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The Scranton Truth from Scranton, Pennsylvania • Page 8

Scranton, Pennsylvania
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THE SCRANTON TRUTH TUESDAY AFTERNOON, OCTOBER 28, 4913. 3 POLITICAL iK ttqoj. THE JOiliKEEK PARTY LEADERSHIP C3(LflniftDini A persistent purpose to produce perfect biscuit California Politicians Say Governor Wants to Wrest Leadership from Roosevelt. is now on, and you will have to get into the woods early in the morning and keep a wise eye on the game if you expect to land any. But we have all the woods right here in our store converted into good furniture and if you, bargain hunters, load and bring your gun here, you will find car loads of fine furniture already knocked down with our big blue pencil prices all shot to pieces Probably you are already aware that we are soon going to rebuild and are closing out stock.

NO CANpiDATE DISAGREES WITH THE PLANK THAT TAXES SHOULD BE REDUCED THEJQUESTION IS: Economy and Efficiency in expenditures of City funds is certainly the only means available to accomplish a reduction in taxation. The Problem Therefore is: CHOOSE THE MEN WHOM YOU CAN TRUST TO BRING THIS ABOUT. SACRAMENTO, Oct. 28. Governor Johnson Is now held to be the largest political enigma in the country.

Among politicians, his three week 'vacation" trip in the East is looked upon as about as much a pleasure tour as were Secretary of fctate Bryan's Chautauqua lecture trips. The prevailing comment was not unlike the following comment from a wise, old frequenter of the capitol: The governor's going to steal a Furniture Shot Down for Selling Out Sale Solid Oak Buffet march on Teddy and nab the leadership of the party while the Oyster Bay Solid Oak Chiffoniers Large French glass, roomy drawers; special tl QO Sample Solid Oak Dressers All were formerly page is down shooting dik dik birds in South America. It proves that the governor wants to land the presiden at French plate glass, lined silver drawer, extra deep linen tial nomination in 1916. Whether or not Governor Johnson J17.9S, J16.US and will try to wrest the Progressive ullil choice (no Ijtwo alike $12.75 leadership from Roosevelt, his course in California will be a matter for drawer; at e), at speculation for some time' to come. $9.50 Just before starting Bast, the gover nor said, with regard to the third par ty plans in this state: 1 In December next the Progressives, meeting in Sacramento, will determine matters relative to organization for Quartered Oak China Closets Highly Bed Springs 5 Year Guaranteed the next campaign.

Then I will per Genuine Leaih Quartered Oik Dinto Chair $4.50 Reduced from $730 to National Biscuit Company is inspired by a persistent purpose to produce perfect biscuit and to deliver them in perfect condition. accomplishment of this purpose has resulted in the building of modern baker ies, in the invention of new machinery, in the exercise of unceasing care, in the selection of finest ingredients. The perfect products of the National Biscuit Company are delivered toyou in perfect condition some in packages with the famous In er seal Trade Mark, some in attractive small tins and some from the familiar glass front cans. sonally determine whether I shall be a private or a candidate. Until the polished; dust proof; bent ends $10 $2.98 Slip seat, highly pol ished, reg.

$5.00 rank and file of the party determine, it would be premature in me to suggest any course. Fcr a Business The call for this meeting will be issued by the governor immediately upon his return from his "vacation" in Sample Brass Beds Extra Special Mattresses mm New Jersey and Massachusetts, and, For Selling Out Sale those likewise, after he has conferred with On Purely Business Principles Progressive leaders in other states. At the meeting, probably, it will de Cotton Felt Mattresses formerly $8.98 and QD $7.98, now t.yO $3.98 and $4.98 Combination Mattresses at formerly at $19.75, $18.50, $17.98, $16 98 and $15.98, reduced to (no two alike), velop whether the governor will run again at the head of the state ticket, to hold the Progressives together, or will decide to make the race for fir $2.98 $10 senator. Some few weeks ago it was reported that the governor would sacrifice his ambition to go to Washington for the Cummings' Cut Rate Furniture Co. benefit of his party.

But that was before he went East as the first Western governor who had the nerve to set the politicians of the "big brush" straight. Since he has received enough advertising to bring him into the national spotlight, almost anything may be expected from him. All politicians here can do is to watch and wait. 509 LACKAWANNA AVE, Formerly Scranton Auction House Buy biscuit baked by NATIONAL W. C.

T. U. IS MEETING AT ASBURY PARK GAS, DYSPEPSIA AND INDIGESTION Why Not Vote for a Man With the Following Qualifications First A man whose entire training has been along business lines. Second A man who has had actual experi WOULD DRILL SUFFRAGE ARMY AND HAVE THEM READY TO FIGHT FOR RIGHT TO VOTE Anthony McDonald, Edward Gibbons and Joseph Battle. HEBREW LADIES' AID COMPLETES PLANS FOR TONIGHT'S BALL NATIONAL NEW YORK, Oot.

28. Hundreds of delegates to the World's Woman's Christian Temperance Union convention which closed yesterday in Brooklyn left here today for Asbury Park, N. where the Nations W. C. T.

U. convention opens tomorrow. Among thoBe who will attend the Asbury Park gathering are scores of "Pape's Dicpepsin" settles sour, gassy fctoniachs in five minutes, i. Time It LONDON, Oct. 28.

A suffrage army, well drilled and armed, ready if necessary to literally fight for the vote, is the latest scheme of the militant suffragettes. Miss All preparations for the twentieth annual ball of the Hebrew Ladies' Aid society, which will be held tonight in Town Hall, were completed this afternoon. The decorations and other de BISCUIT COMPANY Always look for that name delegates to the world meeting from thirty five different foreign countries, Sylvia Pankhurst who is out of jail 1 ence in rehabilitating a large industry through including Isew Zealand, Australia, Eng on a mouse license has expressed her readiness to personally lead the land, Turkey, Germany, Spain, France, China and Japan. Delegates to the army, and she is appealing for volun teers to instruct her followers in Jiu national convention representing every You don't want a slow remedy when your stomach is bad or an uncertain one or a harmful one your stomach is too valuable; you mustn't injure it with drastic drugs. Pape's Diapepsin is noted for its speed in giving relief; its harmless ness; its certain unfailing action in regulating sick, sour, gassy stomachs.

Jts millions of cures in indigestion, dyspepsia, gastritis and other stomach trouble has made it famous the state in the Union, passed through me jjiacucc ui cunomy anu jrroper organization. Third A man to whom the future of the Jitsu and regular military drill. tails promise to be among me mosi elaborate of the Fall season. Bauer's orchestra of thirty pieces will render the dance program, the latter including twentyrfour numbers. A souvenir program containing sixty one pages will be distributed to all the patrons.

As several thousand tickets have been disposed it is expected that near by the immediate family, at Halley here today en route for Asbury Park. The national convention will con hurst, the Elkins home here. Former "The people of the East End are quite ready to riot for us and would be very effective fighters if they had tinue through November 6. Seven Senator Davis Elkins Was the attend hundred delegates and visitors from ant of the groom and Mrs. Blaino some training." declared Miss Pank New York state alone will attend.

hurst in an Interview with the United Press. "Our big crowds now are no ly every community from up ana down the valley will be represented. The reception committee is comprised of: Mrs. Harry Lipman, Mrs. L.

match for the police, who are espe KATHERINE ELKINS WEDS Elkins, sister in law of the bride, was matron of honor. The Rev. F. H. Barron, pastor of the Davis Memorial Presbyterian 'church here, was the clergyman.

The bride is also a granddaughter of former United States Senator Gassaway Davis, and, while the wedding was at 2 o'clock, so quietly had cially chosen for their size, besides being trained and armed. We could have got into Downing several times TO SURPRISE OF FRIENDS if our people had only known how to I city is of considerable concern. I I Fourth A man to whom the salary is of i minor importance. Fifth A man who will represent the Tax payers of the City of Scranton and give all A sections of. the town the same fair treatment.

Sixth A man who will, if elected, endeavor to look after your money the same as if it were his own. EIKINS. W. Oct. 28.

keep together, and once we had got there who knows what would have happened. If we were strong enough Although intimate friends and the world over. Keep this perfect stomach doctor in your home keep it handy get a large fifty cent case from any drug siore and. then if anyone should eat which doesn't agree with them; if what they eat lays like lead, ft rments and sours and forms gas; causes headache, dizziness and nausea eructations of acid and undigested remember as soon as Pape's Diap epsin comes in contact with the ftormxch all such distress vanishes, lis promptness, certainty and ease in. overco ming the worst stomach disorders is a revelation to those who try it.

arrangements been made that even family had expected it for two years Rosenberg, Mrs. Mitchell and Mrs. isam Ziman. The program committee is made up of: Mrs. Mitchell.

Mrs. B. Lipman, Mrs. L. Connor, Mrs.

Nathan Kaplan and Mrs. E. A. StrohL ATTORNEY GENERAL DAWSON TELLS WHY STATE OF KANSAS IS DRY to overpower the police it would be a tairiy simple matter to enter a minis the wedding of Katherine Elkins, daughter of the late United States he, too, was unaware of the event in prospect until noon. After a wedding luncheon the couple left over the Baltimore and Ohio road for the East.

William F. R. Hitt, the groom, Is Senator Stephen B. Elkins, to Wil ter house, and the cabinet which does not care about a private citizen who has his property destroyed would soon take notice of a more personal liam F. R.

Hitt, of Washington, yester day, was a surprise throughout this section. Not even the mother of auuuyaiice. a son of a former congressman from the bride was aware that prepara "Cabinet ministers have aJwavs ad Illinois and for some years has made his home with his mother in tions for the wedding had been made vised us to make ourselves extremely by the couple until several hours be aiBagreeaDie, so of course we must, TOPEKA, Oct. 28. Asked why Kansas stays "dry," Attorney General Dawson today pulled the following statistics from a pigeon hole, saying he always used them to fore it took place.

ana as it seem clear that the vote can. only be won by force, it is force The ceremony was witnessed only JAMES A. LINEN, we must use. The drilling under the WORK STARTS ON CONSTRUCTION OF SUPER DREADNADGHT PENNSYLVANIA answer that question. "More than one half of the country new scneme win not be confined to women, for the men who wlh tn jails are empty.

Sixty live of the lOo couties of the state have no inmates can drill with us. It is quite legal, for the government Is making no attempt HAS THE ABOVE QUALIFICATION Nobody Lovos in the state penal institutions. Many NEWPORT NEWS, Va, Oct. I Why not give him an opportunity to prove I counties have not had a jury trial LARGE NUMBER ATTENDS THE BRENNAN FUNERAL A large number of persons attended the funeral yesterday of James Brennan, a former resident of fccran ton, who died in New York city. The funeral coterie arrived from New York via ttte Lackawanna.

At the station there was a large number of (riends awaiting. The body was removed to the Avoca Catholic cemetery where interment was made. The pall bearers were: Michael Burns James Bohan, M. J. OBoyle, wicn sir toward Carson and his followers in Ulster who are drilling and arming themselves quite The first plates of the keel of the super dreadnaught Pennsylvania, I above by electing him to a Skinny f.ion which, when completed two years vc.nj..

Lor weapons, Why should we not use them? The noli hence, will be the largest and most armed. Some time ago I advised our case in ten years. Eighty seven counties have no insane. Fifty four counties have no Inebriates. Twenty nine counties have not a single inmate on their poor farms.

Kansas Is the richest state in the union; Its tverage wealth per capita is $1,700. Less than ten of 786 newspapers in the state ac powerful fighting machine in the world, were laid at the Newport News knd Why Be Skinny When Protons, Our City Council 7 people to use sticks and they have done so with considerable effect. I am Shipbuilding and Drydock company yesterday. Unlike similar events in convinced mat is our fighting in the streets that has killed ih the past, the work was started with cept liquor and mouse" law for the police have the famoui Flesh Builder, Wiu Aid Yon Gain SO Pounds in 30 Days! 50 Cent Package Sent FBEE. TOnth men and women feel the Piti out ceremony and even without the knowledge of local representatives of bui urea oi naving to arrest the GENUINE NON PARTISAN CANDIDA' ELECTION, NOV.

4, 1913. mice' so frequently. When thR la was new my mother was dragged back to prison even when ah FURS B. Endfield FURS to attend Miss Emily Davison's funeral while now she is allowed to tn tnl ful glance, the humiliation of neglect, hat comes with skinny forms, scrawny leek, clothes that hang like sacks on the navy department. The Pennsylvania is being laid down on the same stocks from which the dreadnaught Texas, now on her official trials, was launched 18 monthe ago.

Though actual laying of the keel began today much work has been done on the giant craft. Some of the huge frames already aca. PANKHURST DATE CALLEI OFF; WANTED MORE C( METHODIST MEN HOLD BIG CONVENTION AT INDIANAPOLIS have been prepared and soon hundreds of mechanics and laborers will be working on the hull. INDIANAPOLIS. Oct.

Mrs. Emmeline Pankhurst, tho Eut The Pennsylvania will be 625 feet long over all and will have a beam of 97 feet and a draft of 32 feet. Her lish sugragette, will not address full load of displacement will be 32, Woman's Franchise League of IndianaV in this city as had been planned. The engagement was cancelled yesterday 500 tons, or 3,000 gross tons greater than the euper dreadnaughts Oklahoma INDIANAPOLIS, Oct. 28.

'Methodism must evangelize her share of the world," is the slogan of the national convention of Methodist Men, which today opened a four days' meeting here. The announced purpose of the convention is: "To increase missionary inteili oy tno league orncials. The reason given was that Mrs. Pankhurst had been denied a request and Nevada. Twelve 14 inch breech loading rifles are to make up the main battery of the ship.

Her speed will be 21 knots an hour, and she will be equipped with turbine engines, sup and the resumption of business by the house. Congressman Calder probably will introduce a bill along the lines suggested by Feinberg, who refers to the numerous deaths which have recently occurred through accidental bichloride of mercury poisoning. CONVICTS ARE GRATEFUL FOR REFORMS IN PRISON ALBANY, Oct. 28. Superintendent John B.

Riley, of the State Prison Department, yesterday received a memorial signed by 1,400 convicts in the Clinton state prison, thanking him for the reforms in prison discipline he has inaugurated recently. These include permission to eat meals in the mess hall on Sundays the same as on week days, a system of promotion whereby some prisoners may be afforded opportunities to work out of doors on road construction and the abolition of the use of the dark cell. WkT. Hrrr. Ton certainly lool to take up a collection at the meeting, in addition to the stipulated sum, which she had first agreed to accept for ad and to deepen spiritual life: to present me uennue responsibility of Methoden dressing the league.

plied with steam from boilers with oil burners. The total cost of the vessel with armor and armament will be ism Doth at home and abroad. In relation to other denominations nA DATO TO BE PKKMIEL Christian agencies: to adont nran. MADRID, Ladies Tailor and Furrier FURS MUFFS and NECK PIECES Headquarters for Foxes Alaska Fox Sets. Black Dyed Fox Sets, Pointed Fox Sets Russian Kid Fox Sets.

Gray Fox Sets. Red Fox Sets. Natural Skunk Sets. Civet Cat. Sable and Chinchilla Squirrels.

We Are' Introducing a Handsome Imported Model of Hudson Seal, Trimmed With Ermine Lynx Sets in all styles. Mink, Raccoon, Wolf in all qualities. Coats made to your order from the following choice furs Baby Caracul, Baby Lamb, Alaska Seal, Broad Tail, Mink and Scotch Mole Skins. Our shops are fully equipped for remodeling and rebuilding all kinds of furs. ucaoie aenominational programs and tenor Dato, once presided about $11.000.000.

DONNELLY FUNERAL IN PITTST0N HELD TODAY puntieu or advancement; to place chamber of deputies, yesttrq more aennitely 'before the church the Ationso tnat ne wou premiership and form a new financial plan adopted bv 'the He "I took your advice about Pr toseJ Protone is a real relief from skin niness. A real' aid to the body that helps it build itself. Its best recommendation is that it is a big success. Every town knows Protone. All druggists sell it at $1.00 a oox and we will send you a free 50 cent package to prove to you that Frotone's praise is true.

It enriches the blood, turns food into flesh, lasting tissue. Thirty pounds in thirty days is not an extraordinary gain for tnln, skin succeeds Premier Romanon general conference for the churclt as a whole, and for the local branches; to emphasize the nrlnciDles and npaf. signed with his entire cabi the senate rejected a vot Special to The Trntli. PITTSTON, Oct. 8.

Hundreds of friends paid their last dence in the ministry. tices of Christian stewardship as adopted by the general conference. and to discover and enlist more men for missionary and evangelistic r. respects to the late Cornelius Donnelly, who died at his home here on Saturday. His funeral this morning was one of the largest ever held from St.

John's vice." BY USING HERP PREVENT HAIR LOSS church, and the floral offerings were very numerous, silent tributes of the high esteem in which the deceased was held. rom the home on Main street trie ny folks to The regular $1.00 size of Protone is for sale by all druggists, or will be mailed direct, upon receipt of price. A guarantee goes in every package. Your money back ir not satisfied. The new Protone Justifies us, from now on, in making this guarantee.

The Protone company, 6477 Pro tone Detroit, Michigan, will of these obstacles to a tege moved to bt. John church. Among the different agencies that are expected to make the convention a success will be the aid given by the general conference finance commission, the evangelistic commisssion named by the same general body: missionary and othr benevolent boards; church extension boards; Freedman's Aid society; board of Sunday schools; American Bible society and Church Temeperance society; the Methodist BrotherhwvT a nA scalp, the hair will grow luxuriantly. Herpicide is known as Dandruff Germ Destroyed 1 Newbro's Herpicide in sizes is sold by all dealers send to any one a free SOc package of Protone, if they will enclose 10c arjee it to do all that is I the publishing Interests of the Metho dist church. The negro problem will you are not satisfied your be refunded.

S. L. LEVY, Furrier Former Designer and Fitter for F. L. Crane.

Did you ever try to discover a reason for the dying of a valuable plant? You perhaps found that life was destroyed by some insect or parasite working about the roots and sapping away the elements which go to support plant life. The dandruff germ exercises the same destructive influence upon the life of the hair. It forces its way down the follicle around the hair bulb and thus prevents the hair from getting proper nourishment. The hair dies and drops out. Newbro's Herplcide prevents this by eradicating the dandruff.

It also frees the scalp from the accumulations of dirt ana eorf skin, with the removal where a solemn high mass was celebrated at 9:30. Rev. P. F. Donnelly, S.

son of the deceased, acted as celebrant. The pall bearers were the following sons: John, Michael, George, Charles, Joseph, and Dr. H. 3. Lenahan.

Interment was made in St. John's cemetery. TO SAFEGUARD SALE. WASHINGTON. D.

Oct. 28. Congressional action to restrict or safeguard the sale of bichloride of mercury tablets is strongly urged in a letter received by Congressman Calder, of New York, from Coroner Feinberg, of New York. Following h.1 rturn to Washington Applications may be obtal in stamps or silver to help cover postage. They will also send with it full instructions and their book on "Why You Are Thin." The regular $1.00 size of Protone is for sale in Scranton by Chaa.

E. better barber shops and hail parlors. 1 Send 10c in postage or silv4 Herpicide Detroit be one of the most important subjects discussed at the convention which opened today. fcOlTIS HINERFF.LD is managing the Star Credit Clothing 307 309 Lackawanna aVe. Adv.

Steam Heatta aaa Pianola P. F. T. Howley. 231 Wyoming Chittenden's, S19 Lackawanna FURS for a nice sample of Herpicidl 346 Adams Ave.

FURS Second Floor, Leonard Bldg. booklet telling all about the ha H. C. Kennedy, Special Ageil M. Evans 218 N.

Main Lorenz ft Doeream, S01 S. Main ave. J. H. Jones, 539 Linden st.

No yee boxes from druggists. N. Washington Ave..

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