The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on July 23, 1894 · Page 7
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 7

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, July 23, 1894
Page 7
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' - THE BSOOKtiTy DAILY EAGLE MONDAY, JULY 23. 1834. - TEN PAGES. TKAVEJL, TRSPORTATSON, dec, tenmuoaM. Hudson River by Daylight. . . DAY LINE STEAMERS HKW YORK or ALBANY w' ' Dully except Sundays. Leave Brooklyn, Fulton nt( by Annfi). R A.M. " New York, ItviihrnB&caat J.'!or 8:40 " Now Yor. West T - .v on fcy - neeond at Pier. .. II " For ALBANY, lanlinic t Yonkori, Wort Point. New - burtrh, PonRhkeop.'.io, Uhlnobrck, On. tut ill and Hudson. J tot timing, leave Albany at Ht'iO A. Al. CONNECTIONS! "VTE3T POINT. NEWBURUllnnd POUGHKKEPSIE. with down - Day Boat. R.HINEBEQK (by tarry), with ITiVtor and Delawaro Kailrodd. for roflorta of the Cnt twills. OATSKirL, wltli special trains m thn CatskiH ntoun - taln littllroad and Otto Klov - atins ft all war. ALBANY, with trains tor Maxara Valla and the "V - t : How ton and the Kflst: Montreal an1 tho North, and ." with apouUl train to anrl iroai ti.VHATOGA. Tho Now York Trannfor Company will call for and eheok bafffiraao irora hotels and roi donees. MOKNING ANiJ AteTKlCNOON CONCERTS. . P - ROVII)ENCE LINE. FOR BOSTON, WO110ESTUK AND THIS EAST. Only lino connecting with thronirb. parlor oars to tho WHITE MOUNTAINS. Stoamnra Oonnoctlont and Mansaobnsetts leav, NKW PIKR 30. North Rlvor, one bioolc abOTO Ounat t, at ?::!0 P. M. daily. KXOICt'T Snnriaj. Connecting trains leave wharf. Providon - , 0 A. M. ; dno Boston 7:15 A. M. ami 0:30 A. M. : tins Wor - center 8:00 A. M. (Snndara 8:lf A. - M. i due Worcester 10:2; A. M.). Litulte. - l White Monatatn l - lxprona leave wharf 7:lo A. M., excopt Sunday; dun Vahyan'H 4. - M0 P. M. (Mil mitht'a rout, shortcut rail ride. KINK OR - GR&STR.A on each ntpan;er. Tickets, staterooms and '"Snm'trer Tours" at City ticket oIBcea and Pier. ' STONINGTON. LINE. Inside roatn to the fiat. Only direct Bound Route to KARRAOAKSfiTTPir.R&nd WATt'.fl HILT. Steamers Maine and New HampBhtre leave Now Pfor North River, at 0:00 P. M., daily, iNOLUlUNft Sunday. FALL EIVER LIjTE7 For BOSTON. NKWPORT. FALL RIVKR, Martha's "Vineyard, Nantncket. Capo Cod, and all Northern and Kaetorn New Kngland points. DOUBLE SERViUR. Steamer PRISCILLA. PURITAN, PILGRIM and PROVIOKWOK in commission. A . sploudld orchestra on each. Leave New York from Pior 28 (Old No.),N. Y foot of Murray Et, at 5:30 P. M.. weok dayn and Snmlays, for Fall River di - r?ot, connecting with axpross train duo Boston Q:nQ A. M. This steamer touches at Newport Monday mornings onlyatSiJ.V j!:30 P. M., woek days only, for Newport nnd Fall vr, unci iiflirpori. j:uu. raii - mrar v a, m.,oon - noctlng with oxnre hs train duo Boston 11:00 A. M. For "Quaint Cap'! Coi," "Old Oolony Resorts" c twining list of hotols and Iwardinjr ho - ises) and 1 (con - nr hn - ifinRl anrl Fn.ll Rlrcr Liuorato folder, sond 5 couts in stamp to P. 6. i)ox to ;,oit Y orK. LONG - BRANCH ANDBAOOOO. MARY PATTEN. PLEASURE BAT and BLBEBON. "Dolvn the Day." "Throuirh tho Narrows," Up tho Pictnrosque Shrewsbury." WEEK DAYS from .TANK ST, N. 11. (4 blocks bolotr 14th st), 9 A. M. and 3 P. M. SONJJAYS from .IA.NE ST. 0 and 10 A. M. All boata leavo BATTERY PIER Cnear Burn Office). 5 fflinntes later. LONG BRANCH, PLKASURE BAY, SEAI'.RIGHT, HlKhiand Beach. Little Silvor and Branohport. FREIGHT at lowest ratee. Longest, cheupeat, most deliiThtful sail out of New York. Stoamer ELBERON loaves foot East :Ufc at 10 A.M.; Bridge Dock. Brooklyn. 10 :L'0 ; Battery Pier. 10:30, NORWICH LINE, Inside Ronte via New London for BOSTON, WORCESTER. PROVIDENCE, CAST AND NORTH, Only diieot route for WATOH HILL, BLOCK ISLAND, NORWICH and NEW LONDON. NEW TWIN SCREW ST13AMKRS CITY OF LOWKLL AND CITY OF WORCESTER, in commission, leavinsr Pior 40. N. R., next Deabrosses st, at ."i:30 P. 'L. week dava only, connecting with Vosti - bolod Express trains N. Y. i; N. K. R. R. . Tlckota and StatenomH on Pior and 3."3 Broadway. A Fine Orchestra on each Steamor. ALBANY BOATS. PEOPLE'S LINE. Stearaors rRE"Wand DEAN RICHMOND leave Pier 1. N. II., foot of Canal st, New York, at 0 P. M. daily (Sunday excepted); Brooklyn, foot Knlton st. via Annex, n P. JL ; direct connections with express train 8 for Saratoga. Lake George an t all Adlrond&ek poiatn, Rich - :field fiprings and '1 houaand Islands. Satnrd;iy ni - ht Bteaipor connoctH with Sunday morninjz. train for Sara - Qgfl. Caldwell and steamer on Lake George. The Montauk Steamboat Co., Limited. Steamers MONTAUK and SRELTER ISL - AftD for Orient Point. Orient, Manbunaet House. Oreenport, Siielter Island Heights, Soutbold and SaK ttfJ.bJr',OODI!?ci,:!? .' rcanpurt with steamer T KD - JJlEforftowSuirolk, Jamesport and Riverhead. Leave New York daily, bnndays excoptod, from Pior UtS. E R. foot of Poi;k Slip, at 5 P. M., commencinjr June 3o! through Joiy and Augnat. Will leave Now York Sator - HCJDSON BtVRR STEAMER MARY PO W1CLL, DAILY (EXOEPT SUNDAYS.) Leaves Ptsbrossos st, 3:15 P. M. Saturdays 1:45: Do. West 2Sd st, 3:30 P. M. : Satur 'avs, a P. M. TrnD ryn VCTftvu wpct - Oi(W nADViir , r r KEEPSIE, r - 5 J1, ls - 'anting at Hyde Park. Rhlneliook. Ulster Landins - , Barrytown and Tivoli. Leave jiier - iK. foot of Eleventh st. N. R., at i; o'clock P. !. ,i:,'ily, except San - day, trom Jnly 7 to Septombor ; ::, leave Saturdays 1 P. M. Fare, Inclndinff br: il. Excnraion vl.oU. RAMSDELL LINE Stroers leave Pier 24, N. R - , foo Franklin st. fo Cranstonn. West Point, Cold Spring, Cornwall, Fiahkill LanduLsr and Newbursh. weok days, 5 P. iL ; Sunday, CATSICILL, MLOTTHTAINS - STEAMERS KAATF.RSK1LL and' CATSKILL leave every week day at 0 P. M. from Pior '48. foot of West 11th at. N. Y., connootioK with Catakill Mountain and Cairo R. R. ana the new Otis Elevatln? Railway to tho dammit; Directory of Summer hotels and boarding houunaniatfedfrao at pior or by W. J. H.UU1IES, Catakill, N. Y. BKIDOKPOKT. FARE .r0 OKNTS. Excursion 75 cents. Boats levo Pior 35. East River, at 11 A, M. and 3 P. .M. daily (Sur.davs oxoepred) : foot of f!astThirty - firstat,3:15 P.M. Saturday aiternoon boat oaves half hour earlier. Councctini: at .iriiltf - port with trains on N. Y..N. H. and 1!. 11. It. North and Host. ONLY SOUND t - TEAMKR LHAVINO NEW YUKK IN 1'HE MORNING. TROY BOATS. Steamers SARATOGA nnd CITY OF TROY leave Pier 4(1. North River, toot of West Tonttl st. daily, except Satnrday, il P. M. Connect with trains for North and East. Minday steamers touch at Albany. Tickots fcnd stateroom. 4 Court st. SliO Fulton st. On and after Mt)NI) AY. Harsh l'J. 1H04. Stnainnr HARTFORD will loaie Pior 'ii. liast, River, for H4OT - ruitu sua nvi:r iiinuins on iUUilu. - Via, vv r - UAJiS - PAYS and FRIDAYS at 3P.1L i.oawtwly steamers. Maine Steamship Company. Direct to COTTAGE CITY, MAfS.. r.tid PORTLAND, MIC. Pfflifchtfn! Sea Coast Routo to all ploitfiiro resorts North andTKast. ICleant fito imers. Low excursion rates Tuesday. Tluirsday. haturdny, 5 P. M. Pier 3S, Kaet River, foot Markat st. Tiokets can bo porcl.aied at .IOHN C. UKNDERSON SON. M - 14 Knlton St. Brookl' n. TiriR.'.TfO HALL. Agent. .traaiiniiiii ANCHOE LINE v - UNITED iST ATI'S MAIL SI'UAMKHIPS Sail from New York every ScturdHy for GLASGOW VIA LOXDfl)KRItV From Pior 6J. N. R., foot West - Twcnty - lo'irth st. Circassia..July 2St'J P. M. I I'nrnoriaAu. IS. 7 :1V) A.M. Fthtoplft. .. Autj. 1 1, V P. M. I Anchorli'. A'ip. ' - '5. non B. S. CITY OK ROMK.Soyt. S, noon, Oct. 13. 3:U0K M. Rates for s?tioon pabaajn, ByS. S. CITY OF ROMK. $ftt) and upward. Other Btoamern, cabin, sj - io and upward, Jtcording to ftocommurlntion ;td location of room, Excnraion tickets at reduced rates : second cabin, 30. StcoraKO outward. $20; prepaid. V4. DRAFTS aT LOWlCST Cl'iiKENT liATKS. For books ot tours and other information apilyto HENDERSON BROTHERS - 7 Bowllu (ireen, New York, or TAYLOR & HOOD. OH Court st, or H. F. KOOH, 48 Broadway, Brooklyn. CUB ARD LLTK NKW YOUKTO LIVJEK - POOL, via QuiMinstowu, from Pior 40, N. R. Lucania. ..Jal.v 2H. 2 P. M. j l - trnria.AuK. 18, U A. M. Umbria. Aur. 4,7:30 A. M. Camp mi;:,. . .Aujr. ti'y, noon Auranla.Auir.1 1;1 :IJ0P.M. I Lmbria.S - pt. 1, 0:30 a. M. Cabin naesHK", $00 nnd upward; sycond cahin, $4 - It, S4i. and S50, according to strainer and accommodations. Stoorage tickets to.ind 'mm all part h of Ktiroyo at vf ry tow ratei. l'or frellii, and passau apply totho conipany's o trice, 4 Bow'in Green. V.'CKN'ON II. BROWN A CO., O'onorai Ajft - nt. For pasaontfor tickets, draftn at lowest raton and farther information apply to T. U. HENDltL ' - KS'JN, S.'SD Fulton bL. junction Waah - inKton, sole agent for Brooklyn, or H. P. KOOII, 48 Broadway, Brooklyn. canaotax pacTfic iiailwTy; Intonded. stoams'iip eaiiinga from Vancouver. to JAPAN and CHINA. EMPRESS OF - INDIA. Auirnst (i, October 15. EMVIU5SSOF .JAFAN, .niinstU7. Nuvnmbor 13. E1IP11ESS Ov CHINA. September J 7. December 10, HONOLULU, FIJIdAUSTEALIA rawa, Anjrust ltj. Warrimoo. Septomber 1 tj. For tickets and frip;ht rates apply at Uo3 Broadway. I'or froisht rates only. 09 Wall st, N. Y. A MERIOAN LIJi H. NEW YORK TO SOUTHAMPTON. Chostor...Au(r. 1.11 A.M. j Paris Aos. 15.I1A.JL A.M. I Berlin.... An. 2 - J, 1 1 A. M. First oabln passage to Southampton, Londou or Havre, IStiO and upward, according to steamer: uocond cabin, 85 to Htooruo at low r..tOi. Drafts payable In all parts oi' iulr.od, Ireiand, Scotiantl. .Sweden. S'orway and Denmark at lowest ratoj. I NTiOHN ATIO V A L NAVIGATION CO.. li Ilowlini? Groon. Now York: JOHN a HENDERSON & ON. 344 Kultou St. or H. F. KOCH, 48 Broadway, Brooklyn. HIT15 STAR Ij ! N K. TO OUEENSTOWN AND LIVKIfPOril. n entonlo, Jnly2A.ll A.M. I Majetlc, Au.s,i:.::iO P.M. Britannic, Aur. 1.5 A. - M. i Oormanio, Auu. 15. - t P. - ,. No COTTON Ov - im - CO ON PAShKN - UISK STJMMSlls. Saloon rates Sf0 npword, accordln to stcaitiBr and location of borth. "Second caidn on these st. - atnfrs $40 and iH5. Sterapte from New York, 10 : prepaid tickets, 15. For paMKa's tickets and drafts payablo tin doinaud everywhere in Enaland, Iroland, Sweden, Scotland and Norway, apply to V. AI.I'IilD R. (!; Court nt. r.rook - lyn.or A. M. MORGAN, SG Broadway, Wllliamabureh. II. MAITLAXD KKKSEY. Acont, !i ilroadway. N. Y. ICn - IlroudM. Ni' Y., 0ETABI0 & WESTERN R'T. Trains leavo font "West Forty - ancond at aa follows: 15 mlnutoB earlier from Franklin at. 7:f5 A. M. for West Cornwall. Lakos Mohonk and Miimoivaskji and Wallkiil Vnl!'y atatloriri, Middletowu, li loom inr burg. KUonvilt, FaUsiniri.'. i.iborty. l.'arimu - daic, .Scrantun, WitUon, Delhi, Sirinay, Now Borlin, Nor - orioh, Utlca, Oneida, Vnlton, Osivo:;o. 0:L A. M. (dally) tur Went Cornwall, Middle town, Bloom iugburg, Wurtaboro, Kileji MotJiitaltidala, Falleburff, Hnrleyville, Liberty I - 'aiis. Liberty, Wnlto Lake. 1:45 P. M. (Saturdays only) for Middlot.wn. Bloom - Ingimri, Wurtsboro. KUonvilio, Moinuj.iaaii.lo, Ounter - viile, haUfcb'.trg, UurloyvUlo. Liberty Kails, Liberty, Piuk' - jviUa. Litiivuton Mono1. Rockland. P. M., for Lake Mohonk and Minnowiak:t, Stony yord, .Middlotov. - n, Wurtfiboro KUeuTiitn, ;Mo::Dv.indalo, Controvllio, aUflburir. flurlayvlilo. Liberty i - allB. Liberty, Parksvillo, LivingstOM .Manor. 4:: - )0 P. M for Woat Cornwall, Orr'H Mills, Mandow Brnott. :uinpbull Hall, Stony Kord, Cry eta. I itun, Middle - ' town, BVpaminzburjr, VurtV,oro( Ktlonville. 7:45 P - - M. (daily), for Middletown, Blooniingburg, Fnlirjburg. Liberty, Livingston Manor. Walton. Sidney. Xorwioh, OnoldA, Pulton, onwego, Niagara Fall ami pinta WBt. Pullmau SiHopint Cars. Free reclining chair oar bo Chicago without chango. Ttckote and Pullman Drawinar Room seats at 37L I Broadway.Nerr Yartc. J. 0. ANDWKSON. General Patfaeuor A cent, 50 Beaver ot. New York. TBAVEL, TTRJL'VyPOHtTAXlOPt, kc ltalli - oadti. CENTRAL RAILROAD OF NEW JERSEY. (Anthracite coal nsed .zolafltvelyo Four'tracks. Atttomatlo block signals. . Trains leave slatiou foot or Liborty st, Now York. For Kiaton, Bethlehem, Allentown, Mauch Chnak.otc, 4l30. 7:1.5, 11:10, 11 :45 to Kaslou, A. M.. 1:10. 1:30 (4:U0 to Eaiftoii), 4:iU. 5:45, 7:M to Allentown, V. M. Siuidav;. 4.1UO, 7:15 A. M.. 1 :00. 5::i0, fi:0U 1'. M. For Wilke.barre, Plttston and STanton, l):10 A. M.. 1 ;1 0.1:30, 4::iP. M. - Sundays, 4:111) A. M. rorKoadlnat4 - ::lO. 8:00. 0:10.1(1:00, 11:30 A.M.. 1:10. l::0, 3:00,4:00,5:00. 5:45, 7:30 P. M.. 12:15 nivht. Sundays. 4:.'10 A. M.. 1:00. 1:30, 5:;i0, 0:00 P. M., la: 15 nVnt. For Harrishurgat 4:30. 8:00. 0:10. A. M., 1:10. Ii30, 4:(i0.ft:00. 5: i5 P. M.. 12:15 uicht. Sundays, 1:00, OiOO P. M.. U':15 night. f( Sunbury. Lowisburn and Williarasport at 4:30, K:0u,:10 A. SI., 1:10, 1:30.7:30 P.M. Sundajs, 7:lo A. il., 0:00 P. M. aCL KAIL ROUTK. For Lon? Branch, Ocoan Orore, ,tc. For Rod Ilank, Lona iiranoh and points south to Point Ploasant,4:30 (5:50 to Bod Bank), 8:15. 10:30. 11:30 A. M. p. M - Saturdays only), 1:30. U:15, 3:30, 4:00.4:30,5:30, (1:16 P. M. Snmiays. ovoopt Ocean Orovoand Anbury Park. !):15 A. M., 1:30,410(1 P. M. Kor LAKS3W0OD. Toms Kircr, Harnoicat Park and Barnocnt, 4:30,8:15 A. M., 1:30.4:30 P. M. For Atlantic City, Vineland and Bridgoton. 4 :30 A. M., 1:30 f. M. l'or Monmouth Beach, SeabrU'ht and Highland Beach. 4:30,8:15, 11 :30 A. M.. 1:30. 4:30, 0:1 P. M. Sv days. 0:15 A. M. . SANDY HOOK ROUTE. VOR LONG BKANOH, OCEAN GROVE. ETC. From Pier 8, N. It., foot Rector Bt. For Atlantic Highlands, Bishland Boach. Ronison Beach, Seabriftht. Monmouth Beach and Lour Branch at t:30. 9:00, 11:00 A.M., J :00, 3:40.4:30. 5:30 P. M. unda.v. 11:00. 11:00 A. M., 1:00, 0 P. M. For Elboron. Asbnry Park, Ooean Grove and points south to Point Ploaaant, 11:00 A. II., 1 :00, 3:45, 4:30, 5:30P. M. Sundays (except Ocean Grove and Asbury Park), :00 A. My 1:00 1". M. l'or l,akewood, Toms Klver and Barnesrat, 4:30 A. M.. 1:00, 3:45 1. L For Atlantic City. Vineland and Briagoton, 4 130 A. M.. 1:00 P. M. ROYAL, BLUB LINE TO PHILADELPHIA, BALTIMORE AND "WASHINGTON. For Phltadelphla. week days. 4:30, 8:00, 9:00, 10:0n, 11:30 (DiuinR Car), A. M.. 1:30. 3:00. 4:00 (Bullet Parlor Car). 5:00. (1:00 (Dining Oar). 7:30. 8:45 P. M., 1: lf nlu'ht. Sundays. 4:30, 0:00. 11:30 (Dining Car) A.M.. 1:30, 5:00. 0:00 (fining Oar) P. M.. Vi:lo nlffbt. i - or Baltimore and "Washington, wsok days, 9:00. 11:30 (Dlninir Car). A. M.. 1:30. 3:00, 5:00. tf:0O (Dining Car) P. if., 12:15 niiiht. Sundays, 0:00. 11:30 (Dinlna Car) A. M.. 1:30. 5:00,0:00 (Dinlnu Oar) P. M. : 12:lo nfecht. tfiokets ami parlor car seats can bo prooured at 172, 20V 415. 1)44. 1,140 1 .323 Mroadway, 737 Sixth av. 31 Eost 14th bt, 134 East 125th st, 204 West 125th Bt, 251 Colnmbu ov, New York; ( Court, street, K"0 Fulton st Broqklyuil'8 Broadway. Wllliam8burh. Tbs Now York Tranriror Company will call for and obeok baecaffo from hotel or residopoe to destination. "AMBKtCA'S GREATEST RAILROAD." ISTE.WYORK & HUDSON RIVER B. R. From Grand Central Station, Forty - second street. 8:U0 A. - M. - - Except Sunday. Kuipiro State Lxpress. Fawteiit train In th world. 8:3 A. M.Kx. Sunday, For Adirondack Mt's, 1,000 Itjhiadn. RiphJiol'i Springa, Montreal, 0:30 A. M. Daily. Fast Mail. For Syracuse. Roches - tor. BuiTalo. Niagara Falls, Chicago. 0:40 A. M. Except Sunday. For Ctskill Mountains, Troy, Saratoga and Montreal. 10:30 A. M. Daily. Chicago Limited. Dno Chicago 0:30 A.M. 10:40 A. M. Except Sunday. Day express. For all important a tat points. 1:00 P. M. Daily, Southwestern Limited for Clncin - natf, Chicago, In liunapolls, St. Lome. 1:45 P. M. r!aturdays only. The Fast Saratoga and Catakill Mountain Limited. 3:30 P. M Kx. Sunday. Albany, Troy, Saratoga. 4:30 P. M. Daily. North Shoro Limited. Due Detroit 8:20 A. M.. Chicago 4 ::t0 P. M. 6:00 P. M. Daily. For Albany, Troy. BuiTalo, Niagara Fulls, Dei roit, Cbkago, bt. Louis. 0:35 P. M. Daily. For iroy, Srtoza, North Creek, Burlington. Piattsburgb and Montreal. 7:00 P. M. Daily. For Adirondack Mountains, 1,000 Inlands and Montreal. 7:30 P. M. Daily. For Auburn Road points, Buffalo, Niagara Falls, Adirondack Mountains, Cleveland, Cincinnati. indianipoUtf, St. Louis, Chicago. 9:00 P. M. Daily. Only Sleopintr Car passengers for Roo heater carried on this train. 9:15 P. M.Dailv. For Ogdonsburg, Cape Vincent, Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago. 9:04 A.M. and 3:3H P. M. Daily, except Sunday, to Pitterield, via Harlem Division. Wagner Palace Cars on all through trains. Trains iliuminatod by Pintsch Liht. Tickets and Wagner oflices at Grand Central Station. 113, 'iH 1,413, 7H; Broadway : lil Kaafc 14th Bt, Lincoln Bunding; 94 Broadway, 23o Colnmbus av, 53 West 1 25th st and 138th st station. New York ; 338 and 72G Fulton tib and 74 Broadway, E. D., Brooklyn. Biggaffo cheoked from hotel or reaidonco by the Weet - coti express uompany. JOaNM.TOUClCY, Cieneral Manager. GEORGE 1L DANIKL8, Gen. PasbQnger Agoot. DELAWARE. LACKAWASTNA AND WJJSTERN RAILROAD. Stations in New York, foot of Barclay and Christopher straits. VESTIBULED THAI 5, PULLMAN BUFFET COACHliS. Direct route to NEWARK. BLOOMFIKLD, MONT - CLAIR. THE ORANGES. Summit, Bemnrdsvlllo. Basking Ridge, Madison, Morrfstowu, Passaic, Pater - son, Boonton, Dover. Stanhope. BUDD'S LAKE, LAKE KOP VfCONO, Hackottstown, SCHOOLKY'S .MOUNTAIN. "WaKnlnntoo, P111I.LIPSBURG, EAS - TON.AVATEK GAP, STROUDSBURG. Pocono Mountains. SO it ANTON, P1TTSTON, WILKESBARRK. N ANTIOOKE. UANVILLE, NORTHUMBERLA ND, Montroso, BINUHAMTON. OXFORD. NORWICH, Waurvillp, UTICa, RICKF1KLD SPRINOS Cortland. S - YItAOUSB. OSWK'iO, - "ITHACA. 0"rTKCO. ELMIRA, CORN NO. BATH, DANSVILLE, BUFFALO and all points WEST, NORTHWKST AND SOUTH VVKST. 7:20 A. M. BINGHAMTON MAIL. Stops at principal stations. 9:00 A. - M. BUFFALO, SCRANTON, BINGHAMTON, UTICA. RI0HFIKCD SPRINGS, SVRACUSK and OSWriGO KXPRE - IS. Pullman Ballet Parlor Cars, (."onnocts at Bull'alo with train for Chicago, arriving at !:20 A. M. next mornlnir. 1:00 P. M. - SORiNTON. BINGHAMTON and EL - MIK A EXPRESS. Pullmnn Parlor Cars. 4:00 P. M. - SCKA.NTON, WlLKKaBAURE and PLYMOUTH EXPI1ESS. Pnllman Parlor Oar. 7:30 P. M. (dallv) - BUFl'ALO, SCRANTON, BINGHAMTON and KLMIRA LIMITED EXPRESS. Pnll - mnn Bullet Sleepers. Arrives at 7il5 A. M. 9:00 P. M. (daity) - BUFFALO. SCRANTON, BINGHAM I ON, RK'HFiBLI) SPRINGS, SYRACUSE and OSWEGD EXPKIlSS. Pullman Buffet Sleopors. TICKETS AND PULLMAN ACCOMMODATIONS at 73 Murray st and 429 Broadway. Tickets at ferry stations. 785 and !I42 Broadway. o3 Wost Ono Hundred and Twentv - flftli nt, 235 Columbus av, Now York: 3:ts and 720 Fulton st and 74 Broadway, Brooklyn. Time tablfl. Eivjiij i vi 11 information, at all fttationft. WESTCOTT SXPRBSS COMPAN V will call for and check baggage from hotel or residence to destination. RAILROAD. STATION 1'OOT FULTON STREET. 9:00 A. M. FAST LINK Parior car to Pittsborg. 0:30 A. .VL PENNSYLVANIA LIMlTKD Pullman Drawing and State Boom, Sleeping, Dining, Smoking and Observation Cars. Arrives Chicago U:00 A M., Cleveland 5:25 A. M.. Cincinnati 0:35 A. M., Indian - upolir, tf:00 A. M., Toledo 0:00 A. M. 1:.jP. M., CHICAGO AND BT. LOUIS EXPRESS Pullman Slnepinu and Dining Cars to St. Lopim, Louisville and Cbtcago. Arrives Cincinnnti 10:50 A. M,. St. Louis 7:30 P. M..01ucauo 5:00 P. M. 5:30 P. M. WKSTBltN KXPRLSS - Pullman Sleoping a - nd Dinlug ( - "lira to Chicago and Cleveland Arrives Cleveland i 1 : 1 A. M.. Chicago l - 00 P. M. next day. 7:30 P. M. - SOCTilV.'KST; - :RN ltKPHJ2SSPullrrian iS looping and Dining Cars to Cincinnati, St. Lou it. Arrive Cincinnati J P. M.. St. Louis i .00 A. M. heoond morning. 7:30 P. M. PAOfFIO EXPKKSS - Pullman Slooplng Car to Pittsburg. Cu:ioct for Chicago daily and i "leveland and Toledo, except Saturday. FOR ATLANTfO C'TY 1:30 P. M., weak days, with through Buffet Parlor Car. Ticket orllcoH: 4 Co urn st, OS Broadway, 860 Fulton nt and Brooklyn Annex Station, foot of Fulton st, Brooklyn. The New York Transfer Company will call for and choi - k baggage from hotels and res l donees through to drstination. S. M. PROVOST. J. R. WOOD, GonoraL Agont Gencra.1 Pftaa'r Agent. LEIIIGII V LLE Y W LR0AD LEAVE FOOT FULTON ST. PWNNA ANNKX. ($:3U A. .M. daily for MAUCH CHUNK and lntermodi - ote Htations, connecting, except Sunday, for PottflvUIe and Beading. 8:00 A. M. daily for GENEVA, ROCHESTER. BUF. FALO, NIAGARA FALLS. SUSPENSION BRIDGE and the West and priuolp'il local points: dining car to Wiikcsbarro, PnMinan parlor car t Buffalo. K:40 A. M. daily, except Sunday, for MAUCH CHUNK and int'irmudlate points. Connections for Reading and Itayrisbarg. 112:00 P. M. daily, except Sun - lay, for ELMIUA and all InturLuuaiattt atut ions, i - ounwotiug for Pottsvllle and Reading;cbair car t VVilkosbarro. 1 :00 P. M. Saturdays only for BOUND BROOK, and Intf.rni'. - diate points, 3:40 P. M. daily, excjpt Sunday, for L.and B. JUNG - TION and principal intermediate stations. Pullman bartet parlor car to Wilkosbarra, connecting for Pottsvllle. 4:00 P. M. daily, except Saturday and Sunday, for SOUTH PLAIN rUCL.j and Lnormediato HoctionM. 5:00 P.M. doily for EASTON and iutcrmodlate sta - tlOUb. 5:30 P. M. daily for BUFFALO. NIAGARA FALLS and ail points Wost; Pullman elccpors, voatibcio train New Ynrk to Chicago, tilnipr to BntYalo; connootions for Reading and Hurritsburg. 0:00 P. - M. dallr.except Sunday, forMAUCII CHUNK and iutormediitto .Htatious 8:30 P. M. dally, for ITHACA, GENEVA, ROCIIKS - TKR, BUI 'c ALO, N f At AR F. LL.S and all points West. Pnilrnan Hlooptirs to Chicago and Btiifalo. Chair Ciir Nw York t j Wilkortlmrre (wucfc days). Addiilonal Kunday trains 10:40 A. M. for Mauch Chunk. aud Potte villa and ail intermediate btations. ri:kots and Pullman ar:cortimo:latiou ar. 'Jlirt, ii44and 1.323 Broadway, 143 Bpwery. 31 EaHt 14 - th at, l.)(J East Liothst, S' - vj York: KtJO Fulton st, 4 Court et.!K Lrondwayan 1 Brooklyn Anux, Brooklyn, S, V. The Nnw York Trannfor Co. will call for and check bajf - gaye from hotol or rosfdenco through to destination. New York and Long Branch Eailroad Company. Schedule In uifoot ,Iuly 1, 1894. Kor Red Haul:. Long Branch. Wost Knd, Klboron, Ocean Grnvo, Asbury tark. Bulmar. Spriue Lake and Point P:oaBanl : Trains in ive foot Fulton street. Brooklyn, via P. R. R. 7:(K). rl:40. !.: I0. 1 1:10 A. M. C1.00 Saturdays onlv). M:0' i. : (S:20 .xcopt Re.l Bank). 4 :0'K 4 :40, (I:.'l0 P. M. Sunday K:00, !':; A M :40 P. M. Trains loave foot Liberty rftreot. Aew York, via C. R. R. of N..I..4 ::'.0 (5:50 to Rd i',a:ik), 8:1S, lOsIiO. " 11 ::0 A. SI ('1:20 rtutordayi. only). I :;s0. 2:15, 'a:li0. 4 :00. 4: , 5:!!0. 0:15 P. M.. Sundays 0:15 A. M . l:aO, 4:00 1. to. 'Denotes express train. Sunday trains do not stop at Asbmy Park and Ocean Grove il. P. BALDWIN. J. R. WOOIl. G. P. A. - C. U. R. of N. J. G. P. A. - i'enna. R. R. R. BLODUKTT, Snp't - N. Y.and L. B. K. R. 5y KOOICL YN A N V EX FOE J PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD. A. M. G::J.7:0n, 7::jn, S:00. H; - J0. 8:40. O:00,9:'20. 9:40. 10:0(1. 10:'0. 10:40, 11:00, H:a0. 11:40, l3:00 P. it, 1M:20, 12 ."j0. 1:00, I : - 0, I Hi), :00. 2:20. 2:40, 3:00,3:20. :i4(l; 4:0'!. 4:20. 4:40, T5:O0. 5:So. 81UO. 8:30.7:00.7:30. H:l)0. 8:30. 0:00. 0:30. 10:00. To Albauv Day Lino S:00 A. M. t l o Fall Rlvor Lino 5:00 P. M. Roturninx. Ibjvo Jersey City on arrival of all train. Bagcace cheoked and tickets sold to all points. ffiNTBAJL PeniisyiYania TRAVEt,i,Tinwsa'(iR'rA,;,my, &c. ERIE LTSRS. " Throuah trains leavo Now York, foot of Chainbors st; dally, as follows and iivo minutes earlier from "West Tweniy - thlrd st. 0:15 A. M. Vestibulo express for Waverly, BinKham - ton. Klmlra, Bnffalo, Bradford and Salamanca. Parlor car to 8ulTalo. 3:1)0 P. M. Vestibule liroltod. Solid train to Ohi - caKO. via Chautanqna Lake. Sioopora to Chicago, Olev, - land and Cincinnati. Dinliifir car. (i::i() P. M. Solid train to ClilrKo, via NlaKara Falls. Sleoper to Buffalo and Chioaeo. rj:45 p. M. Via (,'hantauqna Lake and Niagara Falls. Solid traiu to Chicago. Sleepers to Buffalo, Chloafro and Oinolnnati. Dlnlnioar. Ticket, offlco. 201, 201, 401 and 957 Broadway; ChauibHrsaud Twent - third t lorries, New York; 333 FULTON BT, BROOKLYN. !. I. ROUEItTS, Goneral Passenee, Agent. THE WORtD'S PLEASURE CROUNDS ! Two ijraud concerts dailr. Mamuncont rouniro. raro plants una nor. , ticuiuiniL wonucrs. Anunooualcd men - nirurie.inntmiileoDt avinry and innm - moth nnunrilim. Gonaino Glou I8inud clam Doko. Dinners a la carto. "Rio in Ilnntsnh. laud." "Tho Dulrv.'1 Boatlnir. buthinir. fish ing, lowlinsr and billiards. TIME TABLE - BTBAMERS LEAVE Fin - 1". K. R Ccrtlnllilt St.,3.4S, B.1,0. 18. 10.J5 a. M. : UM. 1 1:80, 130, 3.80, 6.15 T. M. Bo. th Ct., B'Vlya, 9.05, 0.35, 10.05. 1 1.06 A. M. 13.110, 1.50, S.SO, J.50,S.60 P. M. fca.llia.1 St., 9.30, 10.(1(1, 10.30, 11.8D A.M. ) 1S.4J, S.H.S.4J J.1S,4.1S,5.5I.M. LEAVE OLEX ISLAND 10.4 A. M. t,f at.l St. aid Pl.r 18, y. It, t 11.41 A.M. 12.16 H.M. for Plpr 11 inly j B.l 5 6,5.30, I, 7 and 8 l'.V.'fr nil laudlnir. Kxtrn lionta Sunduya. liXCCRKKlN 40 CE.NTW. KING'S DAUGHTERS' DAY AT OCEAN GROVE. TUKSDAY, JULY 4. $1 FOR ROUND TK1P. EXCURSION FOR BENIJi - IT TENEMENT HOUSE WORK. Arranged by Metropolitan Church and Socioty Excursion Union for tho United Chapters King's Daairh - tars and Sous, New York and Brooklyn. Tickets for Gala at (Una's Daughters' htadquartors, 158 West Twenty - third St. New York, and 20 Court st, Brooklyn, and on morning of excursion at Pennsylvania K'ulroad PaB3Ugor Stations, l'.rooklyn and New York. L.'ave by Amn'x boat. 1'ulton st. Brooklyn, 8:00 A. M. and frim Oortlandt Ht and Debrossas st terries, Now York, 8:30 A. M. Itoturuliiir. leave Ocean Grov at 11:30 P. M. SPKCIAL NOTICE. EPWORTH LEAOUR DAY at Ocoan Grovo. TVKDNESDAY, J ULY 25. Excursion leaves Ilrooklyn 8:00 A. M.. New Vork 8 :30 A. AL Returning, loaves Ocean tiro.o at 700 P. M. TICKi'.TS $1.00. atMoth - odist Book Concern, Fifth av and Twentieth at, New York, and, on morning of exoursion, at Passonger Stations, Pennsylvania Railroad, Now York ad Brook? lyn. West Point, Newburgh and Poughkeepsie. DAILY, EXCEPT SUNDAYS. - .rev r . By DAY LINE STEAMERS "NEW YORK" and "ALBANY." Prom Brooklyn. Fulton st (by Annex) 8 A. M. Irom New York, Dcsbrosses st pier 8:40 A. M. From Now York, Wost Twenty - second at pior, 0 A. M. Roturnlng, due in No v York nt 5:30 P. M. MORIS ING and AFTERNOON JJONOERTS. GREENWOOD" LAKE GLENS. EVERY WEDNESDAY. ROUND TRIP 75c. i 75c. Special train leavos Chambers - st, 9:45 A. M., Wes, Twenty - third st. 0:40 A. 31. Returning, leave Glons at 4:10 or 0:25 P. II. CALIFORNIA SPECIAL I? ARTIES FOR Texas. Mexico and California, inoindlns Pullman Bleoping accommodations, in charge of special condno - tor, at low ratts. For circulars and other information ajiply to V. T. BROOKS, T. K. and P. A., 20O South S - hna st, SyracnSB. N. V.; K. UAWLEY. Assistant Gen. Traffic, Manager, 343 Uroadway. New York. UOUNI - TATKX ISLAN1. Flftv miles' anil nn now nnd hnftnt.lfnl EAMER AURORA. DAILY TRIPS. Leaves N. Y., foot W. 22dBt, N. R 1 :30 P. M. natpery ijincmlg i. - A .1:45 P. M. .tin r rsropairo oriaao l 'occ...... TICKETS. flOOTS. ....... ....w i . .11. REFRESHMENTS. iP1KAND PLEASURE TOUR Jf TO NIAGARA F LLS. Under management of T H. HK' wll known tourist agent, leaving Now York by speoial train Thursday. July 2(1. Pare entire trip (3 days), including meais en route, nrst class notyl board. L4.. - o. Tickets and circulars from THOS. H. H1SNDRICKSON. 330 Fulton at, Brooklyn. K A B ASSFISHING - A L F( )STER, B I7ILT L J for safntv. HnpA'l nn,l nnmtnrh Hatli, tmm TTnof Twenty - flrsb st, 7:20: South P'lttli st, Williomsburnh, 7 :4: ; Uattery, B:2o; 1, including three bunches bait; ladies, 50o. OOITEy lr.AITiTV. Long Island Railroad's GREAT EXCURSION ROUTES TO THE SEA. Bedford, Nostrand, Troy and Utica avs. 0:50, 10:2(5 A. jll., ia:Oll noun, and Half Hourly from 1:10 to 0:40, 7:00. 1 :20. 7:40 and half hourly to 0:40 P. M. Sundays. 0:05, 0:50, 11:10 A. M - , 12il(). 1:10 and every twenty minutes from 1:30 to 0:50 P. M. THIRD AV AND S;XTV - FIFTH ST, 7:312, 8:32, 0:37, 10:30 A. M. and half hourly from 2:39 P. M. to 9:30 P.M. Sundays, 8:32, 0:37.10:37. li :37 A.M.. 12:3 and half hourly from 1:12 P.M. to 7:42 P.M. 8H2. 9:42 P.M. REDUCED RATES. On each Monday during tho season the C. L R. R. viil sell at its Flatbu. - h ar and Atlantic av stations. Excursion Tickets, covering railroad faro, admission to HaRoa - beck'a trainod auimain nnd Sousa'H irr i nd concerts. For ADULTS, 50 CKWTS. CaiLDillSN. 25 CKNTS. Good only oa dato of aalo. SOITSA'S CONCERT flAND. Attc;rnoou and ovenlnsf. PAIN'S L ALL A lloOlCn AND i.KAND FIREWORKS Kvery cronliiKi "xcout Sunday and Monday. UAUBNHBcK'S TRAINED ANIMALS Every afternoon and ovenlng. Jl Jl Froapect Park and Coney Island R. R. Wu - t ilrifchton lieach, Brtehton Boarb, Brooklyn Jockov Club aa:l itri - ,'hton I'.oacn Kaco Tracks. Park - Tille, Manieton, Ardmoro, Waehington Station, Parkway DrlsiQ.i O nb. Oriwosnntt. KI.STH AV AND rWiJNTIBTfi ST, at 0:01). C::U), 7:40 and half hourly from U:00 A. M. to 1:00 P. and every twenty miontfa from 1:20 P. M. to P.M. RITNDaYS S:00 and half hourly fro - n iJ:00 A. M. tr 1:00 P.M.. and every twenty minutes from 1 :20 P. M. to 11 00 P. M. UNION DKPOT, Fifth av tmd Thirty - sixth st, daily and Stindays hourly irom 7:10 A. M. to 12:10 P. M and half hourly from V2:'A to 1 0:05 P. M. and 11:05 T.URD AV A - VDIUIRTT - SiXTH ST, trminuB Fifth av Klomtod, 7:4 B:H:, U:'AH, lU::iS, 1 1 :)5 and half bour'.y from 11:30 A. M. to 0 - 30, 10;0.V lU.aaP. M. Snndiyu, !:38. 10:3K, 1 :0.". and half hourly from iaiou .ii.. w u.i, iu:n.) r. Ji. CONEY ISLAND SEA BEACH ROUTE. Talco Brooklyn Union Klovated R. R from any part of Brooklyn (or Court st, Tiilrd av or Hamilton av cars) to Sixty - nfth flt and Third av. Trains leavo there daily, except Sundays, at G: - i2 and 7:30 A. M. ; thrn hourly until 10:33 A.M.: then half hourly nutil 10:00 P. - J.. 10:40 P. - M.. 12:23 iiiRiit. Returning leve Sea Iloach Palace, hourly from 7:2(1 to 11 :20 A. M. then half hourly until 11:50 M.. 10:30 P. M.. 11 :1 0 P. M., 12:00 nistht. 1 :00 nlebt. S17NDAYS tr.ilns loave Hiity - ilfth t and Third av at 8:30,0:30 and 10:00 A. M. : then half hourly to 1:.',0 P. .11. ; then avury tlfUivn minutes to '.( - .30 P. M., 10 :0i), 10:::0 and 11:00 P. .M., 12:20 ninht. ReturniiiR, leave Sea Beach Pulaco half hourly from 9:20 A.M. to 1:20 P. M.:th..n every flit: - ou :ni:iutoi until :20 P. M.. !l:50, 10: :0. 10:50 and 11:20 P. jl. and 12nl:ht and l:OOniuht. FARi?! bet' - vooa rirookln and Coney Liland 10c. tjCICKKST, CHKAPIvT AND ftlSSiT FROM AI.I, Parts of ivOhklvn. t?kook:ltj and hiughton beach J6T RAILROAD. KOI!. BRIGHTON BKAOtr HOTEL, CONKY ISLAND AND l'HI - : Il. - '.UH I RA'! ICS. TrainH half hourly from 0:30 A. M. until 1:00 P. M., then overy 20 minutes until 10 - 30. M. Saturday ui - hte only 11 - 30 I'. M R - 'ttu - niu, half honrly from (1:45 A. il. until 1:15 P. M., t:ien evory 20 nil. - inles until 11 :15 P. .NL Saturday signts only 12:00, uiiduilit. i!i'K.l'.T 5 V KBSAt'in. TTv, KocRaway Beach . 'GEAND KKlMTHTiIC :hj.1 KN. SLOCUM. TilRliF. TRIPS DAILY FROM Vot22d St. N. Y.: K:4II A. M.. 10:00. I :35 P. M. : Wt - st 10th st. N. V.: ;5il A. M. 10:15. 1:50 p. M . ' Jersey City, via Anno.x: H:55 A. .M., 10:3."), 1:55 P. M. ; B - .ttory Landing. N. Y. : 0:15 A. M.. 10:40; 2:05 r. M. ; .Jb - .vcI 's Wharf. Irooklvn: 0:30 A. M . 11:00, 2:20 P. M. ; I.oavo Roek - i - .vay Koacli : 11:30' A. M., .:UU 1'. M. ami ii:3ii i . .. .0C. FARE. ltOI NI) T3IP. 50:. FOR ROCK AWAY BEACH. atO' Sl'K .M!I'i.'!' CO. I.EAVINO TOO I' SOUTH 5TII ST. "VVILLIAMS - DUHIill 10:00 A. .M AND 3 P. .M. LEAVINCi 1'IHR (NKH ) NO. 3, NORTH RIVER. 10:ri() A. M. AND 3:.11 M. 1. FA VINO HOiJKAWAY lil'.ACII 1:00 P. M. AND 0:30 P. M, KXIJURSIO.N" TICK - TS 50 l.'BXTS. All Roi:ka.rav ticket I of tho r.onir Is'.md Railroad aro KOod to r'. - tarn ' via the Iron M"anibo:i.ts, an.l all Iron Steamboat tickets ari fffio I to rot'jrn via I.onn Island anil Rockavray Uea - jh raTlr.iads. Muiu and rotrodh - monto on board. ROCKAWAY BEACH. Trains loavo J'iatbush av Htation fi:4.?. - f) inos, 1J :r.O A. M, l :00, 2:00. '2:IKk t'. - .OO, 4:C0 5 - 00 C,'r : r - 'V - X' tW: 'V - 1 - 1 J0:(f I . M. .".Satur - iavri onlr jf.V tifai t&H CS4 h 1 tA WW Manhattan Beach. REAL ESTATE MARKET. A Boom in Suburban Expected. Property Auetion Sales Will Uc .N'umerons Tho King 4 County Whoelmon in tho Fall. Kovo Pui - chased a Slto for a Club House on Herkimer Street and Will Erect a Ffno Home. Several large saloa of suburban property aro belDR arranged for the months of August and September. Doalors in that kind of property prediot that by the early full business will have Improved and that upon tho return of tho people Irom the country there will bo a rush of purchasers for property in the now wards. The annexation of the towns of Flatbush, Gravegend and Now Utrecht (lid not result In aa large a number of sales an the speculators expected. As a matter of fact, there was no perceptible increase. Although the value of property was unchanged by reason of bcinK taken Into the city, there was a good deal of disappointment at tho failure of tho people to come forward and buy. It was confidently expected that many private sales would be effected. Dealers would prefer to soil that way. Faiiintr to disposo of their choice building lota in tho most beautiful part of tho county at prl - vato sale they have concluded to return to the old method of auotion sales. Intending purchasers will next month and in September be given free passes ovr the railroads, tee provided with free lunches, and will hear the melodious strains of a brass bund and the voice of the auctioneer extolling tho beauties and advantaco of ihe place. It is said that large tracts of property In New Utrscht, Urnvosend and Flatbush will thus be disposed of in plots to suit purchasers. Good pricxs ought to bo sucurou. Business is very tUiot in the old seotlons of the city. With tho possible exception of South Brooklyn there is little building going on. In the lower soetions of the Eighth ward and in Bay Kldge many lino dwellings for one and two families are being erected. One of tho best snlos of last week was that of site 100x100 feet on Herkimer streat, near Bedford avenue. It was purchased by the Kings County whoelmon from E. T. Wilkinson. The club intends to erect a fine olub house of elegant design, to cost at least 835,090. Plans have boon propnrod for a four story brick apartment house on Nostrand avenue, near Park, to cost s 12,000. The owner is J. H. Stamm of 813 Broadway, a largo real estate holde. - in that section. Hufus Griggs has sold to 3Iary Sehmalstrloh the four story brick douhle llat, 1.0S9 Lafayette oveaae, for $12,500. Btoitl Evisitu 3Iortg:ig - o July 21. Lovoll, Anue A, to Ella Philip, Lincoln place, near Sixth av Moyorliotl, J F, to Harriot A Doyle, Rockaway av, cornor Hull st. ,. Hlckey, O.i, to Title Ouur and Trust co, Loivls av, corner Madison st Christopher, O VT, to P O BnrKe, Thirteenth at. noar tilth av McOhianoy, J II, to William Tousoy. Now , York, Macon st, near R.tlpn av Mills, J Helen O Smith, Hamilton av, near Atlantic O'Connor, Ann. to Jacob Blum. Watkins st, noar Dn uiont av Fieer, If W, to Thomas Shepherd, Graham av, noar Richardson st Sonle, Oath it, to tho Sun, etc. Building, etc, association, Uav Sixteenth st, C Boivyerj Charlotte .M and J B. to A II Whitney, New York, Atlantic av, cornor Hinsdale av Soulo, OatharinoM'.'to'L 'FWooii.'liay' Sii - toenth st. noar Bath av Lynch, P W, to J D Lynch, Hancock st. near Nostrand av....... .... Schatz, ,)oeph, to David Stettor. Now York Nwrth Konryst, near Herbert at Hoar, V A, to R W Koono, Diamond st, near Nassau and Norman avu Doremus, Roiolla It. to West Brooklyn Land and Improvement company, Forty - ninth st, near Fo::rtoBtitu av Mattiion, Mario A. and O W Preothy to Elisabeth Misnor. E.sei rt. C. two morts Welohor. Charles, to trust.'O Samuel W Meeker, Putnam av, noar lialph Boyle. R .1, to .lames Fa.Uon, High st. No 1 7'J.. Obor. Charles, to VV D. Farls, Quincy st. near bamnor av Rosenthal, Louis, to" M L Town's, i'lnsulaii av. O Schmalstioh, - Mary, to'john Williamson!" Lafayette av, U $1,030 52 - , 14.000 1,000 4,000 1.S00 3.000 2.000 5,025 3,000 800 0.000 1,200 150 2.500 2,500 8,000 1100 1.500 700 5,500 ,HiC?ni;nt or .Uonsa - jre July - 21. La Ro' he, W J, to G F Dodd . - S275 Il). - r... r rank, to c O Miller 800 Du ty, .J J, Jersey City, to Louis Shapiro 350 I.oliinann. William, to Jacob Manuescllnildt. . 1.300 T! 'Jnarantee and Trust company to F O - ,Vh alienor x.500 Uinnchi. Louis, to F "W Hinriohs S00 lliurichs. Loois, to Louisa A llinrichs 2.500 fcohmaUtioh, Mary, to R T orogas 0,750 Trans(cra - Jnly 21. Eleventh st. n s. 100 ft o Fourth av, 18.8x100, nal, Celodonitt Itososa. Porto Rico, to Poter Aitkon and Christina, his wlf ,. joint tenant - ).. $4,500 Seventy - third st, u a corner Narrows av, M20x 100 : First av, vf s. extends from seveuty - fourth to Sovontv - ttfth at, 200x100 ; Hovonty - flfth st, n . 100 ft w First av, 180x100, Jabor. li Parsons to Thos A Watson and Ell H liishop. mort 4H.750 nom Kssox st. es, 125 ft n Liborty av. 50x100. hil. Geo W Freetliy 8tfirto av, vi s, 120.3 s llorklmer st. s'u.'.iiVSH, John S Clark to Soaan rJ Mulford, mort lp'(,500....... .. .. ..... ......... ...... Sixty - seventh st, s s. 280 ft w Kinronth av! 47 4 x J 30x52.3x1 30.1, AnnaS Soruusen to Mads OSoreu.en, 1SH3 Flushinir av, s s, 157 ft w Ilruudway! 20x100, nil, Mirabrau L Towns, to Louis Kosenthal. .. Lafayutto uv, n h, 375 ft o hold av, 2nl00. hil, Rutus T Oric - s to Mary sohinalitioh Oates av. s s. 145 f t, ISusliwk - k ov. 20x100; nil, William 11 Haywood to - Michael Tanner morts 87.100 Sii'.v - ooventh at, s s, 450 ft'e Fourth" av, SOX 100. Charles VV and William A Van Nosa, Moiiutaiu View, N J, to Frank .Is' - obus Lot 03, map No. , Iast Noiv York, first seDtio'n or manufacturinK district, Thomas J Mnrlotv to Fanny Settole, q c 3,000 6,500 1.000 20 i'runslc - rs Hecorded July Up 23. XI u'Clock, Second st. s , 308 ft e Sovonth av. 20x93. hAI. Dora Mnnnock and Mary C Sinnott to Ella Oltskey.N Y nom Morruil st. No 09. n v cor Moore , - t. 25x75. hatl. tllcksviilo Ueal F.ststo company to Max ..Ii,bii1,(0r' mort $7,000 and taxes 18U3 810,000 Milfoid nt, o s. loO ft n Bolmout av, 40x100 rrinlerlck Hornby to Douaiil Lain... . nom Halsey at. n s. 20 ft o Bedford av, 20x100, Cynthia liiiruum to Oharles K Uaruum nom Halsey at. o s, 2..0 ft a iiodlord av, 20x100. s imo to same Cook , - t, s s, IS7.3 e Hnmboldt" st. lt!..SiT6o Morrii Roth and William O rtchmidt, to Simon M yrt, mort 4(500 Clinton st, n s corner BuHh st. 20xbo!" Kliza - botli and John l.esler. and IClUabnth, wife of James Ne - ins, widow and heirs Henry Lssa - ler, to iienry L'sslur Warren st, n , 25 it w lioyt st. 2.ix7.". I.ia"i - f'tB 1,050 Nnivman. JerBoy City, to Joseph A Newman. morts $3,221. IMl.i nom Winthrop at, n s, 1,405.7 ft o i - latbtish av, 75x 10O. rerdmaud U Ue Uorinlueliatn to Mary B De Bormingham, his wil"6, all li. ns Kift THOMAS C. PLATT'S VIEWS. use Wants an Uiicompromtsjintr Ir. pttblican to Ov - r:Iirov Tnmmanr. Ex - United States Senator ThomaB C. Piatt was interviewed at tho Oriental hotel, Manhattan Beach, yesterday, by a reporter of tho Now YorK Tribune and this morning that paper publishes the following: "Mr. 1'latt said: A fer tile Presidential election of 18SS I made up my miuii luu ii mo inius ovor gave us another Republican legislature daring mv lifetime I should oxert every iuliuonco 1 possessed to secure tho passage of a law restoring to the polico com - mihsion the non - artlsan or bi - jiartisfin chur - ncler, whichever you choose to call it, which it lormerly possessed. Ttte racts tliat have been brought out by the Lnxow committee uonei - rii - ing the atrocious behavior of tho nollco in thn election of lbS2 were known tome then almost ;ib completely us they aro now lenown to everybody. 1 was perfectly satisfied that the ite - publican ticket had l06t from 15,000 to iO.OOO vuio. m mis uny ns me result or tne - ting iailueucu of the police. I was aatislled that no matter what our friends In the country were able to do, the majorities they gave us were iiabie and almost i - artain to be overcome so long as tho police board remained the partisan instrument of Tammany hall. The contest of lsu3 gave us a Republican majority in both branches of the legislature and i gave my friends to understand at oa - e that, id mv - iudg - mont, whatever else the legislature did' or left uuc.oue. itM llrst aua greatest duly was to reorganize rh" New Vork city board of police on a bi - partisan basis. 'itio governor was a Democrat. Our majority was not su.!m:U'UI to enable us to pass auy - thiiiK over Ins viMo. Ills views had to be taken into .:onsUU - ration, and I made an ofi'ort to hud out w.'mt he would do with a bill accomplishing this end. I Knew, of courso, that he would consult with the T.ciiiiiauy leaders; and I sought to discover how they about it. I learned, somewhat lo my surprise at the limo, though subsequent even; have thrown light upon tho matter, that they w r. not disposed to make more than :: p - sislaneo to a i il! having tho simple ei'i - t oi" re - noving tin: oxiriUug i - oinmis - siou and re.juirm - th'. - appointment in its place of two liepubiicans and two fr:in')crats, pruviii - Iti . - tin - ..::i::o. :'y t,i appoint was Kill without ! limitations or comutioiis to the mayor. An emi - n, - i.. .1. i.' - an, lor itiaitinee, toirl mn Unit on one occasion he ha l clianeed to acounter "l"r. Crokor, that he had anlccu Mr. (,'roker how Turn - many felt wilh regard lo a bi - partisan nolle boar!, and that Mr. Crokcr r - 'pliml tiiut h thought Tammany hail made a mistake win - n it made Ihe police commission a partisan mai'l.ino, and he didn't icnow liit it might if a good llilug for r he Demo - rats to share with :h - Kepubli - - i dual responsibility for the eoaduct of vuo police. "nat tliat meant was, of course, obvious onougli. Tho later 'exposures of the Lexow coinmittso have made it plainer still. But I did not think, aud do not think, that Kepiiblicans have any desire to escapo tho responsibility that attaches to their control of public affairs. i ; It may lie true that tho police were several removes from a Christian Endeavor society in the old days when tho board was bi - partisan, but they were equally far from being what they ure now, and, whatever else they wero, they wore not aa they have since been, a menace to free government and an instrument of fraud and misrule. I did uot suppose tho millennium would eome when we had a bi - partisan board of police, but I know this that the ballots which went into the boxes on election day would be the same ballots which came out to be counted; that the count would be reasonably freo of the faults of bad arithmetic; and that the polios would not be used to protect Democratic polling officers and poll workers in the commission of orime to rob the Republican party of its rifthts and tho people of thoir will. And I know also thut there would be a general improvement In the morals of tho polioe forue. That is the necessary rsult of a system in whloh one party acts as a cheoK upon the other, nnd I have just enough faith In my party to bolleve that with overy Increase of its influenee there is an accompanying improvement in tho oonduot of public affairs. "Being what is oalled a ' practioal politician,' I was anxious to secure the passage of a bill that tho governor would sign rather than ono that he was sure to veto. But ours Is a party of many minds. Those newspapers that make it a particular part of their business to denonnoeme for what I do and with equal warmth for what I don't do, and also for what I haven't tho least idea of doing, yelled lustily that there was a 'deal' botween mo and the Tammany'leadors. Tnero wore liepubiicans foolish enough to ho - lieve such silly lies, and at once there was aloud outcry that tho bill must b amended. Nobody seemed to know why It should be amended, or how, except that, being in the form in which I wanted it, it must be put into some other form, no matter what. I knew that any amendment would rosult in its being votood. but their wisdom prevailed. The bill was amended aud it was vetoed. Republicans, by taking mugwump and Democratic advioo, had administered to themselvos another defeat and had played into the hands of the enemy, as the enemy calculated they would. 'Tammany, 'however, had become oonvinced of its mistake in seizing the police board. Tho Lxow committee doubtless aided it in arriving nt that conclusion. Mr. 0 - ilroy took the first opportunity to fill the plaee of.a Democrat with a Republican, and upon the retirement ol Mc - Clave he has appointed another Republican. They are both Republicans whoso fidelity to tho publio, whose eompetency to discharge the duties of publio office successfully and whose loyalty to their party are proved beyond question. I congratulate the liepubiicans of the city and tho state that the interests of our party will now be adequately protected on election day, and I am glad of this even if we have had to take it as a favor from a Tammany mayor rather than as a mutter of law and right, as we should have got it if my plan had been adopted. Tho Republican commissioners go into olTloe, I will undortako to say, with no other obligations upon them than the obligation of the publio oath they took. Nothing has been demanded of them directly or indirectly by hint or suggestion on tho part of the appointinR power. They go into office as RepuhlicanB and free men, to do their duty in the light of thoir judgment and thoir conscience. "Ono interpretation put upon the appointment of these Republican commissioners is that my influence aud that of my friends will bo exerted in favor of a straight Republican municipal ticket this fall and against a combination of tho anti - Tammany forcos. Of eourso, in denying that It means anything In the nature of an understanding with Tammany, I deny this. But I want to go much further, l have never said that I was in favor of a atraicht Itepubllcun tioket this fall and, as a mattor of fact, I think that all thoso elements of our citizenship which are opposed to the present government f the oity ought to get together and ought to make a tioket that will bo gonerally satisfactory. I have said again and again that the head of any such tioket must be a Republican. To that I adhero. We have tried th experiment of electing reform Democrats here, and it don't work well. They invariably come t forgot that they ware elected to bring about a revolution in tho conduct of municipal affairs, and the idea that sooner or later possesses them always is that they must take care of tho national Democratic party. They want fb be good, but only so far as is consistent with the suooess of the Democratic stato and national tickets. Their nets are performed with ono eye flxod on Albany, the othor on Washington and none at all on the welfaro of this city. Republicans have had all the experience of that sort they wnnt. Tho demand tor a Republican candidate for mayor, a Republican who thoroughly represents his party, is universal among Republicans, and it is a suae qua non of any combination. 'But if the state Democracy, tho good government clubs, tho German - Amorion union and all tho other organisations that aim attho overthrow of Tammany will accept this eondltlon, thore ought to be no difficulty in the way of a successful coalition. I confess, however, that I don't quite liko the tone in which this subject is disousBod by tho Demoaratio and mugwump elements of the antl - TKmroany forces. If they want to combino with us, they would bettor stop trying to pifk quarrels with as. I don't much aare to bo friends with a man when I enn se the blado of a ka.ife sticking out from under his shirt. The Republican party has from ono hundred thousand to one hundred and twenty - five thousand vots in this city this fall which it aaa bring to the support of a ticket headed by n popular and thoroughly representative Republican candidnte for mayor. They are nearly all willing and many of them anxious to put these votes behind a eomblnation ticket, but thoy propose to be mot in the negotiations looking to that result In a spirit of oonfldonco, friendlinos9, good will and mutual roapeat If thoy cannot be met that way they will not be met at all. In the interest, therefore, of good city government and a successful combination ticket, I respectfully advise our frionds and tbelr newspaper organs to stop lying about Republicans, including; oven so humble a Republican as myself. If I understand the feeling of the Republican party, it is running pretty high jusi now. j.c can easily oe turnea towaru practical unanimity In favor of a combination ticket. But, on tho other hand, it wouldn't take muoii to unite it in favor of a straight Republican ticket. The state Democracy and the mugwumps need not suppose that they can combino with a part or a faction of the Republican party. The Republicans will not as a unit this fall, whether thoy snpport n combination tlckot or a straight Republican. They will make all the sacrifices necessary to bring about a coalition if the point of a straight Republican candidate for mayor is conceded and if the negotiations can be oondueted in a spirit of goneral confidence and good will. Those, at all evonts, are my personal opinions, and they aro submitted for whatever they aro worth." Air. Piatt's attention was oalled to a doublo - londod statement printed yesterday and purporting to have come from him, declaring that he wa no longer on friendly terms with Mr. Mil - hollnnd and that he favored the recognition of tho committee of thirty's organization by tho Republican state committee. "I never made or authorized any statement of the kind," tho x - scnator said. "The article i a 'pure fako.' " OXFOttt) GIRLS. BroI:or lUuller t:cMKNe EHisrlicr Education for Women. "And what as to that other feature of young Oxford of to - day?' I asked; "I mean the girls' colleges?" Professor Muller smiled. "I opposed them at first: but they are a great succena, and it is a real pleasuro to nn - to seo the young girls so eager to learn. Young men do as little as they can ; younv women du as much aH thoy can; too much, indeed.' Again, thoy work more systematically and their knowledge is bettor arranged. It tends wonderfully to the Improvement of their whole character. I wish the men eould be shamed and spurred on to further effort. Indeed," he added, laughing outright, "a friend of mine and his wife went in for the same examination; she took a first class; he only a second." I am afraid my sympathies, as I listened, were with the poor husband. "But I feel much of their work Is wasted. As soon ns women leavo their college the;, enter a different atmosphere, and nothing tangible comes of all their work, while i:' they only could get fellowships they might do a groat work. They have infinite pa iionve, but tho difficulty is, whore are thtry to live and to work? If I had a dozen of them, I could give them all work to do - manuscript to copy, records to hunt up This work they do so well; just like their nc'C - dlcwork; mustn t leave a stitch undrm - Mrr - Humphrey Ward used to collate and copy manuscript at tho Bodleian; that was she leanied .o work. But many ol theo really learned young women ar .v; - - :t..xl. Oh, th;; pity of It! But then," In coiiltr.uert, "how much waste there le! Icons' at the br'.iliani and most promising young a:en who ;;'o from hore as curates, barrister", doctors - - all wasted. I mean," he explained' "so few of t.hor. - . got tho posts thev really deserve and arc ho. - .t fitted for. Those girls go home to be laushed at by their brothers. Hero they would be a power If wo could bo - stow fellowships upon them." Quiver. A COOL SUNDAY IN CAMP Tho Thirteenth Settling Down to the Work of the Week, lint There AVI11 Ho Enough of Tiny to Swcvtun the Labor A Schedule or Athletic Events. Slow thr Days Are Divined Visit of nn Excursion Party to the ToriM on tho Illuff. (Special to (ho Ragle.) Peokskill, N. Y., July 23 Yesterday was nn exceptionally quiet day in camp. The only incident that vtiriod ' tho monotony of tno hours botween guard mount In tho morning and regimental parade at sunset was the arrival of a party of excursionists from Brooklyn and Now York. The steamer Mugentu on its way to Newburgh landed about two hundred people at Roa Hook, stopping for them on tho return down the rlvor. Not inoro than a third of tho party was from Brooklyn. The weathor yesterday was all that could bo desired. During Saturday night the wiDd blow great guns, as this naval reserve would say, and at times threatened to send some of tho tents over the bluff. Fortunately no such accident occurred. All day tho sky was overcast with leuds, and the air, though damp, was decidedly cool. Tho hard work of tho weok ought to begin to - day. Thore aro in camp 530 odd mom - bers of the Thirteenth regiment. Saturday night wore sent homo all who had come to Peekskill intending to stay until Sunday night or Monday morning. This was done by orders from state headquarters. In previous years a good many men who could not leave their business for a longer poriod came up Saturday - ana returned to torrn in time for work Monday. Thr morning report yesterday showed that the Thirteenth had present !J6 officers and 4H4 men, a total of 530. A few came on the Magenta, ono or two by train, and one man, Prlvato James De - lanoy or Company F rode from Brooklyn to Pooksklll on his bicyole. Tho percentage of attendance is 77.2(1, which is a much better showing than tho regiment ever made here bo - fore, although it does not compare favorably with that of othor organisations whleh have been in camp this year. Company K, Captain Rodgeri, seems to have the largest percentage of its members present. Only throe officers are absent, tho chaplain, Rev. Dr. Talmago; the commissary, Jerry A. Wornberg, and the second lieutenant of Company II, John L Snyder. Captain Steers, inspector of rllle practice, is acting oommissary in Mr. Wernberg's absnuoe. Tho latter Is expected in camp some time during tho week. The Eighth battalion has here 16 officers and 252 men, total 206 or 87 per eent. of its strength. That the men intend to have somo fun while in oamp is quite evident This afternoon teams representing Companies H nnd K will play a frame ef base ball for a trophy not yet determined upon. Company H's toam comprises Private Brown, second base; Private Russell, left field; Private Burns, first base; Private Turner, rie - ht field; Private Oodley, catcher; Private McKinney. third baso; Corporal Fur - phy, center field; Private Alston, pitcher; Private Sweeney, ohort stop. Company K's play - ars are Private Richardson, socond base; Private J. Murphy, short stop; Private C. Murphy, conter Hold; Private Buekholtz, catcher; Private Dixon, third base; Corporal Robinson, left field; Corporal Rodgors. pitcher; Private Divine, first buse; Sergeant Rodgors, right Held; substitutes. Privatos A. Rodgers and Par - shall. On Friday afternoon the First Dattalio will have a series of games, which will oortainly bo intorestlng. First Sergeant James F. Hardy of E is ohairman of tho gamos committee nud Sergeant T. L. Fleming o I is seerotary. Tho event will include an obstaole race, one - half mile run in heavy marching order, 100 yards dash in fatiguo uniform, wheelbarrow rueo (Peokskill handicap), putting shot, running broad jump, three legged race nnd tug of war. In the obstaelo raee the men will start with uniform trousers on and flnisk In neavy maroh - ing order. There will undoubtedly bo a large number of entries and a number of close contests. Tho routine which began this morning will continue throagh tho ween. The ilrst call for reveille was sounded at 4:55 o'clock; revelllo five minutes later, followed Immediately by tho assembly for roll call. At 5:16 the sick call was sounded. Not a member of the Thirteenth was found who required the services of a phvsi - oian. There is one man in tho hospital tent, but ho is a member of the Sixty - fifth regiment, Private Poller, who has Intermittent fever, and was necessarily left behind by his comrades. He may bo well enough to send to BalTaio by the aud of tho weok. Drill call was sounded at 6:40, tho recall at 7 o'clock. The programme for the rest of tho day is as follows: Mess call for breakfast, 7:26 A. M. ; assembly. 7:.'10 A. M. ; guard mounting, 8:15 A. M. ; nsombly for formation of details, 8:20 A..M.; adjutant's call. 8:30; drill call, 9:20 A. H. ; assembly for roll call and formation, 9:25 A. M. ; recall from drill 11:30 A. M.; moss call, for dinner, 12:25 P.M.; assembly, 12:80 P.M.; first sergeant's call, 1:30 P. M. ; moS3 oall, forsUDper. 5:25 P. M. ; assembly, 5::i0 p. H. : first call for parade, thirtyrflvo minutes before sunset; nssombly for roll call and formation, thirty minutes bofore suKSOt; adjutant's call for formation of battalions, twoaty m nutes before sunpet; adjutant's call for formation of regiment, ten minutes bofore sunset; ilrst call for tattoo, 9:50 P. M. ; tattoo, 10:00 P. M. ; taps, 11:00 P. M. Tho early morning aro company, tho forenoon battulion drills. From dinner timo until suDDer tho men are freo to amuse themselvos in whatever way thoy may desire. The officers and non - coms, usually attend schools of instruction during tho afternoou. After tattoo no ono may pass through the sentry linos and at taps every lljfht must be out. Tho men aro then supposed to bo in bed. Those who are caught outside of camp after taps arc subjected to various penalties. Comparatively few aro caught, but onee in a while the provost guard makes a haul. Provost sercreant this vear la Ordnance .Sergeant Thomas M H irvftv who has been detailed for tho rtutv. The nr'ovost guard, of course, was not out yesterday after noon, or two or tnreo mombers of tho regiment would have hoen arrested. Theso followB, who were acting in a disorderly manner, wero remonstrated with by a sentry. Thoy paid no attention to him and ho called for the guard. A corporal responded, but long before his arrival the disturbers had made their escape. Adjutant W. F. Ponney formed the guard yestorday morning. The parade last night was taken by Lieutenant Colonel William L. "Watson. A large number of visitors witnessed tho ceremony, whloh was a decided improvement over that ot the night before. During tho formation tho post band played "Onward, Christian Soldiers." and after retreat "Nearer. my God, to Thee," To - night Major Chauncey of tho Eighth battalion will toko th parade; on Tuesday Major Coehran, on Wednesday Major Lusoomb. Officer of the dar Is Cantaln H. A. William of G; junior offlcor of the irunrd Sec ond Dieutonant Frank C. Murphy of C. Lieutenant Mulford of tho Twenty - third roirimont is not hero with tho Thirteenth, the, application for the detail having been disunnrovod at the last moment. HOW THKY TALK. IX TKXlS. In acepting the Populist nomination for governor. Judge Nugent said: "I have known somo of theso old farmers for a great many years. Old Stump Ashhy used to be my pas - lor, and I used to hear Stump preach every Sunday, and I had to pay my quarter to help support him. too. Then, as he Is now, he was a very poor man. He has always been regarded as an honest man, and always a poor tie. But vve are going to create money for .Stump and all the balance of them. We arc - roing to do it simply by bringing prosperity to all of our p - opre without regard to atiy - lass or :oc distinction whatever, by fiv. - ing the natuuil resources of the govern mo::', and opening to the people every avenue c' individual activity, l'in thut upon the lain. f your coat, my friends. Nail It in your hearts." This is the promise of Populist ioctrines. (lalveston Tribune. ! - IT CmiS (i TO THIS ! The bride looked very well In a traveling dress, but ail - yes wero eentercd on the groom. li - wore a dark suit that fitted perfectly his manly form, a large bouquet decorated his - oat. lapel and In his daintily gloved hand hi - carried a bouquet of American beauties. His hair was cut rloc'. - and a dellcatu odor of harbor's oil floated down the aisles as ho passed. The young people will miss him now h - Is married. Ho Is loved by all for his many a - eompliidiniL - nts. his t. ndi r graces iind his winning ways. The bride commands a good saiary as a bookkeeper in St. Joe and the groom will miss none of the luxuries to which he has been accustomed. A crowd of pretty young men saw him off at the depot. (A sample of the wedding notices of ten years hence. J Atchison Globe. NEW ETREOHT NOTES, still Paying - Extra Fare on tho Third avenue 'J'rlloy. Before the town became a ward Highway Com - missioiior M. 8. Horton formally olosod sections of two of tho old town roads. Ono was that part of Cowouboven's lane from tho north side of Fifty - fourth Btraet to tho Bouth side of Fifty - fifth street, Blythobourne, a distance of not much moro than one hundred feet. The road practically usoloss between those two points nnd it was closed upon tho application of the West Brooklyn Land and Improvement company nnd othor proporty owners on the lane. Oriuuton avonue, between Seventh aud Fort Hamilton, a distance of seven hundred feet, has also hoen erased from the map. Tho bulk of tho abutting property is ownod by tho Bay Ridge Park and Improvement company. The old road becomos part of its proporty and already the company has commenced to improve it. Oving - ton avenue west of Seventh avenuo ia no less than fifteen foot bolow tho proper grade.' This will necessitate a steep incline at its junctiou with Seventh avonue, which is now being opened. J ustico W. Bonnott Wardoll was the first jadae) to try tho polico cases under tho now adminiitra. tion. For the ilrst ton days ho was at tho town hidl evory morninsr at O o'clock and disposed of tho prisoners that wore arrostod tho day before. Tho next ten days Justice Couwonhoven tried his hand and at tho present time Judge Rhodes Is dispensing tho law. This ton day arrangement is mado up between tho three Justices. Tha fourth justice is Charles W. Church, who has practically retired from active duty, though ho continues to hold office and will dispose of any oivil suits that como before his notice. For many years tho most important police and civil cases in tho town have fallen to bis lot. His decisions always been roBpectod. The old court room nt tho town hail has been divided, one side boina - unnrl a H, .o;n onA v. otherwhere the justioes sit. The sheds in tho rear are Doing enlarged for tho aooommodation of the patrol wagon and for the horses used by tho mounted polico. It wua expected when tho town became annexed the extra fare on tho Third avenue trolloy lino would be abolished. It was not, and still continues in practice. A number of citizens of Bay Hidgo and Fort Hamilton have Interested thomsolves and have mado out petitions asking tlmt the fare from Fort Hamilton to FultonferrT be retinoid to 0 cents. Tho Petitions aro boinif largely Blcnod. It is proposed to call a pnblio mooting in a fow days to discuss the question. Mrs. Dr. Rockwoll of Chloago. who will bo bet - ter remembered as Miss May Seidors, U makina a prolonged viHit nt ilm inma f I - xr - - w. . . - . ,,n?j,, M&IBW Dr. A. W. Billings, on Socond avenue and 8ev. enty - fourth street. Bay Ridje. At St. John's oonoort ou Wednesday evening she received quite an ovatton. as her playing on the piano has perceptibly improved during her absence. The band of tho First iirtillofT. e. . 4,. .4 Governor's Island, whoro it will remain until about August 1. In the meantime thore will be uo dresa parades, hops, afternoon or evening concerts, musical guard mounta, etc. at Fort Hamilton. This will bo a drawback, as the mili tary sights are quite a feature in tho social life at tho fort and are dujoyed by residents as well as visitors. Work was commenoed lust week on the rectory of St. Finbar's church. Bath Beaoh. The build - in u is being erected adjoining tho church on Biy Twentieth street, between Bath and Benson avenues. Its plans call for a structure of colonial style, two stories high and basement. It is ex. poctod it will bo completed by October 1. Chemical engine company of Blythebourne has a now fire bell. It weighs about four hundred and fifty pounds, which is a half a hundred weight more than its old one. Oa Thursday evening tho bell was pnt in position on top of tha water tower. The metal was sounded and the tiro laddies wore ploased with its ring. The old bell was hung at the side of tho tower, and it is oxpected the now alarm on top will be heard much moro distinctly. Mr. Doremus has broken ground for a house on tho cornor of Fifty - fourth street and Fifteenth avonue. WUIMS OF TRAVELERS. Brides and Grooms Aro Satisfied With. Everything - . No ono but the experienced passenger conductor knows just how whimsical and cranky tho txavoling public really Is A - traveler may have some peculiar fad or notion when ho is on tho road, but he nerec dreams that there are thousands of others Just like him, or perhaps worse. In years of experience the conductor rubs elbows with all sorts of people and, in spite of himself becomes a mind and face reader who takes a back scat for no one except tha profossionnl. " "Y,es. travolor3 superstitious and cranky said a veteran knight of the punch yesterday in response to a query. "I thins: tho average passenger conductor deals "with more oddities daily than the curio collector of a froak show. As to superstition. I think thore Is moro of it crops out on trains than anywhero else. Last weok. Just as the train was ready to pull out for Chicago, a well dressed man came out of the coach on tho platform and in an agitated manner asked mo what day it was. I told him It was Friday, and without another word he re - ontered tho coach and In a moment returned with his luggage, and by way o explanation stated that ho " - vcr began a Journey on Friday and would a.. it until tho next morning. That ia only a sample. Tho much mooted unlucky thirteen is perhaps the causo of more worry and inconvenlencu to tourists than any other sign which they deem of ill omen. I havo known passengers to begin at the head of the train to see If they could find number thirteen anywhere. If the engine happened to be thirteen, they would resignedly wait for the next train. and If they succeeded In finding No.13 on any of tho coaches, they would hold up. their hands In holy horror. I have seen passengers refuse to rldo in a coach which held thirteen pooplo, and if you will ask any ticket man he will tell you that of all sections In a sleeper, thirteen Is the most difficult to dispose of. Then aside from the superstitions which .ro - vail among tho traveling public, there are many passengers who aro cranky, and If they lose a chanco to kick, are In a bad humor for a week afterward. They kick for a seat in the center of the coach; kick because tho train goes too slow or too faBt; kick because they aro In a draught, or because It Is too hot. And tho worst of It nil Is that when they kick I am tho indlvldual - who Is called up to hear them, as It I wero responsible for the whole business. About the only time when Rome fellows don't . kick is when they are on their honeymoons. Everything goes on as smoothly as if it had been ordered so, but lot the same men ride on tho same train five years later and tho chances are they'll kick themselves into exhaustion." Pittsburg Post. TDK UMTkllSAl CIUBH. A lot of young women were discussing, on tho piazza of the summer hotel, ono of the gentlemen guests of the same. "His manners aro perfect," ventured one. "He's rather too Independent, I think," came a dissenting opinion; "but he has fa - cinatinf eyes." "They would bo much more so It they were brown Instead of blue." dissented another, "but his figure Is splendid." "Don't you think he Is a shade too stumpy?" asked another dissenter. "I don't like stumpy men; I do think, though, that his teeth are very fine." "'.Most too small for a man's teeth," opposed u girl with a big mouth; "but he has a ::iise that a Greek god might envy." 'Greek enough," dissented another, "but t kicks character. He would have a strong - : face if his n?se were more Roman. Hig r is his most attractive featuro. I think, ;: 1 he can let it wave about his high fore - - ul beautifully." Huh," sniffed another objector, "and he' o conceited about it. I do like his forehead, though." "Altogether too low," objected an intellect - :; dissenter. "Don't you think he has a .'.no chin?" "On the contrary, it's coarse," antagonized a swvfl voicud maiden, "and that kind of a :hiu means tyranny, if the man has a wife who Is at all yielding. His hands have always pleased me with their shapeliness." "Too much like a woman's." objected a masculine looking inaid. "I think " "What I like about him most," Interrupted a stau - ly beauty, "is his million dollars." "Isn't it perfectly lovely?" assented evory girl in the group, with enthusiastic unanimity. Detroit Free Press. Mrs. Penstraw Land sakes. Mrs. Oatcako, what do you mean by talking such gibberish? Mrs. Oatcake W'e - uns is goin' teh keep bonders dis Rtimmeh, an' we - uns wants teh have a dialect teh please un with. I larned mine frum them air maggyzine stories. I did. Harper's Bazar.

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