The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 22, 1952 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 22, 1952
Page 13
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TUESDAY, JTJIA' 22, 1952 °U* JOARDING HOUSI — Ho«pl« BL'TTHBrai,E (ARK.) COURIER S ? we CAMS BOW MUCH -jt>i) WAMT FOR tKAT FILLY OF YOURS/ -THAT IS, IP AREM'T HSR I'N\ MATOR riOOPLE MR. YOICKS SOYS,THAT r , Lu . ROMS L1KEA8AT OUT OF A CAME/ — BOT I'M < OVERSTOCKED JOST NOW I'U. LET HER GO . FOR "IO.OOO. CAMDIDAT6 FOR IDEA OP SOlKG IrtTO THE MEAT PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slock Guaranteed Besf l-rices Kirby Drug Stores W The Ptolemaic System was (he ancint concept of the universe proposed by the Greek astrormmer EfippRrchm who lived about 130 B.C. It Is named ofler Claudius Ptolemy, a later nstronomer, who popularized the system. Never A Dull Moment! DANCING NIGHTLY! 24 HOUR SERVICE! FOR RESERVATIONS PHONE HOLLAND 3241 or 9411 COMPLETELY AIR CONDITIONED ALL BRAND CIGARETTES $1.60 CARTON All popular brands of liquors, wines, gins and cordials at popular prices. HUBERTSCLUB Hubert Utlcy arid Werr Akins HIGHWAY 61 HOLLAND, MO. 711 y$vu!^ T. M. m«. w. «. f *<, O«. Copr. 1?EJ k, «* S«..«.. fcw. "S««ms like th« only way we know for sure they're horns from college i$ w» don't got letters'." Political Announcements Subject to Preferential Election July ZS, 1952 For County Judge GENE BRADLEY' PHILLIP J. DEER I. D. SHEDD For Circuit Clerk GERALDINE LISTON For Slai» Senator BEN. LEE SEARDEN HENRY K. HC-YT W1LLJAM H. (BILL) WYATT For Slate Representatln KENNETH S SULCER For Post No. 1 KILL JOHNSON GRASS with Sodium Chloratr, M% pnre! Fine treated for dry application. J12.50 per 1M {tn. A. H. WEBB CUI-VKHT TILE CO. Hiwaj 61. Stale I,lne—Phore «4H CONCRETE CULVERT TILE Sizes np to 3fi in. Corrugated Metal Culverts Sires up to 84 in, A. H. WEBB Artotnatfo Fined Gales Concrete i Melal Septic Tanks Sewer Tile Bcil Prices ive Deliver llighwaj 61 »t State Mno Phone 714 The Grand Canyon a! the Colorado Is 278 miles long with a maximum width of 13 miles and depth of 6,000 feet. Death in the Sierras By Deri* xvn ROBERTS lomed to ,..ary Curtis and resumed jhta »tor7. "You drov« quite faat ^'through th« mounlairis after l««v- kij th* Springs and suddenly you *aw « tree lying across the road. ^Yoii didn*t 5tOf>, but drove 'your yrar over the tree. I doubt though ti jou'd have been harmed, had yow stopped, if that right, Mrs. Brown ley?" Al Mrs. Brownley hesitated, Professor Ordell stood and pointed at her. "There's yo\ir killer, Dave. I've been watching her—she's wearing a wig and she's not a woman, but a man!" With that he snatched at the hair. The hat and wig came oft as the officers seized the professor. Before us stood Officer Wallace, in woman's clothes. Makeup, including eyeshadow, rouge and lipstick along with the wig. had cleverly concealed his identity. "UTiy, you were tfie ollicer that stopped me at Carquinez! No wonder you kept out of rny-way and pretended not to recognize me here!" 1 said hoarsely. "You arid Mr. .lames are the murderers!" muttered Rhumba. , I shuddered as I thought now ? Wallace bad almost trapped mt on the road with the fallen tree. "You liclievcd thai you could frighten her into going Iwck to San Frnncisco, was that it. Wallace?" asked David. "Ye?." said l.hc olliccr tn shame. "You fooled us completely," admitted Uavid. "I'll say," muttered Duncan. "I was a sap not to have thought of it nelure I dul. I remembered only llns morning that you do female impi-r.ona'.ionf. 1 remembered >our stunt at the Bencnt last year and I got to thinking about you whe.i 1 hcnrd over the car radio that you v-'ere misstng (rom your pcHrol route." "1 miglit as well make a clean breast of it." Wallace said thor oiujhly ashamed. "I thought tha rf would be «asy to make up lo ook like the Curtis woman because 1 had seen her at Slate ieadquarters in Sacramento. I heard the story of the letters and read about the buried treasure and 1 decided to have a fling at it and get back on my beat before : was missed. I'd been transferred Tom the Carquinez territory to his stretch. I was on that motorcycle *;.ile you and Marguard were on the cut-oft to Blue Valley. But 1 knew nothing about the murder. After I rode through orscshoe Springs on my motorcycle, I went on for about five miles. Then I got off and wheeled the machine into the woods." David and Duncan exchanged glances. "Then I changed to these togs. [ didn't bolhei to put on any make-up because H was so dark, I decided to put a tree »cross the road to stop Miss Curtis whom 1 thought was Elsie Martinson. ! picked out a small tree and got the ax from my machine and was just eady to slarl chopping when I heard a horse running. I dodged back into tlic brush as horse and rider went by A little beyond where I stood the rider turned the horse down the mountain toward Gold t.akc." 'And they came In the gate pretty fast, loo," said old .led Downy who had been cupping his hands carefully over his bad ea in order to miss nothing "Said he'd been chased by a bandit or something, I couldn't riglltly hear." "Who was riding that horse?' asked Mrs. James in a strained frightened tone. "Do you !\rar me? Who was riding that horse?" "It was. . . ." He was interrupted by the terrible report of a revolver which filled the cave with echoing repercussions of death. The tall foim of the Professor crumped s\\iflly and silcutly lo the gravel and rock Hour of the cave Television- Tonite, Tomorrow W'MCT. Memphis. Channel 4 TUESDAY NIGHT, JUI.V 22 6:00 Report to the South 6:M Wednesday Theatre 7:00 Boston Blackie 7:30 DcmocTBtic Conven!.ion 10:00 I've Got A Secret 10:30 News 10:40 My Friend Irrna 11:10 City Hospital 11:40 New.s 11:45 Sign Off •WKDNESDAY. JDI.V 23, 195Z B:45 Test Pattern 7:0(1 Today 7:25 News 7:30 Today 7:M Neus 8:00 Democratic Convention 9:00 Mrs. USA 9:30 Strike It Rich 10:00 Storylnird 10:15 Love ot Lift 10:30 Democratic Convention 1:30 Homemnkers Program 2:00 Manhattan Matinea 3:00 Hawktru Pallj 3:15 Oabby Hayes 3:30 Howdy Doody 4:00 News 4:05 Ber] Olswallger 4:30 Space CadelJ! 4:45 Hartoons 5:00 Convention Highlights 5:30 Those Two 5:45 News Caravan 6:00 Youth Wants To Know 6:30 Dangerous Assignment 7:00 Convention Report 7:30 Convention Session 10:00 The Humor 10:30 Report to the South 11:00 News 11:10 Industry on Pnrads 11:30 News 11:40 Sign Off FIE murderer had taken his own life in preference to the trial which he knew would end in black death in the lethal chamber. "Where did he get lh;it gun?" .sked Duncan. "We slipped up there," David replied, as he and Duncan left the ave following the stretcher. "I'll bet lie picked it up at the foot of hat clifT where we found James ml the dog. Thank goodness he didn't hurt anyone with it. He r'Ouldn'l have minded killing any- 'Ody, only he gambled that by as- j suniin# hi.s charming and peda- ! gogic manner he would fool us all. S And he almost did." i Officer Marguard and Bob car- ' ricd Mrs. Ordell to the Lodge. Shi ; was admirably calm and seemen almost relieved that the whole j alTair had ended as it had. 1 JHE had lived in constant fear of her husband. Behind a charming exterior and within an able mind the Professor's cruel, self-centered, ruthless character was cleverly hidden. To his students in cl.Tssrooms at the University he was a brilliant lecturer. To Lhe world he WPS a charming member of the intelligentsia. But to his wife and to Hob, his brother, was quite different, : ,imos was Ordcll's first cousin anil ijob was the Professor's hall brother. Mrs. Ordell tearfully confesses to me that he had beater, her. "Then why on earth," I asked her tactlessly and almost furiously, 'didn't you leave him or report him to the police?" "J vvss afraid of him," slic wept, i "Then, loo, I loved him. 1 know I that you can't under.stiind that hut i when tie xva.s his charming self lie ^ was a kindly, intelligent, and (Je- j lightful person." David interrupted my t.ilk with Mrs. Ordcll, and took me gently i by the arm and led me out onto the porch which overlooked the i Lake. It was twilight, the kind | that comes only at very high altitudes. Around us the high Sierras were halhed In gold which turned to \inlet and deep rose on the lower slopes. (T« I)c Concluded) fff- We')I gi v« them • nev I ooV--and * longer 1e » »e on life! \ ^ H-flLTCRS -au-'v SHOC SHOP H W. M ft I M ST. How Fast Do You Drive? H mar he thai TOU rfnn't really know — your speedometer ran br detective. And THAT'S dangerous! J,cl us rbrrk it tomorrow. We Rive 1-Day Service on Speedometer Rnnntr for all make* of Pnrs and Inirks. Then you'll how fast you drlvt! T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. ClirirMrr-rijmonlh Draler III E. Main Phone Z12Z OUT OUR WAY ?AGE THIBTEEN •r J. R. Benefit by Reading and Using Courier New« Classified Ads FRICKLIS AND HIS FRIINDS R£ST WHEN YOU SET _„,.,,. NTT. . ,»r._ltfM tf IH^avVc* >nf T JJ_^.jJ^g^p,, Of ,^ jj WERVOOS, LARt»? JUST VsJMT UNTIL •tou TURN ^ e<1i @ 7-z.z- ...TUS -STRAK6E QfUKl IS ONAN INrEE^TELLAB VWTCH ro^EN. xlt-Zovup TXSALEET. .,Owei/MCfNTIF|ED W/LLSHOWVOtl AP HE £C£,VK> TO 29-45... ML!.*««• •SKf E/ieW« •SOMETHINS'S Awmsen/NS THE EARTH FKO/M SUBSTAMCE CALLED CHLOROPHYLL!.' WWVT AWAKES \OU \ THE COMWvJV H6^ TMNHC THIS SUPEK-ykrEEFS.'l CONlT MARKET CLEKt X KNOW WHO THEV ' ISM v OM THS \ AKE, EHJT i KNOW A STKA1SHT AMP NARROW, PUG?y 1 <>". u & r.i-C*. i* SORRY,<MJSotJ,}TOAioeroyv; »UT r CAM'T SEE <TH6hJ?X JUS1 SOU TONIGHT. SOU) CAKI'T SBAK KWOVV I WANT •y' NOT SESMS TO STl-IPY ANCV YOU. kiss A\S GET AH&M7. - NO 6MK NiMi WOW.D VWK McKEE'c STUFF BOT UeifHER HVOUtO AW IPIOTl THERE 2|^°*V *>HV— GREW SCOTT1 TKfet xewiRMTOl *L E 1 B * BD P1, T "^*'?. E °E ™E TWO WROCITIK COULD THIS- THIEF BE AFTER. STOIEU REMSKAWDTS DI55UI5EO WITH SOLUBLE PAIttT TO SET THEM THRU CUSTOMS? Stir's IES5 FANFASriC fflAH - M<KE6'S &S5BMPTOJ! J M> TH' GUY AIN'T BEEN BORN, 1 TELL YUH. BV> GEE, WHO'S GONNK MW<E SAUSNGE OF , OOP AW ME.' THE ELECTRIC MIXEK BROKE SVHK.E t RIGHT IN THE . _ . IT'« VEfZ W RECOUP \ NEW MIXER I . LAVSR INTO I STICK A ' THE KITCHEN?/ OPOON IN TH' SICK? C»all hlaiMcr, h^h hlonri prrssurr, cas pains, Krad pains, nrrvcfi, sour stomach? Try VITAL TONE >-,„ It tn»y hrlp lo r«mnve Che cause. Hundrcili have found rclirf wllh VITAL TONE. OWENS DRUG STORE .Main nnrt wow

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