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Brooklyn, New York
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TTTE BROOKIiTTST BATX.T EAGIMOITDAY, APISH, 9, 1894.r PAGES. ferent teams haTe been numbers aa per ths following table: INSPECTOR OWNEY HERS VERY POLITE WHIST MEN AGE AT DAY ON THE ROAD FOUTZ IS CONFIDENT Team No. N. and 8. 1 Tjanemolr stni a.

Bbreloir Johnson Kiln. 4. Horton Oronkh: lte A Visitor of 'National Reputation atthePost Office. But a Goodly Lot of Drivers and Riders "Were Out. "Were Those in the Philadelphia Brooklyn Match.

That Brooklyn "Will Be in the Race This Year. Team No. E.nd W. 1. Kempshall Haruian Vickor B.

Me Ooll Biaokmar 4.... Bailey llarldoon Clement Van Vlocfc Mason 7. Iioeser Fnller 1) Tllney Beeoher Wsolw 11. Lathrop V. Bufflngton 13.

tjhanncey Talmnge 1 ft. Brown Btritton 17 TremaiDe IK. Kolley 10. Oaroart 20. Rnssell, 21....

Hlnooman Murray 'VI. Adams War land 23 Kotoham Williams VA. LaVie 2o Ohaanoey Blaelow TOO MUCH SEA FOB THE OABSMEN. Tbo TVaptha Launch Spray in ComtnlM ton Vorunaa Listen to Stories. A thirty milo breeze covered tha bay with white caps all of yesterday and kept the oarsmen under cover.

The Nautilus boys delayed thoir opening another week, while the Varunaa hngged tha big stove in the steward's quarters nnd listenod to somo of Toddy'B yarns. Mr. J. H. Keller ana a party of his friend brought tho handsome new 34 foot nap tha launch Spray to the Varuna dock from Morris Hoights.

New York. She sailed througu tho waters of the Hudson like a duelc and breasted the big waves down the bay In excellent style. The party expressed their satisfaction in glow lug terms over tho launch, which was fully described in the Eaolb of April 2. Around the Varuna stove. Teddy, the steward, was In fine fettle and got ntt some stories which tho oarsmen declared wore up to his standard.

One of his cleverest was entitled "The rat in Wkit 0. Chapel Oitmare 7. Allen S. cotton CJapp 10. I.awronoe (Jnurah 11 Fnrtnan Dixon 1 H.

Donald Erans Wheoier 14. Bailoy 15 Bishop Trim 10. Broee 17. Do Witt Joaephwa IK. Putnam Sitehio Webster 20....

Wilde DollnrJ i Barrow CoUe Tottle 23. Blanchard Bad'gt'n 24.. liltbert 25. big Zleglor He Arrived Yesterday, Slept on the Mall Basra Last Nijrht and Was a Llttlo Tired When Hj Paid nts Respects to Postmaster Sullivan; Tbis Horning A Do? With a History. Wcll Knnvrn florsemcn With New Stock Attract Attention and a Little Impromptu Hurdle Jumping nt Bailerti FuniisUos Entertainment.

Ajax Being Hoavlly Hayed on Western Books. Some Incidents of the Contest That Displayed Forbearance and Generous Courtesy on Both Sides Something About That Queer Hand. Cards That Were Played at Tables 1 to 4. "WWh We Are Out fur the Pennant," Says I Jliirht State That Any Clnb Tlint Lands Amon tho First Six Is Doing Well." Stronger Than low York in Field ins. As has been stated previously tho recent whist match betweon Brooklyn and Philadelphia was played in two sections of twenty flvo tables each, ths Brooklyn players facing North and South in oae, and' East and West in ths hand so.

1. Spades, 8. 6. 4. Hearts, IU.

7, 2. Oltibs, li, 10. 5. liainonds. 7, 3.

Spades. A. 10. J. 0, 7.

5.3. Hearts K. V. Clans. 7.

3. Diamonds, 8, 6. Hearts, 8. 4, 3. Clubs, J.U.

2. 0, 0. H. W. E.

S. the Varuna gymnnsium," whloh he declared was an actual occurrence and went something like tbis "I sleeping in my room one night a few woks ago, when I was awakened by a noise ot escaping water. I went Into the gymnasium and found a thin stream of water squirting from a llttlo bole in the water pipe. There was danger of a flood, so I hustled for plumber. Of course ho objected to going out at that time of tha night, but I gave him a big A United Statos post ofllce inspector was entertained this morning by Postmaster Sullivan and his large foroe of employes.

Tho inspector slept on a pllo of empty mall bags last night and therefore was a little sleepy when introduced tho head of tho local department. Had it nob been for the faot that tho inspector presented at number of reliable credentials the attendant aft tho postmaster's outer office would oertainly hava hurried him into tho street for the inspector ia a very ordinary looking dog. Such a dog might feel highly honored by having a leather collar given him to wear. Ownoy. whose bark admits him wherever Unole 8am handles the mall, wears more trinkets than a South Sea Island savage.

Owney is a luoky dog nnd thai is tha only reason why he ia more distinguished than. hundreds of other homelydogs that havo toplols ud a living in Albany. When Owney was a young ster in Albany, before ho badeeased to play with bis tall and chase his shadow ho was taken away from his comfortable home and sent forth, to wander over tho face of the earth. Owney'a master was employod in tha Albany post office. He had great hopes for Owney, Among the politicians in Albany be felt that Owney had no show, besides, nothing short of a national reputation would be good enough for such a remarkable dog.

Other people who saw Owney thought he was a vory frowsy looking skye terrier that wouldn't take the flvehundredtn prize at a benoh show. So whea Owner Spades, 3. HenrU, 5. ClabH. 8.0.

4. Diamonds. 10.4, 2. Ton of clubs turned by North. East to lead.

drooklvm scones. N. and S. Team No. 12 10 Teams Nos, 1, 0, 7, 13 and 17 8 Teams Nos.

10. 11, 14. 15, 21, 22 and 25. 7 Noa. 4, 5.

y. It). 23 and 23 0 Teams Nos. 2, 3. Iu, 18, 20 5 acoazs.

B. and W. Teams Nob. 5, 8. 1 3 8 Teams Nos.

1. 4, 11. 10. 11, 17, 20 7 Toama No. 0, 7 12.

15, 11). 21, 22 0 Teams Noj. 14. 10, 18, 23, 24 5 Teatus Nos. 2, 2o 4 Total.

'10 48 41) 311 25 ...168 Total. 1 48 25 8 Total 154 TOTAZi. In a recent interview President Byrne vouchsafed the statement that, while the New York people wore doing nil the preliminary shoutimr, Brooklyn was going quietly nlonf petting together a team that would mako a good sbowmp; in the league pennant race, ltecont developments tend to boar out this assertion, and Manager Foutz, in his modest way, desires tho pub lio to remember that while the New Yorkers have been strengthening their team tho local management has not been at all backward in this respect. To an Eagle reporter Manager Foutz said to day: "The Brookiyns will be in tho race thU year. While are out for the ponnant I might Btate that any club thnt lands among the first six is doing welL I don't want to say that we are any better than the other teams in the leafrue, but I am sure we are just as stroos ns New York in every respect, except possibly base running.

In Kennedy, Stein and Daub wo havo a trio of twlrlers that are equal to Russia, Meakira and German, While Sharrott is every bit as good as Westervelt. Korwan, too, may prove a winner. Behind the tat we are well supplied with Kins low, Dalley and LaChance; "Our infield is strong and our outflold cannot be improved upon. In batting I think wo are equal to the Gotbamites, while we are better fielders, as past records show." Speaking about his clans for the coming osmpaign, Captain Foutz said: "You will probably havo noticed that the team has plenty of ginger and is putting up some excellent team work. Kick? Oh, yes; wo all do a little kicking when necessary, but we'll keep within the limit, of course.

It pays in the lonir run to assert your riKhts, but of course there is a limit which oujrbt not to be overstepped. It all depends on the "In the opening game," continued Foutz. "wo shall have oat our strongest nine, with Ither Stein or Kennedy in the box. We hope to beat the Bostons; in fact, I think wo will. Captain Nash hasn't the nine he started out with a year ago, but tho new material under him may pan out weiL" A comparison between tho records of the Brooklyn and New York teams shows that the Giants are ahead in batting and base running, but Foutz's men can field all around the players across the bridge.

The following table will Do interesting to Brooklyn cranks: Grand total. 322 32S N. and 8. Brooklyn 188 E. and W.

154 157 Brooklyn loses three trioks on this band. A surprising number of riders and driver sot the raw winds and somber skies of yesterday at naught and went down tha road with their horses and rigs. Tho faot of it being tho 8th of April, when driving Is seasonable, led many to make thoir plans on Saturday for a spin along the boulevard on Sunday, and when the day broko ohlll nnd stormy the men of sporting blood did hoi give up. Thoy had mado up their minds that It was time for driving and if tlie weathor was inauspicious, why, so much the worse for the weather. A few wrapped in great coats wont down in the morning, but it was not until 3 o'clock In the afternoon that the string beean to move through tho park and the tree lined avenue leading to the ocean.

Women wero not plentiful in tho turnouts, but there wore some and as they got pretty well chilled every mile or two they went It was a good day for the hotels. It was a gray day and the road was heavy, but the rainfall had not been sufficient to loavo many pools and the mud did not fly much. Few wont all the way to the island and for tho most part the mon gathered at Bader's and Brown's or other hostelrio and chatted about horses nnd other topics which llnd favor with men gossips. Frank Beard was down In the morning with his bays in tandem. His brother and a friend accompanied him and in the afternoon the brother was down with a slnirle.

A party of riars found diversion about noon In the yard back of George Bader's by jumping their animals over an Improvised hurdle. Henry T. Boody also was out with a tandem. Major P. H.

McNulty had his bays with thoir brass mounted harness hitched to a two seater nnd Millard Smith's team with similar rig made a twin turnout whon thoy came up together in tho ovonlng. William Strohmeyer drove Bags, who does not in any way suggest his name, to a road wagon, and keeping company with him were IK Marks, with the pair he has dubbed Brandy nnd Soda, and Herman Oisgood with Dan S. John Watts drove out with, his mare Louise and John Mullen appeared with a brand new bay that looked both speedy and stylish. Justice E. C.

Murphy was ono of the undismayed, and Mr. Olark had a team to a red wheeled road wagon of new design. Young Mr. Silsbe attracted attention with his dwarf cart and pony with its pompadour mane, and King Obery cut a dash holding tho lines over Prince George. Western IJcn BSuckimg Ajnx Heavily.

Ajax, owing to Garrison's mount, is being heavily played through the Vi'ost. Payne Co. of Covington, have declared their books full on the Snapper's mount. Clifford is down to with Don Alonzo. Lamplighter and Sir Waiter at 10.

Yo Tambien is being heavily played at 12, while Blilzen is going begging at 12. Following are the quotations: BiKD WO. 2. Spades, K. 7, 4, 3.

llenrts. K. 5. Clnbs, 4, 3. Diamonds, 0.

barked a coodby' from the top of a mail wagon to bis master one fine morning in ths spring of 1890, he was expected back with a j. n. keeper's new kaphtha. bluff, and he came. He cut out a big chunk In tho pipe and showed where a rat had eaten through.

I made up my mind to catch that rat and set a trap for him. Sure onough, the next night there was Mr. Rat jumping around that trap as large as life. He "Hold on," yelled Charley Kress, "how did you know it was the eume rat?" "Wny, I looked at his teeth, and the inside was nil covered with lead," declared tha unblushing Teddy. Kress paid for tho soda.

Next Sunday tho Varunas expect to have out their entire fleet of sixty two boats, with tha naptha launches Spray and Varuna, owned respectively by Messrs. Keeler and Beld. DEEP IX THE MYSTERIES OF EUCHRE. Sta ndins: of (lie Players in St. Peter's ''ouriiamcnt Hnuil Rail Camos.

N. wore a stout largo appetite in a few days. He leather collar bearing a silver Spades, 8. Hearts, 0, 8. Clnbs.

K. Q. 5, 3. Diamonds, K. (J, 4,3.

Spades. 10, 2. Hearts, 7. Clais, A. 9, 7.

JMnionds.A, 10,7,5,2 taf? marked W. E. S. game, but unless the game is punetuatad with ex siting plays they will have nothing to talk about, Ths rules are good enough, and tinkering tbsm always results in harm. The bunt was an exception and ought to havo never been oofllially reeognized.

It had degenerated into a nuisance and players who wero utterly incapablo of making it in a hundred rears wore out pitchers by fonllng the ball so msny times iu succession that the man in tho box ws finally tuckered out. I do not think it advisable for tho umpire at all times to stand behind the plate. Thero nre oceasions when he should run out into the diamond. I really dou't think an umpire is harder on pitcher whon he is back of him, although the impression provails that such is the case. Harry Wright will havo charge of tho umpires this year nnd I look for an improvement in thoir work.

Heaven knows they wero bad enough last year. Tho old diamond was good enough und there was no use in adopting a new one. The old one was pluin; tho new is calculated to mix up amateurs. Perhaps that is what it was adopted for." Rnsc E2ii.ll TVolcn. Ths wook's exhibition games at Eastern park includ practice matches with tho Poly's mn to day, followed by the Eastern league team of Wllkesbarro on Tuesday and Wednesday and tho Binghamton team on Thursday, women's day, and Friday, ending with tho grand match of tho week on Saturday, the contest with the Ynltt university team, which will call for the Brooklyn team's best efforts, as tho Yale nine defeated the Boston champions last Friday and on Saturday had a tie gamo with thorn.

Carter pitching ngalnt Nichols. Carter feels sanguine of eapturlng the Brookiyns with Yale's full team to back him. These college games, and even those with the academy nines, nre worth twice as mucn to tlio Brookiyns for real good practice as those with the semi professional teams, especially in rosjnrd to drawing good "gates." Singularly onough the only fielding errors charged to the two teams in Saturday's contest at Eastern park were made by the two third basemen and the two catchers and they were few. Baubis showing fine command of the ball and marked strategic skill in his delivery this season. He promises to excel In tho position.

The Brooklyn team, when all of tho regular players shall have got into good form for their league work, will be seen to bo tho best ths club hns ever placed In tho field. It is to be hoped, however, that Captnin Foutz will not opn the league season by sending his team in ll'rst at tho bat, as he has done in the exhibition campaign. He ought nlso to insist upon his batsmen getting out of the rut of fnclng for left field, as thoy do. instead of for ridht Held hits. The Fnrrell deal is at last ended, and he virtually accepted New York's terms on Saturday, though he did not sign until to day.

The club has had llrst cla9S advertising out of the deal, as also has Farrell. The Now York team is now complete. The Chicago lieenvd. In commenting upon tho abolition of the trapped ily ball rule, has this to Bay on the subject: Thero is something bettor that the crowds like to neo in preference to cood batting, and that is line fieldins roars. was at tho prime ot popularity when small scores were common.

Whenever the longue seeks to curtail possibilities of tine fielding in order to swell tho run column, it makes a serious mistako. Snectators at a cauie will carry awav the memory of a brilliant play, but will soon forest, tho fact that thero wero good liattinc and plenty of rnus. A few years ago Pittsbure and Indianapolis played a particularly one sided and stupid game except fir one feat by Dunlap. who made a particularly brilliant catch. After tho gamo a gentleman who had boen a spootator said: "There wasn't much of a contest about it.

but I would rather see a catch like that which Dunlao made a dozen close games." It is said that McPhee saved three cames for Cincinnati last year by moans of trapping flies. But that is one of the very reasons why McPheo is popular in Cincinnati and why hundreds of people become interested in tho srame. Curtail all chances of doinc anything but niechniiicn.1 work ami baseball will soon bo divested of half its interest." Chadwick. Clindtvlck Again an Editor. Anew venture in sportine journalism has made its appearance in the shape of a Mien's Monthly Magazine, edited by the veteran Honry Clmd wicK and published by tho Walden press.

New York city. Tlio new publication is very beautiful, typosraphioally. and the enntents are quite in keeping, tho articles on various sports boing newsy, bright and up to date, and yet treated with dignity and good judgment. 3dr. Chudwick has done much good literary work in his lone and honorable career, but never anything to ox el his splendid efforts in this now macazine.

He has taken up a wide range of subjects, comprising base ball, cricket, billiards, yachting, hunting and fishing, tennis, chess, whist, shooting, cycling, hand ball, bowling and athletics, and all are equally well handled, thus showing the wonderful versatility acquired by thirty years of active work in the interest of all legitimate sports and as well the wonderful vitality of this grand old man. Vaiaen's fontMy is far superior to any similar publication, desd or alive, and deserves all the sucoes a monthly journal can expect and should receive. Spurting Life. "Owney, Post Office, Albany, N. At tha comfortable depot Owney made himself in the mail ar.

Plenty of pood vict uals made him happy, and when he get Spades, 9, 0, 5. Heirts, 4, 3, 2. Oinbs, 1 0,8.0. Diamonds, 8, 0. Seren of diamonds tnrnei by East.

South to lead. BBO0KX.1TN soobeb. N. and S. Total.

Teams Nos. 1 5. 8, 19 3 12 Teams Nos. 2. 3, 4, 0.

1), 10, 11, 12.14, 15. 18. 17, 18, 20, 21. 22. 2o'.

24, 25.... 2 38 Teams Nos. 7, 13 1 2 Total 52 BROOKLYN 6COIIB8. and W. Total.

Team No. 21 12 12 Teams Vo. 1, 3, 4. 5. 0.7, S.

0, 10, 12.15, Hi, 17. 10, 20, 22, 23, 2f. 11 200 Teams Nos. 2, 11, 13. 14, 18 10 .0 Total.

.271 Tho auelire tournament begun a day or two ago in the rooms St. Peter's Catholic Library association, 110 116 Warren street, has produced as much, if not more, Interest than the handball games which are fast drawing to a close. James A. Medlor. chairman of tho sub commlt teo having the tournament in charge, is oxeeed isly gratified over tho satisfnotory quality of the arrangements, nnd has received many congratulations from tho players, some of whom have already completed one third of tho number of games in the schedule.

Up to dato tha score stands as follows: TO TAX, Grand total. 323 327 N. and S. E. and W.

52 a71 54 273 XHW YORK. BBOOKLTS. Brooklyn loses two trioks on this hand. 5 1 pi 3 HAND NO. 3.

Spades. 10. 4. 2. Hearts, 4.

Clnbs, 0, 8. Dia nonds, 8, 5, 3. 6 Games Oumeif Won. i oat. ...12 17 Won.

lost. 2 4 Odds to Odds to Players. Warinir. Webbar. N.

i il 1 Spades, 0. 8. 5. Hearts, K. Q.

0.7 2. Clnbs, 10. 0, 7, 5, 4. Diamonds, none. npaaes.

3. Hearts, lu, 6, 5. Clufs. 8. Diamonds.

7, 4. 2 327, .023 2f. 3221. 074 241. 11 .290 .870 .306 .304 .20 W.

E. S. I Players. Hiokey Koliy Kearney Lawler Mclnrnoy. Motley ilnrphy Mnrtagh.

Nolan IS 18 5 4 12 fl 13 Hi 3 7 3 ...10 4 ...15 II 31 7 0 11 3 Davis 10 Doyle .9251 1 arruil. .878 .080 .9091 1 1 Rusie .885 ,6. Allen Catfrey Uahill Deckor. U. IJocker Doran Dalr iriHiii Uailey Corcoran Burnfl Hhoch Kennedy.

Foutz Tread way. Kins tiietn Totals Spades, K. Hearts. 8. 3.

3, 4 v.i? 5 0 4 .272 UlnDs, i A. Q. 10, 9. 6. win.

Woinht. Full Ajax, 4 118 20 Banquet, a 118 Bninatl.lA'. 4 112 Blitzen. 5 105 30 Carbibud, 5 10'i 30 Charado, 5 108 0 Uiilrord. 4 12 30 (:omriTiobe.4.......1lO 50 105 50 Diablo, a 114 10 Don Alouzo, 4 1 1 8 50 Dr.

ltlce, 4 1 12 40 Kloroy, 4 0. 130 Kmin Bey. 4 100 40 G. W. Johnson, 4.112 20 K'yof N'avarre, 3.

.100 Ml Herald, 4 100 150 Hermit i e. 4 100 7'. .871 21.370. 7ti 0 .1 3b. 2471.023 tljtJs 1 win.

Weight. 15 5 10. 100 Loantaka, a 1 10 200 Lone Boacb, 5 100 50 Low ander, 0 110 100 Maid Marian. 5. ..110 150 Marshall.

4 100 100 Oxford, 4 100 50 Pieknloker. 0 108 Pickpocket. 5 110 2o Prince Goorge, 4.. 108 20 Rainbow, 4 112 00 St. 15 St.

Leonards, 4.. .110 100 Sholt sy Tattle, 4.3 05 10 Mir Walter, 4 120 15 Rport. 4 114 75 Trriflp, a 05 no Wlldwood. 5 110 12 Seven of spades turned by Soiztb. West to lead.

KHfOKLTS SCOTlTtH. N. and R. Total. 233..

003f Totals 287 Teams Nos. 1,4, 7, 10, 11, 18 IO 80 Teams Nos. 2, 8, 8, 14, 16. 17, 19, 20, 25. Ml Tearai No.

3, 5, 12. 10,21, 22,23. 24.... 8 64 Teams Nos. 13 7 14 tired of riding ho stopped off for a few daya with the local postmaster.

It proved to be tha life just suited to a jolly dog. A bit of tho Irish, terrier in Owney's skyo blood has helped him to appreoiato mora thoroughly the innumerable funny things he has seen during his travels ot the past four years. Nearly every place he stopped Owney received an additional tag, until now he wears a big bunch. When he jogs along they jingle lika the bells on a junk wagon. An extra harness was constructed by some friend, who saw that kindness would gradually choke the dog unless the extra weight could be attached to his baok.

These tags bear various inscriptions ot the plaoos where Owney has been entertained, and by whom. At the Seattle post office the, local government post, after wasting two pada of paper, composed the following, which Is now ongraved on plate fastened to Ownoy'a collar: "I Kuetfs I am an innoce nt abroad, for I travel through thick and thin, but I meet with kindly treatment and like to be takon in." The people at Spokane, Washington, had aa idea that Owuoy would be around to see Post, master Sullivan in a year or two. Underneath the name of their town they put 'Whore Bonds Sell Above Par, October 27, 1803. The souvenir spocn craze was on whea Owney struck Fort Wayne. The post master ot that place ongraved the date of Owney's visit, March 27, 1839.

on the back of a pewter spoon, which is now one of the most attractive ornaments in the bunch. Grant Hiale man of Waverly, and Honry Dean, of Hlldretb street, Draout, have thoir names on small brass tags. A wag from somewhere marked a piece of nickel, "The Chilian, puzzle, remove tho ring and put it on again." That man wanted to play a practical joko on a stranger unacquainted with Owney's habits. Owney accepts all the medals his friends award bim, but no one dare take them off. He is always glad to turn over on bis back to permit an inspection of his trophies, but when a stranger's hand gets near the buckle Owney growls.

At St. Louis the flro department learned of Owney's arrival and insisted upon keeping him for one night. In the course of his wanderings Owney has visited Mitchell, 111., twioe. Two dog tax tags gwe him tha freedom of the town both times. At tho eoa vontlon of the Iowa Bankers' association, held nt Council Bluffs, on May 23 and 24, 1893, Owney was the honored guest.

A handsome) medal commemorates the event. Among others who havo cultivated 'the society of the jolly terrier ore the Knights of Pythias, the Toledo produce exchange, a well known brewery and a number of hospitable individuals. One tog stntes that William F. Maybaum of the Brooklyn general post office was invited by Owney. No date is given.

Superintendent C. H. Lyons of the mailing department will see that Owney is well led whilei he stays. Mr. Lyons thinks that his guest will nrobably leavo for the East this afternoon, bat no one can tell.

Owney starts and stops just aa 10 Lamplighter, 5.... 127 I Total 210 sooiieb. K. and W. Total Team No.

2 8 8 Team No. 20 tt 6 Teams Nos. 3. 4, 6, 7, 13, 17. 18, 25 5 40 Teams Noa.

0, 8, In, It. 14. 10, 24 4 28 Teams Nos. 1, 9, 12, 15,18,21,22,23.... 3 24 other.

The hands for ono section wero dealt in advance and put upon Kalamazoo trays numbered 1 to 25. Exact duplicates of theso hands wero then made upon a second set of trays and the hands wero recorded. Shortly before the time set for play to bogin the dealers' hand or ono set of boards was shuffled and a non participant drew a card at random which was mado the trump for that deal, and the same card was turned on the corresponding board, henoo It was an absolute impossibility for any ono to have any knowledge of tho bands. Tho courtesy betweon the teams was very marked, and many instances during the match gave proof of the good will and cordiality between the playors of the two cltlos. There is no code of laws governing duplicate whist.

One was proposed at the third American whist congress, but not adopted, Tho one then proposed has, hswever, been followed very generally. One of Its provisions is that each card whan played mast Dn placed directly on top of the last oard previously turned down. It is the custom among the Philadelphia playors to iceop tally of the tricks takon by placing tho card of a trick won by their side at right anetles to the enrd of a trick won by their adversaries. There should be no objection to this, as it enables each player to keep count and is a oheck agr.inst errors in the score which are always liable to oocur. Objection to it waa made in the recent tournament of tha Intor club Whist league, and its practice horo was abandoned.

The Brooklyn players are acoustomed to taking a chip for oach trick and this should always be Insisted upon. It Is a physical act visible to all and less likely to lead to mistakes. Bat the placing of tho cards in a particular way should be permitted, as It becomes purely moebanlaal and the result is that all four players act as scorers and tho possibility of an error in the score is reduced to a minimum. It was announced from the platform before play began that thero was no objection on the part ot Brooklyn to the practice and it was generally followed by their Philadelphia guests. One special Instance of courtesy on the part of a Philadolphian occurred, when an adversary trumped a plain suit led under the impression thnt the trump card turned was the original lead, nnd was allowed to correct his error without jpenalty.

Equal courtesy was shown by the Brooklyn players. At one table a Philadel phian was seen to turn up an adversary's card after the cards of tnat trick bad all been turned and play hnd been made to the following trlek. No penalty was exacted, although it Is directly contrary to law. Whon the Brooklyn player's attention was oalled to it he said that it had boon done right along, but he did not propose to stop it olnim the penalty for it. Tno most striking instance of courtesy occurred the day after the game whon the presidents of ths Philadelphia and Brooklya Whist clubs, under whose auspices the mateh was codduoted, met for the purpose of officially comparing scores and deciding the result.

At oae table hand No. 13 was snored Brooklyn, North and South, Philadelphia.East and West, 5. One of tho Philadelphia team thought from the composition of the hand that he must havo taken more than five tricks and so reported to the presldauts. The score cards of beth sides agreed. In examining this band it was foand that the totals for North and South at tho other forty nine tables woe 280, an average of 4 84 49, and for East and West 407, an average of 8 15 49.

Hence there was a basis far thinking that possibly this particular score was reversed, in whioh case the matoh would have proved a tia. All that was asked was that the matter be called to tho attention oi the Brooklyn players to ascertain if they could remember ths play of tha hand, it bslng a certainty that the Brooklyn men would instantly admit an error if there was ono, otherwise tho score should bo aoeeptad aa oorrect. Speaking of this the Philadelphia Ledger says: On the face of the returns the tznmo resulted in a victory for Brooklyn. The soore of fine hand at one of the tables, however, was obviously erroneously entered as eight for Brooklyn and five for Philadelphia, whereas it should nave been the reverse. That this is the case can be proven by the recollection of the players and the composition of tho hand, it being impossible not co make more than five tricks out of the Philadelphia end of it.

The average of the hand at tho other tables was eittht and one half, and in no case waB less than seven made with It. Whether the mistake will be oorrected. however, is very doubtful. Thero ore many who believe that when the score cards are handed in that should preolude any further adjustment or trointr behind the returns, nnd there but little disposition in Philadelphia to claim the game aa a tie. There can be no doubt that each side took exactly the same number of tricks, but as a Philadelphia pair mado a mistake in entering the score and did not discover it until after tho sooro cards were banded in.

the game may. without protest, be counted as a 3 trick victory for Brooklyn. Investigation shows that the score was not erroneously entered and the statements and reoollections of the players go to prove it. It is possible for East and West to mako but 5 tricks, as will be shown when the hand is published, hence there is no doubt that each side did not take exactly the same number of tricks. At no time did Philadelphia make any claim.

It simply called attention to possible error. The following manly letter from Dr. Joseph S. NoU states the exact facts: Philadelphia. April 6.

1S94. Dear sir I notice iu to day's Ledger an article from a Brooklyn paper in reference to tho whist match in which it is Btated that the Philadel phians claimed tho game for certain reasons and 1 desire that this statement be ofnoially corrected, as there has been no claim or protect officially mndo other than my statement to you when in Brooklyn, which was that unless all parties unanimously agreed that tho hand had been scored wrong, the score must sta nd. as it would moke a bad precedent to eo behind the returns. I have no reason to change the position I havo taken in roferenoe to tho matter. Please be kind enough to quote mo in this as voicing the stiments of tho Rentlomon in c'uar'je.

For sake of the reputation we have had in the pJ I would much prefer at auy time iu any gen''' ianly sport to lose a contest than to have wcS ne, the winning of which would create an aeling or causo any abnonco of courtesy the contestants. TOTAL. ....100 Grand total. 325 325 hand. N.

and S. E. and W. Brooklyn. 2i0 100 Philadelphia 219 100 There was neither gain nor loss on this HAND NO.

4. Spades. A. 7. Itearts, K.

(Jluhs, 10, 9. Diamonds, 10. The fourth series of games in ths hand ball tournament now in progress in tho gymnasium of tno association was played yesterday before a good audience. Mclneraey and Corbett were the first to occupy tho oourt, their opponents being Lawler and Burgees. The former team played a swift up hill game, and put is curves on the bottom trick that were simply invinoi ble.

The three games were run off in quick order, Melnerney and Corbevt capturing all of them. The score at ths close stood: Melnerney and Corbett ....21 21 21 Lawler and, Burgeas 12 17 12 Stackpole and Murphy took another leap In the race yesterday by getting three straight games from Smith and Woods. The juniors played with all the strength and skill they could command, but their opponents' play at tne wall proved too much for them. Smith did some Very olever work In returning the ball from long distances. The score was as follows: Stuckpolo and Murphy 21 21 21 Smith and Woods 8 11 15 In the third game it was announced that Mr.

McGuinness was unable to play, and by arrangement with tho tournamsnt committee, Hal lay, his partner, met Waters, the stronger member of the rival team. Their games were very interesting, abounding in many excellent plays and not a few surprises. At the cIobs the seoro stood: Waters 21 21 21 Millay 12 11 13 An individual tournament in two classes will be scheduled shortly, after which tho athletic department will get ready for its summer work. 5.3. Spades, 9.

8, 6, Hearts, 7. 6, ,5. Spades, J. 1 0, 4, 2. HeirtsQ, 2.

Clnbs, k. 4. Diamondu.7,6, 5. 3, 2. W.

K. S. uiuds, A. Diamonds, 4. Hud Dobio Will Kldc Acrain This Sea ton.

Chicaoo, 111., April 0 The dispatch from Kich mond, saying that Bud Doble, the famous trotting horse driver and trainer had determined to drive no more was shown Mr. Doble at his apartment. at the Auditorium last night. "Thero is not a particle of truth in it." he deoUred promptly, "and I cannot imagine how the report got 'started. I expect to drive more this year then I ever did in my life; am in splendid health and can see no reason why I Bhonld consider retiring, as the dispatch says." Lone Island Trot ting Astir.

The Long Island Trottiag ossocintion of Pear sails, L. has adoptad a resolution to join the tho Long Island trotting ciroult, reoently formed, which includes the principal tracks ot the island. Tho association mot on Saturday evening and eleotod tho following officers for tbo current year: James P. Niemnn, president; George Koeokel, vioa president; George W. Caldwell, treasurer; William P.

Hor ton, secretary. The association has arranged to have the opeaimg races on May 30 and the track is being put in first class condition. Among the parses for tho coming season will be a sl.OOO special colt stafie for foals of 1S91 and under. A numoer of entries have already boen made for this race. The treasurer's report shows tho association to bo iu good financial condition, with the membership list growing.

TALK OF FIGHTS ASIl FIGHTERS. Spades, Q. Heart. 10, 9. 8.

4, 3. Sluba. 8. 7. 0.

3. lamonds, 9. 8. Four ot spades turned by West. North to lead.

BBOOKiVN scones. N. and 8. Teams Nos. 0.

14 8 Teams Noa. 4,7, 1 1. 18. 19, 22, 23 7 Cea nsNoa. 1, 3.

fi. 15, 10. 24 6 Teams Nos. 2, 8, 8. 10, 11, 13.

20, 21, 25 5 Total 18 Amaconr Bao Bali, An exciting game was plnyea at Highlands yesterday between tho Kings County team, composed of boys of lfi ana under, and the Lib ertys. composed of men over 21 years of age. The Kings Countys played ono of the finest games they over put up in batting and fielding: 50 Total 151 BEOOK1.TN scones. K. and W.

Total 9 U.V10N LEAGUE POOL TOURNAMENT. 50 'leam no. Teams Nos. 3, 7, 9, 13, 21. 22, 24 Teams Nos.

2. 4, 5. 0. 8. 10, 11.

12, 15. IB, 17. 18, 19 Teams Nos. 1. 14, 20 Team No.

23 he takes a notion. 91 18 S. B. BSotl. With an Unbroken Score, Looks Like a.

Sure Winner. COUSTV. n. 1B.P.O.A.E. T.

Raker, o.f.J. 2 0 2 0 li. Woods, r. t.1 1 0 J. 3 2 H.lleminc'ibt) 12 1ft J.

Mfvnr. 3 8 4 0 (j. 2 3 3 1 j. Woods, c. ..1 3 3 2 0 lt.Honartti.p.1 2 7 10 L.

Ernet, 2 4 0 1 Total 8212717 3 LUSEJITTB. R. lD.r.O.A.E. Heansy. 2b ..1 1 2 2 2 Kaiser, lb 1 1 0 0 1 AokoTson.

s.s.O 10 3 0 Tobter. 0 1 0 1 P. Jackson, p. 1 3 1 2 Willis, 3b 1 1 Brown, r. 0 0 3 2 Hutls.

1. 0 Olpl Itncho. c. 1 () 4 2 4 Kill, 0 0 2 0 0 Price, 0 13 0 0 Total 4 0241213 C0IrS SUB TOURNEY ESDS Total 178 TOTAL. Grand N.

and S. E. and W. total. Brooklyn 151 170 3 J7 Philadelphia 149 174 323 Brooklyn gains two tricks on this hand.

There wore two revokes by Brooklyn East and West, Team No. 23 playing against Swift and Tntnall. A close and quick came was played Saturday night, between G. W. oonklin and G.

L. Mnri nor, in the pool tournament in the Union League club. They both played at 60 poinis, and Mr. Conklln won by a margin of 3 but ons only. Mr.

Marinor had just recovered from an attack of grip, but played in good form, nevertheless. The nine frmes were played in less than an hour. The 600re: BCOUE BT iNNisan. 1 2 3 4 5 0 7 8 0 Kinita 2 6 3 0 1 1 8 Llbrtyo 1 100100104 "Wltli Central Wniurr mill Park Seem ond A. Vvro Jlcn Competition.

Cody's sub tournament came to a successful conclusion last week, the Central winning, with the Park second and Arlington third. The Prospect Hill and Garfield will roll off the tie for fourth place this evening. Gordon of tfco Axlingtons wins the spare prize wilh 78. Bart lett, Hughes, Malloy and Hassmer aro the individual prize winners. The Heilo Bill dropped out late In the tournnment and forfeited a number of game3.

A meeting to organize a two men team tourney will bo held next Wodnesday. Following are the records: BASE HITS EACH IJTNISG. ATLANTIC TAOHT CLUB MATTERS. 12 3 4 5 0789 MARISOtt 8 '6 0 2 0 0 Kinas 2 3 Lifcortys 2 1 Jack OTc Auliffe on Abbottnnd Sullivan. JlonMiiy Yocjuir'ai Curiosity.

Jack McAuliffo sat on the platform at the Lenox lyceum in Naw York Saturday night and watched the tactics ot Stanton Abbott with a great deal of interost, as a match for a limited round go between them is likely to bo arranged thia week. Jack's comments on the show were not very complimentary to Abbott and he seemed to think that he oould make easy work of the Englishman. In an interview yesterday he spoke more favorably, saying: "I watchud the Englishman's movemente very closely ond must admit that he is a vory clever boxer, lie appears to be shitty on his faet, can punch hard and uses both hands well. But 'tween you and me and the lamp post ho would not dare to use Ms head the way he did Saturday night if ho over goes up against me. I'd chop it off for him pretty quick.

People ask me quite often whether it is true that Cerbett and I are friends si gi 51 jfil Si 9 91 3,1 Si g. 3 S. Fnmoi, 5 1 3.i Frames. I 1 ni gill! EN 1 Hi 1 11 4: 1 7 li 1 4 2 13 0 ll 01 a II 0 0 3 5 ll Oi 01 iii 8 II 01 1 0 4 1 al li il ii 4 i a fi ll Oi 0 4:." 101 Oi 1 0 si i al ei 1. 005 0 8 10i Hiflh Avor Time of came 2 honra.

The team of Public School No. 9 defeated Public Sehool No. 1'2 in a one sided game Saturday. The Holding of Btirko and Buck and a triple play by Benis and Leach were tho features. Score: p.

s. yo. 9. 1 r. s.

so. 12. II. In. P.O.

a. e. I 11.1 B. P.O. A.

F. Itarnor. l.f.5 2 1 1 J. Peterson, c.l 14 10 score. 000 Woo.

....14 ....11 9 Lost. 4 5 7 7 11 Total pins. 13.2ir 13,034 13.0M1 12.453 11,1171 12.209 11,753 11.7117 0,005 Club Par Arlinffton Prospoct (iarnerd Aarora Laos Oak HehoBM 820 814 818 778 748 703 734 785 60S Kurke. r. 3 1 0 11 1, 7 1 1 0 7 017 813 S2I1 N14 SID iSU(l Oi iiosonnerir li I a E.

Smart. 1. .0 1 0 0 8 0 0 t) 1 3 0 I 41 11 01 4i.8 Ill 01 4. 8 Ill KuuH.

It, 1 1 8.... 0.... 0' 0 01 ll 11 ia 13 Bakor. 2b 1 2 12 0 Benle, 3b 1 0 3 2 1 KIuk.o 1 2 2 2 () ILSmnrt, c. 110 0 0, 3110 fti jV36jiTotl Total 71 3135 rlrirtrhain.Sh.y 2 a 1 Ui T.l otor6on.lbU (1 0 1 1 0 Dailsy.

B.S....I 0 0 0 2 0 3 0 1 Hughe, r. 0 1 Atwood, c. .2 1 Nelson, a. s. ..3 1 Gilbert ranked second among tho Eastern league batters, but in fielding he was way down in the list.

It is said of hiru. however, that in throwing across the diamond he is the equal of Hash of Boston. At present, tnough, he is not meeting espectations. Want ef practice and nervousness consequent upon a desire to do his best, are givn as the cause of his poor showing. Treadway has already become popular with the eranits by his earnest earnest work and his i'ollying ways.

His ac tions are similar to Arlia atham's, while somo of his tricks make the cranks loag for the season to open. It is Fancy Bill Kennedy now, as tho clever twirler has developed unlooked for fastidious ideas. It will bo remembered that last year Kennedy and Stein had a bet of a silk tilo on their batting averages, which the Bellalre lad won easily. He had been on the grounds ten minutes when he offered to bet Stein a pair of $8 patent leather shoes on their batting powers this year. He calmly Informed Stein that he was in need of the shoes in order to offset that silk tile and the umbrella presented him by Jake Kilrain and that Stein might as well pay up right off.

Needless to say, Stein refused te accede to this one sided request nnd negotiations are off for tho present. Playing under conditions like those of Saturday would soon put a team on the sick list. Tom Burns broke training, so far as total ab stinenae was conoernod, for the 8r3t time in three months ana suvonteen days, he told the Eagle reporter, but he did it for medicinal purposes only. He asserted thnt a saint would break the pledge if ha had to play ball in a snow storm liKe that of lost Saturday. Mcwi of tlio SMayers.

The Brookiyns will play tho Wllkesbarre team of the Eastern leaguo to morrow. It is a strong aggregation and will give the big leaguers somir good work. La Chance's release was purchased from the Wllkesbarro olub last season. Direetor Talcett of tho New York elubiays he Will bet 500 to siiOO that Ward's men will beat out theBrooklyn team in the championship race. Jack Hayes, the vetoran catcher and general player, who was with Ward's Brooklyn brotherhood team, played with the Metropolitans on Saturday in their game with the New Yorks.

He made eueh a line showing that Mike Kally will probably sign him for hi Allentown team. Comiskoy is proud ef his new outlleld, which consists oi Hoy, Halliday and young McCarthy. He thinks it is the bost trio of Holders that tho Cincinnati club ever possessed. George Wood will bo one of Mike Kelly fielders in the Allentown olub. Danny llichardson has already beoome popular in LouiBTllle.

lie played second base tho other day and made 3 runs, 2 hits and accepted 6 chances without an error. MoTammnny of old Brooklyn association lame is playing goed ball for the Indianapolis team. "With the retirement of Gaffney, Lyneh is tho veteran of the league staff of umpires. Manager Hanion is playing McGraw at third base and Bonner at eriort stop. It is safe to predict that McGraw will play bettor at third than at short field.

His chief fault h.ts been slowness in judging inllaid hits, nnd this will not be so apparent nt third, because he hns less ground to cover than at short. His throwing is strong und accurate. The great game of tho exhibition season was played at St. Louis last Tuesday, when the SL Louis, Hawley pitching, beat the Kansas Citys 1 to 0. Only one of the visitors saw third base.

CaMahan, the new pitcner secured by the Philadelphia club, seems to be a coiner. He has so far done the bost pitching for that club in tho exhibition gnmos. Taylor, tho Staten Island pitcner, is also showing up in good form. Captain Anson of the Cliicago. lub is not quite ploased with the changes in tho rules regarding the trap bull.

He fays: "I wanted the bunt entirely abolished. Instead it was so penalized that the pitcher will in a measure get what is his due. If the batter liite the ball foul it will be called a strike, which is right and proper. The pitoiior put? tho ball over the plato and ought to have the credit for it. Thut is not so good as cutting it out altogether, but it answers the purpose admirably.

The rule ought certainly to increase tho efficacy of the pitcher, and thin in itseil will mano the game more interesting. I think that tho league made a mistake in burring tho trapped ball. There are only a few men who are cupa ble of making the play. It will cut out oue of the most interesting fcuturea of tho game and it is to be regrattecl that it hud to go. Tho uncertainties of the came ire the very pointB that make it so interesting.

Take away all of tint uncertain features and the game suddenly loses favor. It was agreed that the reason the league abolished the trap was to prevent a possible double or triple play. That is just tho reason why it should havo been retained. Say that tho bases are full when a btti comes up. A hit means one, if not two runs.

Suppose that the batter pops up an infield fly which a heady plater traps. At least one, i( not two, men will be out. The base runners, not having seen the piny made often, may become confused, and it is then that head work on the ball field will count. The play lias excited the crowd and tho fans don't know how it is all going to turn out. That to them is thu most exciting period in the gnmn.

That play will be talked about for woeks afterward. Now a play that is a novelty because of extreme rareness has been dropped just to prevent a man with brains from limiting star play. I am iu iaror Of restoring the trap to favor. People do not care so much to see runs made as they do to witness phenomenal plays, daring base running, eir eu CRtches and the liKe. Of coarse, they want til h.ome club to land eaaugh runs to win tho Games.

...14 ...14 Total. 118 8 Xarao. Malloy O'Connor. Bolin l.sltoh 171718 11 Total 5 SCORE BY ISSRcnC. 1 2 3 4 CENTRAL Total 2.383 t.t)ys Oti." 13.217 Aver axo.

170 168 IBS 159 135 829 Spares. 41 tVi a 05 05 IS 320 10 O'li anion 16 8 0 4 1 Pnbllc School No. 9 4 17 0 5 Winner's nerage, tl 4 1 loser's average. 5 7 0. Referee T.

J. As the record stands Mr. S. B. Holt looks lifca a sure winner without a game lost.

Mr. Pierce has a good chance of taking advantage of a break on Mr. Halt's part, ns he has developed a strength beyoad tho calculations of the handt enpoers. Tho high handicap men are generally low in tnis contest, thereby makiag the mon with lowor Qcures feel that they have a reasonable chance. The record to date follows: Public Ko.

12 0 1 Xoam. ..16 ARLINGTON. Spares. 02 SB Coustitmlon a. utl By law Cliantrea to lie DiscuKeed at KXeetingr.

To night the second general meeting of the Atlantic Yacht club for 1894 will be held at tho Hotel t. Georgo, when final consideration will be given to the amendments proposed at the February meetinir. Tho ohanges in the constitution constitute some reforms in tho proposal and election of members and considerable interest is being taken in tho question. Following are tha amendments: Constitution, Articlo II. Strike out the word first in the second lino and substitute the word April for February in third line and strike out the word first in seventh line.

Article IV. Substitute the word April for February in liBt lino. Artiole Till. Strike out the word first in tenth Hue and substitute tho word April for February in eleventh line. Article X.

Strike out sentence commenoine "They shall elect" and ending "elections and res icnations." Strike out the word reiular in fifth, tenth and thirteenth lines from the last and substitute the April for February at the end of the fourth and beginning of the third line from tho last. Article XI. Strike out the word "first" in tho first line and strike out the sentence beginning "and to mako" and endins "of trustees forthwith." Article XII. Strike out the word "first" in the first line. Articlo XTTT.

Strike out the word "last" in the first line. Article XVL Substitute the following for old Article XVI: Proposal and election of members. "Any member proposing a person for membership must give notice in writing to the seoretnry, who shall forthwith furnish to the committee on membership the name of the person proposed, his occupation and residence, ond if said com mittea reports favorably thereon the sooretary ahall mull a notice containing said name, occupation and residence to each member of the club, and if 110 objections are received by the secretary to said proposal within ten days thereafter, he shall notify the person proposed of his election. In the event, however, of his receiving suoh objection, the same shall be transmitted 10 tho committee on membership, and their action thereon shall bo final." BYL.AW3. Chapter I.

section 1. Strike out the words "that members elected subsequent to tho first ilnv of November in auv fiscal vear shall Earned runs No. 0, 12 No. 12,2. Home run Brtdg hain.

Three baso hits Hock. Baker, Klnfr. Leach nd KooeuberR. Tn'O baso hit Itaynor, Koison, Burke, Bridcham. 2: J.

Petoreon. Donble lajrH Atwood nnd Bakor, Biker ami ilnaU, Kins and Triplo plav Bonis and r.ench. Baso on balls No. 9, No. Vs, 0.

Stroot oat By Raynor, ii by Leaoh, b. Left on baees No. i. 5 'o. 12, 8.

SEW UTRECnT BILLIARDS AND POOL. Hlnrtl won. Nnrno. Games. Bostwiok 1 tS K.

Forman Ill M. Spshn IS Gordon 10 K. Spaahn 4 G. Forman 13 Toam 1G To play. 4 It oau.

100 0 Lopt. 1 1 frames Nemo. played. 8. B.

Holt 7 C. Pieroe N. B. iioxle W. Liibson 7 i.

W. 7 323 Total pins. 2.755 2.073 2.60i 2,572 13,001 PAKE. Total pins. 2.413 1,370 2,102 2,107 1,740 Joseph h.

Eseff. Tho experienco gained in these matches will prove valuable hereafter. It is impossible to arrange ia advance fsr the exact number of J. It. 4 4 4 7 0 5 4 (5 100 loo 11H) ioo BO 100 tiO Games, ...14 8 II.

H. I W. 11. I W. M.

KlUvtorth CJ. E. It. D. 1 V.

T. Bartlott Hassmsr Hornield Felt again. Well, in one sense we are and in another we are not. Tho night 1 mot him on Broadway he appeared to bo very friendly and really called mo 'Sir. I never knew that he was so polite and amiable.

At that very moment I could have given him a good punch on tho nose. Jackson will do hm as sure as gospel if they ever meot, and I think tho business will be better benefited if such a thing happens. Of course, I'm still a friend of Corbett, boeause he waB so polite to me. Can't you understand?" In his bout with Bull McCarthy Saturday night, which was as good us any seen, Abbott satisfied most of the spectators that he was the better man, and he cortoluly was in better condition when the sixth round ended and the refereo declared it a draw. Tho trouble was that Abbott figured out an easier victory than was possible and did not cut himself loose till the third round.

Then ho got a nasty upper cut on the eye which worried him considerably during the rest of tn encounter, it wus n. big disappointment to him not to get tho decision, und ho could not refrain from btepplng back in the ring and remarking, with his pronounced Cockney accent, that though he seemed to be getting a bit the worst of things it might interest the public to know that ho had become an American citiznu. Another amusing incident of Eckhard'e show occurred alter the Voung Handior bout, iu wbioh Handler got the judgment. Young dressed and returned to the stage platform. Spares.

51! 50 31 54 40 30 270 .14 players agreed upon, lor in so groat a match some are bound at the last moment to bo prevented from taking part, nnd unless there is a margin over the required number it will fall short. On the other hand, 11 thero is a surplus Scanlon 14 Bruckolmolor. lis KUXS BY RtMBLEi: RIDERS. .10 13,034 Bomo are debarred from participating. A Aver 107 III 159 140 818 Atst aga.

178 173 171 150 154 14o 814 Average. 173 153 loa 151 148 778 Avof ajre. 158 158 156 150 149 145 703 PEOSPICT HILL. Total Sunday runs are growinc in favor with tho Brooklyn ltamblers, and more than a score of Gamsa. members turn out the iirst of every week.

April pins. 2,781 2,143 2.434 2,423 2.377 2,781 2,143 2.434 2.423 2.377 Name. Gray Kills lloyie Team 1 twenty five joined forces for a run toPlainfield. N. and while yesterday was an exception, another party has been mado up for a trip to Tot tenvillo.

S. on April 15. The club mombers are making their organization popular by aivins a warm welcome to unattached riders who care to join in its trips. The club has adopted a new lisrht cray bloomer suit for this season. The raciujr team is Retting into shape rapidly under the training of Captain Brooks.

A Schedule to He Arrnujed lor the Ieliiqu t'nls. When the billiard and pool tournaments in the New Utrecht club, Bath Beach, were started the eompotitors wero allowed to arrange their own games, and as a rosult, many have been delinquent. There will bo a meeting of thoso in charge this wook to arrango a schedule for the completion ot unplnycd games. The billiard tournament lias prnctlcaiiy narrowed down to a duel botwonn George E. N'ostrnnd and I).

E. Anthony. Thoso men have yet to meet each otiier. W. Lott holds on to llrst Elaeo in tho pool "ontst.

Tho record of the illiard players who have played five or more games are as follows. The llrst Hguro indicates games won, and tho second games lost: Geiirim E. is ran 111; I), jo 1 T. IJ. 4: J.

S. Wrisht, 8 W. Van Wrck, J. Afl jclt. 5 T.

V. IS. Jlogo ui'n. 3 M. van C.

c. AndeiMOU, 20: 1''. L. flnbbard, 21: Su 3 7 The pool players who havo played ten games or more are: W. II. 15 P. A. Mon fort, 113; J. S.

Rbodes, fi; J. S. Wright, 11 Van Brunt, 105: It. B.Sedgwick, 93; H. P.

Wilkinson, 3: O. C. Amlerson, 8 T. IX Biizley, 7 fi; G. E.

Nostrand, 7 D. V. B. Hegeman, J. f.5: U.

E. Anthony, 5 W. H. Wright, 0 13: W. Van Wyct, 3 12, and C.

II. Simonson 110. HOIKS OK THU ClUCKKTKIts. Name. D.

D. Honry Schmidt powers while Ernst and Zioglor were mauling ouch ...10 H7 ..14 53 ..1 65 ...10 60 ...10 06 12.453 311 AUROBA. Total Games. pins. Spares.

7 1,111 20 ..14 2.210 51 10. 2.50;) 52 2,259 55 ...14 2.0S7 59 .14 2,034 51 ...16 12,200 204 OABF1ELD. Total Games. pius. Spares.

...16 2,053 50 ...10 62 ...16 2.302 55 ...12 1,707 41 ...16 2.248 00 ...10 11,071 264 OAK. I ouipt from the payment of dues for the current year," and substitute that the payment made by I members elected after the first day of November shall be credited as for tho ensning fiscal year. I H. nnnttnn .4. 4 4 a other.

The a spectator Brooklyn boy got alongside of and inquired whether there a bout preceding that thon told that Young aud Hand had been When on. Average. 105 157 143 142 136 748 Name. Strubbe Shea Bond Hanker McEv oy Toam scheme has been devised to remedy this and next season it is proposed to play another home nnd home match on a still larger scale. The selection of the Brooklyn contingent was a difficult task owing to tbo fact that more playors were available than could participate.

ConsiUontly tho quota of nil the clubs was reduced and it was left to the representative of each club to designnto the individuals who should represent it and tho list was submitted to nnd onrefully gono over by each of them. Tho closeness of this match is marvelous as tha difference was less than ono tenth in 2,700. The Philadelphia players have devised a new systam whioh was extensively followed in this match and they olaira that it is an improvement upon existing methods, and is as follows: is in plain saits L'if. of act or queen announces weakness in trurnns (except lead of nee iollowi by queen or jack which irives no information as to trumps.) Lead of king or jack announces strength in trumps. (It follows that with ace load ace when weak in trumps and small card whon strong.) Aunounciuc strength in trumps, with honor turned to right is cali.

Second hand Play the hieher of kin; queen with or without others and ot qnoen. jack with or without another in both trumps an 1 plain suits. Fourth hand Win trick with king holdiutr queen. Discarding Always discard from weakness. Plain suit echo Slinws strength in that suit, whether made in di carding or in following.

Trump echo An echo on the adversary's lead nf trumps indicates only two trumps second hand, iimr11 than two trutiin i fourth hand. Most of these are radical departures from the geuurally accepted theories aud if the discard is invariably to bo from weakness it may at times luraish information of great valuo to the adversaries. It is also conceivable that in many cases tho imparting of exact iaformution as to length in trumps may prove exceedingly ad antneoous to the trump leader. CtHPOBSIA'S RKLAT RIC1CLE RACK. Sa Francisco, April 9 Tho annual 100 mile relay bicycle race of the California Associated Cycling clubs, which took place yesterday, was won by tho Garden City of San Jose.

The entries were Garden City cyclers and the San Jose lload club of Sau Jose, the Acme club and Kelianco wheelmen of Oaklaud and the Bay City wheelmen, California Cyclinsr club and the Olympia club wheelmen of San Francisco. COXKY ISLAM) OUN CLUB'S SHOOT. "member" first mentioned in second line, but a remission on account of absence shall not be made to the same member for two consecutive years. Chapter XV, section 1. Strike out the words "February, May.

July and November." Strike out the word these" beginning the fourth line, and substitute the worth this. Chapter IX, section 1. Strike out tl.e word "Hay" in fourth line and substitute the word April; and substituto the word annual for "stated" ('neetini:) in second and fourth linos. Under "Uniform and Dre.s," nage 100, the committor recommends a more distinctive insignia fur tho club can and a special button. Tho house committee for 1SS4 is announced as as follows: J.

F. Ackerman, Thomas L. Arnold, H. V. a Nash.

Members aro advised that while the club house ifl not formally opened until May 30. it is nlways in condition for the reception of mombers and their friends. The house oommiltea requests the announcement that, during the season, members may secure rooms by telephone Total pins. Spares. ,005 43 2.04S 30 62 1.003 its 1,271 2(1 045 18 Name.

Games. Ilill 12 S. Honry i4 MoMatli 1 li K. 14 Huhlman i Wilson 7 ler had fought he asked, "How was that? The party nddrossed His inquirer, but Young titought himself incog and listenod eagerly while the stranger told him how much botter'young had iought than Handler. Finally Young could no longor contain Himself and exclaimed: "I'm Young and I think that what you sav is true and other people do also." Tho "boxing carnival, which the Columbia A.

C. will hold at the Grand Central paluco noxt Monday night, is attracting interest now. The Colmnbias have tho reputation of pulling off good shows, and tho management intend that tbis afl'nir will prove no exception. With this ond in view the best mon outaiuablo are being secured. The programme will bo made up of five six round bouts.

Tho principal contest will be between Joe Harmon of New York, who is no stranger to lirooklynites, and Al O'Brien, the Philadelphia lightweight. Another bout of much interest to followers of pugilism in this city is that in whioh Jim Holmes and Billy will be the stars. Jimmy Handler, Fltzslmmons' wonder, has been matched to meet Johnny Gorman iu ten round bout ot the New ork A. C. on April 28.

Team Average. 1U(5 146 145 142 141 133 735 Avor are. 150 157 151 14 114; 73T i The regular monthly Hhoot of the Coney Island Rod and Gun olub for the Plate diamond liadicc and extra cash prizes will take place Wednesday afternoon nt Woodlawu park. This will bo the Coney Island's last club shoot at Woodlawu, owin? to the new lease of the New Utrecht Knd and Gun club on theso grounds goiuc into effect May 1. The Coney Island club will continue its monthly shoots at Dexter park.

Name. Doyle An tuijourned meeting of th Manhattan Cricket club was held Saturday evening at Coyne's MiLtihattnn cottace, Coney Island road. As Mr. Berro ifonl and Mr. 1'ierson were prevented by buuiness froai itssumi ng the offices of president arid rice president, an election held for the offices.

David A. Munro accepted the presidency niter much persuasion. Arthur Wallis chosen vice president. Tlio eround committeo wr.S empowered to mako arrangements with tho Brookiyns to secure a ground man to be ed jointly. Th? meeting then adjonrnod.

Work will begin on the ground April 10. New Jersey has peenred anotlier cood man in Byers, a recent arrival from England. ...16 11,707 242 LEOO. Total Games. pius.

Spares. ...15 35 ...15 2.3'W 71 ..14 2,100 45 2,331 00 ...12 1.744 43 7 703 13 16 Mj75ft 2I Goarina O'Neill Orant BohaK Hatches Toam I to the olub house (call 08 South), and the super intendent win do in attendance witn all faoiiitiea to servo meals on notice. Also that a oommodi ous launch will, during the season, be run between the Bay llido dock and tho olub house Spring Clenni nir. The raoat iraprovod methods at tho Eaole Wajuc house A'D BTOitAGX Co, Bund for rates. J.dv.

Catcher Daniel Mairpby of this oit iVigae tojilaywl' Below are given hands Nos. 1 to 4. The ruAwiMiiiiriiiiii Wssiiifilii.

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