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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada • Page 10

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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THE OTTAWA JOURNAL SATURDAY, APBil 195 1 12 forelgrt mission, "and lenefiu eonfernct ther will be pub SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON Smaller: for ministers 1 the way of jjj. rrlc each tvenlni H4, Superannuation Without the Cross Denominations V. -ll i aomTor the conference jCholfitnusIc will under Iht their headquarters in the'dlrectlon of JBob Clifford. The -Ua, and how any proposal of guest speakers will -be Rev, Union TT6 Discuss iiVV Delegates of several of A. VTlVa49 'UI TCI 1 VI 1 ll- ill ivi ti.i i imi evanee cal denomina- couio overcome-, wie nura Jiir jru.voi jmraw, lnn in rnd will be meet- i which a.

clrcuiistanceland Rev. H. W. Hobbs, of iTherkNo Christianity Be EAV.U faUl fjlttSM. Hiimn Hie btin It luf-l Again day that ther Is fertng no doubt wtll conUnu-omethlng eagenUslly until the end of time to pnuHi the shedding of blood.

of the great factor with which-The ot" the Lord 'a every person haa to dea.1. 'Tsupptr MUfqt-th this great Sufferjng la not necessarily mystery andwhatU more Im- redenvpvive, but It often Important freat "redemptive Suffering makes some people reality. bitter, but It makes many our Will and Gotr WIU, ethers better. The cross of jliini in MrnM in nt tiw, I mleht create will rcrelvo ilnu jvllng in conference. In might create will receive close! Durham .4.1 lir.j mrn a ri fail ahiIWipkIU.

oK 'IV HIThursday of next week, to dls- Ada "bring. In the evenings during the "quiet results. IL' i i ti 1 leuaa elating to if i ll i i I. I 441 I The conference will convene the Fifth Avenue Holiness Jtius Chslst teaches many tbtit trothTbi mill ant nnl nf tha frreataatl. Lint worKea out in an over oMU lessons' Is that suffering, h.imin.

in NEW LUTHERAN CHUJRCIL rtghUyendVured, has a BRITISH BUEl WORLD FEDERATION (CANADA) INC, Sunday, April 7th 3 p.m. CHATEAU LALR1ER HOTEL, LADIES' CAFE Speaker: MR. R. K. M'EMP, Dominion Secretary, B.I.rVJ.

Subject: 'THE SIGNIFICANCE 4F IMJ" (la It a Division feint ar the Terminal?) Hava you nourM me many TJIvlnton iolnu. TrminU nar ciivt oecurrinl on Iht Sth. loth and Uth of Drember lit.rcenl vwnt ADMISSION FREE OFFERING Listen to CKOT Sundays at 10.15 a.m. This it aie.archltecU"-kech of the new Movement Church, where the delegates coming from London, Kitchener, Toronto, Durham, Marmora, Belleville, and Brockvllle will be welcomed by the, jninister. Rev.

W. A. McMillans The-discussions wijl cover a wlde range of topics dealing with overlapping church programs, possibilities in the fields of education, church Church. With seating capacity of about 300, the church wilt be built of laminated archea on a concrete loundation, with saw-toothed walLi finished In buff brick and vertical wood aiding giving an indirect reaching; pirltua! result, mlll Where olives could probabljMiave saved tfiei were cnilhed ln orderthat the wortd In any one oKan Infinite -0ll be 4ecured. Thlg wJ number of ways, had Hecared Uyiriboiic pi the crushing to 60 jo.

And yet. can ImiiiW perlence through whlcfj our mln conceive anything WM rnuaiiig.l He went fitting and effective than the iVtiih n.rrf.n mrf f.n hi. Mount Calvary Lutheran Church to. be constructed ln booming Elmvale actm at the Junction of the. Smyth nd.

Russell roads. Groundbreaking ceremonies for the 188.000 churcrr-of contemporary design will be conducted ohflunday at 12.15 p.m. by Rev. Rudolph A. RltlTpistoc of St.

Paul'a Lutheran njghtlnferrect froni tKe 'Architects are Nolfke and Ingram. 4 salvation Hikactually sent? Me fifcet -anmplored Ood urtet put his only begotten Son into this cup pass-fapm Him. He stream of human history, recoiled from suffering tha- le-H4ra live a human life and wnuiiL The United Church of Canada It, and then allowed IU willing to endure it oniy-f Him to die On the cross. there was no other way out. Life in.

the land Ood made it. plain that There something very tnere no other way out. mysterious about blood. It Is The of salvation was he the basis of all physical life wy sacrifice. In the crush-Bplrltually, the shedding of int.

or killing, of his body and blood items to have some kind: ln the aheddlng of his blood. redemptive effect, the nature forgiveness of sins wis of which we only partly under-! Possible. ANGLICAN baptist St. Johns Church Elfin at Someraet. stand.

The animals killed in' ow' me Bioie ooes not tell us that. It tells us that It was. connection with temple war- ahln throuirh the centuries ren-' ther Prof Yes, hue cAuciicnce ui millions oi Calvary Baptist Church Cor. Msln Stmt Md Evaiyn. Avvnu.

Kv. B. O. OUy, MinUUr. 4S m.

Bibla School Claim lor n. Jl 00 am. Momma Wo-iyip. Cu Speaker: MR. VtNCETfT CHAVBW.

(Dmotor of Uw Ontario Pionaar Campa.l Mr. Craven waa for 13 yeara the General Secrete? ot the ISC T. in Auatiatxa. 7.JO pm. Eveninf Worahlp.

'THE Firm WORD PROM THE CHOSS The Lord'! Supper Will Be Obaerved Atar the Irentng Service Wednesday. 00 p.m. Prayer and Btbla- Study. "STUDIES IK THE BOOK Of BUTH We Betteve Mt the Plenary Inapiratlofi of the Serlpturea. You Are Alwaya 'Welcome at Calvary Oturcrt.

CENTRETOWN relented only symbolism. But the shedding of Christ's blood waa a different matter. Here people through the ages who have east themselves upon the waa reality. Here, sneo diooo n.mir ijTTtoe found peace and a new cosmic significance was taJcing DOMINION Corner Metcalfe and Ouaen street Two block aoutk of Parliament K1U. -THE CHURCH WITH THE OPEN pOOR." The Rev Wm J.

Robinaon, The Rev Prank Uawler, Rector. Aaautant Rector. PASK" SUNDAY oo a HOLY COMMUNION. i.m. family Communion Service Brin your boyeVand lirai.

Preacher- The Rev. 'rank R. "THE CHRISTIAN Lire." ill The Chriataen Year. 11 00 a Holy Communion (Choral) and Sermon (Broedcaat CKOY) Preacher: The Rector. Our Chnetlen PUirrimaae (SI THE TEN COMMA.VDMENTS".

ISO pjn EVENING PRAYER. Sermon by the Rector. St. Andrew a Lodte MO. A and AM in attenoanee.

Wedneaday: Holy Communion a 00 am. Lenten Eveneonf 00 pm THE CHEAT PILM Thuraday: Holy Communion. .00. 7 JO and 10 00 Pally Veepera: rMohday through Friday) at' ISO p.m. power surging up within them.

Minuter. Rev. Maurice MnLuhan. Organlat and Chotrnuuter: Mr. Malvin S- Yeo.

ATCJ. 11 00 a m. "THE DIMENSIONS Or OOD'S LOVE." Churco School and Infant Nuraery. place. All the theologians combined Including St.

Paul have never been able to make us understand fully how It was that by the shedding or His blood. Christ effected the forgiveness of sins for mankind. Dill thl. H. rflrl n.

If AA This Is proof. Jesus faced the cross because He had to face it. There could be no salvation' without it. MORNING DEVOTIONS. 7 31 10 p.m Priendattip Hour.

Mr Allatalr Stewart. Monday through Friday next! Organ RertlaJ: Every Sunday Vuring Lent. Mr MJ. for Winnipeg North. wkU apeak en "THE HOLY LAND TODAY, Lenten Service 13 to 13 Sg a m.

Cafeteria Luncheon 13 00 1.30. Vial tore warmly welcomed Lawrence s. vwr. Orfanut. at First Baptist Church hAurit Avenue at Elffin StrMt.

JUv uiart IvlMm, Mmistw. Dr. Cortiofi M. Ward. Org nut.

iS Mtn Church Aohool and Mtbtiip CIsm. 10 45 a.m. ymery and Pnmary. 1100 a Morning Worahip, "AN BlDURING 7 JO pm Iveninc Worship. Cantata "Th Lord a upper (Eric Thiman) fottowd by trt GomrTrunlon Srvic.

not. then all our Christian i r- a faith Is in vain. The Bible Anllcn ures us that without the shed-' be speker on ding of blood, there Is no re- dl, 8ta. lon CBQ "Morning ml.lon nf sin, rw ln, DevpUona program. CHALMERS O'Connor and Cooper Strta.

GET V.S. AID. BELGRADE; April (Reu St. Matthews Church Cirllnr Avenue near Bank Street. Rev.

Erie Oahome, A. Rey. M- Broce BUck. A. Rector AaaiaUnt Gerald Wheeler, Jt.CO Orianiat and Choumaiter.

PASSION SUNDAY no a HOLY COMMUNION II 00 CHORAL EUCHARIST Preacher: The Very Rev. W. W. Devia. DJkDan of Nova Scotia.

1 00 EVENSONG. titty Communion: Wedneaday. oo and a 00 am; I Thurday. 10 00 a Wedneaday, 00 Devotional Service with addreaa by The Rev. John Duncan.

ters) Yugoslavia will get united states wheat and cot Mloittert: Rev. A. Lorurd Grlfftui, B.A.; Rev J. McCrae. OA Director of Bellgiou Jeaile MacLaod.

BTA. Organut and Cholrmaateri Wtuiam rranca. ttutM, CO. t.tS am Youth Pelibwahlp and Young People' Claa. 11.00 Infant Nuraery and Church School.

11 00 "THE COMMUNION Or 7.00 pm Omn Recital by William Franc. 7 JO FULL" GOSPEL." Rev. A. Leonard GraffiUt at botn aervtcei. td pm-FrierKlahlp Hour ki Woodaid HaM.

Speaker: Ttm Honorable Donald Cameron, Wedneaday. 7 p.m. Prepaaatory Service in the Cnwrit ton shipments with $13,500,000 under an agreement algned nere yesterday. Fourth Avenue1 Baptist Church Bank Street at fourth Avenue. Baptut Convention of Ontario and Quebec.

Mtniater: Rev. E. H. Cameron. B.D.

Orsanial: Miaa V. fowler, A I0W are. Sunday School, Bible CUa. 11 00 a Nunery. Primary 11.00 a MORNING WORSHIP.


HOLY COMMUNION at ST. LUCY'S HALL King George Overbrook PALM AND LOW SUNDAYS at 8.30 a.m. Mlnlttvt Rev. Herbert W. Reid.

A BD. Organlat: Albert J. Smith, AT CJ. am Orurch Bcttosl, 1100 am Nuraery, Beginner and Primary. 11 0 a TN HIM 38 PEACE 130 pm "IN THIS ilON WE TRJlrMPH." the greatest manifestation of love is Its ability to put self aside ln trie Interest of a great cause and for the benefit of Heaven ana earth w4.ll pass away, but the deep embodiment of sacrifice In the moral and spiritual' realms will never pass away.

Suffering -mean aomethine; more than just mere pain. Suffering has a universal, cosmic significance. We feel It and experience even though we cannot adequately explain it. But the Bible confirm our feelings. We are right in believing that suffering under Ood Is a divine and becomes redemptive.

A Sacrament Instituted. It was evidently our Lord's Intense conviction on this point that caused Him to Institute "tltt Sacrament of the Lord's Supper. The same night bri which He was betrayed almost the last thing He ever did He took bread. aying that it wa. His body, and wine, saying that It was His blood, and bade His disciples partake thereof and ponder.

'The Sunday-School Les-. ton tor. April 1, 1351, I "Jesus Highhnd Park Baptist Church Rev. r. "Rice.

A IS, Mra. J. A. rertuaon. Orteruat and Choir Leader.

11.00 a.m. "The Way nl Ua In Service." Hcey Cochm union. SO "Prophet; MJceoh, McPhail Baptist Church Bronion Avenue at liafar Street. Rev. E.

K. Smith. Miniater. B. P.

Brandow. Orfantat. ll.oo am Bible Oeae. 11.00 a eVunery and Sunday School 11.00 am. LIVING OUR THE LORD'S TSO pm "LOOKING UNTO BELIEVER'S BAPTISM.

McLEOD BELL ST. LUTHERAN Youth For Christ TONIGHT AT Rev. Robf. Argue of Montreal Formerly Director Retina Y.F.C. -TH 1 SONS" GIRLS' QUINTETT HI-SCHOOL QUIZ TtcJiflicil High Auditorium ALBERT AT BAT STREETS Comer su and Arlington.

Minuter: Be. C. M. Currle, Ph D. Organlat: Mr.

Arnold Earl. A M. 11.00 Churcrt School 11.00 am. THE HILLS OP GOO. 4.

The Mount eg Olive Reception of New Member. Bank aad McLeod. Miniater: Rv, A Walla. BA. BA.

41 am. lino am. Church School. II 0U am THE SCARLET THREAD OF HISTORY. nT 7 Srt Union Service.

Frret Church at MeLaod United. 'St Peters Lutheran Th United Lutheran Church In America. Corner Snarka arid Bay. The Rev. Arthur t.

Conrad- Paator i ju pjn HS SET HIS Wcstkoro Baptist Church S07 Richmond Road. Paator: Rev. R. D. Holmea.

10.00 am family Bible School. I W) a.m. Worahip. "HOW MANY WAYS TO GOD?" 'Communion Service. 7 JO pm "A LOOK AT LUKE" Gueat Preacher Ravi 1.

a. weeheraU of Toronto. "A friendly welcome awaita you." JACE TOWARO ERUSALEM." Rev. H. D.

Aahford. DD. Kea. fas-0032; Cfturch: tw-wn 30- a.m. Sunda? School.

8.30 a.m. Early Service. 1100 a m. The Service. Nureery otatwa at bote momtnf aervtcea.

7.30 Wedneadav ff.00' pmY Lerrten Servtce. You Are Cordially Invited. SOUTH OTTAWA JAMES LUTHERAN Corner Second Av. and Lyon SL races the Matthew And they have been ponder-, ever since. There is some-1 thing so transcending in this whole idea -of the redemptive power of suffering that no one, not even Jesus Himself, could MlnUtera: Rev Robert W.

McLauehun. B.AT.. BD. Bv. Wm Uoyd.

B-A. Auiiunt to the HuUttw. OrganUt: Brim well Bailey. a Church School end Bible Claaa. 11.00.

tv Nutaery end Play. Pen Nuraery Junior Schoot up to year okt. ll.00.Sm. "THE ChOWN Qt THORNST- set it expressed adeouatelv In! St Paul's Lutheran (Mlaaourl synod) SIS WUbrod at JCml Edward. Rev.

R. A. Rtu. BJ), Paator. CEt-0311 f.00 a.m German Wdranip.

A am. Sunday School. 10 oo a.m Bible CUf. 11.00 a.m. EnrJuh Worahim Jt.

Matthias Church ParkdalAvf. -'n Clerjy: Rev. Canon C. K. Roach; Rev.

O. A. Xvanr: 00 a Youth Corporale Communion. Poet Communion Breajntait. 1100 am.

Choral KuafcerUt. "THE HIGH PRIESTHOOD OP CHRIST." Preacher: The Rector. no pm Evenaond: The Rev O. A. Evan.

Tueaday. April Confcratiotil Supper. 0 SO m. Church of Saint Barnabas, A. M.

Corner of Kent and Jamea Street. Rector: Roy: 1. W. Coraiah. PASSION SUNDAY.


"For lol between our alna and their reward. We act the Paaaion of ThySon. our Lord. HOLY COMMUNION AND THE PIVITrE CXTTTCE DAILY All' Saints Church Christ Church Cathedral Laurler Avnu in Chapel St. Spark St.

near Bronaen. ReMor: Rv. John L. Duncan. A.

tx jn. Holy Comrnunion a Holy Communion. u.oo a Choral EucnerM 11 a.m.-undy School. The Rev. H.

Driacoll. 11 a oly Communion 430 p.m. Uthedral Evenaoni. Dedication oe SMwmrd- The Very Rev. W.

Davie, ahtp Intentiona. Den oi Nova Scotia. 7.30 pffl, Eventon: Lenten Noonday Service Wed 7 0 ajn. Holy Communion Monday throiwh rriday. 45 pit.

rrl. 10 30 a Communion. The Very Rev. W. SI.

St Gearys Church I AH A' Trr, Baha'i. World Faith S.Sn a m. Holy Communion. Publle MeeUng 11.00 am Holy Communion -THr tcTmbgUARD Sunday. .711 April.

pm. Prayer "GOO IS MAN'S GOAL." ConreUonal Speaker: Mr. Roger Hymn Sinfing SrobrirTTlt QUXSTIOif OXi AM welCOm quetUon perloa td' Special Lenten Service. follow addreaa. For Information Thuraday.

AprM II I at pm. phma CEJ-4104, CE4, Th Very RevT W. W. Davta. CEO-oSW Eaatvlew SH-i4.

SB YTERI A Erskine Presbyterian St. Giles Church a at Bank Street at Ftret Avenue. Brnnaon Avenu at MacLaren si. Miniater-Miniater: Rev. BoberfGood.

togan-Vencta'. O.BX. O. jk niMntn.1 Orianiat and Cfholr Leader: Ortanljt and Choir Director. AnIU, 0rr ATCM.

H- a. Brown. ui.u. rtu. 10 00 Main Church School, 43 a.m 'Miniater a ciaaa.

11.00 am. Church School. aU 11 00 Nuraeryand Begmnera. tIM tin The Momlne Service PUBLIC WORSHIP STRIVING FOR PERFECTION 00 jn. and 7 JO id.

DC Lotn.VencU .1 Both Knox Church St Steplxns Church j' "tg: Ava. Sherwood Dr. Re H. Douglaa Stewart, A. The Rv.

George Sparki. UHun rorayih, Diractor ct Mualc Orgafliftt Mr. John Am Or Of. 11.00 a my The Miniater. Mi MMVKlSs' Thuradaye 1 00 to 1.TS pm.

HOLYCOMMUNION. Devotional Period r'sW tbMt: 1.e!corn,y Mjr" Ckrlitlaa and Mlittonary -Alliance THE GOSPEL TABERNACLE SM BASK STREET 9.4S a.m. Family Sunday School Classes for All 11.00 a.m. "Christ Before PilaU" Moathly Cemaannlen servlea 7.30 p.m. STORY OF A RUNAWAY SLAVER choir qCARtct Pailer, REV.

DAVtD at eeth aervtcei. Ye Will Be-MaSe Welcentf mcvpnori ot new aicmoera. rSt Lucas 'Lutheran'-' (Miiaourl Synod) McKay-Mi Noel 1 runner. Paator. Tel.

SH.J0J 10.19 a SUNDAY -SCHOOL. 11.00 a.m SERVICE. 1.30 VESPERS ST. LUCAS Grade School: 100 Dulfrrln Rd. OUR SAVIOUB 714 Roorevelt Ave.

Mueller. Paator. PAl-OsOi 0.4.. a.m. SUNDAY SCHOOL.

11.00 a.m. MORNING WORSHIP 7 30 song service, and Meditation. Subject: 'THE CASTAWAY GARMENT Jesus had to express It In an act. This. act consisted of the sanctlficatlon of bread and wine and th setting- aeidt of these elements for a sacred use.

Jesus bade, his followers remember that nothing is so Important as hla teath, the mysterious efficacy of GLEBE SOUTHMINSTER Blank Street at Aylmer Avenu Wedneaday. S.00 p.m. -JESUS, PILATC. AND WAS R1VERV1EWJUBLIC SCHOOU Knox Crca. ahor Drak Ave.

SO a m. Sunday School. am The li CBOT Sundava. Hear: "The Lutheran Hour" CJET Sundaya. shed blood, sins are ASSOCIATED GOSPEL Firet Ave nd Lyon St.

RevLP. F.raaer..M O.D, 10 00 a m-w-lnter. and Senior 11 Wa rn. Nuraery to Junior Claair. 11 00 an.

'Reception of New Membera. 7 the Water Turned to W.te'," (The aober truth about the 120 fall, of new winet Jo. AN who tc perpraxe! tptverut -thia atory art fpectally invited. and the spiritual side of man 1 on the way to being healed Rev. Char lea Donald, DD.

Roy Stafford, D. Peroival Kirby. Mus.Bae, A.R.C.O. II 00 1 THE PENDtrLVM. 7 JO pm COMES TH REVOLUTION.

EAST OTTAWA Lenten Noonday Services Everyone Invited Monday through Friday, 12.45 to 1.05 p.rrj. CHRIST CHURCH CATHEDRAL Sparks St. nef Bronson JFEiRR: THE VEST REVEREND W. W. DAVIS, I.D., DUn Of NOVA SCOTIA BOT LUNCH AVAILABLE JN LAUDER BALL Metropolitan Tabernacle 453 Bank Street at Gladatone.

P.OS a.m. Good News Program CKOY. ii a.m. Open Session of the Family Bible School. 11.00 a.m Communion Service.

''THE LORD'S TABLE ON THE MISSION FIELD." 7.J0 p.m: Missionary Rally: "MODERN MISSIONARY PROBLEMS SOLVED BY AN ANCIENt BOOK." Rev. Arthur Cavey at all services. MacKAY CHRISTIAN SCIENCE ST. PAUL'S EASTERN Corner of Dllyand Cumberland StreaU. Mtautert: Rev.

A. M. i. Cray, DD; Rev. Duncan.

McRae. D.D. OrganUt and Choir Mailer: Mr. Percy Rutledgc, ll.tJ e.m. Nuraery School.

11.00 PlainUv Cry." 19.1S pjn Sunday School and mlntacer'a eaa lor New a Communicant. 7.00 jn loai Sermon Ml ttie erie Fce About the Cro." "Th Faree ot the Thievre." Dr. Gray -at both aervlceti 337 MacKay StreeL Rev. Frenk H. Morgan, BD, MlnUUr.

Ivy 'Hewl. A R.C.T, OrganUt. 11,00 ajW.Preption nt 1 ai Confirmation Service. Cantata: rTHEVEN LAST WORDS OF CHRIST" Duboia. 'J Manor Park Sua lea vea St.

Laurent and Hemlock et $30 and 1030 am. ANNUAL PASSION WEEK SERVICES SPONSORED BK-THB Ottawa Evangelical Ministerium First Church of Christ, Scientist Metca.ll at Cllmtmr. i SUNDAY. 11.00 am aid 110 pm. I Subject: Sunday SeliMl II 0 tm:" Wedneaday 00 pm, including I TESTIMONIES OP CHRISTIAN SCIENCE HEAI4NO.

fre Readlni Room 11 Metrair StreeL Open Daily Except Sunday. I CKOY "Kow Chrletlen Science Heali" 10 00 enry Sunday. WEST OTTAWA rcB it Andrew's Suburban Services Morning Worahip, Nuiacry and Sunday School. Wetunitoa nd Kent Street. PARKDALE PENTECOSTAL ASSEMBLIES OF CANADA Parkdala and Gladitou.

utuw. MinlatM" 4 OD ST, DAVID'S In Overbrook Sonool. The Rev Ian Burnett. Bethel S7 Waverley SkreetA Guest reach tr DR. JAMES BEDFORD Palter.

Bealak BaptTit Ckarrk, be trait, 'Mickiraa; Teraaer Prlaelpat, Leaden Bltle Collate, Lea earn, oat. APRIL 15 to 19 Mon. to Frl I p.m. Theme: "Faces Around thjs -Cross1? 'V- ung Qeorge a no quju. 10 00 a i Tn Rev.

David Smith. ST. MARTIN'S In Manor Park -Sonool. Hemlock nd Braemar. 11.18 m.

RvPlr Wotrierapoon, MinCiter; Rv Norman Coll. OB DO. Be, Thomaa Geacb. SA. Director of Muaie: Thomaa CMrnpton.


Preoetier: Rev. w. Woof or. -B A as, Eaetbrook United Churcn, Ottawa. Subject: "ONLY BEOUN." r.

A friendly Church Invite you to Worship. fMMVASTER REVIVAL), April J-14. Aaaiattnt to the Miniater: The Rev, P. L. Sama.

A. Organ let: Mr. Carman H. MlUlgan. Mu.

BC M. Mu. 11 00 MORNINO The Mlmater. Admiaaion of New Communicanta. tl 00 int.

NURSERY AND SUNDAY SCHOOL. 1100 roon TEENAGE AND ADULT BIBLE CLASSES. 130 pm EVENING WORSHIP. The Mmiater tn D. Roy Kennedy Sehoot, Woodroffe SouU lain of Carting.

10.00. am The Rev. Johnaton. Th.M PbJJgf BETHEL PEVTECOeTL TAAEBNACLE 37t Waverley St. -BJ6V.

GEO GREATOREX OP KITCKENETl. Gueat Speaker. Sunday. 11 a m. and 1 0 WeeknMnU al 100 o'clock lEaojpt Mon and Sat) COME AND BRING YOUR FRIENDS.

ami-Sunday School. 1 30-10 on mHymna er Hope; CKOY IX ST. TIMOTHY'S hi Alt Vlata Publie WESTERN Softool. itMMaii a no a Ma -Vieta. M.l a Th Rev.

John- A. Johnaton. Ph-D. BTnde over station CFIl A 1 30 1 Soloist Mc Homer James- Westminster Presbyterian 470 RooaeveH Avenue WESTBORO fUvenniU and 'ChurchiU MlnUtera: Rev. I.

H. Joblln. I D. Rev J. Chapmia.

8 A. ID. Orianiat: S. Kane. Aaco rj.CH LRAJi MORNING SERVICES 10 00 and 110 Sermon: The Lord'i Prvt.

Ml "SVH TRESPASSES." Prweoher. Mr. Jobltn. I Bttnday School Seaaiona gt 10 no and II 30 -EVENING SERVICE 130 em. The Jttntor Tneetrv) will preaent play "Hawd.

Warrior of Cod 4S Wellington Street. NMrett Church MuU. ---MtntoteT! Be. Erncrr Barralte, BA. OrgWiai Mr.

G. I. Weilac, Sunday School. 11 a mNuraery School. ll.OS "SURPNIS ATA PARTY," 1 00 Lenten Serleal "SIXTH WORO TROM THE CROSS A Priendly Churcei Weieomea You.

Gi-View Mertval RMd at Center Blvd. Be'. J. Edgington. B-A Paator.

Sunday' School. IIS m.TM pm. Goeet ttymMkt EvangeaUt Jack Shriet. Tuea oo Ptaer nd Sibl Study. DIVINE SERGE U.nUtt wt ptrlorm Jiving irrvict with tvtrj willing act nr life; we never perform it ml aft.

John Rusk in. Good Friday Service April 19 1 p.m. Easter Sunrise Service, April 21 1.30 a.m. -1 i i 7" w'Ajl. tenrlcet 1st tl GOSPEL TABERNACLE, 600 BANK SJ.

inea ByroB and Rlehinaavi Bowdl Miniater: Tho Rev, R. Cume Cretlman. MSI. M.A B.D. Organ ,4 1 and Choir Leader! Mr.

S. Maroonld aVrmth. I -Mrt Bunday. ScemeL .11 00 am. Nirraery and Beginner.

II 00 am. end 3fl pm i THE SACRAMENT OT THE -LORD'S SUPPER, -v. -n.

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