The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 22, 1952 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 22, 1952
Page 14
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PAGE Ike, Nixon Plan Meet | To Discuss Campaign BLYTHEV1LL1 (AUK.) OOmnBK MBWC By MARVIN &. ARROWSMITH DENVER «! — Den. Dwlght D. Elsenhower and his GOP vice presidential running mate, Ben. Jllch- nrd M. Nixon of California, will discuss campaign plans Sunday at (lie general's vacation haven Jn the Colorado Rockies. It will be their first get-together since they conferred briefly In Chicago after the Republican Na' ttonal Convention. Sen. Fred A. Senior), an adviser to Eisenhower at the general's headquarters here, announced today Hint Nixon will fly from Washington Saturday to Denver. On Sunday Nixon will motor 12 miles to the secluded cnttle ranch near Fraser, Colo., where Eisenhower has been vacationing since last Thursday. Nixon will fly Monday afternoon from Denver to I.os Angeles for a brief rest In his home state before traveling fo | Columbus, O.. to address the Ohio Republican Convention July 31. In Los Angeles, the adjutant sen cral of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Julian Dlckenson, announced Eisenhower will make his first major campaign address there before the VFW National Convention opening Aug. 3. Elsenhower also will receive the VFW's Bernard Banich Award given the American citizen a panel of judges says has contributed the most toward fostering unity and good will among peoples of the world. Elsenhower aides snld the gen- tral and Nixon will talk over various aspects of the fall campaign, Including the role the 39-year-old California senator will play. Eisenhower will confer at the ranch tomorrow with three key supporters. They are Sen. James H. Duff of Pennsylvania, Ralph Coke, OOP national committeeman from Oregon, nnd Gov. Dan Thornton of Colorado. Du/T arrived Jn Denver late yesterday and told a news conference that "Ike will lick anyone" the Democrats nominate for President. "The Democrats have been HO long In power they have >bw«d their power," Duff declared. "The public Is tired of them «nd wants a change. We've got th« kind of a ticket that will assure that chanrje." Duff specifically predicted Elsen- hower will carry Pennsylvania. He said he has received assurances of enthusiastic support for the general from state Republicans who backed Ben. Robert A. Tail for the nomination. Just before Duff's news conference, Eisenhower headquarters labeled us propaganda a suggestion at the opening session of the Democratic convention yesterday Hint Iho general must accept part of any bliune for U. S. Korean policy—a policy sharply criticized by tljo Republicans. The suggestion was made by Sen. Paul H. Douglas of Illinois in a speecli lighting Into the He- publicans for criticism of the Korean program. Douglas saw the Joint Chiefs of Staff reported in September, 1047, that this country had little strategic Interest in keeping American troops In Korea. They were removed inter and the U. S. had no troops on hand there when the Communisl.s attacked South Korea in June. 1950. Alluding to the 11M7 report, Doug- last sntu: "Now, who do you .suppose was chief of staff of the Army when this military advice was given? It -.vus Dwight D. Eisenhower, the KttricMrtl lienror of those who now ! charge us with withdrawing our troops and bringing on the Korean War." Ncwsmui at Eisenhower headquarters asked for comment from Hit! general on Douglas' remarks. In reply. Sen. Sent on put out this statement: 'There will bo no comment from the Elsenhower headquarters on any propaganda statements Issuing from the Democratic convention In Chicago. Once the opposition nominees are chosen, we will bring every Issue to the attention of 1 the American people," Iran Names Mossadegh Premier by Huge Vote TEHRAN, Tran </p)-Irin'« Parliament overwhelmingly renominat- ed Mohammed Mossadegh Premier today utter two das* of Moody N«- tlonaltst rioting and disorder had forced the more moderate. Ahmed Qavam from the office. Qavam's announced determination to seek a settlement or Iran'i oil dispute with Britain Bet off Communist-strengthened Nationalist mobs who screamed through the streets for his death and battled with police and troops. Twenty persons reportedly were killed lu the fighting which raged through the capital yesterday. Disorders erupted in other parts of Hie country. Qavam resigned yesterday afternoon. Mossadegh, the aged Nationalist hero who pushed nationalization of Iran* British-operated oil indu.- try to completion last year air* S,' v, p , rel ^ er5ht P '<"* week ' .Kef Shah Mohammed R*ta Pahlevi r«- fu«ed to let him be war minister M well as Premier. Highway Debt Paid ST. PAUIj, Minn. WV-Mtnnuo^ has paid off the last of 4110,996,738 bonded Indebtedness Incurred In early days of the state's trunk highway system, since the system wa> established in 1921, payments hava been $74,932,436 on the bonds and $36,064.289 In Interest. The roati system originally consisted, of 6,8 miles, it now covers 11,900 miles,' I CLASS MOVKS TO I.AKHV-Lnrry Moody, .,o,, of Mr and Mrs L M. Moody of Deli, went to Hlylhevllle Hospital Tuesday to undergo an appendectomy, He had a perfect Sunday school record at Dell' Melh- Tcm '""I",? UlB , Cta " Came '° L " rsr "' the llOSlliU1 S "'^>'' "»"l« to effort of Am . Charles Kennett, teacher. It is hoped that Larry can be back next week, but If not. the class plans to go back to Larry Larry's brother, A. G., Is occupying the bed in the foreground He recently suffered injuries in an automobile accident and is recuperating h, the hospital. Mrs. Kennett and Mr. Moody are abo picture. (Courier News Photo) CIO Union Shop Demands Drop Gloom over U.S. Steel Strike By JOHN MOODY PITTSBURGH Wl — The CIO "United Steclworkerfi' renewed demands for a non-compromise union shop — compulsory union membership — cast gloom today on the 81-dny-old steel strike. Negotiations were nt & standstill and the government gave no Indication of further intervention. The stiffened union shop demand came yesterday at the session of the union's no-man Wage Policy Committee, summoned into session by USW President Philip Murray. Before tha session ended, industrial representatives — in an unprecedented action — went before tha union committee to present Industry's side of (he dispuie. But tho plea left the committee's FDR, Jr., Has Put 'Maybe' in 'Iffy' Question CHICAGO OP)— A few days ago, the political writers covering the Democratic convention here asked Franklin D. Roosevelt Jr. whether he himself might turn out to be a candidate for the vice presidency. "That's an iffy question," he snapped quoting his famous father, "and a silly one." It may have sounded Iffy-silly last week, but it doesn't lodav. Roosevelt hit the convention like B Ion of bricks In n five-minulc appearance. What he said was of less Importance than the obvious Impression It made on tiie Democrats. He looks like a man who is going Places in politics—and in (he not- rtislnnt future. Early this morning. In the midst of a typical Democratic hassle. Roosevelt WRS announced ns a speaker. He came to the platform wearing a bh:e summer suit, a tetevisiblc blue-and-white lie. nnrt a Harrhnan button. He is Harrimaris campaign manager. A cowltnk of hair, curving down past, his right eyebrow gave him an engagingly boyish look. Family Builds Schooner In Two, One-Half Years PASADENA, Calif. (,v, _ When the William J. Williams firmly build a boat they do it first class —even if it takes 2'.i years The family recently finished their 40-foot schooner, The Enif, In their backyard and now have visions of entering the beautiful vessel In the 1953 Honolulu race. Williams, 3 former sea captain hand-sewed the sails for the yacht working over 560 square feet of canvas In the family's living room collective mind unchanged. Union negotiators headed by Murray had discussed modified lerms of Ihe union shop as a basis for possible agreement. The committee voted unanimously to wipe out such n possibility. The steel companies' side of the dispute was presented lo the Wage Tollcy Committee by Vice President Joseph M, Laikln of Bethlehem steel: John Morse, general counsel for Bethlehem; Vice President John A. Stephens of U S Steel and Board Chairman Ben Morcell of Jones nnd LatiKlilin Steel. After Ihe four men spoke. Murray turner! | 0 tin; committee members who already hud voted, nnd asked: "Do you want to change your minds?" Loud yells of "No" and "Hell no" echoed from the floor. Neither union or management would comment on jnsl where the latest cleavage left the hopes for settling (he sti ike. Industry repeatedly has refused to Incorporate the compulsory union shop Into nny j new inalor contract. Government prodding brought union and industry .together on several occasions in recent weeks j — but each meeting ended in dead- i lock, with the union shop Issue the stumbling block. Government sources said Ihe White House has no plans for fiir- llier action at Ihis time. Murray summoned (he union's policy-maklnir grm,,, to report on the negotiations and ask tho members lo map a tulnre course of action. He told the committee I'ho ne\t 10 tlnys or two weeks will be crucial, hut nobody is big enough to lick you." He snicl two companies outlined peace formulas which would have been acceptable to (he union Bethlehem ana Itcpublic steel He luldert they withdrew them when they failed to meet approval of others in industry. Both Republic and Bethlehem Issued statements saying lliey never favored compulsory unionism. There are more than IV. million ' ane e.irnrrs i<l!e throuKhout the nation. That includes GOO.COO strik- ins steel workers and another ! flOO.OOO in allied Industries. I Truce Talkers Meet 5 Minules Brevity Underscores Speculation 'No Progress Was Made' MCWSAN. Korea W-Korean ar- mislico negotiators met for only five minutes today in the shortest session ,-t Pnnmunjom since secret talks on the prisoner exchange deadlock began July 4. Ahothcr executive session was scheduled for 11 a. m. tomorrow p. in. Monday EST). Brevity of the session underscored speculation that no progress had been mode. Before leaving !oday for Tokyo Brig. den. Wlltinm P. Nuckols. former chief spokesman for the U N Command negotiators, told news' men: "The enemy's techniques are the same either at the conference ta- Clib BARTON for Attorney General • more cxpcrlrnrc than all Ills opponents combined. • Endorsed I00'~ r ,M home or lawyers ami Judges! n.nton. Johnson, Montircllo. h v Paul STRAIGHT BOUREON WHISKEY Wl AMMKAK SISWIWC <OMM»r, UK. • K*l«, III. bJe or elsewhere. . . "Their basic stock In trade is deceit, deception nml distortion All Communists nre liars, Intentionally nml ilat'i-nntly when it suits their purpose, Nuckols is returning to his old job as Far Eust Air Forces public rclntion.s officer. The new spokesman for Hie U. N. dclet'Mion is Lt. Col. Joseph J. Borchert. In Seoul, South Korean President Syngman Rhce said in an interview lie understands the Chinese Communists are ready to compromise for n truce but that their North Korean allies are unwilling. U.S. Aid Builds New Hospital in Hanoi IfANOI, Tndo-China (/!>) -A ney hospital Is being biiill In (he heart of Hanoi for the wounded 01 the Vietnamese armed forces. It will provide for about 160 patients Four tropical hut-like structures of the Quonset type, costing $31 500 are due for completion soon. 1'Iie funds and technical direction "for the building Is being supplied as part of the American Mutual Security Administration program for Northern Incio-China. Negro So/on Lauds Truman Help to Race CHICAGO OT _ A Negro congressman told the Democratic convention today that President Truman "swept the coowchs" off equality laws while Republicans iild nothing but talk. "The people know what Truman has done and is still doing about civil rights," saict Rep. William L. Diuvson of Illinois, vice chairman of the Democratic National Committee. "They know that President Truman swept the cobwebs off of cnn- stulional equality under the law ant! made it a rivltaliztns principle in the heart of every black American. "High sounding phrases by He- publican spell-binders have not im- tltme, nor can ever undo . . . what Franklin D. Roosevelt, Truman and the Democratic party have done." Heavy Mailing Completed NEW YORK (JPJ _ The world's largest corporate enterprise, the 12 billion dollar American Telephone and Telegraph Co. recently completed the mailing of 1,100.000 letters, weighing approximately 30 tons, to its stockholders. WARNING ORDER In Ihe Chancery Courl, Chlrka- saivba District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. GeraWine BasseU, ptf. vs. NO. 12,113 Charles B. Bassett, Dft. The defendant, Charles B. Bassett, is hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Qeraidlne Bassett. Dated this 14th day of July, 1952. Harvey Morris, Cleric j Lnvcrne Ball, D.C. Guy wells, atty. for ptf, Ed D. Cook, atty ad liiem. 7il5-22-2S-Sjo ! 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