The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 14, 1950 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 14, 1950
Page 9
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TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 14, 1950 BLYTHEVILLF, (AUK.) COURIER NEWS Fission Not All Death Dealing; Atomic Center at Los Alamos " Works to Fight Human Disease '- LOS ALAMOS, N. M., Feb. 13. (if,— This atomic center deals In life as well as death. While the nation's top nuclear physicists work In the Los Alamos laboratories to perfect weapons capable of dealing death to hundreds of thousands. * comparatively small group of 34 bio-medical scientists t research that might defeat many of the human race's most destruc- e ailments. ^ At the same time, the 34 work to protect the weapons scientists against the vagaries of the radioactive materials with winch they deal every day. , Directing (he'Los Alamos blo- i, medical research group is Dr. Wright Langham. a slight, energetic man whose scientific ability command,'! the rc.specl of oilier scientists on "Hie hill." Langham has watched the biomedical lab grow from an 18 by 20 foot laboratory and three persons to its present staff nnd 23.laboratories. Three Labs Hehinrl Frnre Only three of the 23 laboratories are inside the security , fence, but . outsiders are not • encouraged to visit. Some of the materials used in the bio-medical re.scarcli could he death-dealing to the cureless. The laboratories are a strange world of gelger counters, special test lutes marie, by some of the nation's best glas-s biowcrs anrt Intricate photographic equipment that enables radioactivity lo take its own picture on raw film. There are rabhils with panels in tiieir cars, permitting scientist.? to study Wood flow. Tliere is a slicer that cuts material under observation to 1'lOLlt micron—and ?. micron Is 30.37 milliontlis of an inch. j._An ultra-centrifuge, a bulky box- •r affair, spins 70,000 revolutions IWnlnute to separate molecules of a substance by sheer cenlrifuga weight. This compares with a cruising speed of 1.900 r.p m.'s for the four-engine Constellation plane. The material to be broken down Is inserted in a drum and all air 1 withdrawn from the chamber before the spinning Begins. Scientists sa"y the drum spins so rapidly lhat even a .small amount of air left in the chamber would produce enough friction to burn the solid steel drum to a shapeless mass.. Beams Explore Material There are electronic beams that pa,ss through material being tested and chart, on film, that material's component parls In comparative peaks, ~ x Radioactive Carbon H Is used to ''tag" chemical coni|)oumls whose activity, in living (issue U being studied. The radloactlvit yof tile lagged compound makes H easier to •race the compound's progress through the body. Los Alamos scientists say lagging of compounds Is proving valuable in the study of brain tumors, goiter, heart diseases, pellagra and cancer. Such tracing methods are enabling science to move ever nearer Its goal of perfecting drugs designed for specific I asks of healing. Langham says about 60, per cent of (he bio-medical staff's time is devoted to concerned primarily ivilh the health, medical and Biological problems oi interest to the weapons scientists -The oilier'40 per cent is spent in -cientific research of a more fundamental nature, including nlologica) effects of Ionizing radiation and the use of radioactive isotopes in biology and medicine. Carbon 11 Used "Outside" Tiie most concrete production lo come out of the highly theoretical work of the medical research group ivs been tile shipment of Carbon 14 labelled compounds to Oak Ridge for distribution to research cen'ers not affiliated with the Atomic En- '.'i'sy Commission. Las Alamos itself takes its oio- uiedical research pretty much for granted, Just as it does its weapons research. But to the outside observer .the comparison between numerical personnel and the amount of money being spent on the two widely variant projects points up cnrrenl world conditions. When there comes the time wher so much is no longer needed In weapons research and production, the possibilities of atomic health research, as represented by tlic tx>s Alamos bio-medical project, seem almost unlimited. Grady, Fomcd Silo Cow, Gives Birth To 110-Pound Son With No Trouble YUKON. Okla., Feb. 13. W')—The*, lew mother gazed contentedly upon icr strapping day-old offspring, a 'ar cry from the excited Grady the cow that leaped Into a silo a year ago. . . The jittery jump, leading to tlic silt) imprisonment, brought halt the country to Grariy's aid. And th:it was just after the birth of a calf, which died almost immediately. This lime (miner Bill Mach was apprehensive as the blessed event approached. He recalled only too well how the famous Hereford's excitement sent her plunging through a small hole in the silo: and how she seemed destined to starve herself thinner before making the tight squeeze. ; Hearts and suRgcslions from all over the country went out to Grady But five days lalcr found her despairing, s ti|| a t the bottom of the silo. fircase Dkl Ihe Job Then her liberator. Farm Editor Halph Partridge of the Denver Post, succeeded where hundreds had failed. Grease did the Job. A well-greased Grady slipped through the' tiny opening with ridiculous ease, Grady didn't cause nearly so inncli fuss u,j s ti mc In r a ct, she even b'-might Grady n into (he world alxnit 10 days ahead of schedule, hardly giving Mach time to work i>p n big worry. And afte it was all over and the famed row had her wobbly-legged 110-pound son, Mach heaved a tr«- mcndous sigh His relieved comment: "There just wasn't any trouble at all. Grady didn't even look at the silo all day long." British Scientists Rescued After Two Years on Icy Antarctic Island LONDON, Feb. 14—f/T>—The Col-*'— onial Office repored yesterday the| rescue of 11 scientists by ski plane! arid boat from an icy anlarctic island where they had been stranded, more than two years. ' |Wie 1,200-ton supply ship John *^cce cul through floes to the edge of the Ice field surrounding the StonitiRton island base Sunday and took aboard the last six. Five other -4;ad been taken off earlier in the rescue operation by planes equipped with skis. The scientists, all members of » British weather and geological study group, are now on their way to the Argentine Islands, 200 miles to tiie north. The John Biscoe was defeated by Icepacks in two rescue attempts last year. The scientists were sent to the untsrcllc base In 1948 for a one year survey. They kept In touch with the world by-radio. Pott!e With Indian Police CALCUA. India. Feb. 14. (API — Police fought a pitchE-d battle yesterday with bow and arrow wielding tribesmen about to beat a fellow villager to death for violating Iribal law. At least two tribesmen were killed. More than 7.000 natives from a Dihar village had gathered to witness the execution ot the defendant, found guilty of keeping his daughter-in-law as a concubine. Conviction calls for boating the offender to death and seizing all his property. Police then into the ranks of the tribesmen and finally dispersed them. Author of Captain Blood Books Dies 14 A ?A E m BO o'r N ', SWl , lM - l ^ n<1 ' Fcb '|"«" ' " °«.< »• ' it, rf ~ R " faC Sabiltlnl - < lle A »- Section 8-15N-8E, $1,082 7 of Block 8 of the David Acres Subdivision, {800. E. B. and Rovene C. David to James Oliver and Juanlla Wicker, Lot 9 of Block 8 of the David Acres Subdivision, $800. E. B. and Roreue C. David to Norman E. and Flora Jean Covey, t.ot 6 of Block 8 of the David Acres Sundivi.sion, $800. C. F. Morrison and Jorcne Morrison to Charley 1 J . and Dool Gray, a tract In the SW;4 of the NE|4 of glo-ltallan writei ,„, ... , •--.—' r wllose swash! C. L. and Mary Catherine Lucliis bULKlmg Captain Blood thrilled mil-' („ nuth Naomi Spight. Lot 12 oi nous of readers, died at his hotel Block 2 of the Brawley Addition here yesterday. He was 75. The author of more than 40 historical novels published since 1(MH. Sabalini had suffered for years from stomach ulcers. His last book, "Turbulent Talra," »'as published In best-known works included sea Hawk, ..... 1'he Snare," "Scaramouche," "The Black Swan" and three bcoks on the adventures of Captain Blood. His "The In the planned invasion of Japan, .is revealed by General Marshall, all six Marine divisions were car- marked for the assault on the Japanese homeland. Generators wiih capacity of 424 000 kilowatts were installed by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation ill 1949 Big British Liner, Aquitania, is Sold LIVERPOOL, Ellg.. Feb. 14. (/TV- The Cunarri 4<!.ooo-ton four tunneled liner Aquitania. built In 1013 has been sold to the British Iron .and steel Corporation (Salvage) « d.. for demolition. The Cunard lines said yesterday e ship, which hart been on the Southampton-Halifax run since the war, will be delivered to the salvage company Feb. 21. The Aquitania has made 442 Atlantic crossings, hiving steamed over 3.000.000 miles and carried nearly 1,200,000 passengers. ' 944 Mites of Highway Improved in Maryland BALTIMORE -wv- Maryland nas built or Improved 544 miles "f roads during the past three years, the Stale Road Commission reported. The bill: 5111.971,800 Last 1'csr's S56.000.000 spent on the highway system was an alltime re- •ON DID SOUK MASH MNTUCKY lOUMON WHISKEY >oo moor OLD FITZGERALD ois r*siio«i ..x-- tmm-iHUi* Mmun, we., Real Estate Transfers (ClucLnsawba District) Max and Annie Laurie Logan and Harold B. and Marie D. Wright. In William and Clara Belle Morclanrl Lit 11 of Block "E" of the John 1) Walker Siiblivisioll, S900. . William Lee anl Roberta M. Walker to Max Logan and Harold 1! Wright, a plot 'in the NW corner of Lot ,14 Block 4 of the William Lee Walkrr Subdivision, $1 and other consideration. Troy Hamcy ct al to H. C. Rogers and L. P. Perkins, trustees of the Crossroads Baptist Chvrch, 1 acre In section 29-14N-10E. $'(00. Marie Caldwell and Haddock J Arnold to H. H Houchins. 8053 acres In Section 2-15N-11E, $1 and other consideration. H. J. and Hazel McKirinon to Lena Marie Pox, part of Lot 6 of frregular lot.s in the SW|4 of the NEI4 of Section 31-15N-9E1 $1.500. A. M. and Haze] Houston to J C Ellis, W!2 of Lot' 45 of the S'2 of the West 2M feet, in Lot -13 of the renlat of the J. P. Pride-and Gateway Subdivision. SIO and other consideration. E. B. and Rovene C. David to Charles Thomas and Mabelcnc Wicker. Lot 5 of Block 8 of the Davir- A-res Subdivision, $800. E. B. and Rovene C. David lo Clarence W Sellers, Jr., jjid Elizabeth Sellers, Lot 8 of Block 8 of the David Acres Subdivision, $800. E. B. and Rovene C. David to Woodrow O. and Dorothy Biggs, Lot S950. Hubert and Velma Seymore lo Charles William Sisler If and Doris II. Sisler, Lot 9 of the Sudbury Addition, $9.000. Joseph L. and Elsie Onidcll Ful- ghain to Will and Willie Mary Hall, Lot 9 of Block 3 of the Kulgham Addition, $250. Cleve and Juanita Johnson' to fliiby Stevenson, Lot 6 of Block 1 of the W. W. Hollipeter Second Addition. $1 and other consideration. frcnc Crowder to Cletus Wat.snn and Jewel Joan Hudson, Lot 2 of the Willie Bcasley Subdivision, $6.- COO. Susan Moore to Jim. Alberta and H. N. Anderson, Lots 2 and 3 of Block 3 of tlie W. W. Hollipeter Second Addition ,$400. K. L. Mitchell and Rebecca Milchell to Antonia C. Walker, E>2 of the \V2 of Ihe W2 of the NW;4 of Section 5-14N-12E, $4,000. Wiley and Irene Smith to KrirVp E. and Mary Murdoch Wili-senhlint, l/ot 1 of Block 6 of the David Acres Subdivision, $1250. E. B. auo Rovene C. David to Kemp E, and Mary Whlscnhunt, Lot 3 ol Block 9 of the David Acres Subdivision, $10 and other considcr- |ation. | Blylheville Development Corpor! ation to Ed Smith. Lots 1 and 2 of Block 2 of the Wilson first Addition. ssco; W. C. ami Essie Reagan to Duulel D. and Lorene Russell. Lot 4 of Block 11 of Ihe Ruddle Heights Addition, $0,000. Susan Moore lo Kate Summon and Pcarllc May Rollins. Lot 23 of RENT A CAR Orhft Anywhere Yuu Please Simpson Oil Co. Phone 937 . PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed B«sl Prices Kirby Drug Stores NOW-NEW 1950 MERCURY A'BintR THAN EVER" BOY! MERCURY PRICES NOW START AT New low pries makes (RERClfPiY pr bi^si For b'g Sin-Poiicngft Coupe ihown abo.e, delivered here. ITceine, Stole and locol taxet, if any, ore extra. Price may vnry UigSlly in nearby commvniriet due lo different*! in trani- porlulion charge. W HEN you invest your money in a new car today, you want to get tlic mosf you can for your money. And you.iGi'H—when you get yourself tlic new 1050 Mercury. For Mercury's new low starting price now brings you the bcllcr-lhau-crcr buy! And what a better than ever rnff.c it is! Better in styling —with new "Customized" interiors! lictter in coin/ort—with "l,ounge-Kcst" foam-rubber cushioned seals. Hotter in economy — with "Kcon-0-Miser" carburetion! Hotter in performance with "Hi-Power Compression"! Better toV/ricc—-easier to park! Better than ever in everything! So hurry in today! Go for a ride in the btlter than eter new 11)50 Mercury! STILL & YOUNG MOTOR CO. Block 5 of the w. W. Holllpeter second Addition, $200. Lizzie nil) to juiin witEon, \jA \ of Block 3 of the FiilBtiam Adcll- uon, $10 mid oilier consideration. Wiley nnd Irene Smith to William F. nnd Sccellii Tegetlioff, Lot 11 of Dlcck 8 of the Uavld Acres Subdivision, J800. N. M. and Dona Sandnge lo Olcn Flocinnn, 40 acres ot Section 14-14N- 8E, $9,000. Loytl and Anna Lee Lane lo EH. and Velum Cagle, W2 of the SE 4 01 Section 28-I5N-8E, $24,000. .J. C. and Minerva Eubanks to Vcrnoii T. and Op*) Hoticiiln, one acre In section 3C-i6N-10E. $1 and other consideration. Milton and Beatrice Alcorn to W. M. Williams, Lot 3 of tiic Block 7 of the W. w. Ilompeler Second Addition. $125. E. M. and Hnttie D. Holt to John Fill, a plot 60 by 100 feet in Sec- .lion 10-15N-HE, $1,500. A. 1). Dakor. sr.. and Virginia Baker, to Clyde T. nnd Opal Vlckery, a tract In l/jt 9 of llio Rebecca Patterson Subdivision, $1 and other consideration. Dawsor. and Delia Jackson to PAGE NINE ' _ Raymond and Lorene Lowrey, th« SW|4 of (he SE'4 and the SE4 of the SE|4 of Section 34-16N-8E, $20,000. • niytlievitle Development Corporation to Milton and Amanda Johnson, Lot 88 of the Block 1 of th« Wilson First Addition, $315. Johnny Moore and Lcola Moore to Pannic Lintzenlch, Lot 4 of Bloclr. 2 of the Chkka.5awbfi Gardens, $«,- Earl and Lucille McGregor, et al, to Mrs. Lois Danforth, Lot 10 ot Block 11 of the Chickasawba addition, $10 and other consWeraUra. Old Sunny Brook the whiskey that's 'Come over on the SUNNY BROOK side! I enjoy seeing Ihot Sunny Biook smile break out »hen I serv« this Kenlwkf favorite! And i enjoy coming o«r lo the Sunny Brook side lo diink Ihis rich, srnoolh and cheerful whiskey. KENTUCKY WHISKEY-A BLEND «% CUM NEUTUL sritin* ft'y'Kesson & Koh.mis, Inc. - Exclusive Oislrihui ors- I.iflle Walnut at First Street Look at it Outside !Look YOU CANT MATCH A FRIGIDAIRE Wherever you live-whatever and slyles from 17cu H rhe s,ze of your family, kitchen or When yew do, you'll see all the budget — be sure to see Ihe new Frigidaire Refrigerators for 1950. See rhe complete line of sizes reosons why your No. 1 choice should be America's No. I Re- frigcralor, FRIGIDAIRE! 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