The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 11, 1950 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 11, 1950
Page 3
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SATURDA,, FEBRUARY 11, 1050 The Nation Today — Our 'Peaceful' Air Force U.S. Has 7,700 Planes Serving A Dozen Government Agencies By James J. Sirrbl- t +2 Bl.YTUKVIl.LK (AUK.) COUU1KK NKWi, By James J. Streblg Associated Frrss Aviation KepurUr (For James Marluw) ....WASHINGTON, Fcb. 11. (At 1 ) — You read 'd lot about Hie B-3*i and other fighting planes, but do you kwv about Uncle Sam's peaceful [ It Is 1.100 planes strong Rescue Party Brings in Nine of Ten Airmen; Helicopter Gets Other Today ^ "»ii* *,i Oil H UiUitJi allUWV serves a dozen or more government Yukon mountaintop four days ago nti/mi*1p<: Tlip Tllnllpc rdno/i fi/i... ....... _n . . , : , . . agencies. The planes —„ litle two-seat ships to giant transport. Their armament may be spray guns, cameras, fire extinguishers, first aid packs, food bundles, stretchers for sick and Injured or droppahle lite boats. Thc biggest job they do is simply transportation. They serve the special needs of agencies where airline service is not practical. The government's non-military air fleet is scattered among thc Atomic Energy Commission (AKC), (lie Departments of Agriculture, Commerce, Defense, Interior, Justice, State and Treasury, and such independent agencies as the Federa! Security Agency (PSA). Civil A<Ti>iiiuit!c.s Hoard ICAB) and Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA). .Many Fiijlil Malaria The ATC uses five airplanes for travel, patrol of restricted areas and to fight mosquitos. Thc- TVA uses eight planes for photography, aerial mapping, control ol malaria breeding spots and power line inspection. Thc Public Health Service, under the F3A, has four planes for epidemic control work, suc-h as aerial distribution of insecticides. The CAB uses planes to rush accident illustrators to crash scenes, for trB-1 and for checking flight procedures ami air navigation equipment. The Agriculture Department has more than -10 airplanes for its studies of control of crop and forest diseases, lor flying "smoke jumpers" to (ight fires in remote woodland are^s and for patrol of forests. The Initcrior Department uses about 40 aircraft .mostly in enforcing fish and g&mR laws, for fishery research and wild animal surveys. However, it also uses olanes to Inspect power lines, to survey areas for new lines, and for geophysical exploration and travel. One of its planes is owned by the Alaska Railroad, a department agency. An important mercy job is done by air through the Coast Guard, which Iras 50 planes and expects to double the number. A third of Its fleet is helicopters. All are available for rescuing accident survivors, help- In? people in remote r.rcas in need of 'supplies v or hospitalizalion nnd chasing ^nuiElers. The Justice Department uses Its planes to patrol the nation's borders against illegal entry, and ferry migration inspectors to emergency jobs; Improvements Tested Some of the outstanding advances In aviation technique arc tested in flight iiy pUines based at the -three great laboratories of the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics. The Department of State, with its global interests, has but two planes—one assigned to the civil R.'r attache in London, thc other to the air attache in Rio de Janeiro. However, the State Departmenl makes considerable use of big transports operated by the Military Ail Transport. Service (MAT'S) to car- ranking guests from other nations MATS, the largest element. In the unarmed air force, with some 700 planes, performs a transport service for oil branches of the government. Another military branch with civil type planes is the Army Engineer Corps, which uses small craft to inspection work. WARNING ORDER Jn Ihc Chancery Court, ehltka Arkansas. -A-Mercdith Polk, (Col), Pltf. ^ vs. No. H.207 Annie Mae Polk (Col.l, Dft. The defendant Annie Mae Polk is hereby warned to appear within thirty days in thc court named in WllITEHORSK, Y. T., Feb. 11— • IV—A di ring rescue of 10 airmen '"> crash-landed on a barren snowy •as all but complete today. Nine were brought, here last night. The lenth was to be flown In after daybreak. The crash survivors hud spend three days and nights In sub-xero cold after their U. S. Air Force C-47 struck the 7.000 foot mountain BO miles northwest of here last Tuesday, i Their plane met disaster while engaged in the giant aerial search for a USAP C-54 which disappeared 'an. 2G with 4-1 persons aboard. Five men of a para-rescue team, who made a pinpoint drop onto the peak Thursday, aided the 1C fliers from the C-V1 down the sleep, rueeed slope yesterday. Three of the survivors ivcre Injured. At Ihe mountain's base they were met by a Canadian and U. S. rescue party which had forged CO miles through the wasles from Whitehorse A USAF rescue helicopter piloted by Lt, Frank Alden. Boston, making shuttle Nights lo Pon Lake, 15 miles away, was able to remove five Americans-ami four Canadians of the C-47 operational and spoiler creu- before darkness fell. The remaining man was to be Picked UD by the helicopter loday. From Pon Lake, the nine men were loaded into a C-47 transport and flown here. The one stretcher case was M-SBI. C. R. Drnne, Los An- S"les, who had a muHinlc fracture of one len. Pvt. R. L. Toth lost his memory for a sho.-t time from a head injury ami Ssjt. E. J. Wcsloski was hurt about the chest. I.I. D. J. King, the pilot, nnd Lt. H. L. Zachiac. co-pilot, were uninjured. Only Dunne's hometown w-as Immediately available. All are Americans. Meanwhile, the search for the missing C-54 goes on. Official Denies Soviet Charges Against FBI,UN LAKE SUCCESS. N. Y., Fcb; 11 —i.l 1 !—A spokesman for U. N. Secretary General Trygve Lie has denied Russian charges that the FBF s using certain u. N. officials to imam information. The charges were made by Soviet ->eicgate Jakob' A. Malik, who Implied In a letter to Lie that Assistant U. N. Secretary General Byron Price wartime chief u. S. censor, was one of the FH[ sources. Declaring Lie has full confide; ce 1,1 Pi-ice, the u. N. spokcsin-.iii said "no responsible official of thc secretariat I s 'used' by u le Kn j foi . obtaining information concerning the Intcj-na) nffairs of (he secretarial as alleged in Mr. Malik's leller " phone that "the statement on IK- Price told to newsmen lo tele- half of Mr. Lie covers Ihc matter" Ihe spokesman said Lie Is stildy- ilE thc records of the espionage trial in New York of Valentin Gubitchev and Judith Copkm to check Malik's s atcment that testimony had proved the i-BI had lapped telephone conversations of Gubitchev and other U. N. employes. Skioper Defies U.S. and Blockade PHILADELPHIA, Feb. 11. (/!>,-President Truman, Secretary of State Acheson and Chinese Nationalist guns will not prevent the Flying Trader from going lo Communist China, says thc skipper of the vessel. Capt. Alexander C. Hager, 61, told newsmen yesterday shortly before it slipped out of the port here bound for Shanghai: "I am still working lor Hans 1s- brandlsen. and not President Truman or Secretary of state Acheson " The Plying Trader is owned by Is- banrdtscn Lines. It is a sister ship ol the Plying Arrow, shelled by thc . last month. , Nationalists ofr Shanghai Triplets Born to Woman Taking^ Polio Treatments LONG BEACH. N. J., Fc |, H—W —Triplets were born yesterday to a woman undergoing daily treatments ;or Infantile paralysis ef—\'s IVairnko" 10 '" 161 ' llS WTS EH ™ bctn ke. Thc bdbics. all girls, each weighing about three pounds were reported doing fairly well. Mrs Wamke's condition was described as good. Ladies of South and Central Amir ertca often fasten great numbers of fire-flies to their evening dresses for decorative lighting, according to the Encyclopedia Americana. sanha District, Mississippi County, the caption hereof and answer Hi Arkan 1_ = _. -r .. - __ — complaint of thc plaintiff Meredith Polk. Dated this 2 day of February, 1950. Harvey Morris, Clerk By Anita sykes. D. C. F. C. Douglas, attorney for plain- 24-11-18-25 Jl's jusl like magic! Without liflinr; » finder .'. . your wash day results are hctler than ever! Sparkling clean! Almost like new! That's how your laundry looks when we return it to you I And at a minimum of cost. We call and deliver at your convenience I BLYTHEVIUE LAUNDRY-CLEANERS Phone 4418 Potato Loads Go Round and Round ELI.ENSBUlta. Wash.. Fcb II — (API— Potato shipments are oi: tl le merry-go-round. They aren't .ill coming from Canada to the United Maurice Balcom, EllciLsbtirg shipper. said Thursday hj 6 rim , nns shipped 400.000 pounds of KIUlla.v Valley spuds to Vancouver, BC in the last three weeks. If Ihe pace coiiinmcs. ne said . e sa Ihe sates could easily equal the million iwunds shipped recently lo New Orleans from eastern Canada. The import of Canadian potatoes drew critici5in this week. Balcom said western Canada Importers find it cheaper lo import potatoes (han ship them from eastern Canada. Balcom said the price on his potatoes— U.S. No. I grade— was S3 2o a hundred pounds, delivered. Engineers Seek Bids For River Bank Paving Invitations for for ---- ~.v... .Ul asphalt paving on banks placing of the Mississippi River between Memphis will be issued by Memphis District' Tennessee, and Hcnrico. Arkansas] Corps of Engineers, on or about February 13. Colonel L. H. Foote. District Engineer, announced today' The work to be done will start about August 1 and is lo be completed by December i. Bids for the construction of bank protection work between Cairo, Illinois, and Cottonood Point. Missouri were Issued January 17. will) ih.»' opening date set for February 28 At localities in (tat area, the "con tractor will perform ail operations including bank gradi concrete nnd upper bank with ruck grading, sinking paving the Ordinance Brews Fight MAGNOLIA, Ark., Feb. II_<,TV A legal buttle brewed here ycsterda over a city ordinance recmirimr -i inspection of dairy barns. A petition for a temporary m| junction to restrain the enforcing the ordinance in Columbia yesterday. in- city from was filed chancery court here I'AUH HOOVKK IAKIS SI \\D_nn Dnettor J Htgnl Hooier ncH , and Associate Director Clyde Tolson take their scats at thc witness table for the opening of a hearing before n, c joint Concessional Atomic tnergy committee about the British scientist. Dr. Klaus Fuc-lis, accused of giving top atomic secrets to Russia. <AP Wircphnto). 'Freedoms' Object To Union Charge VALLEY FORGE, Pa., Feb. 11. I'l'i ...... 1'recdoins Foundation officials have taken exception to H union's charge that the foundation is "a front organisation for American reactionaries." "The foundation is non-political. noii-cornmercial. non-sectarian and non-prom," declared President Don Belding and Executive Vice-President Kenneth D. Wells in a slale- menl yesterday. The statement was issued in answer to a charge made by Paul L. Phillips, president ol the AlfL- Inteinational Brotherhood of Paper Makers in announcing the union was returning SGOO and a gold medal to the foundation. The union's house organ, "The Paper Maker" was awarded third place last Fall in the foundation's "best union publication class." Belding and Wells said PhUlips' action came as a complete surprise since the union head had made two personal visits to foundation head- ciutirters here— once to discuss the organization's activities and the second time to accept the award. Charles Shepherd Joins Navy 'Weekend Warriors' Charles L. Shepherd. Ulythcvillc neon .sign worker, has joined the Naval Air Reserve's "Weekend Warriors." it was announced today bv the Naval information office. _ These reservists train one weck- l 'nd each month at Millington. Tcnn. Soil Conservation Funds Are Sought WASHINGTON, Feb. 11 — (/!>) — More funds for soil fOuscrvation at home ami IMS for foreign aid is advocated by Rep. Christopher (D- Mol. Speaking during debate on aid to Korea, the Missotirian said: "The time is coming in the near fljture when I am going to cease to vote for any measure designed lo send goods or money oversells us a gift while we take M little interest in savin t . our own countiy through conserving the soil." He declared that the United States "is bleeding to death at every river mouth from Vancouver lo the mouth of the St. Lawrence and we are making only _a token attempt stop It." IX T1IK ClIAXCIvltV COURT IXW Till; OIIHMKSAWUA DISTRICT Of MISSISSIITl COUNTY, ARKANSAS No. 11,198 THOMAS H. MENLEY, Plaintiff vs. KI.EANOH MENLBY, Defendant WARNING cmni:!i Tlie defendant, Eleanor Meniey. is hereby warned to appear in Uiis Hollywood Cnnlijiui'd from rage 4 llavillaiid i s inloreslecl In buying (lie film H,;|,ls („ .Milclrcil Cram's "The ITomiM'" fr,im Beucdlcl fwi- Ki'iins. . . . nig musical in the Hind for (lie -M.iilciiuhrs al Ul. They've already a|>praml In six shnrls there. . . . H'licn Joan Davis was named lirsl-dresseit unman In radio, her ,| a u g li| „ t , Bevprly. craikcd: "U s |,,,,,|,| have hl . cn a (|l .. 1 near JUT ( lollies all Ihe llrne." The Blackburn Twins, who danced inio headlines with Janet Blair, may wind up i,, acting greasepaint. Himtington Hartford wants lo costar them in th c Joseph Conrnd story. "The .Secret Sharer." story of two men who are look-alikes. Hilt Rchitftrr .star shortstop for the Swiiiio uaseu.-ill club nnrl a rabid umpiie baiter, helped Columbia make "Kill ihe Umpire" aullientie by playing himself. But Hill says lie's still contused— "I loll the miip what I llilnk of him. then ihe director veils 'cut' anil they have me do It all over ngain. And tor that ihc.v PAY me." "Operation Hone" Tricky operation for Joe Kirk- wond. Jr. He'll have a bone removed Ir•• '> lii.s font lo he placed in his b-ck lo relieve n vertebra condi- I lion. . . The Dinning Sislers arc oul of harmony. One is suing Ihc olhcr (luce, plus a bro(hor-ln-lnw. . . . Success stmy: Sid Cassyd, new president of the Academy'of Television AI-US ami Sciences.' arrived in Hollywood four ami a half years ni-o an a mmwsity Kivirltmlo. Mis first job was on thc labor nang at I'nramuum studio. Beverly Hills psychiatrist, just pur- cha-ed (he rights to the Spanish Him. 'Hardly a Criminal; for dis- iribution In the U. S." Who's loony now? ' * » « There's a big orange-picking sequence in Ida Lupine's next, "Nobody's safe." Ida made arrangements with the California Onmur- Growers Association for the rental Dorulh Court witiiin thirty CiO) days and slamtin thc complaint of tiic plain- 1 ruck lift, Thomas H. Menley .and upon ' ynu'v her failure to do so said complaint slam will uc taken as confessed WITNESS my hand as Clerk of !he Chancery Court for Hie Chickasawba District of Mississl])pi County. Arkansas, and the seal of said Court this the 27th day of January 1050. O \V. Barkh.itn. Ally. Ed B. Cook. 'Atty. ad litcm Harvey Morris, Clerk. By Ruth Magce, D. C. 128-2'4-11-18 V Latniiur romti onlv to In Houston. \Vhrii a |»lat-Q where UHTI-'S i (inly in (I K . stale of Texas, brother, ynu've s"l a crowd. I'uul ftaymtnid Is belli:; prepperl for the lend in the road show of "Kiss Me K-.'lc" and then plctm <•••;. Nelson Eddy's coach. Dr. Edouard Ijijipe. claims he'.s a youin; Piny.a. He's the <:ame RaymoiHl wtio turned down a seven-year contract at Republic they wanted him to be a cowboy .star, RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Saturday "LAWLESS CODE" with Jimmy Waliely Cnrtnon and Scri;0 Saturday Owl Show "THE STORM" with Preston rosier Carlnun Sunday., Monday & Tuesday "RED, HOT, AND BLUE" with Jiolly Iluttim and Victnr Alalurc New.s Item: "Dr. Humid NEW Bo\ Opens Week Days 7:00 p.m. Matinee Saturday & Sundays Mal.-Sun. I p.m. Con I. Sliiiwiti Manila, Ark. Sill lir tl!iy "THE RANGER AND THE LADY" wtMi Hoy Rogers Also Shorts Siitlir(lll3 T Owl StlOW "BABY MAKES THREE' with Ktibcrl Young anil Barbara Hale Also Slinrli Sunday & Monday "THE SANDS OF IWO JtMA" with John Wayne Also Shorts Guard Officials Meet NEW ORLEANS. Feb. II— Louisiana and Arkansas National Guard officials will confer tomorrow on field training plans for) guardsmen from the tw-o states. fTTMil THEATRE OSCEOLA YOUR FRIENDLY THEATRE * Sunday and Monday * Plus Ad<.c«S A:troc;.'ons BLYTHEVILLE'S ONLY ALI WHITE THEATRF- Owl Show • 11:15 "Return of Whistler" Tim Hull in "INDIAN AGENT"* .Serial • Cartoon SUN.-MON. First Showing Blythcville Comedy - Action - Romance He Declare<1 a Favor of Romance FLORENCE BATES SHftRYN MOFFETT MYRNA DELL • ALSO • Ucpcnl Showing of Years 'I'op Action Hit • Plus ^lore Enjoyment • I.alcst \Vnrld "IiaiU|iiel T?us(er" News (Color CartiKin) o( two orange ranches. Everything war, oknj r but Jusl as Ida was leav. i"B tlio A,ssociaHon office, one representative said: "Of course, Miss Lupino, we're not trying to suggest what you put into the script, but would you be sure to make clear that these arc N'OT Florida oranges." Oil Is produced In 26 U. S. states. SPRING PLANTING SEED \\'e hiive for sale plant iii)? seed lo serve your needs. Spnnjr Oafs, Alfalfa, 1'aslnre Mixtures, Lcspe-deza Sudan and Oilier Field Seeds. SOYBEANS OUR SPECIALTY I'leasc cull tis or come in lo see us for your spring planting requirements. Blytheville Soybean Corporation 856 Phones 857 DITCH BANK LEVELING r r OR ANY \ EXCAVTION & J.COHEN Contractor LYNCH B'LDG: BLYT«EWLLE.ARK. • <Pfu»te 3646awt2525 NOW! Save Money will) Export WOOD WORK MACHINE SHOP » - mir complete sallsfaHlnli promised ol H'cllllng, millwork. caliinct liulllHiig, furniture repair . . . ami all related work. If In tloill)!, just call 2311. Barksdale Mfg. Co., South Broadway Phone 2911 SHEET METAL WORK• OF ALL KINDS Custom work for gins, ;ilf:ilfa mills, oil mills. Custom Shearing up lo 1/4 inch thickness. Frank Simmons Tin Shop IT7 South Hroiidway Phone 2G51 Expert Service COY GOODSON can df> flic job well. . .contract work, wiring, npuliiincc repair BLAN HEATH CO. PHONE 828 *£TfR///U/Z£p"vH WERIAS7IHG BROKZE IO'B only one BaUsf>in^ tfiintf fust to-Jdlinir fUun. Send your K-ilK ihc.ic i n e pMct aV 11* Ha(»y Baby's Flr*l Shoes lot! ay lor n:d lo liy our Gcmitno ETectropI.ilin£ thoc J'nur nnmc ar,<!; Process. This procc-.* tlctnaiu n Or. phone an-J we'll bo R?;^ to j-kk heavy corrtinft of nclaal Krvnzc on Ihcmut.. PrompttK-livcry, AllworV. jour Italy's Sheen. Tirre never ran auarantrcitto rftaj>ecrmancvl>-\':k. h«rm them, they'll laal forever —•- I'hor.e how or send sticxrs ortinn-.c 10 BARNEY'S DRUG STORE -Master Plumber- JOR'DAN PLUMBING COMPANY, Inc. All Work (<unran1cc<1 For 12 Months I 531 .Vorlh Ifllh. li«nI

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