The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 15, 1950 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 15, 1950
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BI.YTHEVIU,E (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Yew ond Your Income Tax: Claiming Your Exemptions—• Dependents Are Worth $600 (E4IUr'« N«te: This Ic the third f •f 12 siWtai explaining who must it irhit inrf hair about his IMS incMac lax r*(iirn.} By James Marlow WASHINGTON, Feb. 15—</P)— Watch your exemptions In making your 1949 Income tax return, For each one you can rightfully claim. $600 Is knocked off your income before what's left can be taxed. Everyone who had $600 or more income in 1949 must file a. return. ' But—everyone who files a return: 1. Is allowed a $600 exemption for himself plus $600 If he was blind in 1949 ;plus $000 if he was 65 or oJder in 1019. 2. If his wife had no income or files a Joint return with him, he's allowed a 5600 exemption for her; phis S600 If she was blind in 1049: plus SGOO If she was 64 or older in 1949. 3. And lie's allowed a $600 exemption for each dependent lie can claim. That's all he gets for a dependent. There Is no added $600 exemption because a dependent is blind or 65. Wives or Dc-prurlenls? ' Tile rules covering wives and dependents are not the same because a wife Is not classified as a dependent. So watch them. Tiie wife— If she had any income, no matter how small, the husband can claim no exemption for her unless she files Jointly with him. What of a wife who is claimed as a dependent by somebody else, such as her father, who may have sun- ported her? Can she file jointly with her husband? >Yes. but then the perfon who sun- ported her can't, claim her. However, if she wants her father, who supported her, to have her exemption she should not file a joint./c- tnrn with her husband. She can't be . an exemption on two different returns. If she files her own return, then 'she claims her own $600 exemption. The husband, in that case, gets no exemption for her on his return he can/claim only his own exemptions. . Example: The husband's salary was $5,000. The wife had $40 Income from baby sitting, or sewing, or something' else. Since her Income was less than $600, she doesn't have to file a return. But-^since she had income—unless she files Jointly with her husband, he loses the $600 exemption for her. Dependents— .' (Wei Quirk in I-aw There's a queer twist In the law on dependents. As pointed out before, anyone with $600 or there, income must file his own return and claim his own $600 exemption If his income was : 'ess' 1 linn . srjcn. lie does hot have to tile a return but— 'A person who-'had ,$500Jpr mrire income—even :;.though' 1 : that's iiw less than the $600 income which would require him to file a return In his own right—cannot be claimed as a dependent by anyone. That doesn't make sense, but that's the law. You can claim as a dependent . any close relative'of any age—age doesn't matter—who got more than half his support from you in 1949 and had less than $500 income of his own. You can claim as a dependent only these close relatives: Youv child jr gn.urlclultl: n sliii- child but not his children; a legally adopted child; a brother, sister, step-brother, step-sister: your parents, grandparents, or other ancestors; your step-father; step-mother; aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, all related by blood; and your In-laws; father-mother-sister-brothnr - son- daughter-in-law. You can claim' as a dependent lor the full year a child born to you any time in 1949, even though It died a moment after hirtli. You can't claim as a dependent an unborn child or one born dead. What of a dependent who dieri in 19497 You can claim a full $600 exemption for him ,even though lie. died as early as Jan. 1, 1949. provided he was truly a dependent during tile part of thn vear he was alive. Tomorrow: Your deductions.) WILSON NEWS Bj Mrs. 8 K B«yl« Family Ni?hl with pot-luck siip- jx?!' will be held Wednesday night at the Wilson Methodist Church. It Is S|X>n.Mved by the Young Adull Class of tile church. All members and their frlenris arc Invited to be present with a covered dish at 5:30 During the program a film "To Thyself Be True" will be shown, Eastern Star Meeting; The Wilson Chapter, Order of Eastern Star met 'I'lmrsiiay evening at the Wilson Masonic Hall for the regular meetini and initiation. Mrs. Frances Craven, worthy matron, presided. At (he close of the meeting refreshments wore served bv the hostesses: Mrs. Willie WllleV, Mrs J. Wilson. Mrs. Sal Friedman and Mrs. Veda Hayes all of Joiner. I'.T.A. to Mod The Wilson Parent-Teachers Association will meet Thursday evening in the schol cafeteria, for the combined Founder's Day and study course meeting. C. L. Bird will conduct a panel discussion on "Parent and Teacher Relation Problem", Pnnel members will include Mrs. Frank McDonald; Mrs. Albert Gieenwcll, Miss Norma Anderson. Miss Irene Biygs and W. O. Harris. Personals Mrs. Robert Nelson and baby daughter, Tcllicia Gail, have returned to their home in Clarksdale, Miss., afier a visit wllh her husband's parents Mr. nnd Mis. M. M. Xelscn and family. Mr. and Mrs. Allen Wilson of Memphis were the week end guests of her parents Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Hodges. • Miss Maybelle Haynes of Memphis spent the week end with her parents Mr. and Mrs. John Haynes and family. Mr. and Mrs. Doylcs Varner and son Ronnie of Memphis were the week em) euests of Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Slot's Rev. nnd Mrs. A. P. Muncy were called to Mtlborne, Ark., last week due to tile serious illness of Ills mother Mrs. ,T. j. Lawson. Rev. Muncy is ptrstsr of the Wilson Baptist Church. During the absence of Rev. Muncy, the services, Sunday, were conducted by Harold Ray. Young Ray is a student at Southern Baptist College, at Walnut Ridge, Ark. Miss Martha Muncy daughter of ;R£v. and Mrs. Muncy who attends ,'puachlta Collepe,' Arkatlelphia, home this week end. she. was accompanied home by Sam Talbort of Shreveport, La., who also attends Ouachita. Misses Merle and Mary Ryals daushters of Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Ryals and Miss Bonnie Coble daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alec Goble who'attend the Methodist Hospital School of Nursing in Memphis spent the week end with their families. They were accompanied back to Memphis. Sunday, by Mr. Ryals nnd Bill Ryats. : Miss Fonta Mae Jerome daughter of Dr. and Mrs, J. N. Jerome who 1 attends Memphis State College, was the weekend guest of her parents. Leon Ray and Charles Slancjifer who aer students at Arknrsns Si.ite College, Jone.sboro, spent the week HEARS AGAIN FOR ONLY $1.50 A Hulforrf Ciljr, In.lianj man «.»,, "I !,,« been .rolled will, m,. !„ " rlho'rl will auict'l. Dr. Charles Goodman, New York dentist, also is a book collector. Some of his ci stomers ale autrors. including Christopher Moiley. When they come to him for a filling they must also be prepared to auto- giuph their books for him. . STEV/ART'S DRUG STORE ATnin ;md I^ikr Streets I'honc 2522 . hlyllirvillc, AT* NEW HOPE FOR MEHWflMEN,,5fl! H you've bee* jiling (or seme (i m » ind cjn't find out the cause - ifs •tlen beouse you miy need this amjiinj HAMCM fwmyU. The Hfe span o[ man and woman has been Increased rrom 10 to 15 years, but who wants lo live lonccr If he doesn't feel well? Mnnv ailments which slew folks up slur so can be traced l o deficiencies So make sure you lake this mlracle- worktng HAIM«,I. dal | y HAIIA . (or. supplies your deficient system wllh citra quantities of those. 11 complex vitamins, which hnvc been established for dally needs. Iron and helprul amounts of calcium and phosphorus— so vital to licnlth n.U),\COI. has brought amazing reller In case niter case of stomach disturbances (painful distress nfler eallnit — heartburn, gas. bloatliiR) diarrhea, constipation, and thnso r.ifjnc sorts of sicknesses — simply by treating the CHUSE (deficiencies) II. flB so often, It's because the system needs the greal heaith-bulirt- ing mid lime- niid tlssuc-repalrinjj HADACDL »«"> 0« JTWCI *»0»«Y*A« CUA*AKM elements ot HADACOT.. Gl»« HADACOI, a chance to help you! CAM- reimrl from ll»u>.tan. Texan- Mr. Al D. Engles. a retired carpenter, suffered from ltirtl|;esllnn, aajt Woatlns. He lost weight unrt felt life wnsn't worth living. A friend told him how HAUACOI. had helped htm, so he st.irled taking it. After seven \>ottlcs he says he freln' better than at any time in years Only tl.25 for trial sl/e. Large family or hospital si?*, t.1.50. Big 'Copter' Ordered For Rescue Work WASHINGTON, Pel). ' 15 (API — A helicopter as big as an airliner and able to land on snow; Ice? iva(er, sand or marsh has been ordered for Die military air rescue service The 'copter Is the Piasccki 'n-21 a twin-motor ship with an emergency capacty of 21 passenpers nnd two pilots. The air force announced todav II has ordered Ihe H-21 after competition among four companies In tile design nf an arctic rescue craft Tire air force did not say how many Pmertis have been boufihl or Ihe pi-Ice The order Is unofficially reported to be 20. The air rescue service Is a unit of the Military Air Transport Service It operates 28 rescue anils at bases from Germany to the Philippines blanketing the United States iinci reaching south to the Canal zone Ench unit has 10 aircraft and two pararescui; teams composed of men trained to drop into lnaccfKsinle areas. Arkansanlndictcd For Tax Evasion LITTLE ROCK, Feb. l5—M>|_An Indictment clinrging Maurice Cohen, pine Bluff merchant with In- conic tax evasion lias been returned by the fcdjral grand jury here The indictment was announced' by u. S. District Attorney James '!'. Gooch yesterday. Gooch said Cohen is charged with evasion of more than $48,000 in federal income lax over a three year period. He said thai' for the years 1934. 1041 and 1945 Cohen reported income totaling SG'21'I7 and paid S23.3M in tax, while 'the internal revenue collector claims his income actually was $I3!jl55 on which he owed lax of $11,422 LUXORA NEWS H) Mr* U C. Driver Radio Station to Open EL DORADO. Ark.. Feb. 15. (AP) A new mdio .station, KOMS will open about March n in the 'Randolph Hotel. Manngcr Leo Howard said Hie station Is being built by. the Cotton i YOUR Belt Broadcasting Company which owns stations at Greenville, Miss and TexarkanA. The 1.000 wntl unit will broadcast on a frequency ot 1200 kilocycles during dayli-hl hours. .'•: Birklirad-Wnlfr VUH.K Mis* Laura [/xloan Ulrkhend became the bride of Lacy DC Wolfe hi a double ring ceremony at 2:30 Sun- clay afternoon at the First Baptist Church in Luxora. The Rev. A. B. Hill, pastor, performed the ceremony. The altar was decorated in predominating Ivy. Three tali canrtel- abnus held white tapers .and Iwn while baskets filled with while gladioli were on either side of the altar. Mrs. R. L. Houck played organ selections Including "The Prayct" from linnsel and Grotel. "I Love Thee" and "To a Wild Hose". Mlsa Wade Mcllenry sang "Because" and "Oil Perfect Love". Miw; Biriihead was <;iven In mar- rias:e by her uncte, A. W. Walls, of Luxora. She wore a gown of white bridal satin made along princess lines with a net yckr; and bertha collar y.iiii covered buttons extending down the back to Ihe waist Her veil of illusion liunc ironi n tara crown with tiny orange blossoms. Her only ornament was a .siivle strand of pcarli.'SJio carried a heart shaped bouquet ot white gardenias around a white piirple- thro.lled orchid. .Miss IMlifc Tice ot Usrcola was tnaid of honor and only attendant. Rh'f wore a blue inffetn fashioned after tlic bride's and blue net halo veil oatlghl with tiny blue rosebuds. She wore a shower bouquet of pink carnations. ! Hershc! Brrekrnridge of Becde- ville. Ark., served as best man for Mr. Wolfe. Ambrose Tea ford and Edward Teaford served as ushers. After the ceremony, the bride and groom received in the church I vestibule. Mrs. K. E. Tucker kept the bride's book. Tiie bride's, mother wore a black dress with light blue coat and accessories. She pinned a corsage of white gardenias on her shoulder j Mrs. A. W. Wall, the bride's aunt, j wore a brown, bro'.vn accessories and a fur cape. She wore a corsaiie of yellow rosebuds. The bride is the dan'ihter of Mrs. T. J. Reynolds of Becdci'ille, and Elton B i r k h c a d of Hii;gm;on, Ark. She is the niece of Mr. and Mrs, Walls, where she has made her home for the past three years. She is a graduate of the Becdcvillc High Police Arrest Gentleman Bandit PARIS, Fel). 15, M'y—Police said today they have arrested one ol two gentlemen bandits" for a series of robberies in Paris homes. They said he was Paul Deliaplna. condemned to death In absentia hi connection with the murder of a Norwegian consul at Marseille In Police said he had confessed taking part in the robbery three weeks ago of Edward krause. attache at the American Embassy. Krause and his family were kept up'all night while the robbers ransacked his house, talking to them pleasantly wiiile drinking a bottle of milk. Police have said they Ihot'eht the same men were responsible for n number of robberies recently In which a. total of 20.000,000 francs ($51 000) had beon taken, more than half of it from the home of undersecretary of state for Prance Lionel lie Tiiiquy du Ptiuet. Police said lliey recovered jewel;-worth 10 million francs In Dclpina's - The U.S. Marine Corps was founded November 10, 1775. in Philadelphia. OUR MONEY WE CAN QUICKLY RELIEVE School class of 1940. The t/rooji) k the son of Mr. and Mi 1 :. Henry Wolfe of Bvedeville, Hn attended Bcedeville Ili-h School and is a World War II veteran of 38 months service In the noncommissioned ranks of the army. He Is now engaged in fanning :n Bceiievillc, where the couple will make their homr. (liimrs-Jlickcrson Wedding Mr. ami Mrs. Melvin H Grimes of Luxora announced today the marrinire of their daughter. Alyce. to Earl Hickerson, son of Mr. and Mrs. E. J. llickerson. also of Luxora. on Monday, Feb. 6. The mar- rinse • ceremony was performed in Hernando. Missisippi. , Mr. and Mrs. Hickerjon are both members of this year's senior class of Luxora High School. Mrs. I'.ick- crson is a two year star of the school's girl bnsketball team, and Ls active in extracurricular activities. Mr. Hickerson is a two year letterman in football, and is also a participant in school club activities. The couple plan to continue their scholastic studies and lipon completion will live in Luxora where the gicoin is associated w r ith bis father in farming- RHEUMATIC PAIN end with their families. Mrs. George Brewer returnf*! home Wednesday after n visit with her sister Mr.s. Bu,tci- Blackston and family in Paducnh. Ky. Thousands \vlio "lake" C-2223 have every confidence in it ... so do the folks who "mnUc" it. Thai's why first bottle purchnsc price back if not entirely satisfied. C-2273 codtnlus the fjnnous. bc/jc- fieial herb "Black Snake-Hoot" Antl it's lodi^ec) to speed up tht Salieylate Action that makes il rcnclralc tissues better—give you fast, effective pain relief. H'.' helped so mntiy- -it can help you, loo. Be sitre to buy C-2223 todnyl If Your Nose Fills Up -Spoils Sleep Toaight! 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PureJesI Plenamins, mufti-vit. cops., 72's 2.59 Polycops, vitamins for (Hldren . . 30's 87< Wilk of Magnesia . .._ full pint 33c Putetest Cod Liver Oil, SI.75 value, pint 1.29 Alco-Rex Rubbing Alcohol 1 pint 29c Cherrosote Cough Syrup, 8 ounces, medicinal leospoan iniluded, both for 89c '° 9 fc«C'««n*D.E. Blade, 64c yd. both J'MHAmmoniaMToblh Powder, 3 ounces Hsler, Cornell Ho, mone Cr eom . Reg. SI.OO M-stals Hand Creom, 50c size.. 6'/ 4 o.nces Kteo nylon Hoir Bush, club slvte, Reg. $119 « Adrhnn, Bafh fawit , & Cobgne/ bo)h [1C«.i Nome Miniature,, powder S perfume 2 I«.I1TJ»..,. M | [ M Cmm j pounj =v e nde,shcyecfea ra j| fl |c,....84 C vo| 4 S V. Cream Oil Hoir Tonic .... 5 OUmss S'lque Cream Shampoo..4 ounce joror , u be 9 Goodform nylon Hair Nets. 7 shades, 3 for 2 nylon foofh Srush. Choice 3 siy| es 2 WASH CLOTH. 12x12 ossld. colors 2 /or 25t ASPIRIN TABLETS. Hoborfs. 5gr. 12's. . 3t MAIL FILE. 6" Klenzo. Reg. !9c eoth .. 9( ENVELOPES. 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