. It L1PP1NCOTT, i. it wrrr. LEON AIORAN, C. GRAUAAI, HAMILTON HAMILTON. NAPOLEON 8 A RON Y, F. DABOUlt, BRUCE CRANE. PERCY MOHAN, Al. WOOLF. O. AIOlLHENNY,. F. CARLTON WIGGINS. For tho Bonefit of the Park Congregational - Church. In PLYMOUTH CU'IRCH (Henry Ward Koocher's). WEDNESDAY EVENING. December 0, ltlS2, at HP. M. The Distinguisbel Organist, J. Al - LORETZ. .III., Will give ORGAN KKOI I' AT IONS during skotcUmg. and THK RENOWNED DUDLEY BUCK QUARI'ETCI.UB Will give oliuice snleetions during iutervnls. Vocal Solo by Alias FANNY KICDDINO, Soprano. Al. LOIiSCH. Accmnnaiiisl. THE PICTURES MADE liEFOitlC THK AUDIENOB TO ilE SOLD AT AUCTION AT CLOSE OF ENTER TAIN.1IENT. This will affor l a rare opportunity to obtain works of art from the hands of the ifir.t artists of America ana enjoy musical performances of a higli o:dor. Admission, no cents. Reserved Seats, .o oentj. To be had at Sway - .i - j's tinoksturn, 220 Fultou st; at F. rv. Chandler's, 172 Montague at. and at tho dnor. A RIUKICAN INSTITUTE. LAST WEEK J BUT ONE OF THE GREAT FA lit OPEN AILY. THIRD AV. SIXTY - THIRD AND SIXTY - FOUKTll STS. 3.M,ooo visitors during tli - i past emht weeis tealifv to I'll?) pouulr.r cin.raetr.r of o.ttilbittoll. WONDERFUL .MACHINERY IN MOTION Professor ,11 A P. RUCKLE, tho celebrated Cornel - Soloist and Urn Ninth Revoment Band ami ProlBSSor GKOltGK - .iJOg - O. IN. in his groat Organ Rocitals. CONOe.Rlr, All CK - KOON AND KVKMSli. IOH.0.10 curious houseiloUl in, vontioni and labor Msving devices lo pleasa mil instruct tin - ladies. CHICKE.Va HATCHED BY STEAM, and hundreds of other curious things. Elei - ated Uaiiroad and cars pus the door. ADMISSION oO uent. CHILDREN haKprico. FAIRS. raYlIE" LADIES OF THE CHURCH OF 8 THE GOOD .SHEPHERD will hold a bazar at BEDFORD HALL, Tompkins nv, near Fulton st, on tho ntternuous and . - veninzs ..( . .. MONDAY. TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY, DKCKV.UUK 4, 5 and 0. B"AI - Ti':.:r"FAllt6t'' THE GERMAN' ju - l TH'.'KAN ST PlTI.'. - 4 CHUUCIt, at LATIMER 1ILL 2'.Hi Ceni - t it. oppos.te Douglass, on December 4, !i. 0. 7, 8 anil '.'. AFTERNOON and IsVKNING. COlfliT THKJ1S. rgl - RMS , or THB COUNTY COURT ANlToOURT OF'SESSSIONS FOR THE YEAR IMS. COUNTY COURT. I do herebv appoint the fnllnvring terms of tho County Courl of tIio"Coun(y of Kitics for (ha yoac Ifo - ld until otliovwiao ordereit t) wit : On Ihe second Mini lay of January. On the lirst M.iiuUy of February. On I lie. tirsl Monday of Al'irch. On the lir?.t Monday of April. On Uie nist Monday of .May. Ou the r. r. - t : - ".oni!ay of .luno. On the lirst. Alnndny of July. Ou Llie s.K - ond Monday of .opleinb - "Bt On Ii"" th"! Monday of October. Ou llm first Mon lay of Novouibor. - On ciio r.rst Alonday of Decvmuoc. And that each of said terms hold for the trio of issues nt law and issues of tact and for the hearing and dn - oisious of motions and other proceedings, and for onuh of said Terms I order that a jury be drawn and summoned. COURT OF SESSIONS. I do berebv order t'.nl t ho Ceurtot Sessions in nud f or the County ui Kiims for. mo year lSS' - and until otherwise ordered be bo'd i's io'.'.ows. to wit: On tho see ) Aiond.O' of January. On tho H. - .t - A! - li.l'iy of l".)brui.ry. Ou the nrst Monday of Alarch, Oiitlielii - .' - riout.'ay 01 April. ! On tho M.errx.v of May. On the lust iionasy or uiine. On the tiict - Holiday of July. On the seeonvi .Monday of tteptember. On t'.'.e rirs: Monday of Cclub - r. On the first .Mundny of November. On the iii - st Monday of Deeeuilier. ... . And that a Grand .levy and a Trial Jury by drawn and summoned lo attend each of said tornis of the Court ot S" - tTm AND PLACE FOR HOLDING COURTS. Each of said terms of the Countv Court and Court of Suasions will iMWinst ton o'clock in the foronoon and bo hold i t tho County Court Uimso. in the City ol Brooklyn. - - Dated BiiOOKliYN. November DJ, A MOORp B. J. Y0K2, Clerk. County Jndgo of Kings County. fTiERMS Of THB GIT - COURT OF BROOKLYN FOR THE YEAR 1883. Wo tho undersigni - judges of tho City Court of Brook - lyn. - in persu'incj o! th:i stat itn in such ca30 made and pro - vido i. do lieiebv anpoint tile General, Special and lrlat tenes 1.11 J e'lainberi of raid court, lor the veav lKs - i and assiin the jmigoa to hold said Special aud Trial torms ana cbaiuliers As toil'jws: . . Trial t - nns t w .ich issues or fact aro triable by jury - On tt - .i.ljrs. Tuesdny of January, Part t, Judge Alot'OO: Pvt It. .luJ ;n C'lnent. , . On t:i.. lirst Alunday of February. Part I., Judge Boy - nohls; Part It. .Indira McCue. On the rirst Monday of Alarph. Part I., Judge Clement; Part It. Judge Reynolds. OnthotirAl. Aloi - .iayor April, Part I., Judge MfiOuei Prt II., Judge Oiemnnt. On the lirst Mu - jdr.y of May. Part I., Judge Reynolds; Part It. Judge .'.IcCue . , , Onttetiist M::iavot June. Part L, Judge Ciomont; Part It, .ludrfe l - Ieynolds. . . r On tie. HrHJI.'ii'lv ' September, Part I., Judge Me - I t1 e tikiLmfi oF Ur. Part I.. JudgeRoynolds; , VhiftVmU - yof November. Part I., Judge Cle. ment: P.::l It. Julge !" . . , ,u, s Mo. On the nrst 1.1u.1aff ... . - (hie; Pait It, Judge Clement. SPECIAL TERMS AND CHAAI3ER3. On tho SMt TuosJsy oi January. Jvidae Reynolds. On tho n'rst Alon'lay oi February. Judge Clement. On the lirst .Monday ot .March. Jtidg.; AloCue. On Cio first At inlay of Ap - .l, Juilce P.oy.ioMs. Oo the - 'irs: AlonJ .y of - May, Ju t' - , t.'.enient. On the lirst Mon l - iy oi June, .ti.bie M - Iue. On the h.s. M..11 1 ly of July, .lu'liro . On the lirst Aloud.y oi August, .luugo . - . Ou the f.rst .Monday nt S - plumbor, Judge Roynolds. On the nrst - Monday or ijctobor. Judge Cement - On tho tirat Mend .y of Nov - iabac, Judge Alctae On the hrst Mond - y o( Decu.ubcr. Mudgo Keynoias - GENERAL 'SEEM. On tbe rourth Monday of Japniry. On tho fourth Alonday of M iron. Ou the lourth Alonday of May. On the fourth Alonday ol !i.pti)niU6r. On the fourth Monday ot November. TIME AND PLAL'K OFJtOLDINO. COURTS. Each of 5 - id terms itl com - nence at ten o'clock in the forenoon and be held, in thu Kinna Cnunjy Court House, in tho City of Brooklyn, N. Y. - Dateil, S. Y.. Sfa - rember 24, 13S2. - J . NK.t LSO N . QT.0. W. KHAitBSi., Clerk (iRAO Vv,V;)t. Judges of the, City Court of Br - - okljn. SIUQK - riS - M.KV. SMOKY . CHiiVlN EY ii C ! ' ! Mil . ' - THB''OTI.lfaPPUTUP - lll MMmh ASli;ErrlEIVYS. BROOKLYN PARK THEATER. LAST NIGHT (SATURDAY) OF THE GREAT TRAGEDIAN, oooooooooo oooooooooooooooooo o Mr. LAWRENCE BARRETT, a ooooooooooooooooo oooooooo 00 o' In his world famod chahtoUr ot OOOOOOOOOOOOO 00 00 - 000) o OA1US CASSIU3 o D IS 0 o JULIUS CESAR. o ooooooooooooooooooo BifO - NDAY NIGHT AND DURING THB WEEK Sardou's Groat Parisian Drama, OOO DDD EEK TTTTT 11TTT EBB O ODDE T T I? O ODD EE T T KB OODDE T T K OOO' DDD EKE T T KEB 3 Produced with a strong company from Daly's Theater, Now York, anil new and magnificent scenery. 1 KE AVENUE" ACADEMY OF MUSIC,'' Ji J Loo avenue, opposite Taylor st, Brooklyn. B. D THANKSGIVING WEEK. NovsmW 27, THE FRENCH TltOUPE DA VENE. GRAND EXTRA THANKSGIVING AIAT1NBB. THBALL & WILLIAMS' NOVELTY THEATKR. Fifth and South Fourth six. Brooklyn. B. D. EVERY EVENING AT 8. WEDNESDAY and SA TURDAY A1ATINRE at5. RXTRA AIATINKK THANKSGIVING DAY. Bartley Campbell's latest and greatest suoooss, THE WHITE SLAVE. Original Now Ycrk scenory. Powoiful Drainatio Company. NEXT WKICK, T HU YOKES FAMILY. BUNNELL'S MUSEUM. " CITY HALL SQUARE. GLORIOUS THANKSGIVING BLLL. A GREAT STAGE PERFORAI ANOB. LED BY THE MIMIC FRANK BUSH. A FUNNY PANTOAIIAIB. AIUSKUAl OF WONDERS. RARE ANIAtALS. BTO. PERFORMANCES DAILY AT 2 ABD8P. M, "A N ENTERTAINMENT OOMPLIMENT - I ary to .Miss AIAGGIK STEWART will bo given in the CHURCH OK CHRIST. Storiing placo, near Seventh I av, on MONDAY EVENING, Decomber 4, 1 - ii'J, on which occasion she wiil be assiato.l by .Miss Alico Waltz, soprano; I AJisa .Matilda I 'raiiu,' cimlralto; Mr. Foster L. Backus, tenor and jTotossor John Al. Luretz, orgfnist. lickets to ho obtained at the dnor. Isaac; i. - to. BARON'S DANCING SCHOOL" R. S, 177 AND 179 MONTAGUE ST. PRIVATE OR CLASS INSTRUCTION DAILY. T. URIS fe SON, DAKCINO AOAD - EAIY, 61 1 Fulton st. opposite Flatbush av. The first lesson can be taken privately without oxtra charge - . all the fashionable danoas in one course of lessons. llSend (or circular. COLUMBIA SCHOOL FOR DANCING. JOSEPH T. A1ART1N Teacher. NEW CLASSES FORAIINO. BEDFORD AV. COR. FULTON ST. ISSfElNIiAND ICR'S SOKOOL'FORDANC - T T nig. 22 - a tJarroll st, cernor of Court. Guarantees the walt7. in three private lessons, for $5; lessons all hourst, rlavses lormin for chihlreu aud adults; all the fashionable dances guaranteed in ono term. H. RivrctiS' ACADEMY FOR DANCING. 173 STATE STREET, COR. OF COURT. Branch Schools at 1,070 Fulton st, and 157 Adolphi st jpitANK DODWORTH, 103 WASHINGTON ST. CLASSES NOW OPEN. THE A1USIO FOE DOD WORTH'S NEW LANCtKRS : WILL BE PUbLISHKD IN A FEW DAYS. MADAME MRLVILLK'S PRIVATE DANCING Al'ADEAIY, 555 Atlantio av, and 752 Herkimer si. near It.oS.e :ter av. Aladame Melville's Aliuialure Dancing Guide i..r sale at the academy. Soiree the lirst. Thursday ol each month at tho academy. Ticket, lifty cents. Sen.l for circular. H71 LOCUTION, ACTING, 1U - A DINGS Snt ami recitationsA prominent star actress prepare, ladies for the stage or private ent - rtaimnonts. Voice culture aud graceful posing a specialty. Apply to Alms, ti., 36 Clinton st. ONK OF "THE BEST OPPORTUNITIES to lourn tho French nnd Oavmau ItHiRaAgoain a short time find nt nodnita terms is now otFrod by Profoanor J. W. RKMV, 171 fc'tatbusli av. Plonae cull betvroon 2 and H P. M. ?RRNCrt LANGUAGE TAUGHT S? i)jiekly nnd with purity of accent by Profoasor J. ROQU KNUOUKT, wlioso buccoaa and ruf - Rioncos aro un - fiiirimssi ; private classes numnorinii no loss than four pupils at $ per quarter. Apply at No. I'JO OatUou avunue. ! st riting arithmetic, bookkeep - Y V ing. spelling, c.irrespi.n. - lenco. oto., nt BROWNE'S BUSINESS COLLEGE. 3..1 Fnlton st. opposite Johnson; day ami nvouiiii;; - OParatn lessons to all ; begin any time; 22 years eslalilislleil : special department and teaohorfl for slwrlhan i. dniwiii, English studies, etc.: spooia) attention t.. indies nud gentlemen ; call or writo for oal - lonue ; a rare ohanco tor lads to acquiru a praotioal business training. . US. ELISE MAYXCS INSTITUTE FOR YOl'NG LADIES. H't SIT li'ir.l.lV ST near Kllltnn. J. Instrtiction in all branehes ut iilain and artistic handwork, cam prising plain llnnd solving, machine sowing. darnc ing, itioinii.ic. etc.. eutnnr oi undergirments, ladies dressiiiskinc (methods o; Profesior Klomm, m Dresden, ail't Alis) W iser, ill llt.rli. - i . milliner, etc. 2. Instruction m the Gorman. French and English languages, grammar an 1 conversation, acconliug to the tprnven inniral system oi i - roiossor u.iues . Vvo ormnll. For particulars and circulars a.ioresa or apply k mrs. ivunrs al A - .m,. mreciress, 63 ST. FELIX STREET. C.ING1NO BY NOTE AT FIRST SIGHT. t Private lesnna SO nor Ulontll. COLUMBIA COXSKl'.VATOP.Y OF AIU8IO. BKDl'OUU AV, COR. FULTON ST. I - 7UGHTKKN',H YK A It V THiO BROOK - Li l.Y.V GONSEivVaTOUY OF .MUSIC. IliH Slate St. AliMGUO - K'HI' l - ail.l - Mrs. GROSCIIEI. OIIADICK, dl - rectors. SuOsvriution book now open for Fourth Chamber Alusic Soirees, to be piven M( J.V DAYS, November 13. January H, Febru iry 5 and March 5. KEW E'('55J;A''OtVS. llm'RiJ C i'l 'V ii" AN D Hi. a U 1'IFUL. " P1CTUUESQUB JOURNEYS IN AMERICA WITH 137 ENGRAVINGS. Quarto. St75. illustratiug picturesque sconory and life in all parts of the United States, with full descriptive text for young readers. . Tho uiivravincB have been made with groat cure, and no better collection o' drawings of American sconcry has ovor been made. . .... It. WORTlIlNliTOTiIoidwr.y.Jf "(50,000 COPIES. THB LARGEST EDITIONS EVER KNOWN 1 SIMULTANEOUS PUBLICATION in ENGLAND aud AA1EUICA THIS DAY, SATURDAY, DECK At HER 2. 182, OI tho grand Christmas double nninbors of tho ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS anil tli" LONDON GRAPHIC. Each of the largo colon. 1 plate nutu.i era is by J. I. MJI.L1 - S, It. i presento'l with these A., the. greatest living imbr of the LONDON GP It'll ill i'l s year wilt l,e .'.OBI.'''.1' ' copies ail'l 1110 euitliiu of tlieCuri'iias irmib. - r of tV. ILLUSTRATED LONDON N I - 'AVS will he soie - 'ihiui: eiionnous. , hir r".i rut e:rs :v. .c I !te ei.(ire .rlKr.ns hara boon t. - iKon upl.y llie tr.i .'.o en the .'.av "i .".l.u. - Kion. In 10113 iiiuuiico of t).e crent .Ionian.! las', yeai. the iricus ruse bofora ( Iln I'.t inns to llvu do'.lars per copy in London aud New Y'(')niers now roi - oived nt SO cents pr.r oopy by all booksellers and ujv. - sdealers. Also simultaneous publication in England and America this day of the grand Cbr.slmaa dounlo number ol the ILLUSTRATED SPORTING NEWS, AND DRAA1ATIO Consisting of 10 pages. Enclosed 111 a beautiful "Jover. printod in gold and colors, on thick, enameled ptpsr. I he Pictures are engraved in the hiKues'. style of art - aoine ennsi to uleel. 'I he subjects have been specially solooted as suitable for the family circle, nud are by the lirst English artists. , . . . The letter press comprises tales, stories and pooms by the ablust writers of tlm day. . .,iii A most attractive colored plate is prosouted with tuts " ""'.."sear Urn supply of the Gbrijtmas nuinber of the rLLOSTKATEDS'OKI'lNU AND DRAMATIC NEWS was nxlluiisted soiu after (bo day of pilbiio.ition. Price .10 cents per copy. Of all buossellors and nows - dC1Tll'K INTERNATIONAL NEWS COMPANY, 20 AND 31 BEEKMAN ST, NEW YORK. Subscription.) reooivod fur all foroign periodicals. LEriECTED WITH POSITIVE GENIUS 5 Our Conlineni. CHOICE LITERARY TIT - BITS - Publishers' Weekly. THE SALMAGUNDI BIRTHDAY BOOK. Arranged with Two Selections for Each Day in tlto Year from Poets aud Prose Writers of all Ages, WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY;. ROBERT COLLYER, KKV. A great diversity of elegant extracts." - Evening Post. "For this particular Birthday tlook tbe - M was an empty - niche an aching void, whioh now is amply tilled and beams with joyous saliatacunn A sumptuous book. . Thu most varied iu its se'.cc'.iotn of all. . . . The ngreoible and jolly, but with abundant louder ness and boautyinits various nersonil dejcriplions. . . . Deserving of the best sucues).'' - Tho Chrislun Register. "Tho bendsome volumo which beam the Inking title 01 'The Salmagundi Birthday,' is an ev - epti'm in t; completeness and i:eneral cicoileuno. It is l!io largest ol its olan. not only imposing in size, but superior in quality. Mr Cniiyer contributes to it a cbiracl. - nstle introduction, which prefaces a selection from the wise and - itty th.iugntB of the wi 'est nnd wittiest writers 01 r.H ages. It Ins a decided advantage ovor the Birthday Books wlncu are madu r..,. lrt.. - i,l.,l vrtlrrs. in (h:''. it briris) l(). - ..tb - .r t be treasureB of many gifted thinker Two seleolious are. given lor each day in the ro. . - .nd t:.o bit of writers , ouolod embraces the mo - .t distu.s'inh ;ft names tore. The volume is a small iiii.vt i. wo.!! prliileil Btlraclive red lined borJer. and illustrated by 1 nil, with an. ....! r.rt m.,.1 Hurler, mm uiuo. .. - .., A. - ... - . - - - . excellent cuts trom . ',i ;.;' - r K P Hayden, A. It I hajor and ol. era. 1 taken together, is a very attrn.itvuono. - Chrisi .,. - ... ,,... it nr s,.rS mo volume. .,, thor. is a very altra - itvuono. ,iui.v.u u...yH, ITt.. 12 FULL PAGE. ILLUSTRATIONS. 40O pages, handsomely p. - iatoj on heavy, toned napsr with rod line bolder. Bevelled edges, fun gilt, with baud - r, e naVli atainos iu got!, an I o)b.. - .Ito aillo stamps, in gold w?th spray ot vine il. four, artistically blended, producing an ollect entirrly uniiu nnd very beautifio, PRICE; IN BOX, 3 LOO. KLKOANX NEW EDITIONS Of STANDARD PUBLICATIONS. BOOKS OF FIO'.ClON I vols). In clear type, cleanly p. - tnted on Hrr,: rta paper, ban.l - o..,el.v b.;.n5 m cloth, with gold and isk side and back stamp). 1 risn. ' ' i - ent each. ROMOl.A. Bl' GEOROr. EI.IOT, yliAXTGBNTTBMAN. By Mrs. COC JANE KYRK. By CUAltt - OTTg B110NTE. HYPATI.S. By (Iuaiu.I - R Kmoai ". TOM iTilbWN AT RUGBY. By TuovsJi H oaiigs. Tli oilflil lolumes. pa. kod 111 a neat box, $A.W. MACAULAY'S HISTORY OF ENGLAND. 3 vols.. St lANICb - rr;Kll - ';Kl!l I vol., 75 u - )ni. AMERICAN OHAAIBERS' ADDITIONS TO "ENCYCLOPEDIA" the l - st Il)don and Kdiuburgh edition, e. 3ver l'i.lW titles, complied by Al.wnc - u K. (.amplote in 4 vuluinoi. arraus embraoius; o; Editors. nged. nrform in - and bindings with, LinptaooW - and the uiorui !nl,ortad.. ojiuiiqut ChamDors . . - , Pr, - ,iperet ', Cloth. $w7Bhop. li Morocco, $"tS. ForBS.)?W?TWP eut, pptPRi - ZL v $. W. CiU HEN'S SON, VubHshor, rVT'AJS ?Iirfai. - Jtji?i

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