The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 5, 1952 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 5, 1952
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, NOV. 5, 1952 Sorrowful Truman Keeps Thoughts to Himself as His Train Rolls Homeward By ERNEST B. VACCARO ABOARD TRUMAN TRAIN -Ml — President Truman kept his thoughts to himself today as he "rolled toward Washington on the ,-campalgn train that started out over the Labor Day week end car- f rylng high Democratic hopes. Men with long faces and stenographers fighting back tears moved slowly through the cars this post- election day mnking small jokes at which nobody smiled very much. They had figured the odds favored Dwight D. Elsenhower when they left Washington that Sunday ill September. Dut the champion whtsde-stopper of 1948 was their ace in the hole and they had counted heavily on his "give 'em hell" '. campaigning. Harry S. Truman gave them all he had—in Milwaukee, In New York, in Boston, San Francisco— in all' the big cities and little towns from one end of the country 1 to the other. For 18,000 miles he traveled, making a total of 212 speeches for Adlai Stevenson, driving himself even harder thap when he campaigned for his own election when he was four years younger— He finished each night so weary he crawled into his berth often too tired to look over speech material for the following day. But^each morning 1 found him up at 6 a.m. smiling, cheerful, and eagerly awaiting another day. Was Optimistic The crowds were big, some ,' times larger than those he drew »», four years ago. And they laughed ••• at his sallies and urged him on with cries of "pour it on" just as before. . When the campaign ended In his native Jackson County, Mo., the grey-hairedj bespectacled Missourl- an reflected optimism. Two of his former Democratic national chairmen, Frank E. Mc. Kinney nnd William M. Boyle Jr.. showed him private polls indica- x ting Stevenson wa's. "In." Truman didn't produce any polls himself, but lie told reporters he thought McKinney and Boyle were "both on the right track." When he dropped his ballot Into (he box at Independence yesterday morning, he was asked whether he svas sure that "is a winner." He replied with a grin: "Of course, no question about It." Truman was in bed before 9:30 p.m. and- apparently slept while his staff sweated out the returns in ah atmosphere of steadily Increasing gloom. To Make .Statement He moved toward Washington and the difficulties of adjusting to this changed political world. His first step will be to offer Gen. Eisenhower, the one - time friend against whom he campaigned so vigorously, full co-oper- allon in the American tradition. He is planning to make a formal statement at the White House two hours after his arrival. The future holds many uncertainties for him. An avid reader of .history, he would have historians record that lie worked for "international cooperation and world peace. He has said on many occasions that only the test of lime determines how good a president a man has made. Jackson County Utility Proposal Beaten at Polls NEWPORT I/Pi — A proposal to place all of Jackson County In a single Public Utility District was rejected by * majority of around ' mr to one at yesterday's election. With 41 of the County's 49 boxes :ported, 3,964 votes had been cast against the proposal to 936 votes for 'I. > The proposed District' would have lad control over all electric power (11 tha county. The fight against it was led by Arkansas Power & Light Company, whose facilities would have been included In the district. 'Best Man Won', Rhee PUSAN, Korea (/Tj—South Korean President Syngman Rhee said today, "The American people have chosen the best man as their president." Read Courier News Classified Ads. AIL VEGETABLE Cushion alse Testh Coses sure gums/ NOWl Eat, lalk/laugh as you please. Goodbye forever to loose, rocking, wobbly, uncomfortable'plates. 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Snug'Denture Cushions were first used by many dentists to Help patients become accustom eel to new plates ... to comfort patients with old plates that have become loose due to tissue shrinkage. Since they were so effective, the cushions 'are now available to the public. One Re-Liner Can Last Months-Easily Replaced One Snug Denture Cushion re- liner can last for 2 to 6 months, according to the individual mouth. Stays soft and pliable — docs not harden and ruin plate. Peels right out when ready to replace Resurfaces Loose Plales When Gums Shrink It's not your dentist's fault that tissues and gums shrink gradually — leave spaces between the plates and the mouth. Snug Denture' Cushions resurface the plate so that there are no gaps between plates and gums. Food particles cannot get underneath to cause irritation And "denture breath.'- Emig Denture. Cushions are thin sheets of a marvelous, scientific plastic material which dentists call acrylics. Simply place one of these wonderful re-liners on the cleaned denture (upper or lower) according 10 simple instructions in package, and presto! You have practically a new plate. No waiting, ready to bite on anything. Cleaned in a Jiffy Tasteless, Plates re-lined with Snug Denture Cushions can be cleaned in a jiffy by brushing under cold water. The Cush ions arc tas t eless, odorless and sanitary. Why put up with the bother of adhesivcs that must be used every day when Sriug Denture Cushions are so .clean and convenient, last for months? T REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD TRY SNUG DENTURE CUSHIONS! t. Kc!p> clnr up Irrilelion end «„•.„, of Bum du» 10 loot*, 111-filrira left* t»«ih. •3. Hcrdi plaiet firn end lisM — r» mor* rocking, clicking, felling. Yo«'d Ihink y o v had your own terth back. 3. Enablei yeu !o tal In umfarl any. thing you dttif*—corn-on.c&b, b»*M*ok, applet, etc. 4. Ung.loiling - vnd 3 or t lir- M . y.or, !M»I fil p.rf.clly tat lh> lit. ol vour Plalet. 5. Eniy, quittjo apply end tl 6. AbioluMy rarmleit T» clortt, aum or r««1li. boeV il nor iflliifled. ' OIVIY 2 Liners for Lower or Upper Plates $1.5O -for pink plates onfy WARNING ORDER In the Chancery Court, Chicla- saMha District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. Buford Williams, Ptf. vs - No. 12,226 Dorothy Williams, Dft. The' defendant, Dorothy Williams, is hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Buford Williams. Dated this 21st day of October, 1952. Harvey Morris, clerk By Cherry Sue Barnes, D.C. B: C. Meadows, atty. for plf. Claude P. Cooper, atty. ad litem. lft-22-29 11-5-12 BT,YTHEVTr.T,E (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS In running 100 yards, a sprinter exerts enough energy to lift himself 270 feet Into the air, according to the Encyclopedia Brltain- nfca. Louisiana Fires BreakOut Again BATON ROUGE, La. (/py _ The smoldering ^ouisiana forest fires blazed out again yesterday, fanned by slowly rising winds expected to reach 20 miles an hour early today. The Forestry Commission reported 132 fires burning over more than 5,000 acres with the largest fire sweeping over 1,200 acres in Red River Parish (County) land owned by the International Paper Co. Ike's Son Wires Congratulations SOMEWHERE IN KOREA («•)— Maj. John Eisenhower, son of the President-elect, today sent the following message to his parents in New York: -. "Dear folks: "My heartiest congratulations. My thoughts were with you all the way. "Johnny.". G/s Shop Early SEOUL, Korea Wj — "Operation Reindeer" Is under way in Korea. Gen. James A. Van Fleet was presented with the first of 10 mobile post exchanges recently. The mobile exchanges will carry gift samples to the front,- where U.S. soldiers can do their Christmas shopping early. NOTICE OF NEW ESTATES ON WHICH ADMINISTRATION HAS BEEN COMMENCED Notice is hereby given that' the following is a list of estates upon which Letters Testamentary or of Administration were granted dur- KA Top FARM TRACTOR Caterpillar D-2 Tractor Ask- Mr. Carroll Thiebault of Pulaski County. He'll tell you the Caterpillar Diesel D-2 Tractor is an all-round farm tractor. For plowing, discing, and general farm tractor work there's an extra profit in every job because Caterpillar Diesel D-2 Traclors save you lime, money', and labor and are especially low on operation and maintence costs. ATTACHMENTS Increase'the Usefulness of Your CATERPILLAR Diesel D-2 TRACTOR TOOL BAR Hydraulic control with down pressure, raise, hold and float positions. Leaves rear of tractor free for power take-off attachments. Allows fence to fence cultivation. Can use a variety of tillage tools - subsoilcrs, djtchers, middle busters discs. TREE CUTTER The J. A. Riggs Tree Cutter is an Arkansas-tested wonder. Cuts trees up to six inches in a single pass. Cuts flush wilh ground without tearing - up soil. Fits standard Bull-dozer "A" I'rame. Easily changed from Tree Cutter to Dozer Blade in 30 minutes. J. A. RIGGS TRACTOR COMPANY 424 East Third T •... - . . Litll* Rock, Arkanssi BRANCHES: WEST MEMPHIS. MC GEHEE, CAMDEN FORT SMITH J. A. HIGGS TRACTOR CO. Li!il« Rock, Ark. n F ' D FBnT1 * r D Student Vh. r. 5 ? Caterpillar" salesman explain how £?• D ;? can solve m y 'arm problems NV obligation, of course. H'«""-ms . . . p« Send ma id me latest literature on how the D-2 live my farming more profitable. Ing the month of October, 1»52 wllh the duie of the granting of such Jetlers and the name and address of file executor or administrator: NO. 2145. Eslnte of Pete Honey, deceased, Letters of Administration issued to Marvolene Boncy Blythcvllte, Arkansas on October 2 1952. : No.. 2146. Estate of Clarence H. Davlrt, deceased. Letters Testamcn- tar ylssued to Essjc Nell David, R2 Manila, Arkansas on 1 October 3 1952. No. 2148. Estate of R. M. Moody, deceased. Letters Testamentary issued to Cliarlie Moody, F?3, Blytheville, Arkansas on October 16, 1952. No. 2H9. Estate of Vcrim Brinklcy. deceased. Letters of Administration issued to Charles E.., Brinklcy, Dell, Arkansas on Ocloljcr' 17, 1052. •No. 2150. Estate of Roy A. Drink- ley, deceased. Letters of Administration issued to Charles E. lirink- ley, Dell, Arkansas on October 17 1952. Witness my hand'and seal as such Clerk tliis the 4th day of November, 182. Ellzsbelh Blythe Parker. County & Probate Clerk By Kclton Miles, D.C. NOTICE OF ACCOUNTS OF EXECUTORS AND AOJII.N'IS'l'ltATOKS F1I.KIJ Notice Is hereby given that during .the month of October, 1S53 the following accounts of Executors niul Administrators have been filed for PAGE THREE settlement and confirmation In ttw Probate Court for the Chlckssaw- ba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas and that such accounts with their respective filing dates are us follows: No. 2li>5. Kslnte of Iverson Morris; deceased. First and final report of Violn B. Morris, Executrix filed October 2, 1952. No. 2050. Estate of Miirtha Baker Hulchcison, deceased, first and final report of Irene Wallace, Admin- istratrix filed October 27, 1932, ' All persons Interested In the settlement of any of tile above estates are warned to file oxcptlons thereto If any have they on or before the Acid Stomach After You Eat? TUMS Fast Relief Can't Be Beat r FOI TMI TUMMT Record fast relief for gas, heartburn, sour stomach, acid indigestion. lUtleth day following tht Hllng at the respective 'account*, falling which they will be barred forever from excepting to the accounts. Witness my hand and seal as such Cleric of said Court In thU tfc* 4th day of November, 1952. Elizabeth Blythe Parker, County & Probate Clerk By Felton Miles, D.o. "Hot flashes" of change of life stopped or strikingly relieved Addr* In 63-80%* of Ht«<«t*t in doctors' teilt! • Those suffocating "heat waves" — alternating with nervous, clammy feelings — and accompanied often by restless irritability and nervousness — are well-known U> women suffering the functionally-caused distress of middle life "change"! You want relief from such suffering. And—chances arc—you can get It. Thrilling relief!' 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