The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 13, 1950 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 13, 1950
Page 8
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Liquor Shipment Ban Is Upheld AituMMas Tribunal Backs Cancellation Of Expert Permit LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Feb. 13. lip, — The Arkansas Supreme Court today backed up Revenue Conimls- •foner Dean Morley in his effort lo •fop liquor shipments to legally " 1 Open House Is Held at New Harrison Negro High School "dry 1 Mississippi, The court. In n unanimous opinion. upheld the revenue commis- noner's cancellallon of a liquor export permit Issued to the Sun Bx- port Company, Lake Village. Ark. Tlie high court ruling dissoh-p^ »n Injunction wliirn Pulaski Chancellor Frank Dotlgc Issued against Morley interfering In operations of ill* Sun company. Provisions of Ar( 223 ' .The export permit was issued under provisions of Act 221 61 1949, which authorized sale of liquor fnr shipment to other states and levied » tax on such shipments. Later Morley asked Sun and olh- er export permit holders lo surrender their permits. The others, all In western Arkansas, compiler!. Sun re. Jused. When Morley sought to're- •voke Sun's permit, the company obtained the chancery Injune.tlon. Although mas', liquor from Sun's warehouse, admittedly went to Mississippi, ft was teslified at a healing before Morley that at least seven shipments went to Oklahoma. which also is "dry," Oklahoma Sales Were Basis Tn its opinion, written by "clsie Justice J. S. Holt, the Supreme Court commented that "the action of the commissioner in revoking the permit could be sustained by us solely because of the seven Oklahoma sales." - Tne court said the Mis.sls.iipi)! "black market" tax on Itqtior Rales "is in no sense a condonation or license." Plans for Negro X-Ray Drive Made Woodruff Wheat Plan. 1 ! for the mass chest x-ray ' iurvey to be conducted In Blytlicville lal« this month and during the I'lrsl nine days of March were made for the Negro residential area at • .meeting yesterday »t the Negro Community Club. Ten workers met with Mrs. C. G. Redman, executive secretary of die Mississippi County Tuberculosis A.S- cociatkm to plan for the distribution of educational material, ami to schedule various areas for the clinics. .It was announced today that the clinics will be planned for the Negro residential area by Rebecca Williams, health chairman, who will work through Negro churches and the P.T.A. The new Harrison High School.*, which lias been under constructio for about a year, was opened U N'egro patrons and members of th Blytheville .school board, said tha classes hud been in session In th< nen- building since last, Tuesday but thai there was still some work to be done, equipment to be added and ground improvements to lie made before the building would be compleled. He indicated that nr open house for the white schoo patrons is being planned for earij spring. Tlie buff tile building was erected at an approximate cost of $100.000 with additional oullay for furnishings ami s!le. Hughes and Company was contractor and U. S. Branson architect. Principal George Holljs said Hie building contained eight classrooms, a .study hall with a sealing capacity of 100. central heating svs- Icm, and light oak airnlane type individual desks for studcnt.s. ft is a one story building and houses the six upper grades. The fnrmer high school building. Just south of (he new building, Is being used for eltmcntnrv grades. The new building is located on a f.48-acrc traet with 619 foot fronton McHnney Road and 315 feet ISO attended the yesterday. Junior on Elm Street. Approximately opening house . and senior students escorted guests through the building. The tea was sponsored by the faculty and .students of the .school and refreshments and decorations carried out the valentine motif. Red carnations. formed a centerpiece. Special guests other than the Blythevillp School board were: Superintendent and Mrs. w. D. Nicholson. Miss Winnie Virgil Turner. elementary school supervisor, and Miss Rosa Hardy, assistant, superintendent, and tile architect. ATOM Continued from Page a •tornic-hydrogen secret*. A* formulated, it would call for Britain and Canada to accept the Magazine Honors University Head BIRMINGHAM. Ala.. F'eb. 13—M' —The Progressive Farmer, a monthly magazine has..selected Dr Lewis Webster Jones, president of tile University of Arkansas, as one of three "men of the year in Agriculture." Others named by the agricultural publication were J. Oliver Emmerich, editor and publisher of the McComb, Miss., Enterprise- Journal, and C. B. Hnddon, superintendent of the northeast Louisiana experiment station Dr. Jones was cited for "the administrative skill with wtii-h he has welded the many branches of the institution into a .solid front, has focused the service of the Institution on the greatest needs of (lie state, has sained the confidence »f his farthing staff and that of the people of the state." Mishaps Kill Eight Arkansans Over Weekend Jly The .tssochifrd Press At Jcast eight persons died violently in Arkansas over the weekend. Mishaps during the week ended Saturday at midnight claimc ( at least 21 lives. Flash floods claimed three lives Mrs. Mattio Irene Dildine, 42 anc !ier .von, Jimmy, seven, drowned Sunday afternoon near Saffell Lawrence County, when their wagon was overturned on a flooded :reek. Another son. Luthrr, escaped by ciiltiiiK one of the horses loose mil riding him to safety. A rain swollen creek caused (he leaih of Miss Novella Ix>we, of the Washburn community (Washington bounty). She was drowned trying o escape from a car that slipped nto the surging creek. At Genoa. Curtis Sloan, about 0, of Cleveland, o. was beaten [tally In what authorities think «s a row ov'er a gambling game, filler County officers have started search for his assailants. Violent mishaps in Arkansas nice Jan. 1 have taken 100 lives. RAINFALL Continued Irani page 1 own Sunday by the peppering rain 'lie Red Cross today reported about 0,000 persons still are homeless as of the ^—^—•^~—~m Obituaries Dies; Services To Be Tomorrow Woodruff Albert Wheat, a retired farmer w|, 0 | 10< i ma(Jc h | s , )om( , h) the New Liberty Community for the past 34 years, died last night and services me to be conducted ut •; p.m. tomorrow. Rites will be conducted at the New Liberty Baptist Church wit the Rev. Russell Duffer, pastor, of ficiating and (he Rev. p. n, j C rn lan. pastor of the Calvary Hi.ptl' Jnirch in Dlylheville, assisting Jurial will be In Klmwood Cemc tery. under direction of Cobb Fu leral Home. Mr. Wheal, SI, wa.s born at Vin •ent. Al«. He is .survived by two sons <ugh and J. p. Wheat, both ol Ely heville; four daughters Mrs L 1 Jcardcii, Mrs. Omar Wheat, am Mrs. W. n. walker of Blytheville ml Mrs. j. L. jone s of Memphis 0 grandchildren and H grea randchitdron. Active pallbearers are to be R M .vcock, Orville Jarrclt. FinJev Per ins. Clayton Holder. Malcoh, ooncc and Maxle Kooilce Honorary pallbearers will be' Shet Bovill B. L. Holmes, finest Powell V O. Pillow, D. Garreit, c. c. Cobb Vhittle, II. s! Rogers, Hiram Mcnd- "Vi/- Lloyd ' Sl - w - c - C'<'n . \. Pierce, Chester Caldwell, nil. on Elevens and Curt Williams His wife died several years aeo. Kites Held for Infant Last rites for Edward Bunch Jr *'•« conducted ^ 2 p.m. totlav .•>( he Cobb Funeral chape! by the Lcroy Henry, pastor of the , or Yarbro Methodist Church Tile baby, son of Mr.'o-id Airs Wwaid Bunch, Sr .. , of BlvthevlMe result of floodwaters wollcn fit. Francis River. Three other cities reported more ban four inches of rainfall dur- 16 a 24-hour period ended at :.10 p.m. .Sunday. Ho* Springs ap- . arently recorded the most with 4.79 . inches, t.ittle Rock had a lolal of 4.CC and Walnut, Ridge had 4.05. Tornado smashed two houses near Mount Holly. Ark Tornadoes Kilt 47 SHREVEPORT. La.. Feb. 13-W, —Tornadoes whirled through four stales over the weekend leavihg at least 47 persons dead. | loday what caused . n, , Another 200 r, r n , 0 ,e were Injured carrviug secret ntoiL , B , pl! " m K-ast Texas. Northwest Louisiana, K.nt.'rraf,, "!.., a !°'.'," c <iat " lo eras Tc'nne.ssce. Plane Crashes With Atom Data ALBURQUERQUE. ,V. M.. Feb 13 -WV-nivc-stigntors tried 0 , | c '. lrl , I loday wlmt Aid to Education To Be Discussed Forrest Resell, field executive for the Arkansas Education Association, will discuss federal aid (o education at a meeting a t Reiser High School Wednesday night Parents to Meet Tonight On Glee Club and Band A meeting of alt parents of members of the Blytheville High School glee club has been called for 7-30 tonight in the high school auditorium, Mrs. Wilson Henry, glee club director said today. Tlie meeting will be followed by * meeting of the. high school band mothers at 8 o'clock, she snid. The dinner meeting will "be the regular meeting of superintendents . . Coun- start at 0:30 p.m. U.S. system for clearing persons for access to secret atomic infor- -. ° " i •"•j^uuu mation and a free exchange of in- , l n '"«tpnls of Mississippi formation between security divisions y ' wi " slarl at 0:3 0 I of the three atomic enterprises. Thu would include information «bout individuals. The arrest In Britain of Dr. Kliius .Fuchs, on charges of passing on atomic information to Russia, reportedly ha.i brought the negotiations to a virtual standstill. Livestock ™ ,, '^ AL STOCKY ARDS, 111., Feb. 13-l/C^-(USUA)-» OKs ,0.300; "clirc steady U, 25 higher than Fridays average; bulk good and nsoVoT 240 '" barrmv> and ^'^ 17.aO-18.00; several loads 18 lO-'S- op 18.25; mast 250-270 Ibs'l675- 7.25; 270-355 Ibs 15.15-16.75- 140- lb ptgs ° . '. m » : E °°" a " rf cllolre sows 100 Ibs down H.50-15.50- heavier sows 1350-14.50; stags 8.56-1 100 Cattle 4500: cnh-es 600: steers in i supply, m05tly mc( ..... good; opening trade active' low Moscow Visit Planned By Indochina Leader SAIGON, Vietnam, Feb. 13. <AP) —Ho Chl-Minh. leader of Nation- i "list forces In Indochina will .soon I I'."-"!"' visit Moscow, French sources predicted today. The Kremlin recently recognized Hos government, which Is a rival to the French-supported government ot former Emperor Bao Oaj which has been reroanizcd by America and Great Britain. -n i n m Kfm > -' ;i SODO; heifers and mixrd voarllnas "g will, co , vs nl . ollll( , 50 - ," h "f? medium and good heifers and i K-' «l yearlings 22.00-20.0o' e,,m on »"'i medium heifers and "e l8 - n °"'' !a °° : w " Southern Arkansas and ,.,,.,.. Nino persons were killrd In Ihc •ittlc Tennessee farming cornmun- ty of Hurricane Hills, near Kinlcv 'arly today. The twisters previously had itruck 38 persons with death in N'ortinvcst Louisiana and East Texas. ' Tlie .sheriffs oflioe at niplev reported that still others, probably Negro tenants of t h e stricken Wootlarci farm, were believed killed. Three houses also were damaged by a twister at fioscmark. near Memphis. No one was reported injured. As the tornadoes: continued a northeastward course, the death toll mounted In Louisiana and j Texas. ! The Red Cross reported 29 were killed in Ix>nisiana. This tola] did not Include one fatality reported by..the Shrevcport Times jn Slnevc- Tlie. death of n-year-old Shirlm- Windsor in a Lufkin Hospital ciirlv today raised the death toll in Texas to nine. Tile !ornadoes--.spnwncd Saturday when a mass of cold air collided with a mass of worm, mnisl air- struck at least 20 times in than '-'4 hours. ' tors and the pilot Ills|)cctors c • "itchcock, -Okla • irCC "' 3I ' Loveland'. H " 8h "' Williams The (icnd ,', f'^"""" c" ,"?";' n Jr V» ^ f, Jr., .U, of Al The plane was returning here from the onsl coast, officials sad /» . t' nlsf r ;"""' :<l west Wera " ffc i n was '"" sl *" t of o ,m WiiS ccmi " B i f > ..loic vas hn ar( ] from m The plane was under contract to e atomic energy commission H vas owned by cam, Plyin, Kc - | , much operates between Alhu- Steersman Felt The'Missouri' Going Aground NORFOIJC, Va, Feb. 13. (Al>)_ 1 ho b;ittle.ship Missouri's steersman said today he "knew she was goliiK aground" but' did not tell the skipper "because It is not my place to "ivc the captain orders." "It Is my place to take orders" ami besides, "the captain was quite busy at tliat time," Quartermaster Second Class Bcvan K. Travis add- Travis wax testifying at a naval court of inquiry probing the giomid- ing of the nie Mo in Chesapeake Hay, Jan. 17. The witness said he knew the ship would ground unless she wore turned to the right. Asked by the Judge advocate how he knew this he replied that: ' 1. The ship was "sluggish" in answering the helm. 2. She seemed to be slowing down. 3. U was evident that .she wa.s too far to (he left— (North)—as the shoal light was on the port—(loft) —bow w-lirn it .should have been "well on the sini board bow." Travis has been assigned as helmsman- on the Missouri since 104li, lie testified, and lie has been at (he wheel "many times" when she entered and departed Hamilton Rosas. He .said he did not know the ship was to run , ..secret electronic range - - ^.^^,^,^ , 0 Jii5t outside tiie main ship channel. y°u1 »' 1850" is Elaine Paudcau ine Missouri grounded while at- i young Paris fashion designer' tempting to run this range. Her election as seamstress queen coincides wilh the opening or the Pans spring fashion showings SEAMS FAIR ENOUGH ~ Happy with her new title of "Miss Midinelte (seamstress to Rebellion Hovers Over Indonesia JAKARTA. Java. Feb: 13. ftp, _ :cro hour for a threatened rebel- Ion against the infant United State' if Indonesia pa.ssed peacefully today, but (ho nervous nation" kept |) Its guard. The former Dutch armv com- nando, R. p. p. (Tlll . k , Wc sierlin K issued an ultimatum to the ouiig government demanding rec- emlion of his private army in west ava by Fob. 12. His troops In '„ inlden thrust seized key points in jindocng and u, C n withdrew The army continued to reinforce indung emplacements recent I v irown up around Us headquarters nd over government centers in this umal. The 10 p.m. curfew is m ,' eloxed. Hoad blocks in Jakarta and i vest Jai-a highways remained ravily maimed and guarded with lachine guns. The manlumt' stm is llnd n- Westeriing. who, with a follow ig of unknown strength, is holed up a secret mountain headquarters Pastors Disband Alliance Till May The Blytheville Ministerial Alliance today voted to disband until the first May, due to heavy winter and spring programs in the individual churches. Tlie .Rev. Roy r. Bagley, president, said that called meetings would be conducted in case of ur- .FKHRUARY 13, I960 Adenauer to Ask For More Police FRANKFURT, Germany, Feb. 13 Wi — Chancellor Konrad Adenauer says he will apiwal to the Western Allied High Commission for more police strength -for the west German republic. But U. s. officials said loclny (hey know of no change in the ruling which forbids the Germans a federal police force. Tlie chancellor (premier) complained to the high commission yesterday that his government needs added police protection. He cited the mass do n 1011.51 rat Ions of 3.000 truckers in Bonn Friday protest'ing a boost in gasoline prices. Only Bonn city policemen were on hand to handle the demonstration. Europe Granted More EGA Aid WASHINGTON, Feb 13 i/n T ' ountries an additional 1US H.710.000 also Thp, meeting today, conducted at the First Methodist. Church, was attended by ten pastors. The groi'p discussed the work re- ief program, recommended by the alliance, and asked that each church seek further work for those seeking assistance through the program. It was also decided that the Rev. Mr. Hagley would act as representa- ive to the Blytheville "y" until it vas determined whether or not the alliance president was an ex-ofticio •enresenfative of the alliance on the 'Y" board of directors. 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