The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on February 13, 1896 · Page 5
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 5

Brooklyn, New York
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Thursday, February 13, 1896
Page 5
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..uJi - JJ, - . - , THE BEOOKLYN DAILY E AGILE THUH SDAT, FEBRUARY 13, 1896. 5 LATEST 101 ISLAND MEWS, Annual Keeeption of St. Paul's Students, Garden City. SIXTH FORM BOYS THE HOSTS. They Welcoiae a Company of Their Friends and Former Students to Their Gaily Decorated Rooms Reunion of Flushing High Sohool Alumni Re - mssriably Low Water in Peconic Bay. Collapse of Strong Cause - way Bridge. (Special to the Eagle.) Garden City, L. I., February 13 The annual reception of the students of St. Paul's school, Garden City, to their frlneds and relatives, held last evening, - was a brilliant affair. The suite of four rooms, drawing room, memorial room, reception room and reading room and the south wing of the cen ter hall were beautifully decorated with flags and bunting and a portrait of Bishop Little - John at the east end of the drawing room was half hidden amid banks of flowers and palmB. In the reading room was displayed and oil portrait of A. T. Stowarf. The two rooms of the sixth form boys, one the trophy room, were decorated with etchings, water colors, repousse work, decorated screens, candelabra, Venetian lanterns and photographs of various groups of members of he Long Island inter - scholastic athletic FRANK FOLSOM BAKER. league. The mantel of the trophy room was adorned with three silver cups, won by the Garden City club in the league contests, the foot ball cup of '94, the base ball cup of '94 and the base ball cup of '95. The fourth and fifth form rooms and the dining room were also decorated for the occasion. The guests began to arrive about 7 o'clock and for an hour and a half there was a constant rumble of carriages at the door. After two hours spent in the reception and introduction of guests and in viewing the rooms, the dancing commenced in the sulto of south rooms, 270 feet in length, which were soon crowded with women, in brilliant toilettes, their escorts and their student hosts. Refreshments were served in the dining room during the evening and iced coffee was served in the private dining room of the head master. The reception committee of arrangements consisted of Frederick Luther Gamage, head master; Frank Folsom Baker, senior monitor and chairman of the committee and the following members of the sixth form: , Joseph Stearns Colo of Morrlstown. N. J. : Phi top Parichurst Gardiner, Garden Oity; Charles Lucius Qlenny. Clinton Mudge Hall, New Orleans. La. ; John Hill. Haselton, la - ; Ralph Emerson Lum, Chatham, N. J. ; Chadless Hopper Newcomb. Perry Mah Rushmore, Hempstead. N. Y. ; Arthur Reginald Van IK - Water. New York city; William . Lest&r Van Wagent - n, Oxford. N. Y. : Karl Funston Wirt. Bloomsburgh, Pa., and Douglass K. Newell, Chicago, 111. Mrs. Gamage, Mr. and Mrs. Eckley and Misses Perkins and Elizabeth Kones assisted in receiving the guests. Among the guests present were: Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hyde, Miss Mary C. Hyde. Dr. Reginald Sayre, '2&r. and Mrs. Edward B. Meany. Dr. and Mrs. Cyrus Edson, Miss Louise Yange, Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Parsons and sons, George H. Gardiner, jr.; taie Masses Gardiner, Hugh Miller, TV. R. Glen, Robert Golds - boro, Bert Tenney. H. P. Carter, C. D. Barrett, Mr. ami Mrs. George Johnson, Miss Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. C. I. Abbott, J. Ravensburg, Miss Kate Ravensburg, Miss May Haywood Brown, all of New York olty: Henry E. Hard. Mrs. Langley and sons. Wells Hamilton. Mrs. E. B. Shelter, Mr. 'Cummings, Miss Cummings, R. B. Sherman, Miss Van Dyne, Mrs. Louis B. Prahar, all of Brooklyn: Harry Clifford Howell, Mr. Mlddleton of Now Haven, Conn.; Charles K. Robinson of Orange, N. J.; Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. M. Cole, Morris - town, N. J. ; the - Rev. H. Newman Lawrence, Ozone Park, N. Y. : Miss Helen Tompkins, Ralph Tompkins. E. L. Tompkins, John w. TompkinB. I'".hklll - on!he - Hud3on, N. Y. ; Dexter Falrbank, Ch icago, III. : Mrs. John E. Chase, Miss Chase, Cold Spring Harbor: Mr. and Mre. Davldge, X - iark Valley, N. Y. : Mrs. Guy V. Dickinson, Hifrtn. 111. : Mrs. TV. H. CJoudman. Elgin, 111. ; !r. and iMrs. Lount, A. H. Asmus, C. F. Glttens, Dr. Francis P. .Hamlet, Dr. Frederick W. Brooks, Mr. anil Mrs. Weed, Miss Lulu Weed. Miss R. If. Snrlth. Mrs. Charles Lambert Addison, William 'Lord Sexton. W. E. Clowes. Dr. and Mrs. Lanehort, Miss Lulu M. Cromwell, Judge A. H Weller. Mlsa Weller, Dr. Finn, Miss Finn, all of Hempstead, N. Y. : Mr. and Mrs. Lawton. Dean and tMrs. Cox. 'Miss Leverlch, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Roberts, Mr. and Mrs. M. F. iMehan, E. T. Youmans, .Miss Spnfford. Mr. and Mrs. Clement E. Gardiner, Mr. and Mrs. Fuller, Mrs. Sawyer, Miss Sawyer, Mr. and Mrs. j. R. Wood, Miss ILeavftt, tha "Messrs. Wood, Miss Wood, MIsh ICones. Mt. and - Mrs. Tooker, Miss Tooker, the Misses Nixon, Ingrajiam, Walker. E. J'. Towle, JCedney, .Tarvls. Tunguette, 'Mrs. Harris, the Misses Trehn. Cowl and Caldwell, the Rev. and Mrs. Henry B. 'Bryan, 'Mrs. Alfred H. Gardiner; the following pupils of St. Mary's ohool: The Misses Shoppell. Mrs. Henry Gardiner, Miss Josephine Go rdlner. Colonel ami ' Mrs. Gardiner, Mrs. Toby, the aliases McPherson. Toby. Bird, Praiher, Hunt. Osborne. Hayes, Parsons, Matthews, Baldwin, Kimball, Lida Kimball. Scott. Nixon, Henderson. Wotherell, McLaughlin and Poole, all of Garden City. Many of the guests wandered through the building, examining th& class rooms, dormitories, chapel, recitation rooms and the chemical laboratory. The school now has over one hundred and twenty students, representing fifteen states of the Union and 'the attendance Is increasing rapidly under the vigorous management of Headmaster Frederick Luther Gamage, A. M. The attendance of former scholars last evening and their expressions of affectionate regard for their former teachers is illustrative of the spirit erf the Institution which Is governed with kindness, and yet with a Arm discipline. The school committee comprises such well known names as the Right Rev. A. N. Little - .V - hn, the R'ev. Samuel Cox, D. D., the Rev. Charles H. Hall, D. D., the Rev. Spencer S. Roche, John A. King, Alexander E. Orr and A. N. Weller. FLUSHING HIGH SCHOOL ALUMNI. Flushing, L. I., February 13 The fourteenth annual reunion of the High School alumni of tho village of Flunhing was held in the armory of tho national guard last night. Tho affair consisted of a ball and banqnot. Tho galleries were crowded with friends and invited guostB who came to look and not to danoo. Dancing began at 9:30 and supper was served at midnight. Abont thrco hundred persons were in attendance, among them: Mr. and Mtb. H. M. Duncan. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Quinlnn, Mr. and Mrs. F. P. Morris, Mr. and Mrs. E. Andrews. Jr.; Mr. aud Mrs. R. B. Hoover. Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Bennett. Mr. and Mra. J. E.MnHter, Mr. and Mrs. It. V. Master. Mr. and Mrs. E. Skiilmoro, Mr. and Mrs. George B. Lawrence, Mr. and MrH. J. D. llashagon, Mr. and Mrs. Dr. KilliJea. Mr. anil Mrs. Dr. Constable, Mr. and MrH. J. It. Townsend, Mr. and Mrs. II. Howells, Mr. and Mrs. J. Hepburn, Mr. and Mrs. E. Richardson. Misses Poev.nasliroolt, Killilea, Downing, Rmilller, Carpenter, Deronda, Prigge. lUiuyou. Mackej - , Thompson, lloppo, Louns - liiTrv. Annfs, Harway, ManKles, Messrs. Horner. McCoy. Lotm. Qulnlan, Downing, Ferris, Mnvimrd,, Hamilton. Bouten. Trnpp, Peace, llav, Sherman, Martin, Mooro, Judd, Poey. REWARD FOR CLAYTON'S ASSAILANT, ratchogue, L. I.. February 18 District Attorney Walter H. Jaycox of Suffolk county has .offered a reward of - 50O for information that will lead to tho arrest and conviotion of tho party or parties who Rsnaultod William Clayton, the Bitliylon hermit, on Jnnuary 25 last, from tho effects of which ho died a few days afterward. LOW WATER IN PECONIC BAY. Ilivarhead, L. I., Fobmary 13 A wonderful fell of water occurred in upper Peconic bay yostord"y. The strong northwest gale literally blew all the wator out of the bay and navigation was stoppod. Many boats wcro out trom Itiveilieod. Jnmosport and Flanders when tho tide fell and they could not got back to their homo dcckB ou n'coount of tho extremely low . water. Ono could - walk nearly tho entiTO distance from Rivcrhoad to JaiuoBport right in tho bod ti the btg - wiliout getting wot fret, The water is usually from ten to fifteen feet deep. Peconio river, where thore is usually eight or ton foot of wator in the channel, wa3 bare nearly its whole longth. Tho clamming industry was at itB hoight all day and it is estimated that hundreds of bushels wero taken. Scallops by tho million wore left on the flats and buy hottom, and tho tibher - men drove . out with their tearou. raked them up in piles, shoveled them into their wagons and drovo right to the scallop houses with thom without the bother of having to use a boat. SCHOONMAKER YEATON. Jamaica, L. I.. February 13 Tho marriage of George Washington Schoonmaker and Miss Elsie Wood Yoaton by the Rev. J. Howard Hobbs took place at the Prosbytorian ohurch last ovoning. Tho bride was attired in white Eatin duchess, pearl trimmings, vail and orango blossoms and carried whito rosos. The bridesmaids wero Miss Marv C. Sohoon - makor, sister of the groom and Miss Ella A. Hoyt, and tho maid of honor was Miss Eloiso LeVero Acker. H. Priestly Boyce astcd as host man. Tho ushers were Stanley Jordan, Lester C. Gierke, Charles H. Doughty, Frederick L. Mills, Goorge C. Damon and F. Lester Damon. For an hour previous to the ceremony, as tho gucsitrt wero arriving, Lewis F. Baylis played a number of choice selections on the orgon and the bridal party marched up tho aisle to the strains of "Lonongrm wedding marcn. A reception was held and wedding supper Berved at the residence of the bride's parents, after which the newly married couple started for Washington, D. C. A number of handsome and costly wedding presents were displayed at the residence. Among thoBe present were: Mr. and Mrs. Granville Yeaton. Miss Laura Teuton. Granville Yeaton, Jr.. of Jamaica; Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Yeaton, Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Yeaton. Mr. and Mrs. J, L. Grube, Mr. and Sirs. George Yeaton, Mr. and Mrs. John McKlbben, Mr, and Mrs. Edward Doremus, Mr. and Mrs. David Wickors, Mist) Amelia Yeaton, Cliarles Yeaton, Mrs. Meader and Miss Gortie Moader of Brooklyn, Mr. and Mrs. TV. L. Yeaton and daughter of Hobo - ken, N. J. ; Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Jarvis, Mr. and Mrs. John Post, Mr. and Mrs. Romson, Mrs. J. Hyde. Mrs. P. H. Remson, Mrs. C. A. Wood, Miss Carrie Hoyt, George, William and Miss Fannie Remson, Mrs. A. B. Morrell, Mr. and Mrs. George W. Damon and daughter, the Misses Crossman, Misses Edith and Florence Jordan, Cyrus A. and Fred Jordan. Mr. and Mr. Clarence Lampman, ex - District Attorney John Fleming, Judge J. Maynard Kissain, Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Shlmer, Misses Maud and Mabel Shinier, Mrs. Z. Case, Mrs. L. L. Fosdick, Misses Florence and Mary McCormick, Mr. and Afrs. Joseph Remson, Mr. and Mrs. G. B. P. Hovt, Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Rhodes, Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Beers, Mr, and Mrs. Mark Cormack, Mr. and Mrs. I. H. Boyce, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Acker, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Clerko, Mr. and Mrs. Ellsworth Skldmore, Mr. and Mrs. George H. Carr. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mills, Mr. and Mrs. Isaac C. Hendrickson, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin W. Vandervoorf, Mrs. A. W. Mead, Miss E. M. Bobbins, Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Hardenbrook, Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Joslyn, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wright, MisseB Minnie and Jennie Lewis, Irene and Mamie Everltt. Hattlo and Ella Dowey, Hattie and Nettle White. Mrs. A. L. Bogart, Miss Annie Cook, Mrs. J. H. Hobbs, Mrs. Dr. Samnel Hendrickson, Mrs. Johnson of Richmond Hill, Mrs. W. S. Cogswell and daughters, Mrs. G. L. Peck, Miss Fannie Peck, Mrs. Stephen H. Carman, Miss Jennie Hendrickson, Mrs. Doughty and daughters. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer E. Bergon, Miss Kate Bergen, Mr. and Mrs. A. Eldert, Miss Victoria Hendry, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Purchase, Mr. and Mrs. A. Carpenter, Mrs. William Wyckoff , Mrs. Jesse Browne, Mrs. Charles A. Lock - wood, Miss. Alice Hardenbrook, Mrs. Dr. Belden, Mrs. Spader, Misses Van Siclen, Mrs. Richard Nelll and daughter, Miss Lulu Hirst, N. Hendrickson, E. Vandervoort, D. L. Hardenbrook, William Valk, John Cornell, Richard Van Siclen, Thomas Cornell, David Russell, James Powell, L. Shipley, Stephen Van Allen, John Leech. George Baylis. A COMING FARMERS' INSTITUTE. Jamaica, L. I., February 13 The programme for the Long Island farmers' Institute, to be held at Jamaica February 21 and 22, will be of unusual interest. W. "W. Rawson of Arling ton, near Boston, will read a specially pre pared paper on "Market Gardening Under Glass." Professor H. E. Stockbrldge of Georgia will read a paper on "The Feeding and CuTtivajtl'on of Garden Crops." Professors Halstead and Voorhees of New Jersey will read papers on "Tho Diseases of Plants and How to Properly Fertilize The Soil." Shirley Dawley will speak on "Poultry and "The Silo for Market Gardeners," Mr. Griffin on Mushroom Culture," Mr. Saffen on "The Growing of Small Fruits," P. Halstead on "A Few of the Needs of Modern Farmers," Messrs. Serrine and Stewart of the Agricultural experiment station and several other specialists. Including a representative of the United States Agricultural department, at Washington, D. C, will read papers. All correspondence concerning the institute should be addressed to John O'Donnell, in the bank building, at Jamaica. STRONG CAUSEWAY BRIDGE COLLAPSES. Flushing, L. I., February 13 Tho bridge at Strong's causeway is, at the present time, absolutely useless. Tuesday afternoon tho boards of highway commissioners of tho towns of Flushing and Newtown met' at Mayor's hotel at the causeway to .disouss proposed repairs, and while the matter was under consideration, tho floor began to sink beneath them. Alarmed, they rushed from tho hotel to find' that a portion strip of the bridge had sunk six feet. The heavy planks and timbers cons titrating part of the approach on the Newtown side gave way and tho filling near the hotel sunk, causing the building to settle several feet. Mr. Manwaring and family, tho occupants of the hotel, vacated the promises and moved to Flushing. The wrock of the . approach is complete, the road beinjr absolntelv impassable, with a gaping hole m the center nine feet across. The causeway itself is uninjured. LINCOLN'S BIRTHDAY. Patchoguo. L. I., February 13 Lincoln's birthday was quietly observed here yesterday. Tho public schools wero closed and business was suspended in the afternoon. In the evening thero wob an entertainment of tho Long Island Latin school at tho Lyoonm. Riverhead.L. I.,February 13 Lincoln's birthday was celebrated last evening at Odd Follows hall by the 0. O. Howard camp. Sons of Veterans. School Commissioner Charles H. Howell presided. A well rendered programme was opened by tho choir which sang. "We are Coming Father Abraham." Do Forrest Wells delivered an address. Tho Henry A. Barman post and Ladies Aid society wero the guests of the camp. Later in the evening refreshments wore served in the post room. College Point, L. I., February 13 Lincoln's birthday was observed here with a reunion, by Adam Wirtlh post, G. A. R., which was held at Morris' hall. The principal object of this reunion was to encourage old veterans to Join the Grand Army. There are nearly one hundred veterans in the village and but eighteen are members of the post. QUEENS COUNTY. REPUBLICANS. Jamaica. L. I., February 13 There was a large gathering of representative Republicans from all parts of Queens county at the Jamaica town hall yesterday, the occasion being the presentation of a handsome ivory and ebony gold bound gavel to State Committeeman William J. Youngs, who is also the newly elected chairman of the county committee. Appropriate remarks were made by Vice Chairman Charles J. Phlpps of Far Rock - away, and Mr. Youngs, in his reply, eulogized Lincoln, whose birthday was being honored, Governor Morton, County Judge Garretson and the board of supervisors. A resolution was passed indorsing the candidacy of Governor Morton for the presidency. SURROGATE'S COURT PROCEEDINGS. Jamaica, L. I., February 13 The will of Mary A. Post of Great Neck was approved before Surrogate Weller this morning! Mrs. Post bequeathes to her sons, Abram S. Post of Great Neck and William H. Post of Og - densburgh, N. Y., $3,000 each; to her granddaughter, Louise Post Corwith, 173 Madison avenue. New York oity, $7,209.34; to her nieces, Helen S. and Grace L. Merrltt of Great Neck, $8,000 each: to her daughters, Sarah H. Corwifch of 173 Madison avenue. New York dlty, and Louise J. Post of Great Neok, $23,400 each. Tho wills of David Wirth of Flushing and Emiily Craft of Sea Cliff were also proved this morning. GUEBIN KIERNAN. Sag Harbor, L. I., February 13 Miss MayE. Eicrnnu, daughter of George lueman, was married to Mr. Mortimer Guoriu, brothov of the Rev. Father L. J. Guerin, pastor of St. Andrew's Roman Catholic church, hero yest'orday morning with a nuptial mass, and tho Rev. Father Guorin was assiBtod by tho Rov. Father Parks, chaplain of tho Brooklyn navy yard. Mr. and Mrs, Guorin left on tho 2:25 train for a wedding tour. They will resido in Brooklyn. SIX MONTHS FOR JOHN COE. Bay Shore, L. I., February IS John Coo, a member of a prominent Bay Shore family, was yesterday sentenced by Justice Charles W. Vail to six months' imprisonment in tho county Jail, for assaulting his brother, George Coe, with an ax. Tho blow inflicted a painful Wiiund on the latter's arm. NEWS FROM THE SUBURBS. Twenty - ninth. Ward Eent Payers Will Organize. WHO PAYS THE TAXES? THEY ASK A Meeting to Be Held To - night to Form the Flatbush Renters' Association. Two Young Women Who Say They Were Drugged First Dance of the New Utreoht Exempt Firemen Sudden Death of R. R. Hirsh. The rent payers In the Twunty - nlnth ward are affronted, according to Henry Seavers, who is one of them, because they were not invited to become members of the Flatbush Taxpayers' association, which Is to be permanently organized this evening. This evening, at the call of Mr. Seavers, they will meet at Snyder's hall, corner of Locust and Grant streets, to voice their sentiments in the matter and form an organization of their own. The Flatbush Renters' association may co - operate with the taxpayers' and it may not. However, those who have set the movement on foot believe that the two organizations should be welded together and form an Indissoluble union. "Who pays the taxes, anyhow?" said. Mr. Seavers, with much feeling, to an Eagle reporter. "Is it not true that when taxes go up the rent, goes up, too? The landlord doesn't pay the taxes, by a long shot the renter foots the bill every time. I was amazed, therefore, when, at the meeting In the town hall last Thursdaycsnlght, not a word was 3aid about the rent payers. If the taxpayers are going to form an exclusive organization, all right; let them go ahead; but they will find out their mistake later on. We have rights, too, which must be looked after in fact, as I have already said, we are the real taxpayers and should have as much to say about public matters relating to the ward as the householders and landlords." "But Is it not a fact that the great majority of the people living in the Twenty - ninth ward own their own homes?" asked the reporter. "That's Just where you are wrong. I know a good many people believe it to be so, but it is a mistake. I know positively that 60 per cent - of the residents" of this ward live in rented houses. Even In Parkvllle, Kensington and Windsor Terrace very few people own their own houses, and that is also true of that section of the ward which lies east of Flatbush avenue, between Canarslo lane and East Broadway. And let me add that the rents are out of ell proportion to the value and the location of the houses. "Now," continued 'Mr. Seavers, with considerable warmth, "I pay W a month rent for a house on Church lane. The house is an old one, and if it stood in Parkvllle it wouldn't rent for $20. Church lane Is not an aristocratic street, by any means; it is unpaved, except between the trolley car rails, but I've got to pay ?20 a month for being within less than ten minutes' walk of Ocean avenue. I tell you It's the high rent we've got to pay that Is retarding the natural growth of the ward, and of course the high rents are caused by high taxes. The renters, therefore, being, as I have said, in the majority, ought not only to have been consulted with regard to forming a taxpayers' association, but let in on the ground floor, and some of the officers selected from their number." NEW UTRECHT FIREMEN DANCE. The Now Utrecht Exempt Firemen's asso - olaieton's first annual reception was held at Ulmer park last night. There was a large company present and the firemen made excellent hosts. About four hundred dancers crowded the dancing room and firemen from all the fire companies in the old towns were there, as well as many old timers from New York and Brooklyn. Red shirts pre - vaired, tfhough there were many blue and,, with the bright costumes of the fa'ilr sex, greatly heightened the effect of Dhe decorated room. President Thomas W. Harris, with Mrs. John J. Barling, led the march, in which 250 took part. The proceeds of the affair Will form the nucleus of a benevolent fund, which the association proposes starting. Among those present last night were: Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Clark. Mr. and Mrs. WllHam B. Hatfield, Mr. and Mrs. Gearce Kel - lam, Mr. and Mrs. James P. Graham. Mr. and Mra. Jolin Hennl, Mr. and Mrs. P. Convllle, Mr. and Mra. J. Sprott, Daniel Shay, William Zaiss, Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Paal, Mr. and Mrs. TVllliam H. Cozine, Mr. and Mrs. John Meyer, Mr. and Mrs. TVMtam JIcBeath. George Henderson, TV. G. Gardiner, Mrs. J. MacBeath, Mr. and Mrs. - Joseph Hllser. Mr. and Mrd. Joseph Luchasie, Mr. and Mrs. George Hutter, John Koster. Judffe John C. Rhodes, Joseph Stchlln. Jr.; Mr. and Mrs. P. Koohler, Eug - enc Sullivan, Thomas O'Coimell, Thomas TV. Harris, John Herman, Charles Bort, MIsh Mamie Bort, Miss Kate O'Brien, Morgan O'Brien. Bdwttrd Stowell. TVllliam TValsh, S. Warden, ex - Judge W. Bennett TVardell, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Van Wart. Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Dressing:. John Huott, Joseph Retzel, Mr. and Mrs. William Lieonhardt, Theodore Krombach. Alfred Williams, Mr. and Mrs. John Mayhew, John Red - parh. Miss Affnes Redpath, Mr. and Mrs. John Brennan, Mr. and Mra. Frank Belreleln, Mr. and Mrs. M. Stern, Mlas Minnie Stern, Mr. and Mrs. H. Stem, Mr. and Mrs. TVllliam Laommel, John P. Stein, Mr. and Mrs. Otto Laemmel, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Gill. James TVood. J. McNelve, Miss Mamie Lucas, Miss L,1zzle Hlckey, Henry Breslln, M. L. Maxwell, Edward J. Parker. Mr. and - Mrs. Huffh O'Reilly. Thomas Pn.rVpr. John McNally, John Aylward, John Bradv, Frank McClean, Charles McMannin, Eugene Lucas. Mrs. Grader, Joseph McMannis. Mr', and Mrs. Cliarles Manley, Thomas Murray, Frank Robinson. Charles Adams, Mary L.. Tobln. Miss E. Huott, Miss Florence Green, Miss Mng - gle J. Huott. Miss Em ma ijogart. Airs, snedlker, Mies Clara Chapman, George G reoii, Dajilel GlenninR, George Keating. Edward McCroady, Theodore Roberts. Alfred Ol - rard, Mlsa Teasie Cannon. Harry Ewen, Miss Ale II sea vanuerDecjc, Jonn J - iOtcti, George Atiniaok, Kormoc Flanagan. Miss Carpenter. D. J. rrnn - ning. Charles Martin. Georsre Martin, Miss Lettle lexsyse. juibs Clara Morris, wjiiiam Rydor, Thoraaa F. Hogan, Louis Von Derp, Miss Maliel Drummond. William Vance, James McBeath, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Swanton. Miss Pearl Swan ton, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Kroeck, Miss Kroeok, Mr. and Mrs. "William Gobel, Mr. and Mrs. FatricK ijassiay, Mrs. waring. Miss Lillian Waring; Charles Greves, Mrs. M. Greves, William J. Ryan, Miss Bessie Nuttall, Miss Jennie Crof - ton. Miss Mamie Crofton, Edward M. Crofton, William Fritschler, Joseph Smart. Mr. anil Mre. Charles Rmart, William Smart, Mrs. M. Ryan, Charles Moore, Joseph Van Wart, Frank Perze. Angelo Perze, John Kirk, MIa Tesaie Tlerney, Walter Stevens, Daniel Donogan, Miss Donagan, Miss Julia Barker, John Breslln, Miss Martha Neptil, David Furguson, Miss Josie Van Wart, William Kenney, William Tuomey, D. A. Rhatigan, W. Schumann, Jamoe Connery, Mrs. Rose Goodwin, William Albert. Miss Mamie Perkins, George Perkins, Miss Annie McDonnell, Miss Katie Fox. Miss Annie Haslin, Miss Maud Van Bort, Miss Annie Van Bort, George M. Van Bort. Miss Ella Smart, Miss May O'Brien, Robert O'Connell, Miss Annie Mc - Ge, William G. Morrlsey, Ernest H. Finley. John Skerritt, Joseph Noonan, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Murray. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Daley. M. S. Horton. Mr. and Mrs. William Paal. William Em - rich, Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Soeder. Daniel Becklev, Miss Kate Elaenbarth, W. Wolfman. Mr. and Mrs. M. McNamara, James Murphy, Miss Lizzie Pierce, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Berkley. Mr. and Mra. Thomas Latin, Miss Nellie White. Walter Miller, Harry Clark. Mlsa Mary Kelly, Cornelius Moore. Charles Arens. Miss Lizzie Monhall. Miss Mamie Monhall. Miles McNamara. Miss May Behr, Itlss Eva Behr. Sewall Moody. William McNaJly. Miss Nettie Parker. Elisha Wardell, Herman Siefke, Frank Klnkeatl. The committees in charge were: Fluor John Herman. Francis Bell, George W. Kellum, Adolph Woertz. M. J. McNamara. V. H. McNally. Edward Cassiday, G. E. Rend. J. J. BarUnfr. John Cowenhoven, Samuel Parker, George H. Kleber. Robert Tomer, W. M. Bell, Denis Donegaii. H. W. Elder. George Hutter, James E. DtiBotn. Reception committee Thomas O'Connell, Otto Tvacmmel. J. P. Stein. Theo Krombach. Goorge Gill. J. L. Clarke. James Keegnn. F. P. Herlg, C. F. W. Lehmann, John C. Rhodes, William Chandler, Robert B. Sedgwick. . Committee of arrangements James P. Graham. Walter H. Gill, secretary; Edward Van Wart, John Hennl, Alex Melville, M. L. Maxwell. F. A. Davis, W. B. Van Horn, treasurer; Thomas P. Flanlgnn. John Dunn, M. S. Horton, William Laemmel. ADVENTURE OF TWO YOUNG WOMEN. Two well dressed and good looking young women, who gave their, names as Minnie Brown and Ida Jones, respectively, but refused to state their adSresses, told a strange story to Justice Steers, In Flatbush, yesterday afternoon, "when they were arraigned on a charge of intoxication. Miss Brown told the judge tharf. they had been drugged in tho back room of a saloon on Dean street, whero she had taken her companion for a glass of wine, because the latter had had a fainting spell. Miss Brown was sure that something had been put In tho wine to render them unconscious, for her friend had sipped no more than a thimbleful out of the glass when she found the taste disagreeable and then handed it to her. Miss Brown, so Bhe said, only took a spoonful of tho contents of tho glasB and then quickly 'put It down and they hurriedly TAXPAYERS' Association OF THE Twenty - Ninth Ward. First regular meeting, Thursday Evening, February 13,atCatonHall, No. 7 Caton avenue, Flatbush. Report of special committee on by - la'Ws, officers and committees. Enrollment df members and other business. Come and bring your friends. loft tho plaoe. After walking a short distance Miss Brown said her friend complained of feeling dizzy and began to stagger. Her head began to go around, too, she said, and then, they wore arrested. Justice Steers offered to send an officer with Miss Brown if she would point out tho saloon, but she said she did not believe she could locate the place. Tho charge against then was dismissed. FARM LAND TAXATION. A FLATBUSH TAXPAYER'S REPLY TO MR. CASE. To the Editor of the Brooklyn Eagle: In your Issue of February U, Mr. George C. Case of Brooklyn has a communication relating to the farm land taxation as assessed In the old town of Flatbush, now tho Twenty - ninth ward of the City of Brooklyn. Mr. Case admits that he Is the attorney for some owners of farm lujid In the ward, and It is perfectly natural that he should tudy their !nterest. He has this to say: On Investigation I found that the town of Now Lots annexation act, chapter 385 of tho laws of 1S86, contained the following provision: "For the purposes of taxation the roal estate Included within the territory hereby annexed shall be assessed at the value of the land for agricultural purposes, unless the same shall have been at the time this act shall take efTcct or shall thereafter be divided up into building lots, and a map thereof filed In the office of the retrls - ter of deeds of the county of KlnK or In the oltlce of the board of assessors of the City of Brooklyn, and a sale or sales referring to such map made, or unless the same shall have been otherwise sold as a building lot or used as such." The bill he sent to Mr. Waldo, our representative in the assembly at Albany. Is an entirely different affair, and Mr. Caae must have thought that the taxpayers of Flatbush were as verdant as their grass In summer trlme. Here Is the bill aa sent to Albany by Mr. Case: Introduced by Mr. WaJdo read once and referred to the committee on affairs of cities. An act to provide for the assessment of lands for agricultural purposes, in the Twenty - ninth ward of the City of Brooklyn. The people of the state of New York, represented In senate and assembly, do enact as follows: Section 1. For the purpose of taxation, the assessors of the City of Brooklyn shull assess the real estate situated in the Twenty - ninth ward or the City of Brooklyn at the value of the land for ajrrlcultural purposes, unless the same shall have been at the time this act shall take effect, or shall thereafter be divided up into building lots by tho owners of such real estate, and a map thereof llled In the ofllce of the register of the county of Kings, or In the office of the board of assessors of the City of Brooklyn, and a sale or sales referring to such map made, or unless the same shall have been otherwise sold as a building lot or used as such. Sec. 2. This act shall take effect Immediately. This bill would enable the owner of farm land to hold it as su?h as long as he (the owner) pleased. There Is the difference between the bills. Mr. Cose wishes to have the same assessment In Flatbush on vacant land as they - have In New - Utrecht; he tells the assessors that they must either tax Flatbush the same as Flatlands or lower the other county towns. "Ye gods, what meat doth this man feed on that he hath become so great." The merest tyro would know that Klat - bush is as far ahead In development, Improve ments and values over the other county towns aa New York city is over Hoboken. It is remarkably generous for Mr. Case to offer to be the attorney for the new Taxpayers' association in the Twenty - ninth ward, but under the circumstances It can hardly be expected that the association will accept his offer In Justice to his large clientage among the farm owners. There are not half a dozen farms that are worked In the wliole ward. It does not pay to work them. Farming was given up years ago. The owners of these farms are simply holding their land for a rise in the market, when they will lay it out lit city lots and make fabulous sums, meanwhile making the improvers around them pay all the taxes for them. It is all right for - Mr. Case to put his befit foot forward for his clients, but he oueht not to get the Interests of his farm clients mixed up with the Taxpayers' association. They will have to get along the best way they can and when they want the services of a lawyer they wiil have to find one and pay "him a Just and fair compensation for servloes rendered. This is the business way to do it. A TWENTY - NINTH "TOAH.D TAXPAYER. Flatbush. February 12, 1896. THIRD BENSONHTJRST COTILLON. The Mrd cotillon of the series, arranged by the young people of Bath Beac(h and Ben - sanhurst, was held at the Marino and Field olub house, Cropsey avenue, Bath Beach, Tuesday evening, and Litchfield Coulto - n and Mrs. Fanny Culver Trea'dwel! led The dance. The patronesses o the evening were Mrs. Finley, Mrs. Sherwood, Mrs. De Mund and Mrs. Edsall, and they distributed the favors. Some odd figures were introduced. In one the young women had to submit to havo their hands locked together while the young men hunted for the key that opened tie lock and set them free to dance. Some of the favors were boutonieres, paper cutters, boxes of candies, hand painted arrows, rose jars1 and fancy picture holders. The fourth and last cotillon will not take place until after Lent. Those present last night were: Mrs. F. C. De Mund. Miss Louise De Mund Mrs. R. H. Sherwood. Hartley Sherwood, Mrs. James H. Edsoll. Mrs. H. R. Flnlay. Miss Frances Flnlay, Miss Georgle Flnlay. Litchfield Colton. Arthur Clapp. Mrs. Fanny Culver Treadwell. Mr. and Mrs. Everltt Griffith. Dr. John E. De Mund Dr. John A. Voorhles. - Miss Griffith. Miss Susie Van Pelt. Miss Alice Carman. Miss Louise Carman. Mrs. George II. Allln, Miss Ruth E. Hege - man, Andrew E. Hegeman. A. V. B. Voorhles jr. Charles Wells, Eugeae N. Carman. J. Oliver. O. H. Klngsland. Jr.; Miss FloBsle Leach. Miss Call - aghan. Miss Carrie Stowe. Miss Anna Colman. Miss Hilda Freeman. Miss Mlgnon De Cordova Mlsse3 Zerbe. Miss Dora Kramer. Miss Gibbons R. Dewey, Mr. Herz. Everltt Grimth. W. F Adams. John Mowbray. H. F. Smythe. D. V. B liegeman. Henry Yard, H. F. Oliver. A. Herbert. W. S. Dale, Arthur J. Zerbe. Herbert Walker. SUDDEN DEATH IN FLATLANDS. Ro'bert R. Hirsh, 47 yeara old, bookkeeper for ex - County Treasurer Harry Adams, at the latter's coal yard in Canarsie, - was found dead yesterday in the toilet room of his office. Tho body was discovered by Martin Merker and Julius Colben. one of whom called Dr. 'Will - lam F. Frchman, while the other notified the police. Dr. Frohman gave it as his opinion that the man tad died of heart failure. The coroner was then notified. The deceased lived with 'his family at 687 Decatur street. AN HABITUAL DRUNKARD. Harry Roach of 1,581 Pacific street was arraigned before Justice Steers in the Flatbush police court this morning on a charge of ha - trftual!ntoxicatlon. He was brought to the court room by friends, who asked the judge to commit Roach to some asylum temporarily. Judge Steers was told that Roach had wealthy relatives in Philadelphia who would take care of 'him if they - were made acquainted with the young man's 'wherea'bouts. The magistrate decided to hold Roach as a prisoner until that could 'be done. FUNERAL OF HARRY BOTZEN. Harry Botzen, the 7 year old victim of the chimney disaster at Fort Hamilton last Sunday, was buried from the home of his parents, on Fort Hamilton avenue and Eighty - eighth street, yesterday afternoon. There wero many of the little fellow's former schoolmates present. A number of floral offerings were sent by neighbors and friends, among whom the unfortunate boy was a great favorite. FLATBUSH TAXPAYERS' ASSOCIATION. The taxpayers of the Twenty - ninth ward will hold their first regular meeting to - night at Caton hall, 7 Caton avenue, Flatbush. The special committee appointed at the preliminary meeting last Thursday will report on byloiws, officers and committees. Permanent officers will be elected, new members enrolled and other business attended to. FLATDAffDERS WANT OAS. Mayor Wurster was this morning visited by a delegation of taxpayers of the Flatlands ward, who asked him to aid them in having gas supplied for the streets of their ward. The mayor told them that there was no appropriation for tho purpose and referred them to the commissioner of city works. SERGEANT BURKITT CONGRATULATED. Sergeant Thoma3 Burkitt of the Flatbush precinct received many congratulations thils morning, and soveatl 'bouquets, the occasion toeing 'the seventh anniversary of his appointment to the Brooklyn, police, fores. FROM THE EASTERN DISTRICT, Many Lincoln Day Celebrations and Social Events. ST. MARK'S CHURCH RECEPTION. The Committee of Twelve Enjoy Themselves in the Enapp Mansion Odd Fellows Make Merry m Turn Hall, The Kerrymen's Successful Reception. Court Hecla Members Dance - Movement for an Israelite Hospital. Although not marked by any perceptible cessation of business in the eastern district yesterday, there were many social affairs in the evening specially arranged to celebrate the eighty - seventh anniversary of the birth of President Lincoln. One of the principal church gatherings was in the Sunday school room of St. Mark'B church, Bedford avenue, near Broadway, of which Dr. S. M. Haskins is pastor, where a parish reception was held. It was well attended and the venerable pastor himself was present, having a smile and a handshake for everybody. Tho proceedings were opened with a short and happy speech by the Rev. J. D. Kennedy, assistant rector of St. Mark's. The following programme, gotten up by Mrs. Henry G. Eskuche, was then discussed: Tenor Mlo "The Minstrel Boy" 'Mr. U. A. Adams. Duet "Excelsior" Messrs. (Frank Barwlck and J. D. Jones. Recitation Mr. Oliver IJooth. Baritone solo Selected Mr. J. D. Jones. Humorous sonffs Original 'Mr. C. P. Donelly. Tenor solo Selected Mr. F. Barwick. Flano solo - X"nant du Berber" Mrs. Henry G. IDskuc?lie. Soprano solo "O! Jesus, Thou Art Standing" Master George Scofleld. Quartet Lead Kindly Light" Messrs. iliarwtck, Jones, Eskuche and Hitter. An oyster supper was served. The following committee had charge of the reception : Mrs. D. T. Gateson, president: .Mrs. Cleveland, vice president: ?itrs. FerKUscn. secretary; Mrs. J. Betston, treasurer, and Mrs. Maujar, Mrs. Cope - land. 'Mrs. Kennedy. Mrs. Vanderwerken. Miss II. LonKworHi. Hiss 1C. J - ,nrworth. Mrs. Bennett. Mrs. Mulford. Mrs. 'McKeevcr. Mrs. Pratt. Mrs. Howie. Mrs. 3lmmonds, Miss Vanderwerken, Miss Thompson. MIbs Hall, Mrs. Grosser. RECEPTION AT KNAPP MANSION. Tho Committee of Twelve, a social organization of young men in the eastern district, gave a reception in the Knapp mansion, Bedford avenue, last evening, which was well attended. Music was provided by Professor T. D. Wilson. The committee in charge was: Samuel G. Ciarkson, C. Douglass Jones. E. Grant House. Charles E. SaddinKton. Joseph B. Peyroux. Charles H. Grieme, Wlllard A. Ciarkson. Joseph Jeffries. Charles J. MucKechnle. Charles S. Fake. Arthur G. Commerdineer. T. Marshall Keith. Among those present were: Mr. and Mrs. Samuel G. Ciarkson, Mr. and Mrs. C. Douglass Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel F. Clark - son, Charles E. Saddlngton, Miss Ulnnche Cor - bin. Charles J. MacKcchnle, Miss Clara Frank. Arthur Commerdlnger. Mlstf Marion Keith. T. Murshall Keith, Miss Mary Meyers. Miss Annie Frye. Miss Etta L. Thomas. Miss Voorhees. Miss Molan. Miss Benson. Mr. and Mrs. Grant Hollv, E. Grant House. Miss Groo. Miss Nellie Dickson. Miss Holly, Miss Hattie Russell. Miss S. Harding. Mr. and Mrs. Place, Miss Bolton. Miss De Nyse. Miss M. V. Wilson. Miss J. Frey. Miss Willow - court. Mlsa Ella A. Bancker. Miss E. A. Goettlng. Miss Emma Leader. Miss Flora Bremner. Miss E. Buckman. Miss E. Kelton, Miss E. Forster. Miss De Anselo. Mr. and Mrs. T. F. Burke. W. A. Pluuuette, G. B. Grannls. F. Mowlen. P.. Trembly. J. H. Munro, W. A. Swalne, Wallace E. Welsh. W. D. Utter, Charles Onion. W. H. MoIIer, G. H. Bolton, W. Trott. G. P. Needham, W. Bascoe. C. H. Pollock. H. McCabe. James Brunner. Mrs. J. Kalllng. Dr. J. R. Hodgson. Jr.: W. W. Gruner, W. C. "Vincent, Jr. ; Miss M. L. Vincent. COURT HECLA MEMBERS DANCE. The members of the above lodge, whose headquarters are In the Amphion theater building, gave their third annual invitation ball in the Masonic temple. Grand and Have - meyer streets, last night.' Music was by Professor Doyle. The officers and others In charge of the affair were: H. M. - Ijarsen, C. (R. ; James Catterson. S. C. R.: D. Sweeney, treasurer; "H. R. Brakman, F. S. ; H. 'Meyer, It. S. ; H. Hansen, S. W. ; F. Mlllbrown, J. w. ; A. Christiansen. S. B. : Frederick Resto. J. B - ; trustees. P. G. Campbell. S. P. Truex, M. D. : W. Hoick. Professor H. Meyer, organist; Gustave Seharf, assistant organist. 'Floor commdetee Andrew X. Petersen. W. Hoick. James Catterson. Jdhn Murcott. Jr. : P. G. Campbell. H. It. Brackman, Arthur Murcott. Daniel CamjvbeH. Committee of arrangements 'Andrew N. Peter - sen. (vhalrmaai; VB. (Hoick, secretary: P. G. Cnflnp - beJl, treasurer: John Murcott, James Catterson. Walter Meyer, H. Meyer, H. Hanson. BALL OF PROGRESSIVE LODGE. A very successful ball was that of Progressive lodge No. 339, I. O. O. F., which was given in Turn hall, Meserole street, last night. The lodge has 170 active members and its headquarters are in the German Savings bank building, at Broadway and Boerum street. Among the prominent visitors were D. D. G. M. William Decker and P. G. P. Henry Walker. Mr. George H. Albert and Mrs. Albert led the grand march. The officers and committees were: Noble grand, John P. Osborne: vice grand. James Sprolle; recording secretary, George H. Albert: permanent secretary, Sanford Dunbar: treasurer. John Courtney. Floor committee George H. Albert. P. Herr - schaft. John P. Osborne. Frederick Kretz, Henrv Wagner, Frederick H. Schmidt. Abe Lochmann, William Yearlcks, James Sprolle, Charles Sanger and Ernest Koch. Reception committee Theodore Yost. Sanford Dunbar, John Courtney, Harry Walker, Peter J. Bennett, George K. Copelan. Adam BoJtz, F. F. Williams, Henry C. SalYen, Robert Nlmmo. James Boyd. William Herbert. William A. Watt. John Edwards, Dr. Samuel Eden. F. F. Schultz, D. N. Guluman. Committee of arrangements WJllinm D. Becker. Peter Fischer, secretary; George H. Albert, treasurer; John W. Ferrell, Frederick Neu and Henry Kocher. KERRY ASSOCIATION RECEPTION. A reception was given by the Kerry association, in the new Palace hall. Grand street, last night, which was a great success. Music was by Professor Just. The officers and committees were: H. Bullock, president: Charles Crlmm, vice president; H. DeRancy, secretary; William Brown, nnanctnl secretary: J. Weismantel. treasurer; M. Scanlon, sergeant at arms; D. Oakley, assistant sergeant at arms; A. J. Scanlon. mascot. Standard bearer, George Stumpf. Floor committee H. Bullock, Charles Crimm, P. Stumpf. chairman: J. Goldstein. J. Elliott, A. Raven, H. Brown. H. Mayer. Committee of arrangements G. Stumpf, chairman: G. Kaess. P. Gllroy. G. E. Zlmmer, J. Cum - mlskey. Reception committee W. Gaylor, chairman; J. Young, G. Dennlnger. J. Brentano, C. McGulggen, C. Cummlskey. J. Thllmnn. J. Watterson. R. Murray. C. Hallan, F. Tillman. J. Mellady. M. Tuch. G. Strumpfer, J. Campbell. T. McGulrc, J. Hlller, J. Lyncr, E. Barnes. A. Bossart. IROQUOIS CLUB. Tho members of the Iroquois club, a well known Democratic organization in the Thirteenth ward, intend - holding a theater party, banquet and reception on Tuesday, April 7. The theater party will visit the Empire and the reception will be at Knickerbocker hall, Clymor stTeet. The committee having the arrangements in charge are: Frederick Abbott, chairman; Theodore Mentgenger, treasurer; William A. Payne, secretary; John Donovan and Samuel Condon. ISRAELITE HOSPITAL MEETING. A meeting to further promote the Brooklyn Israelite hospital movement was held In Paddock hall, 99 Ewen street, last night. Although tho deliver - of mails was curtailed yesterday and many of the calls issued by the secretary undelivered, from 200 to 300 men were present. H. Bomber presided. He explained that the object was to bring more strongly than ever the movement for the establishment of a Hebrew hospital in Brooklyn under the notice of the public at large. He introduced the first speaker, who was H. Epstein. The latter pointed out in a forcible manner the necessity for a hospital, and Miss E. Valk spoke to the same effect. Mr. S. Monday made a rousing speech, remarking that when he began to reside in Williamsburg, twenty - five years ago. it had neither temple, orphan asylum, benevolent society, nor synagogue. Now the eastern district had all these, but it had no Hebrew hospital. Ho urged that every one present subscribe or become members of the hospital, in order that they might be able to show something tangible was at the back of the movement when they applied to wealthy people for money. A rousing speech in the same strain was made in English by E. Strahl. A. Flrostone, for the committee, appointed to look out for premises, reported that the committee had visited the residence on St. Marks avenue and found it was admirably suited for hospital purposes. It covers ten lots and tho dimensions of the buildings are 10.rj.2S3 feet. Although the price was laid at $40,000 the committee believed it could be got at from $25,000 to $30,000, and if it cnuld be bought near the latter sum they would recommend its purchase. So far the ofllcors of the movement havo received about $2,000 and fresh subscriptions are cqming in every day. The membership Is about 500. LEAP YEAR COTILLON. A SOCIETY EVENT WITH INNOVATIONS AT THE POUCH. Under tho auspices of Miss Burtis, Miss Moody and a number of other young women from 'Che Hill and park slope a leap year cotillon was given at the Pouch mansion last evening. It proved a complete success. The arrangements throughout were in conformity with leap year privileges, and the first Innovation was that of tho patrons. Instead of being welcomed by a number of matrons, as Is the custom, the guests were received by Edgar P. Hicks, Hcward P. Pyle, Amos P. Hawley, Walter N. Beatty, Charles DeSevolse, John Andrews and Juan Alminall, while Miss Burtis, Miss Moody. Miss DeBevoise. Miss Johnson, Miss Almirall, Miss Wheeler and Miss Goddard acted as ushers. The patronesses were Mrs. Calvin E. Hull, Mrs. J - jhn H. Burtis. Mrs. Leonard Moody and Mrs. John Cartledge. and a decidedly pleasant innovation was introduced In the arrangements for their comfort and convenience. The customary long bench close against the wall was replaced by easy chairs and divans, with rug - s and softly shaded lamps arranged at the end of the ball room adjoining the colonnade room. The orchestra was Stationed in the conservatory. Dancing began aibout 9 o'clock and concluded at 1:30. The cotillon was led by Miss Burtis, dancing with Edgar P. Hicks, and Miss Moody, dancing with Howard J. Pyle. The figures were picturesque. The more noticeable were the valentine, driving, mitten and 'heart, Romeo and Juliet, muff, ribbsn, apron and ilag, the latter being especially interesting. The favors were distributed by Mrs. Hull and Mrs. Moody, and included hearts, tied with ribbons; sachets, fancy fans and whistles, handsome silken Hags in commemoration of the day and for the funny figure, spoons for the men and candy for Che girls, each with an appropriate inscription. The favor table was decorated In pink. The members of the committee presented the patrons with souvenirs in the form of boutonnieres of carnations surrounded by violets, which the latter wore as a badge of office. Mrs. Hull wore a gown of silver gray satin, with point lace trimming, Mrs. Burtis was attired in silver gray brocade with duchess and ermine trimming; Mrs. Cartledge wore black satin brocade and Mre. Moody, brown chene silk, trimmed with chiffon, point lace and Jewel passementerie. Mis3 Burtis was attired In light blue satin, embroidered with rosebuds and trimmed with point applique: Miss Moody in White brocaded satin, rose pink velvet and Russian paint; Miss Goddard In electric blue satin and tulle; Miss DeBevoise in white chene silk; Miss Johnson, pink brocaded satin; Miss Almirall in 'white satin, and Miss Wheeler in green and white Dresden. Among those present wore: Miss Cartledge. Miss Jean Cartledge, Miss Vernon. Miss Wheeler. Miss DeBevoise. Miss John. Min, Miss Burtis. Miss Goddard. Miss Moody. Miss Almirall. Mlsa Ayer. Miss Jessie Auer. Miss Dol'man. Miss Vreeland. MlrfB Purdy, Miss Itanla Purdv. Miss Sarah Kelley, Miss Anne Estey. Miss Bessie Wilson. Miss Otis. Miss Walbridge, Mis? Haley, Miss Rhodes. Miss Demarest. Miss Marie Ross. Miss Gair. MIS3 Van Ingen. Miss Gllbert - Fon, Miss Taylor. Miss Jordan, Miss Richardson. Miss Butler. Mies Sawyer. Miss Herbert, Arlington Scott, Clarence Lersner. Walter Beatty, Amos P. Hawley. Howard Vernon. John AndrewB. Charles DeBevoise. Walter Globs. Edward Hor - wlll, Augustus Van Tderstlne. E. P. Hicks, Howard J. Pyle. J. A. Almirall. Stanley Ives, Oscar Hamilton. Mr. Snell, Edward Richardson. Jack Terry. R - Aubrey Barker. Edward Dolyea. Charles Cartledge. Dawrence Marshall. Alfred F. Carlisle, Gustave Walbrldge. M. Haskell, Howard Armstrong, Mr. Dickerman, J. Wright. IN AID OF THE INDIANS. SUCCESSFUL ENTERTAINMENT AT THE RESIDENCE OF MRS. MATTHEWS. An entertainment and reception of interest with attractive features occurred yesterday afternoon at the home of Mrs. G. D. Matthews, 208 Washington park, in aid of the Brooklyn Woman's Indian association. It proved a decided financial and social success. Accompanying each invitation was a tiny silken bag in which the guest recorded the number of her years and the result was very satisfactory. The reception was held from 3 until 7 o'clock and during. the afternoon the visitors were entertained with musical selection and readings. Miss Van Iderstine gave several piano solos, including a very sympathetic rendering of a rondo by Mendelssohn, barcarolle by Rubinstein and "O Matin." Mrs. A. S. Bacon was beard to excellent advantage in "Ask Me Not If Yet I Love" and "My Marguerite," Miss Van Iderstine playing the accompaniments. Miss Bowen of Bennington, cousin of the hostess, who possesses a sweet, finely trained voice, sang "The Secret" and "The Holy City" delightfully, and Miss Frink also contributed to the pleasure of the occasion by a piano selection. Mrs. Nell 'Porter Harrison gave a dramatic and very appreciatively rendering of "The Glove," by Browning, and later effectively recited "Sam Welier's Valentine." A tea followed the close of the programme, the handsomely arranged tables with their artistic decorations of a rich tint of red being in charge of Miss Matthews, Miss Jadwin, Miss Marie Jadwin, Miss Van Iderstine, Miss Burke. Mrs. B. Anderson and Miss McKnlght. Mrs. F. Van Iderstine. Mrs. O. H. Jadwin and Mrs. W. L. Burke aided in entertaining the quests. A brief outline of the work of the Indian association was given by Mrs. Andrew Smith, with special reference to the new mission which it Is proposed to establish among the desert Indians of southern California, to obtain the necessary funds for which the entertainment was given. The customary annual luncheon of the association is being arranged for an early date in March. Some of chose present were: Mrs. E. P. Bancroft. Mrs. C. K. Buckley. Mrs. James H. Hart. Mrs. Arthur Bell. Mrs. E. M. Barlow. Mrs. Bacon. Mrs. J. Cruikshank. Mrs. H. B. Frest. Mrs. J. S. Graham. Mrs. M. R. Hawley. Mrs. Calvin E. Hull. Mrs. B. F. Jayne. Miss Carrie Lane. Mrs. H. W. Messenger. Mrs. William Moses, MIbs Meacham. Mrs. Adrian Powell. Mrs. A. A. Smith, Mrs. T. X. Thatcher. Mrs. F. A. Van Iderstine. Mrs. F. H. Way. Mrs. Wemple. Mrs. O. H. Jadwin. Mrs. Anderson. Miss Marie Jadwin. Mrs. Nell Porter Harrison. Mrs. J. N. Shenstone. Mrs. A. B. Smith. Miss Studwell. Miss Montague, Miss Brown. Miss Funk. Miss Mabel Burke. Miss Alice Van Iderstine. Mrs. Maria Cole, Mrs. W. L. Burke. Miss Ella Lane. GOLDEN STAR SOCIAL CLUB. A recent addition to the social organizations of the Eleventh - ward is the Golden Star Progressive Eucnre club, with Miss Ella Clark, president, and Mr. Reuben T. Voss, secretary - treasurer. One of the special features of the meetings has been the rendering of classical selections on the violin by Henry H. Webb, accompanied on the piano by Mrs. S. F. Donaldson and Miss Susie Mahoney. Among the members of the club are Mrs. Elizabeth Mahoney, Mrs. S. F. Donaldson, Miss Virginia Clarke, Miss Josie Delster, Miss Ella Clarke, Miss Mary Mahoney, Miss Susie Mahoney, B. W. Lyman. H. H. Webb. Reu - rjen I . v oss, - ur. r teming, uaviu - uanoney. PROTEST FROM GLEN COVE. Glen Cove. L. I., February 13 At the mass meeting held last evening to take action in the matter of contesting the proposed large grants of Oyster Bay town shore fronts, for which application has been made to the state land commissioners. Asemblyman Morton Cromwell, Jcseph D. Sayre and Carmi B. Gru - man were appointed a committee to go to Albany with ex - Judge Young and Counselor Cromwell In the matter cf presenting to the state legislature a bill having for Us object tne restriction of the power of the land commissioners in the matter of granting shore fronts and lands under water. LONG ISLAND NOTES. C. 9. Johnson of Herkimer, N. Y.. will lecture on "Will Satan Kuii" in Good Tpmulars' hall, West - bampjon, Thursday evening, under the auspices of the I. O. G. T. The bank of Port Jeil'erson made a bid for $15,000 worth of the now bonds. Freeman T. nulse has been appointed receiver for the Bay Shore Electric Light company . HENBY PECK'S PBOTEST. "Henry," said Mrs. Peck, "I am going to get a bicycle." "Dear mo," said Mr. Peck, mildly, "isn't one man onouck for von to r'ilv .over?" Indianapolis Journal, I sc MISCELLANEOUS. A Good Almanao is one of the best books to havo in the house for reference. The Sunlight Almanac forlBOn contains 430 pages, Donna in crimson leatherette and atampod in gold (worth GOc.) Given Free to users of Sunlight Soap How to ob - Commencing Nov., 1895, tain them, and until all aro given out, purchasers or Sunlight Soap will receive . one FREE from their grocer. j Contents a Complete Almanac, Tables, Directions for Homo Man - agnuiont, LANGUAGE OP PIX3 WERS, Oardening.Gamo and Amusements, Dressmaking and Fashions, Recipes, DKKAMS AND THKIR SIO - NiriOAMCE (page 120). Lvcr Bros., Ltd., Hudson & Harrison Sts, N.Y. MILITIAMEN AS HOSTS. NEW YORK GUARDSMEN" ENTER - ' TAINED IN BROOKLYN. The Seventh Company of the Sevent&i Regiment Visits the Seventh Company of the Twenty - third Regiment Din - ' ner and Speeches. The Seventh company of the Twenty - third; regiment last night entertained the Seventh - fiMllrtinv of trha ?Snv.ivrVi o - imvnf Tt - - maid! one of the best affairs of the kind ever given by a local military organization. The New Yorkers were invited to call at the Bedford; avenue armory between S and 8:30 o'clock - i There they found the members of G and tha' company veteran association waiting to re - ' ceive them. The visitors were escorted, through the several company rooms and all; over the armory. About D:30 o'clock the en - ' tire party set out for the Johnston building. A special train on the Kings County D had been chartered and was waiting for the call at Utica avenue. The soldiers embarked at: Franklin avenue and were carried without a' stop to Flatbush avenue. In the Johnston1 building, up near the top, where no one could' be disturbed by noise, supper was served.' At the head table sat Captain C. R. Silk - ; ' man. On his right were Captain James B.i Dewson of G, Seventh regiment; ex - Adjutant General John B. Woodward, Lieutenant Col - , onel Ezra De Forest, First Lieutenant R. M.I Dunn of G, Seventh regiment, and Second! Lieutenant A. F. Morro of G. Twenty - third, j On Captain SkUlman's left was Colonel Alexia : C Smith, Second Lieutenant John McGreevey: of G, Seventh regiment, and First Lieutenant' H. De W. Hamilton of G, Twenty - third. At; the other tables, which were set at right, angles to the guest table, were the following: Company G, Twenty - third regiment Quartermaster sergeant C. J. Holt; sergeants, A. F. Cary, ICobert Flndlay, W. H. Suydam, H. A. Davidson,. corporals. F. 12. Mendes. George Haddon, Stephen' S. Nostrand. VV. B. Willard. David B. Blanton,: William E. Beattie, V. A. Stoprord, Robert Hall - day: privates, V. p. Anderson, Henry Angevine, 1 Frank L,. Benson, Frank Bowler, John "W". Brack - ' en, K. B. Brooks, Gordon B. Brooks, Leonard Brooks, A. L. Burr.ham, w. J. Catto, A. E.i Ohllds. H. D. Conklin. It. S. Cooke. F. C. Cooper, F. II. Cord van, K. D. Crane, W. S. Dlnsmore.l LieWItt P. Butcher. H. S. Emerson, S. J. Estey.' A. G. Flndlay. H. II. Gordon, jr.; Harry G. Oos - man. F. K. Green, C. N". Hartshorn, H, L. Hor - : ton. Martin G. Hoyt. W. C. Helns, H. D. Joost. J. H. Joost, Clarence Kenyon. li. L. Kenyon, ! A. S. Kirkiiam, jr.; V. R. Kolier, F. B. Langston,! VT. P. Lusk. H. C. Luce, R. E. K. Mcllroy, W. "V. McMeeeken, Henry P. Mncrery, W. S. Manning, P. H. Martin. George W. Mastere. A, V. Martella. C. E. Peterson, Charles H. Pennoyer, John Phayre, F. F. Phillips, T. H. Polhemus, P. C. Puels, c. N. Ropes, L. V. Ropes, - 'E. - E.1 Rowland, Otto Renne, John R. Sawyer. Edmund: S. Sayre. Jr.; II. R. Shimeal, Bernard Suyd&m, F. F. Taylor. F. H. Taylor, John H. Terry, W. A.' Titus, C. H. Townsend. J. H. Thompson, G. H. VhllK. Jr.; E. B. Van Every. Jr.; J. Carlylo' Williams. H. J. Wilson. J. A. Wilson: battalion, quartermaster, Serpeant Frederick Roe. Company G, Seventh regiment First sergeant, Edlward H. Gouge; quartermaster sergeant, George J. Sontag: sergeants. James W. B. Rockwell, Samuel J. Baiiey. A. G. Todd. J. if. - Moe; corporals. W. !H. Whlttal. H. C. Perley, T. E. Tripler. Jr.; G. T. Jenklsson. 'F. C. Robinson, Walter Reld, Jr. : lance corporals, J. A. Olsen, A. G. Pringle, J. A. Petrie. H. E. Crail; privates, L. B. Atwater. J. L. .Arrowsmith. J. J. Bellman, H. B. Berdan. "W. E. Bliss. E. P. Bur - j nett. W. 53. Burrell. H. B. Burroughs, C. F. t Bates. J. V. V. Coiivoll, A. Conover, G. N. Gross - ' moral, W. .X. Crorton, V. A. Clark, I. P. Coals, A. B. Dalby. J. F. raniell. J. Danlell. Jr.; F. J. Dennison, AV. A. Dixon. C. F. Doscbor, J. F. IMsken. J. X. Early. A. Embury, W. K. Evans, H. L. Egbert. .1. P. Felt. E. 13. Fernald, G. "W, Finn. G. A. Fischer. H. L. Foilett. T. P. iFortier, Jl. Foster. L. A. Fuller. D. I. Gray. M. W. Greene. E. F. Harbert. J. F. Harper, E. S - Hartshorn. T. E. Helnoid, A. M. Herron, A. Hopkins. E. A. Howiond. jr.: R. G. Hutchinson, C. "W. Irving, Guy It. Jenkins. B. A. Kellogg, J. T. Lewis. H. C. Mal - le. F. H. Maples. G. C. Masemann, A. H. Miller. H. L. R. Pershall, L. I S. Petrie, R. J. Phair. H. X. Randell, F. A.: Reed. F. A. Redabock. S. J. Stanley, W. M. i Stllwell, Jr.; A. E. Stratton. G. Stratton, Olte ' P. Sypher,. a. A. Sehonertlng. J. Townsend, i C. W. Tripler. S. C. Van Note, De Lancy Watta, ; D. L. Williams. TV. G. Wood, E. W. Zentgraf. i M. B. Ncsbltt, J. E. Nicholson, H. T. Norrts, C. X. Parle; - . There were several men from other com - , panies of the Twenty - third. As the affair, was entirely informal there were of course no toasts. Captain Silkman spoke first, wel - . coming the members of the Seventh company. Seventh regiment, to Brooklyn, and: expressing the hope that the friendship which; the two companies had so long had for each other would never be broken. He proposed the regimental cheer for the guests and it. was given with a will. I Captain Silkman introduced Captain Dew - ; son, who said that the Seventh company re - 1 membered with pleasure the visit of Company ' G in December, 1894. He and his men had promised to return the visit at the earliest j opportunity. They came to Brooklyn In January of last year, much sooner than they ex - 1 pected, but did not get a chance to call at tho Bedford avenue armory. Captain Dewson; spoke of the clever way in which the members j of the Twenty - third brought a loving cup into j his company room. He asked company G, ' Twenty - third, to accept a gift from Company G, Seventh regiment. As he spoke he , lifted a floral bell which stood on the table' in front of him and disclosed a handsome j bronze statuette, entitled "Pro Patria." Cap - ) tain Silkman accepted the gift from his com - : pany and more cheers were given for Captain ' Dewson and the members of his company, j Colonel Smith, being called upon, spoke J briefly. He said that the soldiers of the Sev - ; onth regiment were always welcome guests in the Bedford avenue armory and expressed i the hope that he would see them there oftener. j General Woodward was the last speaker, j He was a member of G when it was the city ' guard, way back in the fifties and he told tho ! boys something of the military thirty - five and I more years ago. The general said that tho promised entertainment up stairs was far more to the liking of his hearers than speeches and he would not keep them away from it. j In the room above the banquet hall a small ; stage had been erected. Here, from 11:30 to : 1:30 was a vaudeville performance In which a ! number of people took part. Soon after ; the stage show began R. A. Strong of Com - . pany H, Twenty - third, was injured, bon one on the floor of the hall atteniDtaKT' throw a bottle to a friend in the gselery. The latter missed it and as the bottle drfcpped it struck Strong on the head. The wouna was bandaged by Dr. C. L. Peterson of G. 1 Last night's affair was arranged by a com - j mittee of five. H. H. Walker, chairman; S. I' S. Nostrand, F. F. Phillips, R. D. Crane and 1' E. B. Brooks. Mr. Walker, who was not ! present, has gone to Texas on business. . I THIS MAN EXPECTS TOO MUCH. To the Editor of the Brooklyn Eagle: I have one of your Almanacs for 189G and the parer map Is torn: it cannot be used by agent' continually. It should have been made of clott I like the last year's book better than the one fo 1896. I say this much by the way of experience as this is said to bo a good teacher, and the pre Is not slow to catch on except the Idea of Greater Xew York, which wt are sure to have, S. H. HASTING? . 1.112 Broadway, February 12, 1890. (When the map wears out buy another copy the Almanac. The map is printed on good 1! paper as strong as is ever used for the "Vj - pof Tnomas'L. Jones, a - art and Mrs. H. D. Schenck. iMUC L. Ostrander, the soprano of the matofird Mr. H. W. Grlndal, a bass, ettch potsjvaraJ. songs, and refreshments. wer"

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