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The Kansas City Star from Kansas City, Missouri · Page 1

Kansas City, Missouri
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Saturday, August 14, 1948
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THE KANSAS CITY STAR. MAIN EDITION VOL. t> 8 . NO. •>>*) 0 »J—. KANSAS CITY. AUGUST 14. 1948-SATUEDAY-ll* PAGES. riUCE: In KnTmaM Cent* Klsewhei'e ..............5 Cent» 1 3L THK WEATHER-SHQWEKS. IN FAMILY BO\^ LES CAMP AWy.' ______________ 'Former OPA Hfart to Run for Truman Expected to Blast <i. 0, p. in Review of the L'. S. Finances. 12 midnight ....74 8a. m........... ..73 1 • . m............ .72 9 a. m ............78 2 «. m............. .71 10 a. m........... ..78 3 a m ............ .70 11 a. m ..... . 78 4 ». m....... . .«<> 12noon ......... ..80 5 «. m ........... .68 1 p m ......... ..79 6 a. m ........... 68 2 p. m ......... ..82 i «7 a. m . .......... .70 Babies (ii\en Recognitioo at Arkansas School. WILLIAM C. OSBORN’S CONDITION IS CRITICAL. (io\ernor In Connecticut, ‘NO’ ON TEACHER The Forecast—KAmnn City «nd ”rur TAV Cl ACU cloudy tonlRht BLAME TH u IA a oLAoHj and tomcrrow, with tl^undfershow- __—-------------- j ers likely tonight or early tomor- So«’« official* Expect Deficit of row. Continued warm and humid. I Billion for Year Ending j Low tonight near 70^ High to- June 30. : morrow, 85 to 90. H.M«Tro«D, C onn ., Aug. 14,(AP* — Chester Bowle.s. wartime federal CPA chief, was nominated by ac: clamation today for governor by the Democratic state convention. ■ Bowles's name was presented to i the ronvention by the man who de------------- feat^d him for the nomination two A victim of four .32-caliber re- year* agf’* Wilbert Snow, former volver bullets, William C. Osborn, ___________ Wife \ilmlts Firina at Hiiehnnd In Home Fono^^ing an Argn- nieni Whirh started In Tavern. CoKWAY, A rk .. Aug. 14.<AP> — They had to carry several “graduate«” acrwis the stage last night to receive their degrees from Arkansas State Tcachers college. And for a few more a laiit min- ... vn urn ute swig from the bottle was nec- VISITORS ARE UP TO HER es.sary before the old sheepskin ___ _____ Russian Demand for Surrender of Mrs. KosenKina Is Reject« e4l Matly. 4 ST Alili’M SITFy jiffond Attack Due When President Acts on An- ti*lnflation Bill. Relative humidity. fi;30 t. m . M per Monday , cent; 1:30 p. m., 68 per cent. Barometer reading, 6:30 a. m., 29.97 Inches, rising; 1:30 p m.. 29.21 Inches. River stage today, 11.7 feet, rise of 1 foot. Lalte ot the Or.args. 6 30 a. m. .6 foot below full reservoir. Precipita* a 30-year-old comtructlon worker. p/toTESTS was taken to the University of Kan- , sas Medical Center earlv today where his condition was said to be I>«i>«tJou. extremely critical. Osboi-n was un- t . h . Kalis. 1223 West Sixty- I ndersecretary l.o\etl Tells Am. hassador America Has No Right to l'*e Force. conscious and unable to make a second street, representing the Ba«ii- statement to police, ness District league, today voiced' ii«<,cV,?natnn Aiiff 14 iAP'k __ ^.<-,^.,,. 1 --, Police arrested his wife. Mrs that organizations to lo- Wasningion, Aug. I tion m uenty-four hours endin» 6:30 ¡Faye Osborn, 26, who confessed eating the proposed city stadium at a semlhonorary degree given by Truman loaded his • _________________________I to Conrad Miller, deputy county at- the F\)rty-fifth street'and Cleve- the college to child-en whose par- could be firmly grasped. Despite these carryings on. (here wasn’t a single hangover in the lot. The reason—the swigs were from milk bottles and those that | _ . nrr\ r*iiADr\ had to be carried were not old RIGHT TO A ntU bUAnU enough to walk. ------The thirty-nine ’‘graduate.s’’ were receiving the "baby of arts.” President _ , tnHau fnr q Hrtii tomey, that she fired the revolver, iiond «venue ^ite elephant gun today for a dou- /¡¡ chwa Y crash kills THREE Five shots had been fired from the Four Other Passengers Are in- showed. Four 4 . Jurert >'ear llanuibal. Mo. H annibal , M o ., Aug. 14.(APt — Three peFsons were killed or fatally injured in a colli.slon between two automobiles just south of here on Forty- aveni Kalis gave four reasons for WiîWA.\ lyJllREI) l:\ FALL. •Mother of Bleviin* Davis Suffer« Hi|» Roue Fracture. ble-barreled blast at Republicans for tramplAig his budgetary and anti-inflation plans. HP is due to fire the first shot tomorrow night when he releases hisju. S. highw-ay No. 61, the state; . < 4 .vpgr ^udcet review. Some high’highwav patrol reported. oT^rnment officials have predicted' L. O. Calvert of Center. Mo., sole nf ft<s miirh as 9 ^ccupant of one car, was killed out, deficit right Mr< Myrtle ^mkin, 23. and billion ri^llars for the year ending g.months-old daughter, Joyce, next June 30. center, died later in a Han- r«\ Blamed. nibal hospital. Thp G O. P. income tax reduction Mrs. Semkln’s husband, Lpo G. la^_whirh Mr, Truman says tied a Semkln. another Semkin child and rrckPt to prices—was expected to get two other pa.ssengers were injured, of the blame for the- budget alterations .since January, when the p/-M(ient forecast a surplus of 4,800 million dollars. Tiip .«econd blast was scheduled for Monday. Then, the White House , Mrs. Julia Davis, 78 years old. was reiTorted. Mr. Truman will act on the taken to the Independence sanitar- npw anti-inflation bill turned out jium today after she fell and frac-i in the last days of the special ses- tured her left hip bone when shej Mon of Congress. I tripped on a table leg at the farm; Thp Federal Reserve board was home one mile southeast of Inde-| rpfxirted all .set to clamp down the pendence on the Lee’s Summit- iirw consumer credit rules provided road. in the G. O. P. bill po.ssibly Tuesday I Charles A. Davis, her hasband. is or Wednesday. They would become in New York visiting their son, effective ihlrty days later, I Blevins Davis, stage and radio pro- To Tighter rredU. jducer, at the Big Tree farm on, un,.. ,M... ~ ve.^ brp.aT,„XrB.^! S.™mrie,r«TonTaro'’>.nd'Sep- tpmbpr 16. Tentative arrangements lather here eariy^next weeic call for a one-third down payment i i i r 1 L'liFL'l Pl’VTVJ on aiiiomobiles, radios and washing lii l>ri I j . rUlirJi l»nr>ir>. mnclunes and a 20 per cent down < nr Viriim in Fair pa' mrnt on furniture and rugs. \\ aiuoao Hositiial. The time In which complete pay-: ------ mpnt must be made will be held to Lyle L. Fogel, 58 years old. was fi!:ppn months, officials predicted, jn fair condition today at the Wa- Some merchants have offered two hospital. Miss Ethel 6« years oM. Novpmber. brought here from Wamego to-! ralps of $50 or less will be exempt, ¡day for further treatment of severei h-.r thi* Old exemption for purc.hases ^uus. of more than $2,000 will be changed pocprs wife Mrs Marv W Fogel __________________________________ To rover prices up to 58 years old, was killed when a j tOsborn^^ favoring a downtown site, such a*s ' “ ' " a ______ _________ ___ , _ Ollirials analyzing the abrupt mego and rolled down a 20-foot ents received regular degrees at commencement .services. They are Pan\u»kin AI*o Contend* V’icc> Consul Ha* Right to Remo%« hospital Patient. Washington, Aug. 14. Young .Mother Plan* l lijtht Around \N orld. C.'tMBttinr.K, E ngiano . Aug. 14. (AP'- A young mother who hopes to be the first woman to pilot a light aircraft around the globe will take off from Cambridge Monday In her single engine Proctor "Thursday's Child.” She Is Mrs. Richarda Morrww- Talt 24. mother of an 18-month- old girl and wife of an engineer. She will end the first leg of her global jaunt at Croydon alrj>ort, London, She plans to fly by the way of Marsollle, North Africa, Egypt, Saudla Arabia. India Burma. Cluna. Japan, the Aleutian i.slands, Canada. Greenland and Iceland. Her co-pilot and navigator Is Michael Town.send. 2.’S, bridge undergraduiUf [ÏEII Dili FT CUP .\rmed Ser>ice* Reported Ready to Seek Authority to Call Doctor*. TO KEEP IN PROFESSION Re«er\eii Are Not Responding to Fill .Need of the L. S. Torces, Requirements for Coming; Yea# >'it«l to Keep I p tha Inductions. (."trrrifet of tft* Cntcago Dntlv N*tr» » Washington, Aug. 14.—The a Cam- !armed sorvice.s will ask Con- Morrott- ^rcss to changp the draft law children of veterans who returned (AP)—RuSsia today dc-j Talt will remain behind to care permit induction of dOC- IZilnl ^-«anded full control over, - „„d other p.of«.ion..l teachers who were here for sum- Mrs. Oksana StCpanOvna HUMID AS CLOUDS HOLD mer training. Koscnkina, and thc Unit- ____' - learned on high authority. A flatlv'THUNDERSTORMS ARE {XPECTEd! additional Ai^c FIVF KILLED IN CRASH BY WEATHER BUREAU. ,tors, 2.000 dentists, and .several hUTi- ___ rejected thc demand. j ............................. idi’-o m inHiMi piuie.v>,KniHi »ivoups FORMER ELAINE HAMMERSTEIN Alexander s. Panyushkln. ,\ lliul« H«>iuoon k .% nn.l mo U p - will nerdPtl this time next year. IS VICTIM IN MEXICO. ,sovlet ambas.sador, presented^ .. . ,"T~T 7 . V new note on the, I Hlhcr of Uriireit Arlr«»*«. Nnii'O . a I a. xo%% viMk s«««r I* ,Ko.senkina case to Robert A.| —Huohniui M (Hiifoinia iLovctt, undersecretary of' l>pnio(*rHiic I.OMdrr. io*.,«.«. „^ tv»«« <mcr«iic:ciai4 continue in the Kansas Citv State, and then discussed it - , u„le.s,s some action is taken th# Profes.sional men in tl¿e reserves aren't filling the vacancies. 1 he draft law says new induetepn cannot be brought in until adequate Conditions favorable to thunder- mrdlcal and htwpital personnel ii ¡ «mioriit« X\ III I'nllou A .Mlnliniiiii \r<Miii(l Ì <t Titiiiiilil. T ijitana Mrxico. Aug. 14,(AP» — !'''*^^ Lovett an Five Americans, including James ff^rty minutes. hour and Walter Kays, 60, former California Democratic party official, and hl.v wife, the former Elaine Hammerstein of the .screen, were killed in a ¡spectacular automobile crash last ¡night twelve miles south of Tijuana. Kay.«?, investigating olflcers said, Foirp It was in Hrr Suri'oiulrr. this verbal ex- .'<ervices will be hard put to comply with the law in 194P, members of Congress are infmnied. An inductee may turn out to hr a area and rain Is forecast for the city or lt»s immediate vicinity tonight or early tomorrow. The .same general condition prevails over Western Mis.sourl and i doctor or a dentist when he Is sworn li. * n iEa.stern Kaivsas and the weather_^ a.ssigned to change that Lovett told Pa>'-!burf»u rxprn., rHthpr h™vv rain,'. QtatAK , .. . ‘ rank, but Will not b» eligible for the yushkln the United States m s„uthea.stern Kaasas over the ^ does not have the right to week end. I given'a proiesslonal man entering as require Mrs. Kosenklna to put Weather is to remain humidiMich. was at the wheel of the sedan that'HAr«Plf thP rnntml ofexce.ssively hot. The The military department will ask cra.shed into a car driven hv » M«. under tne (onuol OI ^^.,,1 be near 70 degrees. Congre.s.s to amend the draft law to Mrs. Kosenklna is the Ru.s.sian school teacher who leape»! from a tonight will be near 70 degr according to the forecast, and the drafting of profes- w.oon degree.s, Oenet>«llv partly cloud> i„n. Otherwise, a shorfjige is likely Tn addition tn K«v* «nH hu in conditions will prevail. ,t.) oicur. Already medical men in I the dead were Richard Oarvev Thur.vday and has said^ xitk W s A s Ul\i;il IK :«"»iV «''<< navy are having their about 60 tt-hnm» »0 beoause they were hold- ^ leaves cand led. .................................................................... crashed into a car driven by a Mex- . . . . v. <.• ic«n.Theslxoc^upanisolth,M«. anybody a| her will. I lean, who received minor injuries. Al.L FROM CALIFORNIA. illUMiliniiuii IMI .iir ^ CiRfAT BrND, K a S., AUg. 14 f AP I tween Panyashkin and U>vett was Arkansas river here reac made available by the S;ate depart- J, 3 ^ fcK right-lniths of a ! ment officer, Mlcnael J. Me- ^ hMP \ 2,.W0 MlU: TREK, CiRfAT BrNU, K as ., Aug. HiAP» ' It'*', »ml .Itilm \V’, hed ilfanl l{«*xrli o. «fan. oi -7 Jn Completing a 2,500-mlle trip on If H H n ? I K b horsebHck. the Rev. and Mrs. John ¡today and was threatening to break ^ Reard, hoth in their sixties, en- M other op Two C hildren . . . M rs . F aye O sbork , 26 Y ears O ld , Is S hown B eing F ingerprinted at the K ansas Crrv, K ansas , P olice H eadquarters by N oel F orbes , T echnicia ®, A fter A dmitting S hoot ­ ing H er husband , W illiam C, O sborn , 30. |K>inUs along the i.ulependence at 9;30 o'clock. .. ,uyf, pui-ca ut. ^ 58 y « 1 “ ------- --------V ^ favoring a downtown site, such a*s The vehirie i i i. r».ch the rl-sini cost ot such thmgs Fogel W.S driving «nt; hfaMom«,.onMn the b,ck^one m preterenoe to „T'L' "“''' h "* *‘ h«'' *’"• jutoraoblles. ^ lout ol control yesttrday near w ,-1 he lelt leg andone m the nghl .TL"^ *, ""''‘“i rh :n 2 e which Mr. Truman Is ;embankment. Fogel is president of po • d to report in the government’s Fogel Contractors, Inc. Walker iiv acial position cited these fac- is a tr .' ew billiom lor defense and Xor- fizn Bid have been plied onto the o»r%!r «ràtrwiif —la v#i a:jijnf-iimiM. niiii • itowTi would proviae a more central reneri nfr intn . , «-onmuliir miiumlii»*». Mrs. O«born was hysterical when location so that nennie livinp in * *t**pp embank- , . n tttat pBOplC UVlllg Inn^pj.. »he Mnxiran U.iri Ih«! »h.Mllil Mrs. Jane Shafer Richards, M. ot ho.spltal lx)s Angeles, and her friend, Mrs ‘^e exchanges be!Gladys Ooldie Hall. 50. ' Kays at one time was Ix)s Angele. police commissioner. He and Miss „ Hammer.stein were mairled In Los Angeles twenty-two years ago. She' Soviets Insisted. .several iuird*^ *• rn„M,lai.- twiMing course. . The couple lelt their home In Port- 1? , ^ in \eM V.irk l»r prrmineil in |.oM « A. H Johnson. United States rivrr ¡„„{i Qre Anrll 1 to travel the old ^KJv^!fnrlh^í 77’’ 2 l-h»..r K>»ir<l »%er Mr.. Ko.rukin«. observer, said the Arkansas was still Oregon trnil. iSnto ^Th 2 - "“t « 1 . a »h» redwed Thrv w,.,o met at the citv limit. Mexican hlghw'ay p,trol. I b.-prrmillr.1 i.. hljlm.y mnlnlenann-"" “"XdilSonce' headquarters .said only one road v^j,„ provided them with a mounted Ihai »lie »luHilil lie pl»«»'«l was cio.sed in this area. K 4.'). near f-scoit The pnxesslon which also Location of the stadium down- ''«'•••» Lamed, The hu-.hway was unde, ¡„Huded „ay wagAn — -------- ---------- - ___________I o«iad Andres of tn.senada and rn- w«t«*r from Pawnee creok. Routh carryuig w«t«*r from I’awnee creoK. ROUin-'twenty lOMtumcH memherv of th« be m«.%etl 1 Forty-Nlner.s ciuh, pas.sed the Sum^ psychologist for the publicishe was found lying on the floor ¿rea'tcr ¿¡nsai^'Citv^coWVeach a Mexican motorist U)ld ’• ............ ^ Walnut creek was re- ,„(•[ White Hou«e, 21» North DciR- school system here. The three were i of the bedrwm of the Osborn home , downtown stadium would I*'"’*' »•"* pm ted ri.sing Mowly, but the Dry ware .sfrcct, and proceeded up Mapli ontiieir way to Colorado. |a »mall builduag in the rear of 1181 nearer the railroad bu« and air ,women were era I muihi 'H her lui.^ed. Walnut was dropping. .avenu« tc. the square The Fogel home is at 632 West Southwest boulevard, Kansas City,i^^minals: it would be closer to «.!!!'! Oarvey died two! Panyushkln did not reveal an.v- #v iti/ «'«'Kling on the spot which was original spending plans, while the Sixty-Rlxth - street terrace. Miss Kansas, by the side of the bed on eating accommodations u li thing about the nature of hU call H l>niM-. HHIMt /> JMI,. jfj,p bcKinning of the Oiegon trail, levHnue estimates were upset by the Walker lives at 4949 Tracy «venue. wounded husband lay un- ^ bodies were taken to a Tijuanajon Lovett, but disclosed that hr | ^ oriirinl% i:n«l the Boards were congratulated by Income tax cut which is cxpcctfd ................................. con.scious. She said she rememberedi‘„ "mortuary to reduce federal income by about BIRTHDAY PART^. pulling the trigger only once. She |jy ea.sler accessibility to Hammerstein was 4,600 million dollars. (;iri, lipiurii From .Show to DIs- attnbut^ the shooting to jealou-sy transportation, eating and 'hotel stage and said she and her hasband had facilities producer and impre.sario. Arthur gone May Ki«o. | One official has e.stimated that CKe "and » .nd ____ gone home about midnight from _____ An unknown prowler had his own visiting a near-by tavern where áku á imi'L’im' m iw government .«pending may approach private birthday party last night— both had been drinking, A f \\ |\lAli 1 h.A.M. 42 billion dollars, instead of the at the expeme of Miss Jean Gerard. They had had an argument and she |{„| | moi itIi « Iihi k« 39.700 million doUai.s foiv.setn in route No. 488, North Kansas City, took the levolver from a makeup ••suoituli»* SinltMwif " January. Al the same time revenues Ni„e girl friends of Miss Gerard's box and fired at him as he reclined ,had talked with Mr?; Kosenklna In the!New York last Saturday. \«» .siiiKMiictit I’roiii lli'r. Had the ambassador asked her .Hfairh lor n Aug 14<APt-A Roi;cr T. Sermon, mayor of Independence, Los Ancfiks, Aug 14 <AP> - A They will rcmaln In Independence 10 -year .search bv federal oltKi-i.s ^ Haran,er,le,n. and »he came to K, H usm - 11. li:iIO K^t Holl.ood an accomplished actre«. pïi.T^ In n V« ‘‘T.™ ..................T"'V win ni.k,. ,r- FAMOi;s AS frodu (» 4<. ;Yurk that he had attempted to get .servm« a JO-day MiUcncc him Her grandfather was 0 ,scar Ham- a declaration from her that she wa.s o oieno Ti é e^^ ____ merstein. New York producer, who not kept at the Russian coiii»ulule, cîeorge Rossini, deputy U S mar-^ Portland bv tiair will decline to about 40 Mlllon dol- had gathered for a slumber party on the bed acioss the room. The O ttumwa , I a , Aug. 14 <AP>—A cauglit England's fancy with hl.s against her will. The ambasy,Hdoi Uoone dim|)p«'ar»(l in 1938' * brs. he reckoned, iiusteadi of 44’a and bnthday celebration in her Osborns are the parents of two compnny spokesman said today Pr^^i^ctions at the ConVenl Gar- said he had not asked her tor a alter bt'ing reii-a rd from U'avcn- » I NhFli I’KtMJ billion dollar.s. ¡honor. Earlier in the evening, the children, William Osoorn, jr.. 8 , and ‘‘sP^*'adic .«-iLdowns" were hamper- <i«*ns and returned to New York to statement. worth peinientiary |.>*-nding a hear- " ‘ There may be .some adjustment group attended ^ movie and re-[Robert Osborn, 6 . William, jr.. hig production this morning in va- build the world's largest opera i f”’ *V, <>u a writ of habeas corpu*. The \ir i rtari'H .\iiom in thp.s.? figures, however, in view of turned to the Gerard home to findfwas in an adjoining bedroom at the «’lous departments of the John Mor- house. Arthur Hammerstein di- had he asked hei^about? d»nle«l. Ho Mini said. ( hnrue A kh I mhi t!u> steady in national income. I one light burning and the door I time of the shooting, about 2 o'clock » «*11 i Co., packing plant. vorced Elaine's mother. Jean, at Boone had »erved thirteen months The higher the rate of ac-lstanding open. The theft of the this morning, she said. Robert was A C. I O. W'orkers Reno in 1910. and he then married speaKing to i anyusnnin in ^ i5-year sentence. He had be*n »« h »« ti’ity. prices and profits, the higher cake was discovered about an hour spending the night with Mrs. Os- union official .said the workers were the actres.s. Dorothy Dalton. Ru>sian. . ronvirtid nt. Ho.i^inn Tex nf ^ » ««r loife announced looay tnx rnllections go. Therefore the later. borns mother, Mrs. Rule Wiley, »ot striking. He .said they were at- Hammenstein immediately budcpt outlook shifts with the na- Final touche.s to the prowler's 1224 South Fourteenth street, Kan- t^empting t/> work out their giicv. launched an active career in motion ________/»^ss STMI HAH TI STS 1910. and he then married after speakfng to Panyushkln In 15-year sentence. He had be*n' W ashington , Aug. 14 < es.s. Dorothy Dalton. ,^ 1 , ^ 1 ‘v, convicted at Hou«!ton. Tex. of'J:' ^ tuu^ Ko. inerciore tne latcr, uu.u.-, „.wt..r., ...... .w... .......^ —.......................................- ........ — Hammenstem immediately 2 Pt outlook shifts with the na- Final touche.s to the prowler's 1224 South Fourteenth street, Kan- oyt their gncv- launched an active career in motion . onestlon^ and answers^ i > ak \ i if */mm ti si Hi income. feast were uncovered early today sas City, Kamas. |f"ces as they know how" fol- pictures and was starred undur the evrhrnTed tSe lowing exphation of the U*P W A. Columbia banner. One of her star- contract With Morrell at mid-week, „ng vehicles was ••S-O-S-Perils of i,rstlr outHidri/>vett s . ................. A series of incidents ye.«:terday » ofh«r. .h. '»om lt.s i^art oul.nide l/ivett s oince.. / Result of <'i'n.<il) Itijurir«. budgn. This has no effect on, ____ at'ual spending, but on paper wlllj Injuries received last night in his Imnrove the budget showing for|hot-rod racing car proved fatal to l^ome from about 7 to 12 o clock ehtablished policy it is invc.<ilgatlng anonymoui chaigc.s against a major general. In a ‘‘memotandum to the pres.s,‘* Xiiinnic the air force said the charges under I inquiry are tJiat MaJ. Gen. Clayton Aug. 14 <AP>— Bls.scll engaged In "unauthorized enie mint nn- transactions" while serving as mlll- ..................... Great building to the front steps, where inwyeis in the slate "thoVe" who R'liain. Pacific avenue, Kaasas City,- Ed>^iward^ofPanyushkln'» big black limou.suie ,,a,,ed examinatlom given here laie‘ «nemoiandum said the accu- Kansa.s, had been drinking beer, in a u P W' A local which i^ the bar- Parents operated a ¿0.- waiting. ,june sixUcn others failed 'iation.s were made in uniigned let- tavern next door to the Osborn OM-acre ranch at Garvey. He w^s He apparently was anxious not to The hst .showed there were forty- />y the department; a 3.000 Morrell plant employes, said '■av anythmg at all and moved at fjye from K;< City and seventeen with another COTTPtE. In a statement to Miller, Mrs. Os- ^ series of incidents vc.«:terday the born recounted the events precedmg culminated In an altercation last A b<x)kkeeping device adopted by,when the girls found a chair, an CV nsipss also will make the budget >mpty milk bottle, and traces of l'<^k brtt 'r. jthe cake in a ditch beside the home. In authorizing Mar.shall plan ald,i n iriTiTiTntWlcrL' 4 T 41 Con:res.s specified that 3 billion dol -1 KAlE ( inr.NT IS r.\T.\L. la IS of this year’s foreign spending* , couple. William and Betty Ros.son. ¿hareed withVsVault Vnd M -.u;d be charged against year’s . V ** 2402 Pacific avenue. Kaasas City. « Garvey was a mililonaire bache and her husband and another „„d »he nlant suoerintpnrient . ^'oj-io counle. William and Bettv Ro.s.son. i .„i.u__________ 1 __ and "Drums of Jeopardy. • BroaTw^'aT GoÌd^'^^oiifatir elevator, and out through J ctfwhon City, Broadway Gold. Oj^ea^tei of the modernistic. The Mi.',sourl «upreme court an* the shMting Mrs.^Osborn said she night in which a woman wau injured xh!an Fame ” “One Glorious Niffht - .......................-............................. —............ At ® marble-walled Stjtte department jounced ^oday nanie.s of 119 ni'v^ tary and air a.tafhe in bv the same amount-enough V'arrcn Bmith.l Her son, William Osborn, Jr., aPr h7feared‘The siuiaTlotr’lsTo” Vincent's college and was graduated i„ii «peVd when he could In an ele- nom“st,‘ U j ' u I s ” In’the”’iatefcr bauii fstablish their validity, and Secre^ ''tf^et the Dosslble deficit fore- He died^his moving at fng'j^oJJVmovle®'^^^^ It geU vaujr pacKt-u w.u. irpot U*., h./^- 0 , «ucre«A,t.. fliA /^ArtAt*al lincrkital u'HArA Ha a*a c i .. 1 » ^ i bCtter. the possible deficit fore by tlie administration. , _ -------------«---------------- the General hospital, where he was’plained of a headache. * K AL l\JURY TO FARMER, uiien following the accident in I “I asked my husband to go to the ‘i" ihi«i .Soft Shoulder and Rolls,the races at Smithville, 'I he Kansas Cltlans. tf*|-u Ht mtnvton h*»* r»r<^epeH fiit-th*«* inquiry. The policy Is, the memorandum Near IVrry, Kas. The veteran racer's car over- peaied at tneir table, alter return- _ _______ school. ever, he had little choice but to talk The company spokesman said: back. ' m.4vih o Moehi»', 81 « Wr/>.t Thirty-' , , „ .hnrmtoh » an «snirin’• Mrs Osborn' “What Is going on now is a .series Demo-, ninth u rrai «-. A MorHniy.«(;l7 . "while h^ of «irikes in various de-.f'-^^If been engaged' / . While he was at the workers de- ^he in.surance busmes.s for many bar and ge I told Miller iMWRENcr, Kas., Aug. 14 .—Eugene turned on the south curve of the lipland, 40, was Injured critically track, while traveling fifty to sixty la’p Yesterday when the motor car miles an hour, and crashed, h'* uas driving went out of control j Warren had lived in Smithyill^ rim HiKl Hn.HUiie ninth u rrai «•. Htani»«y A MorHi.iy.ötJn » ...wm.uki« uivronii«- iiii aiKi miMMue. terrar«- Muno/, 42-W Hfn of allegations contained In re- grim and bru.sqiiely the Pn-^eo. Arthur J. Kusuei/kv. 2‘ilft pijrU*, anonymous or otherwise, bar he stopped to talk t« a woman. v'ears HLs only survivor is his sis- <urned aside most Inquiries as he recently returned to the then went out to the floor to ^ Frederick Toole, who is »talked to his waiting limousine. ,V/f,ciei.i.-ni J H.-i- i. tr *. &:r 26 : United States and Is now on 30-day with her ’ r«hf i A short time later, MrDermot! 'im v: carl A 464f R'lth her ’ r--- -------------'' '"''LIT"“ ""'V at Lnki* Taiu»* Calif I »^o^t iiine later, Mrueruiou iracv: Carl A After the husband returned to the^*\to u corner and ke**pmg him there. ^ • * ¡gave the following account of what Kdw-Mi ••t., . ux ... -----—. - fure t; jHiiif» I. Uottih ‘leave. Ilaubfu, 2)1121 table, Mrs. Osborn said, they quar- some cases they ^re refusing i.HEC.k 0!S EXPORTS. happ< ned: aiidrrrtshedon U. S. higiiw’ay No 2 V. all his Ufe. He leaves his wife. Mrs.;reled, then went to their home,^^^'^^^*^ ____ ........ ti :u •«.. 1 he Soviet ambassador gave T_x)v- Aii. n w. Kii.u« in lii'./ w.-.i, n/tv- si.e - ------ -.............. lilllliain, Ir . 1400> HI IM) WitMAS HEJU'TS KUi I.IIIW.XKJ, M .trthallCtHlir, 4J01 lYfUMt I .iff/. t»iip mile east of Perry, Ka.s h>-land. a Douglas County farmer, 'aken to the Lawrence Memorial j home; his mother, Mrs. Hattie W’ar- h'Jspii'al, where physicians said today ren, Smithville, and two sisters THr Qi;ARnn- contwuiä . The quarrel was resumed after ALERT TROOPS IS TOEiiK III .Xrrrfit Ahiiioiijr • opal Lucille Warren, and a daugh- where the four continued to drinkM^at they leave the plant when such;K»rr, Teml. M.lp..u‘..i Will He ,(ter, Mary Marvine, both of the beer. ^otk stoppage.s o^ur. _______ Cliecked at sa^i I ntiii iM-n. Uermott ^poke had not been trans- N F rancisco , Aug. 14<AP»— luted but the contents of which h ! i ¿ r. 114U K¡ FraiK'isco exnort controls will *he ambassador told to the under- M curk. 4005 k-uwixki, cieortc c Mrs. Hetty June Cros.sei tightened tomorrow. Every ¡secretary in the course of the dis- «»d has two children 1 shipment for a foreign des- cussion. h. H«*inarti, i:ilO Kasi Twentv-eHiiith t^W '^n t want a S an San be tenth shipment tinatlon will be opened by customs ett a liotfc whlih al the tune Me- jw.mtii. Heurv U. el.'i We«' ertiict-, ftoljrrt H. 14 (AP)— l“ted but the contents of which r‘'j' 74 uAiamfda, Calik., Aug. 14.<AP» — Mrs. Hetty June Cros.sett. 23, Is blind to supiK>rt, alimony from The amba.sjiador, McDermott con- urrwco joiin K B«i«tor, :if>0.5 n'urri- the hufcband she divorced^erday, tinued, prote.sted the alleged ac-,•«>»*. J'»hri T Curmu-riacL 2840 Spruce,, shi? told Judge A. J. Woolsey she he IS suffering from a fractured Mrs. Guy Webb. Smithville. and the Ro.s.sons left and the Osborns, I'oie^jari Trou- ^kuil and severe facial lacerations. Mrs. B. W. Mederis. Platte City, Mo. had undres.sed and gone to bed, the ble on .siii it*i.der i>«u-. The motor car apparently struck iroR Tokyo, Aug. iT« AP)-Occupation - ^ ^hould^r of thf? hifihwflv &nd I^Jl Rhlf rii r-L* • {]6nly slBppcd her on the fftce, she fortes tod^iv were nlprtwJ for ix)sitiblp 1 —- 'Aiihur 551^ icuriid « ^ over at least three times. strlUe^~r. iiirner as Hie got out of the bed and^ walked to ^^kyo and Yokoha^ia to-1 declaration that shows signs tion of the New York poiic-e In en- 731 we«f Fortv-ilxth. Pf<*f*'fred to get a job. Hichaav patrolmen said Ireland ‘ ^ driving east toward Lawrence ■I the time of the accident. ' ; Charles employee of the Maurer-weuer cor- hatband sat up in oea. twr». ^oorn parades to ob-serve the annl poratlon at 1121 East last Twelfth street, .„jd -He said, 'Don't shoot, Fave, versarv Koreans will use the hame unlicensed mateiiaL« that Con.«sul General Lomakin hao W|*«i Fiity-firH^^^^ her near railroad cro.ssings, although scalp injury today ¿«nt shoot.- ^ SsJn to cH^raTi tirtWi^ yea^^ ^ ' ? 4 “ 4 r’r//,i.;r trains. ARiBS REJECT PEACE TALKi ^ butwn at the^”''j^,rs7osborn said she did not re-,or7r.'ir Tiberatlor'^from Taoan^^^^ Kosenklna at the hospital, i\aTrVncr'B W.mdrrv The bride of two and a half year» ------------- . ^ elevator then PUt any detail* after the shoot- rule , affect American foreign policy or The ambassador inKlsted that the »<•<(,nrt, rh-iri^s shftngier. iu North has two sons. 18 months and 3 »'rer, Nesoiiaiion, W ith Jeu. head im.lde the sl^ft to deter-; ¿„g, exc<*pt that her hu.«band fell The catch is that Communl>as op-economy of an importing consulate in New York be permit Are f>iH, F.«>pt .Sa>». mine whether the elevator was mov- jhe floor and asked her to call po^pd to the U. fi.-recognlzed South | Ing. . Un ambulance. She called the am- Korean government, which will be 1 ificvivr l»l 4 VI’ ‘*' 7 ’ ...........*; '«h-r. ,,Vi%ni 7 The The cage struck him on the top b„unce at the near-by No. 10 fire inaugurated Sunday, may use the I LANK, general U allowed Uj see her wii occasion to stir up trouble. t.*.. u*«.«« 1 in«nk <Vi.ri that she be placed under the protec- Fifiy-eiKhu. Martin J Viin Brunt. WllHarn M Symoii. )r .„nnlhs nf nt^e ♦ H f,,r WMt Slxty-nlnth terrar.., Rlrh- ted to post the 24-hour guaid for , ft„uih;<n, 424 Hu/itington tfm'l , , . T. Mrs. Kosenklna;' that th«» consul Rt«nlfv J -i*gei^ 5137 the Pawo, LINKS K l OSi, KHOlM, Aug. 14.«AP) .P. Won/* l»<n-.ii*t I Him I'oailinii. \\ ant jrvpf ^in government notified Count and back of the head, pulling th^ gtatlon. occasion to stir up trouble. Two Kan-a« < iilan* «'raft that she 1^ placed under the protec- Fifiy-eiKhu. *. rriii< ^ Bernadotte today that it had scalp down over his eyes_ After he Mrs. Osborn told Miller that she Hlblya park in downtown Tokyo- oierdm- in Qiiim > Jil 15 ir ____ ed the Israeli proposal for dl- was struck. Turner w-as able to prws „^uch beer, but It a block from Allied headquarters- i - tiev and that she be moved to |«ii «, jïdson^^ Vikeiand. N. J., Aug. 14.ÎAP) — Palestine peace tallu between a button stopping the elevator and;^j^j ^ much.” She said «he had,j-egprved by military authorities! Pilot* and Missouri and Illinois whatever place the consul S^neral oi^ver i-ee n Mit», ym Elmer J Wene. state .«»enator rf ^‘'•p Aiabs and Jews ¡releasing him. been “mad" at her husband beforeifor an “antl-Pa«:l 8 t peoples rally”.police today were searching for a wanted her moved to, Wé-.^t 8 txiy-nr*t; ^>**ph K H^'Ut». aw cu,nbprland. today declined for tha în a cable to the United Nations Turner was trea^ a^t the scene meeting the Rossons. Her husband »ponsored by leftist organlzi<tions. 1 small chartered plane with twoKan-i “i„u.rieriiig Will......... *........ i ri^nn „ iV aÎu ér- >‘-^ot»d tune to acccpt a nomination 'tor, the Egyptian government Marv’s hos- had slapped her several times in ^e j ,7 ., ms atians aboard. It took off from, ambas.saaor inalntalned. Me-»on 4740 Oak: néurice T Norton Jr. by President Truman as a.ssialant 'Id the Egyptians could not accept P|t*{* treatment ” »Wte-| (lAIN B\ HAHh HLIH. the Grandview airport at I oclock continued, that the aHeged^"^ of agriculture. ."’and of the Israeli «overnment P address as 3515 ■cvoivn ifiilmonarv roîiiiiiiiaiion« t’leur ' Triir^idiiïfe enaiÎ^e^ consulate by tlie police eiiy, Kn’n*»« Chfcriwi 8 ixAu.'Ml/;- Wene *aid his decision was based ' could dlscass the future "oilj » hu»#and »oucht hvolve«. i , . J..,, 'l. single-en^n^ craft, ^•*^<vjoiafed Its «to-called extra-terrl-»ion, Ku« ; wiiliain D. Hiepiii-nsiin, on his "duty to the electorate of part of Palenine." Benton boulevard^ __________ I ^ employed at the Gen-j *»'“ «uniiiuun hiitl l)«*ugero«ii. oveidue In Quincy, wa* pllot^ ^^atus, and that the action K.iu.aii City. ___ Cumberland County ’ I»or*J<: film «¡Itol'p. eral Motors corporation. They have n»w Yo«k. Aug. l^-^AP»--babe J^nston, ¿ 010 ,^^ United States officials were pre- < a<V%i\ in «'iiaihmw. *»“1 ^Is resllnaUon from the Vattpam CtTY Aui 14 (AP)—Pope b«'«" married ten years. iThe re- Rutlia pulmonary complications.““*' Topr«* aho hiap* a iiu.rv »tate Senate would have left the PlusTlI was purchased by the hus-ihave cleared but Wball'. »ningi^"! u icrl^e a Topek^ law^W \as re^‘-‘'‘^“^y ^epre.sentatlon there todîv DawlZanuck film producer, band, and kept in the makeup kit home-iun king atill la on the critical mÎ * »‘‘'«PO*'»'this. McDermott: 194», at a time when Im- SÎStor Hen^ K?ng ¿ree%riter txi prevent the Children from play. ilUt,ho»piUl attache.H reported Lovett told Panyushkln that; * pending legislation wa* Shades McAnhu^^^^ the weapon, Mr.. Oaborn^ The regular morning hospital bul.;J.^f"^ school teacher had been to be acted on. their families. The audience took-id printed i S“d“^^ Vh^“ Although pulmonary compllca- The a vice consul __________ j Wene was first nominated by the -«/4 K-.rf .rfLf.n SL.vii'e At the MiinlrlïMil Air Termi P^»‘"’‘tted to SK.V.VI'OH i H A\F.Z Itl STIVfi. Piesldent on June 26, but did not ¡ieivice at tne Municipal Air lermi-^- -|,un„ah «he h»d not re- .. ............................ a,,.«.,. *h. ruu,, vn. i nadotte said the Jew.s had ap-. P ouf hed him with the idea of dl-; ^**'1 iieiiotlatlons with the Arabs. , added he had relayed the Invlta- ”011 to the Arab states at the re- ^e.>t of the Israeli foreign minister, ‘'»'i'he Shertok. 'Tf'e Egyptian government said the ^cunty council had piovlded for Bernar'otte himself to suggest solu- ' to the Palestine problem. Be place at the Pope’s summer resi- Ko.. uo.«T.. 7 ë.««d .nd ícc¿,. Of the security council’s ac- MHS. MARV MAH.VKEV DIFS. U." «tUl remains Strong, hU condition U although she had not re-; N M Auk 14 (AP» ¡a^^cept the post. His second noml- K...vva.. MO.. Au,. U -AP,-«• .......................... rMVlu .Tu.u by Pr«.d.nC B**»nadotle> orders for » who was named ouUtandlng rural tent to klll^rs^ Os^n eni^rM a re^«d well during the evening and ^ want to talk to him, 'resting comfortaHy in an Albu-!»a»t week. '’ file in the Holy Land, but ex- correspondent in the nation by the P^** ^ p rivd»* Mv»ra to speak with his wife. Lenge is the sister-in-law ofi M!rl>erm«u’» ron».querque ho.‘pltal early today after Wene Is one of the raiaeri ^ any solution for permanent rmwell Publishing company in clty*^urt. She was releaaed Le»il«nhip~n«wer fairUitt«i->pnd« Joseph T. Lenge, 3434 South Ben-' (Crmtmufd onsf^d . ¡a major abdominal operation. on 13.000 bond pending a . Democratic eandidatt for vuit our new modern b<^k depart- Only at Gtoldman’i Roiex._<>rn«fa^ •17 htarinf Aufuft 34. Irial aDtails no additkmai obaiit.~-'Ad.«county infftor. - * ~ ------" rr":------------ ‘ -»he e*tv court She was releaaed Laaderahip—newer farUUtes—prid« Joseph T. Lenge, 3434 South Ben-' (Cwimi/ed on sen^wd rojje.) l'-.oeom.,r„„,Brm»do,l,, d,.d .. h.r hom, h.« . Ion, - ,.mur On,, .. K«,... 0«.„ M.,v. M.„. po.n., au ,.. A,t. » ^ , •ment, «th floor, Cmery Birda.—Adv. ado A Onard-Perregaux Watch#* - Ad on U. 8. Hiwalr S, ABC, VI. 0123.—>Adv. Phiir« IS -------^ ^---------;—•.» luness. sne naa orcn wnw. •t.LÎÎ, Room Cooler, only WS«.«).,*, . oid •'»nkin* Aiuaie Cb., 1317 Walnut.—Ad.y*ars oia. of baby chickens In the East. Move all pomts Allied Agt*. No.

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