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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 4

Brooklyn, New York
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Thursday, March 6, 1879
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O'CLOCK EDITION 4 THURSDAY EVENING, MARCtf C, 1879. TELEGRAMS, The General News of the Day. The flamos of Six Now Cardinals, John Henry Newman Among the Number. Lord Chelmsford, the British Command - er In South Africa, Declared Incompetent The Russian Plague Believed to be Abating Political Affairs In France. The Rumor that Turkey will Cede the 'Island of Rhodes to France A Fatal Railroad Accident, Etc., Etc. Lovdon, March l. The list of cardinals to be created at tho next Consistory includes Dr. Uergouwetkor, Profesaor of Ecclesiastical History at Wurzburg; Dr, Sevmati, th? ATCbi - bi - 'hop of TouIoubd; thoBbhopof Poichers; the Papal Huncioe at Paris and Lisbon, and bouio Italian prolatog. .io'hn benry Newman wag born in 1S01 and s there foro 78 years of ago. He la tho Banlor of ulu brother 1'rauda William Nowman, the free thiuker and philologist, by four years. J. H. Newman was educated at Trinity College, Oxford, and took his I). A. degree in 1S30. The ciast - lcal honor list was at that tiiuo divided Into a First Class, a Second Class and ' - Second below tho lino," subsequently called the third. Newman, whose health had not allowed him to study vory severely, only took "a Second below tho lino." Continuing his reading however, he was three years af forward elected to a Fellowship at Oriel Collgge, cf which Edward Coploston, subsequently Bishop of Llnudoff and Dean of 8t. Paul's, was Provost, and among whoso Fellows were Richard Whately and John Keb'.o. In duo courso Newman was ordained deacon and priest by the Bishop of Oxford and became curato of St. Clement's parish, Oxford. Tho church is an unattractive structure with a short square tower on the road to Hcadington Hill. When Dr. Whafely was made Principal of St. Aiban Hall, ho appointed Mr. Newman Vice Principal and Tutor. Tho famous College, Oriel, however, soon required his services as Tutor aud Junior Treasurer, the Sonior Treasurer being the present uged Provost Dr. Hawkins, who succeeded Dr. Coplestou in 1828. For sixteen years Mr. Newman was Vicar of the Church of St. Mary tho Virgin, which is both tho University church and a parochial church, tho vicarago for which is in tho gift of Oriel College, and is usually held by ono of the Follows. In 1813 Nowmnn, who bad gained by his preaching and saintly Ufo an extraordinary influence over the younger minds of the university, rosigncd tho living of St. Mary'c, preached his last sermon before tho university and removed to his chapel and quasi monastery at Littlemoro, where with Ambrose St. John, John D. Dalaaions. Albany J. Christie aud others ho lived under strict rules of ecclesiastical lifo. A change, which ho himself attributed to a paper of Cardinal Wiseman's on tho Douatbta, which appeared in tho Dublin Itaiu'U, had gradually boon taking possossion of hl3 mind as to the tenabiltty of the Anglican Via Media position. His thoughts took shapo in an "Essay on the Development of Christian Doctriuo" published in 1815, and shortly after its publication ho was received privately at Oxford into tho Homan Catholic Church by the ltov. Father Dom - iuio, a missiouer who went there for ihc purposo. At tho roquost of Dr. Wiseman Mr. Newnmn went to ltcmo, and was made a TXD. by Pope Gregory XVI. After his ordination ho established and became ' - the Father'' of the Priests of the Oratory of St. Philip Korl in London ind Birmingham, Xevniau, when things were settled, becoming bead of the Birmingham and Frederick William labor, the eloquent preacher and hymn writer, also an Oxford convert, of the Loudon Oratiry, which was first in King William street, Strand, and then at Bromp - tou. In im he published ''Discourses to Mixed Congregations,' - dedicating them to Dr. Wisemnn In acknowledgment of his a.'.si itauce in founding the oratory of St. Philip Ts'eri, ''. - o bright aud beautiful character,'' hi says, "had won my love and admiration even when I was a Protestant." This work was followed by "Loss and Gain ; or, The Story of a Convert " - Lectures on tho Difllcuhies Fo!t by Anglicans in Submitting to the Catholic Church ;" "Lectures on the present Position of Catholics in England," aud many other works. When the Catholic University of Ireland was founded Dr. Newman was made the Kectov of it, and Thomas Arnold, son of Dr. Arnold and brother r. f Matthew Arnold, who has since returned to the Church of England, was one of his Professional Staff. It was when Dr. Arnold vacated his Fellowship at Oriel by marriage - that Newman was elected Fellow in his stead. After some few years in Ireland Newman returned to Birmingham, lie was never an ambitious man, aud his elevation to the Cardiua'ate, while it is a most graceful act of I'opo Leo; XIII., was wholly unsolicited and no doubt unexpected by Dr. Newman. Recently this great theological writer has republished all his Protestant works, eliminating aud explaining such passages as wore opposed to Catholicism, and has dedicated them to his old Oriel friend and co - Fellow, the Very Reverend Richard William Church, Protestant Dean of St. Paul's. The Sunplcuicntarj" Conference. PF.sin, March G. Count Audrassy 1ms told a Committee of the Delegations that the question of holding a supplementary conference for revising the Berlin Treaty had not oven been broached. . France. London. March c. Tho Paris correspondent of tho Daily - V - ios foars that M Tirard, tho new Minister of Commerce in the compromise by which he entered the Cabinet yielded moro than his colleagues. Tho correspondent adds: "This probably does not matter much, as, according to all I hear, tho whole Cabinet must bo thoroughly remodeled before long. Deputy Audrieux, the new Prefect of Police, must seek re - nlection to the Chamber on his appointment. It is most doubtful whether he will be successful, as ho is in disfavor with the Lyons Reds for having made a ..minir. i,!enarv amnesty, wherein he described tho Lyons communists as assassins." Enslaild. Lojtno.v, March fl. Tho London Daihi Sews says : ' It is our painful duty to il. - - . - I.ire that L 'I'd Chelmsford, the commander f i, f.,r, - ,.3 nt lb, - Caoe of Good Hope, has failed, and ought instantly to bo recalled. Tho latest new confirms our iuv.ression that the disaster at Isandula on tho lid of Jauuarv was due to miserable blundering oud helpless incapacity." 'ffjic III War. Loxdon", March fl. ti a - ,;,n,rtt aud 'all Mall Oazette declare that Lord r.i,i,oc;tord is iiicomuetent for the post ho now holds. The Timet, after summarizing the full details of tho T0e,ll,i disaster, which are now at hand, says that t r,i nbelmsford was both surprised and deceived. The J'tst says : "Nobody will be surprised to hear that it hai become a matter for anxious consideration whether the strategy of the war should not now be in trusted to the highest available talent." TurKey. LOS'nos, March 0. ti, 'Viu cm - rcRtiomlont at Vienna says : " Tho Pcrlo has decided upon transferring tho central govern meat of tho Vilayet of the Greek Archipelago from TOiodes to Scio. Orders have been sent to the former piaco to make all the preparations for the change aud for tho removal of the armed force and warlike stores from one Island to the other. Rhodes, ever since it fell under Turkish sway, having been the seat of government, aud tho Turks not being apt to make such chauges without cogent reasons, it is not surprising that, in the absence of other apparent grounds, some socret motives are sought in explanation of a proceeding which takes away the Island Government from a place in all respects convenient and transfers it to a place where every roqnisito for such a purpose will have to be provided. Some, therefore, seek an explanation of the step by connecting it with the financial question." This remark of the Times has reference to the inference - in some quarters that the occupation of Rhodes is offered France as an inducement to guarantee a loan. The Plague. London, March 0. Tho Daily Ti - lenivpJi'n St. Petersburg dispatch says there is otherand moro trustworthy testimony to hand, than that contained iu tho official accounts showing that tho plague has not only made no progress, but tends to disappear altogether. Meanwhile sanitary inspectors havo been appointed for each quarter of the town aud havo made an appeal to the public for aid aud co - operation. There is a good deal that is not clear about tho case reported some days ago by Dr. liotkin. He persists in maintaining the first opinion that Prokoff , tho footman, succumbed to tho plague, and at the last meeting of the Surgical Society Dr. Flineky expressed a siwiiiir view. Hungary. London, March fi. A special dispatch to the Daily Sew.i from Pesth soys : The Theias River is still rising, and 200.000 acres of land aro threatened Willi total submersion. Jinny dams have: already burst. Rhodes, Paris, March 0. Tho report of impending French occupation of tus Island of Rhodes is contradicted. Natles, March f, Tho trial of Passanante, for the attempt to assassinate tho King, commenced here to - day. Russia. St. Petersburg, March 6. fia'.o on the street of tho German newspaper, St. Petersburg Zeitumj, has been prohibited. Laborers' Strike. London, March G. . The agricultural laborers in tho neighboured of Newmarket have struck against a reduction of a shilling per iweek in their waget Creditors Compromise. Oinoinnati, O., March 0. At a meeting of the creditors of C. F. Adao & Co., a compromise - was effected by the acceptance of the former of 32X per cent, of their claims 20 per teut. cash aud X2y: per cent, ia twelve months. A Vicar General Dead. MILWaukie, Wis., March G. Vicar GeiT11! Martin Kundig died at tho Lee House rt ten o'clock ihis morning. Heart disease is supposed to have been tht' cause Acciolent to WorKincn. Cincinnati, O., March G. m. the falling of a cylinder, ten feet in length, in the ny the Whine J lna yesterday, William ToZ aTd Wimam Shoup e,eh had a hand cut off, and badly bruised on tho head. T. B. Robs was A Itailroad Smash. ATHOL, Nova Beotia, March 6. A BDOcial train of English goods from Halifax collided wi RuoUc express about fourmllo, south ot this Btatlon at half past 8 o'clock this raorninp f ho engines of both trains and cars were badly wrond. Driver Mo. Leod was killed, Conductor Caui'jron fatally injured, and soveral others badly hurt. a train from Amherst, with four doctors, has juBt lo'.t here for tho scouo of tho accident, TUe Sutro Tunnel Contravene SiN Fhanc.iwo, Cal., March 6. T';.o negotiations for a cogyji roinlse between the Sutro Tunnel Company and the Mining Companies have come to an end, for tho presont, at least, tho Mining Companies having brokon them off aud rcturuod tho papers. Tho latter assort that Sutro cannot bo brought to stand by vorbal agreements long enough to get thorn on paper. Sutro, on tho contrary, denies positively that ha has varied from tho agreemont proposod by him, and assigns tho following as the point of disagreement : He claims that all ore producing mines between the Utah on tho north and the Overman on tho south should begin to pay tho royalty agreed upon whonovor they send their wator through the tunnel, olther by dlreot connection or indirectly by pumping into mines in direct connection. Tho Mining Companies on the other hand refuse to pay royalty on ore extracted from any mine until such time as said mine is directly cdnnected with tho tunnel by lateral drifts. In this agreement they would at present include the mines between tho Call foruia ou the north and tho Chollar on the south. Alleged Robbery ol a Town Treasurer. Candia., N. H., March 0. There are some now developments in regard to the reported robbery, on Tuesday night, of Town Treasurer Edward R. Ingalis, whioh do not sustain all his statements In regard to tho affair. The officers Investigating it are unab'o to discover any ovidonce that substantiates fngaUs' version of tho case. It is stated that he could have, unaided, gagged, handcuffed and bound himself in the position in which ha was found after the robbery. The excitement over the affair continues. Failure in Mincing Iauo. London, March 6. Southern, Qtiilty & Co., merchants, of 34 Freechurch street, and 7 Mincing lane, E. C, London, have failed. Their liabilities are estimated at 55,000. Tlie liynn Mystery. Boston, Mass., March G. The hope that a definite clue to tho Lynn mystory has been finally found in the Identification of tho deceased as tho McConologue girl is destroyed by the receipt of a dispatch from San Frauoiaco, stating that tho girl is there alive and well. Boiler Explosion. Sullivan, 111., March 6. The boiler of George Kepler's Bawmill, throo mtlos southwest of this city, exploded yesterday ot noon, demolishing tho mill and machinory. Jonah Baughcr, the head sawyer, was blown to atoms and fragments of his body were scattered in oil directions. Abraham Reedy aud Albert White wore sovcroly, perhaps fatally, injured. Tho cause of tho explosion la, as yet, un known. Haitian, the Oarsman. Toronto, Ont., March 8. A special cablegram from London to tho Globs says Edward Hanlun commenced regular training yesterday and in good hands. Ho is preparing for his coming match with Howdon, and will proceed to Newcastle in a fortnight. Hanlan's boat arrived Saturday in gooa condition. The prospects aro in ovary way satisfactory." University Endowment, Montreal, March C. Tho Governor General aud tho Princess Louise havo presented the MoGill University with )UU in aut 01 us faculty of applied science. Orcenback Convention. Chicaoo, Ills., March G, The Greenback Club Convcnti t.i adjourned last night after voting to roimburso Pomeroy for money expended in forming Greenback Clubs. The aneuuauce nan neeu small, only 150 delegates being present to represent tho G20 clubs said to bo in existence ; and tuo proceomngs have not attracted attention here. Business Embarrassments. San Fkancisco, Cal., March R. Attachments were taken out yesterday against God - chaux Brothers & Co., importers of dry ana lancy goods, amounting in the aggregate to overiSOO.OOH. The totid liabitities of the firm and its ability to meet them havo not yet been made known. Tho embarrassments of the firm have affected tho dry goods firms of Kennedy & Durr uud S. Mosgrove & Co. Attachments havo been taken ont against the former house, amounting altogether to $121,319, and aeainst the latter aggregating $W:),58.5. S. Mosgrove & Co. Btato that they have made arrangements with their creditors, by virtuo of which thoy will bo enabled to go on with their business in a few days, Fires. Waterville, Mo March f. The factory owned and operated by Roberts & Mars - ton for manufacturing wooden shanks was burned this uior. - iiug. The loss is $5,01)0 ; insurance, $3,000. The stock, houses and manufactured stock were saved. Tho cause of tho fire is unknown. Boston, Mass., March fl. The dwelling of Stephen E. Spragne, at East Boston, was burned last night. Tho 103s is $3,000. Mr. Sprague and Samuel Wilson, who occupied it, Ioeo $2,500 ou furniture. Both aro nearly covered by insurance. Kain in California. San Fkancisco, Cal., March 5. A sovere rain storm has prevailed in the northern and central portions of tho State for tho past thirty hours. ; The Weather. Washington, D. C, March G. For the Middle States increasing cloudiness, and rain or snow, winds shifting to southerly aud westerly, falling barometer and alight rise in temperature during the rest of Thursday. BECOIVD OF THE THERMOMETEE. The following is tho record of tho thermometer as kept at the Brooklyn Daily Eagle office: 2A.M rS' !"m M 4AM 27 . 12 M BA M . ' 2P M 8a:m:::..:: ;i sr. m Average temperature lo - day Average temperature some day last year . 38 . 37 . 3!) . 40 J' - S FROM WASHINGTON. Gossip About the Extra Session and tho Speakership) Contest. Special Cori'OBpondoiico of the Eagle. Washington, March 5, 1879. The single thftme of conversation among politicians here is tho reorganization of the Senate aud House, which will occur ou tho 18th instant. Candidates for all tho offices are as thick as blackberries in New Jersey, aud it is utterly impossible to predict who will be the lucky ones. Tho Democrats have a clear majority in both Houses. The majority iu tho House is estimated by some to be three aud by others to be five ovet Republicans and Gresnbaokers, but seven of the Greeubackers Rru oxpectod to vote for the Democratic caucus nominee for Speaker. Tho contest for that office, at present writing, seems to be between Randall aud Blackburn The former says that ho has soventy - eight votes pledged to him. Tho friends of tho latter deny this and are confident of Blackburn's election. Southern members are generally very bitter in their opposition to Randall. I think that he makes a mistake iu believing that ills friends from the South who havo been re - elected to the Forty - sixth. Congress will be able to oontrol the votes of the uew members. Blackburn la working like a Trojan. HiB supporters are enthusiastic and determined to win. Tho indications now are that he will bo elected. About tho only friends that Raudall has among Southern Demo cratic Congressmen are those to whom ue gave important places in the organization of committoes In the Inst (loocress. Those can be easily enumerated - . Harris, oi Virginia, Chairman of Committee on Elections; Tucker, of Virginia, of Ways and Means ; Atkins, of Tennessee, Chairman Committeo on Appropriations ; Whittcome, Tennessee, Chairman Committeo Naval Affaire; Buckuer, Missouri, Chairman Committee on Banking and Currency; Keagan, Texas, Chairman Committeo on Commerce; Kuott, of Kentucky, Chairman Committeo on Judiciary ; Guuter, Arkansas, Chairman of Committee on Private Land Claims ; Alexander Stephens, of Georgia, Chairman Committee on Coinage, Weights and Measures. Randall L. Gibson and E. W. Robertson, of Louisiana. These gentiemon wid not bo ablo to control tho votes of the delegations from their respective States for RandaU. Tho other caudldates for the Speakership, beside Randall aud Ulackburn, are House, of Tennessee; Carlisle, of Kentucky; Cox, of Now York, aud McMahon, of Ohio. Morrison, of Illinois, who is one of tho strongest men iu the Houso, and waa candidate for tho Speakership of the Forty - fifth Cougress, is out of the race, and will fight Randall to the death. Wood, of New York, stands no chance of socuriug tho office. Either Carlisle, House or McMahon, would servo as excellent compro mise candidates. Tho coutost for Clerk of the House will be between George 31. Adams, tho clerk of the last House, and ex - Congressman Caldwell, of Alabama. Tho candidates for the posiliou of Secretary of the Sonate are more numerous than tho candidates for Speaker of the House. Harvey Wattoraon, an old fosBll, father of Henry Wattorsou, of the Louisville Courier - rnmoiai. asnires to the olace. So does ex - Sonator Don - nis, of Maryland, John C, Birch, editor of the Nashville American and ox - Congressman Stenger, of Penn sylvania want tho office. Mr. monger is a yuuug mui. oo of n modorato fortuno, and la activo, intelli gent and a good Worker. Ho would be a valuable per. son for tho Democrats id 5avs at the head of the Senate organization. A caucus of Oem.tlo Senators has been called to bo held on tho 15th inst.. when tho persons to be made secretary, sergeant at arms and executive clerk of the Senato will probably bo selected. Tho caucus will also arrango tho organization of tho Senate committees. Thurmau will bo at tho head of Judiciary, Bayard, Chairman of Finance ; Gordon, of Commerce ; Saulisb'ury, of Privileges and Elections ; Beck, of Appropriations, and just who will be made chairmen of tho other committees it is impossible to tell. At the Capitol to - day tho Republican Senators, who have been at tho head of tho various committees for many years, were engaged iu packing up their traps to make room for their Democratic succosBors. Tho names of those who go out of offico were being removed from the desks to make way for the ivory blocks bearing the names of their successors. The clerks were bemoaning the hard fate that turned them adrift with hardly two weeks' uotlco, xhe epeotacle was a melancholy one. O. A COOL PROCEEDING. Yesterday, while a fourteen year old boy named Joseph Farrell, residing in Warren street, near Underbill avenue, was taking chargo of his mother's candy stand, which Is located opposite I'limio cnooi an. 9, ho was arrested by Detective James ienenan iur constructive larceny. It seems that a nine year old eon of Mr. William Mahland, of 05 TJnderhtU avenue, gave Farrell a $10 bill in payment for some candies and all the change that Farrell gave him back waa twenty - nine cents. When Captain Mackellar asked him what he had done with the money he said that he had invited another boy to go to the theatre with him, had treated to supper and "put up'' the cigara, all oi which cost him about J3. The rest of the money he B&ld he had lost. On being Bearclied, however, a littlo over $6 was round upon him, Justice Bloom n&sTield nim for trial. The Now York Board of Education yesterday censured those principals of tho public schools who distributed theatre tickets among their pupils recently. The Board decided that hereafter the teaohera in tho schoolB Bhali keep a record of tho temperature of their respective class rooms, to bo taken three timea a day. MUNICIPAL. A. Bolt in the Flaherty Committee, Decent Members Becoming Disgusted and Leaving TVhy Roger A. Pryor and Dan. Bradley Got Ont Mr. Pryor Exposes tho Fraud by Which Flaherty & Co. arc Retained in Office Interesting Reading for the Politicians. The retirement of Dan Bradley and Eoger A. Pryor, Jr., two of the leading lights of the Flaherty General Committee, from that organization, has Bet tho politicians about tho HaU speoulotlng as to the cause of their withdrawal and its probable effeot upon other members. It is an open eocret - that considerable dissatisfaction has existed among membora of the committee Binco the laat election, and a movement has boon and is now on foot for tho secession of many of them from tho organization. These dissatisfied parties finally admit what the Eagle said long ago, that the Flaherty Committee waa organized and is maintained simply for the purpose of retaining tho Commissioner aud some of his henchmen in office ; that it is nothing but a tender to the Republican machine, and that its diabandment and tho open union of many of its members with the Republican party is merely a question of time. Theso parties say they joined the committee in the hope of bringing about a better state of affaire in the management of the Democratic party, and they have worked hard to do it ; but they have seen their efforts frustrated by the mon who havo sot themselves up as Democratic reformers, and have determined to appear guilty of falso pretenses no lougor. The result of the last election satisfied them that Flaherty & Co. had BUT ONE OBJECT IN VIEW, personal and political aggrandizement, and events since then havo furnished additional proof of tho corrootnoBS of thoir opinion in this respect. It is a notorious fact that tho nomination of a ticket by tho organization last Fall was merely a "stall," a job to hoodwook independent voters, to which somo of tho oahdidates were only too willing parties. Mr. Goorge KingBland, the candidate for Sheriff, howover, wont ou the ticket in good' faith, and oxpectod to receive the solid support of the members of the organization, aud all tho aid they could procure from among outside voters. That he was deserted by tho Flahertyites early on Election day is a fact that uono of those tricksters even will have tho temerity to deny. THE TRUTH is that an order wont forth from Headquarters at ton o'clock on Election day to "cut" tho whole ticket aud work for tho Republican candidates. Tho city and county tickets of the Fiathortyitos wcro theroupon left to shift for themselves, whilo all tha assistance that Flaherty with his money and his hordes of sidecurists in tho Department of City Works could command was directed to electing first, Republican Aldermen, and secondly, Jacob Worth for Sheriff. Tho election of a Republican majority to tho Board of Aldormen waa of primary importance to Flaherty, Scott and their underlings. Upon a Republican majority thoy depended their retention in office, and the part thoy played in securing it was no inconsiderable one, as tho dropBical payrolls of the Department of City Works, among other things, clearly demonstrated. Now, all these thiugs havo boon carefully considered by members of the General Committeo, who, moro than others, seem dosiroua of preserving tho Democratic party in this country. Thoy have also noticed the improvements in tho conduct of tho regular organization, tho introduction of a better element thero,and tho feeling running through tho committeothat a better management is bnperativoly necessary, aud somo of them have gono so far as to approach leadors in the committeo with tho view of returning to the fold. Thoy believe that there iB but one thing left for tho Flaherty Committee to do aud that is, disband and go over bodily to tho Republicans, either of which steps thoy will Boon have to take, as tho independent votors can ho hoodwinked no Iongor. MR. PRrOB ON FLAHERTYISM. Those are the considerations which induced Mr. Pryor to withdraw from the committeo, of which ho was Secretary. Mr. Pryor has no porsonai lceiings against Commissioner Flaherty ; on tho contrary, ho thinks considerably of him, but he will not bo a party to tho continuance of a political fraud such bb is pre sented to public view by the existence of the Flaherty organization. Said he, while conversing upon the subject with an Eagle reporter to - day : Tho whole thing ia just here : It appears irom tuo re sult of tho last election, though I did not thiuk so before, that our committee was called into existence for no other purpose than to control tho uoaru ot Ainer - men. From tho result of that eloetion I am satisfied' that tho farce enacted at Syracuse last Fall, whon wo applied for admission to tho State Convention, was a part of the scheme, and that we nave oeeu uoiuing oui fatal pretenses to the public. To my positive knowledge a large majority of our commtttoe cut our ticket right and left, and left in the lurch men whom they had promised to support. Those who worked in good faith, such as myself, wero of courso made asses of. That is tho reason why I loft the committee. I consider that tho committee is not a committee of Demoorats brought together for tho purpose of organizing a better Democracy in Kings County, but is nothing more than a wing of the Republicans, A BODY OF MEN WHO ABE TRADING with and assisting the worst elemsnts in the Republican party for tho sake of controllng the Board of Aldermen. There i8 a general feeling in tho Committee that such is tho fact and. I believe that there will soon bo further resignations. There are at least thirty men in tho committee who feel as I do in regard to this matter." " What will be the effect of their withdrawal 1" asked the reportor. "I think," replied Mr. Pryor, 11 there is one of three courses for tho committee to pursue : To entirely disband, to form a coalition with tho Republican committeo, or to form a coalition with the regubvra. It is impossible for us to form a coalttion with tho regular Democracy. That ia impossible, because this is a porsonai fight between certain members of our committee and tho Democrats. Flaherty and his friondB will never go back. It iB obvious, however, that to run an Independent ticket af tor last Fall's oxperionco would bo nonsense. We could not get men to run, but If wo could, tho five thousand people who voted for tho ticket last Fall would not vote for it again." THB DISCONTENTED. Among those who are olassod with Mr. Pryor among tho dissatisfied are Dan Bradley, Mr. Kingslaud, A. H. Osborn, P. Burns, Colonel Davis, the Farringtons, N. McGregor Steele and others. The Flahertyite3 aro giving it out that Bradley withdraw because he wished to retire from politics. A close fried of Dan said to - day, that Dan got out bocauBO he was disgustod at the way "things wero run" in tho Committee. Flaherty has boen laughing in his Bleevo at tho Buccess ho has had in deceiving roputablo mon in hia Committee; but tho scaioa havo finally dropped from their eyes and thoy see tho man as others see him. Schroedor must bo pleased at his pupil's performances. MASOE HOWEIiL's LOSS. A large number of citizens called upon Mayor Howell to - day, and expressed their regret at the loss ho sustained by the fire of last night. Mr. Howell was as philosophical as possible uider the circumstances. Ho was thankful for tho Bympathy expressed for him. Information trom tle Annual Keport o tlio City Works Commissioners In creased Kevcnuo from and Saving oC Water TUe Advantages of tlio Metric System Set FortU - Assistant Engineer BelWerritt on tlio Work ot his Bureau. Additional extracts of interest from the an nual report of tho Commissioners of City Works to the Common Council aro given below. Water Purveyor Milne, iu his report to tne uoium - sioners, alludes to the successful efforts of hia bureau to produce an increased revenue from and a Baviug of water. Ho savB : m. .,.,,,.. nnil bp.nnfits have been accompnsneo by increased vigilance on tho part of tne regular inspectors and tho eorvicos of special inspectors, detai.ed for tho purpoao of inaugurating a system of reinspec - tlon. During the year 1,000 buildings havo been erected and over 1,600 taps havo been driven. The increased consumption of water of this year is scarcely worthy of M but 02.145.382 gallons in excess of tho year 1877 about two days' consumption. The not increase iu the revenue, as per Registrar's report of year 18 1 8 over year 1877, is $94,237.91! ; from which deduct regular water rates increased during the year, leaving net increase divided as followe, $13,482.75 $80,755.21. Motor account Kxtra persons General registration. iS.l,'o.:l 13,:)7H.8rt '. .' ' iV'55 - 2 m.l $80,755. 5.21 Tho term goneral registration comprises wator sold by estimate for use other than domestic purposes. There appears, por registrar's report, an apparent decrease of revenuo from barrooms, but the fact will prove an increase, inasmuch as thero aro 523 barrooms less today thau one year ago, aud the falling off in amount would not be leas than $3,000, it all had paid the water tax according to laiv. As the decrease shows $092.71, It is evident that tho department has increased receipts from barrooms amounting to 2,615. The receipts from the street sprinkling fund are double those of last year. Tho chief item of interest embraced iu thiB report is that of the increase of revenue accruing from the sale of water by meter measurement, particu.arly that portion of the moter accounts which Includes water used for Bteam engines and manufactories UBlng water as an imnortant factor. The total revenuo from meter accounts thiB year is over one - flfth of tho total revenue from all sources, $218,892. The total revenue from same source last year was leBS than one - fifth of the total revonue received from all sources, viz.: f 104,255,05, ASSISTANT ENGINEER DEMEERITT, who has charge of tho Bureau of Construction, writos - jOluminouBby concerning the work of his bureau. Among tho subjects no uissubsob oru mo luuuwuig: Bridge koopera are required to keep a record daily of tho tonnage of cargo entering the canals and make weekly reports, which aro transferred to this department and olasslfled and recorded, bo that at any time the tonnage of cargo passing each bridge during any period may be determined. The table attached to the report shows tho amount of cargo and the number of veaaela which entored the - canals during the laBt two months, viz., 1,498 vessels carrying 65.955 tonB, on the Gowanus Canal, and 275 vessels carrying 20,645 tonB on tho Wallabout Canal. The table shows tho amount of cargo between the different bridges. GAS IN STREET IAMPS. ' The plan of measuring all water used for other than domoBtic purposes, has thus far proved a great success to the department in the matter of increasing ita revo - nue. Ono hundred and bIx meters have been set during the past year. If all water delivered were metered, I have no doubt but th effect would be to check the enormous waste, decrease the expense at tho pumping stations, and largely increase the revenue, and to euch an extent that the department could safely recommend a material reduction in the price per gallon of water to manufacturers who ue large quantities. THE METBIO SYSTEM, will positively save water, and in said saving virtually supplement the building of additional works for supplying the enormous draft, 04 per cent.of which,in the year 1877 could not be accounted for, except other than wasted (after making more than liberal allowance), and the year jUBt dosed, show a fraction less than 60 per Thenfonnation now before yonr Honorable Eody embraced in a special report from the Chief Engineer, considers tho pressing necessity of increased pumping facilities and extension of the area of distributing reservoir at Ridgewood. The Chief Engineer's report Bhould be adopted at ouce; It provides for increased demand, but whiK a city we desire to maintain our water supp y it Bhould bo of equal interest to preserve the plant that confers such a boon, and take such methods and means as oxporionco BUggests to save the water. STREET CLEANING. The quoBllon of street numbering is of serious import to the citizens of Brooklyn, and of great complication to this department. A committee of the Common Council, appointed in 1818 to examine into this matter, failed to take Buy action. The department has done nothing in the matter further than to refer aU applications to tho Bald committee. I quote last year's report on this subject : "$inge tb.e qarUj part of tho year 1878. the department has not boen able to give any numbers, by reason of tho complications existing. At no distant day, if immediate measures aro not adopted as suggested, the maximum capacity of our conduits will be reached and enormous expenditures will bo required to Bupply increased wasto and not actual consumption. if such me Wo system could be generally adoptou, making flie oost of meters and their expense of Betting a city charge instead of charging consumers of water the price of; meter, &c as ia now the case, and according to law it would result in an annual saving to the city and permanently increase its revenue by greater recetpta than would be the annual outlay for purchase of meters and expense attending the Betting and caro of the same. Since the application of motora to the supply pipes of manufactories along the north shore of the city a better pressure of water had been maintained. The increase of water rates for (metered) eteam engines, manufactories, Ice, lor 1878 over 1877, amounts to $52,623.19. HARBOR - MASTER. It ia of great Importance to the public generally that a harbor master should be stationed on tho Gowanus Canal to prevent unnecessary delays to the traveling public. Captains ot vessels produce blockages at or near tho drawB by insisting upon a passage when other vessels are passing, and owners of property adjoining tho bridges place their vessels so close to the bridges that it la almost Impossible to pass tho draws. A harbor master with power to remedy these evils would be enabled to provent many delays to the traveling public, and accidents resulting in damages to the bridges. Special legislation will ba necessary to carry out the above suggestion. BESETTOfG MONUMENTS, &0. Tho question of resetting monuments and establishing a datum line is of especial Interest to owners of real estate. Monuments, being landmarks, should be reBOt, whenever streets are graded and paved, and it ia suggested that, to insure a proper location, the work be done by a commission of not less than three surveyors of long experience in this city, who in each case of resetting shall nlo a certificate that tho work ia accurately done. Six different datum lines now exist, and aro productive of much confusion when a connection lietween two seotions of the city is necessary; it is suggested that tho datum line established for tho water worka be adopted as the established datum line for the entire city. POLICE CHANOES.I ' This morrung the Police Commissioners promoted Roundsman Charles B. Carmen, of the First Precinct, to the position of Sergeant, in place of James Leavoy, of tho Third, resigned. Patrolman Thomas Harold was promoted to the position of Roundsman, and Officer Charles Chambers was assigned to duty aa a second olass dotootivo in the First Procinct. AT ALBANY. A Sill for the f Coney Better Care Island. O'Reilly Pushing his Little Scheme Tho Comity Clerk and Register's Salary Bill Favorably Reported The Grand Street Assessment Bill Passes the Assembly. Harris' Iniquitous Apportionment Bill Amended in the House The Prospect for Kings County. Special to the Eagle. Albany, March 6. Sonator JacobB Introduced a bill, being an act to provide for the care aud control of the common land of Gravosond. Its provisions are aa follows : After the passage of this act any freeholder may apply to the Special Term of the Supreme Cour for an order appointing inspector of eloctions and appointing a day and place for holding an election for trustees. When elected tho trustees aro to meet and draw lots for the omis of from ono to five years and after this tho election shall take place upon tha first Tuesday of December in each year to choose ono trusteo. Tho trustees aro not to havo the power to soil or givo title to any lands, nor to release or dischargo any title or claim, but they may receive any proposition and considering tho samo and dooming it for tho interest of tho town may apply to tho Supremo Court for leave to sell or release, and tho Court may, after due notice and hearing in its judgment, givo permission or refuse. Tho care and control of the common lands of Graves - end ahall ho vestod iu fivo trustees, who 'shall have power to institute in the name of tho town all such actions as they may deem necessary or proper to recover or proteBt real property belonging to the said town, and to defend such as may bo brought against tho town. And they aro to have charge and control of the renting of the common lands and buildings thereon, and to collect routs aud make leases for a torm not exceeding two years. Thoy may employ an agent at a salary not oxceeding five hundred dollars per year, and may re tain from rents collectod so much as may be necessary for tho expenses of tho caro of such lands and pay tho balance over to tho tho town treasury. The trustees are to elect a President, Secretary add Treasurer, and each shall receive a salary of ono hundred and fifty dollars por year, tho Treasurer to givo security. Tho two bills providing for a new civil and police judiciary system introduced by MeBars. Tallmadge and Stegman, will be considered in tho Judiciary Commit teo with a view to drawing one bill from the provisions of both, and tho new bill will be reported favorably to morrow. Tho O'Reilly bill to permit him to hold his Alder - inanic seat, will be reported favorably to - morrow. Tho Stephonson bills, to make the County Clerk and the County Register salaried offices, have been reported favorably. The biK to extend the timo of the New York and Long Island Bridge Company over Blackwell's Island has been reported favorably in the Senato, aB has been tho bill to incorporate the Now York andWallabout Forry Company. Tho Park Commissioners oppose the bill introduced by Mr. Sheridan to appropriate $200,000 for the im provement of tho east Bide lands. The Grand street Assessment bill has passed the As sembly. favorably. Of course, if this bill passoB it must go back tn t.lin Senate for concurrence, and it is sure that the schemo to defeat apportionment will be consummated, As tho bill now stands, Kings County is givon 13 members and throe Senators whose diBtricts Bhall be as follows : Second First, Second, Fifth, Sixth, Eighth, Ninth. Tonth and Twelfth wards, and tho towns of Flatbush, Flatlands, Graveaend, New Lots and Now Utrecht. Third Third, Fourth, Seventh, Eleventh, Twentieth, Twenty - first, Twenty - aecond, Twouty - thtrd, Twenty - fourth and Twonty - fif th wards. Fourth Thirteenth, Fourteenth, Fifteenth, Sixteenth, Seventeenth, Eighteenth aud Nineteenth wards. Auditor Ammorman and Mr. Lorln Palmer are here. Mr. Stogman introduced the Eastern District Armory bill. Also, a bill to reimburse Andrew Zoieer for salary and legal oxponsoB ; also, a bill fixing the torm of offico of ABBiBtant City Hall Koepor and tho Keeper, Assistant Keeper and Engineer of Municipal Building at three years from January 1, 1879. Mr. Flynn introduced a bill re - enacting a law In ox istonce up to 1875, when it was unintentionally repealed by the act reorganizing the Brooklyn Board of Health, which law authorized tho Brooklyn health authorities to send from their docks vessels to Quarantine having contagious disease on board. Seaooal, PRESENTATION. A Handsome Gift to Lieutenant IJcnry I,. Jcwett of the Thirteentu. When Henry L. Jewett, who occupies the poBition of Drill Captain on tho police force, was elected First Lieutenant of Company I, Thirteenth Regiment, a few weeks ago, somo of his friends in tho department took advantage of the occasion to show their apprecia tion of his admirable qualities as a man and an officer, and this morning their kiudiy feelings took substantial shape in the presentation to him of a splendid eat of militarv enuinments. The presentation took place in Inspector Waddy's room, at Police Headquarters, in tho nroBonce of Superintendent Campbell, Captain's Mao Itellar. Camnbell. Leavey, Reilly aud a few other police attaches, to whom the gallant FirBt Lieutenant was in trounced in his new full dress uniform. The equip - mnnte consist of a full dress gray swallow tail coat, trimmed with rich gold lace, a pair of gray pants with imlil nlrineB. cold laco epaulots, a gold laco belt, full dross hat, a splendid sword with a nicko plated and fatigue scabbord of the regulation form, a bluo fatigue i - i, ohnnldsr strans and a fatigue cap. An nldition was made to the equipments in the ehapo of silver canteen, the gift of tho Windsor Club, a social and literarv association of which tho Lieutenant iB a brioht narticniar star. Colonel G. L. Langford made tho nresentation speech In a few brief and appropriati remarks, and Lieutenant Jewett made a fitting response Detective Patrick Corwin, oi tne uemriu umv acted as treasurer in connection wltn tne tesiimumai, ,d performed his duties in the most acceptaote uuwj ner, MESSRS. CAUTIER & BARON'S DASCE. Messrs. Cartier & Baron gave a soiree dan - sante laat night in their academy at 331 Fulton street. Tho attendance waB select and fashionable. After eight dances by the guests Professor Barnes of Now York and a number of his pupils performed a minuet. The dancers were all in costume and they pleased tho audience vory much with their genteel and fascinating movements. After the minuet the Professor showed one of hie new fashioned waltzes, which was really amuBing. The regular order of dancing waa then resumed aud kept up until morning. Mr. Samuel Baron was Floor Manager, and he waB asBiatod by the following gentlemen : Messrs. A. C. Boome, William Sherer, Jr., 8. K. Garwood, William F. Howell, W. M. Morehouse and Herbert Edgorton. A TUilAST. A hoy named John Smith living at No. 121 Dtioa avenue was Bent to the Truant Home by Justice Semler this morning. When Officer Shaughnessey went for Smith he picked up a frying pan to defend himself. As soon as the cooking utensil was laid away the policeman took Johnny with him to tho Court room. Here his mother interceded for him, although she made the charge against him. The Judge nevertheless disposed of him. THE COLE PEBJDBY CASE. The examination into the charge of perjury preferred agataBt Lowfs A. Cole by Sergeant Murphy, who charges him with having falsely sworn that John Wilbur, whose case has Just been tried in the Court of Sessions, was in Now York on tho morning of October 11, was to have taken placo in Justice Walsh'a Court at no'on to - day. The District Attorney was present but as Counselor Kidgway wan unavoidably absent the. matter was adjourned UDtil to - morrow morning. The apartments of Mrs. Humphrey, at 338 Broadway, were entered yesterday, during her absence, and two suita ?l a,t $10, were stolen TALMAGE. His "Common Fame" and the Brooklyn Presbytery. Tho Turn Affairs will Probably Take at Monday's Session Talmarje to Demand an Open Trial, Haying Nothing "to Hide, Coyer or Condone." At two o'clock on Monday afternoon, the Brooklyn PreBbytery will convene in tho Second Presbyterian Church on the corner of Clinton and Fulton streets, to hoar tho report of the Committee appointed to investigate Dr. Talmage's "common tame." This committee consists of Rov. Arthur Crosby, Chairman, Rev. David Wells, D. D., Rev. Adam McClelland and Eldero McDougal and Babcock. At the Presbytery's meeting on the 17th of last month, it will be remembered, that the Committee reported progress, and asked for instruction, as to whether, in case it should be compelled to reccommond a judicial trial, it would be expected to presont with such recommendation, chargeB and speciiia - ttons. Tho answer Was in the affirmative, and accordingly at Monday's meeting, o moss ot evidence will probably be presented. Since the bust session of the Presbytery the committeo have been pursuing its labors quietly and it Is stated, on good authority, that last Sunday, ono of its members attended the services in the Tabernacle, for tho purpose ot seeing WHETHER DR. TALMAGE PBEACHED ORTHODOX or not. This 'morning an Eaoi - b reporter called on ltov. Mr. Crosby for the purpose of making Inquiries as to what the committeo was doing. This the reverend gentleman refused to divulge, "but," he added, "bo far as I am concerned, my report to the Presbytery on Monday will be final." In addition Mr. Crosby said that "ho did not doBire to be bothered much longer with themattor." Mr. Crosby, it will be remembered, was tho firat person to introduce the matter to tho Presbytery If the committeo prefer charges and specifications ogainat Mr. Talmage, his defenders will claim that tho "common famo" with which he la charged was made by the members of the PreBbytery themselvos. On Major Corwln's authority, it is stated that a prominont member of tho Presbytery, writing iu tho Presbyterian of November 4, 1870, said "that the Brooklyn Tabernacle was a shocking financial failure, and that it had been obliged to borrow money for current expenses at ono per cent." On September 25, 1873, Mr. Corwin says that still another member ot tne i - reauymiy puuuoueu in the JVeio Font Evangelist a statoniont to the effect that the Tabornacle was A FINANCIAL AND PASTORAL FAILURE. ' If these and other Bimilar matters are brought up, tho probability is that they will not bo admitted aa testimony, as it is more than a year Binco tho time of their occurrence, and all charges on wlucn common iame ia baaed must necessarily take place within a year. Tho question has arisen as to whether or not A TRIAL BY COMMISSION would bo favorablo to tho Tabernacle people, in case tho committee reports in favor of ono. Major Corwin said thiB morning to an Eagle reporter that any attempt to refertho matter to a commission would bo opposed. "We havo no desire for a star chamber trial," said he, "and prefer to have it open and aboveboard." Continuing he said : "We havo nothing to hido, cover or condone, and we want everybody in tho United States to Know ot every word that is spoken." "Let the trial come up be fore everyDody, if trial there is to be," eaiu cue major, 'and in saying this I know that I express tne exact sentiments of Brother Talmago." A great doal of PUBLIC INTEREST has been awakoned in tho action of tho Presbytery, and there ia now ovory probability that ita Monday's meeting will be thcliveliost ever held in the history of tho organization. Mr. Talmago will have returned iroin the Wost in timo to bo present at tho proceedings, luo charges agaiust him of "falsehood and deceit, and witn using improper methods In preaching teucnng to uring roligion into contempt" will not 'jo permitted to pass by boforo both factions have fully vontilated their feelings on tho niattor. THE BEDELL CASE. Tlie Kxaminalion Before Justice Elliott To - day Was the Marriage Void or Voidable The Accused's Letter to tUe Complainant. The Bedell bigamy case was up boforo Jus tice Elliott this morning. Couusolor DauB ana As sistant District Attorney Oakoy appeared for tho prosecution. Mrs. Bedell, the complainant, proved hor marriage to Bedell nearly threo years ago. She waa bout loavinrz tho witness chair when tno Magistrate nnootii - mAii lmr ns to her marriago with Jones. Sho heard Jones had died in Nowark a fow monthB boforo aho wedded Bedell. A year and a half later aha discov ered that ho waa yet in tho land of tho living, and tho priaoner when informed of that fact by her, swore to stick by hor to the laat. Alter tne ueatu oi tiouea mat September BEDELL TURNED HEB OUT. Ho took her back afterward and thoy lived togothor as man aud wife until a week before Christmas, when he again turned her out of doors. " It was highly impropor," romarkoa sir. (..airoj , for a man Bleenine under the adds at Groeuwood to turn up in tho land of the Uviug. Timo was whon dead men never camo to life." Laughter. Rov. J. J. White, pastor ot tno i'ourtu atreet ai. r. Church, deposed to marrying Bedell to Josephine Brigga on tho Mth ult. tvrtyf.t.Tj ATyMITTED BOTH MARRIAGES. Tw - . oHtnfissns proved that Bodell and the widow Jones ii , it ...A? alnui - 7Tlla, lllJlHl Tuo louowing loiter, wniwu imuou m street Jail a few dayB ago, was put in ovtdenco : . ..... in i. 1,.111 l.i n.nninnil BEDELL ACCEPTS THE WIPE'S PROPOSITION. tw.ti Mm s(nc I saw vou this morning I have had time to consider the proposition you made mo and hro nrniA tn tha c.nnctneloa I am nerfectly willing to have you come and live with me, and would only be too . . ,i r.. T.nw. Ann I.Hr If IVDI happy to nave you uo it.. m nu, j i - " no fault of miuo that we ever separated, but will ninu nvarlnolr nil that has taken place, aud will receive you with opemarms and welcomo you back again to my homo ana otttk vorr Torm PIiAOE IN MY HEART. What moro can I Bay 1 I would like very tnucn to navo you come to the Jail to seo me, and then wo cau talk the ,.N.i.nvor Cnmn to - morrow aiteruoon auu, mii, n you would be bo kind, l woiua uio you iu oriug some writing paper, onvelopes aud threo cent postage Btamps and some tobacco and a bottlo of Ink. Now. dear Mary, trusting this will meet with your approval and that l win see you to - morrow, ioj, I remain your loving uuuuun, Wn - i. Bedfxi,. t a w.m (n dlrBctinff this von muBt not thiuk it strange at my aduressing you Dy your iorui - namo'or not. Howovor, be sure and como ovor aud boo me. Any one win no aoio wwiij - ju street Jail ia. Don't write. Tuey open au .eiiero. Marv E. Jones, So. 105 Eldridge street, S. Y. The case hero rested. Mr. Davis said that tho only question involved waa, "Was the MARRIAGE VOID OR VOIDABLE f Mr. Oakoy asked for an adjournment to enable him to look over tho authorities. Tho magistrate said that he would render his decision Saturday. It was thought by lawyers presont that the marriage will be held to bo void, and that tho prisoner will con sequently be discharged. WAIiKEU - I'KYOB. The marriage of Miss Mary Piyor, daughter of Goneral Roger A. Pryor, to Mr. Frank Walker, son of General Lindsay Wa'kor, of Virginia, wmcn occurreu on last Tuesday, waa a xueasauv, bwwi " occasion of much interest to the rolativos and intimate friends of tho bridal .party. A brief report of the wedding appeared in these columns yesterday, which was in some respects erroneous. No cards of invitation were issued, and only a few of the intimate friends of General and Mrs. Pryor were present at tho informal recop - tiou which followed the oeremony. Mr. Walker and Miss Pryor were united in the bonds of wedlock by tho ltov. Charles H. Hall, D. D., rector of Holy Trinity, at 5 o'clock in tho afternoon, in tho presence only of their relatives, - previous to thelr;departure for their Virginia home in the evening, the bride and groom received tho congratulations of Eev. B. S. Storrs, D. D., Judges Gilbert NeilBon, Reynolds and McCuo, General Slocum, Mr Samuel McLean, Professors Eaton and Crittenden, ex - Judge Birdsoye, Mrs. Cullen, Mrs. Alvin Johnson, Mr and Mrs. Avcrill and other f riendB. Mr. and Mrs. Walker received numerous valuable gifts, including many beautiful floral tokens. Tho marriago bell was presented by the gentlomen teachers of Dr. Storrs' Sunday School. , LOCAL BREVITIES. Hfitxvfifi - A one and three o'clock yesterday afternoon a thief entered tho cellar of houso 730 Flush - ' . .... ownod hv C. H. Tiebout, and cut away about six feet of the supply pipe. Last night a thief broke a pane of glass in tho Bhow window of May & Parker's dry goods store, 1,339 Fulton street, .and stole Hamburg edgings valued at $30. James Rutherford, of 376 President street, roDOrts that some time laat night Bomo thief broke open the door of his room, on the third floor, and stole two overcoats and a revolver, in ah valued at $30. Twelve dollars worth of carpenter's tools wew - tolen from Samuel H. Arnold's shop, 17 Butler street, while Mr. Arnold was temporarily abaent for dinner. mi t, - i r.t on Pacific street, was XUUUJttO - ivuiiit), V" stealing a horse blaukot valueu arrested last night for tM from Edward Kane's wagon, which was standing in Columbia street. The blanket was found in Horke'a possession when he was arrested. cmjSHKP byTtubntable. Yesterday afternoon a number of small boys unlocked a turntable of tho Long Island Itailroad. situated at the rear of the eDgino houso, on the corner of Atlantio and Van Binderen avenues, East New York, and while several of them turned it around by the fixed lever which ia attached to it, the others got upon it and were enjoying a ride. Among those upon it was a boy named William Addison, who is about ten years of age, and who resides with his parents on Pacific street, between Stone avenuo and Sockman Btreet, EaBt New York. In eomo way aa yet unknown ho was pushed toward the edge of it, and one of his feet slipping off of the turntable it was caught between It and the basin in which the turntable revolves, and was crushed Into a shapeless mass. He was taken to Dr. Beckert's drug store, in East New York, where the foot was dressei The unfortunate boy was then removed to the City Hospital, tt is thought that his foot will have to be amputated, FIBST FLACE M. E. CHURCH. The ladies of the First place Methodist Episcopal Church will give their annual supper at half past six o'clock this evening in thejlecture room of the church, corner of First place ana enry a. supper will be f ollowed by a musical and literary entertainment in tho church, for which an excellent programme has beon prepared. The proceeds will be do - voted to Uquidating the debt on the parsonage. PEOPI.E'8 BAPTIST UNION. The quarterly meeting of the Young People's BaptlBt Union of the First Baptist Church, in Pierropout street, will be held this OYOning in the - new INEFFICIENT OFFICERS. (jetting Rid of Those members ft the Police Force Who Fail to Perform Duty in a Satisfactory manner. A number of charges of more than ordinary importance wero investigated, yeBferday, at tho regular mooting of the PoUce Board. General Jourdan, President, was in tho chair, and CommisslouerB Ward and White were both present. Officer William Lennon, of tho Twoif Si Precinct, was charged with violation of the rules and intoxication. The testimony showed that he had acted in an unofficor - llko manner, and although he had been drinking on post the charge of intoxication was not proven. Ifo Was lined ton days' pay and warned that a repetition of the offense would cause his dismissal from the force. Officer Hugh McGowan, of the Eleventh Prectact; waff charged with failing to attend a flro on his post, and tn order to excuse himself he made a false statement to the Board. That, together with W general neglect of duty and habitual use of intoxicating liquors, decided the Board to dispense with hia services, and ho was therefore dismissed from the force. Officer Patrick Cahill, of the - Eighth Precinct, was also - dismissed from tho force. He waa found off poet and - had in various ways proved his utter unfitness for the office of patrolman. Officer Robert Walker, of tho Fourth Precinct, was charged with intoxication, and the complaint being admitted he was diBmlased from the force. Officer George G. Boyle; of tho Third Precinct, was another officer whoso Bervioes wore dispensed with for goneral inefficiency. Yesterday ha wan found guilty of leaving Mb post and sitting down in a lager beer saloon, when he ought to have been doing patrofduty. Officer Henry C. Peterson, of the Third Precinct, haa been before the Board on several occasions for neglect of duty, and yesterday there were three complaints against him. He waa found guilty of neglect of duty and also of telling a falsehood In ordor to screen another officer. Ho waa dismissed from the force. Sergeant James Leavoy, of. tho Thirteenth Precinct, was proved to have wasted his time in tho Station House whon he ought to have been visiting the men on patrol, and tho CommisBiouors being satisfied that hia habits wore such as to disqualify him from performing tho duties of a sergeant in a satisfactory manner, he was allowed to tender his resignation, and was thou roinand - ed to tho position of patrolman. Fines for minor oit'enBes were imposed as foliowB : Theodore L. Morrill, Twelfth Precinct, three days' pay; Thomas S. Allen, Fourth; Daniel Reardon, Fifth; Hugh F. Gorman, Fifth; Georgo S. Stockholm, Twelfth; Charles H. Tilton, Thirteenth; John McKearnoy, Eighth, two days' pay each, anu Thomas Early, Third; John McKearney, Eighth, aud George M. Dalloy, Twelfth Precinct, one day's pay each. A number of complaints wore dismissed, and tho Board then adjourned. THE JAIL JOB. A. Serious Jefect in its Consummation. Au Unpleasant Discovery for the Contract orsThe Issue of Bonds for Their Payment not Properly Provided for What Supervisor Nathan Proposes to Do. To the intense disgust of the very large num ber of persons Interested in the Jail job, a defect in its consummation, wnich is likely to givo rise to no end of trouble aud which may even defeat tho whole schemo, has been discovered. It will bo remembered that tho contracts for the construction of tho uew wing wcro awarded on the day of tho last meeting of tho Board of Supervisors for 1878, the wholo mattor boing ruBhed through with a hasto sufficiently indecent to lndicato tho anxiety of all concorued to have tho job perpetrated at all hazards. Now elements were coming into the next Board which were then unknown quantities, and it was feared that delay would bo fatal. In order, therefore, that the presont Board might bo deprived of tho power of having a finger in the pie, as soon as the contracts were awarded Supervisor Gubnor, Chairman of tho Jaii Committee, offered resolutions providing for the lasuo of bonds by tho Supervisor at Largo aud County Treas urer to pay for THE - EXECrrnor; OF the - work. These resolutions, as recordod in the minutes of tho Board, arc as follows : llcsolveit. That tho County Treasurer be and ho is hereby authorized aud directed to borrow on the credit of the county from time to time as thy same shall bo required the sum ot two uunurea ana torty - tive mou - sand dollars (t'J 15.000). and to give his official bond or bonds for tuu payment ' tne same jn installments within a period of lifteeu years from tho dale hereof, iu Buch amounts and at sueu times as may uo agreeu upon by the Supervi. - wr at Large and the said Comity Treasurer, and tho said Treasurer is further directed to advertise for proposals for the loaning of such moneys, and empowered to accept tun proposals which he shall deom to bo for the best interests of the county. Somo weoka, of course, elapsed before tho operations of contractors Freol & McNameo wore sufficiently ad vanced to warrant them iu submitting a claim for tho payment of tho first Installment of fivo thousand dollars. Thon tho death of County Troasurec Powell delayed matters Bomowhat, and It was not until about a month ago that the first bill was submitted to tho Jail Com mittee. Two of tho supervisors who had occupied positions on tho committee in 1878, had received pressing invitations to RETIRE INTO PRIVATE LIFE, and thoir successor.! were found to bo refractory. They remembered that one stipulation of the contract was that tho Btono'Bhould bo out iu Brooklyn, aud having learned that it was being cut elsowhere wero disposed to opposo tho approval of tho bill. Being Informed, how - over, that no portion of the claim was for stono cutting, they camo to tho conclusion that tho timo for fighting tho contractors upou that point had not yet arnvod and agreed to tho passago ofj the bill. But a new and eutiroly unexpected obataclo has sprung up, and it bids fair to ba a very serious one. Until it is re moved tho issue of the bonds provided for in the resolution is altogether out of tho question, and why this is so will be seou by a careful perusal of tho following sec tion of chapter 482 of tho Lawa of 1875 : Section 4. In every reeolution of such Board, authorizing the issue of any bond or other obligation of debt, the form of tho obligation to bo issued, tho time and placo of payment thereof and tho rate of interest to be paid thereon, not exceeding seven per cent, por annum, Bhall bo apecifiod, and no boud or other obligation ahall be sold by tho county, or by any city, town or village, for leas than tho par valuo thereof. By a reference to tho resolutions reproduced above, it will be seen that the precise timo and placo for tho pay ment of the bondB ia not spocified, nothing is said about the rate of interest, aud the tonus in which tho bonds are described are, to Bay the least, very general. Tho result is that County Treasurer Schouck fluds himsolf authorized to issue bonds, about tho legality of which thero would bo VERY GRAVE DOUBTS and which investors would be scarcely disposed to pur chase. Undor the circumstances it would become noc - CBsary to havo the present Board rescind tho resolutions and adopt othors which will insure a full compliance with tho law. That this will be easily done is vory problematic. Into Mr. Gubuer's seat has dropped Charles C. Beuuott, a Supervisor, whoae actions in the Board havo already substantially vindicated his claim to independence. Johu T. McKauo, another Democrat fresh from tho country towns, is also very difficult to mauoKo. Supervisor McKcever, of the Fourteenth Ward, occupies the placo of a gentleman who firmly suDDorted tho Jail srhonio, and may not louow di rectly lu hia footsteps, whilo Messrs. Anderson and Van Siclen will propahly vote against auy now resolutions providing for tho payment of more than onouah money to reimburse the contractors tor tuo ex penees they have already incurred. In a word tho op ponents of tho jail scheme are ouereu an opportunity for renewing tho fight. How they will do it has already been indicated by Supervisor Nathan. That gentleman exnresses his Intention as soon as a now BOt of resolu tions is offered to submit an amendment, setting tortn that it iB inadvisable at this timo to proceed with tho execution of the contract, and providing for the payment to Messrs. Freel aud McNamee of an amount suf ficient only to preserve them from I033 consequent upou what they have already done. THIRTEENTH WARD TAXPAYERS. Tlio Three Questions Mr. Masscy All - sweretl. A meetinp - of the Thirteenth Ward Taxpay ers' Association was held last night at No. C8 Fourth street, John Elliott in the chair aud Colonel Gotlob, Sec retary. Mr Anderson said that he waited on Mr. Massoy recently and asked him three questions of interest to taxpayers. The first waa as to what connection, if any, the police had with the City Works Department. Mr. Massey s curt reply was - aoiw. xu uci ond question Mr.'Massey said that there were seventeen hydrant, three Bhore and one special Inspector em ployed in the department. Mr. Massey further gave it as his opinion that ono - half of the inspectora could be dispensed wltu, ana a saving oi ouuu. ,uw f . aura effected. Tho Bpeaker suggestod to Mr. Massey that as there was an eugine company In each ward tho firemen could dischargo tho duties of inspecting tho hydrants. Mr. Massey thought tho eurgestiou a good oiie In reply to the third question Mr. Massey said that ho was not present when Chapman's Balary was raised from $1,000 to $1,200 a year. Mr. Massey thought $1,000 was enough for Chapman President Elliott spoke agaiust the Two - thirda bill and Jacobs' One Hundred Per Cent. Default bill. Stegman a Justices' bill was no improvement over tho present mode of electing tho jiiBticea. In conclusion ho said the time for building parka and new armories had pasaed. After further discussion of various current nieaBurea affecting Brooklyn tho meeting adjourned. COURT NEWS. Verdict Against tlie Knickerbocker Ice Company. John Speekhi, aged threo and a half, was walking along Walcott 6treet, when a platform, used by tho Knickerbocker Ice Company to convey ico to the oil factory of Meaers. W. H. Libby, John B. Bartlett & W. H. Kimball, fell upon him, breaking his leg. He sued sn ten comnonv and the oil Arm tor '"r? Ye"terds - In' the CircV.iT Court a fury vo hlii a veroict of $500 againBt tho ice company, but exonerated the oil firm. For plaintiff, Mr. Bnlwinkle and General T. B. Gates ; for the Ice company, Maday & Mudgo ; for tho oil firm, Colonel Davis. , REPUBLICAN MEETIMfl. The Sixteentn Ward Republican Association held a brief session last night at Turn Hall, in Meaerolo street, tranaacting no business of importance. Mr.Charles Naeher preslded, - and Mr. J. G. Feist recorded. On a call for a report from a committee of investigation, a member stated that a final conclusion had not been agreed upon. Dr. C. R. Doane said ho was of opinion that the matter was becoming a farce. He suspected there might be a colored individual in the fence, and tt was possible that the committea might be afraid to make a report. If they intended to do anything ho hoped they would como out and act like men. A motion to givo the committee more time prevailed, and tho meeting soon afterward adjourned. FIFTH AVENUE THEATRE. "Thro' the Dark," Steele Mackaye's new drama, in a prologue and four acts, will be produced at the Fifth Avenue Theatre next Monday evening, March 10. The cast will he as f ollowa: Arthur Allston Billy Klootz 8ir Philip Mortimer. . Robert Hardy. . Peter Van Slink Harry Graham Mr. Bleak........ Inspector of Police... Doteotive Sharps Bloter. Jobn Allstoq.. - Mr. JosodIi wneeiocK Mr. D. H. Burkina .Mr. CharlM Fishor Mr. A. (J. vaere Mr. Frank Hardenburg Mr. George H. Chaplin Mr. Owen Fawcett ...Mr. H. A. Lipmin Mr. Thomas Jefferson '.'....'.'....Mr. W. R. Raypor ....Mr. James G. Peakes Mr. W. Moray Jaitor ....i. :;"".""Miia KUie Wilton rtfiiiuiau"1 Mr. McArtney si?,. rSSSSmV" Miss Geraldina Mayo r.FB&'SSP? '';"' '.vV.'.V - Miss Henrietta Irving . ??i - 'V:V;y' lira. LouUe Allen DESTROYED. Howell) Saxton & Foundry Burned Co.'s Iron Down. Valuable Patterns Destroyed Loss $100, - 000 An Extent' re Conflagration Prevented by the - Effoi ts of the Firemen. The extensive hon SAimdry, known as the Central Iron Worka, of HoweHV,"Ssx,on & Co - at tn0 cor - nerof Hudson - and Park; avon - wa3 destroyed by Are last evening, potting a sudden toP to 009 r 016 m0Bt activo and important industries &i the city and entailing a loss of abost $100,000; on vffii h there is sn Insurance of only $22,C).' While the ' to the owners is Eorions, this old andJwoll established! ;nrm will only suffer temporary inoonsenience, aa tho Un. idry will bo built up as quickly aa nosnible and busiueisi resumed. The burned buildings wore - of frame - and' an. i frontage of about 150 foot ou Hudson avenue. On . onB Blory shad; extending from tha oornor about foot on Hudson avenue, and a three - atory structure, A wood, which was used as a patlern shop. On th) "k avenue sido tho - shod extonds back nearly to - Navys eot. At a o'clock the workmen, to the numhor oP aboutt; forty, loft the building, the flrea having been already . carefully drawn. An hour subsequently firo waa disarm 'ered in the molding room by Clarence McCabe, who isfli 1 foreman of the foundry, and who was passing the 'Q Hudson avouuo toward his home, having been dofk, v0d a abort timo after leaving tho building. A bright!, Tht, which flickered in tho windowa of tho molding. m m, attracted his atteution, and an observation of a mira Jto or ao convinoed him that tho placo waa ou fire.. Ho - a mediately ran to the houao of Truck 3, in Concord' strertt i the nearest engine house, and gave tho alarm, which waa promptly sent out. Engines Nos. G, 7 aud 8 - in re sponse dashod: quickly to tho scene of the aonQagxs - tlon, which was now clearly indicated' by the brilliant illumination, but whon they reaohed: the spot the fire had gained auoh headway that it. woe - evidently beyond control, bo far aa the foundry was concerned. The flames had already buraod through - ths root ot tho long shod, and were rapidly creeping along toward tho pattern Bhop, where many thousand: dollars' worth of patterns, accumulated iu many yoara of business, wero stored. A quarter of an hour after the first discovery of tho firo, THE ENTIRE BUILDINGS WERE IN FLAMES. Chief Engineer Novina, on reaching the - ings, disposed of tho men to tho befit advantage, and tho firemen sot vigorously to work to fight the flames. It was evident, howovor, that it was a matter of impossibility to do anything toward Baviug tho foundry or ita con - tout - !, but, for tho purposo of making ample provision against a more extensive conflagration, a second alarm was Bent out and responded to quickly by engines Nos. 4, 5 and 10, with truck No. 3. ThiB precaution was deemed necessary, tn viow of the fact that there are several tenement housos olose by, exposed to the Intense heat and tho falling sparks, whilo directly in tho rear of the burning foundry waa the mammoth rag warehouso of Youug & Co., filled with the most inflammable material. Tha firo raged with groat fierceness for threo quarters of an hour, but with tho exception of ono tencmeut houso was confined to tho foundry buildings. The heat waa moat intense, but tho firemen stood bravely to their work, Bomo of them approaching ao near that their faces were scorched. The threo Btory frame bidldtng, containing the patterns, was attacked by tho flro a f ow moments after its discovery. Tho firemen ran to tho roof of the three Btory brick building adjoining, and from this point the shop was deluged with water. Tho only effect of the firemen's efforts was to prevent tho flames from attacking tho brick building. In an hour tho fire had licked up everything of au inflammablo material and quickly flickered out. The principal loss was tho destruction of tlio valuable patterns, worth over $7i),00fl. Tho pattern shop was completely gutted. - Mayor Howell, who is the senior partner of the firm, camo to the firo on tho sounding of the second alarm, aud stood in Hudaon avonuo coolly surveying tho destruction of his prpporty. Ho expressed tho greatest admiration for the manner in which tho fire was managed, and although his own property was completely wiped ont, he was consoled by the reflection that tho fire did not reach tho rosidouecs of the poor people living iu the neighborhood. Tho only building outside the loundry which was readied by tho fire was tho three story brick tenement house adjoining tho pattern shop on Hudson avenuo, and owned by Mrs. Margaret Burns, and this was only damaged to tho oxtout of $800. principally by water. It was fully insured in the Phoulx Insurance Company. Mr. Howell ostimates Iub total loss at about J1OU.W0, THE INSURANCES on which aro as follow: lbiyal..... , .... : .r'.n4 I V l.l.iH I.'..' - . 1 t - V.1 16.111 ftortn liritiah ana Mercantile Sottish Vomiiwrcd St;ir Hmiburcll Bromen 'ii WillmmsbiirEli u.ty K(u:i Muriilen Fireman's Trust Security 2,: i. - .o t J,rt - .(11 l, - 27 - J.''.'.l 1 ,272.1) - J Total .$:2:,!)1') It is HUpposod that the firo originated in tho furnace over the engine room, whore a chimney was being re paired yesterday. There was soma suspicion that tho flro might havo beon of incendiary origin, but Flro Marshal Thorn who haa made a carofull investigation. bolieves that the fire originated in tho cause already mentionod or in Bomo accidental manuor. Howell, Sax - ton Jt Co., are tho largest iron founders iu the city. They have had most of tho principal municipal con tracts for yeara and havo furnished nearly all tho lamp - poats, manhole covera, hydrants, iron railinga and iron work used by the city. They havo a separate factory In Adams street, principally devoted to tho manufacture of iron railing. OTHER FIItES. Thoro wore several other fires yesterday, all of them located in tho Eastern District. At 2:40 In the afternoon a firo broke out in the hall, way ou tho third floor of tlio three etory brick building No. 215 Grand Btreot, at present unoccupied. Loss $50. Causo of fire unknown. At 2:35 P. M. a firo broke out in Martin Kalbfleisch'a Sons' varnish shop, Porter avenuo, near Nowtown Creok, but it was put out with trifling losa. At 3 P. M. a fire occurred in tho one story and a half frame houso in tho rear of No. 203 Scholea street, owned by John Laine and occupied by Hontry Ibort. Loss on house and furniture, S - 'jOO ; insured in Williamsburgh City. Tho frame houso in the roar of No. 201 Scholes street was also slightly damaged. The framo stable of John O'DonnelL at No. 20 Scholea Btreot. was damaged by fire laat evening to the extout of $100. V 1 FT EK X T H M ATT A MON. The following ordor lias been issued from tho headquarters of the Fifteenth Battalion : I. Tho ncveral companies of this command will assemble, in fatigue uniform, with knapsacks, at the Arniory. at ;!i5ht o'clock P. M., for drill and inspection, on tho following daya : F and D companies on tho following Tuesdays: March 11', 13 and 25. E and C corupanios on the following VS cdncsdays : March 12, 13 and M. A and K companies on tho following Thursdays : March fl, 13. 20 and 27. II. Tho senior officer present will tako command promptly at eight o'clock. III. The Drum Major will detail two drummers for each of tho abovo drills. Tho drummers detailed will report to tho commanding officer at 7:45 o'clook on each occasion. IV. The movements at those drilla will bo strictly confined to tho school of tho company, and only so much marching aa la indispensable to tho execution of tho movements to bo made, will lie indulged in. By order of Lieutenant Colonel John B. Mei - endokoi. Geo R. Diktbick Adjutant. Last night Company D, Sherman Rifles, moved into their new room on tho aecond floor of the Armory. The decorations and alterations of tho room coat $150. Mr. Geo. It. Hall presented the company with a fine engraving of General Sherman. BEV. B. TALMAGE IN KT LOUIS. Tho St. Louis Globe of Tuesday contains the following account of Dr. Talmogo'B visit to tho Merchants' Exchange of that city : Mr. John Wahl, President of the Exchango, mounting tho rostrum, procured silence by a loud rapping with his mallet, oud, order boing obtained, saw : fiWTr.FMKN nv THE EXOIIANOK It Is HOt OftOU that mo as members of this exchange depart from our uaual custom that of commerce. But wo havo present to - day a ilistinauishod ceutlcnian who ia known to you ail tho Rev. Mr. Talmage, of Brooklyu, N. Y.; who will Bay a few words to you. Mr. Wahl thon introduced Mr. Talmago to the merchants, saying, as he conducted him to the rostrum "Mr. Talmage, of New York." Mr. Talmage then SPOKE AS FOLLOWS : GE.VTr,EJfE.v I thank you for tho warmth of thia re ception. It gives me a great pleasure to stanu in ima room I Bupposo the finest on the Continent for the purpose for which it has been set apart, and I felt greatly complimonted whon, standing a few momonta ago among your merchants, one of tho gentlemen tapped me on tho shoulder, taking me for one of your fellow merchants, nnd asked me if I had any heinn seed. ILaimhter.l I waa surprised that you had any need of hemp Reed in this region. I didn't suppose anybody waa ao deserving of being hung. More laughter. I have only boen a Uttle whilo in the city, but long enough have I been here to admire ita architecture, ita breadth, ita wealth and the large hoartedneas of tho peoplo. I have heard it said that the great question in New York is, how much aro you worth ? in Boston, how much do you know ? in Philadelphia, who is you father ? Laughter.j I thiuk the question in this city seems to be, WHO IS THE MOST ENTEBPEISING ? (Applause. m 1 wian you great aucccos, uen.iemeu. u. mm taking tho President a mauei anu tapping mo n U...1 nil anwa llin rnntbinnt and acrosa tho rlif. And our cities must stand together or fall to gether. What is tho prosperity of New York is the pros, pority of St. Louis; the welfare of St. Loutfl ;s thewel. faro of New York, and so wilj ah stahd shoulder to ' - 'M(lr And WA W" '. - . - r. .ntir Aanh rt,nv'a l,,lrlona S! WA.TTw - Z.n tVnf tho i.huwh anil tbn pichanoo It BetiUlO W.Ulu u"" ".v ' - o - oiwnt never to bo lu any hostility. Our churches are supported by merchants; in uJJ our great religious philanthropic institutions wo have tho v'ery - first merchants in the laud, and when tho nation Is In any kind of trouble. THE CAUSE OF MOBALTTY la lu any need, the merchant always has been first for Ita reliof ; on tho other bond, I Bay so far aa we are able, in all our religioua movements wo will be able to bo of help to the merchants. God bless and help and prosper you in all your. work. I thank you for the heartiness of your reception. Mr. Talmrgethen left the platform and mingled with tho merchants, and in a short timo left the building. A SEBIOUS STBEET QUABBEL. John McCosker was accused to - day before JuBtice Guck, with haying Inflicted serious injury upon Miss Eliza Melloch, young woman living at So.4S Cook Btreet, on Sunday night lost. During 0 . mrse of an altercation between McCosker andEUK S broker her right eyo was cut, as Bhe believes, with a knife or other ahari instrument In the hands of McCosker. While Zaccosed admits having inflicted the injury be emphatically denies using any liirtraont, or of having one in hia hands. McCosker contends that one of his Auger nails must have caused the damage to his ac - ouBer'e optic. As to tha provocation for the affray, the priaoner states that he had been insulted by Peter Mel - loch, who stood with his sister upon a Btoop, aa be passed in company with a female friend. Tho hearing has been Bet down for to - morrow, as Miss Melloch could not attend at court to - day. FATAL AUCIDEST. Yesterday afternoon Lewis Hohorst, who resided at 218 Hamilton avenue, and who was employed at the Pierrepont Stores, was severely injured by a bale df goods falling upon him and crushing him severely. He was taken home in a coach, medical assistance was summoned, but he died at two o'clock this morning. I Coresor Stofig wi $ toojestj WILBUll. Fail to Agree cliargeef. The Jury and arc Di - The jury in tho case of John Willmr alia.i Gilbert O. Yost, foiled to agrco and were discharged this morning. The case was given to tho jury ot fifteen minutes toll o'clock, yesterday morning, and they wero kept out all night. Thoy camo In yesterday afternoon, about 2 o'clock, and asked to hive some of the testimony of certain witnessed real to tln - m. This wai done, and they retired for dinner. Thoy did not como in again until this morning, when they wore discharged and tho priaoner remanded to jail. It will bo remembered that Wilbur waa arrested In connection with the Patchen avenuo burglars. Ho gave tho name under which ho waa tried at that time, but it appeared from the testimony of his own witnesses that his real namo waa Gilbert C. Yost. Tho jury stood nominally eight for conviction and four for acquittal, but the real position of the panel was eight for conviction, threo wero vacillating and ono juror was for acquittal from tho first. Ho held tho others, and had ho voted for conviction the result would havo been a verdict of guilty. Tho trial of the case began last week, on Wednesday, and lasted just a week, with an adjournment over Saturday and Sunday. Two of tho four men arrested Porter and Wilbur have now boon tried and tho jury disagreed. Irvino, or Condit aa ho is called, and "Shaug" Draper have not yot been tried, STOCKBROKERS' LIABILITY. A New QucMtiou Itniuti of Great Importance to Peron iTInnipiilatiiifr Stocks Something for tlie Court of AppcalH to Inss Upon. In the case of Benjamin F. Sherman vs. Edward F. Book, the General Term of the City Court haa reversed aa order granting a uew trial made by Judge Reynolds, who tried the cause, and ordered Judgment for the plaintiff with costs. Tho opinion written by Judge McCue and concurred in by Chief Judgo Noilson, is aa follows : Thia is an action for the conversion of certain stocks which had been purchased by the dofendaut, a stock broker, for the plaintiff on a margin. Ono of tho ques - , tionshtigated was whether tho plaintiff's margin was or 9 as not exhausted. Tho jury under proper instructions on this point, found that it won not exhausted, ao that tha plaintiff's right of action is established, and tho only otbt r question ia that which relates to the rulo of damages., applicable to the facts of the cose, chronologically the fl ' - ts connected with tho sale by the defondaut of plaloti u'a stock and its repurchase by tho latter may bo stated aa follows : 1873 October 15, defendant sold for account of plaintiff 100 ft u'l shares Harlem at 103 and 50 Lake Shore at 61. 18TJ Oi tolier 16, tho day after tho sale, Harlem Bold at lit and 1 - ako Shore at 08. 1873 Octi ber 31, Harlem sold at 101 and Lake Shoro at 58?,'. 1873 Scwa. nbor During this montli Harlem fluctua ted between SJ. 'i and 116f, and Lake Storo between 57 and 7,tJ(. 1873 DotBinb. ir In this month Harlem Bold from 113 to 12Q)tf and Lain ' Shore from 70?, to 77,". Tho plaintttt bo ught iu Harlem in December. 1873, at what price dbeu not appear, but as abovo observed the lowest sale waaf. ot 115. It does uot appear that tho plaintiff evnr roplac ld tho Lake Shoro. The plaiutlff had a vordict for S70 ', and on a motion for a new trial on tho minutes, a ecu trial was granted, aa we are advised, upon tho gxouEi I that the damages wero oxcos - Bivo, no writteu opinio being delivered. The learned judgo gave the Jary full instruct! - las upon the quostion of damages, quoting Xlrfiy from tho opinion of the court in Baker vb. Drako, ai reported in 53 X. Y., and tho rulo of dxm ges given to them was the dtfforeuco between the pria ' tho stock sold for aud tho prico for which it might bo replaced within a reasonable time thereafter. Such wfe - uml. - rtand to he the rule established in the ease aboue cited, and re - allirmed when the ease came again Ixifive ttie Cnurt uf Appeals as reported in Oil N. Y, at 524. If the rule as thus un derstood was applicable to the fac's of the ca.' - o at bar, then there cau Imi no re.a - vm for ilisturbiug the verdict. The ovidonce was abundant that ilurin the months of Octoljer and November the abx - ks advanced largely in prico and would havo justilii - d a verdict for a still larger amount, and it Itolonged tn the jury to detormiuo what was "a roasonablo time." It i - i claimed, however, that tho rulo established in Baker vs. Drako, as interpreted by tho judge presiding in tlio trial, is uot applicable, because it also appeared that tho plaintiff could have bought in tho stocks on Boveral daya in tho montlH of October and November at a price less than that ot which ho waa sold out, and that for this reason tho plaintiff waa only entitled to recover nominal damat. This question did not arise in tho caso of Baker va. Drake, for tho reason that th'i price at which tho piuiutitf was sold out (l - 'i - i) was lower than at any time between tho sale and the trial of the action. During this time the stock fluctuated between 137 aud 170. There are eipriHsi - ms in tho opinion delivered in Baker va. Drake, as reported in 53 N. Y., which seems to sustain the position takou by tho defendant, and it is possible tbat the HUgcition "Suppose tho stock iiiBtead of advancing had dee'duod after tho solo, aud tho plaintiff had ivplacc 1 it, or had fill' opportunity to roplacu it at a lower r:ito. could it lie said that he Buataiued any damage by tli.; sale while it was not applicable, strictly speaking, in Bakor vb. Drako, because of the faot - i in that ca - e, may b properly applied to the facts of the pre. - iont c:wj. Wo prefer, however, in view of tlio decisions, to ndliero to tli - j rule as dolivored by tho judge providing ou the trial, leaving the defondaut to prosont the question for adjudication to the court of last resort. Tlio order granting a new trial must, therefore, be reversed, and judgmont ordoredfor tho plaintiff, with costs. OPE.VI.VB A SAFE. A Siuirntar I.iliirnlioH in Which ,V Well Known Firm of Drooklyn I.uwy - erw made a Ul(r Score - A Church. Which Profits by munificent BequctM, Among Them One by a Suicide. An estate has j'ust been closed up in New - York in which a well known gontleman of Brooklyn la Interested as executor. Ab it lias many features of in terest, somo of thorn of a novel character, a brief ac count of the niattor is given : Mrs. Cataiina M. Leonard died in New York In June, 1878, leaving an estate estimated at f - Sl),000, in Government bonds and nrst mortgage Morris and Essex Itailroad bonds. By tho will, Washington Gibbons, of New York, and Georgo Lano, of 150 Portland avenuo, Brooklyn, were appointed executors and authorized to act without giving security. All the fundi wore deposited in tho New York Safe Deposit Company Iu a private safe. Mr. Gibbous was presont at the time of Mra. Leonard's death and as executor took possession of her private effects. Among them were two keys to the private safe in tho vaultd of tho Deposit Company. Soon afterward letters testamentary wero isanod to tho two executors. Mr. Lane, iu purmiance of tho trust, aak. - il Mr. Gibbons for one of tho two keya to the Bafe, so that both might Uavo equal access to the property committed to th'.'ir truat. Mr. Gibbons declined to let Mr. Lanu havo a key. Mil. LANE OREW UNEASY and consulted some of tho principal legateos under tho will. The result was that another request waa made to Mr. GlbbonB for ono of tho keys to the pafo, or for him to accompany Mr. Lane and the legatees to tho DepoFit Compauy'a vaults that they might inspect tho funds, Mr. Gibbona again declined. Thereupon Mr. Lane con - Buitcd Messrs. Shorter & Lansing, of ' Brooklyn, ' and proceedings were begun before tho Surrogate of New York County to supersede Mr. Gibbous as executor, or to couqK:l him to givo security. On tho return of tho citation in the. Surrogate's Court, Mr. Gibbona appeared with his counsel. Mr. Charlca J. Lowcry, of Brooklyn, and to avoid further trouh'e It waa agreed to proceed to the immediate distribution "f the estate according to tho tenor oi the will within thirty daya. The citation was withdrawn but at the explratiou of tho thirty days Mr. Gibbons repudiated the agreement. Another citatiou waa sent out and up to December hist tho litigation weut on, engaging the attention of Mr. Charles J. Lowory and Mr. Henry L. Clluton for Mr. Gibbons, and Messrs. Wingnte Cullen and Messra. Shorter & Lansing for Mr. Lane and tho legatees. Tho estate was finally distribute! in Doeciuter list. BREAKING OPEN A SAFE. In the early history of tho case Messrs. Shorter h Lansing scored a big ono against their opp - .nenta. While the first citation to supersede Mr. (iibhotia was pending, and he was in possession of the keys and refused access to tho safe, Mr. Ijuio went to tho Deposit Company's vaults, accompanied by a number of tho legators and Measrs. Shorter & Lansing. Mr. Lano demanded accc - s to the f.ifo presenting hia letters testamentary as his authority. Tho President of the company acknowledged Mr. Lane's authority, but naid there was tin means of gaining access to tho contents of the safe. Couhm. - ! ankc - 1 the President whether he acknowledged that Mr. Ijme had a right to enter the safo, and he replied that ho did. Counsel then asked what tho patrons of the company did who lost a key or were deprived of it. The president replied that they frequently t - jok off the locks. Thereupon Mr. Lane by advice of cour - fel sent for a blacksmith who broke open the safo under the aupor - viBlou of the officers of the company. Tho securities were counted, a achedulo taken and the funds dopwitcd in another safe In tho name of Mr. Lane as executor. The tablea were turned and tho smile transferred to the other Bide of tho mouth or the case. A LUCKY CHURCH. Mrs. Leonard made several charitable bequeBta, principally to the Church of tho Holy Communion, on Twentieth street and Sixth avenue, New York, of which the Rev. F, E. Lawrenco Is pastor. Thia church waa built by a lady as a memorial t4 her deceased" husband. Mrs. Leonard left $4,000 to build a chapel adjoining the church aa a memorial of her husband ; f4,000 to the poor of tho church ; $3,000 to the Sisters of Charity connected with it, and $'2,000 to the poor members. On Monday last Messrs. Shorter & Lansing paid the $13, - 000 to Father Lawrenco. "Wo aro fortunate," tho pastor paid. "lat week we received a legacy from a lady of precisely the name amount, and this morning a lady committed suicide in thiB city leaving ua $9,000 In her will." Brooklyn has profited by the deceased lady, Mrs. Leonard, aa well a. New York. Mr Charles J Lowery received a handsome allowance, and Messrs. Shorter St Lansing wore paid fees which ahow the estimation in which the firm is held. They wore retained by all tho legatees as well as Mr. Lano and realize more than six per ceut. on the value of the estate. CHARGES t'OK LAUtESY DISMISSED. Whin Michael and Kate Kraus, - who had been accused of etealing $100 from Michael'a father laat Octo ber, was called up in Justice Guck's Court to - day there did not appear a complainant to proeecuto the charge. The defendants wero therefore told to go their way. A similar disposition was mode In the case of JohnCol - gan, who had been arrested on suBplclon of having committed a sneafc robbery at tho room of George Brown, No. 470 Humboldt street, on Saturday night, There was on utter lack of ovtdenoe to sustain tho charao against Colgsn, aud for that reason the Justice dismissed the case. LAECEXIES. Corueliiifl Long, of Greeupoint, was committed to the Penitentiary, by Justice Elliott, thiB morning, for fifty days, for stealing two pairs of pants from Ur. Sabbath, of 368 Manhattan ovenne. Ann Orant got fifty dayB for stealing two skirts from Catharine Burr. Thomas Tonan waa sentenced to Jail for twcnty - r.lno days for stealing a pair of overalls from Jas. Smith's store, on Orand street, SUSPICIOUS. The Death of a Fori Hamilton Man. Coroner Simms is a Tost Jiotifled and Mortem. Ordei Dr. Henry C. Simms, tho Coroner, ywlir - day afternoon rocoivod a dispatch from Judgo Church, ot Fort Hamilton, to tho effect that a man 1ml duxl there under circumstances which required a careful official Investigation, as It waa rumoreti tnat he wis tha victim of foul play. The Coroner promptly roiponded to the summons, and on reaching Fort Hamilton called on Judgo Church, who accompanied bun to a two atory frame building on tho main road, overlooking thi bay, which had boon occupied by Jamas lllggina, aged M yoara, and hia wife as a grocery and liquor store. Tha formor lay dead ou a sofa Iu tho back parlor, aud pro - sontod a ghastly appearance. Both his eyes were black, and his face wai scrabdie - l and bruiaeJ, and thre waa a Bovero out on one of hi anus. Deceased had been a heavy drinker for some time, and his wife and brother in law said that ho received hi injuries by falling down Btalra a few uights sgo, whon h waa making hia way to the liquor store for moro whisky. It ia alleged that hia wife was either directly or Indirectly tlio cause of his death ; that she kept him constantly pliod with liquor, and that when ho waa in hia cupa aho ttbu;d him iu a brutal manner, knocking him down and lcaliug him with a ciub. Two weekrf agn a physician was called Iu, but only saw hini once. Kid a week subsequently thero was onotlior viait by a physician, but In each the prescriptions were to counteract the effects of liquor. On Tuesday night tho apothecary of tho Fort was summoned, but when ho reached tho house tho docoaacd was iu au unconscious condition and died a few hours afterward. The Coroner impaneled a jury and tho inquest waa adjourned till tomorrow pending the result of tho post morlrm, which will bo m&do this afternoon. Deceased and hia wife had no children, and, It U aaid. lived very unhappily togothor. H0.VEY MARKET. Wah. Street, March i',3 P. II. Among tho sales between calls and nt tho second board were: Wabash, St. Louia division, r coupon, 87a80; Wabaah 2d ox coupon, 80S : Ureal Western 2ud, ox coupon, 80? ; Control Now Jfo - soy income, 63 V ; Cincinnati and SpringfioliI 1st, guaranteed by Lake Shore, tOO; ditto guaranteed by C. C. C. ond I., 01i31', ; Lnuiaana coned, 52; C. C. C. and Indianapolis consoi, 97,a'J;i; Union Pacificist, 10:) ', alOtHj'; Central Now Jersey consul absented, 84; U. H. G's of 181, 10G; North Carolina, old. 20; Central New Jersey convertible assented, 1.4; Burlington, Cellar Rapids aud Northern 1st, 72 ','1 Denver mid Bio Grande 1st, 87 j; Erie 1st, conaol gold, 104.VJ. Tla subscriptions to 4 per cent, bonds, up ti nin, amounted to tt.WW.OOO. Tire Bauk of England return to - day shows 47?; p.r cent, of reserve to liabilities, against 47 lfi - Ui lut w - . t. Tho announcement that tho Frisa cirri out f 17.,,'. . silver bars to Europe created some eoiuiu - iU in in th.i market to - day, few reflecting that a shipment of ban. l - i made every week, mid even larger amount than thia shipment of to - day havo gono forward without attracting attentiin. The Exchange market is simply firm by reason of a light supply of bills, lint bankers cmieemr'I iu tho 4 per cont. bond negotiation abroad would doubtlesi draw at a fraction below tho gold Hhipping point aa l - prcvmit the export of gold. Thoy report a - fair deiumid fur tlio 4 jier cent, bonds on the Continent. The pt"Ck market has been active and giiir.illy Inwci this afternoon. Tho beam aro more coiublcii thau th. - y - have boon and feel inclined to ternpt fortune on tb short Kid.; if tile market, aj they seo tliat them la really a di.ipnitioil oil the part of the lutlu. : of ll wwik'n pool to unloal - at every advance. The fant that tho turnpikes in tho - Wost will bvin mich aonmlillon for the - n xt few weeks an will retard tlie mov - iuenl of grain. It - ads tho spoculatorH to expiet decn - as. - d earnings by tho railraoda in the Sorthvt - t. The wesk' - at stacks tUU uttoruoou were the Grangers and tho c.xl nhanvi. 3:i:P M. Mfmcy loaned stthreo por oout., mid - tUx - L.i ft - ire ii rcg - dnr - at tbn chwt. T ira following tablo ahowa ttie course of tho nlock market for thia day; i r. i .vt. , C!t'iins: Opening. litKlnMt. Uiw. - it 1 I . 1' VL Central and Hudson.. lb. 11'', U'i Hsrlrm Kne ... . 2 - ,i 2 - 't ' - 1 - ' - i - 1'. L'. - iiii.'i I'.icitic. 7:1 "4 71' - , TS', 71 Laki. Shore 71'. 71 M 'rri. - nnil Kx K 83 82', 2'i l).;l . Lack i Weiit'n 4i; j.r; r, 4 - i' MorthwinK - m ol't 6' W. NiirthirinKTu tiruf l... . nl HI', H'i .4 ;s( flock liUud r.cH 1 - "V St. P.iul ... 37 .' .'17 37', Kl. I'aul iTVf, - ml HIV ttl '.; S" Ohio ami '.bis - JlIU'l . I"'. "'. l'"i New.l. - n Central... 38 SK 3Uf; HO A ot.joc.... ... .... . . W.'st.rn 1'r.oo I"l l'' 1"' I"'v Pa. - ilii: Mail U 14 I3 !: I';tlimu .... - . IvUirin. .1 lluJm... 3; SM'J S' - Hl :r:; A - t ! Ti.ii - tfri,)i :tH its ffrl lx UlilluuCuulra! HI If W'i Olii HI Vou Can't Iletp Liking Carter's I.itti.e Ljvzji Pills, they rvro so very small, and th. - ir aoUim is so perfect - Only one pill a do.). WctldiiiGT'i, Parties and Sociable Furnished with everythiuK in tho best iinn - nor at policial: ptiooi. JtUEa KkuS'&K, No. 4J Fultofi struot. Acknowledged by All That the handsomest lino of carpet shown iu Brooklyn is at (iKOUge H. TlTC'6' Carpet Warurixiuw, on. txw and til 1 Fultun atreet. The Itethel Fair Time Extended. The imuienso crowd that throng the fttir day and evening ba bo f.vr exceeded tlio otmo.'t calcuUtioni of the manaic;r3 tnal it has become iiirtleAimry to extend tlio time. Tho Friday niicllt meetimt will ho omitted tins weuk and the fair will be continued Friday day aud evening. Brown Dread. Three cups Oirnhnm flour, one cup corn meal, two cups cold w. - itT, hilt cup moltss. Im !e.uq - oin !o I.F.V'B Yeast Powder, with aalt to enit - '. Mil the powder with thw flour and while dry. Bake an out aud a half iu a slow oven, with paRr over the to". Louisiana state Lottery. Frnntunv S3, H7 The undrsigned certifies that he was this holilerof one - half of auntie numlier ticket No 9.m. "Claan B." in the ifr.iv. - inic of t.'ie lwrifilAN'A St.itf. IrrTF.nY. whirh drew the Cair.livl I'nze of Ten Thousand Iolljrn (310,0001. on Tne.iilay. February 11, l"'J : vii - i ticket havm; coal the Mimof Ono Dollar ( il). at the office ol 11. L l'l.uil. 3li Broadway, New York City, and the amount wm promiitly paid in lull on inn ol tlio ticket at tlio offico oi the Company in ew urli - anv V. n s. Wnmnr. 2a'J Grand Htreet. Brooklyn. I) n.VKlC I'OWDEK. OYAL BAKING I'OWDEK. R BUR OOO R ft O O KRH O 6 Sn o o U OOO Y Y A t. Y r AA L YY A A L Y AAA L . Y A A LLLIi BAKING POWDKft. BAKING POYYDKB. AI'.SGI.CTKI.Y IT!!!'. The official ei.imin.ntion end r - nort 0,1 rftkint; pow.ter Lj the ilrooklm Health ii.urJ. ahoira the Kuxai. Iklli.l i Powi:n to he Ireo Irum uluin ur any other injurioaa aul - st - nnco. It in a pure (trapo creim of tartar powtur, alwayj tin), form and of full ttnicth. ItcosU a tnllo more p - r pound, but ia cheaper in tlio eat, eztlKO" lurtiier aivi v - hoa health. ltl,1 ill nil n - ao.'Lta the lineal article which It U posaibU topruiuc.! bom w.'ioIi - M'ine mater. a! - . S.MOKV CHIIIMIVS. SMOKY (JH1MNKYK OUKKI) (Hi NO clirK - e. Tlo, "GOTHIC" PATKNT ClilMMtY "POP L a bun cur - whero "t tiers fail. Iluu lredj in aiiLCeilul use. APPLIKD ON iltl.M. FOR i DAYS. J. 1L WHITLKY. BTOVF.S, ,tr.. VtQ luiloii it. near .Vasaii. dorr 3UBLIC LANDS AND BL'ir.DIXOS THE Uoimniltee on l"utiie iinaa ami liutiuinirfl oi inn imraor - Counri! will ni'et In Un - Committee lioni, Citr Hull, THUltSDAY, March li, 1S7S. at 1H o'ciix: I . M. By order uf MATH! AS J. PKTIIY, Chairman. UBLIO HEALTH THE COMMITTKK on ruhll. - . Health will mi'i - t m the V.onilniliee Koonm. "tv Hall, on FlllDAY. March ". 137.1. all uViock 1'. M. By order cf CHAIU.KS I) liRAHAM, ( ha.rman. T7 IN AN i ' K T H K COM M ITT K B ON KI - JL nunco will tn".'t in R'jir e Cominitteo Rooma. tJity Hall. oo MONDAY March IT, f", nt l'" A. M Hy otur ol WILLIAM K. A IT KEN. Ciiitrmin I.EfiAJ. NOTICES. , SUPKEMB COUnf, KlSi:.i COUNTY Kdward II. Ammidown a:rnt , c . ':,t ard W. Haakin and ethen - A H. Ammujow. Plaintiff a Attorney. - Ill imtomd. "I j - . Skjii - r "vrt o r of tra Oqi t - t. . mde in the alw entitled cil"ii. I earlny date tho t!th day of February. I will v!) to pi'h - au. - tion. byThomaa A. KernKAll, aa. - tlli - - r. - th" aalraroomi. N;. CS W Mhunrton street. Ill t.'l." :t) """ - ;' - ''; ' "" - " ir7' - '.'I at 1 - o . - ' - ', IlOotl - Ilie luii'iH.ii uLnuvu lauu win ;v..y.,'a. - S VlVihat ccttajJ'e or narcel of laud situated milit - t'i'y Hr - - '!jn, Oninrj of Kings, Hiate of N - w i.ii - i i.r - .. . ....... tncJiwi wioriy num uio non.uwii"riy cyrrir't ut Sixth av - mie ami Ltncom place, ana ranntng ttn - nce nnnn - er.'y at r.i?it anitlea to Lincoln place one huudre'l and aeveu feet ami two inches; ninnitur thonce wwteily and nearly parallel with Lincoln placo Mitcen fn - t and oia - ht tnchi - e ; running thence southerly at ris - lit aoiflea to Lincoln plae one hundred and six feet, ten and onu - naif inches to Ijnoln place and thence easterly along Lincoln placi Hilton I. - and eight inches to the point or place of tHurinn.'ruf le itw said seTeral diraeuaiaua more or lea. Dated Brvoklrn. lah - rnaryl - 2, l79. leia3wWgS THOMAS M. RII.I1T. Sheriff. UPHEMK COURT, KINUH COL'M'Y Harriet 11. Jiura xpnnn Jiay a. iiFjwii'myi.. ers CHABI.ES J 1 - OWliry. plaimi.u n'n . - is suance of a judgment order of llm court, mad a in u aiK entitled action.hearinKiI.t.. the ' th day March, l;i.ri,I vill sell tir public auction, by Thomn A. Knrriitan, auctioneer, at the sa!erootr.S, No. 31 WiUo - aa - hhy rt, m the Lily oi Brooklyn, on the alf'. day of MarcA 1.U, at 13 o clock, noon the following descrioed land and premio All that certain lot, pie. or parcel of laud iituate. lying and being In the City ol Brooltljn aforwud, bounded and described as follows: Beginning tt a point on tho northerly aide of Sterling place, distant one hundred and forty - thre feet, and ten inch l3.1n) easterly from the northeasterly corner of Sterling place and Filth avmue ; running thene northerly parallel with Filth avenue, ona hundred (IUU) ftet ; ttlenco e - ajlcrly parallel with SterliDg plac, twenty CJO) feet ; thence southerly, again parallel with Fifth a retro o and through the centra of a party wall, ono hundred (100) feet to Sterling place, and thence westerly along Starling pi0' twenty MM feet to the point or place of beginning. Dated Brooklyn, Match u, ISTtf. mh'ioVrh4M THOMA8 M. RILEY, Sheriff SUPUKME COURT, Marie 1L W. luckier agnu KINGS COUNTY - ,,,, t M.r. A Meietibu(tAlS others - L'UAUi.Ka J. LowntT. plaintiffs attorney ln suanceora lungment oraer or mis toun, maoem k - - . entitled action, hearing date tho day of ,s.,rc; Vc. will aetl t.r nubile auction, bv Thomas A. Herrttn.! tioneer, at the aalesrwwnii. No. Willonghby . ",., City of Brooklyn, on the :ilt day of il;"! '4 oViock, noon. the; following described I"'1 , "'l?1!? All that certain lot, p.ecv. or parcel "'J' - , jtuate. Winn anil l4jir..r m tho City of Hrjok:jn a!o - )w.,nl - , .4 ... V.,.4 r..lna. wit: H";' - " nt ft point on tfco northerly of Sttirhus F' - i distant easterW Iron, tl - 3 northenterly corn" centra ot & party ono. iaotJrcti ic4 ".Jf, pjlt w.ib '.t h (kvntia 1 rurlf - ione . OjACO Ol Dfllinini'iis - pjnvUBlii.ii , 7. - nf certain oinnr party ind through tho centr - oft n :W place .fenty l - .,1"' - Ualeu tin. cixif I (lyyl e t

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