The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 4, 1950 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 4, 1950
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

PAGE TEN . BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS NSRB Says Much of Civil Defense Load Must be Borne by States WASHINGTON, Oct. 4. (/Ft— The* federal government is sticking to Its view that states and localities must shoulder the main responsibility for civil defense against possible enemy atr attack. This Is being made clear in conferences state defense authorities are having with James J. Wadsworth, acting director of the Civil Defense Office of the National Security Resources Board. Many state officials have protested that the federal government Is not taking an active enough role in civil defense planning and furnishing of emergency supplies and warning devices. Wadsworth told civilian defense officials from western states Monday: "You cannot rely upon the federal government to provide you with all the tools you need to build an adequate civil defense structure. That leaves a grave responsibility in your hands. "The federal government will help you to the limit of Its resources in terms of today's economy. But the job is always and everlastingly yours." An order by President Truman establishing a federal Civil Defense Administration has been drafted though not yet formalized. Conference Todljr Wadssvorth arranged to meet yesterday with Civil Defense directors of states "east of the Mississippi River. This group, headed by Director Leonard Drey fuss of New Jersey, expressed concern in advance about federal-state relations. Drey fuss told a news conference the eastern directors are concerned about making loyalty checks of their civil defense workers. In that connection, he said, the directors agreed to call on their state attorneys general to seek revocation of state charters of organizations classed as "subversive" by the U.S. attorney general. Another in Dreyfuss 1 group. Civil Defense Director Donald S, Leonard of Michigan, complained about a recent Air Force order changing air raid warning signals. He said It had "caused confusion ' and created problems for civil defense organizations in getting their auxiliary forces on duty. "It demonstrates the need for closer cooperation between the federal government and the local authorities," Leonard said. . The NSRB warned Monday night that, In case of war. critical target areas In the. United States may undergo "more severe" attacks than the World War II bombings of Hamburg. Hiroshima and Nagasaki —the latter two being the Japanese cities hit by the A-bomb. In a pamphlet distributed to state governors and state civil defense directors, the agency said approximately (57 per cent of the nation's population lives within the critical target areas. It said the remaining 33 per cent of the population must be ready to help the others. v "N° Longer Immune" Secret maps listing some of the potential U.S. targest hive been sent to key stale officials. , The NSRB said the data Is designed to "guide the states and communities Into organizing mutual aid and .mobile support'' with such services as fire, police, medical, res- HEADED FOR ("ROUBLE—The French airplane carrier Dix- mude, her flight deck loaded with American fighter planes, glides under San Francisco's Golden Gate bridge, headed across the Pacific. The planes wili aid French troops now fighting Communist rebels in Indo-China. ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS DIVISION 1. The Housing Authority of the City of Blytheville. Arkansas, will receive sealed bids for the Electric Refrigerators for the low rent housing project, "Chlcka.saw \Courts" Project Ark 5-1, Blytheville, Arkansas. Bids will be received up to 2 p.m. C.S.T. on the 17th day of October 1950 at the office of the Housing Authority of the City of Blytheville, First National Bank Building; Blytheville. Arkansas ,antt immediately thereafter all bids will be publicly opened and read aloud. The successful bidder will be required to furnish satisfactory performance and payment bond executed by » bonding company licensed to operate in the Stale of Arkansas, conditioned to well and cue, emergency feeding anl other aid. "The developments of the alr- akimtc age are such." the NSRB warned, "that the United states and Us territories can no longer consider themselves immune to sudden assault." In New York. Civil Defense Director Arthur W. Wallander Monday night announced an evacuation plan for the nation's largest city involving training of every man, woman and child. The plan calls for three phases, partial evacuation of the city, complete evacuation and emergency evacuation. He said neighboring states will be asked to enter Into a mutual assistance pact. truly perform all undertakings and obligations contained in said contract and to pay for all obligations incurred by reason of said contract, in lawful money of the United States. Proi»scd forms of contract documents Including specifications are 'T :—".—.— — on file in the office ot the Housing j 5 Authority of the City of Blytheville, I i Hollywood Continued from pig« I to ricochet over lo Rosalin Bus- Mil. Orns Peck, Dorothy McGulre, Mel Ferrer, Charles Boyer, Deborah Kerr, Gene Kelly and Henry Fonda. He's up to his neck with them in the Actors Company, an organization that's out to prove that flesh-nnd-blood emoting is as necessary la a star's existence as autograph hunters, camera angles and the mansions that the customers of guided Hollywood tours expect to see. "So far, no fights, just healthy discussions," he beamed. "We Invited a big actor to join our board recently and he walked fn just as xe u-ere having a hot argument. Tlie next day he sent in his resignation and explained that he couldn't take discussions like that. We said, "That's just too bad," American asphalt tile manufacturers have adopted the names of "draycot," a red English marble: "Napoleon," * French marble with a veined light lawn ([found, and •breccia sanqulna," an Algerian marble with light red patches on a deep red ground, able to the Housing Authority of the City of Blj'theville. Arkaiuu, U.S. Government bonds, or a satisfactory bidders bond executed by the bidder and a surety company licensed in the State of Arkansas in an amount equal to five percent lo"i) of bid shall be submitted with each bid. No bid shall be withdrawn for a period of thirty days subsequent to the opening of the bids without the consent of the Housing Authority of the City of Blytheville. Arkansas. The Homing Authority of the City of Blythevillc, Arkansas By Fred S. Sallba. Chairman J. Mell Brooks. Scc'y.-TrcM. 9:20-27- iO'A MCIIWUI, SB MAKES Eir.HT-MII.E CHUTE DROP— Air Force Capt. Richard V. Wheeler stands in a field near Hofloman air base at Alamogordo. N. M., after making a parachute drop from a height of more than eight miles recently. Wheeler made the jump to lest the device which opens the chute automatically after 'a man lias fallen out of the rarified air which has insufficient oxygen for men to breathe and live. The Air Force announced the Jump, saying the 42.449-foot drop exceeds previous Air Force records and tops any known world marks. (AP Wire- photo). , ^ Max, the Parrot, Lays fgg to Become 'Maxine' KING WILLIAM. Va.,'Oct. 4. l/Ti Copies of documents may be obtained by depositing (J5.00) pjve Dollars with the Housing Authority of the City of Blytheville, Arkansas", or with the Architect, Uzzell Branson. First National B Building. Blytheville, Arkansas, for each set of refrigerator document. 1 ? so obtained. The amount of deposit will be refunded lo each bidder who returns the documents In good condition within ten days after the opening o! bids. The actual cost of reproducing these documents IB estimated to be $4.00. Bidders obtaining more than one set of the documents shall have the cost of reproduction, handling and mailing of each such additional set deducted from their deposit and al.vo agree to return all seti within ten days after the opening of bids. Deposits tor contract documents shall be in the form of cashiers checks marie payable to the Housing Authority of the city of Blytheville, Arkansas. The Housing Authority ot the City of Blytheville. Arkansas reserves the right to reject any or all bids and to waive any informalities in bidding. .^Certified or Cashiers check pay- brfins; Klin juk«« M> tXc w*«Vrned blood Art it any dnjg (or S.S.S. Tonic. 1,5,$. 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Sprinffield, Illinnh: "I am elated "T] with the won- j derful results obtained by taking HADACOL. [ had emotional indigestion, which Is stomach distress and makes a person feel down . and out. HAD' ACOL'seemcd to be prepared for my ailment, for It'made a. new.woman of me." 1401A .Vi T\rr,i Mobr Slr.-el, Si. 1 5on\c tlnte a/ter Ji wartime Injury I had been troubled with neuritis pains in my legs and could not work. Nothing seemed i lo help me until t, I tried HADA- COL. After taking a half bottle L I seemed to feel better. My wife told me 11 was only tn>- imagination, but I continued to take HADACOL and up to the present have taken 13 bottles. Now I feel fine with no more pains In my legs."(HAD.-\COL is so effective because il relieves THE »FAL CAUSE of neuritis aches wnon due to such deficiencies. Why don't you E lve HADACOL » chance to help you?) Alrcrl, 'I had , rr Ortcn, such nervous stomach I was unable to eat regularly. Lots ot times I was unable to hold any food on my stomach. Then I heard about HADA- COL. After the •" first few bottles i '< '.^/(. ...... I could tell a definite improvement. Now my stomach doesn't trouble me at all. I cat anything I want. HADACOL Is wonderful. You can see that, if It did so much for me after suffering so " (A big Improvement Is often no ' ticed within a ° n of thc few days' time advantages ,, > , es of HADACOL is that continued use helps prevent such stomach distress from returning. Don't W. K. Hnrtrorlt,, m tkillrit raain- Itnnncr. man ,'„ If'nra, Texan i "1 almost had to f: give up my job S because of suf- j fertng from i stomach ,dls- j tress. 1 couldn't > hold my food, as no food agreed •i with me. After ...'•I hearing about •i HADACOL and «* completing a second bottle, I began to feel better and regain the weight I tost, and suffered no more indigestion. 1 now lake HADACOL regularly (<, hc ,^ stay n „ (Why don'tj/cm try HADACOL?) .- "My daughter. 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