Carlsbad Current-Argus from Carlsbad, New Mexico on August 25, 1911 · 5
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Carlsbad Current-Argus from Carlsbad, New Mexico · 5

Carlsbad, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Friday, August 25, 1911
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MROUND CARLSBAD frs Articles. , ', teddy Drug Corhparjy.' . , For Ret A furnished room, iwith Lprjvitiioiit light house keeping. Inquire this office. ' . T. A. Ezell has been in town this week, and also made a flying trip to Roswell. He says that he has fine grass" in his pasture down on the state line, where Rupert and Marion are now working. . Seamless Bags for alfalfa seed. Robert s-Dearborne lldw. Co. An ordinary case of diarrhoea can, as a . rule, be cured by a single dose of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoe Remedy. This remedy has no superior for bowel complaints. For sale . by all drupgists. ' When", down town make The Eddy Drug . stove your Headquarters for everything." Buy it now. Now is the time tcbuy a bottle of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy. It is almost certain to be needed before the summer is over. This remedy has no .su-. perior. For sale by all druggists. 'Prescriptions Compounded Dav or Nigh, The Eddy Drug CompanyU Charley Tucker, of Loving, j The-Eddy County Central Com-. came up Tuesday' afternoon with j mittee will meet to-morrow, to the Pecos team to see. the game, j take a look over the situation,, set : 'He is a" great fan and says that : a day for. the primaries, assess Loving has the making of a team - the candidates and otherwise there that would surprise, the val- make democratic noises. Besides ; ley, but that everybody has to i the county offices there are two work now in the alfalfa fields. If you want a good, tender roast "for . Sunday dinner don't 7 forgeCthe U. r SrMeat Market. - Mary Mize who has been Visiting with the Tiptons for the last year left Tuesday morning for Kansas Citv" where she will make her future1 home with' her father Dr. H. H. Mize. She is the ten year old niece of the Tiptons who were in town overnight Monday to see her off. Send us your orders for Binder Twine. Roberts-Dearbone lldw. Co. Cuts and bruises may be healed in about one-third the time' re-quired by the usual treatment by applying Chamberlain's Liniment. . It is an antiseptic and causes such -"' injuries to heal without matura- tion.hisJinimenLa Soreness of the muscles and rheu matic pains. For sale by all druggists! : ur n n a w -i,,mcA i firm is the Carlsbad agent. There Will Purdy and family returned . ,- . c vV , ,., rr..L.A were about a hundred agents as-from the California coast Tuesday , . . . ,. . night, after quite an extended vacation. Mr. Purdy says that ' tile ll&fllLil vj L Liiv w ' whom the trip was made, is great - ly improved, and that barring a : ' "X ' "n : are1 all welf, and enjoyed the vacation greatly. Native corn-fed beef; fresh and ! Springs on the way back,, and in-fine., at the U. S. Market. . ' i speded- .the-Pikes Peak Region.; - - ' j L. S. Haworth, wite and child, of Alexander, Louisi'nia, are in town siavinii ai uiv oauien-- jiuu.h; , . . . .. , ;- . , : " . , n,; ,. ( i ! bokmg after the repairs to be put in Rio ista. Ihev aVe; friends . . . " . ... : ,: 2 .. . .1 !on the south Iti hties dam, which of the Coopers, ana will probably, , ,, , . , . . , . ,. i r .,u , was baoy washed during the flood, -remain m-town indefinite y as they ,V, ,, . ' .... -- , ' 1 1: 1 .L iuii mVc if-' ! 1 1' dam will he repaired as soon . ,n l, ... . , y-., tf r --,,.as bids can be accei)ted, the speci- .worth. Mr. - Haworth is first : ,. .. ., 1 , . ' - I f cousin of Percy. ..-Haworth, who was here in -the early days, clerk at the iSchlitz. is - Christian & Company. Fire Insurance. .'. Tuesday morning Mrs. Agnes Wallis ana son Leet Wallis left for the home of their sister in Bern, Kansas.Lee is quite improved in health, and leaves much encouraged with his stay in the valley. He however had a narrow escape ' from death , last week1, when he took' accidently a large number of sleeping tablets and was with difficulty , kept fromtrelapsing into a state qjf unconciousness by the " doctor, who said' that if he had come fifteen minutes later he would have been helpless to aid the lad. 1 o . " Send us your orders for Biuder Twine. Roberts- Dearborne Ildw.Co. WANTED. An exper-ienced lady clerk. Must understand alterations, for our Ready to Wear Department. Apply with refer ences to Morrison Bros. & Co.- - - Mayor McLenathen returned to town Tuesday night from a short vacation spent in Denver. Mr. McLenathen went on the invitation of the Maryland Fi$elity & Guaranty Co., for whom he has been writing insurance for a number of years, but extended his visit while in the Colorado capital, staying with his sister Mrs. Varien, who has frequently been in Carlsbad. While away, the mayor ran across a number of old timers, among them Dr. Van Norman. - W. P. Brady, manager of the Pecos baseball team,, is vastly proud of his aggregation, and is a good spon besides. . Mr. Brady said that with the exception of Higgenbotham the Lake w o b d pitcher, who is with the team for a month, every player has his ! residence in the city On the south J end of the Pea Vine. Carlsbad is I developing' a fine team, and is ! just finding out what kind of players it has, and expects soon to have an all home team of stars. . Seamless Bags for alfalfa seed. Roberts-Dearbbrne Hdw. Co. members of the lower house and one for the uppe.r house to be sent from Eddy County. Dr. Doepp is .chairman of the committee, and the other committeemen from Carlsbad are J. R. Linn, Jake Owen and T. R. Horn. , John and Ezra. Hartshorn .and son, Obart,.and Mr. Record were up twice this week from the metropolis of the lower valley. Their car was not running smoothly, and several times gave them some trouble. However, the Hartshorns only consider it part of the game, for they are great automobilists. Mr. Record is contemplating putting in forty, acres of his land at Malaga "in cultivation, planting twenty acres in aKalfa and the rest in. cotton next spring. " H. F. Christian, . of Christian & Co., Insurance, returned Sunday n ig h t fro m Denver where . he had gone to attend a conference of agents of the Maryland Fidelity and Causaulty Co., of which his SCIIlUItU III IIIC 1JI.I1 lllCJ 11 IllCll UJJOJIS who heard several papers on the bonding business and who ' met I., . r preen jjf the company. I TVifMr wn re olcr hanHcnmpU? fn - I 111. J 1 V. I rf I. I . fW IIIIIIVi.KIIIVIJ ... 'tertained by the company - at' a banquet at the Brown Palace, the most famous hotel in-the entue Rocky mountain .region. Mr. Christian stopped at Colorado. Colonel Muzzy left for theffront Thursday morning,' He has been I 11 (tit, 4 i " .11 - In hi iuwii iwi a luu ;ic wi wttivn ! fications for the same having been "nrnnnred ilnrinir tlic last few davs. Engineer Lewis, being engaged on ' them, Mr. Muzzy says that there has been ' immense ;, damage doneJ by hail to the growing tobacco - in Connecticut,, where' the - finest Havana wrappers are grown. The demon hail, it seems, does not confine its damage to the southwest, although fortunately there was not much damage done by it here thTs season. . Chiggers and Mosquitos Are now in their glory their ! business is good and they are happy. There is no earthly use of your letting them chew on you', however, if you don't like their ways. A, little Hunt's Lightning Oil applied to exposed parts will keep them off, and immediately relieve the irritation caused by their, bites.. Rub a little on and see for yourself. Morrison M COMING The Fall TIT Will sec a greater showing in our Ready-to-Wear for Men, Women and Children, and also in our Dry Goods Department we are now showing many new things for Fall Wear. ' New Ideas in Women's Fine Foot Wear in the latest snappy styles and all leathers NEW GINGHAMS OUTING FLANNELS and ipany other Wash Fabrics in reat variety and style A splendid showing of NEWFALL HATS for "Men of a day ahead'made by the well known maker STETSON BOY'S SCHOOL SUITS At Popular Prices Now is the time to look after the School Children. We can supply you in every need for tne little fellow in Suits, Odd Pants, Blouse Waists, Shoes," Hats in feet everything that is required for them. The prices are right and quality the very best. Come in and look over our stock; it will pay you well, to ... . i do so. lorr is on & Company Bros' Store T Ir , o IN DAILY of 1911 Bros, A railroad inspection party consisting of Supt. MacMahon, SupU Klasner ef the B. and, B, dept ; VVillard Keen, roadmaster, and VV.. J. Lanke, assistant engineer, were , on an inspection tour looking over -the work done since the "recent flood. Wille he re they stud ied carefully the needs of the Carlsbad yards and hope ' to materially increase the facilities here in a short time. The 'recent wtfrW-trf-putting in the long walk of . vitrified brick has improved the looks of the station a hundred per cent, and sets off the depot building to much better, advantage than tor- , merly. The work on the mteripr of the . building will be started '. some time this fall, as there is much red, tape in the starting of railroad construction and the plans-have to be approved several times., over before any work is done. Christian & Company. Fire Insurance. Thirty Years Together. Thirty years of association . think of iti How the merit of u good thing stands, out in that time or the worthlessness 'of a , bad one. So there's no guess, work in this evidence of Thos. Ariss, Concord, Mich,, who writes "I have used Dr. King's Now Discovery for 30 years, and it s-the best cough and. cold cure I ever used. "Once it "finds . entrance in a home,' you can't pry it out. hfny families have -used u tony years, u sine ihom in fallible throat and; lung medicine - oh earth.. LTnemaled.for lagrippu . .i i....; r a.. , asiiiuia, iiay-icvci, tiuu), iiuuiAy orsp.rcjungs. Price 5Dc, 51.00. Trial bottle fi:ec7(iiiar:intcctl bv ' Eddy Drug Co. ' '",-. - For Sale. lrine registered Jersey cow and , , calf, good ' all around team and harness, Deering mower and rake, buck rake , b u nc he r , : Ciccrl ess ha y loader, cable-stacker, .carrier and fork, harrow, set t ols. lawn mow-.. er, Planet Jr., ; garden seeder and cultivator, Sunlight hot bed, sash ' and glass, wheel .barrow,, fine heating stove, Perfection .oil heat-, er, Kay's lamp, side- board, chif-" fioncrc, .wash stands, magazine? rack; table, chairs, settee, Macey sectional hook cases, dishes, chamber '.set,. Hygienic tireless : cooker, pictures, oil paintings, etc. . R. J. Hood, Loving, N. M. County Commissioners Meet Sept. 8. There will be'a meeting of the, county commissioners on the eight " of next month to accept bids offered by the firms interested in the rebuilding of eounty structures 1 - 1. ll . . . 1 tL'l. .. iiiiiu.ieii uy uiu i.uv noun. i nt commissioners will also consider road matters brought- before "tht-court for ks attention. No Limit to Your Smokes ICnjoy asjiny Rothtmberg ldc. Cigars as you ulease. ,T,he best. Inild ever blended." SirU'N's ('orn Knives, mid IIml SluMirs. Itol"rf s-DcnrlMirno lldw. C'o. Attack Like Tigers.-, In lighting to keep, the blood pure. the. white -cm piiscles attack" disease get ins like tigers. , Hut often ..germs multiply so fast the little fighters are '-overcome.. Then see piiiipks, boils,, , eczema, salt rheum and sores multiply and 'strength ;nul' appetite fail. This coild it ioii demands lect t ic I '. 1 1 : ters to regulate stomach-, liver and kidneys and" to expel iio'isons f iTiiTi-the blood. "They are the best blood purifier," writes C. T. Iiud-ahn, of Tracy, California, "I have-ever found." .They 'make rich, red blood, strong nerves and build up your health. Try them.. 5C at Eddy Drug Co. Notice For Publication. IX-partment nf the Inli'rinr, U. S. 1-aml Olliw at Uosw. ll. V. jr. . AukusI . l'.tll. i Notici' i.i hiTrliy iriwn tliut MiikK"- Si-oll. of Mont Clair. Ti-xim. who m K-lrury lit. 1 :Hti made hiiiiM'Kf.'uii entry rrml t(Jl ,T. f,ir thf NK' Serf km :U. TnwpKhip pn, S.. Haiitci- ! K , ami Kutrna J Mi'Coy. uf Al'int t'iair. lVxa!. who im Koliruary I'J. l'.tlU. niailv II V. Svnal No. mi 7m. for UitM 1 and J ami K'i NW'i. SniKin Twn-hii M S . Kanire K.. N M IV. M. ri.lian have tiled notice of inti ntmrvto make Final I'onimu-talum 1'rtnjf. to entablwh rlium to the land ahttve deacribed. before A. R- O (Juinn. I'mliate Clerk of Eddy Co., at hi. office, in Carl.bad. N. M . on the lKlhdayof SuptenJber. 1911. . Claimant names aa Mtneaww: Thomaa A. rUell. Leah L. Hrown. William R. Jackaon, Clinton A. Kwll. all of Mont Clair, Tx-8-11-4U I T. C. Tillotikin. Keciter

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