The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 3, 1952 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 3, 1952
Page 9
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MONDAY,. NOV. 8, 19!>2 BtTTTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PACK 555,000 Arkansans Eligible For Trip to Polls Tomorrow r ifo Soys Russia Promoting War; Pledges to Aid West LITTLE ROCK I* — M6re thsyn K5.000 Arkansans hold poll tax receipts which allow them to go to the polls ^ tomorrtiw and decide which presidential candidate will receive the' state's eight electoral votes, It >has been estimated that between 365,000 and 375.000 persons will late adVanUge of their right W,\;ofe tdr pi evident, a slate jjf slate ana county officers, and idiir jn'tiated and refeired ineasules In 'the presidential race, p'urcKislftg law. Act 242- of 1952, has received/ widespread attention because of an (msucc'essiul effort to keep it off the. ballot. Opponents say it would, peimit flagiant purchasing, proponents contend it would revamp purchasing melhodS: Other amendments are No. 41, which would remove a requirement ' ' before hiinlinu'm population of 15,000 a county collld have a cielk, and No 3, which , - «ver candidate — beinociat Adlal ^evenson or Republican Dwiglit tW"5ehho»ei — icceK'es fhe major- its' of votes crtsl will receixe all etgrit ele'tloral votes. The Republicans, who have 1 and Montgomery *nqerl an timisually Intensive campaign along wllh the' Deniociats for Eisenhower — IB this herelo- 01 e solidly DefnocintW stale, ate xm easing a "falnl oulslde hope" hat - Elsenhower will carry the late. OOP Nallonal Comniltieeman Vallace Tow'nsend said he beleived IB general would get "the largest ikansas vote, nUmeiically and ercentagewtse, lhat : any Repttbli- has evei gotten in modern imes " Arkansas Democratic State 'halrhian Leffel Gently said' "Ar ansas will remain Democratic" -le said tie- expected the slate's wuular vole would be divided bout 65 per cent for stevehsori ml 35 per cent for Elsenhower. On Ihe stale level, however; 'ownsend said lie • believed that 3OP , Candidate Jack Joyce of n aj:etlevllle will unseal DeVnocrat- c Incumbent Jim W* Trimble in he 3rd Congressional District. Gentry refuse* lo concede thai leaVllv-Republlcan district to the SOP; He also said Dembcraltc ncumbent Brooks Ha>s would iafc GOP Nominee LoVjfo A. Rosa i 1 Conw«y, In the. 6th District Three state offices: are under jre Democrat/ Francis Cherryj who defeated^Oov,' Sid McMath in .his sununerV primaries, Is opposed by Republican Jeff Speck; Demo- :rattc • incumbent Nathan Gordon s opposed for, re-election as lieu .errant governor by Republican Lee Reynolds, ^ L , «nd' GOP Nominee George W Johnson "is seeking to defeat Democratic ' Nominee Toni Gentry • for attorney general These races generally have been conceded . lo the . Democrats. * The voters also will get to ap : prove or reject three proposed constitutional amendments and one initiated act. The :Mack-Blackwell highway commission' reorganization mea sure, will appear on' the ballot as proposed constitutional amend- inent No. 42. It would set up • 5 - member highway commission. hose members would be. appoint ed to staggered 10-year terms, to replace th« " present 12-member group. The controversial proposed -state c ouii ly Would aUlhorke cities to Jevy taxes lo encourage private industries Four senatorial and one prosecutor's posts are to be voted on, For prosecuting altoiney in the leth Circuit, composed of Oaflahd Counties, Demo- crat H. A. Tucker is opposed by Republican Roy Mitchell. Four senatorial contests: 9th District (Boone, Marion, Baxter, Newton, Searcy Counties) — Roy W. Miluni, Democrat, »nd Guy Raulston, Independent. 16th District (Pulaskl Coiinly) — Max lioweii, Democrat and Wil liam A Cheek, Republican, for jibsllloh No. 1. 19th District (White, Woodrdft; Prairie and Loiioke Counties')— Tw'edell 'Giintef, independent. 20th District (Jefferson »nd W E Flethoer, Democrat »nd J. Lincoln Counties) — Morrell Oath right, Democrat, and Harold Flow, ers, Independent, for Position No 2, State Alloted $8 Million for Highway Work WASHINGTON (.<T) — ArkaiiEas as been alloted S«.4B4,040 hi fed- al funds foi highway work jn the beginning next July 1, the ommerce " Department has an- ounced. The department also announced iat Arkansas' has been atithorlied 05,550 in federal funds for high- ay improvement In national for- during the year that starts next uly 1 These funds, to be matched lo- ally, were voted by Congress last esslon. Separate Congressional ae- on is necessary to provide the ino- ey. light Thompson; Wrong Appendix LIVERPOOL, Fngland I*—Roj liomspoii..lO, went into a hospita ere to have a metal splinter taiien roni ins h&nd. David Thompson, .also id, 'wen a the. same hospital [o have his ppendix out. The hospilal staff is trying to igure out how it happened thai tile appendix that came out be- on ged to Roy. When they, discovered Hie mts- •xke, the horrified surgeons quick- wheeled David into the operat- ng theater-and whipped out the ighl appendix. by Felix Camay 1 W« can credit tel&vision fo: what may be the largest vote in th« history of our countij com* November 4th. Alreadj reports received by the Na tional/Association of Radi and TV Broadcasters from'th State'chairman of iti "Register jftnd Vote" drive show that registration records ar being smashed throughout th country. Registrations in som placet have leaped as high a 82 percent! And here's another polit caLnote: Gov. .Adlai Steven .son thinks enough of TV film i{.s a campaign force to get u "at the crack of dawn to shoo 13 sequences which are bein shown around the country. thus becomes the first, nation a) presidential candidate I .campaign through the -met Him of video film! ... The" current'-World Seri baseball TV hookup is t h ( greatest in the history of com ' mercial TV. Games were being televised on 70 inter-connected, stations in 63 cities. And statisticians figure o'l.OOO,- 000 viewers per game. Ah, this television! ... . litre's proof of TV's growing importance. A calendar ordered by a West Virginia 'business firm for 1953 contained a list of emergency telephone numbers in this order: doctor, TV repairman, fire . mid police! . . . And why not? -When the TV set blanks out. the viewer is interested'in 'immediate repair without un- idue 'cfelay ... so it.might be .W good idea r for you lo jot ~d6wn our telephone number; 3616. and renumber our ser^ ; vice department is staffed wilh faClary trained lechni cians.iFpr quick and efficient : service call us at BlA'TilE- VILLE SALES CO. 109 E. .Main Street. , . . , .---.•' Central Missouri town Hit by Acute Water Shortage GREEN JUDGE, Mo Ifl — A critical water shortage was r« 'Oiled today In this Central Miss ouii town of 3oO population The town haS no wafer sjsfeh and the residents depend on Wells and cisterns, many of *hich haVi :one dry. Some persons are haullhg wale ruin Sedalla, 12 miles »way ' Bert Presson, State Legion Adjutant, Dies MEMPHIS (*•) — The adjutant o the Arkansas Department of th Aftlerican Legion, Bert Presson o Little Rock, died at a hospital her yesterday He was 61. Preison, who was named (o th Legion position In 1937, was slrick en with a cerebral hemorrhni; here last Monday,-He was in Mem phis with other Arkansas Ieglc-1 naires to challenge a Memphle Le gion Post to a membership contes He also was president of th American Legion Press Associatio Presson had previously served a« ii Associated Press correspondent 1 Little Rock and worked on newspa pers in Little Hoqk,,Lexington, K) Knoxville and Chattanooga, Tenn and; Minneapolis,, Mihri. Killing' Politics MEXICO CITY n argument n a bar yesterday over who would vin. the U. S. elections explode* nid a knife" fight in which 'one man was : killed and eriously cut. two ' others \were Read Courier News Classified Ads U.S. Aii Crews Praised WELLINGTON, N. Z. l*^Am< cans are on top in • the Korean war because of the quality of the air crews, Air Chief Marshal b William Dicksoh, who takes ov as Britain's: chief of'.air staff ne January, -said in an -intervle today. »T AI.EX RINGIT.TON « ZAGREB, YugoslavU W'j — In cry defiahor of Russian threats of omlnitlon, Premier Marshal Tito ccused the Soviet Union today ot romotlhg t third world war and edged Yugoslavia's co-operation Ith the West In presenlng peace He laid before 'the sixth Conre»s of the Yuioclav Communist •arty, which opened yesterday, a d,000-»ord review of his struggle maintain his conn ley's freedom gaiiwt heavy military "and econbm- odds since he broke with the Kremlin-led Comlniorm in 1918 Tito addressed U?e 2.300 delegates ! DOM «hd secretary-general of lis country's Red. party. His speech today was one of autlmis optimism, but he warned is party Ihat "there Is. less and ess prospect'of. gliding a renson- ble soiutioh for burning hilerna- ional questions " Tito cautioned that • Russia "Is rmihf lUelf and Its satellites In rder lo achieve It* alms by force hold enslaved countries In s\ib- ugatloh, to seize new territories, nslave other peoples" Tufhlng toward Yugoslavia's re- alioiis with the West. Tilo said o-exislence U not only possible jetweeii communistic and cnpital- slic countries but that experience as shown in concrete wajs thil uch co-opefallon may prove mutu- lly useful. He exp] e^sed Yugoslavia's appreciation for Western aid In tline 01 leed biit hmde plain his opinion 1 was extended chiefly as a nialter of sell-protection for the West. When mined, both iron and alum nUin are combined with . otlie nelals and oxygen. AEA Meeting Is Scheduled State's Teacher* To Convert* Thursday, Friday in Capital LITTLE ROCK (IP) -^ Borne 5.000 to- S.OOO Arkansas' School teachers are expecled lo meet here Thursday and Friday for the .annual A'rkan- Education Association convention. Negro AHA members will meet at Pine Bluff on the saine dates. Items to Iw ulscusSed by tile group Include minimum salaries (or teachers and lax equalization. Other groups meeting lii connection; with the convention include the Arkansas Association of Educational Secretaries, the Arkansas Athletic Association and the Arkansas School Band and Orchestra Association f Uemncratlc Gubernatorial .Nominee Francis Cherry will discuss llic tax equalization'program; Other :couveiitl6n speakers Include Dr. John Tjlsr CalUMell, Unheislty of Aikansas piesidcnt, Virgil Rogers, Battle Creek. Mich., luesldent of the Ameiiuui Assocl.i- tidu of School Administrators; Uewey Barich, Ford Industrial Arts Award Program jlircctor; Carl A. Trester ; jr., American Association for Health executive secretary, and Glenn Overman, Dean of Hie Oklahoma City Unlieisity School of Business. Mamie Is Back at Ike's Side For Wind-Up of Campaign Tour By: CYNTHIA I.OWRV ABOARD EISENHOWER TRAIN ') — Mamie Eisenhower, refreshed and resled'afier a comparative vacation ol four days, plunged back today into.tlie rigors, of.campaign- ing for the windup toln^ht in Boston. After an overnight trip from New York on the 19-car campaign special, the general's lady faced almost as busy a day ns her presi- denlil candidate husband. The morning will be filled, weath er. permitting, with. an open.cnr tour of the Massachusetts capital and Its suburbs. Highlight of her day will he a reception sporsored by - a number of BoMon women's organizations. Then will follow the big rally at Boston Garden, where she'll be presented to tlie crowd, and after that still another 'apeparancc—an llth hour network television and radio show which will formally bring the campaign to a close. Since July. Mrs. -Dwlght D/Elscn- hower has literally been the travel- Ingest woman In the public eye. She's cnalked up almost BO.OOl miles across the country, ridden in endless motorcades, smiled frolr the. rear platform of Ihcir train ii countless towns. Occasionally, particularly wli»i her husband was on an air "whls lie-slop" swing, she's dropped mi of Ihe partv for. a few da.vs. Sh was ab.lo to take a snort breathe the latter part of last week, when her hlfsbaiul was tolirlng New Yor and environs and flying to an from .Chicago. A Messege to the \ VOTERS OF BLYTHEVILLE State 4-H Meet Starts Wednesday LITTLF HOCK (IP> — Aikansa rural youth.will' toriioi row and Wednesday for the 7t annual- Arkansas 4-H Congre* About 200 hoys and girls arc expec ed to attend the meeting. ELECTION DAY SPECIAL BE SURE TO VOTE • It's your privilege l It's your obligation AND BE SURE TO SEE These Election Day Specials at Sears Catalog Sales Office Men's Sueded Cotton Pullover Sanforized. KxcUiriKly sport styled. Handsomely tailored. You'd expect to ,pay $2.50 and more Tor lliese good-looking jacket-shifts. Boy's Gabardine Surcoot-Wool Lined Firmly woven rayon arid nylon gabardine, Treated to J;epeKmoislui'Si Crease resistant. Smart half-belted styling gives it an expensive look. Blessed Event "Kiss Me" Doll . She cries, pouts, puckers her lips. Head, legs »hd Arms of soft vinyl plastic. Wears shirt-panly combination and gown. Wrapped In blanket \ . ' Clarobeil -Beloved T.V. Clown Fully dressed and equipped as you see him on. the popular Howdy Doody program. Floppy-cotton stuffed. Real buy. * 1 Napkin Of The Month Gift Box / Look at the savings on these 12 packages, Including 24 napkins for each major holiday. ' 1.89 2 for $3.69 $2.50 Value 6:95 $6.95 VoW Catalog Sales Office SEARS, ROEBUCK AND CO. > 217 W. Main, Blythevill* 4.49 $70.69 Voru« 2.69 $4.79 Vofti* 98 e $2.35 Valut PHONE 8131 A Candidate for Judicial Office can ask for your vote and support on only one platform — that he will act fairly, Impartially and efficiently in office. N, In asking for re-election to a Second Regular Tejrm as Municipal Judge, I fully realize that I re-elected upon my own merits. I know that the people, from years of experience, re-elect Judges, who have demonstrated their ability to perform their duties properly. --....-•-..,.... The Municipal Court of Blytheville now serves approximately 50,000 people—North^ Mississippi County — compared to the Police Court of the earlier days which served a town of up to 7,500 people. The Police Court exercised only limited ef imi'nal jurisdiction. The Municipal Court exercises both criminal :«nd civil jurisdicton. Yet the appeals (o higher courts from the judgments'of the Municipal Court during my term of service have been.less in both criminal and civil cases, than appeals in criminal cases alone in the Police Court days. I believe my fairness and patience have been demonstrated to the satisfaction of the people of Blytheville. So far as I know the Blytheville Municipal Court is the only Court of Re'cord -which meets daily (except Sunday) to hear cases in order that every person shall have the right to a prompt trial if he desires. I feel (hat I know most of the citizens of Blytheville personally and that they know my qualifications. I ask thai those who do not know me inquire, of any lawyer of their choice, as lo the candidate best qualified by ability, temperament, judgment and vigor for the duties of the office »nd I will b« htppy to abide by the result. Allow me again t6 ask you, after full consideration of my record, for your vote as a candidate for a Second Regular Term as Municipal Judge. You are the J u d g e to decide if I shall be re-elected Judge and I ask for your verdict. •Sincerely P'-'-L vi/mn ^-~*.- '.,...- Politlol AdTKllsenMnt Paid Ftr fcy Gr»h»« Superior Weatherproofed This Beautiful Home, located at 300 East Kentucky Street, owned by Mr. Charlie Partlow, was Weather- Proofed, Insulated and Beautified by 535 North 6th St. Phone 2350 Blytheville

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