The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 13, 1950 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 13, 1950
Page 3
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MONDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 1950 BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THKKE U.S. Plans New Look at Foreign Policy Study to Decide 'Where We Stand On Soviet Issue' By John M. Hlghtuwrr WASH1NGON, Feb. 13. (AP) The Truman administration was ported today to be taking a new, JUiall look at American foreign policy to determine just where the U.S. now stands in tlie conflict with John L. Lewis Becomes 70 Years Old With No Idea of Quitting UMW Job The study is being made by tlie National Secuilty Council winch agency embraces the State Department, tlie Defense Department ant other government agencies. Responsible officials said the aln ol the review, latest in a series o such studies to keen President Tru man and the cabinet currently in formed of "where we stand," Is no expected to produce any new turn ii major foreign policy. It may ,however, lead to soni answers of (mentions raised by the hydrogen bomb, its possible use-> and impact on world affairs. Open questions are suid to include, whether U. S. Is more powerful In relation to Russia due to H-bomb possibilities, how Ion.? il may be expected to hold any edge it has, what effect the possible new we >pon will have on strategic planning and of the bomb. Koinb Use Is Difficult Informed authorities say "use" is one of the moet difficult. It involves determination of whether as a matter of high policy the United States should reserve such 3 weapon fur retaliation only or whether it. should use the H-bomb like any other WASHINGTON', Feb. 13—W— *• flic iron man ol tli* coal mines— John L. Lewis—lias reached what he would call three-score years aiid ten. Quoting scripture^* n d Shakespeare, weaving ornate language into his vigorous outbursts against coal operators, he is slaying on the job as president ol the United Mine Workers. He reached ilic retirement age of 70 yesterday, but the executive board of his union voted to continue' him in office, as had been expected, lie apparently has no plans to step down from his lifelong fight—31 years as UMW president—for better vvii^es and working conditions in the coal fields. He celebrated his birthday quietly at a family party in his prc-ciyil war home in nearby Alexandria, Va. His hair is getting grayer, and'last week he smiled broadly for photographers, but the Iowa-born labor leader shows few signs of mellowing from the scowling, roaring spotlight figure he has been for the past 15 years. Widely regarded as complete boss or 40U.OOO miners, he hus soft- pedaled such talk and claims his only power is to recommend and persuade. This is particularly pertinent no* with most of the miners still or strike in the face of both a court order and instructions from l>ewls to return to work, lie could be heavily fined is he were found res- Griswold Selected As Yale President- NEW HAVEN, Conn.. Feb. 13 <AP>—A 43-ycav-old Vale history professor the next president of Yule University. Prof. Alfred Whitney Griswokl, a Yale graduate and member of the •miHy since 1033. was selected by ol the Yale corporation lo succeed President Ihc present study, signs of a of ally radical new turn in major lines of action spring mainly from recent statements by Acheson. Senators Break Ideas Breaks have come between the administration as a whole and congressional leaders—particularly Senator McMahon (D-Conu). chairman of the senate-House Atomic energy committee and Senator Tydings <D-Md). chairman ot tlie Senate Armed Services Committee. Bgth advocated dramatic new U.S. attempts to reach agreement with Russia on atomic controls. Both suggestions have been turned down. However, Senator Lucas (D-I11). the Democratic; Leader in the Senate, yesterday recalled proposals from American scientists for a new approach to atomic controls, and suggestions that President Truman appoint a group to study the matter. Lucas said: I believe the time has come to consider all these ideas, because they offer us the chance for another start, another effort to save civilization while we still have time, jt dispatch' yesterday from' Mos- coi; (pajsed by Communist censors! sJp, talk of the possibilities of acmerin gworld wide atomic control has been revived in Moscow's diplomatic circles. N'cw Apr>r;\l Possible Saturday, Senator Connally (D- Tex), chairman of the Senate foreign Relations Committee, said tbe jKmsiblc for continuation of the. strike. "Every once in a while they listel to me." he said at one time, am very careful to say those thing they want me to say.' I am thci agent. They pity my salary ($25.000 plus cxpcnsesi. They keep me Ir good clothes, they buy me cigars I work for thetn. I expect to con tinue." le tubers aturday 3harles Seymour as Yale's llilh resident. President Seymour, who reached the mandatory retire- icnt age ol 65, leaves Yale on June 0. Griswold will become president ic following day. Griswokl was graduated from Yale n 1029. He taught English at Yale or one year afler his graduation, ind then did graduate work in Ocr- nany and at Yule before rejoining he Yale faculty as a teacher of listory in 1933. During Ills career as a Yale teach, Gvissvoln attained an ivuernft- reputritiou a.s a historian, >articularly through nooks. of his U.S. May Help To Eliminate Slot Machines U'ASHINofSN, Feb. 13-(/P>— Federal prosecutors iroin all parts of the country meet with Attorney General Mcarath today in what may hernia the start of a n.ition- vsirie drive against slot rhuchines. While the federal government has no power to act against gamblers as a usual tiling, McGralli's annual closed-door meeting with U. K district attorneys will be followed this week by a federal local crime conference at which the so-callcc '•one-armed bandits" are cxpecfcf to get close scrutiny. Justice Department officials sal he federal government is not starting any drives in the local law enforcement field. They say It Is offering all possible cooperation to the states against the operation of gambling syndicates and other organized crime. The crime conference, s]ionsorcd by McGnitli, will, bring together federal, state find locul law enforce-* mem .authorities. U will be held Wednesday, and will be addressed by President Truman. You and Your Income Tax: Deadline Is March 75— It's Tax Time Again — This May Help You File: 15,000 View Biers Of 2 Curley Heirs BOSTON. Feb. 13. lit';—A crowd estimated at 15,000 passed through the Janwicaway home o! former Mayor James M. Curley yesterday to 'pay respects to his two oiliest surviving ciiildien who died, wUhiu 14 hours of eacli other Saturday. Son Registered By Rosscllini ROME, Feb. 13 — (Ifi— Ingrid tteiRman's son was registered officially yesterday as Renato Roberto Giuseppe Ros.selliui. The registration certificate at Rome registry office listed film director Roberto Rossellini ns the baby's lather but made no reference to the mother. Attorneys for Rosselhnl, who made the registration himself with his two attorneys as witnesses, said the mother's name would be added to the registration later "uflcr legal complications arc cleared." Rocket Reaches 51 Mi!e Height WASHINGTON, Feb. U. VAP) The navy IIH.S revealed Unit Viking rocket fired Thursday White Sands, N. M., reached an al- Uude ol 51 miles. A navy officer .s:iid U conld have climbed higher, but the ascent was at Special traffic police details diverted mourners formed long U.S. "at -some appropriate time" renew efforts for on iuter- nalionnl atomic control -<igrecmcnt through the UN. He said possible international agreement is not out and "some stubborn nations" might yet realize the need. Up to now, tlic administration in relations with Russia has committed the U.S. lo a policy ot countering Soviet-Communist power with American power at every possible point. The process • of building tip .strength, as Acheson told a news conference last week, is well advanced in Europe and tlie Middle East but only starld In the Far East following the loss of China to Columnist. The extent to which the nation's established commitments will have to be carried forward—as in the occupation of Germany and Japan ?mA in the European military pro- ijBm—and tlie degree to which this will allow new commitments in southeast Asia possibly add up to one c.1 the main policy questioas tip lor evaluation. lines to wait to pass the biers cf Maiy Guvlcy Donnelly, 41, anU licr brother- Leo Curley, 36. | Mrs. Donnelly, who had been ill I from .an -infection., caused by in- noculalions received in anticipation ot a South American cruise, dlctl from a cerebral hemorrhage while making » telephone call in her dowiHoH'n apartment. Leo Curley collapsed and died in the same apartment that night EIS he gathered his sister's personal effects to take them to the family home a lew miles away. Doctors said death was due to a heart attack attributed to "excitement and strain produced by his sister's sudden death." Former Arkansas Representative Dies WASHINGTON. Feb. 13. //vj—One of Arkansas leading political figures, former Hep. Tihnan Bacon Park? i;-- dead ,it _lne ago of 77. FarV:s, \vr--o served ' eight terms in the House from 1920 until 1936 died at. a Washington hospital from nternal hemorrhage. He had been 1 only a short time. . , Bom near Lewisville, M'k,, Parks i 'ed at Camden for a number o •ears. He served in the Arkansas .le-nernl Assembly in 1901, 1903 nnc 909. Ilr was elected prosecutor oi he Eighth Arkansas Judicial Cir cult in 1914 and served in that en parity until 1918, Iraq Holds'Police Head for Overthrow Attempt BAGHDAD. Iraq, Feb. 13—<-'P|— 'The Irnn. government reported the arrest yesterday of Police Director General All Khalid two hours after he tried to overthrow the regime of Premier Scyyid Tawfik A Suvi'akU. A government communique salt Alt Khalid was being held for trial The communique said his revolt stemmed from a decision by thi new cabinet to remove him fron his post- IKilKur's Niilr: This Is flic first 4 of 13 sloriea explaining »)n> must do what and how about his 1949 Income tax return.) liy James Marlnw WASHINGON, Feb. 13. (Al>) — Midnight of March 15 is tin: deadline for settling up on your 1949 Income lax. If your 1349 income was $600 or more, you must file a return, whether or not you owe any tax. If you owe any, you miisl pay It In lull. This applies to every 1 man, woman nnri child, married or single, who had $600 or more income in 1949. Under-$UOO income is free of tax, If your less- thiin $000 Income in 11M9 hnd some tax withheld from it, the government will rctur:i it—but only if you flic R return. It's the only way you can get n refund. The Internal Revenue collector Ita.s Kent, most people Income tax bhuiks. If you don't imve yours, you can get it at the nearest col- let-tor's office or at most banks and IJostofficcs. Joint Ucturu SutjRi'sU'd A number of points will be explained sepiiratlcy and in detail in tlie other H stories of this series, pui'h as: Who uses what foi-m for filing his return; Ihc iirohlcm of hu.sband- wife filing and ihcir filing of joint returns; exemptions; deductions; dependents; uiul how to fill out various forms. Keep highlights in mind! In every cnse where the wife has no income, a couple can't lose money by filing a joint return. Joint returns will save money even in most, cases where husband and wife botli hnd income. Thai's because under presc'iit law hu.sband.s nnd wives ate allowed to split their income, each claiming half, thus throwing each half Info filing a return also gets an additional $600 off if he'.s blind, and, another SGOO off II he's G5 or older. He Rets the MIMIC extra $GOO exemptions for liLs wife U she's blind or 135. Hut he does not got these extra i-xeiniHlcns for a dependent. And—wutcli your deductions as o way of reducing your tax. To cut down the length ot .stories, rcpi'lUlon will be avoided where puvlhlc. So It Is suggc.ited you clip each story of this series as it appears, for ready reference OH a point that may bo mentioned briefly in one story out explained more fully in another. (Tomurnnv: \Vlm rhonsrs what tor Ms iclurii?) State Seeks Abandoned AP & L Customer Deposits UTTLE ROCK, Feb. 13. (AP) — The slutc* i.s .senkiiijj to fcifce over $5,191.G-1 in abandoned ciisioinci* cle- lts held by the Arkntums Power and Light Co, The filtorney general Hied suit lu Pitl:i:-!;i Cluuiecry Court under a 194!) law fiiviiig Uic iUite aiiUiovUy to L-faiin ou'iicr.ship ot property left ECA Head Tosses Chailcge to Youth PJIILADEI.PITJA. FM. te _ (/Pi— Paul G, Hoffman, Economic Cooperation Administrator, tosfcd a challenge at America's youth Sat- add thousantls of dollars to the state treasury. Kven if other medicine* n,t\t failed t<\-Cflievt* vour . COLD MISERIES -YOU OW{ IT TO YOORJUF- TO TRIT^66-irS OlfflfliNT urday. '['He Marshall Plan director tirst warned that "It Is Impossible to exaggerate the threat ol Communism holds for freedom anywhere." And then he said that "hope lies in the United States" and that "it may well lit: that the atomic nge will be the golden age of which men have dreamed for centuries." of 10 fjnngs under (he direction of Ihe Ni'vnl Research Laboratory. The WKing is 48 feet long ami 32 inches in diameter. The navy said it is designed for upper atmosphere research. On its flight yesterday the rocrkct carried instruments weighing 528 pounds and fuel—liquid oxygen and alcohol weighing 8,003 pounds. The «navy department said recordings received by radio from the rocket were excellent and Ihnt the upper atmosphere research was sat- "sfactory. 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