Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 25, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 25, 1896
Page 5
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Dunlap's.. Celebrated Silk, Stiff and Soft. Spring Styles. DB-W ENTER, The Hatter and Furnisher. SHOE BARGAINS. 98 Cents Buys Men's Shoes solid leather, lace or congress, 98 Cents Bays Ladies Kid Patent Leather Tip Shoea, button or lace. 63 Cents Buys Ladies' Kid Oxford Tien, patient leather tips, 73 Cents Buys] Ladies' Low Calf Skin Shoes just the thing for Garden. 29 Cents Bays Ladles Serge Slippers, solid comfort. 69 Cents Buys Children's Tan Shoes, button or lace. 19 Cents Buys Baby Sboef, patent leather tips. 50 Cents Buys Beautiful Velvet Slippers for house wear. Stevenson & Klinsick. 403 Broadway. THE FIRS! NATIONAL BANK -OF — LOGANSPOKf. . INDIANA. 13A.PI r,v», *2.l 3. VurdooK. Pro*. W. W. ROM, Cash, J. ff. Brookmeyer. Asst. Cash. DIRECTORS: . W. T. Banking In at! Its Department* promptly mid carefully done. Safety to Customers and Stockholders . Btron* Reierve Fund maintained. Business Change. James Beehopr has purchased the Pelton meat market. He now occupies •the n*w room just. orecteS to the west of the. old stamd, and It l«s-bls Intention to run a first-class shlop and handlt a full line of fresh and ealt meats. DAILY JOURNAL ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^•^•^^^ SATURDAY, JULY 25, 1SOC. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^••1 ^•••^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Peaw 20c peck at Foley's. Osage mellon.—Rotberrnol./ Roses 3 cents.— Newby'a, Pearl st. Large buncli celery 81-3 at Rothermel Today only wo offer camp stools for 23 cents at Foley's. Otto Us making a bid for the crowd to stop at his store this evening. • For 'Sale.—New typewriter, ?20. B"n Wi«riaTi, Room 4, Crawford block. Today Is the day for straw hats" and tan shoes at Otto's. Don't put It off. Miss Daisy Morris Is dangerously ill at the home of 'her father, No. 213 Market streeu Only a fow more days and Otto's surplus of tan Shoes, straw hats a/nil 'tliln clothing will be sold, ,, Joe Gulp has sold his .Sixth, .street store and will move to -Meten- whore lie will conduct a general store and post- office. CHOOSING THE BATTLE GROUND Clrtcago Inter Ocean-: A yo::r ;igo the Democrats :uid their aUieij wore boast- iii-K that, they would choose the b;atk- tlold for 1SOC and compel the Ilepubli- can party to so ijito thn tifdit on some otlier quivtiou 'than tlio tariff. They at'o making.uo botists now t , bc>c;;v,;-.e in attempting to execute their prc.at mn.n- pnvt-r to (1-ivort nitjfceJHJon from tlio tariff by making the HnanciaJ issue pvomlnont they arc l-u ,tlie condition of the fellow who slooil at. tho .mn;:xlc c:id of thy gun niul pulled '«h*> trisscr; tlicy ant dcmoraliwd and practically defeated :it iheir own gaaue before t-ho Republican,; have fn-cd a gim. In nr.tejnptlng to ehoose- the batitle-ground for tho Republican party they selected ono for thoir ow^u flestiirction and arc going into the fi^-lit crippled by divisions n-nd irj-tor- nccltio strife. Tho campaign of 1SOO up to this tlmo lias IvH'ii .la tlie nature of a prelimInnry skirmish, which liar! -resulted to the disadvantage of the army ithat forced tho fighting with intent to make the issue or choose tho battle-field. The skirmish will be fought to the cud with some re-arrangement of lines, but the question as .to who will choose the bnr- tle-fiold has not yet been answered. The skirmish is o-n, but the real ba-ttlo is to conic.'and whatever else the Republican pa.rtr. may do. l-t will fisM for Republican, principles. All the maneuvers of the several divisions of the enemy will not force the Republican party onto Democratic ground, nor onto Pop- ullstlc ground.' W-heji the issues arc joined .nnd- the lines face each other it, w.ill,bo "the some old fight," and It will bo foush-t out In the good old way. Awarded Highest Honors—World's Fair. •DR; CREAM BAKING WAGES AND MONET. In 1SC2 the wages of labor, paid In depreciated paper, were less Than 3 per ceiit. higher in- papex than when paid in gold, but the-pa-Ices of the 223 articles used by the laborers and otlier people. In tlio maintenance of their families were nearly 3S per cent, higher than they were when paid in gold; in 1S03 the wages of labor paid rn depreciated paper worth r f bout CO cents on tlie dollar, wore lO'/o per cent.-higher than when paid -In gold, but tlie price of the articles the laborer 'had to buy wlrh hl«s wages wore nearly 49 per cent, higher; i,u 1804 the.wages of labor paid-in, depreciated paper dollars worth 49 cents >ach, had advanced 25% I>c r cent., but he prices t>f -the necessaries of life had advanced 00% per cent.; In 1S05 wages paid In paper currency wortii 03 cents on tho dollar, lutd advan«*«*3 per cent, ibovc the rates previously paid in gold, Si- its equivalent, but flic prices of com- notlitlcs had advanced nearly 117 per cciit—Huit is to say had more t.lmn doubled; and In 18GC wages paid In a currency worth 71 CCTHS on the dollar had advanced a fraction more tlura 52 per cent, from the previous rates in gold or its equivalent, but the prices ot commodities had advanced 00 per cent. MOST PERFECT MADE. • WPJte Grape Cream oKTartar. Powder. Free f r Ammonia,-Alum or »ny other adulterant 40 Years the Standard. Michigan peaches.—Rothcrmel. Buy a straw hat today at Otto's. • Wanted a cirl for general lionsu work at 1000 Broadway. Good wages. I wish eveiybody k-new what remarkable prices Otto'is m.'ikinj; on merchandise, • Wanted—Experienced Rirl In .«mal! family.- Good wages, paid. Enquire 214 Fourteenth street. Ml-ss Daisy Justice entertained a party of. her friends Thursday evening at. -her home iu. a -most delightful maw- .-ncr. Dancing IMK! .other social amuse- ments-were'liidnlged in. Refreshments ware served. The lartieis or Hie Market street M. E. church will Rive a piwic in lionor- of Sister Boston of'Warsaw, Saturday nf- tcr-noan nt Spencer park. ' All of her friends are rerraest-ed to come and .bring we'll filled baskets. H . The ^Southern Indiana, blackberry crop was -the'largest, this year that has ever been known. jn-the--blstory of the- Ware. Posey county ripened enough to supply a lialf-dozea-cltte* and :liUDdrerts of gallons were sold nt ten cents per Ration. A fawner whose name could not be learned was- drowned yesterday, in Eul. river, .at Ron-no. The man. attempted to ford tlie swollen stream and hi.?-horse. was swept off its feet and went down with the sw-jft •current. The. horse'and buggy, lodged ait an island buftbe body of the man lias not yet been, found. MD IT Second Game With Rushville i Prevented by Wet Grounds. ORIOLES CRAWL UP A Small Handkerchief Would Cover the Three Leaders. The Ottos clkl not play at Ruslivill yesrerdiiy. At 10 o'clock'''tlio-'rain wn railing In torrents and Jt.w'as'si.'on tha it'would be Impossible'to'play o.n HIP Ki-ouiKls even If rhe rain 'should cutsc- so tho tftmi came homo .reaChthg here a-t 4:15 via Marlon. Tho'boys report the cranks In that part of tho couutjrj as e.iit.'msi;iisllc for tho league/and they say the KashvJIle club, will-win tho'pen ua.ut. Maybo they wlHj but when tliey come to Logansport they will find plenty of people 4 Just us onthii.slasrlc who think the Ottos will walk''off with the little strip of bunting wlrieli will represent the chirmpl-oiisliLp. • The'R-uslivillo dull puts up a good, strong-game and will nmke .it interesting' fo.r'n-ny of tlir; clubs .in the league. There is Ki-ea.t iiiterest-'nianifosted in the opening gaane of the'league season, with Kokomo next Sundii.y aftonioon. Whatever the otiu-ouie, II: will init si;rve to Intensify the iii1p;r«<f: Kokomo plays here Monday a.ftornoou ;iUo. :nul then tho Ottos go to Kokomo for t\vu return games, Tuesday si-nd AVedriosday. The clu'b lilays :il Klwood Tliiii-sday and Friday, and at Anderson Saitiu-day. Then back homo and wi-th Rus-livilU 1 Sunday and Monday. . • • •J'lio .Tourual has made' arrangomcuts to .«i*nro tlio scorns of thtilwguo gajncs. and will print the scores and tlio pfir contuses of the clubs cadi moruiiDg. Tho scores will be displayed. THE NATIONAL LEAGUE. Rain Interferes With the Oamos In All But Throe of the Town?. Ifclin played mo,?t of the games in the. National league yesterday. Baltimore; shut St. Louis out and Brooklyn 'took a panic from Chicago. Tho' Senators played a dose ga.me with the'Colonels. Following are i:)ie scores of tho games yesterday: At Louisville—Washington R. 1 Louisville 7. '. ' ; At St. Louis—Baltimore (f-St. Louis o! At Chicago—Brooklyn 9. Chicago 2. - ; STANDING OF THE CLUBS. Clubs Won ..Lost Per Ct. Cincinnati fiO 2t> .083 Clevohuid r>4 • p."> ; .079 Baltimore fil ... 2." .073 Chicago 4S 37- .nor, Pittsbnrp - 43 •'!>" -551 Boston 4- 3~> - 1 "' 4 -") Brooklyn'. M, 43 . •<&$ Philadelphia 3." .43 .449 Washington 33 . 3 , 42,,..,. .440 New York 31 45' ' .403 St. Louis .,..' 23 ,^/ift "'"'"'.an Louisville 10 ..S>~;.;. .jf- 2r SPRING NECKWEAR, SPRING OVERCOATS. JOS. Q. GRACE WILL SELL YOU A SPRING SUIT TODAY FOR XBS5 MONEY THAN ANY OTHER CLOTHIER IN LOGANSPORT. LINE COflPLETE. Buy a Lougley Hat and be up to Date 426 Broadway. P. S. If you want a Tailor Made Suit don't forget my line of the Celebrated Stein Block Clothing NOTES O .... Caaule Harlow, who was w/jh., the Otto,? for same time in the ea.rjy.part of the season, fc playing ; short •.•-••for. the niwhvllle teairL^J^firew'-fhe!- -ball away In' rhe game at Rvishy|lTb" Thursday, lettl-ng two runs In!"' nad;'It not been for Mils Hie gaiuo ; inljrlit/wv'e end : ed 1 to 0 In favor of 1 the Rnshvllles. - ; Ma-uion wants Into the,, Indiana .State IcaRue. A letter has' been received -frnm ,T. V. Zn.rtman, the manager of • tiia team at that city.'' iisKtosr^why-Hiey can't be a part of the leagne^. .The manager has been -Invited, "to. at'trad. the meeting of the ox<-cut!.vo;.-)}O.ir<]-.;C.f.:t-l)e league, to l>e held at Amdbrson -.-jnext Tuesday, and' It iji:i->'-'i-ix^nlt|'!n ;Mnrloij and Hartford City both 1 co hrfup. jTiv-fh'us making it n,n eight-dub &ffgue;;''. ^ .'. ; There Is a Rrcat ,.deaj£o.£ newspaper talk goln-o: the roHn<ls-oif-:thft:J'Jjew».>ln the league towns to the: offwt.t lint -thl? player and that. on<; : hns' Iwoff-TslRriccI from' some other olnlVIn'Wc'jtfjrfnifi: This 1-s Idle talk. "If there litfsj'tic'on a'hy of this sort of work done jt will bo undone at tho meeting of thc'e^ec'tiuMve board next Tuesday, and sucl* playp^na .liayc changed poslt-taw slu#e. the league agreement was made wiif 'W'c.o-nipellod to return to the club t:hey"l|ft,;provided Hint club w.-iiits them. QM.o'f the_st.lp- ulntlons of tho leaftue-con'tract is.that no club slwll hire anoth"ei;y-- -plflyevs. without tho consent ofM1ie""eHi.b.-fr'om which the player U liirM'^'.';^ ; , ; DELEGATES ARE^ATIBO. Democratic Prl-mariea HeJd in the Wards Last The Dembcrati lirfd I last niRlrt for tire seiecflonfoif, /delegates to t-ho Ommty cpnventlano'ito b#held- AiiRust -'I 1 for the 'noui*rutt'loii-.-of ooDdi 1 dates'for coanty offlee*. . l thbre : ;w<l«i not. an "ehth'ualnsUc outp^urini^of the faith- • f ul," but tlie nttendaa<\6. jyap jijTr C at all of the meetings. • ./-'^ ,-<,;>•,>;/••''',. • _ ,'. -FIRST WA-8J5>ic. ;',,; The meettnff in'-tMsAvaiid TVOS held nt tlie "Wostslde enRlne 'house'.' Ti»ere<-wfs a creditable sho. wliig.^gjeinpocTnts pr^s ent. C. N, Grafps ,was choaen,- cljuirmau . ami M. A. Little secretary. Tlie follow tig delegates were 'named': N. L. Kale Harvey Brown .Herman Adamskl, .Toht dders,' Frank Gut brie, John. Rehwald Tiillus Wagner, Thomas •Courtney, A D. Pansier, John--J-I.'••Mlnneman, Geo W. Can-u, Cli.'irlas HuM, Joseph Y eager William Duncan,-H.V-F.' Trick, Pa Cearney, P. J..Schrader,'Max Jennings 3eo.''W. Fonder,.J. B. ; ' Mossinger,- An hony Kay, Han-y Uhl,-M. ,T. Gallagher :d Boerger, jr., C. N. GrafTis, Richard Haze-1, Robert.Ray, John Murphy. ,Toh.n H-.Mlnne.imui, Peter W-allrath, M. A r ,lt',tlo, Pat Hoqley, Georao Kennedy .ulJRc.ter.-D. Smith. i'-( SECOND. WARD. The Second warders met in the now ourtroom, with a-falr;attendiMice pres- "iit.:-The meeting was called to order y Patrick.., Mahoney, commitroeman ro-m,the llwt.'-prec.lnct of the ward, and laj. S. L. McFadin wax cnosen chaIr- ian,.and .Toh-a.W.vM.c.Gr.eevy secretaty- There was no speoohninking, no preli- ,'inlna.ry fussing of. any,sort. The dele•gates to tko.coun-ty-'convention were named-ami tJiat was the-eud of it. Following is a list of the-delegates: •Williain-.-Shannahan, George Peters, Peter W«-kfns, •Heui > y'Kammorer,,Iohn Brown, G. A. Shtifer, jr.. Patrick Mahoney, Benjamin Mulletf, W. F. Bopp ,T. W. McGreev.y, -I. C. ,Waid, .Tay Tay- huviAjidy Hublcr, Matthias- Schuceber- ger.,r, Fredei-ldv. Dykemau, Anthony Grnsenmeyer, S. L-. McFatlln, Henry :H-uWer,.,Byron Wilson, Michael Gar- rlgan, - •. : ;-.•-, THIRD ; WARD. The-.Tliiri] wai-d-.met-a-t'. the council cha-mber a-ml wn-s.-'called.to-ordor by Ur. M...A 1 . Jordan; coitmiillteemati, who was selected chairman. Ada-m Feiker wa5 selected secretary a-nd.the:-meeting pro-' ceodod to business. . There-w.is no com- HilMeo on .resolutions; n'o endorsement of-rlio Domo-Pnpu Chicago convention and Jio resolution of sympathy with the Populist, convention at. St. Louis. M. F. Sulli-van presented a,, report of his own design. ua-minK.j'.lie doieg.-ites whicli he wanted the meet-Ing to iinme. Thera w»s.deci<Ied opposition to, tJiis "out; -nin'.i business." as one of.- ttoe,.Democrnts In the.audionco put it,..arid.on 'motion the chair appointed, a. commrttpe of o'ne fii-om each precinct iu tie wni-d to select a ll«t of ddegnt-es. Following Is ihc result of flu; deliberations.of the committee, which the meeting confirmed by •rote: "-. Cli-ris Bei-g.,-M: F- Siillivnti. Alex Apple. J2d Dichl, AVilllain. Gayglin, Chavle:* Johnson. Adnm Graf. M. C. Witch?, A.'Hanson. Henry KUiwick,-Richard Irv!n,-.. George Rhpde.t'<?i-,'A.- V. JCye. Geo. Feiker. .lolin Irwln. ..Toli.n Mlnneman. Anthony- Am an, G-fpi-ge. .Palmer. Fred GuW'1,11, William Hfpp.e, sr., Cyrus Reo-se. ....-..'.! . ... • FOURTH WARD. Paul Tuber-presided-at tl'O ineetijig a! the North street, engine-house, and John ,W. Ban-nes was seeretgn-y. There • was aji-'attenida.nee .-ot'.-. aliout-.-lwenty-four, n-nd a-resolution, wiw. : pas»ed indoi-slug th?, 10 to- 1 convention, .-as CJia^rman Tatier called it, taking cnve. not to speak of- l-t its the Democratic National conven-/ 'tiop;--,Uncle Ben Louthajn had th" eyes .of;-.0)0 war,d-;hiistlers on him, and, when. the Question was-put lie mpokly re sponded "aye" with (lio twf. The. IK vote was uo-r. taken. The followin delogatos were chosen: Pauj Tabor Wailter UIil, Chswlcs Newell, Join Sheerln. Bmiuett Mulholland. M. J AVinfiold, jr.. C; W. Fisk, T\io3. Pierce jr., Jesse Stukoy, Harvey Glassco Frank Stukey, Will Grams, Jordan Hoc-lit, C'hriiS, Heber, George Hoffnwn ,Tu!i.us Leiiiioman and Jos. J. Hertz. . ' FIFTH WARD. The Piftli ward organized by the se lection of C. L. Woll as chairman and Joseph Goss and C. D. Herrick as secretaries. Tim fallowing list of delegates was selected: E, Gormerly. G. Heiismati, M. Martin. F. Bower, E, M.Howard. J. H. Heucb. Fred Monrfort, G. A. Shaefe-r, sr., Win Halpki, C. L. WoJl, H. Brookmower. jr. W. Fan-oil, sr., A. G. Jcnkincs, F. M. KLstler, L. J. Bi,gg, S. ,T. H. DcWolf, J. Miilc;iilw.v, J. Craig, Joseph Mown. F. BiM-gman, D. Dalloy. J. McGillcu, T. Sample, C. Rogan, Tho*. Collins, J. Fries, E. FlUmore, Pelpr Jolly, C. W. Burgman, C. Spiten'agle. Toney Cook. H. Roach, Jr., A. McCsirter. G. Hartmau J«o. Grtfllu, J.' Montgomery. Henry Tousley. BETHLEHEM TOWNSHIP. Chalnnau, James Buchanan: secretary-, S. A. Kesslcr. Delegates.—J, J. Brill, S. A. Kessler, J. W. Neff. John Brlnley, and Jacob Leffel. Delegates tnstnicted to vote fori Stephen G. Conrad for commissioner. CLAY TOWXSHIP. Cbiiuncey Ouster. Delegates.—L. B. Custcr, Willard Jones, Jacob I-Ienkce, ;ind Ashford Ci-ook. JEFFERSON TOWNSHIP. L. B. Edwards, chnirniiu); Geo. B. Davis secretary'. Delegates.—IHi-.-im Harrey. Fra.nk Davis. James Pardons, Wm. T. Gibson. .Tamos E. Buchanan, YVThml L-iIIoway. and William L.-ui:z. JACKSON TOWNSHIP. ChainiKUi, J. /. Loop; secretary, ClKii?. Holder. D«loKiites.--J;imftS Holman. Tames Fanley, .Tamos Ma.i-shall, David Emcrlck, DauSel Burklt, Joseph Gray. Peter Graf, Thomas Morgan. William Lut/, WMJiam F. Sutiiloy, Benjamin Wilson. David Dorland. MIAMI TOWNSHIP. Arth.ur Howai'djTecferary. W. H. Fidler. Dt-Iegafes— Henry Hop- wr, John Carter. William Kleislunan. TohnathiUi Cox, William Anderson, Willam Biirsmah. NOBLE TOWNSHIP, fleonge Zi«ii, chairman, John M. Tarn, secretary. Delegates.—Albert: Winters. Charles F. Sheets, Harry T. Reightcr. Douslass .Ziiin.-.TaiiK-.s X. KC.SS and Ii'a C-otnpr. TIPTOX TOWNSHIP. Chnlirnian. J, W. Rico: sccrntnry. Goo. Enyart. Delegates.—W. M. Logai\.- Stewart Taylor. George Enyar:^W.m. Abe HeJvic. John W. Snclj. Samuel Doran. Jcsoph Bechdol., Frank PWUlps, Manny EngJcr. Harry Stouirh. Edward Guy..J. W. Rice. E. A. Siiyder: VI Wright, H, Murnnn. 01 Erbaujrli. iharlCJ? RincJiart. - . WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP; George W. Rlchnson chairman: W. 3. Burket. secretary. Delegates.— Charle* Wondl-ing, Ooi-ge Miller, H. G. Wan-ick, A. .T. Hunter. Hennan Martin, W. H. Burket, Joseph Dellavcn, W; E. Furguson, H. B. Giniey, Alviu Fej-gu- son, A. F. Murphy. John Novi.ncer, and Robert Rush. MADE NIGHT HIDEOUS. Pair of Intoxicated Females Give Capt. Skelton a Tussle. Night Captain of Police Skelton had a lively lussle last night with a pair of females who gave the names of Alice .and Grace McKiu/.ie. The two women were intoxicated aoid were making a spectacle of themselves on the streets. The Captain warned than to go home and behave themselves, but one of them replied by applying a. vile epithet to the officer, who- thrai j)lao('d them under arrest. They were driving about the streets in a hack -nml the Captain dim-bed in with them ami-ordered the driver to go to jail. When the pair were unloaded a-t the bastile, they at first, refused to po Ji>, font changed their minds with the aid of a little persuasion. When they found themselves behind the bars, one of them became bys- ericaJ and 1 screamed and crio'd a* hough she wns beinc murdered. Dr. Holloway was called and administered QUleUmg dose of medicine a.nd llie people in the vicinity of the jail who had Chairma.n. Willard Jones: secretary,"-Awakened from their slumbers under the mpvcssion thai murder was be.inc don«-, returned to rest. WANTED IN TWO COUNTIES. Eli Rough, Taken for Stealing:, is Moved to Huntington. Eli H. Rough, aged 17 years, was ar- .'.st\"d yi'stenlay upon tJic charge of stealing a sot. of iiariiow fi-oni John Smith :i rosidcjit of the Sonthride. lough admitted the theft of tlio harness .iid i-o-ld the amhoriiits that they wouW iud the projierty :i: a point near Kcn- leth. Whito Rough w:ir? a't police hoad- uartei-s Shorill' Adanus entered with a elogj-am from the Wieriff of Huutjng- oi) county asking him to lw on the look- nt for "W. II. Hough." The lelograiu ,lso contained a dos<M-iiitiou of Rough vllidj l.'iJJk'd exacil.v'witJi that of tie irisoner hold here. The poiK-o at oncf tirnod the jirisouoi' over to Sheriff Adams, whc I<x-l;eil liini up an;l IO)P- graphed the Slioriff of .Hiiniington coiHHy to como and take -him. The Sheriff an-ivi.-d hist night a! 31:2-1 and esroried Rouy;li to Hnntuigton on the 2:41 Wabush train this morning.' He -te wanted at Hunlinglon fcr i-.llcsod lur- While Mr. and Mr*. George Konn'eily wore driving to BurroWK to attend.the. funeral of a relative their horse ran nwny. breaking the buggy in pieces and slightly injuring Mrs. Kennedy. Harry Frank quotes pr:ces which tell their own story. ?.">.00 pants.for ?2..TO, #2.00 for ij-'J.OO, C-'OpJng otit sa)c. •

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