The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 11, 1950 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 11, 1950
Page 7
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SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 1950 BLYTHEVILLE <AR£.) COURIER NEW. PAGB SEVKM OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams QUICK, WHILE I GOT \ UWOCR TH 1 CARPET/ ) TH' SECOND I KA\SB <{ MV FEET HG J S OUT- J/ LOOK OUT SOI klM PJVE/ W6LL.LET \ THE REST OF ME OLTT FIRST/ WHY MOTHERS SET GRAY Our Boarding House with Maj. Hooplei IS t\/eisl BALMIER THAM USUAL.-" K6 PUTS BUSY THREE DAYS STAB INS AT As) OLD SUffose ne'Li, ELECTRIFY -rue AROUND, SAVING tU£ EFFORT OP LIPTWG THEIR. HE'LL COM& 6ALLOP1K1G STAIRS. HIS eyes 60T A kETTt-E !6 SMOUGH, MARTHA- NUW GLENCOE HOTEL to permanent *-20 Ck 2-20 Offers weekly ratr* ucM* Pti 44G-1 or see I. for Sale. Real Estate New House <l-rooms & hit $4250. Will stand 100% G Loan. Cales-Wiggs Co. Realtors 115 S. 3rd. St. Phone 2751 2-9 ck 12 LAND FOR SALE BO acres or can sull in two 40 ncrp tracts, northeast ol Manila. This land Lu a ahort distance enst of Buffalo •7rc^k. iuid Is extrft good. For shnn ^tlmp only. 160 flcres. Pemlscot Coutity. Mo 1- Six room. 4 good tenant houses, all palmed and. In Mrsi class shape. This Is a jjerfect tractor farm, and some of the best bayou land .' that has been on the market in some tl Has over 100 acre loan, and can easily handled. C«n Kct, poiisesslon - now.' Price $225 per" acre- B3 acres short distance from Pc/n- tscot Coi>per»se Company Olii, Just north of Stcplc. Mo. This land was originally owned by the company, am one of ihelr choice tracts. Ten days only at $285 per acre. See us (or farms, loans, or it you have farms lo sell. niALES LAND CO. Ottice across, street ,irom City Hall W T BAHNETT—RUSSELt, K. niAt.ES 2jll ck 15 of a Chapter Win Rlltt Copyright 1950^« by NEA SERVICE, INC By Edwin Ruit PHONOGKAPH RECORDS 2l)c each. 6 foi SI.00 Big celadon, papulai. btucs, Hillbilty Special te- qursis 25c each Buy Today EAST END SALES CO H7 E Main Ph 859 1(3 pit 2|H HOUSES FOR SALB BY OWNER Sho^n by appointment only. Phone 4179. Inside City Limits, 1'$ pk 2(12 5-room house with bath. Convenient location. 418 E. Vine. Ph. 4133. 2jll pic 2J15 p Real Estate Farms — City Property LOANS U Interested In Buy!n» or. selling •*• Noble Gill Aqency REALTORS — Cecil Glencoe Bldg. Earls — Ph G8G8 820 ck U rv TT was then, perhaps that Alice Pine understood ralnei clearly Muriel llalteek haii the essentials | ol a line, possibly a great, writer And despite her becoming modesty Muriel knew it- This book was doubtless an experiment which. \( successful, would being Muriel inio a new anil more tm- j portnnt literary classification. And it renainly oromised to be sut-ress- tul, By comparison, the shining but basically shallow serin Is she wrote under the pen name of Jo Palgrave were trifling. "WeH," Muriel urged, "there must be some bugs. Nothing's 100 per cent." "There is one thing," Alice said. "I couldn't quite get (rom the outline the—the pay oft on Larry-" She referred to the book's central character, Muriel glanced at her keenly. "Amplify that, will you?" "Well, just how are you planning lo leave him with the render? 1 mean, what kind of a man Is he,-actually? It almost seemed— maybe I shouldn't say this—bu1 as if you weren't sure yoursell what to make of him.* "That's a very shrewd observation, Alice. 1 really dpn'Uexactly know what I'll make of Larry, the end. Oh, I've got some nebulous ideas. But I'm hoping lha something will crystallize soon." "It's bound to," Alice said. "But outside of that, I can't think of a jibing." | Muriel turned back to her type! ' writer. "AH right. You run along and catch some sun. J won't need I you for a couple of huurs." & I t^> 7rf**cdfc-» corn. t->so BY HrA srimct. we. T. u. RFC, b, s, ^AT. err. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Inside Tip BY MERRILL BLOSSER THATS AGAINST "TUe RULES, LARD. BUT I'LL SAY 1HF DfCORATONS OJ THE BOX ARC: "All the young girls are silly, Mom—I wish ! could find one as sensible as you, but I guess I'll have to wait till they're old ladies! 1 * Now HERE WE HAVE AN IMTERESTIHG- LUNO4 • PERSONMLY, I DCNT SET THE _ POINT— rmSCIU.A'S I'OI* ll's All in Ilic Timing AL VERMEER 100% G. I. LOAN 5-room house lot close Screened In back bath, on corner new high school alle. porch, garage and cow burn. A good buy nt 15.100. Good business building with 4-rootn and bath living quarters in connection On South Division Street Prac- tlca!ly new 8 ft, moftt box. meat Bllcer. meat block, scales, etc Also some, furniture This building could ltoe used as a grocery store, restaurant or other business lt> close to the ne public housing site (It's a Btcnl—al lor 36,700 ) JOHNNY MARR REAL. ESTATE Phone "1111 Res.-Ph. 2596 Brent stood now between trw and gardener. His face was twisted with anger. "Who told you to do (his, Sloan?** Brent laughed. "That I'd know all about it, eh? Oh, Muriel and don't discuss our work. Good way .to keep a couple of artistic :ernpcramenls from clashing, you see." Alice did not see. Their professions, albeit allied, were noncompetitive. Why, then, should there be a question of clash? She shrugged. It was no business of hers. But her idea of Brnnt Hnlleck as a strange, dilli- cult man was growing. She said. Found mack it tan hound. \V. Kt. I. Box 42. Blythevlltc. Personal Thirty minute phnlostatlc a it.KN a s'rumu service 1,8-cH-tl Notice LIVE STOCK MKN #• A1TKNHON FARMERS Dcitd, I a Hen and crippled animals picked up tree ol charge in sterilized trucks. (all collect, 6142, Blyth* ville. Ark. ARKANSAS JDKAl) ANIMA1 DISPOSAL CO- Uf2] pk 1|21)X I ALICE went, thinking that she 'f ^^ had not earned her excellent [salary this morning. She headed j for the garden, and saw Brent. FTe was sucking a short pipe [and regarding gaily-colored tulips I broodingly. ; She checked her pace. She did ,not especially want to talk to I Brent. But he beckoned to her ^casually. "Hello, Miss Pine. Get- iling into the routine?" '- "I've made a start, anyhow. Bui Hust now Mrs. Halleck—Muriel— jhasu't anything for me." ; He knocked out the pipe. "Well •enjoy your freedom while yc may Usually Muriel goes in (or mass production." Alice looked at him. His dark face and shadowed eyes told her nothing. She had probably imag incd the him of a sneer in his tone "I vvoul-'-vt know about that,' she said. "Hut she's ceriainlj producing a grand novel.*' "Is she?" Brent murmured, hadn't heard." "But I'd have thought ..." A s;onoed. over a. sudden indeterminate sound: "Perhaps I shouldn't have mentioned the novel. She may have wanted to surprise—" Brent-had raised a hand inter- upling her. "What was thai?" Before she could reply the sound as repeated, more clearly. A olid, ringing crack, as of hard urfaces brought violently together. Brent swung around, ran toward the house and disappeared >ehinrl it. On impulse, Alice Io\- owcd. rces around here alone or ..." "BreuU" Muriel had come up unheeded, grass muiriing her footsteps. ; 'What's all the fuss about?" she; asked quietly. "If it's the lrec. t Sloan's only doing what I asked', him to." , j Brent wheeled on her, eyes] stormy. "And why ask him to?" ! "Because the tree obviously has) to come down. It keeps light out' of the library. And it's so old thnt, it might foil any minute and tiurtj somebody. Or damage the house."', "I don't care if it's as old nsi Nfelhuseluh," Brent barked. "It J stays," OH, THAT'S A STINGY MAN WWO WON'T GNE ANYTHING AWAY... BUT KEEPS IT ALL FOR HIMSELF! VIC FUNT Success it! I,;isl HY MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANE PTNDER the apple tree outside of her library window was the snrly individual she had seen yes- crrtay. He held an ax, suspended n mid-air. A white gosh showed n the tree's gnarled trunk. Brent stood now between tree nnd gardener. His face was twisl- ed with anger. "Who told you to do this, Sloan?" The man lowered the ax. He met Brent's eyes Icvelly. even insolently. "I had my orders." "From whom?" "The missus." "Well," Brent snnppcd, "they're canceled. I've told you never to cut down any trees without my permission." Sloan kept hi.s Raze stubhorn "A mnn can't serve two masters,' he grumbled. The disrespectful lone seemed to rob Brent of his temper. "Listen, you!" he shouted. "Gc as biblical as you like! Bui let th OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS,T WRAD15E N MV PRIENO. YOU MAY JKAKS, EM ? WIN A FREE TRIP TO ft OKAY, I'LL PARADISE PEAKS.' A PLAY ' HA,HA,HA> A REAL HUMORIST/ MOW 1E1L tffi: WHAT 15 THEOLDEST BRANCH Of THE ARMED SERVICES IN THE UNITED STATES ? S ABSOLUTELY COUtKT/ I YOU'VE JUST WON YCXJRSE1F \A FREE TRIP, MR. FLINT.' CAPTAIN EASY Western -Memory LESLIE TURNER ALICE thought tb;u Muriel han- died herself very well. She ooked past Brent to the gardener There's nothing to be done righi low, Sloan." I The man slouched ofT. Alice would have liked to go with him. lespitc his dotir disposition. She ell highly embarrassed. "Please be reasonable, Brent/' clurtcl said patiently. "There's no )lacc (or Alice to work except in .he library. And, with Ibis here, it's practically pilch-black in there." "I'm sorry." Brent bad calmed down, but remained as stubborn as the churlish Sloan. "Oh, please!" Alice spoke im- lulsivcly. "T can work perfectly -veil ID there, Muriel. And I—1 like the tree." Muriel turned lo her, a little reluctantly. "Well, 1 was only trying to make you more comfortable. But it wasn't necessary for Brent lo act like a spoiled baby." "I'm sorry," iircnt repealed, and this time he sounded so. "I don'1 intend to interfere with whalcvci it is you and—cr, Alice are doing But"—his eyes, opaque blnck now fastened on his wife's—"I'd better tell you again, since that does seem necessary. This tnnd, and what grows on il, is mine." (To B« Continued) LOOK I EASV NS FOUMD ft COW- 6OV OUTFIT HE USTA WEAR, (M HIS OlE TRUNK , IN TH' MTIc! NIM CUYLEB...THW HE'S MiVDE. NO I KWAE SOUNDS V&GUELV PROGRESS V F > M U.1AE,WftsH.gur— WITH WSS CUVtER <W NOW SHE HE' : MAEEIED! MAYBB I OUGHT TO GO OUT THERE AUD TfcV TO FOK GETNIKI CUVLEE. VOUE DAD AMD I SPEHT SOME TIME Din WEST NEAR5 AGO. 1'UE BEEN SORTA HOME SICK TO GET BACK EVER SI I READ AM AtTICLE ABOUT PRftlRIE DOG FLATS RECEHT1.Y... UK. XEE WNOTS VOU O« TH' PHMJfr. HE'S KIUOA UTSET PUTITOM AW WEIL LET PLAV COWBOV WITH US' BUGS BUNNY on This, Idea, Elmer Help Wanted Inmlly lo Blythcvllle. 29 pk 2;I2 MRMfKS INSURANCf 6ROUP IIMAMCC tXCHAfe«€ 4 T*W MS. RCMAMCC iA 5«/<*7 Protective •-* DISTRICT Of*"!C» L. "HILL" WALKER District Agent Isaacs Hldg.. Phon* 3494 Re*. Phone 2113 KOAII I.UMBKH CO. Now open for bnstncM. We can suve you moticy on your bnllcllns needs CJct our prices beTorc you buy. Can aifo t:lvc you lumber prices from mill to Job NOAH LUMBER CO. Lesly Noah, owner 410 S. Second St. niythcvlMe, Ark. Fh. 6712 or 6974 Spinach kept on ice cxprrimcn- My for two days gained 22 per ent in weight. FOR SALE Concrete c«lvert», 12 Inch lo 4R inch, plain or r«en forced Also (,'onrrele RtriMing Blocks chrap- cr lhan lamher lor b.irns. rhlrVrn houses, pump hoascs, tenant hon Sf,s. tool sh ed%. We 4« li ver Call •» for free OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Phone 611. • NOW OPEN • Offering Complete Klnristic Service RONALD VVKHLKR t Corsage flowers Our Specially A' Snuth lUghwaj 1'hont 64*2 M. C. STI1.KS I'LL TAKE CAKE O' ALL O'^ THIS SNOW PER ER TWO f THAT KAY, PORK OVER TH' POUGH WHO SAID ANYTHIN' ABOUT SMOVEUN, DOC? JUST HOP ONTA THEM STILTS J WHEN YA WANT T'GO OUT, AN' TH' SNOW WON'T BOTHER VA AT ALL/ ALLEY OOP Powerful Pipes V. T. HAMLIN Chamblin Sales Co. • Sales & Service • "Vour Friendly Studeboker Dealer" | RAILROAD & ASH PHONE 888 A MUSICAL 5UEE...IT \V'AS PACTOF MV SATYR'S DISGUISE... 175 MUSC/ PLAY \vA6 SUFFUSED T'MAVE A IT FCZ{ SXlP 'TK.NNGE EFFECT CM WMENAME \V,LL1 IT.' A SCET OF A HYPNOTIC X you' ^ ALLURE.' HOOTS AND HER BUDDIKS (Jiiilc Different HY EDGAR MARTIN

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