The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 9, 1950 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 9, 1950
Page 15
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THimSDAT, FEBRUARY 9, 1950 BLITHEVILLE (ARK,)' COURIER NEWS PAGE F LFl'EEH OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Willioms Out Boording House with Moj. Hoople inter JAKe HAS AfcIO n WYlNie Off, VtXJ ARE -rue LAST D«otJe IN THE HIVE/ X WAS TIRCD Of- ABOO1O HERE OAVS YieKE SHORTeK vJeu.,-Tr*ey'Re LOW66K AND 1 CAlAT TPUXt IT— ITS YOUR STUFF SO W6U_ GO COLP HE VCHfT Sou 8V ACCEPTING fn& LOW HAS STOOPED TO/—— , MV DEAR./ MY SCIENTIFIC MWD IS UATCHlMGA SORE- F|R6 SUCCESS - BUT X CAhWOT REV6AL. IT 30ST NOTICE HE CROSSED AK6 HAS POT HIM IN THE SPOTLIGHT £nd of a Chapter B Bv Edwin Rutt cownght 1950 * ^ NEA SERVICE, INC -^Jt THK STC)HVl ry »rrrrl*r vk, «*kn wr Personal Thirty minute photostatle O'STEEN'S STUDIO na-ck-ti Electricity has . become the rival of the tractor lii lightening the task ol ttie farmer. Popped sorghum has no husk like popped corn. PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores FAkMCIK INSURANCE ••OUT M*UC*< JKUHAXCI HCHAHCC » MI. BCHAMff DISTRICT W. L. "KILL" WALKER nis(rlct Asenl 200 Isaacs Blde_ Phone 1«9« Kcs. I'honc 2113 r, CIIHM.. «** l.tmf tmlmmi l^r I* flfmmrm b«lk wllk ndlNr" mum Mr«. Hn(Mar. »W vrmmt* mfnrf !• '.18, • * • II V TURI EL H A L LECK d nimmed ' her fingers on the table. "Would It surprise you. Miss Pine, if 1 engaged you? Right now?" Alice Pine started. She hadn't expected to land the job so easily. But Muriel continued: "Why not? I think you'd be perfect. And your references are splendid. But do you have any questions of your own?" "No," Alice said. "I ought to say, though, that the salary yoi! mentioned is pretty— well, terrific. Muriel waved, a quick decisive gesture. "Not tor what I want Listen! For years I've written stuff that editors and the public pected me to write. But now I'm blowing myself, to the luxury of novel. Something I really wan to do. I need the right kind help. And I'm willing to pay lor H." • "Well," Alice said slowly, "I you're sure you really want me I'm ready to work for you." "You mean now?" , Alice smiled. "Perhaps I wa •alher overconfident. But 1 packet a bag, on the chance that I migh be staying. The other things I' need can be sent up." Muriel H a Lleck arose. Sh -dropped a friendly arm aroun Alice's shoulders. "Why, that splendid. I hadn't hoped , . . Ol my dead I'm forgetting. You'v had a long drive. What would yo lIXe? Tea? A drink?" "Tea, please," Alice said. She felt a little stunned. A plush job had fallen into her lap, with scarcely any selling effort on her part 1 \ T rJA was a pleasant interlude on •*" a flagstone terrace beneath the study window. After it Muriel conducted Alice upstairs to a large airy bedroom. "I hope you'll be comfortable here," she said. "In any case, it's private. You have^your own hath, and my room and*Brent's is miles away. : "Comfortable?" Alice looked at ^luxurious appointments and co]or- jful drapes. "I should think so. It's lovely." "Weft, make yourself >t home Dinner's at seven-thirty. We have it late because of Brent. He's an unpredictable artist. He does a lot of his work outdoors and never comes home till the last whistle." "I'm used to artists," Alice said "We had plenty of them aroxim: the advertising agency." "Then you know that they've no FOR SALE Concrete culverts, II Inch lo « Inch, plain or reenforccd- Also ('oncrcle huHdini; ftlocks cheaper Utan lumber (or bnrns. chicken Itousrs, pump houses, tenant houses, loo) sheds. We deliver Call us for free estimate. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. rimne 691. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSEB Foul Fal« "Do you mean to say you're going to give me a ticket— after all the time and trouble It took m* to back into that parking space?" •RISCILLA'S POP ' SOLD! MERE'S YXJR LUMCH.-ltX»)e> , AfJO THE UTTLE GIRL THAT 6OES WITH IT' A«* 1 <5UD VW SMOOMO \M-»ATS THE MATTER,^ Mo.I'M DEADP" WOE IS M6/, CATASTROPHf' STROPWE / WHAT HILDA'S LUNCH LOOKS I'LL BE H.V»J6- An Kye In the Future BY AL VERMEER "I>idn't sw the sign, rhT" He pointed Ui the road. "Well. It's over there, Perhaps I'd better have it blown np into a billboard— against the usual summer invasion." her with neither interest nor approval and did not speak. He looked rather surly, Alice thought. But she had no time this afternoon for surly gardeners. She felt both contented and elated. It was miraculous to have stepped ao quickly from a good-paying job conception of time. Now I'll leave you for a while. I usually have a nap before dinner. Maybe you't like one yourself?" "II you don't mind, Pd rather walk around outside. And see Ihe beach." "Do." Muriel left her. • » • ALICE changed into a gray flan ncl sports suit anil aqii.imarui pullover and went downstairs. She presently discovered * for mal garden that promised * vir tual flower show later on. A g zled individual in dirty corduroy was digging therein. He rcgardec into a better-paying one. And Grosvenor Point, Conn., would be an ideal spot in which to spend the summer. "Miss Pine," she told herself, aloud and gaily, ^ "it's your day out.** She walked toward the each, enjoying the salty tang of le Sound. Then, on the beach Itself, she lopped. A small boy of about four had ome inio view, running along the -ater 1 * edge. He had hair the olor of pulled taffy and a compact illle body. At intervals be paused o kick delightedly at curlers of vhite spume infiltrating the shore. As Alice watched, one kick was oo vigorous. He sat down nbmpt- y, to the confusion of his blue playsuit. AHce moved forward, "Hello, here!" The youngster scrambled up. His cheeks were like ripe apples; his eyes large and brown. You're not Mural," h« said, almost accusingly, "Mural?" Alice repealed. "1 Or. 1 see who—" She didn't finish. A voice from oehind said; **I imagine I sho'ulc: put up a sign here, too." Alice whipped around, upon a tall man in tweed slacks and frayed sports jacket. He hnd black hair slightly gray-flecked, and amused at the little misunderstanding. "Well, my wife's becnJ talking about getting a secretary.' But'I didn't know she'd actually • done it. My apologies, Miss Pine.' You see, Tolliver—that's the village here—is a summer resort, 1 And sometimes visitors try to use' ~, this beach. I thought you were an early visitor." tirent's jaw jutted. "It's not lhat I want to hog the country's natural playgrounds. But, after all, this is my property," dark unsmiling eyes. "Oh!" she exclaimed. K I . . ." "Didn't see the sign, eh?" Hi pointed to where the road alon] winch she had driven became i deadend at the Sound. "Well, it' over there. Perhaps I'd better hav it blown up into a billboard — against the usual summer vasion." He spoke in proprietary mannc and Alice chanced a guess. "Bu of course, you're Mr. Halleck?" Ke nodded. "Yes, Brent Hal leek." Hastily, Alice explained hcrse] "So?" Halleck did not scei small boy had been inspect- A ing Alice curiously. "She's not ural," he told Drent now. "No,* said Brent. "She's Miss Ine and she's staying «t our ouse. Say 'how - do - you-do? 1 ick." Rick did so gravely, then darted ack toward thn water, raisin? and flurries in his wake. Brent looked after him. "Hr leant my wife, of course. Bui HurieP is beyond him." "Tie's adorable," Alice snid, H Is .e your son?** Brent's thick dark brows lifted. Muriel didn't tell you?" "About Rick? No. I'm afraid we alked work, to the exclusion of : very thing else." "Oh! Well, Rick—short for Richard—is my brother's child." fie paused, .frowning. "My brother nd his wile were killed three years ago in a plane crash. So we .ook Rick, adopted him." He sounded matter-of-fact, impersonal. And Alice felt herself move, involuntarily, a little away from him. Something about this man repelled her. Well, thai was a wonderful thing lo do," she said, somewhat embarrcssedly. He shrugged and, for the first lime, she noticed a peculiarity \t\ the set of his shoulders. They seemed to sag inordinately, as if he had practiced relaxing them until they gave almost a suggestion of limpness. "You do what- you have to do," he said shortly. "Shall we go up to the house?** "Yes," said Alice. With Rick at: her side she followed him. (To Be Continued) NOW OPEN • Complcle Klorislic Service KEROSENE and FUEL OIL G.O.PoetzOilCo. Phone 2089 Wedding & Corsage Flowers Our Specially RONALD WEHI.ER M. C. STU.KS South HlKhwxy (1 Phone 6»n Chamblin Sales Co. • Sales & Service • "Your Friendly Studebofcer Dealer" | RAILROAD & ASH PHONE 888 PUT SOUR SIGHTS SOMETHING AND ON IT SCHOOL WORK WOULD BE A LOT EASIER, CARLVLE SURE! SUMMER VACAT/CW IJY MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANK WEIL, I'M SHOVING Off. SEE *>U KERfc WADISC PEAKS NEXT WEEK, SCROflt ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW 15 THAT WE'tL SPLIT THE &3OO,OOO RANSOM RIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE-PROVIDING OO YOUR JOB* ALL RIGHT, WHOS THE NEXT CONTESTANT ON OUR SIDEWALK TELEVISION GIVEAWAY SHOW? IT'S ALL IMPROMPTU. REMEMBER-* ABSOLUTELY IMPROMPTU; JUST ONE LAST QUESTION MR.WAtK3tE.AHNO TELLING ME WHY A 916 TIME BUSINESSMAN LIKE YOU SUDDENLY DECIDES TO GO IN FOR KIDNAPING BY LESLIE TURNER I SEEM LIKE A STRONGER TO VOUrdSSCUVLEE, BUT fOU'KE WOT TO ME 1 VOU SEE, I,,.rue BEEM SEEIWG YOU ' PIUTO.TEU THE MAN WHM WE'D APPRECIME WIST RIGHT WOW IS SOLITUDE! 1 DWlt SM VOU IlL TEACH ^(M TO MUlOf J COWlO OtVeMU A CUYLER I _X FEW NDMJNTEP 6W HIS TO S1RIKE UP W WITH M1KI CUYLER, EASY WAU&GES TO EMC013NTEE. HER IM THE PARK. AND- BUGS BUNNY Or Slippers, Maybe? VEY/Y HLJN&WY FWlEND/ HERE. VA AJZE-, OOC, AH- F.1I6O SIZZUN' ' LISTCN •WAODAVA BY V, T. HAMLIN Look Wht) s Here BY EDGAR MARTIN BOOTS AND IIKR IJUDIMKS

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