Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 17, 1897 · Page 21
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 21

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, December 17, 1897
Page 21
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JOHN Holiday Handkerchiefs Is, as usual, the most, beautiful shown in the city. It ii only necessary for us to announce our annual holiday "hdkt" sale, as you know from experience our's is the place to buy. Insurance and Loans. Ail kinds of Insurance anJ Bond« written in first clas« companies. Money to loan 8 per cent. S. M. Closson,3l9 Pearl St. L10A LEISURE Physician. Office In House, Cor. Thirteenth and North streets, Professional calls answered promrtly. HENRY WEBER, The Merchant Tailor, does first class work. Stylish and well fitting clothes made Cleaning and repairing neatly aone. See him. 324 PEARL STREET. K. H.GRACE, D-D. S. DENTAL PAELORS, 816 Market Street. N*w Alumlnlte Rubber Plates. Ex- S—DENTIST— All the latest -iiscoverieg In medicine and appliances to relieve pain In extraction or nil- toif of teeth. Modern methods, modern prices, Afl work guaranteed. Office over John Gray's on Fourth utroet. C TJ Telephone No. 328. DK. C. D. EVBKSOLB'S DBETAL PALLORS Over Porter's New Drusr store. Corner of Fourth and Market Streets. New Undertakers. 303 Market street, Hoppe Building. Daniel Killian & Co. C«JJs promptly attended to, day or night. Mr. Klllliin was for many years foreman for Charles L. Woll. Telephone old 281, now 817 Logansport Messinger Service. H A MOORE line uut uson tlio streets a •parcel delivery wacon and respectfully solicits tic puollc patronaire. Parcels and llRht. drnyatre uromDtly delivered to any part ol tne city'. Lea re ordei-8 at Eel River Livery Barn, Old Phone No S8 New No 91 MADAME BUDDHA, The Clairvoyont r and is ready to give Consultation on all mat- tore of life, call at once. No. SOS Southeast corner of North and e<ght 8ts. Third house from corner. McConnell & McConnell $50,000 6 per cent Money to Loan, Call now Office Opposite Court House. The Weather. Snow in northern portion; rain turning to snow in southern portion Saturday probably fair with colder east and south. DAILY PHAEOS FRIDAY. DEC. 11. 1897. GITY KB.W8 Arties at Willey's. See Qulgley's fo^ Xmas candys.- _ Neat line of holiday goods—Porter. Chain bracelets In silver and gold. — Ben Martin. The Hazen B. Goodrich slippers at the New Otto. Plenty of fresh country butter and eggs—Keystone. Don't be misled in buying shoes. Go to Walden's. See our statuary, the finest in the city, at Hauk's. The Wilton Lacaye company went from here to Indianapolis. For toys come to the Chicago Bargain Store closing out sale. Eight-day cathedral gong china clock $6.50.—Taylor, 309 4th st. Lire-size crayon portraits, made up for Christmas, at Anderson's ground floor studio, 606 Broadway. The drill in the oil well of the Golden Kule has wtnt down 132 feet till 3 o'clock this afternoon. If you want potatoes, we have the finest In the market.. Inspect our stock before buying elsewhere.— Keystone. The snow which fell last night made sleighing fairly good in the city today, and all who can are enjoying it. Miss Mary Zern, daughter of ex- Mayor Zern, deceased, of Peru, was married to F. D. Covlngton,president of tne Peru electric light company. "After the Ball is Over" one of our flannelette night shirts will add much to the comfort of your slumber. —Dewenter, the hatter and furnisher Misses Daisy Wtoiteside and Ada Cassidy entertained a company of friends at cards last evening, at 306i Market street. Luncheon was served. A. J. Fultz has resigned bis posi- sitlon as passenger engineer on the Chicago & Great Western railroad and Is now at hia farm in Noole township' Lalry & Mahoney aie at Peru on legal business. They represent Mr. Maloney, of Miami county in a suit brought against him for foreclosure of mortgage. Something like »6,000 Is Involved. Judge Chase today discharged the petit jury for the term. Before dls- mlssiqg the twelve men, tbe judge complimented them highly for the fair and impartial manner in which they had disposed of the cases submitted to them. The 107 pieces of sllveware, which were stolen, last July, from tbe home of ex-Governor Matthews at his farm near Clinton, were found beneatn a haystack by a colored man, Wednesday, who chased a rabbit into the stack and began boring for it. Solomon Foust, ofjDeer Creek, celebrated his 7lst birthday anniversary yesterday by entertaining his children and grandchildren at dinner. The guests presented him with a gold headed cane. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Getty, of this city, and Mr. and Mrs. 0. M. Jones, of Danville, Ills., were present. Mrs. Jones Is a daughter and Mrs. Getty a granddaughter of Mr. Foust. James Sregory and Wesley Hauton, of Center, have been placed under arrest and taken to Kokomo for causing the tire in October last which destroyed the Sullivan block and the Masonic building. Gregory had a grocery in the first named building. Hauton is his brother-in-law. As al- leged, the torch was applied to realize on insurance. A plea of not guilty IB made. • Born to Bev. and Mrs. B. B Shaner, a son. Plenty of candy of all kinds at Quigleys. Ollfe Jenness left today for Earl Park, Ind. For the cemetery, fancy evergreen wreaths at Foley's. Wanted—A girl for general housework, 422 Broadway. Mark Morris, son of M. B. Morris, is dangerously ill of diphtheria. Arthur L, Burns and Flora B. Weaver have been licensed to wed. Bemember our celery sale tomorrow; the finest in the city—Keystone. Pearly Shanks, the young daughter of Alonzo Shanks, is reported seriously ill. For millinery or underwear come ,to the Chicago Bargain Store closing out sale. Gloves and mitts by the hundreds and at prices to please all at the Trade Palace. A handsome metallic case has been placed in the vault or tbe Logansport State bank. M1S9 Mayme Mullen, who has been visitiug Mrs. Frank Murphy, left today for her home at Chicago. -,. County surveyor Troutman and his deputy, Ade Beall, were decorated with antlers last night by the local lodge of Elks. Mr. and Mrs.Slick, of Clinton,Ills., are here to spend the holidays with the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Linton. Everything must go. Closing out at cost and less. Come and take your pick of the great bargains offered. For prices look for large bills.—Chicago Bargain Store. The Logansport Gas and Oil company will locate well No. 2 not over a mile north of Logansport. President Jordan stated today that the company hoped to strike gas in well No .2 The churches of Anderson have Inaugurated a movement against the high hat. The crusade le probably due to the fact that never before were women's hats larger or more obstructive. The Christmas number of The Horse Review, published at Chicago, is being distributed. It is splendidly edited and a beautiful specimen of the typographical art. Tbe Pharos is indebted to Mr. H. J. Kline, the managing editor, for a copy. Mr. Robert S. Lennon, of Camden, called at the Pharos office yesterday and renewed his subscription to the Semi-Weekly Pharos for the fortieth time, He Is enjoying good health, and looks as If he will be able to make similar calls for the next forty years. Dsdsy Chetwood and Emma Hollenback plead guilty to the old charge in the mayor's court this afternoon and settled". Charles Hill and Archie Winslow. both colored, who were ar- rssted last night with .the women, were not called for trial for the reason that they were found to be innocent of the charge of associating. The county commissioners granted liquor licenses today as follows: John Miller, Ealno Kuhn, Tony Zolt Peter Titus, Jacob Tussing, Nick Fries, John W. Fettig, Peter Oastls, Robert Ray, John R. Hall, M. J. Bligh, John Eckert, Fred Heppe, Arthur Aoheir and Frank Kiecley. A remonstrance having been filed W. T. Young did not appear and ask for a license to sell liquor at Galveston. XMAS HOLIDAY SLIPPERS! •PRESENTS- Best Patterns! Best Fabrics! Very Best Styles! We never had such a display before and that's saying enough fos tbe shoe trade, we are headqaartears on slippers. You will rob yourself if you purchase elsewhere. We bank our reputation on our good goods at reasonable prices. Call and see us, before you buy. Shoe Store, 510 Broadway, and Sure, You are safe in buying your Shoes at WILLEY'S SHOE STORE, as the quality is the BEST and you.are sure of getting the LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICE. Third and Market Sts. A WISJ3 INNOVATION. plan to Consolidate Country Schools Being Tried. Edncational Results 6ood and Cost of School!) Cheapened, The plan of consolidating country schools, which has just been put into practice in Webster township, Wayne county, this state, is proving a success and It is expected that it will be adopted by many townships. The plan was Inaugurated by Superintendent Wineburg, of Wayne county, and has now been in operation two years. lu the township where the consolidation was effected there were three school buildings a considerable distance apart. One of these buildings, centrally located, serves the same purpose. Children are conveyed to and Qfrorn gscbool by hacks. Two conveyances are used and paid for by the township trustee. It has been demonstrated that better results in school work are obtainable where tne children are assembled in one building, and, further than this, the new plan is more economical than tbe old, as the cost of maintaining the three schools was considerably greater. The plan affords better ichool opportunities, because pupils can be graded and more satisfactorily instructed . Sleighs. Get a sleigh for Christmas, stock at Henry Tucker's, Full Tailor and Draper, BETWEEN ONE THINGhw* ANOTHER we manage to turn out tbe best fitting,exquisitely finished and distingue salts of clothing to b« seen in Logansport. We take palm to select tbe latest and band* somest fabrics for your selection. Just now we are making nobby salt! in soft finished worsteds, cheviots, tweeds, casslmeres, and English mel- ton, beaver and kersey overcoats, lined with silk, at prices that can't be matched. Carl W. Keller. 311 Market St Holiday Presents. Pocket Knives, Sleds. Game and Meat Carvers, Children's Knife and Fork Sets, Skates, Nut Picks, MATTIEL. JOHNSON. Hardware Store, 408 Broadway. CHICAGO MABKKTS Keceired Dally by W. W. Mtlner, at 6. A. R. BoIldinK. Chicago, Dec. 17, 1897. Wheat—For Dec. opened. $1.02Jc; high, tl.02Jc; low, 99ic; closed, 99*c. Wheat—May, opened 92c; closed, 9l|@91|c. Corn—For May, opened, 29Jc; high, ,29ic; low, 28tc; closed, 29c, Oats—May opened, 22J@*c: high, 22Jc;low, 22J-c; closed,22|c. Pork—Opened, 18.57; high, »8.57; low, 18.50; closed, $8.50. Hogs — Opened steady; closed 5c higher: receipts 28,000; mixed, I3.35@3.55; heavy, $3.35® 1355: rough, $3.20@»3.35; light $3.30@$3 52*. Curb, 91 t-fc; puts, 91-jHc; calls, 92ic. Establiihed 1867. Inoorporawd 1894 The following persons are employed by Hall's Business College: TEACHING VOHCK. C. F. Moore, superintendent. B F. Hart. Actual Business aud Mattiwna- tics, ,.••.., Warren Hall. Theoretical Bookkeeping and Commercial Law. Andrew Frederick, Penmanship. Clarence MoLaughlln, Shorthand' and Typ«- writtinjt. ' • O. P. Gibson. Instructor Peru Branch' BUSINESS MANACKUKNT. C. F. Moore, General Manager. F. Stosenieiwer, Business manager. B. M. Ogborn, Collector. Jessie B erring'. Stenographer. Seven of our Stunents have taken positions recently. If you want to secure a position attend Hall's Business College Cor. Broadway, and 6tb. St*., Ind. Addrt«8 THERE IS MOKE OIL Foneral of W. B. Seybold. The funeral of the late William H. Seybold. son of Henry Seybold, of Noble township, who was killed in ; the collision on the Panhandle near Boone, Tuesday evening, will be held j at 10 a. m. tomorrow from Sbiloh church, in Noble township, Eev. D. P. Putnam officiating. Interment will be made in the cemetery near tne church. The cortege will leave the house at 9:30. The deceased leaves a divorced wife and two email children. Mrs. Seybold and children reside with her mother, j Mrs. Al Gotshall in Noble township. The Gold Meeting. The meeting held at the county clerk's office last night to consider the advisability of organizing a com- panv to develop a claim near the Bald Eagle mine in Alaska, was fairly well attended. Some of the moat enthusiastic advocates of the project were unable to be present on account of other engagements. No definite action was taken further than tbe suggestion that subscription for stock be solicited at once'. It will be known in a few days whether or not enough stock can be sold to insure the success of the project. Than the Rich Valley Oil Company Knows What to do filth. The Rich Valley Oil company is in a quandary as to what shall be done wnb. the product of tbe weil recently drilled in. The well is a quarter of a mile or more from the railroad, and to haul one product In a wagon to a tankoo the cars would be impractical. To put in &• pipe line the distance would hardly-pay while there is only one well in the vicinity. This thing may trouble the Cass county prospectors when they find oil. The well being drilled in at Twelve Miie is about three miles from the Eel river road, the third well of the New Waverly company IB about two miles from the Wabuh road and the Logansport company's well on the Rogers farm IB four miles from a railroad. Tbe wells At Walton and tbe one at Adamsboro are close to the railroads. Uirorce granted. In the circuit court today Charles Mlnnlck was granted a divorce from Minnie Minnlck on across complaint. She applied for a divorce, bat he beat her out. The parties reside at Wai* ton. Tbe toarlst clab will meet tonight at the home of I. N". Crawford. = - LATE ARRIVALS = = See Them in the Windows of H. Wiler & Company's, 100 Children's Carpet Sweepers, 25,40 and 5O cents,50O Axminster Rugs,Regular $4.00 Values at $2,85 200 of the Choicest Pictures 25c up to $10. New Tabourettes. New Pedestals. Latest Novelties in Mirrors, Easels and Screens. Open Every Might Until 1O o'clock. Corner Fourth and Broadway. Open Every Night Until 10 O'clock.

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