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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada • Page 19
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada • Page 19

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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DNESDAy. APRIL loflOSTrx xv JOURNAL jV 18 HOLLYWOOD BEAUTY rIMinto Skaters OVERCOAT COMESBACK. wiees's musing overcoat "walk-1 wtetaBotted tho overcoat GRAND RAPIDS MlcliNr-xUP Dr. Jerome Mance ed" bek to him at 8V Mary' draped over, trie' houkier of a LHospital wtoere It had "been police prisoner brought to thts cf Stage Folli iesi ston 1( day. earlier.

Mance-l hospital for treatment. AMlthaca-NY Tne Minio csaung viuevj ended the" season last; week-. end when it presented the Follies to a J.J00 crowd at Cornell University at Ithaca, NY. It was the first official show "Klin the newly-opened (300.000 thr rifntrf hv fnr. mer unlverstly faculty mem-' MiiandpJi -1-- -V, oer.

ruuing on we zs numoers of the show were Oilles Va-nasse, Judy Rudd, Alastalr Munro, Qlenda Perrle, Marilyn Atchison, Adelynn Griffith, EASTER BASKETS GREETING CARDS This Easter' send WW i i Li Don Cribar, Heather West, Dick Nutter. B1U Rlddell, Jill and BUI Frodsham, Eddie Col Win Gayly trimmed Easier Baskets filled OQC i. 'A. i .1 M. lins, Elaine Richards, Frances: with bright toys ond candy.

"98 greetings to all your 1,1 friends and family with CANDY Panned' Marshmallow Eggs 45 Jb. Hollow Chocolate ert Bunnies and Chicks te 59 o. 5 a suitable card for each Religious Themes-Relative Greetings Humerous Cards-Remembrance, and -'Special Message' Cards- Chootje your cards early. Gaily Wrapped Chocolate Eggs 5 andl0ea. -TV 5 or Fruit and Nut ft Chocolate Eggs jjyVeo.

old and Don Jackson. Angered Xanadian Returns. Parchment To Eisenhower WINNIPEO, April lb. CP A former Canadian Army captain who served on President Elsenhower's staff during World War II has returned to the President a. parchment awarded him for his services as a personal protest against what he called the American "witch hunt" responsible for the death of Canadian Ambassador E.

Herbert Norman. Malcolm Alvln Mc'Nlsh, now an engineer with a large construction company In Winnipeg, said he served on Oen. Eisenhower's staff for more than a year and, at the con CHILDREN'S 4- -v. it ir ft i ii "I -irr fjfrnr-inV-r1 "Vi iT JTT -HfcaiiH i' fy 1ITTIE HATS Charming Swiss mm -1 1 4 I miliv 1 1 MISSES' MISS UNIVERSE. Hlllevln Rombln is considered the 'most outstanding of all the glrU who have-reigned as Miss Universe.

This blonde beauty from Sweden places exercises as a must. She is een on NBC-TV in "The Adventures of Hiram Swedish Star Finds U.S. Exercises Dull HANDBAGS Braid, Alpac Cloth, Embroidered Lace hats in a selection of Bonnets, Rollers and Half Hat styles. 69U A Spring bag for the little Miss, in White Pastel clusion of his service on the staff as an Intelligence officer (Engineers), he was presented with a parchment as a token of 89( Shades. Top handles, and Shoulder Straps.

-LADIES' WALLETS Smart Plastic wallets in new feature aot designs. Pastel Colors. 98 eo. appreciation. I am so disgusted about this Age Groups 4 to 8 and 8 to teens.

n.98 whole matter that I am send ing the parchment back with a personal letter to Mr. Elsen LINGERIE TOUCH. Dainty and feminine as the lingerie a woman hates to hide, this black atik organza dance dress by Motile Parnis has the delicate beauty that only simplicity can bring. The bodice, deftly fitted, Is held by the narrowest of shoulder straps. The skirt Is full and flowing to show olf the elegant pattern of imaginative blooms.

(UP Photo Mr. McNlsh said. "I have sent the letter addressed LADIES' LINGERIE personally to the President by airmail, special delivery and WHITE COTTON SLIPS -Sanforized slips with shadow panel front. Em By LYDIA LANE. HOLLYWOOD.

Hlllevl Rombln, Mis Universe of '58, It so popular in Hollywood the, was not allowed to go back to Sweden after her reign was over. At NBC the other day I visited her on "The Adventures of Hiram Holllday' set. As we chatted about her stay in the United States I asked her what she missed the most in being away from home. Fond of Sports. she answered quickly.

"I am very fond of sports and in school we have compulsory gym classes three times a week. They make registered." LIMITED THEFT. UDIES' SEAMLESS NYLONS broidered eyelet strops, front and hem. Sizes, 32-40. MILFORD.

Conn. (UP) A 'Sweet Little One' Plays Meanest of TV Characters exercising so very She explained. I asked for further details. "For example we have classes with a bail. We use a light one about the size of a melon.

We start by tossing it up in the air from one hand to the other, at arm's length. We do this to music while sitting in a circle with our movements co-ordinated like a chorus. We vary by tossing it over our heads and catching it with a hand behind. We hold our hands high over our heads and toss the ball with rhythm. Another time we will run with it and toss and catch it while we are moving.

You- can develop your arms, bust, slim down your waist, improve your posture and become, more- graceful -all the time you seem to be playing a game. In this HUlevl said, "you have many BRASSIERES Perforated foam rub? thief ripped out several pages from a library book on atomic energy and toft this note: "I could have stolen the whole ber bras in White only. HOLLYWOOD. (UP) Actor know. if.

they got away with It. FIRST QUALITY. OQ book." The pencils bombs which could wreck aircraft. Spring Shades. pr.

Doucette, whose name means "the little sweet one' In French, Is one of the meanest. particularly in flight home because of his roles Doucette came here from NYLON STRETCHY GLOVES which an, seen by many chll dren on TV. He has five chll nastiest "bad guys" In motion Brockton, and studied at 30-36 Qfl 30-38 RAYON BRIEFS Embroid.r.d Nylon Irim. White 'end Paie'lt7r39 S-M-L the Pasadena Playhouse after dren the oldest is seven and Is married to Katherlne pictures and television today. He's, been a villain In nearly all 300 roles he has had in the last nine years.

One size to fit all hands. Comes In White and bright Spring Knit pattern style. 79 pr. high school graduation During World War II he was an In Sambles, a former opera singer. "My kids are proud of me" fantry rifleman In the fifth division of Oen.

Oeorge S. Pat- "I've had some real nasty roles, I he said. "One ton's Third Army. he said. "My eldest- daughter is happy, to have me pick her up at school.

All her friends know me and aren't scared. Of gyms but the exercises are i' tint mbslji lntavstnff "I'm not bitter any more a Gladsome of the nastiest was' 4n a. TV. play, 'Prairie Dog Court'. Sometimes I do get a slightly dif Weslgali Shopping Ctntr (Carllnf AviauO 89 RIDEAU STREET about lieutenants who used to count prisoners we brought In Instead of going out where it was he said.

"They didn't have enough training or ferent one-sympathetic, or perhaps even comedy relief like in Easter course, I love children, and I guess they know It. Also once I was In a cowboy TV play in which I got mumps. They ail say. There's the man with the 'People's experience. Tnenusky neavy nas been appearing on NBC-TV as a Doucette has no trouble at mumps marine sergeant In "The People's Choice''.

Instead of being completely oppressive, the role has had a comedy. However, this Is rare RECEIVE SHPEEffEsT AWARDS Hair Darker. Hlllevl told me that since living in California her hair has become so much darker. "I went to specialist to find out what, was causing this. I thought perhaps it was my diet but he explained that it was the Iron and chemicals in the water which was causing this.

So I began washing my hair In distilled water and using a camomile rinse. You brew it like tea and pour it over your hair Just before you set he explained." "Dld you always' want to. be an actress?" i wanted, to know. i "Nov Hlllevl replied. was-a language major but a relatlyr of Mine entered my for J.

No Head Bashing. -His latest film role was In Warners' "Bombers This part wasn't heroic, but neither LToa wW want to clebrateJ ft i I a 1L rt linn tu tha Easter Mason with btaqttfut In your home and your church. We als. hara aorgewii -potted plants mot resnb1' prkes, Coma and them. did It call for the usual head bashing associated with a Doucette part.

He was agent" whose duty was to check on Air Force security by disguising himself In various ways: and slipping, into bases throughout the -country. The agents tried to "plant" pencils aboard aircraft and then let unsuspecting base commanders photograph in the Miss 5vl Phone SPrCE5-720r Sweden -contest and I won. Being Miss Universe offered a wonderful opportunity- to study In the talent school at Universal International and to travel all over the United States and South Meeting so many people is Interesting and broadening and gives one poise but my mother writes me all the time to take what comes as an ilSf education and experience. She warns me frequently about having my heacj turned." "WeH, It hasn't I said In parting, "and don't eve'r let it be." 1 Member ALLEN'S CANNEL CHIPS: For" Your Fireplace Cannel chips are the breakage olf large lumps of cannel bagged perfectly make an ideal fir. Here is a real bargain as wrular cannel sells i S330 per 100 lb.

bag. 4 TC 100 lb. bag. 9 FLORIST 312 BANK STREET- Order Now! LimiUd Supply i i I F. W.

AEGUE i FUEL MERCHANTS Z34 Bank St. (eor. LUtar) Dial CE2-5717 Tiler II I nVeil At 3r' The ti.R. tetel Consult our experts In our 3rd Floor BRIDAL SALON for all your wedding needs. Dealers of Ottawa Division, Supertest Petroleum Corporation, Limited who qualified for Long Association Awards In 1S5 were entertained by the Company at a dinner held at the Chateau Laurler on Tuesday evening.

Oreetings from the Company's Head Office In London, Ontario brought by Mr. A. T. Howell, General Manager Marketing, and Oeneral rv-j'-- Mr. L.

L. Hicks, Manager of Ottawa Division, wa's-'chalrman of the I evening and presented the. following Long Association. Awardsrj '0- V1 guarantee. 200 SPARKS- STREET H.R.'s enviable 'reputation, D.

A. Rombough, Oananoque; Alfred Belanger, St. Andre Avellin, Quebec; W. J. Guild, Mallorytown; C.

D. Hartley, Battersea; George McCauley, Pembroke; W. A. McDonald, Greenfield; Evln McKay, Almtfnte; E. T.

Morris, Kingston; W. J. Robertson, Kingston and i W. X. Rombough, TamwOrth.

5-year certificate and silver, button to L. R. Day, Ottawa; Mrs. Mlna Dickinson, Ferguson's rails John Eldrldge, Williamsburg; Mrs. Edith Graham, J.

W. Halpenny, Clayton: Norman Inwood, Denbigh; K. C. Jessup, QuadvUle; Mr, and Mra P. J.

7, iullenr Cornwall; -Ford Kerr, Harrowsmlth-1- trte LaBlne, Pembroke; Fred Morrell, Iroquois; Morris' Mulligan, W. C. Winchester; McConneli, Petawawa; 'Kenneth Rlsteau, Zganvllle; Oscar Rose berry James Toop, Brock- vllle; Howard Rowe, OtUwa; Mrs. 8aumue, Smiths Falls; Wendell Long Lake; Albert ThornhlU, Algonquin and B. H.

Tubman, Richmond. -I' os Cancda Leading Ferrlersv i 25-year certificate, diamond button and gold watch to D. L- Berry," South Mountain Hodglns, Bhawvllle. Quebec. 30-year cer UQcate, diamond button and silver tray to I.

H. Burley, Odessa; X. B. Downs, Haley's 8tatlon "and Perkins Motors Limited, Pertfv 15-year certificate, gold button and silver tea service to Mm. Donat BelangefT Hull, Quebec 10-year certlficaU and gold button to O.

8. Ager CLEAR Y0UR-5KIH Beftma. Tfchfftf. aeftlrSklH. PMrUtli, Acm.

AtlU't PMi, aUckbDi. bc ft BWhM mhnu rM. irr HIXODttui VmlrhL gtu VMM Tra ML CutM Itching fevmjnt. martlnc to 1 tat. a Kim mant praa fta rl ttnm mt it, iww a HMm tM mm, flat tmr mXOOVIUI tM).

Stirftetle tfnT kal. AM rB r-vr kla ftncl- ovoeun mm sxecouf immm Btmm. my I 1 1 i- 1 1 2 0 Vri 7 el ti.

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