The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on November 16, 1953 · Page 1
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · Page 1

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Monday, November 16, 1953
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Trim? 4 Late News Sport, Stocks Eel n il ion OTTAWA, MONDAY. NOVEMBER 16, 1953. price $ CENTS ON PAGE 31 68th YEAIW288 .... Horn edition by carrier ! cent weekly . - rvi M 0 JJ If B 'Jr.. a n mm j K ' Say Decision NofApproved Feathered Indians in Ottawa CourtL Muaiesun By House Montreal Site Requires Costly Soundproofing Devices CPR Flyer Slices Nose Off Gar 6 Escape Injury Sue Queen To Recover Custom Duty Br JAMKI McfOOK, fl Th Journal. t O'Ckxk C4tMa Smtca Opposition Leader Drew Raid In the Commons this a(temoon that the decision to move the National Film Board to Mont-. real had not been made by Parliament, which had also not been told why a site was chosen for an NFB building which was probably one of the noisiest In Canada because of jet aircraft taking off from a nearby airport. If the NFB building had been placed somewhere else there would be no need for special sound proof devices necessary at the site near Montreal and close to Dorval Airport. j A .Toronto home eonstruc- Mr. Drew said this was apart tlon company has purchased entirely from the question of 1 100 of the 200 housing loU in whether it wa right to move the former McKellar golf club the NFB headquarters from Ot- property at a price of $250,000, tawa. The Journal learned today. ' Demands Explanation. , The company Is owned by s.rfk .ri...HM n Louis Charles and David 1 .111 A , uuci.wtll U 1 ..... . MK Toronto Firm BuyslOOLots At McKellar Plan Early Start On Single Residences Seek Ruling On Jay Treaty Of 1794 must be given by the Govern ment. ' . ".- "If' the Government does re name of Gomm unity Housing Projects. Substantial Return. rent th rrnmmw1allnn nf. the Massey Commission In re-1 The sale meant that Prlh-gard to the advisability of c'P1 InvestmenU Limited, bringing cultural, activities to-i which bought the entire 80 gether In the CapitaCandlf-"res for $3M Wfl0.had recoup- ,it recognises the Importance oi,fd " ,.but. .f0 00? ,of lu H"1-i. A.t. tn..P,tin ly and still retains another and other aspect, of nation-.l ! 100 ouUdln "if Nothing. m., w.u.i. a ! large area where It Is now, , hwTdeslrrbl. that ; tto wW a Ufi0000 'hp-suwect be reconsidered ', Mr. , P'" c"tre- , , tempt the city . might conceivably make to purchase the McKCUac property foUowlng a last-ditch stand to be made In city council tonight to have1 the '"Buy McKellar" proposal reconsidered. The sale was announced by Samuel, Berger, QC, who Is solicitor for both Principal InvestmenU and for Community Housing Project . - He said the housing company had Instructed him to apply for sewer and water services, after which it plans Immediately to begin construction of 100 single- residences. . , The remaining building lots. Mi. Berger said, are up for sale to Individuals at $2,500 each. Like Centre Plan. He said Community Housing Two Cyrville brothers, their wives and children, escaped. Injury In a car-train collision; at Holland avenue and Scott street Sunday night, when the; . nose of their light sedan was The eagle feathers of Iroquois sliced off by the engine. tribal bonnets waved above a Oerald Dagg and his wife brllliant-hued sea of beads and Shirley were in the front of ( buckskin in the august chm-thelr 1950 English car, travel- 'bers of the Exchequer Court of ling south on Holland avenue Canada today when a test -axe at 10 o'clock last night. based on a treaty signed In In the back of the car were 1 1794 opened before Mr. Justice Oerald and Shirley's three-1 Cameron, year-old son, Ronald, Gerald's I The case will affect some brother Ivan, Ivan's wife Elli-1M.OOO Indians living In Can-abeth, and Ivan and Ellta- ada. who If the Jay Treaty of beth's daughter Connie, also 14 i upheld. en bring goods aged three. across the U S -Canadian bor er R Flyer. ider without paying duty. A Toronto-Ottawa CPR flyer Paid Under Pretest, was travelling east on the; A young Indian welder and, road's main line. ex-U S Navy sailor, 31-year-old "I saw the train and stopped Louis Francis, who lives on the Just on the track", Oe ra 1 d 'border reservation of St. Regis. Dagg said later. "I slammed Que., on the south shore of the the car Into reverse and back-;8t. Lawrence. Is taking Issue ed up, but did not quit get with the Queen to recover mon-clesr." leys he paid under protest as The enelne sheared off the duty on goods brought into nose of the lleht sedan as Canada. neatly as a knife through but-1 He is seeking-to recover tmT ne was oracrea From a point Just behind to pay on a remgeraior. k. k..Hii.h mn..ntin. ,in.. a washing machine and an nil to the rear bumper, the car isP heater he purchased for ' Gordon F. Henderson, coun-1 sel for Mr. Francis, In hU; 'opening remarks said the ac-; fa i. r i I i ' i 1 r' ' 'i i mm MM $mr III ff " . . . m . W ISM I III 'ft III I ' II I J CHIEF POKING FIRE C.OF.S TO COURT. Chief Poking Fire of the Iroquois Indians on the Caughnawaga reservations, stands on the steps of the Supreme Court of Canada with Mrs. Poking Fire, Chief Whit Eagle, Mrs. Thieves Make Intact. Ahead of the headlights1 Drew said. Speaking In th debate on the address In reply to ' the Throne spech MYv Brewsald Ceneladed Psge $1, CeL . JarTerm" For Hijacker Of Ottawa taxi Magistrate O'Connor described three Ottawa youths as "potential murderers and bandits" today in sentencing them to penitentiary terms for the armed robbery Nov. 5 of anot, hmi .tated they were Eastvlew taxi-driver. making the purchase because Roland Seguln, 20, drew they believed in building near The front fenders, bumper engine fan and grill Just aren't there. tion rested on whether the provisions of the Jay Treaty . ini . 1. - If S m rA rec.iI ST 0 "7 T end the" Treat? re2i?l.ritc.t !of Ohent in 1814 following no vu urn unni una wi ..ill k.M Jewel Haul are alive today-, Oerald aald "If wt had been foot farther south, or If the train today. (The Jay after John Treaty, named Jay, who was Thieves broke into Gerard Sarrm-Boornet's Jewelry store: at 181 Montreal road. Eastvlew, Balmy Air Fans The Prairies WINNIPEG, Man.. Nov, 16. (BUPp November weather records tumbled today as the Prairies basked In temperatures between 20 and 30 degrees higher than the seasons! normal. Brisk westerly winds fanned balmy air In from the Pacific, and the band of pleasant Weather Donations j Temporary Service 'In the Red' Ended Abruptly Saturday Night Possibility of subsidising the OTC through voluntary subscriptions from those who would use tram or bus service was to be discussed tonight by interested Rockcllfle ratepayers who today were without public transportation of any kind for the second time since October 19... A one-hour bus service, latest In a series of moves aimed at solving the Village's transportation problem, was halted late Saturday night after an inglorious 15-day run in the red. Ne Service Now. Today, the northwest sector of the Village, served for years by the "R" car, had no OTC carrier service whatsoever. The one -hour bus schedule lost about 1300 in its first week and was piling up a similar deficit Friday as the second, week of the experiment cam to close. OTC Oeneral Manager David Gill advised the village Friday that the run would not pay . and that his company would have to be subsidized If It were I to continue the service after Saturday I "The business just lant there". Mr. Gill pointed out. "It wasn't there for the street cars and now It won't even . keep one bus going " Reeve D. P. Crulkshank" would not elaborate on the' "voluntary subscription" plan WASHINGTON. Nov 16 iP)!he feels would have io be Some Democrats In Congress adopted, except to say that the rallied behind former Presl- people who want tne sennee Red Deer and other members of the tribe, as a customs duty test case vital to Indians was about to open in the F.xchequer Court of Canada this morning. rrvmilninn Wilt. Photo ITruman Plans To Tell All lnWhife Case with $10,000 worth of Jewelry including the entire stock of had been mln. an. .lo-.r u"" .. ZOO watches. k. VL-T' "V .I George wasmngtons cmei l constable Gordon Peac would have been ground pulp." (For Picture See Page 16.) seven-year sentence, Jean Cre-teau. 20. five years, and Oerard Depard, 17. two and half years. All pleaded guu:y jasi shopping centres such as the one now under construction at McKellarThe aame company had built houses adjacent to Monday. the huge shopping centre Evidence at' their trial In opened recently by Principal County Magistrate's Court. 'investments in Toronto, showed the three were picked Tne j0ig they bought are up by Paul Ladouceur, 3, al.ltuated on ManaTleld. Court- taxi driver who Uvea at 170; neVi Wavell, 'Gainsborough. Ethel street, at the Union Sta-Windermere and Westminster .tlon. They forced him at gun-1 avenues, Mr. Berger said. Bermuda Parley ToArrangeTalks With Russians to i, nM.lrfMl fnr the with- . .,- . . .1 .... . , K, w . ipairouing iui ocai inoHiy oe- drawal of British troops from fore one o'clock Sunday morn-posts in VS. territory, set up lng noticed some bars missing a Joint commission to consider from B window grille at rear boundary disputes and ar-.0r tn, premises, checked the ranged mutual concessions In window and found it had !een regsrd to trade and the tmpor- forced. tatlon of goods Into Canada, i. He entered the premises via ZuJa., T aaiht i " "weeping today down to Bt Truman today as he pre- will have to get together on aoturday UgM aa - eecapM ,h i.k.hMd. i.' . J, . u own to nav for a tram or. ter White case tonight on ' ! radio and television. i Concluded oa Page 16, Col. IV The minority party seemed S to be drawing closer in a de- Article 1 of the Jay Treaty. said Mr. Henderson, who Med certified copy of the treaty the window, but found the thieves had already fled, leaving the front door unlocked Soviet Price Unacceptable Allies Reply velopment that could spell trouble for the Elsenhower, ad-, ministration's program in the next session of Congress. Attorney-General Brownel) has promised further dtscloa- j ures beyond the White case. In which he charged that Truman promoted White to be United Injured Pair Found Beside Crashed Vehicle WASHINGTON. Nov. 16. Pi 8tates director of the Interna- recelved from the librarian behind them. The Western Powers toldj tlonal Monetary Fund after and keeper of papers for thej Mr. Sarra-Bournet said the Russia today that the Sovlet the FBI told Truman White ROCKLAND. Nov. 16 (8pe- Forelgn Off.'e London, pro- store was locked up for the.prCe for entering Into nego-j was a spy. clali Two Ottawa district vided that: night at six p.m. nations on German uniflca- Truman, who has said no men suffered serious head in juries early Sunday when their 1953 model automobile went off Highway. 17 one and a half Tnamrvw "i-TV. 1 No ""'X or entrv n" ver L Mla nls J w" P"' tlon and Austrian indepedence such thing happened, reports LONDON, Nov. 18. (UP) 1Dt ievied 0y either party on,tially covered by Insurance. ..tou,ly unacceptable" Ho the country at 11 p m. EST Prune Minister Churchill said in.1 tries hroueht bv land or Besides the 200 w a tc h e s .V ' J:,.. 7L i. . I k h. ita E2?.JZL !lnl,rdJ nrlat"n ,lnto ld ilf" 'n"n.U,.rj', Su2d"y British. American and Trench has said, will "tell all the ' miles east of Cumberland. On muda Big Three Conference, territories respectively. showed there were a few Ron- Wlll ennli4e hn n . rr. n . . . r-1. ' mnn 1 1 n K t ar . mrrr m ..n.nj. laias wun me Russians. ' ana a tew rings also missing. ' '" , " Churchill told the House of Commons he will study with President Elsenhower and French Premier Lanlel how Eisenhower The foUpwlnff stories and re- i Say Robinette such talks might be arranged, ports on the visit to Ottawa of In fpflKP 'We will study the best President and Mrs. Eisenhower 1 u IwlUje methods and actions for mak- will be found Inside this edition rt '1' D L ing easy and practical talks of The Journal. . rDSlllOll Oil DBflCll wivn uwm unc nussiansr even- l. un fage j james mrv.iwi en- oys In Moscow to the Soviet fscts". He said in Independ- still was unconscious today. ience, mo., last nigni inai in-1 Dalton Martin, 29. of Cum- Thev r prilled tn Russian rle. rector J. Edgar Hoover of the.berland, and Douglas Taylor mands put forward In a note!rBI sttended conference at of RR No. 1. Ottawa, were of November J. i which White's fate was dls- found lying beside their wreck- In their reply, the Western CUMed ',d "tomoblle at 7.1S am. by Powers said the Russian de- wn,,e " named to tne jean Vlnette. of Rockland, i mands In effect placed non-.Monetary rund position early who was driving by. jEuropean problems ahead of ln 1949 He rrvrd for more Th' ""tomoblle went Into even a study of urgent Euro. than a year and then, by Tru-,the ditch, snapped off a teie-Ipean Issues and made "a de- mn'''1 ccount' WM ,lrpri by 'phone pole and turned over. ifenrelevi Western Fnrnn." n.rt "'"K "" io resign, wmie inerr were no witnesses to me yon. inn igmu uuHit hum- avenues. Bar. ocmi m.u. . .... .. . : ... wo.t.m point to drive to a beach near! He added thet demand for:" 7 .J"iVI .:V! . Vi" r J..u TORONTO, Nov. 16 pi- nf the nrir. fr,r n.i.t d"d ln 194B- "w flays after accident reported V. . B..h.dlh.l.b:.u. ... him. icuutt wunu uoiwa owl" ririm.cnv .ivii . ..... , . ,. ' r f ltifvln he was neither Mr Vinotl. fonorf M.rfl- ConsUnceBay where they took the remaining loU was brisk, r, .,..' rnllhm ... . vi --a him i kiM.. .ir..rfu wnsion , wnurcnui 9lv ironi Iltut . ".;UI1C vrvvw u"u. stranded. The trio Was arrested Fri- ui. . , . . n . . - uhbc suiry ujubv ui Juuu 4. Th. U'.tl.m t...v. .u (" - requesting SO of them. opposing a UborlU move In the son write of the stirring fare-! Rob'net. fof "the Soviet Government musti City Councu nas aireaoy oe- House mike BrlUln s two well scene at Union Station as wl" "?l cpi "ppoinv-lbe well aware" that such de- day and Saturday by Hul police who recognized them from La-douceur'i description. Magistrate O'Connor congratulated police "for their ' prompt action In arresting this trio of young would-be despera dos". . pinned beneath one of the Several newspapers have open doors while Taylor was puDiisnea stories irom sources 1 inrown over a fence into a - 7- " nvuac w ui. r ririvajn s ivd wen scene at -union ovaiion as . ....... B w(c viivi. Butn ur- ,h.0 AiA ,,,. , . , , : j feated a motion to have Board lyMr, Mlectlve ,erYle, Uw cotn, prl0,t ,nd Mr, ment e of Ih Su-.mand. un,ccepUb,e. "'ta"" keo "oh under an I The .wo , ot Control furmer study the (o e, left OtUwa. jpr!me clourt of 1iarl0 1 Officials said that the Ameri- ?' IMT', '.' J! ".lerrln. to the Bermuda, S,On Pag. 6 INS take, h.. '- purchase McKellar for a ' l'conference .Churchill said: readers Inside the Commons and housing purposes, but is j Th), inference Is not In Chamber for his iriew of the ? .ij '-" ."""'"".order to weaken our forces or President's address. by Alderman Boyce for recon Islderatlon. 15-Year-0ld South Hull Boy In Jail After Driving Spree A 15-yeslr-old 8outh Hull boy Is ln custody -In the Quebec nrovlncial tall at Hull to day following a Saturday night planned and the third boy returned to the hidden car alone. He removed Soth plates from driving spree in ; what police the vehicle and fastened a say was a stolen car. bearing stolen licence plate. Police say charges would be laid tomorrow. - Investigation Is continuing stolen plate to the rear of the ir. Then he drove to Ottawa an1 headed for Montreal. Just outside the city, he picked up our resolve, but to discuss ways, 4. On Page 7 A. R. Sykes of strengthening them, both describes the visit tf an Amer-morally and materially and. at Iran President to Parliament the aame time, where that Is Hill, hot Inconsistent, to sturlv wan . tL"!?-" h".Lf i'iRush Orders no harm and to repudiate all Cfir 5fW Thrillpr Intention of aggressive action." i ' He then explained the Intention of the conference to consider how talks with Russia might be arranged. "That", he said. "Is the sort of thing I hope may develop from our talks." DIAMOND WEDDING, REGEN8B17RG, Germany! CALGARY. Alta- Nov. 16. ( BUP Booksellers today put In rush orders for "The Man Who Wouldn't Talk", the Quentln Reynolds story based on the fictitious wartime adventures of Oeorge Dupre of Calgary. Store owners said they but police say this 1 what n 'n wh0 told him he'Nor u.,Reutersi Archduke' would advertise the hk as i Z iwas- going to- Montreal. - He jM.f or Austria and his wife ! "the greatest hoax l.t llter- The youngster with another dr0Te nlm 10 lchm nd then prmce August, celebrated! ery history", and expected to I5-yea-old and' a third boy,!hpdM, b,ek- ' their, diamond wedding ahnl-j do a booming business. aged 14. took car owned by Har Picked . up second ersary yesterday. (See Alae Page I). Richard T. Seed, of the Ayl-l?Kcn-ner on me way oaca mer road, between 830 and 9, to Ottawa and the two decided O'clock Friday evening. mey wenua anve ws Vancouver. T... .n.f.1 anme time "lov- On Ho, i Highway at Belle- rldlng". then hid the car lnj the car-wtthout a front bush at Wychwood. near cnce piaie was noucea oy INSIDE THE JOURNAL Aylmer. jOPP Constables U J. Tellfsero Tne trio went back for the ni3. W"A"- ...H?''! ear Saturday night, drove ""w ."7 . , " I about for short time, hid the 'orabout 10 mUea. ear again and planned to meet When they learned the boy s later that night. i Identity they notified QPP In The parents of two of the Hull and Sgt. Gaston Oarceau bor, wouid not allow them to drove to Belleville for the boy leave their homes as they on Sunday. Sclf-Styled "Spy" Hoax Page PltcWnR Horeshr)!i by Billy Rose Page RCMP ReporU Jurtip in Crime Page Canada-U.S. United in Defence Page Judith Robinson .d.. Page Journal"! Serial Story ...- 1 Page Dorothy Kileallen , Page 10 Whv Orofw;OIl. '...... Page 12 Theatres (2b); Radio and TV (24): Comic (25) Markets (31) ere taken to Ot- Hospltal ette Is expected to announce J,,.k?.Vl.u lv"i' communists from lesrn n that he has changed his" " ' - ' " V' " 1 ! that he - nd" ""- CDV k A 1 1 nt . ... tance. v 1 rx I IVIlr I J "ir" . . I The FBI has declined com- V U,N ' ,V,,r-1 The Western nations have mtnt but authoritative sources ; M ,. been neentlat ne with Mm-nw i ...j .j ' MONTREAL. Nov. W.KF- since last July for a conference' vnce agreement by the TO to;S,.,on PUb"C W"th" 0"tee on uennany ana Ausvia. allow White to Slav In eovern. They consider that the note) ment service so that he. could mind and will stay with his law business. It adds: "Involved ln the decision Is Mr. Roblnette's family. He has three daughters, alf of school or university, age, and It Is believed the Toronto lawyer felt the financial sacrifice for his family. If he accepted the appointment, was too great." (Mr. Robinette was not available for comment on the story.) they delivered today probably be watched. closes the exchange. DICTIONARY. Cynic: A man who, will faugh at anything so long as It Isn't funny. Prize Crossword I Correction Find Licence Lpw Offenders 'Undercharged' by $90 in Hull A lot of drivers have been when he admitted 'saved a substantial amount of without a permit yesterday. money since December of last ofl iuph arg Across In the Prlw Crossword pua-xle Saturday there was a minor error In some of the early editions. No. 30 Down should have read "Fasten with r '-not" Instead of "Faster with a knot" The word was not a key one, driving however, since the fairly ol.- Yiuun answer woui e nueci In by completing No. 27 year as the result of a allp-up naye flne 10 in reading correctly the amoum weelt the December, of the minimum fine for driv- mJ Bmtnoment was spotted Ing In Quebec province with- n,. u went Into effect ! ou' havlnt purchased a drivers Crown Attorney La belle told permit. Copies of The Saturday Journal are still available at the business oITlces for competitors who wish to Increase their chances of win- The Journal such a ch,r(t, "Ing the 250 prise. STAGGERED HOI RS. VIENNA. Nov. 16iReuters report: Ottawa region: Mainly cloudy but with some sunny intervals today and Tuesday: continuing ,vey mild: light wind today, southwest 1J Tuesday. Low tonight and high Tuesday at Ot-jtawa 37 and 55 8ummary for j Tuesday: Sunny Intervals, very mild. 8ynopsls: There has been little change In Quebec weather for the last few days. Skies are mainly cloudy and temperatures unseasonably mild. Little change Is forecast for Tuesday. Warm air to the west, which gave record breaking high temperatures over the ""ralrtes yesterday, promises at least another day of very mild weather for eastern Canada. Temperatures. Vancouver 42, S3; Jasper , 43: Calgary 27. 49; Saskatoon 31. 59, Reglna 34. 63: Winnipeg 44, S8; London 31, 61;, Toronto 40. 63: Ottawa 14. 52; Montreal 36, Al: Quebec 35, 44; Halifax . 44 The Quebec Motor vehicles would not be laid against a Act provides for a 1100 mini- rjerson who, having left his mum line lor a person anving permit at home or at his office, .-Working hours ln Prague, without a permit. 'was found driving without It. capital of Communist Czeoho- Today In Hull Court Crown The law, Mr. Labelle added, Slovakia, are being staggered! Th Journal ihermnmeier t noon Attorney Avlla Labelle. QC. so will be applied against only because of a serious shorugel"r;j;" V?.7rlt t os an advised the court and Gerald those persons found driving of electric power. Czech press m iii m ii ta in , Courchesne. of Blue Sea Lakewithout having purchased a report reaching here said to wmt7nVM! sV" i?v. ' is Que., was fined that amount permit. day. Iin. hi. i ' ! ' a At a Jsta4laWiWBB4saaJaVj l' l s"f '"' - " -' - it si f' I

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