The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 10, 1950 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 10, 1950
Page 2
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>-AOE TWO BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COUIUER NEWS FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 1950 Politics Stalls Plans for Jobs West German Socialists Outsit Adenauer Forces On 'Unemployed' Bill BONN, Germany. Feb. 10. My- Political bickering stalled the West German government plan toriny to .spend 3,400.000,000 marks <SS50,- 000.000) to provide jobs for 1,000,000 unemployed. Leftist Socialists won parliamentary adoption of their previous resolution calling on Chiuiceilor Kan- rad Adenauer's government for n program to deal with the 1,900.000 jobless In West Germany, wlmse cs- linmted population is 95.000.000. Adenauer submitted ins plan to Parliament yesterday. He sought to have it approved before the Socialist demand was voted on to keep the Socialists from sharing In the credit for the program. A number of government supporters, however, left the parliamentary chamber during the 10 hours of debate that followed. Socialists \vlio outsat (lie government forces then secured a favorable vote on their original motion, instead of on Adenauer's plan. The government no*v must rcsub- init its progrnrn or oiler another. Adenauer's plan called for Internal loans, chiefly for construction to relieve West Germany's acute housing shortage. Government financing also would aid long-term export contracts, railway projects, small business, communications and jobless refugees. Bergman Obtains Mexican Divorce ROME. Feb. 10 —t>T>— Jubilant Roberto Rossellinl salt! today he and film actress ingrirt Bcruman would marry "just as quickly as her divorce papers arrive from Mexico." The Swedish scf.-Ms. who bore a son "Roberto" here eight days ago. was granted a divorce in Juarez, Mexico, late yesterday from Dr. peter Lindstrom of Hollywood. Rossellinl said Miss Bergman wa-s "overjoyed" at the news of the granting of her divorce In Juarez. "Oh." he added, smiling wryly, "if only tins had happened ten months ago." Lindstrom ignored the Mexican court proceedings and remained In Hollywood. Two Youths Foil In Kidnaping Try DEDHOM. Mass., Feb. 10 (/!>)— Two baby-faced juveniles were held today In the kidnaping of the daughter of a police sergeant who gave the first tangible clue in (ho milUori-'dollnr Brink's robbery. Boston Police Lt. Benjumln Bccrsc said the kidnaping of Ann Mccarty. 22, a college graduate, evidently had no connection with the robbery. The young- woman was released unharmed last night after a high- speed, four mile police chase which ended in, .capture of the Juveniles. Police reported a third youth, and possibly a fourth who might have been in a second car, are bcintt sought. ._J M:W IIUUKON ON DISPLAY—The 1050 Hudson Custom Commodore ami Super series went on display in Blythcville today in the slum-room of Burnett Hudson Sale.?, 114 South Lilly. Shown above is the new Custom Commodore sedan. Both lines have H wheel base of 124 inches and are available with either the 123-horscnou-er Super-Six or the n»8-horsepowcr Super-Eight engines. Portageville News By Mrs. Raymond Toornbs Phone 220 Soriul Notes The WSCS of the Methodist Church met Monday for n potluck supper. Thirty members were present to hear Miss Hunter Miller give a book review. Mrs. O. A. Cook let! the worship service. Mrs. Dick Wilson's Den of' Cub Scouts met Saturday morning for a Lour of (he town in order to puss n "Know Your Town" test. Mrs. Emma Christian entertained Sunday with a dinner honoring Mrs. Alma.Kmicven on her 80th birthday. Mr. and Mrs. J. R. McAnally entertained with a dinner in their home Monday night. Guests included Mr. McAunlly's sister of Gideon and Mrs. Bill Wren Mrs. A. O. Carter eulrvtafalcd Wednesday with a dinner in honor of her husband's birthday. Among guests were Mr. and Mrs. Andy Carter. Joe Carter, Mrs. Loulla Hooper and sou, Danny Joe. Jess Mnrr and children, Mary Lynn and Richard, were guests of honor at a birthday dinner Friday. The Baptist Missionary Society will meet in the chm-ch Monday with Mrs. Evans Baker as program leader. Mrs. Diwc Downnifi, Mrs, Elmer Foster and Mrs. Hnrry Downing will be hostesses. The Sunbeam Band will mec( at the Baptist Church Thursday afternoon. The Cape district mid-winter MYP institute will be held Friday and Saturday In Jackson. The New Madrid sllbdistrlct MYP sweetheart banquet will be held in Hayward on Feb. 13. The Green Cauldron, n magazine published by the University of Illinois. Champaign, contains a book review by Mary Shannon. The periodical publishes the most outstanding work of english students. Tom. son of Mrs. Mnry Shannon, was selected as one of four art students of Champaign, III,, junior high schools to design and paint scenery for the annual spring revue. It marked the second time he has been so honored. The Sunbeam Band met Thursday wilh 20 members and five visitors present. Hostesses to the group were Mrs. Narlin Inman and Mrs Marvin Poc. Mrs. Ralph Howard was in charge of the program. "~ The Olrls Auxiliary met Thursday nlRlit for a stewardship proRtarn In the home of Miss Nancy Foster. Thirteen members, were present. Mrs. Hubert Mllcm entertained svilh a dinner Monday for Miss Virginia Cronan. Mrs. Lena Kiley and Sheila Kilcy. Mrs. Sam Avevy of Marston was a dinner guest Wednesday of Mrs. Clund Foster. There will be a display of Cub Scout handicraft by the three dens of Cubs In the window of the Arkansas-Missouri Power Company office tins week. Mrs. Joe McCrale. Mrs. Bailey HiilJcdBC and Mi.'r, Lll Marr were Biicsts Thursday when Mrs. Faher- I ty Pinkley entertained her bridfre Prizes went to Mrs. Calvin Floods Menace Mid-South Area Acheson's Tailor Is Troubled Man Over 'Ike's' Title of Best-Dressed Scales. Miss Marr and Mrs. Tommy Members of the Hayward School faculty and their families were guests at a pot-luck supper and Valentine, party Tuesday in the lunch room of the school. Mrs. \V. w. Howard entertained her Tuesday bridge club this week. Mrs. W. R. Stout was guest. Prices for the evening went to Mrs. Jack Warren, Mrs. Stout and Mrs. Sam Avcry. Mrs. Mar-caret DeLlsle entertained the Tuesday aft this week wtih t H. Workman and Mrs. Ben Prints went to Mrs. Bernard DeLtste and Mrs. T. A. Lee. Mrs. Hal O'Kelly was hostess at a luncheon arid bridge for her Victory club Tuesday evening. Prizes went to Mrs. Margaret Casey and Mrs. John Ellington with guest prize going to Mrs. DcListc. By Hie Associalrcl Press Floodwaters menaced areas In middle. Tennessee and Louisiana totlsiy. Most of Ihc country had fair vveather and temperatures generally continued above normal. Some 500 persons in the Nashville area were made homeless by floodwaters of the Cumberland River The river was near 48 feet, eight feet above flood stage, at Nashville and slowly rising. The Rod Cross prepared to cvaruMe additional families from their lowland homes, light rain fell In the Nashville area today. Brig. Gen, Peter A. Ferinsa. president of the Mississippi River Commission, ordered opening of the Bonnet Carre spillwav above New Orleans to protect the city from the surging Mississippi River. His action followed forecasts that the big river would rise above the 20-foot danper level. Onening ol the spillway will cause the water to by pass New Orleans. It previously was opened in 1931 anrt 1B45. By John Scjll WASHINGTON, Feb. 10— W)— Secretary of State Acheson's tailor a deeply troubled man. He. want.? It understood that he had nothing to do will) Die cabinet officer's sudden tumble from tne sartorial hlghts. What's inore. he thinks It's all a horrible mistake. Acheson, he said firmly, Is obviously the best dressed man In public life and anyone who says he Isn't just doesn't know a Shetland tweed from a herringbone worsted. The secretary's tailor, a mild man named Albert Herman, is manager of Parnsworlh Reed Ltd. A firm which has been tailoring the Acheson v.ardrobc for year.s. Insult In Injury German's professional pride has been wounded deeply. The Custom Tailors Guild Inc. not only chose Oen. Dwlght. D. Eisenhower over Acheson (last year's winner) ax the "best dressed man in public life, but it went further—It rapped the secretary for "overdressing." "My gosli-" sputtered Herman, "the secretary has never selected a suit louder than a mild-tone plaid. Why. why—lie's very discriminating and such a gentleman, perfect, size 42." Derman paused and added: . "Of course, it may have been due i a suit he had made previously jy another tailor ..." Stanley Woodward, the State Department's protocol chief—a very natty dre.sser himself •— vaguely remembers n green, while and orange lie that may be to blame. But that certainly wasn't nearly as bad as a tie that former undersecretary of state Robert Ixivett wore. That had scantily-clad hula girls painted on It. 'Perfection in Dress* "In all my association with him," siitti Woodward, "the .secretary has been perfection Itself In the clothing riepai tinent." Another stout defense of Acheson's wardrobe came from Mrs. Mary Butler, the pretty receptionist who greets his daily visitors from her in the secretary's outer office. There's only one diplomat in t<r.ul who ^ives him any competition at all in sartorial elegance. she .said, ami she's not naming him for fear it may cause international repercussions, Mrs. Butler said the secretary dressed so conservatively yesterday that she can't remember what he wore. "That ought to take care of thai 'DVcrdressiiiK' 'crack," she said triumphantly. Acheson's chief aide, Lucius Battle, told u reporter he's sure the secretary doesn't know yet ahout being dethroned by General Elsen- hower. Acheson Is wading through his daily crises on the cold war front Just as If nothing has happened, Battle said, adding: "Maybe 1 should 'tell him, He didn't know he had been selected as the bcst-drcs.sed last year until six months after It happened." Marriage Licenses The following couples obtained marriage licenses at the office ol Miss Elizabeth Blythe, county clerk, yesterday: Koy L. Ashabranncr of Manila and Miss Nonna Jean While ol Dexter. Mo. K. A. Reagan and Mrs, Ethel Mllllgan, both of Kennelt, Mo. Sorghum can be popped like popcorn How to Lose at Poker SANTA ANA, Calif. >-_ Vciic . E. Wiilmerth told sheriff's deputies he played poker all night with two , strangers and a man he had known ernoon bridge club! two years ago In another city. Came two^ guests, Mrs. .1. | morning and he asked permission to leave the panic for a moment to cal his wife. Hc left S3000 on the table When he returned. Wilirnerth told officers, the table and Ihc roon where the game was played wen empty. Guam has been a U.S. possejKioi for the last half century. Expert PLUMBING Service • AUL WORK GUARANTEED • Blan Heath Co. PHONE 828 HARRY MYKRS in chnr K e of I'l.UMIilNG DEPARTMENT WITH A SMALL DOWN PAYMENT YOU CAN BUY A USED CAR OR TRUCK rices! 3—1939 Buicks . . 7 — 1938 Chevrolet 1 — 7937 Chevrolet 1 — 7940 Plymouth with new motor . 7—7947 Oldsmohiie 7 — 7947 Plymouth with rebuilt motor 195 i / j 165 145 S 325 •JLJ S 395 • • • • >j / j '425 7 — 7947 Chevrolet 1-Ton Pickup 7—7947 Studcbakcr 1 J94fi /r>Pn 7 — ?937 Chevrolet, an 7 — 7948 ("nternationu/ 5/2-Ton Pickup ? S7*; ji j 5 250 ' ' lmj\l 5 350 *«n UJu 195 1 7J $ 750 • - • • i j\t 25 Other Cars To Choose From BURNETT HUDSON SALES Used Car Lot-503 East Main Bake Sale CAKES-CANDIES-PIES—All Home-Made SAT. FEB. 11—STARTING AT 10 A.M. NEXT DOOR TO RITZ THEATRE Sponsored by LADIES OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH Week-End Specials NOTlillOOK PAIMCU 24 5c pkgs. \Viiile Siviin .Maraschino CHBRRIKS Inc, 2 for All rnlors, known brands Shoe Polish, bo I. or can OUTING Yd. Pride of Illinois 1'KAS, No. 303 can Inc, . . 2 for Hiid,12oz. liollle WAFFLE SYRUP .. 15c, 2 for Swcclosc, pint, CRYSTAL SYHUP ISc; .. 2 for Topps Uraml, S or., jar SWKET RELISH lOc; 3 for Donald Duck, No. 2 can Grapefruit & ORANGK JUICE 1 5 c, . . 2 for Cclilo. 7 3/-1 on. can CHINOOK SALMON Sanisol HOWL CLEANIOR pt. No. 2 soft lead PENCILS DOT;. EAST END SALES CO. JOB LOT BUYERS & SELLERS. Railroad Salvage — Close Out Merchandise 117 East Main 75c 25c 5c 21c 25c 25c 25c 25c 25c 25c lOc 2()c TODAY WE UNVEIL THE NEW 1950 HUDSONS AT SENSATIONAL LOWfff Pff/CfS ON EVERY SUPER AND CUSTOM COMMODORE MODEL With "The New Step-Down Ride Her. ore I950'» w«t kwutiful nirlomobiles . Hie only tors with "itejMjown" desi 8 n, wM<h provides's l«w«st center .f «r«»itTf aid (tie steadiest rooJ-kuojiiis ,ii, .v.r known • Along with more room than In any ' other tar . Here's the added sotety of Hudson's exclusive Mowbilt body-and-frame" . The high-compression perfoMTKrnce o) America's most powerful Si» . Or on even Mre powerful Eight • And all-rouge, Super-malic Driucf . Here, ii short, ar< unique features Ihol enable Hudson alone lo bring you "The Ntw Step-Down Ride"! II TODAY'S TIIK n.\v! The day to sec tlio gorgeous Hudson* for 1950 that bring you a fresh motoring experience —"The New Step-Down Ride"—at sensational lower prices on every Super ami Custom Commodore model. This ia the. ride that cradles you in the lowest-built car of them all! You inslnntly see that these New lludsons have the lowest center of gravity ih'nny American automobile — and as a result, yon know instinctively, as you view them, thai they hug the road more lenaciously and are therefore America's best-riding, safest cars! You quickly see, too, that these low-built lludsons for 1950 have full road clearance and more head room than in any mass-produced car built today—thanks to "step-down" design with ils recessed floor! And amazing head room is only one kind of spaciousness you'll find in these great cars! Through "step- Hudson 1 ! exclusive SUPER-MATK DRIVE t Hudson brings yon no-shift driving wtthSnpnr-rnatic Drive, which inclucles (be fuel economy of overdrive — the only Irn remission that shifts gears for you just ns you want, dorsn't creep on starts or aflcr stops, doesn't slip ns you roll alf>n£ — and that can hc converted to conventional drive at the touch of n button. down" design and-ingenious use of space that is wasted in other makes, these new, streamlined Hudsons of normal exterior width bring you scat cushions that are up to 12 inches witter than those in cars of greater ouLsiae dimensions. In fact, when you try "The New Step-Down Ride", you 11 find the New Hudson has more inside room than any other car, at any price! You'll thrill to the get-up-ami-go performance of your choice of two of the greatest engines in n long line of great Hudson engines- the high-compression Super- bix, Americas most powerful Six, or the even more powerful high-compression Super-Eight! But these are only a few of the great features of "The New Step-Down Ride" that mean more value at less cost. There are more, so many more that the only way to really appreciate all that the New Hudsons for 1950 have for you is to come in, try them yourself. May we expect you soon? HOW... 3 GREAT HUDSON SERIES Lower-Pi feed Famous Super Cuiiom ONIY CARS WITfo "STEP-DOWN" DESIGN NOW ON DISPLAY BURNETT HUDSON SALES 114 South Lilly Phone 6991

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