Carlsbad Current-Argus from Carlsbad, New Mexico on November 17, 1911 · 4
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Carlsbad Current-Argus from Carlsbad, New Mexico · 4

Carlsbad, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Friday, November 17, 1911
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SWASTIKA FANCY NUT COAL f FREE FROM. SLACK $9.50 per ton' delivered any where in town. GIVE IT A TRIAL. CARLSBAD ICE FACTORY AROUND CARLSBAD i Christian & Company. ; FJr Insurance. J. I. Penny spent two days' this week in Lakewood, on business. Don't forged the auction on the street tomorrow at 10 a. rri. A good huggy and Tiarncss and other things you want. Finest Havana "Cigars. Jioxes of fifty and twenty-five Eddy Drug Company. !Mrs. F, F. Doepp returned, .to l-i . KsMvtr. irt thic ritu lfivf PurK. dav evening after ' - visit frith relatives and friends at Wichita, Kansas.- Notwithstanding the extremely cold weather which prevailed there last week she reports a most enjoyable trip. Turkeys for Thanksgiving, or any duy you choose. it Hit cranberries etc;, if you want Hicm. .loyce-Pruit Co. Don't waste your money bitv- iing strengthening plasters. Chamberlain's Liniment is cheaper and 'Ix-ttcr. Dampen--if piece of flannel with it and bind it over the affected parts and it will relieve the pain and soreness. For sale by all dealers. Mrs.TJrville Kmmons and son wilHeave nex Sunday morning Inr :m cv ti'ml(1 vivir :if Mmir fnr- nn:r home in Kansas. They will lie joined later by Mr. .Kmmons as snnn uK he. c;m " nrrnn'pi' to lf:ivf Ji is farm here, which is immediate ly norm ot uie nonesiarm. For Furu Loiiiih h F II. Marshall, office with (iittcwood He A mi n1 rou "It is a pleasure to tell you that Chamberlain's Cough Remedy is the best cough 'medicine I have ii it 'i CaijiplMiJlj- of Luvonia, (5a. "I have used it with all my chihlien and the results have been highly satisfactory." For sale by all dealers. Mrs. (i. M. Cooke entertained the ney bridge club at her home last Wednesday afternoon. Those present were Mesdames- Roberts, Osborne, liraden, Hopkins, Richards, Church and Kskridge. Refreshment s -we re-- se i vei I r .M rs , Is? l i) i ft 1 1; ll-nii .iuiirli,l tKn iMinn for .making high score; Stoves. Stoves. Stoves. All kinds, lull prices, Rob-crts-Dearhorne Hdw. Co. Biir -Hrookins, who has been mjla A ... ... l-v.. !.. ......awl jury since April... 1910, was arrested in Maria, Texas, this week and was brought to Carlsbad' last evening by J. T. Cooper. He was charged with "failing to return the hides',' which carries with it the implication that he slaughtered cattle which were not his own." -'-,.- "There could medicine than " Cough Remedy. le no better Chamberlain's My chiidrcn were all sick with whooping cough One of them'was in bed, had a high' fever and was coughing -up . blood. Our doctor gave them Chamberlain's Cough Remedy and the first dose eased them and three hottles cured them, says Mrs.4. A. Donaldson, of Lexing ton1 Miss. For sale by. all dealers. v -,'.. $100 Reward, $100. Pi maters of Ibis luprr alii be plrasrd to Ima tfcil IM M l wwi au umulrfl tm mrirm . Ii In M lu rn ki all IK ium utd Utal M l.uirti. Holt t'.Urrti 'ui K It auly pnatllv r'irr imw lutuva to the mmlioil Irntrmltir. Utanl li iij omnilutlonsl durur, IMuin (nutlto. tMlaml. Illt (liUrTti Cut l Ukr k-trr lily, arUti' dlrrrtly ypun thr bioud and nuroul IjntM or tk mtrM. IhrrrttT ofltrUTtog InuuttlMi ut lh utvw. Ki'4 1r-I U pa Ural 1 1 Bsturr In 4oi4 lu cork. TW roortrtor kavt u nur laltk kt III rumiiv povrn tkat ikrt oOrt irrti or Du.iuna MP tn conaututioa am O-W ll-lrrl IMIan Inr mitf rut tkal It Uka to For fresh vegetables of all kinds, go to A. G. Shelby Company's. We have a choice lot of Turkeys and all of the trimmings for your Thanksgiving dinner. Joyce-Fruit Co. A. C. Heard has sold his auto to his ephew T, C. Heard, of Knowles, and "Daddy' Vis now "a foot-." T. C. Heard expects to tneve within the next few days to Seminole, Texas, where he will make his future home. Mr. Heard has purchased an E. M. F. "30" through the firm of Jones & Hull and expects to soon be riding around in .a fine new'tniT. He says that - he cannot get along without a car and finds one ab-soutely essential in his business. : , II. L. Edwards, representing the -Business Farmer of El -Pasu, was in this city a few days this week in the interests of his paper. The Husiness Farmer is the only agricultural paper published in this section of the entire southwest which covers the various interests of the farmers, including, fruit growing, live stock, poultry farming in general. It is practically the only farm journal in the Unite'd States published and devoted to farming under irrigation; He left, this morning for Pecos and Harstow enroute to El Paso. Jewelery repairing a specialty. II . II. Dilley. .. ' . - The blak driving pony belonging to George Duncan created a little-excitement-- 6iiL-thecourt house lawn last Monday afternoon by overturning the buggy to which he was attached and dragging it across the sidewalk, badly demolishing the buggy and harness. In some manner .the horse,, he-came untied from a post on Canyon street and started for home. In turning around the buggy upset, which frightened the horse and he started up the walk for the court house. The buggy top caught on the trees bordering the walk and a general smashup resulted.. The buggy was a comparatively, new one, valued at about $100. It is now in the shop being repaired. - " y Invitations announcing the marriageluf Miss' -Mabel; daughter of Mr. and M rs. J .... F. : Rarevof Carlsbad , to William"; Paul Brady, of Pecos, Texas, were issued yes :rua ay. ... i nc ceremony will place at St. Edward's church hursday. November. 30th at 11:00 o'clock. The bride elect is one of the attractive and accomplished young ladies of Carlsbad who has made her home in this city since childhood and who has by her many charming attributes en cleared herself to a large'circle of friends. The groom a practiq ig attorney in Pecos, is known here in both business and social circles, andboth of the contracting parties are the recipients of the sincere congratulations of their many friends in this city as well as in Pecos, w here they will make their home after January 1st, 57 11 AraOpery r 1 ha cooling system, automatic mixer, ball-bearing governor, in the quality of Ci material and Cti acamcy of its workmanship. I want you to have oneTkejarefm Come and get one. ?. Ohnemus , ' itTftmivB AGENTSflili R. Ohnemus & Son BOTH SIDES HAKE CLAIMS ItpMcm Concede Setse Stste Cfflai to lie Deeoaits. fc&t the Litter CUla ErtrytilEi. : Tbp latest election returns are about as reliable as - the average story of the big fish that got away. The latett. issue of the New Mexican hasn't a word regarding the late unpleasantness, while the two Albuquerque papers agree that the official court will be necessary to determine who is elated. At this time the republicans concede the election of McDonald, for governor, DeBaca, for lieutenant governor, and Lucero, for secretary of state. All the other state officers, the republicans claim" for their party. The democrats will concede nothing, claiming everything in sight, and then some. Following is the latest estimate, compiled by the republican mana gers: For Governor McDonald....,OU Buraurn 27,143 Democratic, majority 2,868 .28.298 .28,109 For Lieutenant Governor DeBaca . Martinez. ..... .... Democratic majority..... For Secretary of State Lucero , Romero. Democratic majority..... For State Auditor i .... 189 ....28.219 ....27,813 ... 406 ...27.778 ...28.349 Delarado Sargent, i... Republican majority..... ...I.. 671 ..28.539 ......27.817 For State Treasurer . Marron ,.,;.. Mirabal............. Democratic majority..... i .... 722 ... 29.008 ....27.492 For Attorney General ' Clancy McGill..:: Republican 'majority 1.616 .....:.....28.169 ..28,102 For School Superintendent- White........'..... ... Stroup Republican majority..... ...... 67 ,1,.:. .28.617 r: 27.981 For Land Commissioner Ervien.. 'Emerson .-.-tTn-'.-.. Republican majority ... 636 ...28,366 ...28,604 ...28,434 ...28.060 ...28.104 ...28,019 For Supreme JunticcH- Parker.... Roberts . Wriajht - Hsnna. ; . ...... ... . Dunn. . . .'. Burkhart Average Republican majority 377 For Corporation Commission Armijo ..27.676 Williams. ......:..vr..:.:.v. .28.032 Groves - - 28.126 Owen..: 27,618 Martinet . - 26.806 Van Stone. -J- .'....27.423 One Deer Killed. Another deer has been transferred from his native stamping ground here on earth and gone to the happy hunting grounds where hunters are unknown and his horns never shed " II e fel 1 from one Diercing shot from the: rifle of Guy-ATReedoneao the crack marksman of the N. M. N. G. rifle team which won honors at Camp Perry, Ohio, last summer. Last Sunday morning Messrs. Reed, W. W. Dean and Henry Smith started about 3:00 o'clock, horseback, for a day's hunt in the hills southwest of town. About daylight they came to a stopping place and after a brief consulta tion as to plans they separated. each following small canyons Within five minutes after separat ing one lone deer ran the gauni let and sacrificed himself to the prowess of Mr. Reed, The friends of the latter have enjoyed venison steaks for the past few days. Reasons Stkkney's Catechism b a guide to Engine tatkfactimlt states 57 reasons where the Stickney Engine excels all others tn its out' side igniter, straight line valve motion, perfect Ctxhbad, N. 1. Eten Star Scchl. Following is the program of the entertainment to be given by the local chapter of the Eastern Star, Monday evening, in Masonic Temple: ; V PART L Kins of Claba... .'. Muck Orchestra RadUtion .........Knock mo When I'm Dead Halm WallMS When the Tide Comes In. ...........ii.. Millard lira, J. D. Rackley . Addresa.... Mayor McLenathen Cornet Solo. ....Selected ; Dr. L. Enrln ' Melody of Love... .......Encleman Mrs. R. M. Feasenden Readlnv Selected Mrs. Mary Thorn TiaMorn-.i... .k,..........(MbI Messrs. Hicks, Woolley. Moore, Armstronf , PART IL ; . Melody Overture.. . . i. . . .. .Shapiro Orchestra Old Tubal Cam........ .........l...Harriss John Moor Readins;.......'...... ...The Five Paintisw - Mable Hartahora - Nocturne Guldo Papirri , H. D. WooIWy Good Bye, Sweet Day Vannak Mrs. H. F. Parr Reading- .... .....Setoeted . Miss Martindale Piano Solo.' .....Home, Sweet Home Sarah Morrison DIAMONDS. I can save you money on diamonds. A diamond makes a lifetime present and one always appreciated. Let me figure with you, and show you prices; it will cost you nothing. Milton R. Smith, Corner Drug Store. " . Is your husband-cross? An irritable, fault finding disposition is often due to disordered stomach. A man with good digeston is nearly always good natured. A great many have been permanently cured of stomach trouble by .taking Chamberlain's Tablets'. For sale by all dealers. , Another Bad Hombre. Pancho Perrea. while under the influence of liquor, attempted to administer fl, whipping to his wifer about noon yesterday, and failed in the attempt. He was intoxicated and was unable to handle his wife unassisted, so had two other Mexicans to hold her while he de- iyered the punishment which he thought was needed. At this junction, Alfonso Dominguez, a brother to the woman, appeared on the scene and interfered and the husband drew a six' shooter arid turned upon him. Dominguez knocked the pistol from his hand and picked, up a piece of piping about two feet long which was close by and struck Pancho over the head, knocking him uncon-sciouh. ,A sca,lp wound about two or three inches in length was in flicted, Believing, he had killed him, Alfonso came to' the city and gave Himself up' to the authorities. The injured man was taken to the hospitaL-where. medical-attention was given, developing the fact that he was not seriously hurt. Two stitches were necessary to be taken in the gash which was cut in the top of his head. After sleeping off the influence of the drunk he was taken to jail to await a hearing. The affair ocevfred near the deep ravine where the citv's dump heap is located. We have Turkeys,' big and little, for your Thanks- giving u inner, urder one a m W aT early to he sure. " Joyce-Fruit Co. Mr. T. E. Williams, who last week bought the business " of Matheson & Little, has taken charge, and Will Mathesdn will remain with him for a time. Mr. Williams will continue the policy of square dealing of the old firm and give his customers the best in his line. He solicits a continuance of the patronage of the firm which he succeeds, and asks a share of the trade of all who buy of the products he will handle. fc For Thanksgiving Dinner. Turkeys, Plymouth' Rock poultry, suckling pigs. Delivered at your home dressed or alive. Vnlle Vista Ranche. Ar;OTiIERflEXlCAriSl!QQTi;;G A Ksa Voandei ca Sitsrd, -3 i Report Hade to Officers U&tll r - Hocday Eve&ing. Another controversy among the Mexican population of San, Jose, south of 'town, last Saturday night resulted in a shooting scrape, and as a consequence one horabie is suffering from a slight flesh wonnd , in the right side under the arm ' and the one' who did the shooting 1 probably enjoying a muchly needed siesta in Mexico. The cause of the difficulty could not be learned as the customary reticence prevails among those who were present.'" .:"; ;V-. The affair occurred about midnight, Saturday, but was , not reported to the police until late Monday evening.. The one who did the shooting was reported to be a one armed - man. Deputy Sheriff Jones made a flying trip to Malaga and arrested a one armed . Mexican, and when taken before the unfortunate victim was not identified so was released. This gave the fugitive twenty-four hours additional time to make his getaway. He was heard from at Pecos, but was gone by the time communication was established with the officers there. At last accounts he had not been apprehended. TURKEYS! TURKEYS! TURKEYS while they last; but do not wait for the last. for your Thanksgiving Dinner. Place your orders early with Joyce-Prnit Go. Secretary. Scott Etter.of the Pecos Water Users' association, accompanied by Mrs. Etter, returned from Washington last even ing to which place Mr. Etter was . sent some ten days ago by the board of directors in the interests of the water users. He was seen by a representative of The Argus late last evening and stated that in many respects he had accomplished much good for the farmers under Jhe.project. He was given a most attentive hearing by Secretary of the Interior Fisher, his first assistant, Samuel Adams, who visited the project here aboutj sixty days ago, and also by the head officiate of the Reclfmation Service. He refrained frorri making any portion of his report- public at this time, reserving it to be presented first to the board of directors of the association at the meeting which will be held tomorrow. A full report will appear in the next issue of this paper. Did you ever see a self-filling Fountain Pen? It is the handiest thing in the world, next to a button. Gome in and let us show you one. I have the Coklin self-filling pen the one you haye seenoidvertised ih. all the leading miners. Guaranteed not to leak or soil your fingers. Milton Smith, The Watch Doctor. Corner Drug Store. Summons and Notice of Suit. In the District Court, Eddy County, 1 New Mexico. Thomas J. Strawn. Plaintiff. ' No. 1462 vs- , Ettie Strawn, Defendant To Ettie Strawn, Defendant, Greeting: You are commanded to anneai hofnr the District Court, for the County of Eddy (that being the Court in which the complaint herein is filed and said cause is pending), in the Fifth Judicial District, in the Territory of New Mexico, and answer the complaint of Thomaa J Strawn. on or before th 12th day of December, 1911. You are hereby notified that the general object of said action U to obtain from you a divorce on the grounds of abandonment, cruel and inhuman treatment, and adultry. xou are runner notified that unless you so appear in said cause on or before the expiration of the period aforesaid, the plaintiff will apply to the court for the relief demanded in the complaint, and judgment will be rendered against you in said cause by default as demanded in said complaint filed. - The attorneyi represientina the plain-tir arevMe8art. Bujac and Stenma, and New U exkxk . " Witness ray hand as clerk of uid court, and tbe seal of .said court, at 9rlbad. New Mexico, this the 19th day of October, 1911. - JSfg S.L Roberts, Clerk. rvfr HMd lor fit of IraUawMikU. Ndim r. J. flir.XEV CO., TotedO, O. Kali kva ?. lu a tmiir F tot twmipti 2t 'Phone 43F.

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