The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 6, 1950 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 6, 1950
Page 11
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FRIDAY, OCTOBER 6, 1950 BLTTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FACE Bl,BTIW Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams HOW DO YOL>t>O *%A HO/ HeRMAW ViAS S6K4T HOME FOR A ; SIR.' IS MP. ' Jf vJeeKort TRIAL, BUT We CAOSWT HIM. •5HVJTTLEWORTH u ARRAWGM3 A 8AWQO6T TO C6\.e- HIS ESCAPE FROW e>Clt* "50M6 'ZOOM'?, ' /^5-fl4fi ISLPvWO OP ELBA <50 We lAAt> TO <5EMt> THE ISO PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock , GunratUeed Itesl Prices Kir''" Dr wo Stores FOR SALE crete cnlvrrt* L* inch E<J 48 h plain t» rtenJoreed Atso Concrete Building Hlork> cheap- ti than lumtei loi &arn» Chicken b*i*ev pump hiivset, l*nant house* tool sh*-ds We deliver Call u for frer tatlmate- . PILE OSCEOLA & CULVERT CO. Blytheville Gloss & Paint Co 136 E. Main Phone 6716 ,"£ CAMfTO K/LI Copyright 1950 by NEA Strict, Int. ^^ft*\ ImK'F'-'K's? fJ^TX- » ---s-^y^vv /o-4> co*«. i»o rf <>f* siitvict. r»*c-T. M. *tc u, s. PAT. o*r. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLO8SKR The Annual Revolt' FARM LOANS Cates.-Wiggs.Xo. ._ . REALTORS Phone 'IT51 myUhvlll* AMAorferrf Morttagt Ix>«N Solicitor ft what did YOU do with your THK STOHY. Yi Thor^r dUIIko Ih* Tfcoriir Hill, wh. mulrliirckul Jtre» Tburnr. rulti wilt ll.dtr "A««< M.JCBl ncrrnjlf <>• Ibr cv r . Pr»»t<in lilt tr«l» »•"• pollibed •••• atrpH off • l,r»im If •»' "»r • II T EEANA tried not to show her •*- surprise. Peter Thome was too good-looking, too immaculate Just to have finished a long trnin trip too—English. He couldn't be Jasper's brother! He was more ot a match for Sondra. And certainly he bore no resemblance to the wizened litlli woman who was "deah-deah Aun Mahgaret." Leeana introduced hcrselt. "Ah, yes," he said expansively "Roger's daughter. Of course How is poor old Rog these days? It was an insult the way he sale it, coupled with the wise, wr smile that said 'so many things Leeana felt her Irish rising. She said hastily, "Fop« ic Bi thank you." "Still—ah—newspaper ing?" "That's father a strange way put it," Leeana retorted. Realiz ing that they had not moved froi the spot where she hati bee standing when Peter flrst spok and that Martin Preston still wa watching from the doorway, sh suggested, "The car's this wa Peter. Have you luggage?" -1 checked H through. WiU M* X it's com*, please?" He ii-rilsl !>!•""•">« checks in her hand and strolled off toward the car. Leeana stared after him. **Your mouth's open." Too astounded to b« angry— even with Mart Preston—Leeana 'You c;m get an extra pair of sho« for winter at home just by Iclitnflr your shoe service man "rfo o\ r er" your vacation shoes. Get an Extra' Pair Tlirnngh Shuc Repair. IQURLITY SHOC SHOPl , .'Zl W. M«l M- ST. I 'Mother told m» I could play around In this beat-up old fur coat wh«r» you would see m« In it!" CELEBRATE IT? THIS IS V/^ERB THE GRUESOME De'SW PRISCLLA'S I*OP The Convert BY AL VERMEER RUNNER OFF THIRD- HERE'S THE PITCH.. I WISH NOU'D x - <3TOP SHOUTING, DEAR! EVEN A WORLD SERIES ISN'T THAT IMPORTANT ! SOCK THAT BALL! PUT THE WOOD TO IT! OH. NO? IF THEV -SCORE ONE MORE RUN I WIN A *ZO POOL AT THE OFFICE! VIC FLINT Breaking Through BY MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANK stammered, "Well, of all the "Ahh-ahh,** warned th« tall young deputy sheriff. "Uttle girls ?—rtr:i TV~rr"- ' '* •- :r -, r-"t Ihrm at the door, "Well, Peter," WM her grcetlnc. "So y»«'T« com* home." "^ftj^ mustn't cuss." "I wasn't, but— Ye gods! Wrio Concrete Culvert Tile Sixes up to 3fi in. Corrugated Metal Culverts Si7cs up to K\ in. Auloni.itiR Kloifrt Gales Concrete Seplic Tanks Melal Soplic Tanks f*ewer Tile Brsl Prices We Deliver A, H. WEBB Hirhwav fit at Stale Line I'hone 7M ^does he. think he is?" Martin Preston's laugh narted deep and ran out heartily. "Come on. youngster." he said. "I'll help you with the gentleman'* bags." CONDRA THORNE, Jasper's wife, ^ met them at the door. "Well, Peter." was her greeting. "So you've come home." "Only for a little while, Sondra, old girl. A very little while. You don't begrudge me that, surely." His voice taunted her, the cold blue-groy eyes turned to granite as they met hers. But the amused smile did not flicker on Sondra's lips. Peter Thome's sister-in-law was very, very sure of herself, Leeana thought—and wondered what, besides their mutual Hatred of old Miss Maggie, room," she tolrl Peter Thome. "She'll want to see you at once, I imagine." Peter Thome actually smiled. "1 doubt that, cousin, but I shall beard the lion, as the saying goes." The cynicism left htm, and he lowered his voice. "I'm frightfully sorry you had to b« in on that little scene, Letjna. It—" his lips twisted—"put me in a bad light I'm afraid." Thorne instead don't worry about that,' L,eeana said airily. "I'm immune to tall handsome men sorry for themselves." who fee Mrs. Jasper." CAPTAIN EASY Still R Puzzle HY LESLIE TURNER was between them. "Ol course I don't." Sondra HAIRY VETCH Balboa Rye, Barley and Seed Wheat. For Fail Planting See • - - Blylncville Soybean Corp. 1800 West Main Hljrthevilte Phone M56 spokt now in the lone Leeana pn- vytely referred to as "purring." "It's just that I doubt that anyone could have a sane, legitimate reason lor coming back here. Especially you. Peter." Leeann's eyes flew to Peter's tace in time to catch the fury he masked so swiftly; then she glanced back to Sondra. But Sondra had turned toward the stairs. "Ask Jones txi bring in Peter's things, won't you, Leeana?" she flung over her shoulder. "And do go tell Jasper his brother has arrived." l.ceana swallowed her sprouting (ear. "You'll find your aunt in her "Indeed? And do t?" "You must. Why else would rising young lawyer be soured on the world?" "Of all the impudent—" For split second, Pelcr Thome's accen slipped, revealing a broad Hoosie twang that more than repaid L<:c ana for antagonizing another of the Thome clan. Then be recaptured it and added, "Undoubtedly I will see you later, Cousin Leeana." "Undoubtedly. Miss Maggie relies on me quite a bit." Conscious of Peter Thome's uz?.lcd eyes following her, Leeana went in search ol Jasper and old Arthur Jones, who had been the Thornes' man-of-nll-work for so many years he had forgotten just when he did come to Thome Hill. le laughed, hollow "Would that have been— bet- r?" Jasper Thome's round little eye^ ooked more like ice-blue marble: than ever, but his face became carefully blank. "Sondra thinks she's buriec icre, Leeana. Maybe she is." Fiddlesticks! You just lock up your things, Jasper, and go along lo Miss Maggie's room. Peter's there now, I think, and — " Jasper sprang up. Ignoring what probably was another letter to the editor of the Thorne CitJ Gazette, he brushed past Leeana and almost ran down the hall. Lceano felt no curiosity regarding Jasper's manuscript — she had seen loo many of his letters before. Quite rabid, they wer«, on any subject. She pulled the door shut and went outside lo the greenhouse. 50KRV. MH'AM,,! CANT MMCt} SHERIFF, &MA WAS W FfTMIC OUT H WORD YOU'RE SAVIW C/PUR1M' Ttf FIRST WOULD W*K AU< KNOWS THEIR DCRM ir, SAM! -.NOW VOU'06 MftOE M CRY! SUB TW.K9 TOO -\rr BfATS ME HOVTN . I.CWI'TaETIT.'.jTH'SAH HILL SHE TO THIS TOWN LIKtTHKTi 'TpHEU EftSV STEPS UP WtTKf* 5J16at*!TO« / BUGS BUNNY All Around Safely \ RTHUR fussing JONES was there, with his poinsctlias which he (eared would not bloom by Christmas time. If they didn't, he told Leeana once, Miss Maggie would be disappointed. And he didn't want her to b« — not this JASPER was in his study at the •' rear of the long cast wing of the rambling old house. He looked up Irom his typewriter when she paused in the open door. "Oh," he said. "He's come, has hc3" "Yes." "And Sondra has met him, 1 suppose?" Without giving Leeana time to reply, he said, "1 knew she would. She can't forget tha she could have been Mrs. Peter I Christmas. The old man was not morbid OQN'T -TOO THINK MY DRIVING H<V3 IMPROVED, BUSS? NOW I'LL. »HOW VOU HOW I CAN PARK TUB CAR IN THE SARAGE.' DON'T HAVE V NY TROUBLE *- I ANY TROUBI SINCE 1 WAD THE NEW DOORS PUT ALLEY OOP I'lan of Action I5Y V. T. HAiMLIN ibout his employer's illness. He was not like the others; he, at least, was sincere. He worshipped Miss Maggie. "It's Miss Maggie's nephew, Arthur," Leean* explained her request that he help with the luggage. "Peteu" Him!" Arthur snorted. "L»«t time he was her*—" His grim old jaws ground down hard and he aimed dark brown tobacco juice at his precious poin- seltias. , ' "Miss Leeanie," he said, "don't let him lool you, too!" (T* Be OfiUnw*} Television dramas, put on film, require about 15 minutes of camera shooting Ume for each minute ol finished film. RED CO SPOT PAINTS—GLASS—WALLPAPER MIRRORS—GLASS FOR FURNITURE Awnings—Venetian Blind*—Auto Glasi AUSTIN & WICKER Phone B207 — 112 S. First — Rlythcville "I Sell That Stuff" FUEL OIL! G. 0. POETZ OIL CO. PHONE 2089 PHONE Office and Bulk Plant — Promised Land THE5E HOLD cue ONS WE'LL FIND 'IM. 5O HELP 7 US. WE WILL.' BOOTS AND HKR BUDDIES Pshaw BY EDGAR MARTIN VVS VOtfsW VLT ,1 OWcvV.

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