The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 3, 1952 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 3, 1952
Page 7
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1*AOB SITHN | Letters to WetftorV Note: O. E. Dim«tt v lp* bMn at* at tb» Infers at fee bt* In »«st*rn Artansu for •early • h»lf-e«ntury. A past pM*ld*nt o* *• Arkansas Bar ' AacoeUtton, h* wu admitted to. practice in 1*0« Hte Marianni, Ark., lav firm has teen' Identified with som* of the most Important litigations in the «tat».) Lee County if my native heath. With the '.exception of four yeans at • time :when the Wanderlust urge of young manhood caused m« to trek'" to Oklahoma to' " grow up with the country" I have ! spent ,, nearly three score and ten years i in It' ,The strives of many of my ancestors dot her ancient burial pounds. ': ....'-.: Nearly a century, ago Colonel Paul Anderson,' a brother of my maternal grandfather, 'organized, «nd liter commanded, a Confederate regiment composed largely of men then citizens of Phillips County. TITO of his brother* were officers therein. If memory, somewhat dimmed by age, serves me correctly, men whose : names are, .yet 'illustrious and revered. Slaughter Hutton. Derrick, Thompson, Owen Dozier, Howard, - and many others who followed him and Lee and Forrest, whose names I do not now recall, joined it. These men and their forefathers >ere Jeffersgnian-Jack- i son Democrats;- and worshiped a ! the shrine of Robert E. Lee. and I Jeilerson Davis, Later their sons ;• and daughters proudly and rever ','• ently joined them in support" o ',> Cleveland, Bryan, "The great com 1 ^moner" and ,the revered Woodrov '£ ; Wilson. Most' of us hopefully ', cepted the leadership of Franklin "(Delano .Roosevelt and worshippei aKhls political throne until he be eirn«» drunk »lth long tenure o power,.'"abolished the long estab llsh'ed'."two-thirds', rule" .which gov erned'. the. convention" selection .'o „_ Democratic candidates for presiden '£,(and vice-president and thereb 'struck the "South" the most devas tatlng,blow known to-political his tfiry. At a later date he turned hi back on "Jimmy" Byrnes and, afte giving'orders to -"clear it with Sid ney"-, put his' stamp of approval u "Harry, the 'haberdasher," as hf vice-presidential choice. Sh'ortl thereafter he departed' this life •few-years too soon—and -the "Cap tain" of the Pendergast machine 1 Missouri took over. Time and newspaper/ space ar too valuable to attempt to revie the 'misdeeds and abominations f the" seven years which cover th Truman administration. I know Is trite to say that it is .replet with political filth : and- crimina maladministration, arid:' that 1 created a stench: in the nosj.rils those,, in -.»ny- wise'- familiar .wit It -Is. undeniable.; Moreover, .eve though a "red 1 herring" he thro™ across the trail of an Alger His. and countless horde of'his-ilk' th trail of the scent,' like jBanquo ghost, is wifii ^us forever.JFyrther more, it becomes'sinister fnA rnor obnpxious'when such'young and 'a'r rogant- "Key Dealers" as Senate Humphreys of Minnesota,' Bla ' Moody of,Michigan and Congres. man "Franklin Delano i Jr.", wh in the "Battle of Chicago" la summer attempted to take over *,h Democratic party (so called) an eompuliery KPC.^Uw for ttw aUe«*d pur- 9<e of pronlbitlnf discrimination i the employment of "wbite«" and ne»roea"T We of : 'the South, and especially you of the younger eneratioh, bhould ponder lorn and ervenlly before voting for a "par- advocating that which in two- old measure would (1) Strike down he power to contract and (tl the power of th* state* to regulate lelr domestic affair*, both of which re ulthln the aegbi of th«'Federal Constitution and have been the Bulwark ;of our strength and pro- ection since the "birth of th« na- on". Furthermore, and of-equal If not reater importance," do you prefer . President who has unequivocally nd plainly stated In simple words which may not be misconstrued or .Isunderstood that the GO called civil I rights" problem which would trike down the segregation of the •acestin bur public school 'system hould not be regulated and con- rolled-by the Federal government, because 'It Is, ' and ever has been, within the orbit of "states rights" in the'local level. From my viewpoint, I am firmly convinced thai a vast majority of the negro lead- ;rs of the South-fully realize and appreciate the progress that.,has »en, and Is being made, In order o provide their children educationa facilities.and does not desire to see a quadrennial political footba! the detriment of every many woman and child of whatsoever color or creed whose property rights and citizenship are deeply roote< In the soil of the Southland. Moreover, I furthermore maihtaia that the 'Toundlng Fathers" who nearl; two hundred years ago, wrote (hi Constitution of the :Unlted States, the "greatest document ever pennet by man" said what they meant and meant what they said, when they Incorporated therein the "states rights": doctrine—and two hundred years of experience is "proof of'the pudding." ; Whose counsel and advlc* shall" we. take as to .whom we should cast our vote for President?: Shall we face the known facts and follow, our own. bast judgment?. Shall we follow such leaders as Edward A. O'Neal, longtime President of the American Farm Bureau, who Introduced . General Eisenhower : at Memphis, who says that "Ike is an humble, God fearing man from ah humble farm background' and has devoted his life to his country's service." "A .man .who cherishes American traditions «nd wants above all else .to preserve freedom in America for our children and our children's children?".- Of,.:shall we follow the fetish of "fealty to a label "" which Nationally, is now as far removed from .the party : to which we and bur forefathers ha\e heretofore paid homage ; BS the North Pole Is from the South. Shall we follow the.-lead-of him a endtt to hk MS*, •owww, when h« undertakM to ebaU*r«* ohowwr's patriotism and boldly t that hk "wartlma command n Burop* wa* not good for the American negro," I lc*» my r«- sp*et for him. And to a greater •«- ent I lose any respect that I may nave had for the leaders of ths< rty who led him into such an er- and I also firmly believe that •or, a vast portion of his ran* will feel ikewise. As you may now b» thinking: 'Well, Senators McClelUn and Mi- bright, u well u many other southern 'senators . and Governor-elect Cherry, are ardently supporting Mr. Stevenson." 1 am well aware of this fact.. Likewise I am aware of the fact that when they ran for their respective nominations; they signed a plfdzc to support'the nominees of the party. Neither you nor I would have -them violate that pledge. No other rout* is open to them; 1 ,Aside from ! all this they have a place to fill in Congress after January next. But you and I have no such obligV. (Ion, and are at perfect liberty to vote for "Ike" (as I think. they would do If at liberty) and then \ote the straight Democratic ticket on the'State level. ,Wheri you 10 vote, have little fear that you will be "read out of the party for so doing, or that you will not be In select company. If either "F.D.R." or Woddrow Wilson be your guide'to party fealty, you may follow in thepath they tread. It is ~ matter of public knowledge and rec- •ord, so admitted by both ol them, that oftlmes they had voted s "split ticket." We are living in a troublous age. The wisest "of the wise does no! know wh»t a day or a night, might bring forth. For the past two years •I have been confined to hospital bed and room with nought to do but read arid read and become 'confused and more confused. But. withal, I have fslth in God and in America—and her'people. We have but one choice. It must be Elsenor Steven. On the one hand we have" a soldier, a capable; administrator, who successfully-led through the greatest war known to mankind, who is more familiar with our foreign relations and . better qualified by experience to cope with them than aoy against whom, living man; and throughout i fortj Fish Story Whacked to Size EASTBOURNE. England :sh story—about the man who flung a boat anchor into the' sea nd hooked a tsvo-ton whale—has seen cut down to site. First, 'an expert from the British Museum' came along nncl said the monster, VIvmn Cell and his rlends dragged In wasn't a whale t all. It was a H-foot basking hurk. Then, before Oell could collect 0 "pounds (528) that an animal esler offered for the catch, hun- reds of sightseers hacked the fish o pieces yesterday and carried it .way for dog and catstood. TEACHER DOES A DOUBLE-TAKE—Teacher must have thought she was 'suddenly afflicted with double-vision wlwn she walked into this classroom in Stockholm, Sweden. Eleven sets of twins and one set ol triplets (front, left) reported for school. State Firemen's Convention Set FORREST CITY M>>—The State Firemen's Association convention opens here Wednesday and some 4fO Arkansas firemen are expected to attend the/3-day meeting. Speakers \vjll include Walter Plangman. director of the Arkansas Inspection and Rating Bureau; Glenn Zimmerman, executive director of the Arkansas Inspection and Rating' Bureau; Glenn Zimmerman, executive-director of the Arkansas Municipal League, arid Ben Laney, former Arkansas Governor. men, only a few .of whom r have heretofore mentioned, who openly espouse the election of Eisenhower?Or shall we follow the lead of "lightweight Harry" and "heavyweight Joe Louis," a picture of whom-lately appeared in the "Press" standing with Democratic Nationarchairman Stephen Mitchell in headquarters in Washington pointing to a large portrait of Mr. Stevenson. Louis is there announcing.that he will vote years of service to his country the finger of fear, scorn or shame-has never yet been pointed. Bold and honest enough, .regardless of political consequences, to publicly and emphatically slate : that if he be elected President, those fundamental and constitutional : principles which we in the Southland cherish and revere and which have been a part and. parcel of our v,ay of life shall not perish..What more could you^ask or desire? On the other hand, we have Governor Stevenson, a cultured, high 7 ly educated,.honored gentleman, in .every sense of the word. We may gladly admit for the sake,of argument that his personal attributes and his short tenure as Governor-of read out of It such men (as Byrnes' for Mr. Stevenson (which I concede of_ South ^Carolina, Governor Battle, he Is at perfect liberty to so do). But why? "Because Elsenhower's southern campaign and his wartime command In Europe.was not good for the American negro^" What rot 1 How dlsgustingl How degrading! Any proper .comment would not'be -and Senator Byrd of Virginia. Governor Shivers of Texas and a host of others who fought Valiantly and successfully to,'defeat them. Would- ypu. : prefer' to have, such time honored'Democrats as Byrnes and Byrd, and hundreds of others of like position and "character, who are now openly and ' proudly supporting Mr.•; Elsenhower speak for you- Would you prefer to .follow the advice of John W. Davis, a Democrat of the - .".Old . South"," • an acknowledged.leader'of the'Ameri- can Bar, presidential nominee in 1824,, who recently said he ^ould vote for Eisenhower because the "wide spread corruption in government'.demands a change" in party control" Or would you prefer those who have attempted to cram down'the.throats of the ''South'" Germans Plan Mountain Climb MUNICH. Germany f/P>—A' German Himalayan expedition-is quietly preparing here to scale the great Nahga Parbat peak as Germany again takes up the threads of its war-disrupted ventures into scientific chievement. Dr. Kar!. von Krausi. chairman of the society which plans to launch Us first, expedition in 1953. stresses that the program Is one aimed nt science only. In choosing the 26.653- foot-hlgh Nanga Parbat,. the Germans; have picked : a mountain which already has turned back the best of German Alpinists. Thus far the expedition Includes nine clirho- ers. Four previous German attempts failed to scale the peak, locatet where the" borders of Russia, China and Tntiia meet. Last to find defea at,(he hands of the towering Hima lavan mountain was a party' nhich Many Industrial plants are; now utilizing mirrors, to warn firemen in boiler rooms of unneces-sdry smoke coming from chimneys. Illinois qualify him for the Presi- I attempted it in July';-1934, .dency.'-Nevertheless, there are disqualifications which 'he cannot deny oV surmount. To whom is he indebted for t his nomination? Well, echo answers, to "Harry" aiid 'his cortorte, public officials who "followed in his train." to "Jake" Arvey the, political-boss of-Chicago\and a thousand and one others, of his type who 8cuttled-Barkley. Kefauver and Russell -'and crawled on the bandwagon which "Hirry" personally steered. Co^me, November 2nd, 1952, Deo Volens. In the words of "Jimmy" my country ; above -loyalty to political printable. I can truthfully say that party" now dominated and degrad- I have heretofore held a lot of re-' ed by Truman and his cohorts, who RUPTURED? «\I,\ The DOBBS TRUSS IS DIFFERENT CITY DRUG CO. HI East M»ln Bljthevtlle Read Courier News Classilled Adi bear a hatred, towards the South v.h!ch| finds expression daily in thought, word and deed and shall proudly cast my vote lor Eisenhower and Nixon. I shnll then vote the Democratic ticket straight. Both of which I shall rto In.the firm conviction tharf my country, my (our children and ten grandchildren, and all ot my "In-laws" will be made more secure in future years by the election ol Elsenhower. (signed) C. E. DAGOETT. HANDSOMELY REBUILT LAKCEK - MOKE POWEKfUl • WITH * WRITTEH GUARANTEE witfc Coph*4 Pom IMMEDlATt sfRvrcf * * * , ' \ FOR FREE HOME DEMONSTRATION COMPLETE Wltfc 1 AD," ."•»:•• MOX Show' Starts Weekdays 7:00 Sat. Sun 1:00 Always a Double Feature LAST TIMES TONITE —.Plus — Popeye Cartoon & Shorts TOES - WED :2 HITS! RITZ THEATER MANILA, ARK. SUNDAY-MONDAY-TUESDAY FUNNIER THAN "SAILOR BEWARE"! . DEAN JERRY C«rtw» « N E W Air Conditioned By Refrigeration "Your Community Center" MANILA, ARK. Matinees Sal, & Sun. 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