The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 15, 1950 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 15, 1950
Page 5
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WEDNEriD'AY, FEBRUARY 15, 1950 (ARK.) COUKIER NEWS Truman Outlines Views on Loss Of Faith in Russian Promises; Soviet Secrecy Killed Hopes NEW YORK, Feb. 15. (/T>)—President Truman was reported today by the New York Times as saying he lias lost fallh In Russian promises but still is hopeful about the future. '; The President's views were outlined In nn Interview obtained by Arthur Krock, Times Washington correspondent. Krock, In a dispatch from Wnsh-» . Inglon, said the President told him: ind on our real intentions, but that He Is no longer lias any hope that the Soviet Union will keep any aiflhhncnUs with the United States wmch it now would be good policy to seek. When the Russians blocked east- West trade, he began to lose hope that the good peace prospects apparent at the founding of the United Nations would survive. Censors Kill Hopes The last vestige of hope vanished when lie learned that the Russians were hiding from their people the facts about the war j'SsLstance we hod given them. The President was quoted jus saying that the same situation would now prevail In Japan as In Germany if he had not demanded an American a.s the allied general for the signing of the Japanese sur rentier. Otherwise. Mr. Truman was reported as saying, tho Russians would have divided thnt country as they have Germany and the situation in the Far East would have been so much worse than It is that one .can take comfort from it. The real trouble with the Russians Is that .they are still suffering from a complex of fear and inferiority where we are concerned Mr. Truman was quoted as suyitj". Krock reported the President salt he wanted to send Chief Justict- Pred M. Vinsoii to Moscow In 191B to try to straighten out Stalin am le did not do so because a Presidential campaign was on at the ,ime. U.S. Musi Not Weaken Maybe thnt will be the liiing to do sonic time. Krock salt! Mr. Trunan added, but in nothing must we show any sign of weakness because there is none In our ntlitude. Mr. Truman is reliably Informed that the Russians have 16,000,000 iwople In concentration. . camps, Krock reports, adding that this Is the way of the police state, which the president, finds utterly abhorent. Krock saitl he recalled to Mr. Tnmmn the prospects of peace surrounding the rounding of Hie United Nations, and asked: "When did you conclude Hint normal ncgolia- lion with the Kremlin was hopeless?" Mr. Truman's reply:: lie saitl he remembered that, time (of the U.N. conference) well, ami with what good will toward the Russians and their rulers he went to Potsdam shortly thereafter. There he plan- ied to offer help for reconstruction of Russia ni well as the rest of the world, on a large scale. But be found lhat all Stalin wanted to talk about was the cessation of lend-lease; hence the atmosphere was unfavorable to what Mr. Truman had in mind. Krock reported the President said ih^t the r>"refin]ent the Russians made at Yalta to enter the \var against Japan was the only one they L«s iKar 25% PS) 50% lo 7S% HMO,* that 75% thither Russia^Readers on thi. ever kept out of nearly to. Georgia Region Sefr Up as Guinea Pig For Hew Anii-Tubercubses Vaccine COLUMBUS. Gti., Feb. 15. <AP) — The nation'. 1 ! first innss testing: ground for a new antl-tuberculosis vaccine has been set up with a community of 100,000 as guinea pips. Columbus a ml M us coge e Cou nty pioneered in use of the vaccine in 1947, following an X-ray survey for traces of TB the previous yenr. The new drive is to determine how effective the drug—tagged BCG—is when used on a large scale. Beginning this week, all residents of Muscogee County and Russell County, Ala., will be offered free X-ray examinations and vaccinations with BCG, if they show no signs of B. If infected, treatment will be provided. Dr. Carroll E. Palmer, chief of field studies or the U-S. Public Health Department, said the mass survey would provide :i rare oppcr- tusfkrto determine the future role BCW^imy play in curbing tuberculosis. When the X-ray drive was underway in 1Q-I6, more than 70.000 were examined find those infected were <yven treatment. Hence, the new project ;s designed also to offer a comparison of the incidence of the TB Viefore and alter a move to isolate all cases in a community, v Breweries Seek Tax Reductions WASHINGTON. Feb. 15—(*>)— Brewery and distillery union workers asked Congress today for $528,000,COO-a-ycar cut in excise Pike To Assume AEC Post Tonight WASHINGTON, Feb. 15— (! The new hydrogen iwmb project and u stcpped-up nionric bomb switch from one boss to another toniglit. David E. Lilicnthal unds his service as chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission, at midnight and Slimmer T. Pike takes over or a temporary basis. Expectations that Lilienthn. would depart from the AEC with some sort of personal, small-scale atomic explosions of his own seemid to be disappearing — with Lllien- thal's help. Reports had been getting around that he didn't think much of goinp ahead on a hydrogen boinb anc was having his differences with the administration. But when lie left the White House yesterday after a call on Presiden Truman, Lilicnthal said these ic ports, that lie was going to bias this, that or the other were "slice bunk." taxes on liquor, beer and wine. The CIO United Brewery. Flour Cereal, Soft Drink and Distiller Workers told the House Ways anc Means Committee that the presen taxes are partly to blame for In spread or bootlegging and moon shining. "Illicit operators" the union sai in a statement, "arc enjoying steadily expanding business at th expense of the government, the in dustry. and the workers." BATTLEGROUND — Political map shows percentage of seals in English House of Commons won by Labor Parly in 1SI4S general elections Black parls of map nre mining nnd industrial areas where Laborites are solidly entrenched. Conservatives find strength in Northern Ireland (inset), residential districts, and farm areas Shaded and cross-patch parts nre "twilight zones" — critical battlegrounds whore both parties are campaigning heavily for tfcuera! election on Feb 23 Military Planners Study Arctic Life To Aid Troops in Event of 'Hot War' ^epubh'can Wins In Massachusetts HAVERHILL, Mass.. Feb. 15. (,1'j —Lt.-Cmdr. William H. Hates has von his father's old Congressional seat after a strange campaign that saw him sitting on the sidelines— silenced by Naval regulations against engaging in politics. But Republicans quickly hailed its sweeping victory as an ip.dica- lon the GOP had found a winning "ormuln— "new faces anc! a 1050 ont- ook." The Democrats hud no immediate comment. The 32-year-oin naval officer was drafted by GOP leaders to run after his father. U.S. Rep. George J. Bates, was killed in an airliner crash over Washington four months igo. And he came through by piling ip 43.947 votes ye.iimlny in his first >id for political office against only 16,422 for Richard M. Russell, 58, veteran Democratic campaigner. By Kulh Cowan . WASHINGTON, Feb. 15. W) _ U.S. military planners nre taking quite seriously the possibility that If there Is a "hot war." fighting will lake place where It It bitterly cold. They are anticipating what can 1)2 done in event there nre major clashes with Russia In the mctic regions. This was disclosed in a House Military Appropriations Subcommittee report released today. The report makes public In part secret hearings on the army's request for $1.018,384.000 of the proposed $13.000,000.000 defense budget for the fiscal year beginning July 1. To Aid Arctic Living The army quartermaster department Is seeking $8.258.000 for research and development nlone. The requests are studded with research projects nu how to enable the soldier to live and fight in the Arctic. One such study dealt with conditions in western Siberia. Much attention is given to how to keep the soldier warm, the type of food he would need, as well as ways of Improving equipment so as lo make It more -.isnblc in the severe weather lhat slows down man and machine. For example, the army wants lo spend $48000 in developing light it, I'lRhly resilient mid durable fillhiK material for padded arctic clothing, it wants to find a substitute for the warmth of down In sleeping b^gs. It proposes to continue research to improve socks, mittens, shoes for cold wet Itaifctl CloUiItnj Studied Col. Jack Pinks of the army quartermaster general's office old the subcommittee chemists are trying to develop a way to heat clothiiif; artificially. . • Ho said the quartermaster department has developed "a meal component for an arctic ration that soldiers will eat, and one that has oreat stability in keeping a Ion? time." Finks also reported Ihtu the army lias found 11 can store cooked bread two years In the arctic. The quartermaster corps Is now working to see just how light it can make a stove. The old standard stove weighed 2 pound's 13 ounces. The new one weighs one pound. - The study of how an American soldier's eciulpmcnt and clothini; would stand up in western Siberia was one of four done in 1949. The others were for |t.e Near East. Af- -icn 'and the Midillo Rsst. Similar studies have bceu made of Alaska and Japan. Former Editor Dies in Plunge NEW YORK, Feb. 15—(/I 1 )—Laird Shields Goldsborough. 47. former foreign editor of Time Magazine, plunged to his death last night from the ninth floor or the Time-Life Building in Rockefeller Center. His hurtling body glared a passer-by on the sidewalk before it crashed to the curbing. Joseph Padr, VI, a uzcch Jewelei and recent immigrant, was dashed lo the pavement by the blow but escaped with a head cut and shock. Goldsborough, who was foreign editor of Time for five years, left the magazine In 1941 because of illness, his widow told jiolice. PHIPI'S, A MINOR, AIKH'TIO.V NOTICE Mrs, Dcrniee G. llatcllffe and "All Vhom It May Uuncern" lake nol- cc, lhat on the 1-1 any of February, 950, a petition was filed by Samuel David Lewers and Frances Honey- KlVb 12 Belgian Vote Asked On Exiled Leopold BELGIAN VOTB ASKED BRUSSELS. Belgium, Feb. )5. (/!>) —The Official Journal today published Ihe law calling on nelghms lo vole .within 40 days whether they want exiled King Leopold III to retvrn to the throne. No date has been announced for the referendum. Reliable sources have predicted it will be held March IB, The law, passed by parliament I'Vb. 1, over btlter oppnslllon led by the Socialists, calls for only an advisory referendum. Parliament still must rteclde whether to ask the king to come back. UP) Uncle Sam Unveils Hew Cabin Launch For Navy Seamen PHILADELPHIA, Feb. 15. „ Some of Uncle Sam's seamen, second class, soon will be'goiug ashore admiral style. The small boat shop at the Philadelphia Naval Base yesterday unveiled the first 'of 10 plywood and aluminum launches to be used In transporting enlisted men from ship to shore. The 40-foit cabin craft Is a far cry from the spray-swept open launches now In use. The enclosed cabin has upholstered seals for 28 passengers, offering protection against the foulest weather. And even the coxswain wasn't forgotten. On the new craft, he will no longer have to cling to a bucking stern rail, but will be stationed in au all-aluminum navigation bridge The U.S. Public Health Servic.. investigated five epidemics believed to be "sleeping sickness' in 1949. / rmy Discovers ' Genius Shortage WASHINGTON, Feb. 15. (AP) — The Army is worried because it is ninning out of geniuses, and onc- Ihird of Its men aren't loo bright. Hc'use Appropriations Subcommittee by Majoor Gen. clovis E. Byers, deputy personnel director, during hearing; on Ihe 19S1 Army appropriation. The committee made the testimony public today. "The new tools of war require intellectuals the worried general said. "Frankly, we arc running out of geniuses." Intelligence tests, he said, revDal 'hat one-third of army rates between GO and 90 points, with 90 required "to make acceptable soldiers out of them in the modern sense of the word." Rep. Plumlcy (F-VO came to the defense of the Army's rank and tile. He said that official records show that most of the World War II medals for bravery went to men who "could not have passed a literacy test sufficiently well to have enabled them lo pass an examination to enter either West Point or Annapolis." IN' THE PKOKATK COURT FOU T'-K CHICKAKAWISA DISTRICT Ol' MISSISSII'1'I COUNTY ARKANSAS SAMUEL DAVID LEWEHS AND FRANCES HONEYCUTT LEWERS, ritfs! VS. No. 1900 MRS. DERNICB G. RATCUFTE AND "ALL, WHOM IT MAY CONCERN" O tis. IN THE MATTER OF THE ADOPTION OP JIMMIE WAYNE Costs so little,., always so welcome serving Coca-Cola serves hospitality or i! citlirr tray . . . kolfi trade-marks mean Ihe same ihint. 6 Bottle Carton 25* • OTUED UNDEI »U7MO«ltT Of IKE COCA.CO1A COWMNV Coca-Cola Bottling Co. of Blytherill* liLYTHtVILLE'S ONLY A LI, WHITE THEATRE Last Day • 2 Hits CROSS THUKS. "Return of The liadmun" cutt Lowers In the Probate Court for the Clilcktuawbsi District of Mississippi county, Arkansas, for lliu adoption of a certain person nnmcd Jlmmie Wayne Phlpps. Now unless you appear within thirty days alter the date of this Notice and show cause against sucli application, the petition shall tp taken as confessed and a decree ol adoption entered. . Elizabeth Blythe, Cleric Date of publication, Feb, 15. 1950. Attorneys: a, E. Keck, H. G. I'artlow. ' 2; IS-22 PICKARD'S GROCERY and MARKET 1044 West Chickasawbo Phone 2043 Famous over the country CRISCO - 3 - 69 C Krey's Slali, riml-on SLICED BACON ,„ Whole bean, ground \vhilc-u-wait Ideal 3? DOG FOOD (Jreen, garden-fresh 3 Armour's Smith American 1 2-07.. Can Northern Crown Premium or Krispy 1 No. 4flc 2 U' 2 ', can IU Box Fiue Syrup, >/ 2 j»;il. ...„ 25 BRER RABBIT Oal. «f J Pure Pork Sausage Medium Size, extra fancy RED POTATOES 5 California Lady Finger II)S. No. 2 can Ki'csh, sound .. hunch 3 2 for 1-I.b. boxes 79 C 25 C Jack Sprat, lied Sour Pitted CHERRIES For delicious ice-box pies I EN BLOW Hicekiiid RICE F"'"_m top_Bnule beef, pure Cood pork—lean, mealy BEEF , „ 49 C BOSTON BUTTS ,„ 39 C Diabetic Crisp, sweet, delicious & VEGETABLES ABBIE TAGG PICKLES TENDER CHUCK ROAST u. s. Good ik 49c) Swift prcmium Ib. Weather Unpredictable... and your .emergency needs in UKY CLEAN ING increase! HUDSON'S 8-HOUR SERVICE is geared to meet your cieaning needs in any emergency Better Cleaning The Hudson Finish In Only 8 Hours •IUDSON CLEANER UythevilU, Aft TAILOR CLOTHIER

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