The Province from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on November 30, 1961 · 26
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The Province from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada · 26

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 30, 1961
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'kV ..." .. i . Jti 0 !' '&-',F "i ?2S 8 f J I J THE momC'E, Thursday, November 30, 1961 rTie design s - . v ' - -s - j v. r THE COLORS OF CHRISTMAS sing in these two versions of a Simple yet artistic floral centrepiece designed by Ivieson Compton for a recent display by a Granville south florist. Left pine cones, artificial grapes, poinsettia leaves are used on a wooden tray while right anthurium with pin and salal is used. : . -r- iw wwwiTri t 1 ; It , v : - - 1 it . , EASY TO MAKE is this centrepiece for a table or the forner of a mantle. Shy bamfcis peer around two tall red candles and stand amid brilliant matching red bows and shimmering bells and artificial leaves. Voice of II road way I Brigillc takes to perfume By DOROTHY KILGALLEN NEW YORK Letter from Paris: "Brigitte Bardot, who has more figure in the bank than she has lovers tn a string, has invested a sizeable bundle of francs In a perfume business that will turn out bottled fragrances bearing her name starting early next year. BB's mama is in charge of the business with almost 50 employees under her slave-driving wing so far, and mama hopes to persuade her younger daughter, Mi-Janou, into giving up her not-very thriving screen ca-rer and Join the family as vice-president of the perfume firm" Previewers will warn you: don't dare miss the opening credits of "The Innocents." Strangely enough, Deborah Kerr's strongest scenes of suffering are shown as the background during the ' titles; you hear the sounds f her heart-rending sobs Itnd murmured prayers. It's an eerie sensation; of course the audience wonders what she's crying about, but they won't find out until the very end of the picture. Now a book is coming out with the title "I Was Jacqueline Kennedy's Dressmaker." No, nothing to do with Olrg Cassini; it's a Philadelphia dressmaker who has decided to reveal Jackie's taste in clothes a decade ago. r In a letter to hotel owner Morris Lansburgh, Anthony Montague Brown, personal aide to Sir Winston Church-Ill, "regrettably" declined an invitation to the great statesman to spend the winter in the royal suite at the Deau-ville Hotel In Miami Beach, There was such a strong rumor that Churchill might be in a mood for a season in the sun that the mayor's office had gone so far as to work out policing arrangements. Debbie Hej nolds' percentage deal on "The Pleasurt of His Company" will make her $ 100.0(H) richer. (She'll be able to buy Harry Karl some diamonds!) After the first three weeks of rushes on Kim Novak's "Boys' Night Out," James Garner's asking price soared to $300,000 a picture. He's rated as one of the most important of the new Hollywood leading men. The ailing Peggy Lee won't be able to play the rest of her engagement at Basin Street East. Earl Apple a day does keep doctor awoY EAST LANSING. M'ih. (UFI) -There's truth in the old adage, "An apple a day k"eps the doctor away," according to Michigan State University researchers. In a three-year experiment, the researchers reported Wednesday some 1300 university students ate art apple a day. They reported one-third fewer respiratory infections and had only one-sixth as many pits ire and tension troubles as lion pai Ucipatiiig students. of Christmas Grant was signed to headline at the club. He comes direct from his brief "walkout engagement" at the Roundtable he arrived at that night spot to discover that they'd suddenly switched to a Twist policy, and the Twi&t band couldn't play his arrangements. Doris Duke's set reports that she's chilling it with Joe Castro, her long-time beau. They hint he's romancing a celebrated jazz canary, and Doris knows all about it. Not everybody is casting to type. Louise Troy, who is so effective as the sophisticated wife in "A Shot in the Dark" will be seen as a pig-tailed teenager in a forthcoming TV commercial. She'll shill for a new cereal. Cover girl Dodie Marshall, missing from the predictable glitter spots of late, can often be found at La Fontaine, the new restaurant in the UN sector, with Ogdcn Hammond a rare species of socialite who prefers quiet spots. remodelling: now on at RAE sra our entire stock of these famous Rae-Son brands 11 f f inuing faith in downtown Vancouver as your best place to shop, Rae-Son will soon be remodelling all three floors to increasv your shopping convenience in our store. In order to give the contractors more room to work, we are offering you these several thousand current shoirt- authentic 20 reductions. 608 GRANVILLE ST. sparkles 'Write it down. Ad?ii tip' -key to By MKKI MOIB (Editor't Note: This is the second in a two-part aerie on the dangers of too easy credit and how counselling senice is endeavoring to help those vohrt. are aver their heads. I can't leeep booka, wailed the woman., Have you 25 cents to buy a book, countered tlva man. "Anyone can keep books who will spend 25 cents for an exercise book to mark down purchases. Jiinety percent of budgeting U waiting things down," says Mr. E. C. Argue, credit sale manager for one of the downtown department stares. , wntie ne lives creou irom nine td five daily. Jtke about ou uinei caciumv jji him city, he f o m s back for more on a volunteer basis, f He is a volunteer counsel- lor for the Retail Credit Grantors Association "debt counselling plan", through which anyone in dtbt, wishing to be helped can iron out their probtemsCounsel-ling is done after the working day in the Randall Building.' ' a "Write It down. Add it up," is the answer he gives to the tearful ones who say they can't keep books. This is usually a woman debtor's excuse. Like his fellow counsellors, he does initial interviews, secondary interviews and sometimes even after a plan has been worked out for the indebted ones, he confesses, he can't get rid of them sometimes. But he's not grumbling about this. On the contrary, he's quite cheerful about it, because he believes it the duty of credit managers to give assistance to such persons. There is no use selling goods to persons who cannot pay, he points out, but on the other hand, the world we live in operates by buy-' ing and selling. Last year there were .157 pools operating in the city through the credit group. More than a hundred ittch Limited Sint-e with a bright, warm welgQme i f.. a- v.S".. . li.V- . 1 . . f - . X" -i . . 1 MODLKY'? OOK is acliieved in this striking arrange-ment by tlStUe of tjarine camations, allied with gilded conei, spfkey pn boughs and the deeper color of artificial oranges. The bow is orange too. -0 fi o were cleared up in the year. This is the pool system, where a debtors' debts are lumped together, an assignment of pay is made to the association and monthly instalments made-lo each creditor. J Debts are i.e up and as in some cai lythe monthly totcl is siSyyond the persons me'Li is advised to go to'i$'iirfbs creditors, explaa''?''dica-ment and asV t',iVr1U ao. tept a reduced n..nly pay' ment. Counsellor lias figured out how mu 'Ivhe can pay the pool anr'' live. Then of course h&jw3 go to his employer andrawgn a por- tiot his ,,ay cheque which to Assori;lUon of f. ice for -distributi(3j;to the creditors. ?V If he has Honl,hIy debts of say $15C.-CSi--.Mr. Argue figures all hi to capable of paying is $106, a pro rata plan Is worked out Most creditors are happy Cdlors worry the home m; By BETTY PEPIS Q: We af a young married couple planning our living room furhlrtsv-J ot now, we only have vH':We-beige sectional sofa.vY"rffit color for walls, draperies, carpet and an occaikmal chair? Your opintotk and suggestions would hc iriuch appreciated at this tin A: I wonuVtr you VtW like this color scheme; jwrfjs and draperies In a pal we-belge, carpet a deepar beige, the occasional? :jjjftr In bitter green. Cari.'lDtlie bitter green color into such accessories as toss pillows and ash trays. Alio have an Interesting arrjjrement of green plants, Q: I plan to paint, my tgt-chen.' The cabinets and woodwork are la-, natural birch finish, couAVdr tops are red formica andAior is a -ffr5 o AVO Dr;s or piking heel. Pumps most!?'' In calfskin. Illusion or stacked heels. (X PROFILES High or illusion heel pumps in blocks, bowns ond all curs . . . mostly calfskin or patent- RAESONETTLS SANDALS Open shoes in block potent, gold or clear vr,' odoried with rhines'.ones. 1897 NftihvYork T "J If' : w Liar V.- f to accent this. They'd rather get paid a bit later, than never. In the meant! m e, the debtor is prelected against legal action and of course lie must swear he will not take on any encumbrances until the pool has vanished all debts. "We want people to use credit wisely, not get people over bought. Some people "go crazy with a credit card in their hand." Like all counsellors, Mr. Argue hears many a bad luck story. He is a bit of a financial psychologist and the years have made him an expert on sizing up a person and a situation. Biggest problem for credit managers are girls between the ages ot 20 and 25. Problem ones are mostly immigrants. They buy .clothes, cosmeticsand other odds and ends to gild the lily, then frequently "lily" skips the country. The "skips" as Mr. Ar- marbelized red and white rubber tile. An oatmeal colored ceramic tile covers the lower half of the walls. What color for the upper half? A: I would paint the walls white and have red and white checked gingham cafe curtains. Q: I plan to make new draperies and bedspread for my dark blue bedroom. Ceiling is white, furniture and woodwork light grey. The floor is medium grey tile. I have considered an all-over print in shades of blue on a white ground. Or, pink and white candy stripes. a - Ba - BaBa - GaBa - Ba - Ba - Bg - Ba - Ba - CO cb CO cfc cc CD ca cb ca cb ca cb ca cb ca cb ca ca cb CO cb CO cb CO cb ca cb ca cb c? m cp CO - - " - i mi hi 1 1 in i -- cp P CO CD CO cp ca CO C3 i i HASDBA6S CO cb ca cb ca CO cb p CO 3' cb CO cb ca cb ca cb co cb ca c fit t ivr;,- Q SHOP FRIDAYS UNTIL 9 P.M. SuaGGCcibu'bUtjclbUUUtUuy 4 . x Kl!(iGLDLY handsome, with just a touch of the woods isdiis halldecor, topped by stgrf Santera. budg&ing gue calls them, are frequently Europeans not English --Australians or New Zea-landers. The young men of comparable age are a different kettle of fish. They covildn't care leys about clothes, so this age groins rarely ap-prpis in they're d on the credit managers' ledgers. Wealthy person sometimes don't pay their bills on time, but they usually wake up lor it by sending in bumper cheques two or Khrpe times a year. "Is instalment buying, cad, then," we asked Mr. Arcue. No, he replied. If people always had to wait until they had cash brfore buying things, they wouldn't gt them when they needed tliem. His "for instance" is the mother with youngchil-dren. "What's the use of having the washing machine when you're old and ot washing diaperJany more?" decorator A: If tfle wails are a dark blue, jjpbelleve I would keep both draperies and bed-pproftd if? light colors, but inicii'sting fabrics. For instance, white embroidered orijandy curtains with a back curtain ot white sateen. Hova the bedspread in a silklike textured "fabric in a soft grey. I would also recommend white cotton scatter rugs on the grey tile floor. For some color relief, have a pale rose tone for some objects, such as rose opaline glass bottles and, on special occasions, pink sweetheart roses on tile night table. Ba - eafla - aa - Ba - ua - Ba - Qa - Ba - Ba - Ba - Qa exclusive to Birks lasliioii-righl long iSiVfUIs list By JOSU'i:Ji; LOVVMAX Do youcount tilO I--foie you MH-afeA-and eat unMiis because you an iip- Iosed to? I'm eraiy! w tails. Forget ft Bout toui.t-" ing to 10. Do you g"?t enough s!ip Do you fWlg in daily exercise in addnici1 to that which your housework provides? Do yrru adjust to new leisure by adding1' new interests to your life? Do yoii have lun ral tun enry day? ft Do you go tn roller coast-ters, swim at dawn or by moonlight at midnight, climb mountains, wake up to watch the sunrise in older to "belong?" "belonging" is even mere hazardous than "togetherness." Do you take a serious in a - Ba - caBaBa - Barjfi - cfi - na - Bco - Svi CO 3t$ Cli C3 C3 C3 Ctl C3 S n cb CO cb CJ cb C3 cb ? ca ca ra cb CO cb CO cb C 7 A ime at cb a cb ca cb ca cb ca cb CO ca ? ra CO cb ca cb CO cb ca cb ca "to CO cb CO cb ca cb ca cb ca cb ca ca ca ca cb ca cb CO cb ca cb ca cb to cb ca cb CO cb CO cb CO - oa - Ga - Ba - Ba - Ba - Ba - ca - tGa - Bt Jrjy Designed with the originality G& As T and chic for which the French areVjL . Vfflr famous, the dashing "sautoir" U$) TJL motif is currently the rage of Q Iff 3 Cj Paris ... at one soignee and fun : 7)i. to wear. Presenting here, a jjff vCfjj mobile combination of pseudo-Jj V V-i? f pearls, crystal and textured CJ f a5t gold-tone beads; chandelier r fff v3.(, earrings to match. r (j G W Necklace 13.50 for the veil-dreaded womon, accessory plonnino. begins with a good handbag. Presenting here, - term investments destined to poy fashion dividends tar, beyond this season . . clossically shaped, well-tailored, !ined end appointed; choice of block ot brown. Do not miss such on outstanding opportunity J GRANVILLE ot GEORGIA MU 5-621 1 ond OAKRIDGE SHOPPING CENTRE of 'do yous terest In fine nutrition aid apply it to your mentis every day? Do you forget gcudges and ti1:ipugii oil small irritations without biowtng your topT Do you alwaj s politely let the other fellow have the taxi when you reach it. at the same moment? Do you listen lor hours to others without ever having the urge to tell a joke or promote an opinion or idea ol your own? Do you always maintain your perfect weight, without a wobble, and cairy youreelf beautifully on all occasions? Are you always perfectly groomed? If you do all ot these things, you are better woman than I! Let's all try, though. - BaBaGo - B&BC. - Ba - Ba - B&BaDO - BQ' . . . . CI cb cb cb CO cp cb CO CD ro rb CD C-D cb ca cb tn cb cb to cb to CD CD cb o cb CO cb CO CD CO CD 3 BIRKS CLD GQ-Ba-uatia-Ba-na-Ba-Bn-GH-u ca ro OD CO cb CO CD cb co cb ci cb tr t.b ro CD trj cb ro cb ro cb CO cb CO cb c-o CD CO CD CO cb ca cb CQ cb CO cb CO cb CO CD to cb to CD CO cb CO cb CO CD CO CD CO CO CO CO ra ro cb ro cb ro CD ro cb CO cb CO cb CO cb ro rb ro 13 ro ro ro Cb ro CD CD to CD CO cb CO CD CO cb CO cb CO CD CO cb CO -o "1

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