Carlsbad Current-Argus from Carlsbad, New Mexico on June 25, 1951 · 8
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Carlsbad Current-Argus from Carlsbad, New Mexico · 8

Carlsbad, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Monday, June 25, 1951
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18-Year-OId Wins State Chess SANTA FE. June i5 (PI Elgh, teen-year-old JimM Phillip of Albuquerque won ine New Mexico chew championship Sunday by winning all ilx of hU matches. Phillips wai runner-up in laat rear's tournament at the age of 17. The. 1950 tltlist. tept. ta- mund CzaDtki. wai unable to c tpete thia year. T Wheel-: of Albuquerque was second, winning five of hla tlx garnet. Jack She . of nta Tt waa third on poinU, although four other player equalled hie game record of four wtni in ilx contest. J. R. Col of Albuquerque waa fourth on pointi, followed by Emil Bistram, Taos; T. T. Cole man, Santa Fe; and jonn canne-lario, Santa Fe, all of them with 4-2 recordi. Phillip defeated Louie RibaV of Taos. George Martindale of Albuquerque, Champ Tyron of Lai Vegan, Lea W.ieeler of Albu-qucique, J. R. Cole of Albuquerque and Jack Shaw of Santa re. ' On pointa awarded on the baila of r.lative atrength of opponent, Philllpi had 26.7; Wheeler had 22.5: Shaw 18. and Cola 19. Twenty-four player from flvt towns took part. - . Carlsbad Pioneer Dies On Coast Word haa been received here of the death lent week in Lot Angelica of Mrs. Mabel Rarey Brady, an early-day resident ot uarisDaa, Coming here while th city waa itill named Eddy, h grew to womanhood and married William P. Brady, a prominent Pecoa, Tex, attorney in 1912. They moved a few year later to California, where ihe had tlnce mad her home. Mrs. Brady i survived by three daughter, a ton, and a brother, Frank C. Rarev of Carlibad. Funeral cervices and burial were held In Los Angeles Friday. Real Estate Newt ' WARRANTY DEEDS John D. Carr and Halite a Carr, Kilt, tn Charles 8. .Palmer and Opal r. Palmar, wife, Lot 1. Block 125, Rlver-vlew Terrace Addition. W. J. Thompson and Norma Elite - Tliompann, wife, to Sterling P. Garrett and TheloV Anderann Garrett, wife. art of Lot t, Block IS, Clbaon'a Addl-nn. Robert M. Paxham and Ruby P. Par-ham, wife, to Kellx A. Farmer and Mellua C Farmer, wife, part of Block 1, Gunter Subdivision. Jowph L. Marahall and Henrietta M Marshall, wife, to Jamee B. Levlch and F. Levlch, wife. Lot 1.1. Block 7, Rlveralde Country Club Addition. Normandv Corooratlon to Alton 1. Smith and Editli M. Smith, wife. Lot I, hiotk a. jNormanoy Aaaiuon. Normandv Corooratlon to John Z Myers and Betty L. Myers, wife. Lot a. Hlnck a. Normandv Addition. Normandy Corporation to Loyd Ray Jackson, Lot -i. Block 1, Normandy Aoomon. Joae Valencia and I.uala R. Valencia, wife, to Porflrlo Valencia, Lot 1, Block S, Comhe Subdivision, Arteaia. Genrie E. Currier to Joae Valencia. Lot II, Block S, Combe Subdivision, Arteaia. E. L. Btednaw and Klva Rladsaw, wife, to Willie R. Brown and Anna Lola Brown, wife, part of Section 1, Township as amitn, Kanre an eaat. Jap Hudaon and Nancy Hudaon, wife, to Claude L. Smith and Allene T. Smith, wife. Lot 11, Block 23, Have AQQuion. L. A. Breaaheara and Emma Brea- ehean, wife, to O, H. Tabor and Pearl Tabor, wife, part ef Lot , Block A, Hall's Subdivision. RalDh aullinia and Henrietta SU11- . mi. wife, to W. C. Smith, Let T, Block Itf, Hillside subdivision. R. T. Robinaon and Lorene Roblnaon wife, to H G. Hodgea, part of Lot 14. mora a, swiari-L,vue ttunaiviaion. Thomaa C. Wllllama and Anne W Wllllama. wife, to Charlra R. Scott and Percy 1. Scott, Lot S, Block sa, Arteaia improvement i ompany ntinoiviaion, QUITCLAIM DEEDS Ray O. Sage and Davids E: Sage, wife, to Ruby I.uehera, Lot la. Block too, fltevena Second Addition. Homer A. Campbell and Irma Mur- 61 Bill Benefit Loans Made To 11000 Veterans Loan benefits u 4tr the GI Bill have gone to approximately 11,000 veterans in New Mexico, accord- ing to a bulletin received here from the Veterans Adminlitrstlon as the GI Bill reached its seventh anniversary. And "the veterans have proved to be good Kan risks,' the bulletin said. In New Mexico, only 14 of the home loans have) been default ed to tha point wrwr the VA haa had to make good the guaranteed portions to the lender. Tha 1 l,M0.4oani in the state had a face value of $45,00,000. Of tha total number of 1 .., 10,000 were for homes, 320 for farms, and 680 for business enterprise. Tha anniversary report gave figure in two other categories which have been major aids to veterans. In New Mexico, 37,000 individual veteran have received education or training; under the CI Bill, and mora than 11,000 re- eeiv 1 at least one payment under tha allowances for unemployment and sell-government. Only 18 New Mexico veterans continued, during the first week of June, to receive unemployment allowance payments, and only one received self-employment p: ment, according to the bulletin. In the pas', seven years, how, ever, mors than $11,382,101 ha been refunded by the VA to the New Mexico Employment Security C ihmission, which made read justment payments to 26.993 vet erans 'under the unemployment provisions of the bill, the anniversary report pointed out. The GI Bill provided payments of $20 a week for 82 weeks to unemployed veterans. Utah Youngster Wins National Marbles Title ALBUQUERQUE, June 25 OP) A blond, 12-year-old youngster from Ogden. Utah, captured the national boys' marble, champion ship her Saturday. ' Gordon Rows, son of an Ogden druggist, prevailed over Henry Patino of Thermal, Calif., In the windup of tha fifth annual Vetera ana of foreign Wars meet. "I was real lucky," Gordon blurted after tha final shot. He won 7-3, 0-7, 7-1. The score is determined on the basis of the first to knock out seven of 13 marbles in a 10-foot ring. , With his parents, Mr. and Mr. Low-11 S. Rowse, and two young er brothers, he left yesterday lor a visit to Carlsbad Caverns. It was the second crack at tha char, pionship for young Rowie. In last year's VFW final at Eaton Rapids, Mich., h was beaten by Tllton Holt, Jr of Wilmington, Del. He defeated Tllton in an earlier round tturday. With tha championship went motorbike, a trip to New York City, a radio and a $50 war bond. nhv r.mnhH wltm tn Snol.a Murnhv part of BE1. NIC1, Section IS, Townihlp li snum, nenge an nn, Mary Murphy Hurehlns to Roaa Roaalee Murphy, NK'.sr't and S'iNtiSE'.NEU and S'.RE '.NF.'i f--tlon IS, Township IT aouth. Range SS east. ' DrVOROS SVItS rtLID Patriot Jan Beaver . George California Is the United States' biggest producer of barley 47 million Dusneis in imu. Judge Calls For Bootlegging End SAN', a FE, June 2S WV-V. S. Dial. Judge Carl Hatch has ar'-ed federal officials to crack down on bootlegging to Indians. A federal grand jury denounced on Saturda, what it called failure to enforce lawa prohibiting sale of liquor to Indians. It declared many violationa of law in the Indian country ara "directly attributable to the traffic in liquor." Judge Hatch agreed the situation is "deplorable." He had copies of the jury' comments sent to the "ecretary Interior and the commissioner of Indian Affairs with a request for more investigator. "Stat court for some reason have failed and continue to fall" to control the liquor problem in Indian Affairs, th jury report commented, The jury spe-Jflcally mentioned the Gallup area. 1 The Weather.. . New Mexico Partly ckudy with few scattered thunderstorm northeast snd east border, gener ally fair west today and Tuesday. High today 80-90 north, 90-105 south. , . - Maximum temperature for M-hour period enaea at ll:-u p. m, Sunday ana minimum enaea mi lirw a. m. sun-day provided by CAA Airway Communication Station 'at Municipal Airport. Tcn para hire Max. Mia. tit) 70 If .w Mexloe Carlabad .., Hnbhe ..... Santa Fe ... Laa Vegaa ,, Tucumearl , Columbua , Zunl Rodeo Otto Raton Clayton ... Acomlta .. T. or C Weet Tana Marfa Midland .... Wink Salt Flat Preciplta lionnone. 103 M ., ? 80 90 M , M as '."".!!! m Til M M M 7 ....104 Miller Moths Came In Police Court . . . ..., m.1. MlHa nnt abili ty, hearing eat, changed plea to guilty. lined su. John Klrby McCann, running step sign, pleaded guilty, fined St. Joe Labrauo, speeding B ml lee per hour In M-mtle son, pleaded guilty, fined tn Mary Elizabeth Choate, apeedlng 87 mile per hour In It-mlle tone, defendant upon being arraigned w.a ex-euaed, defendant was traveling on Army order, for duty In Japan, had tn be In San francteco at dealgnated time, detlred to aee Caverna en route. Edna Lawrence Culotta, apeedlng 48 mllea per hour In IS-mlle tone, defendant appeared and aaked for hearing, hearing set and continued, pleaded guilty, fined tlO. James William Sartaln. speeding 48 mile, per hour In IVmila zone, defendant appeared and aaked for hearing, hearing aet and continued, defendant pleaded guilty, fined S10. Alvm cunia . -l urner, apeeain j mllea per hour In 36-mtIe ion., defendant appeared and .aked for hear-In . hearing aet. changed pie to guil ty, fined tSi. In J. P. Court ... O. P. Rim. notwaalon of Illegal game flan, to wit, underalzed bm m, pleaded guilty, fined - ana coau. L. M. Hoffman, ooaaeaalon of Illegal game flih, to wit, underalzed baae, pleaded guilty, fined S2S and coeta. Ray Davee, fishing without a license, pleaded guuiy, finea Bza ana cosia. Marriage Liceniei . . . R. A. Tullv. SI. and Marr I Kirk- ltn, St. both of Pecoa, T.x. Gilbert Solnka. Jr.. 14. and Nelta Louise Comer, 22, both ot Midland. Tex. David M. calnea, 33, and BUM Pharla, 30, both of Robert Lee, Tex. Johnny N. Sanchez. 10, and Felicltaa R. Hernandez. IS. both of Carlabad. Arthur Frederick, Jr., 22, and Lennle Ott. 22, both ot Odeaaa, Tex. Clarence W. LeVelle, 08, and Mildred Joeenhin Glefke. 60. both of Wichita. nan. New ArrivaU . . . Mr. and Mr. Martin Picket, son, pounai. 15', ounces, .una u, tn. rraa-cls KosplUl. Mr. and Mrs. William A. Couch, eon S pounda, It ounce, June 29, St. Pran- cla HoapiUI.. Mr. and Mrs. Philip Ambrose, dau.h ter, 8 pound., t. ounce, June 24, St. Pranda Hospital. ALBUQUERQUE, June SS VH These miller moths swarming over eastern New Mexico are part of the bitter which came with the sweet of heavy rains that are had in May. Dr. Martin Ileck, University of New Mexico biologist, says the rains provided Just the right condition so that those little white grubs you cuss in your garden could turn into the moths you cuss In the house. But, Fleck cautioned house-wive you don't have to lock sway the old man's woolen handlebars. Most of th moth you see around don't even aat during their short lifetime of a few day to few weeks. Tha moths will lay eggs In the ground which ara herd on some kind of plants, depending on the kind of moth, Fleck said. And if the moths fly toward the light you can be sure your woolens ara safe. Wool-eaten ara afraid of light and will fly away from it every time, th university biologist said. Incidentally, It Isn't the moths that eat wool, but th little white worm which come out of th eggs laid in tha woolen garment. Services Tomorrow For W. P. Calkins William P. Calkins of Sacramento, N. M, died yesterday in a local hoapltal at the age of 80. Ha had been confined to hi hoapltal bed for s'lout month. Th body was taken by r.ver-slde Mortuiry to Alamngordo, wiiere funeral service will be conducted tomorrow afternoon Burial will "J in Alamogordo Cemetery. A rat.cher, Calkins Is survived by his wile; two sons, Roy of Sac- rsmento, end WJ and of loncol-la. Ore.; and a daughter, Mrs, Ruth C. Fuller of Sncrsmento. Arkansas supplies OS percent of the bauxite ore (aluminum) mined in th United Statos. Rotwell Driver Proves Cops Are On The Job ROSWELL, 'una 25 d Robert A. Rieder, 21, said ha didn't think Roswell police were on their toes, so ha sped through town to a It to himself. Three police can cave chase. After 20 miles and several shots, Rieder was cornered on a deadend road. H 3 drew s $100 fine and 80 days in Jail. - I just decided to find out If they war efficient," Rieder said. HEW, MIRACLE ELECTRONIC EAR HIDES DEAFNESS CHICAGO, (Special) An amazing new electronic ear which hides deafness and transmits even whig pen with startling clarity, has been revealed by a noted Chicago' electronic scientist. He disclosed that this miraculous new discovery has rendered old- style hesring aids obsolete almost overnight, and brings new hope to the 15 million persons in the United State who are hard of hearing. He reported that this electronic ear enables the deaf to hear without any button showing in the ear and without dangling battery wires. To acquaint the hard of hearing readers of thi paper with thi new miracle electronic ear which hides deafness, full details an described In m 4a.ninfttin KnLU, "M ... Tim coveries to Help the Deaf Hear." It win be sent free in a plain wrapper to aneone who request it. Ad dress: Electronic Research Direc tor, 1450 West 19th Street, 902-A Beltone Building, Chicago 8, 111. A penny postcard will do. Adv. Th U. S. Government estab lished the ' Ponv Express in 1880 for fast communication between' the older state and California. It ! wai succeeded 16 months later by a telegraph line. ' ( ; '!i TKe young ' fellow has the world .before him land to fie worked cropi to be grown. The farm is his op portunity for a useful, profitable future. ' , And Dad started a savings account for him jt our bank to help him get the right start. If you have youngsters, let them learn ; the value of cultivating the thrift habit by practicing thrift with, an account here. FRIENDLY DEPENDABLI JANKINft SERVICI ' A ME LTI C;A N DANK OF CARLSBAD ' Member Federal Deposit Imursncs Corporation - Member Federal Rirv System DAILY CL'RSENT-ARGUS, CARL-SAD, YXH MEXICO JUKIC JJ, 1851 . , , PAGE I An Air Force Boeing B-S0 Su-prfortret th "Lucky Lady II," completed th firnt non-atnp round-the-world flight March i, 1B. The free territory nt Trieste is garrisoned by 4,000 troop apiec of the United Siarsas, Ci rat Britain and Vuk'twlavia, in Itjfir res-pective sones. . . f -; 1 miwm FLOon UAnEiisii McMwrtry lubber floor Vorahfc Is laxed Wolk on... V gives IWi full gloss finish thofi bo tough and , aloiHc.wiN not show heel storkt, and I fiPi, of . ' fected by hot or cold water. '. WHATtVtH YOUH MNT OH VARNISH ' l NIlD.MAKtSUtl IT'S McMUKJM I.' - GnimbeKltor Artist Suppllo . " ...... 7rw ,,, rlfjivlaof ik For Reat - Floor S-adri " Idgtrs Yocaum Qeoaen Floor Path-Mrs - Paint Spray ' (- Gtinr " CUSTOMER PARKlMft SPitl IN REAR' Letjman Paintjford - .-'PKONI U .s i r"1 u .fir ) - :l i t 2u outh;canau . 1 m . Sf Momefoun Slunping Exr;3i tiHtt'; Your Santa F agent W s specialist In snlvlng shipping problems always ready to talk over your needs, and work out pLaa to firs y-oat the best in serric sod dependability. No matter bow brg or how small, yoai shipment receirs expert attention and handling when jrou iblp , via Santa Fe. And, wbefl ytxt ship snd rout your freight via Santa Fa, you support t local industry. Santa Fs is a pert of your community, paying taxes snd wages that ar important to you, your schools, snd your local jrovefnment. That's why erery freight shipment ris Sants F helps you snd your community. Let m show you why and bow it pay to ship Sana t all lb wsy. ... your Joca Santa Ft Agnl L. IL CONARTY Ctrts cxkI, New Mexic I I fl I si l 1 .',f .- r II H woawal it -r -1 i tm -rTZ --r e-- r I n www SJ I fcaaa IMk II s Imdslno cookino convc.nienco like this I 1. ictxr: irsmo cnzsi y tacii with Ms owa cooking ifflr eocli with Ms , . mmm ol -aairtroL Cnea . pact, eosetev jVifty 3 IT ' it r. 4B ----- A its c:.i omi Ji00 drop 1H ccnl wr kotliiQ voit to lit bof torn pofMoa-rrond riir SB. - m.- -l -- 'VJ jvaf now ocwgionf OVMIa Am mmm big far m 30-fc, imktf, )0 -V - -U U .it fwat Mitao at iss kWI Two camel 'iw "er 'eaa I big oawa a )ua a twMJioa. Now yoo co pair p pU-'ZT f dinya wMi pet Sooei, soiiarolat wMi oIm, pork chaps' 5j I pae-ar Bros osm mm mmmm Mas v ) i Ot Electric Rango vjuh TJondcr Oucn0! Oe ee W advaatouaa. tool laoe.Hn) asw U. 1 1 lag., .sow Cook Mostw Clodt CoaSroi that trees y?'A Pnmlili saaaat : I. :.-H o at now Wojr Oea fcaga aovf DeUssa Model ftO-M Frtgidoiso kago i . - - a M 0W FrigMair Icnget fsom , $204.71. SEC JMGM AT r3 fVl '-. -i u D3 W. GRm2 PHONS ISS

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