The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 15, 1950 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 15, 1950
Page 11
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Page 11 article text (OCR)

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 15, 1950 BLVTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS OUT OUR WAY By J. R; Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople , £ AW PERFECTING A "DEVICE THAT WILL YOU'LL GET NOTHINV HE'LL THINK POSH MO' OH TH' BANK DOM'T ' MISTAKE MY CURIOSITY FOR ElJTHOS lrX5M,BOT WHAT'S LOCTC QUICK/ WHICH »& MV WORST SIP6I FCOMT OR BACK? DEATHS FROM FALLS C¥J 1CV 9TKB6TS/— -\PYOO SOT YOU OUGHT A VOlTrt CAR--THEY LOOK ALIKE: CASH IrJ OJ IT, MLJOA SHALL I ALL YOUR. FRIEMDSAE& HABITUAL, 6ROUMD- MA^JE TO INVEST To PlMD OUT £«d of a Chapter < By Edwin Rutt <**'<+< w » t, «»s«yic<. INC 5-DAY SERVICE OWE I Ft'Si Ufl llmfiu . . . Wear Mian JlfittliHT \l\l\ Hefp Wanted EVERTDAT CARDS Bell big value Assortment for Birth- flays, other events. Pays you up to J00% on fast SI Ries! New Mctallcs. Gift Wraps PI^ASTICS. Imprinted Sla- tionerj', tubers. Sinrt earning with FREE Imprint Samples and Assortments on appimal. Write AUTISTIC. 335 Way. Ehnira. N. T. 2JH pfc 2JI5 FOR SALE Concrete calvrrts, 12 Inch to 48 inch, plain or mnfnrced. Also Concrete Building Blocks cheaper than lumber for barns, chicken houses, pump houses, tenant houses, inol sheds. We drliirr. Call us for free eslimate. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Phone 691. ! VII rpHE Hallccks' maid Stella, a :A fresh-(aced, buxom female in- jdjgcnous to the village of Talliver, ; accuitomedly took Thursday off. jOn this particular Thvirsday. Mu- Iriel Halleck began tidying her table late in the morning. 'I'm elected today," she told Alice Pine. "Brent's olT somewhere and 1 do wish he wasn't. Not that 1 don't adore being with Rick. But I'm really in a very important part of my novel." Alice hesitated. But this might be still another way to make herself useful. "Why not let me?" she said. Muriel's eyes lighted. "Would you? 1 ... Oh, no. 1 can't turn you into a baby sitter." "Even ii it's my own suggestion?" "All right, darling," Muriel was manifestly grateful. "I warn you though. He's a cheerful little handful." "So long as he's cheerful,"-Alice laughed. Rick was. Perhaps Alice con stituted a novelty. Perhaps, too she was more resourceful than th< phlegmatic Stella. In any case they had a successful afternoon Exceptional shells were discov ered on the beach. Time slippec by while she showed Hick how (c onstruct an intricate sand castle, ieagulls were ted on crusts loughlfully brought along by Mice and a pirate's hideaway pied upon. She managed to re- urn him in high good humor. "You're wonderful," Muriel aid, blinking slightly. "Half the iine he's a perfect little devil flet Stella brings him in." Alice said: "That's hard to be- ieve." Bui jt was evident that itella lived in ignorance of such ovely things as seashells and sand :aslles. • * • THEREAFTER, at Rick's vocif- ' crous behest. Alice took over on Thursdays. On one of these excursions, they unexpectedly en- :ountercd BrenL He was hunched over an easel, n a little cnve about a mile from he house. His profile was toward Alice, his left eye squinted appraisingly at the canvas. His feet were invisible, as il force of concentration had driven them deep nto the sand. Alice half-turned, wondering if she could slip away unnoticed !3ut Rick spied Brenl and moved n a rush, whooping enthusiastically. Brent said, without looking up 'You act ready to fly." "1 am, rather." "Why?" His brush added another swift stroke. "Oh," Alice snid T "maybe didn't want to trespass again." He gave his short laugh. "Never forgave me for that, eh." Rick projected himself into the conversation. Proudly he dis played hands oozing with slimy substances gleaned at the water' edge. "Ixiak!" he commanded. "Why, darling, they're bcnuti ful," Alice said, rather fatuously Brent chuckled. "I suppose it' part of your job to say these fool ish things. What you ought to d is make him chuck that muc away and wash his hands," Suddenly Alice got mad. Ther 'as utterly no reason for Brent'i onstant sardonic altitude. "Why shouldn't he have tlic lull?" she snapped. "Ami I'll /ash him wlicn we get borne." Brcjjt stored at her in surprise, 'hen. abruptly, he got oH his amp stool and sal: down in the and. ftick had scampered oft. "You know, Alice." Brent said lowly, "you're a u'fesaver. Be- ieve il or not." "Am 1?" She was still an^y ntl his quizzically-raised brows idn't help. "Whose life?" "Could be mine." "1 don't understand." Her eyes were steely-blue now. "Well." he strained sand through s lingers, "you save either Muiel or me an afternoon a week i taking His Nibs on our hands." She fell that it was nnl what he had slartcd to tell ncr. She aid: "You sound as ir you and Mrs. Halleck didn't like taking •arc ol Hick. And that isn't true, n her case." "But in mine, cli?" She tail her lip. He had a faculty, a gift, for annoying her. You brought this up yourself, Mr. Halleck. besides, I'm only an employe. 1 don't have opinions." "Sit down, Alice," Brent said rrelevanlly. "But—" "Sit down! It's nice sand." "Very well." She sat down abruptly, tucking long slim legs under her. "I^OR several seconds Brent appeared to he working at -his painting. Moving the brush here and there, touching up spots and finally moving his head as if surveying his job. Then he cleaned his brushes, looked al Alice and smiled. "So you don't think I like being with the kid?" Brent said. <1 didn't say that." 'No. But you inferred." He ts dogged, persistent, like a child. 'Listen, Mr. Elalleck . . ." • "Make it 'Brent'! Muriel wouldn't mind. Not after~all these weeks of unswerving formality." (To Be Continued) Corp. two BY NCA wavier, we, T. M. nee. u. s. PAT. on PAGE ELEVEN Britain Seeks Dollars Trough Tapestry Art LONDON—M>>-Britain hopes to earn dollars this year with an old native art form using' modern design—tapestry. Six tapestries such KS it Is hoped to sell in the United Stales were exhibited here by the Arts Council, official patron of the arts. KEROSENE and FUEL OIL G.O.PoetzOilCo. Phone 2089 A SETTER LAUNDRY For Expert Laundry and Dry Cleaning—Coll 4474 NU-WA— . n , iirat toddling aicwi. s*nf y»mr ••*»•» Flr.t Sb.. t t.4. T |. r EUro.llilftc". MUck c.rt lo •lK*«mTiryoarniim««nd»<ld™i. Or. Phone *n il we' II t* cl»l to t>!c Ic thfmup. Frorr,pld«|iYcrT. All work r"ordn(«d tev!,en<,rl*tir,< u l*,ek. t Mn* now or Bend thoca oc nwnc to BARLEY'S DRUG STORE STEEL BUILDINGS 20 FEET WIDE 32 FEET WIDE Fw groin, hay, livestock lad machinery • Truss-clear.-Straighi sidewalls. No wasted space. • Quickly erected. • ¥ari»b(e lengths. 40 FEET WIDE C. A. Tont Construction Co. Aufhori/.ed Dealer for Butler Steel Buildings General Contracting Phone 896 P.O. Box 83 Blytheville NOW OPEN • Offering Complete Floristic Service Wedding & Corsage Flowers Our Specialty RONALD WKHI.KK M . C . STII,K8 South HlghwAr *' Phone S**z Chamblin Sales Co. • Sales & Service • "Your friendly Studebaker Deafer" I RAILROAD & ASH PHONE 888 "You ought to feel flattered that my Aunt Gladys and the children are coming—she and I never could get along, so I know she isn't crazy to see me!" IMRFSCILLA'S POP VRKCKLKS AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSE8 Out of His Head ' ' LUOCY FOR LARO, } OO YOU ... NOBODV KNOWS LX THAT? THE LUNC4 HE5 A WHAT ARE Bl&DINQ fOR BELOM3S , I WE Id A PICW GLAiviOK 6*Ll> WMTtNG Gees ON? WEU., I'M MOT LAW 6 our THAT KIMO O*» SWI7W WHO JUST BIO Two DOLLARS, OK IS SOMETIMES I THINK WE'RE BETTER OFF RENTING THAN - BUYING! The Cold Fads BY AL VERMEER N 9. TAXES...NO INSURANCE BILLS... YES, BUT SUPPOSE ON SOME RAW WINTER DAY 1HE LANDLORD DECIDES ~ MOVE US OUT INTO ' ICE AND SHOW! YOU'VE EXPEO ^ INCOMVENlEN VIC KLINT Thief and Author 15 Y MICHAKL O'MALLKY'and KALPH LANE~ A CHANCE TO fMffr" FIRST T NI6HT CHARLIE" RAIMONDI DOESN'T COMS /HONG •f I AOMIT IT-- 1VVI "^f AND JEWELS. fABULCXJS. f BEGAN HUMBLY 1 PA8TICUIARLV AND NOW I KNOW THE GREAT V WHEN TMEV'RE Of TWO CDWINCNTS. I ATTEND \ WORN BY WtRY FIB5T NIGHT— I'M UMHOIKWR Of WINK, FOOD... YOU MUST HAVE BEEN READING RWWreD READING EVERY PRIVATE CHAfiLIE Tug, You're II! RY r,KS[,IR TURNER CAPTAIN EASY HEV! PULL Ol'ER TO TH' \ GOIMG CURB THERE! ....SIILV TH' KID BLAZES! BUT i wftsu'T."\ " YOU WR5 TRV1N& TO, COWBOV...WITH ft UEftT LITTLE BLONDE B/VCK. UP TH'STREET!! WE'RE- CLftMPIW DOWW OW MASHECS " IM THIS TOWWl - - • - THIS IS I>.BSURD, J lELLX OKW,M1SS...HEE6 HE IS • VOU1 IT WflSlHEONE WE'LL HftFTA »LL GO OCWJW TIME I EVEU TRIED TO / TO Jtf STAIIOU SO VOL) CAM j AVOID THE L^VIX-VPREFER: CHAKGES! T^ *—^^^ —*"' LOAFIN' ASAIN, ) "RELAXIN'" HUH? YA yif IS TH'WOKP, ALLEY CAT ) V GUV'MOR/ SIM.' TH' PAY'S > ONLY HALF OVER, BUT I'M SLAP/ ,i \ / AT LEAST \f YES,N I FINALLY \ INDEED, GOT YA ON SUV'NOR, YSK FEET/ I IF YOU THAT'S \HAPN'T SOMETHIN'.'JCOME ALONG... r BET YA AIN'T MOVED A MUSCLE AU.PAY/ I MIGHT HAVe 1 — FORGOTTEN TO MOVE TO THIS BENCH SO T GET TH AFTERNOON SUN/ ALLEY OOI' Is Thsil Good? / ^HEN ALL THAT^ /YEP AND I'VE AM \.-ifMY —.'i cri (^fTs.^f («LB*R? fell BY V. T. II AM LIN A Plan WrW.SOMVWAIiG StSttOUS COtiVO WWPtVi \V RY EDOAR MARTIN ~\W=> MlGW KOT WOWA .BtiTC U'^> WCSW\V\ ^?NlN<o • b'. tttV, XOOhrC 9WC,V\OVCX3< T CRWifb fc WQR.O toff

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