The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 14, 1950 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 14, 1950
Page 12
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if AUK TWti.VK H-Bomb Appears to Be Issue In British Election As Both Sic/es Ask Try for Agreement lOMOON, Feb. 14. (if>—The hydrogen bomb began today to look like *n loue In th* British political campaign, which lias brought, out a Meord l*6t candidates for parliament. Bp*»k«r« for both Prime Minister*. Clement Attlee's labor govermnen »nd Winston Churchill's conserv • live opposition have called for new attempt at International agree meat to head alt the use of th tearful atomic weaixm. With the election only nine day ott, the bomb still Is not fn tin Usut category. But If it should be come so, debate probably wouli *">• up over which parly could d more to get the nulled Stales and Russia (o agree—the laborilcs the lories Neither Foreign Secretary Ernes Bevin nor lory leader Churchill hoth of them outspoken critics o the Soviet Union, have yet mentioned the bomb. Both are speaking today. Bevh bilks at Abbey Wood in Southeast London and Chrchlll speak* al Edinburgh. Altlee is to speak at York and later at Doncaster and Sheffield. He Is wilhin two days of the end of his 1,000 mile speaking tour. The hydrogen bomb drew attention from topHners yesterday for the first time since President Truman ordered U. S. scientists to make it. Without mentioning the H-botnb by name, Attorney Eden, who Is likely to become deputy prime minister If the Conservatives win. spoke fearfully at Radtord of the "race In new weapons of destruction." He said something must be done to stop this by ending international distrust T DIRECTORS • Continued from Page One Btrink Quartet, In piano, violin and harp selections, will be shown at 8 p.m. Tuesday at the "Y". The musical movie Is to be the first In a series of films presenting «rtUts on the screen. Committees named 3'esterday ineluded: Finance—Hermon Carllon chalrmin, Alvin Huffman. Jr., Elbert Huffman, Harold Sudbury, and Prahlc Nelson. Property-J. Wilson Henry, chairman; John McDowell, J. w. Adams, •nd Lloyd Wise, members. World Semce—Dr Alfred Vise, chairman; Jimmie Sanders, and Mrs.' Glenn L»dd. Public Relations — Harold Budbury, chairman, Roland Bishop, »nd Rosco Crafton. Personnel—Al- Tln Huffman, Jr., chairman. Miss' Minnie Virgil Turner, James C Guard and the Rev. Hov T. Bagley Program —Harvey Morris, chairman, Cecil 1 -Lowe," Roland Bishop, Jimmie Sanders and Mrs. Lad<3 Membership—The Rev. E. C. Brown' chairman, Mr. Adams, Mr. Guard »nd Mr. Nelson. It was decided that the board would recommend that the annual meeting lor the membership drive be conducted In March Court Holds Missouri Gas Tax Vote Legal JEFFERSON CITY. Mo., p'ep 1, —'*;—Tlie Misourl Supreme Courl ruled In one lest case yesterday a referendum election may be held legally April 4 on doubling Missouri's two cent gasoline tax. But another case attacking the legality of the election is still pending Tiie court lias not yet heard arguments on it. Today's unanimous decision knocked out an attempt by officials of the Missouri Farmers' Association to halt the special election They took the position that the law establishing a four cent fax is really an appropriation act and necessary 'i the public welfare. Under Missouri's constitution, such laws may not be referred to the people for llicir decision. Circuit Judge Sam C. Blair ruled tgainst liie MFA officials last Oct. 25. And today's decision by Supreme Court Judge Ernest M. Tipton upheld Blair's ruling. Still pending in the high court a case that was appealed last week. It is an attack by Rep. George E. Rohrer (R) of St. 'Louis County on the legality of the way the leg- slature set the election dale, lie •=ay.s it should have been passing i regular bill instead or a rcsolu- :ion. Judge Blair threw out that argti- nent last week ami Bohrer's al- orney appealed It Immediately. In that case Blair said there nothing in the state consitiu- ion to keep Ihe legislature from etling a special election by rcsolu- iou when the referendum lias been ailed by the filing of popular pet- lions. Obituaries Kites to Be HeU For Frank Thro Funeral services for frank Thro father of Jack Thro, formerly of niytheville, were to be conducted in St. Louis today. Mr. Thro died suddenly at his home In St. louis, Sunday mornlne Survivor* include his wife and son. both o/ St. Louis. .Jack Thro was manager of Rt,.». Stix In Blythcvllle until a fe» months ago. CIO URGES Continued from Page One ed In the President's tax message." He said (he CIO program envisages a tolal net gain in revenue "but shirts Ihe incidence of taxation from those able to pay to those most able to pay." The CIO made no estimate of what I Is program would yield In additional revenue. It voiced hoiw Mr. Truman will veto any bill that does not produce a net gain In revenue. The CIO argued that In periods of full employment and production federal revenue should be sufficiently high to balnnce Ihe budget and retire part of Ihe debt, "without jeopardizing needed welfare expenditures for housing, education, social scurity, etc." Gas Service Planned For Frenchman'! Bayou IJTTLK ROCK, Feb. H—W>— Articles of Incorporation for Specks Gas Service, inc., of Frenchman's Bayou were filed yesterday with Secretary of state C. G. Hall. Authorized capital was listed at 445,000. Incorporates are J. w Speck and Leslie E. S|)eck, all of Frenchman's Bayou Greece Buys Mules TBXARKANA. Ark., Feb. 14. M'J— train carrying mules, instead of Mule Train" will be leaving here n about 10 days will) a shipment f the durable animals for farmers war-torn Greece. Purchase of about 106 head of Arkansas and East .Texas mules was ompteted here last night by Photos ^ap.icristophilou. director of tlie 'elerinary Service of the Greek overmnetit. h op« Has Influenza VATICAN CITY, Feb. 14. M>)_ r ntic«n sources reported that Pope ms XII was confined to his apart- lent today with a slight ntliick ot iflueuza. Police Round Up Mafia Chieftain LOS ANGELES, Feb. 14. </!>>_ 'olice curly today rounded uji five jang associates or Jack Dragna lamed by Gov. Earl Warren's crime commission as Mickey Cohen's top ival for control of the rich Southern California rackets. Dragna. named in Ihe report as i chieftain of the Mafln, secret Si- .ilian underworld society, also was ought but eight ornccrs of the po- ice intelligence squad had nol found him. Four of the five picked up today are relatives of Dragna, including his son, Frank Paul, 26. The others are Tom Dragna, 61, a brother; Frank, 28. son of Tom; Louis 29' another son or Tom, and Guile'rmo Adamo. 54. All listed themselves as in the banana and grocery business. They were booked on suspicion or conspiracy lo commit murder. Valentine Mail Floods Valentines, Virginia VALENTINES. Va., Feb. 14. ftf>)_ Tins little Brunswick Countv post- office dlti a record business today In Valentine's day mail Postmaster R. J. Clary, Jr.. said 110 special pieces or mail, sent here by collectors in 30 slates, were cancelled and mailed from here today A normal cfny's outgoing business in stamp value has been placed at about SI in letters and postcards Nazi Arrested For Plotting Assassination HANNOVER, Germany, Feb. )4 <a>l—An old-time Nazi was under arrest here today on charges of plotting to kill west German President Tiieotlor Hcuss. Chief or detectives Fmlerich Pet- :r or the Hannover police quoted t!)e arrested man as saying: "I lost my job and my bread by he democratic stale ant! I Intended o murder the representative- of tilts democratic slate." It was revealed the man has been mder arrest for three months and its sanity is being examined. He vas picked up In Darmstadt in the American wine six days after Pres- dent Hcuss had visited Hannover fist Nov. 30. • F'olice round a diary on the man outlining his plans to kill Heuss with a bomb at uie Hannover •nlltvay station. When questioned, the man said at the last minute he decider! against the bomb attempt became it "would have killed hundreds of others at Ihe station," the chief of detectives said. The .nan's name was not announced. Hainan Enters Critical Period For Invasion /TAIPEI, Formosa. Feb. n. (m- Official military dispatches today predicted the next two weeks wil be critical for the Nationalist-held Island of 'Hainan off the South China coast. Fog shrouded the big Island today. Nationalist officials pointed out (hat Ihe Japanese used this foggy.period of the year to capture the island at the beginning of the Slno-Japancse War. The military report estimated the Communists had 160,000 troops ready to fry to invade Hainan. They are expected to strike from a number of widely scattered points on the nearby mainland. Nationalists said if the Reds failed to invade Hainan in the next Iwo weeks they may be bogged down for months lo come. Military sources said small groups of Reels Infiltrate! the Island In the past month. They Joined embaltled Communist guerrillas l;i Hainan's mountainous center. military sources admitted further Red infiltrations might endanger Hainan from within. Nationalist warplnncs and warships are patrolling Hainan waters constantly. They have been belling communist Invasion craft wherever possible. Nationalists on Namoa Island, off Swatow on the central China coast, had foiled an attempt by 100 Communists to enter that air and sea base. The attempt was made Friday. TUKSOAY, FEBRUARY 14. 195a Red Workers Swarm French War Material NICE. France, Feb. H. (AP) — About 1,000 Communist-led workers fought off police and swnrmed over a truck today to dump Us cargo of war malerial into the Mediterranean. Tile material—which the Communists snid was a ramp for a V-2 rocket—was to be loaded on the Italian ship. Tafna. The workers were armed with crow bars, bioken bottles and stones Police finally drove them off will tear gas. No one was injured. McMath Is Subject Magazine Story LITTLE ROCK. Feb. 14. (/T| — Governor McMalli's political career is featured in an article in this week's edition nf the Saturday Evening Post. The governor was presented an advance copy of the issue (Feb. 18- today. The article, ''He Wants to Sell Arkansas." was written by Joe Alex .Morris, staff writer for the magazine. U is complete with details of (he Arkansas chief executive's life, but concentrates on his sudden rise to fame in slate and national politics. Picture of Man in Capital Paper Harold Rand, son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Rosenthal of BlythevUle, recently appeared In a. full-page picture layout In the Washington Daily News. Unit manager of AHhur Murray's Washington, D. C.. studio, Mr. Rand and Anne Sherman are pictured demonstrating a new Latin dance La Rnspa, in the Carl ton Congo Rcorn in Washington. Mr. Rand Is a graduate of Blythe- ville-Hlgh School and attended the University of Alabama. He vas formerly art director of Billboard mag- Okay Housing Bill WASEIINGTON, JY;b. U. <AP) — The APL endorsed the administration's "middle income" housing bill tortay. And, the independent ma- chinUUs union told Congress it would have to ask "proportionately greater" wage boosts this year if rent controls are abandoned. Advertising Experts Judge Lion's Ads The two Lion advertiaemenli Eiiown on another page of thU newspaper were submitted to a group of professional arfvertisim, men and women with the que»- tion, "Which adverUBemflnt in your opinion, is moat effective?" , T f;f, um J nr:t y opinion favored Ihe 'Home Folks" advertisement over Ihe "Hey, Pop" adverlae- .nenl. Tim reasons: (1) the mo ^ detailed— and more interesting — illustration, wlu'ch "gets over" a typical Southern setting at « glnr.ce; (2) the headline, which (although (fie "Hoy, Pop" headline might be considered as arouBin* more curiosity) tels the mood bet- ler and tells Ihe story quicker(3) the longer copy, wlucli permit* tl.e full story to be told; (4) and tiie list of this "good neighbor'*" best-known products, which su«- Kiisis their use. Iftheabaceapimon docs not agree tcith yours, Jon'l feel disappointed rhf experts utrc not unanimous in their choice. look for another Lion Ad Poixle next month. Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, HI., Feb. 14. </!')—(USDA—Hogs 11,000; active, steady to strong »ith Monday's average; bulk good and choice 180-230 Ibs 17.15-1855; top 18.25 freely; 240-270 Ibs 16.75-1774' few H.85; 270-300 Ibs 16.25-75; 140170 Ibs 16.25-18.00; 100-130 Ib pigs 13.25-15.75; mostly 13.50 up; good and choice sows 400 Ibs down 14.7515.50; heavier sows 12.75-14.50; stags mostly 9.00-11.00. Cattle 3000; calves 900; good cows making up about 30 per cent of «_ ceplts; tew tteen openlna ~ medium to low good kinds 23.00-25.00; heifers tndImSted lings active 25 to 50 higher; bulbU higher; vealers 1.00 higher; medium and good heifers «nd mixed TCAT lings 23.00-26.2S; common lodlov medium lg.00-22.oa; good cow. w.00- 1 50; few. 19.00; common ind medium cows 16.50-17.50; c*nner» and eut- ters 13.50-16.00. In ancient Rome, th» wearing of an iron ring wu a mark of great honor. MEllOW AS MOONLIGHT A really rich, light Straight Kentucky Bourbon with that old.fashiowd flavor! Naturally good — naturally aged. All whisky — Straight whisky — Kentucky whiskyi Try it <«Iay. N'oue finer a I any price. "fKOM THE llff XNO WGO« Of THf GMIN" KEROSENE and FUEL OIL G.OPoetzOilCo. Phone 2089 INSUIANCf «*0»T 'AJU1M MiUKAMCt [XCHAHM I INS. RCH*N«« Sou* leilk Sa/aj , fitkoia Sacrificing rroieclio DISTRICT W. L. "BILL" WALKER District Aj;e»t Z«« Isaacs Bid-.. Phon« M9« Res. Phone 2113 fc*fc r rl l ~ ? * ~*1 *v*i r V,* • •*><vi*W;? *• t''* }"''-*»*&£. '^fyt,"^*,^ f-^'^.f** ^t "* > ^1* I- ^J *<i« * ai'T" Ofl1 ' Rr " Tl- " m K A'™" 1 Tnph) 'j j M'\lalr,(ulijunna,llu.fiailt,tmt tti wl' 01 }' *^ dm m l, y „„ ma , wr J me , j,,/ ticjlyj' >\ J mi/r „, <)<)A mite, P r, h, mr . ' ' g *~~. This Nash Ambassador Engine does its OWN BOASTING / lo sample llic r jn(:a | ,),;„„ in t: , ]gll]es? Drive the 19r>0 Nash Ainb.i=>sailor, ar,,i | ct it 110 ils oun boasting! If there's a brllcr pr-rforrncr on the rm,,l today Ihe record books don't slioi. it! Yes-bore is America's; lop liigli-compre.^i on <-i,.nne (7 3 lo I «„„) , ml | ,,,,, s rf . s ,,| ; , r ,.,,„![„,. Am| jr , |t . jjvf . r . u - 10 M '° '"""• ™ '» a ff'Uou Ilian oilu-r fi, lc ,.„, |,' owner rojn>rls,'' ' T } Hero. | l(0l is A,n Cr ;,,,' s brsl acroi! V nnmic ,I^; K n - «i,l, -O.l/o less air drag t!,,,,, Uic avi-ragc of Ion cars ta-icd. iVotc ,I,c difference in ^,,;.,., lr ... ir ,;,,; , maol} iNotc ll,o squcali-proof, ralllc-proof Airllvtc C,,n,tn,c- lion. Inside is more proof its America's most modern o only fine offering the A»lim-r .{.-..-Ifni,,.. Seal -Lounge spaciousness with even Twin licds. AND HYDRA-MATIC DRIVE iSVu- TO.I r.-,n have llic las, wonf iu automali,: drivinc- Hy<lra-.\l a i, c Drive vill, exclusive Sclccto-l.ift Starling. Your \ af |, dealer S t, mc wonderful news aboul price -the iSasl, Ambassador, cv C,,siom ,a,,,Mx, lailorr.l to your order, costs „-. „„„•[, as a ,|, 01]sail ,| ,| ( ,,,. lrs , other cars of comparable size ami quality. 1771.89 210486 *1WT.OO \*J, SMIonun Hmr*l \*l,,r* In flmr Core A SOCIALISTIC U.S.A.? Fm«-Cor Knginc . . ; Aniciir.i's li(plir=l rnni|.ir»ion r.ilio (7.3 lo U ulilizi'ngTrpdarp.volinr • (.Luring, 101)% cr.inVstiafi . Air- fljtcCciislriictionslsjsncw ycatj longer. * 'HIKE'S MUCH OF f O*o««OW /N All NASH DOfS TODAr SHELTON MOTOR COMPANY 215 So. Second — Blytheville Won],! yon like lo live fn n socialist America? Most Americans wouldn't. But there's a real danger that we will-whclhcr we want it or not. One of [lie main roads lo socialism is government ownership and control of important businesses. The electric light a ,,<! p(nrer business is one-and this map shows how Jar the government is jii it already. Every while dot-209 of them-on flic map marks an electric power plani now operated or financed by our federal govern- menl. r'very black dot shows where another gfoveriiincHl power plant is being built, ".MKKT COK1.1SS ARCHKR" for expanded or proposed. Tn all—over 700 places in 44 states! And a.long step toward a socialistic U.S.A. - Most of the people who speak for more government control over American life don't want a socialistic nation. They liav« other reasons for government control But when government, moving step by step, controls enough things, we'll havt a socialist government, whether we want'k or nol. And, instead of our freedoms, well have government control, not only over rmsinea*, but over churches, schools, homes —oar whole lives. comedy. CBS—Smndaja—8 P. M., Central TiaM Ark-Mo Power Co.

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