The Scranton Truth from Scranton, Pennsylvania on March 17, 1906 · Page 14
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The Scranton Truth from Scranton, Pennsylvania · Page 14

Scranton, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 17, 1906
Page 14
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- ' - - . ; . - v '' ' c . Pew Pce&U bnr How CwftJ L. ' 1 Fieaervfag EesCfc aa4 Ease Nearly everybody know that - r eoal la the ssfest and nost el disinfectant and partner In nature; i few realise lta value when taken 1 the human system for the aame clefc... tag purpose. ; Charcoal la a remedy that the fco. you take of it the better; it la not i drag at all, but simply absorbs, t gases and impurities always preae In the stomach and intestines and ca rles them out of the system. Charcoal sweetens the breath aftr smoking, drinking; or after tttln onions and other odorous vegetables, i Charcoal effectually clears and If proves the complexion, it whiten tv teeth and further acts as a inaftin and eminently safe cathartic ; J i It absorbs the injurious gases wfclc collect in the stomach and bowels it disinfects the mouth and throat fror the poison of catarrh. ) All druggists sell charcoal in 'on form or another, but probably the bet charcoal and the most for the money i In Stuart's Charcoal Lozenges; the; are composed of the finest powder Willow charcoal, and other harmles antiseptics in tablet form or rather L the form of large, pleasant tasting lox - enges, the charcoal being mixed Witt honey. - . J ' The daily use of these lozenges, will soon teil in a much Improved condition., of the general health, better complex - ion, sweeter breath and purer blood, and the beauty of it is, that no possible 1 harm 'can result from their continue use, but on the contrary, great benefit. A Buffalo physician In speaking ot the benefits of charcoal says: "I ad' vise Stuart's Charcoal Lozenges te all patients suffering from gas in stomach and bowels. And to clear the complex - ) ion and purify the breath, mouth, and throat; I also believe the liver is greatA iy benefited by the dally use of them;) they cost but twenty - five cents a box; at drug stores, and although in some. sense a patent preparation, yet I believe I get more and better charcoal in Stuart's Charcoal Lozenges than in any of the ordinary charcoal tablets." DOIIATI DAY AT ORPHANAGE The announcement made in tit daily' papers a' few days ago that the annual donations to St. Patrick's orphanagel would be held today In connection with the celebration of St. Patrick's j - day has brought forth a generous response from the countless friends of the ill' stitution. ' This year more than ever the kindly disposed people of the cltyl are Interested In the welfare of . the orphanage and are showing their appreciation in the care taken of thei little ones in the most practical man ner. According to tne sisters in cnarge or the home about 200 mites of humanity are to be kept alive principally through charity. Their one mean of sustenance depends upon aid from the public, and the call this year has been answered in that same liberal way which has made charity the great redeeming feature of Scranton s resi dents. It Is expected that those who E. Gurrell, Scranton; Millie Aleln, Scranton: Sadie Wartowsky, Scranton; HONORABLE MENTION. have not found time to make their con tributlons will take advantage of; to Lorenz Zeidler, Scranton; Vincent Swamick, Clark's Summit: Estella day's holiday and celebrate the day by $10.00 IN CASH FOR THE TRUTH'S PRIZE WINNERS. watKins, jscranion; n. r.. dibuiu6, Scranton; Mrs. F. Merkel, Scranton Jessie Miller. Scranton: W, B. Bartle remembering the children. Anything In the shape of clothing, eatables and money will be received thankfully by. the sisters at the orphanage in whose care the tots are homed. dale; F. W. Lewis, Carbondale; James McHugh, Simpson; Edith Bray, Jermyn; Stanley T. Cour, Scranton; Harry Carr, Pittston; M. Stelnbuge, Forest City; Henry R, Jenkins, Scranton; Kate Lester, Seelyville; Marie Hudson, Childs; Florence W. Todd, Dalton; Irene Joyce, Scranton; H. Van Horn, Dunmore; Emma Erhardt, Pittston; A. Kilpatrick, Jermyn; E. L. Depew, Jermyn; Florence WIntersteIn, Dunmore; Kathaleen Reap, Scranton; L. Lutinger, Pittston; Frank Kearns. Car son, Pittston; Jessie Tillinghast, Fac Evans, Scranton; Conrad Welsh, Archbald; Verna Klinger, Scranton; Sophie Evans, Scranton; Mary R. Walsh, Archbald; Lawrence Moun, Providence; Gertie Welsh, Archbald; Anna Duhigg, Scranton; Frank Dolan, Scranton; A. S. Galloway, Olyphant William Scott, Scranton; Joseph Farrell, Scranton; J. Brink, Dunmore; Hazel Smith, Stroudsburg; Mrs. W. F. Campbell, Scranton; Henry Cheeseman, Scranton; Hassi't Reynolds, Scranton; Lillian Reynolds, Scranton; E. D. Fellows, Scranton; John - R. Shlyer, Scranton; Robert Munn, Scranton; Edna Esmay, Union - dale; Rose' Arigonl, Scranton; George Sharman, Olyphant; Mrs. William Be - van, Scranton; Alfred Scranton, Scranton;' Rose Sadovfr, Scranton; Lillian tory ville; Ella Grau. scranton; m. a. Lance, West Pittston; Nettle Seelig, Dunmore; Russell M. Jones, Taylor; Edith May Jones, Taylor; Hattie Zllk, Taylor, R. Frownfelker, Scranton; Mary Iblerson, Scranton; Fred Beebe, Scranton; Bertha Bishop, Scranton; Tillie Rhule, Scranton; Marie Loftus, Carbondale: Mrs. McGenis, Scranton; BELIEF IN SIX HOURS. Distressing Kidney and Blatter Disease relieved in six hours by "New Great South American Kidney Cure." It is a great surprise on account of its exceeding promptness in relieving pain in bladder, kidneys and back. In male or female. Relieves retention of water almost immediately. If you want quick relief and cure this is the remedy. Sold by Chas. Harris & Co., Druggists, 131 Penn avenue. A. J. Collins, Scranton; Florence Grady, Dunmore; E. Schneider, Scranton; Tillie Miller, Dunmore; Bess Hardenberg, Scranton. Archie Pentecost, Forest City; Louis Weyhenneyer, Scranton; - Rena Bierwlrth, Scranton; Laurie Gilllck, Moosic; George S. Mott, Jr., Scranton; Margaret Myers, Scranton; Sixtina Hacn. Scranton; S. F. James, Scranton ; Emma Edsal!, Moosic; A. McGennis, Scranton; Perry G. Hall, Scranton; Regina O'Hara, Dunmore; Clara Yaggi, Scranton; Agnes Glnley, Dunmore; M. Hennlgan, Childs; Gertrude Kelly, Olyphant; Fred S. Smith. Scranton; Thomas Merrlman, Scranton; Mrs. J. D. Arnfleld, Moosic; Elsie Lecor, Dunmore. Lillian Widner, Scranton; Al. Price, Pittston; Earl Johnson, Scranton. John Prlngle, Scranton; J. R. Miller, Scranton; Maud Deirne, Carbondale; Helen Morgan, Scranton; Anna Humiston, Scranton; Leland E. Smith, Scranton; Rhea Gates, Scranton; Jennie Sayre, Scranton; Ray Bartleson, Pittston; George Fear, Dunmore; Rose Molarity, Scranton; Bertis Woodworth, Jer - myn; Otto Melsher, Pittston; - Mrs. Newell Whitelock, Carbondale; Mary Every for rent ad. in The Truth brings a tenant. There is no feature in our columns that is more popular with Thi Truth readers, young and old alike, than the weekly prize puzzle pictures. Ten dollars in cash prizes are awarded weekly to successful contestants, who answer the puzzles correctly, and who comply with the conditions by sending in their answers according to the following rules : FIRST No answer will be considered unless received by mail. SECOND No answer received before Tuesday morning, March 20th, will be eligible. This is done for the purpose of giving out - of - town competitors equal opportunity with those living in Scranton. THIRD All answers must be in by Thursday evening, March 22nd, at 6 o'clock. For the first correct answer The Scranton Truth will give $5.00; for the second correct answer, $3.00 ; and for the third correct answer, $2.00. . . The names of the prize winners will be announced in The Truth, Saturday, March 24th, at which time the correct answers will be printed. The foljowing are the correct answers to the puzzle pictures in Saturday's issue, March 10th. MESSNER F.L Courtrlght, Pittston; Robert Lloyd, Olyphant; Fred Underwood, Scranton; Anna Miller, Archbald; Mabel Grogan, HAS RESIGNED Miller, Scranton; Jessie Ray, Scranton; Lew Hughes, Carbondale; Sarah Cartln, Scranton; Emma Elliott, Scranton; Ruth Carpenter, Scranton; M. McAnul - ty, Dunmore; M. Keller, Scranton; Anna McCue, Dunmore; Carrie Black, Dunmore; Mary E. Carey, Forest City; Ada Merwln, Waymart; Maud Davis, Forest City; A. L. Bahr, Scranton; Roger Evans, Scranton; Ella Varcoe, Honesdale; William H. King, Scranton; C. F. King, Scranton; Annie Smith, Scranton; Margaret Smith, Jermyn; Luther Horst, Seelyville; Floyd Clancy, Scranton; M. Musser, Scranton; Willie Connor, Carbondale; Second Barlow, Scranton; Clark Rhodes, Scranton; Harold Hawley, Scranton; Ida Ward, Scranton; Samuel Linn, Peckville; John Gelert, Archbald; Mrs. H. L. Zlegler, Scranton; M. H. Ferguson, Scranton; William Bolan, Pittston; Nanette Scott Collins, Scranton; Lottie Morris, Scranton; Julia Weichel, Scranton; Gertrude Stelnmitz, Scranton; Lottie Norton, Uniondale; H. B. Klees, Scranton; Helen Judge, Carbondale; Marie Kilpatrick, Carbondale; Edith Relnhardt, Scranton; Orania Roberts, Archbald: bondale. Lizzie Wetter, Scranton; Jerome Collins, Scranton; Mrs. Fred Hammon, Scranton; Gertrude Scott, Scranton; Nellie McGlnnis, Scranton; D. J. Sullivan, Scranton; Lizzie Swingle, Mayfield; Mrs. Nicholson, Scranton; John R. Harris, Scranton; H. R. Dodge, Honesdale; Bessie Gregory, Scranton; Joseph E. Jones, Scranton; Fred Schoen, Scranton; Mrs. M. Williams, . Scranton; A. Celina Lupo, Scranton; Grace Martin, Scranton; Mary Griffiths, Scranton; Irene Gar - ren, Scranton; C. H. Johnson, Childs; Walter O'Connor, Clark's Summit; Martha Lutz, Scranton; 'Mrs. Clark, Scranton. E. Lynd, Scranton; J. W. Bisbing, Scranton; George F. Schantz, Scranton; Hazel Wommacott, Carbondale; Laura Correll, Dunmore; Thomas Mayoek, Miners Mills; H. A. Motch - man, Scranton; Charles Brown, Scranton; Clyde Mack, Scranton; Alice Ger - rity, Scranton; Nellie Bayley, Scranton; Teddy Kenny, Archbald; Marguerite Renard, Scranton; Mrs. Fred Welchel, Scranton; F, W. Weichel, Scranton: K. Murphy, Scranton; Pansy Whelan, Scranton; Mrs. M. F. Kearney, Carbondale; Margaret Skln - ney, Scranton; Charles M. Cawley, Pittston; ' Ethel Bryant, Waymart; Kenneth Bergan, Mayfield. Mrs. B. Moffit, Carbondale; Miss Edmunds, Carbondale; Floyd Lewis, Peckville; Margaret Kelly, Scranton; Bessie C'. Lawyer, Honesdale; N. L. Pickering, Peckville: S. J. Kenny, Archbald; Charles G. Lewert, Scranton; Arlie Drew, Scranton: R. Armen - gol, Scranton: S. E. Pittman. Scranton; Louise Lott, Forest City: Mrs. L. A. Clarke, Scranton; Edwin Stanton, For Archbald; John McDonald. Forest City; Doris Bishop, Archbald; George Wilis, Melody, Scranton; Arthur P. Stipp, Scranton; William Stephen, Scranton; John Snyder, Scranton; Mrs. D. Carter, Carbondale; Thomas Richards, Scranton; Ralph VanWhit, Scranton; Mrs. Baught, Scranton; Harry Keast, Dunmore; Margaret Glenn, Scranton; Ruth Mackey, Scranton; Rebecca Reese, Carbondale; C. Coyle, Carbondale; Isabel Rendel, Scranton; Lewis Tischler, Pittston; Harry Dettill, Scranton: Patrick Gillard, Scranton; Lona Neave, Scranton; Nelson Swingle, Dunmore; Ambrose Kearney Dunmore; Maurice Fee, Carbondale; Edward R. Hessinger, Scranton; Ray W. Tennat, Uniondale: Augusta Corey, Scranton; Kathryn Blaschke, Scranton; E. W. Sproat, Scranton; Matthew Kim, Scranton; Joseph Williams, Pittston; Walter J. Collier, Olyphant; John C. Widdall, Avoca; Edwin May, Honesdale; J. Clair Thomas, Moosic; Statla Loftus, Moosic; Margaret Wynne, Scranton; Clara Swart, Dunmore; Ruth Lamm, Scranton; Augusta Hartman, Honesdale; Edwin Hughes, Scranton; Mrs. A. J. Morgan, Scranton; Ernest North, Scranton; Monica Reap, Scrau - ton; Myrtle Tremper, Dunmore; Ethel Parry, Scranton; Maud Finch", Scranton; Nellie Crunden. Scranton; Mrs. William Quick, Honesdale; M. Loftus, Scranton; Fred Gunsauls, Vandling; Mrs. F. Schweitzer. Scranton; F. S. Madlgan, Scranton; F. Bartleson, pitts Jr., Archbald, John Jos. Gallagher, Jessup; Sarah E. Smalley, W. Pittston; Walter Bronner, Scranton; A. Leslie Cottle, Scranton; Mollie Kennedy, Scranton; B. M. Osterhout, Scranton; Edward Taylor, Scranton; J. E. Good, Scranton; R. Moore, Dunmore; Margaret Myers, Scranton; Harold Beck, Scranton; D. H. Coughlin. Archbald; Hammer ........ File , Chisel Hatchet Auger . Draw Knife Screw Driver Plane One "'two ... three ,. . Four :.. Five ... Six . . Seven . . Eight ... Walter E. Price, Scranton; Delia Klzer, jjunmore: Mrs. ueorge Proor. Arch bald; Helen Gilmartin, Scranton; Ruth Jones, Old Forge; Joseph Rink, Scran Ruth Phillips, Scranton; Edward Chipper, Honesdale; P. J. Thomas, Scranton; Lillian Hailstone, Moosic; Mrs. George A. Long, Scranton; M. J. Mc - Crone, Scranton: Milton Protheroe, Scranton; W. D. Carr, Dunmore; Anna Luther, Scranton: Mary Browne, Scranton. Lloyd Bidwell, Ariel; Theodore Dreyer, Honesdale: A. C. Wagner, Scranton; George Mitchell, Dunmore; William Williams, Scranton; ! ton; .Mimred Atkinson, Scranton: Clare McNally, Scranton; Minnie Dreher, Scranton; Joseph Mahoney, Scranton: ton; Wlllard Phillips, Scranton; Lena Williams, Scranton; Mary Edwards, Scranton; Mrs. George Burkel, Scranton: Ruth Masten, Scranton; Helen Clara Bell Peters, Archbald: Helen Decker, Scranton; Elizabeth Williams, Scranton; - Joseph Folan. Carbondale; F. L. Messner, superintendent of the local branch of Consolidated Telephone company has tendered his resignation to take effect on April 1st. Mr. Messner intends to return to Buffalo, from where he came last September and engage in the farming business on a tract of land he owns there. His resignation has been In the hands of General Manager West since the early part of February. There was also a shake - up in the management of the company at Wilkes - Barre. Superintendent H. F. Frled - enberger of that office has resigned in favor of Superintendent McGuinness, of the office at Sunbury. Superintendent Messner could not say to - day who would be his successor. The matter is in the hands of Manager West. The latter is out of the city. Where Does Cocoa Grow! ' Principally In Dutch Guiana. Equa - dor, Brazil. Peru, Bolivia, Jamaica and Central America. The best is obtained from Central America. Croft's Swiss Milk Cocoa is made from the finest selected Central America cocoa beans. The purest milk in Its most digestible form is added. Delicious in flavor perfect in purity. The only cocoa In glass jars. Croft & Allen Co., Makers, Philadelphia. Every for rent ad. in The Truth brings a tenant. est City; Jane Milane, Susquehanna; LAST WEEK'S PRIZE WINNERS. (Corcoran, Scranton; Helen VonDer - Harry Brown. Forest City: Birdella Williams, Scranton; J. R. Heffelflnger, Scranton; Mrs. R. H. Thomas. Carhon - dale; Agnes Purcell, Carbondale; Jean Calderwood, Moosic: W. Simonson, Dunmore; Irene Kadz, Scranton: H. L. Myrtle Middleton, Scranton; Mrs. G. M. Gourley, Scranton; Floyd Colvin, Clark's Summit; F. B. Gourley, Scranton; G. M. Gourley, Scranton; Anna Connerton, Scranton: Steve Vargo, Scranton; A. J. Baterman, Scranton; Michael Teevan, Dunmore; R. Irene Bateman, Scranton; Karl Bronner, Dunmore; Iva Butler, Dunmore; Mrs. T. W. Jenkins, Scranton : R. A. White, Scranton; Mrs. C. Lyon, Unlondaie; James E. Malia. Scranton; Edward Caufield, Honesdale; Thomas Alexander, Scranton; Mildred May, Clark's Summit; Roger House, Scranton; L. FIRST PRIZE, $5.00 Joseph P. Casey, 330 Clay avenue, Scranton. SECOND PRIZE, $3.00 Mamie Ehrhardt, 726 Prospect avenue, Scranton. THIRD PRIZE, $2.00 - Ed. McKenna, 342 Chestnut street, Dun - warding, Factoryvllle; Mrs. W. Zachar - las, Moosic; Raymond Zacharias, Moosic; Frank Price. Scranton; Edith Thomas, Simpson; John J. Hlggins, Scranton; James Purcell. Scranton: Nn - Amy Avery, Dunmore: Joseph Gibney, Scranton: Thomas Walsh. Archbald; Thomas C. Hodgson, Peckville; Robert Cole, Mayfield; Francis Payton, Dunmore; John Reese, Jermyn: J. T. Crawford, Jermyn; Stanley Hills, Jermyn; Louisa Lewis, Uniondale; George Kuzimack, Carbondale; D. Thomas, Scranton; May Campbell, Olyphant; Tommie Bartleson, Pittston; Hazel Griffiths, Olyphant; Evan J. Davles, Olyphant; Cora Dodge. Dunmore Agnes Payton, Dunmore. Frank Webber, Dunmore; Mrs. John Quinn, Jessup; Ida DeFrehn. W. Pittston: Floyd C. Baker, Dunmore; Ralph Alnsworth, Scranton; Peter Farrell, Olyphant; Bridget Gilroy, Jessup: Lawrence Avery, Dunmore; E. P. James, Scranton; A. H. Becker, Scranton; Daniel Richards, Scranton; Mrs. W. Clemow, vello Bright, Throop; M. Faust, Scran ton; J. a. Dennis. Peckville: John T $10.00 PRIZE PUZZLE PICTURES. NOTICE! Cut this coupon out, fill In. and forward it to the PRIZE EDITOR, SCRANTON TRUTH, Scranton, Pa. MARCH IS A TRYING MONTH Bui There's No Strike at STARKWEATHER INSTITUTE There is an old saying that March, April and May are the months in which to purify the Blood. Tne Starkweather Institute does the work at all times. THE BEST TIME IS NOW. Flannery, Carbondale: Mary Connor Carbondale; Elinor Dolan, Scranton; Charles Pfuhl, Scranton: Mary Scnak, Scranton; Thomas Davis, Moosic; John Swartz. Scranton; Noble Pellenz, Dunmore; E. E. Correll, Dunmore; Mrs. J. B. Titus, Scranton; Mary Cummings, Scranton; Nicholson Evington, Scranton; Mrs. P. J. Rosar, Scranton; Edward Sullivan, Scranton; Bertha Bur - dick, Scranton; E. F. Brundage, Scranton; G. R. Schoen, Scranton; James R. Davis, Dickson; Fannie Moore Scranton; Margaret Clash, Scranton; Mr. William Bright, Scranton; Edith Snyder, Carbondale; F. D. Hornan, Scranton; A. J. Burrow, Carbondale; Frank R. Walton, Scranton: Charlotta Bayly Honesdale; Stella Fuller, Scranton; Samuel Fidiam, Scranton: G. C. Tenant, Uniondale; Helen Jordan, Carbondale; Bessie Richards. Scranton; Amos Polley. W. Pittston; K. Charles - j worth, Scranton; Francis Igo, Hones - : dale: Sophia Kunz, Dunmore; Nellie Williams, Wilkeg - Barre; Margaret I Jones. Scranton: Floyd Grimes, Scranton; Blanche Wilcox, Scranton. Anna Haston, Stroudsburg; Lillte Barth, Dunmore; Margaret Butler, Dunmore; i gen, Scranton; Ethelyn Simpson, Scranton; May Wilson, Scranton; David Weston, Scranton; Laura King, Carbondale; F. B. Williams. Carbondale; Carl Klrst, Scranton; Albert Rosenberg, Scranton; L. J. Weinschenk, Scranton; Richard Vail. Waverly; Ida Houck, Scranton; Elmer Fenner, Scranton; Jessie Joyce, Scranton; Clarence Marshall, Dunmore; John J. Snyder, Scranton; Helen Bray, Scranton; Esther Simpson, Scranton; Helen Lewert, Scranton; Flody Mann, Scranton; Charles Strauch, Scranton; Catherine Doud, Scranton; Anna Dohcrty. Scranton; Cora E. Hendrick, Peckville: Willie Payne, Scranton; F. Geiger, Scranton; Charles Stockell. Scranton; Eugene McTiernan, Scranton; Harold Mackler. Dickson City; William A. Hughes, Carbondale; Hazel Consauls, Carbondale; Edward Doney, Honesdale; Bessie McDonough, Carbondale; Bernard Pldgeon, Carbondale; F. C. Alexander, Factoryvllle; Mabel John, Scranton; W. T. Hall, - Waverly; Irene Par - i sons, Scranton; Martha Mallon, Scranton; Grace Roderick, Scranton; Janet D. Lolles, Dalton; Lizzie Bassett, Honesdale; Henry Jones, Scranton; Alice Brown, Scranton; Seb. Gebert, Archbald; Ernest Oliver, Carbondale; Joseph Purcell, Carbondale; Esther Simpson, Scranton; Ida Prosser, Scranton; Mrs. Price, Scranton; Mrs. J. Lynch, Clark's Summit; L. L. Peck, Scranton; William Neuser, Carbondale; E. Ai Grlnnell, Dunmore; William P, Huester, Scranton; Julia Hamm, Scranton; C. A. Haehnle, Scranton; Maria Gallagher, Dunmore; Mrs. Thomas Mc - Cormaek, Moosic; Louisa Burnett, Scranton; Florence Mooney, Carbondale; Clare Coleman, Archbald; Louis Cobb, Scranton; Ora polph, Olyphant; May Found, Prompton; Bell Stevens, Scranton; Isabella Melville, Forest City; E. D. Feeney, Jermyn; Mrs. J. E. Couklin, Dunmore; James W. Thompson, Pittston; Thomas Nealon, Scranton; Ruth Harris, Scranton; Jennie Jenkins, Scranton; Madge Vaughan, Carbondale; M. J. Edwards, Scranton; William Dehlman, Scranton; Julia McDonald, Scranton; Frank Wiljiams, Scranton; Anna DLacy, Scranton; Margaret Terwilllger ntnnrthur j Ul t Farmers, Dairymen, Horse Owners, 1. ... 2. ... 3. ... 4. ... 5. ... Have you Inquired inte saving you can make by Dr. Starkweather gives I - 'KKE consultation and advice. There Is no guess work, experiment or uncertainty. He xias cured thousands of sufferers by means of his Nervoria, combined with a gentle, soothing current of electricity. Make no mistake. This applies to you If you have' Paralysis, KpUt - iwiy, Locomotor Ataxia, Male or Female Weakness, Jtheumatlsm, Bronchitis. Asthma, Stricture, Varicocele, Hupture, or, in fact, any Long Standing or Chronic Trouble of whatsoever nature. There is a good reason why the system should be fully fortified and strengthened In tne Spring months. Como ' in and talk,, with Dr, Starkweather and learn Just why this is so. . STARKWEATHER INSTITUTE 136 AND 1S8 WASHINGTON AVENUE, SCRANTOV, PA, Hours 10 to 12, 2 to 6, and J to 8 daily. Sundays, 1 to 4 p. m. Walter Schweitzer, Dunmore; Frederick Eisenhart, Dunmore: Samuel Ives, Scranton; Mrs. J. W. Muskett, Scranton; Hilda Depero, Jermyn; Nora Bea - han, Hawley; Joseph Beahan, Hawley; Nettie Dannlng, Scranton; Ruth Williams, Scranton; M. A. Murton, Scranton; Mildred Rogers, Scranton; Jane Field, East Pittston; Martha Cooper, West Pittston; Margaret Cusick, Scranton; Celia Cohen, Scranton: Oren Peck, Scranton; George Fenton, Scranton. Ksther Lutz. Scranton; Mrs. M. Boardman, Dalton; Herman Johnson, Scranton: Raluh Leber, Scranton; .lames Wilson, Scranton; J. Jenkins, Scranton: Dora Manners, Moosic; Esther Me'.eher, Pittston; It. Bartlett, Pittston; Thomas Kennedy. Scranton; Katie Nalher, Scranton; Ned McAn - drews, Scranton; Raymon Davis, Scranton: Lyle Robinson, Hawley; George W. Jones, Scranton; H. Donnelly, Olyphant; A. W. Walton, Scranton; Mrs. C. E. Kennerling, Scranton; E, S. Wynne, Kingston; Jack Shotton, Scranton: Mrs. A. Gise. Scranton; Har - d Powderly, - Carbondale, Lee 8, Bur - "ck, Scranton; X R. Motrin, Carbon Sore Throat Don'ts When tho children have sore throat, don't blister their necks' with lamp oil Don't torture them with a foul smelliuR piece of fat meat, wrapped about tho nock. Don't imagine there is medical virtuo in an old sock or piece of red flannel. Dcn't believe in antiquated superstitions. A soto throat is a serious matter and is oot to bo healed by such make - believe rem Brewers' Dried Grains for Cattle and Horse Feed? Cal and see analysis a&4 piecbfcie a sample bag f Dried Grains at ! - ' v ' Grain Drying Plant Pennsylvania Central Brewing Co, Beventb Arenas sn4 linflssf Stm T0I.IPKIIIS HANGED Tompkins served one year In the penitentiary for shooting another negro, and while there his wife procured a divorce and married Brame. 'When Tompkins ,was released he - shot and killed Braijie, Tompkins watched the constructkm of the scaffold,'. whit erected in )' be rear of the Jail, edies. The uao of such methods is simply putting the patient to needless torture. Use a little sore throat wisdom and give them TONSILINQ and the throat will heal quickly. 25 and 60 cants at all druggists. 10 1 Name. . .', . Stredt . Town Madisonville, Ky.. March 17. Garth fompkins, 10, colored, was hanged here this morning for. the murder ot i. .ies liramev colors 1 ( Tho Toasiliae Co. j Caatos, Ohio.

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