Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 17, 1897 · Page 18
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 18

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, December 17, 1897
Page 18
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-MEET HE UNDER THE SKY LIGHT.' --WILER & WI5E-- 'MEET ME UNDER THE SKY LIGHT.' WMM*******^^ CHRISTMAS CHIMES j ^ Wi'l soon be heard, the glad time of all the year will then be here, the question of Christmas giving ought soon to be decided. From now until the a 4 th d.y f December "THIS WILL BE A CHRISTHA5 STORE." For months our buyers have been gathering such beautiful, useful and interesting articles from the foreija lakers as were never before congregated under one roof. Ourstore never looked as nice as it does now, with our new addition.we have the largest, fiaest and most convenient store in Northern Indiana for Xmas shopping. Let us refresh your memory „ to the marlines wecarry. Werealize that It. only a weekuntill Xn,« s and for this reason have marked prices accordingly. FUR COLLARETTES Bought mouths ago at "old tariff" prices, enables us to quote you prices that seem to -bo the worth of the pelts alone. There is nothing "llmt you can *ny thalt will make as much show for the price as one of these Collarettes. The assortment comprises novelties In Black 'Marten, Electric Seal, Real Seal, Persian Lamb, Beav-er and Astrakhan. and ail 'the fancy combinations, with and -without tabs. $4.SS for Real 'Mart-enStalls, with fi Marten tails, worth ?7.50. $5.4S for Electric S«il Collarette, 10 175 inches, lined wMi fancy silk. vrortfc SS.50, $13.50 for Marten Storm Collars, with 10 toils and long taibs, worth $18.00 $18.50 for XXX Black Marten Col- larettes, 10x75 inches, lined with fancy silk; sepechill fur stores would ask you $25.00 for its equal. We display by far the largest stock of Astrachnn, Electric Seal, Mink and Beaver Capes at special prices. JSHAVING SET For Gentlemen. Celluloid CoTei-ed Sboxes, Silk Ld-ued, OSc to $3.50. CHRISTMAS HANDKERCHIEFS Our line Is superb n:nd sue prices that wil'l astonish you. A Xmas w i t h o u i handkerchief - giving: is not comipJerte, The leaders are as follows: Imitation Silk Handkerchiefs, hemstitched ilwrders, silk initials, a lOc value for 5 C Bdautiful Xmas Han-dikerchi'efs, Gigauf -hemstitched borders, embroidered centers, a positive 30c value 15° A sheer Linen Handkerchief, with narrow hernsti'tch€fd borders, em- fbr-oidered centers, a 35c article. -25 C A direct importation brings us, convent-made HandkereUiefs, choice nesdle-TVork Handkerehfefe, Irish peasant-work Handkerchiefs, and daidty Lace Handkerchiefs, exclusive designs, worth up to $1.50 for 750, gg 0 and 48 C Gents' Iniitlal Silk Handkerchiefs, Ixuuties, at 30c, 50c and S5c. Linen nit 15c and 25 C One hundred feed of table room devoted to Handkerchiefs alone. UMBRELLAS This QKTIS always been one of our best Holiday Dopfirtiments. Tliis year we have made extra preparations—rather, profited by past experience. Prices as usual—-about o-net-th'ird below regular eompittii.ion. Among the stock we pick a novelty in the "Princess of Wales'" umbrella. Entirely n«w. NOVELTIES IN FANS Kid Glove and Handkerchief Boxes. ladies' AYork Boxes, Maaic\ire Sets, Writing Paper and Envelope Boxes, "Wiilttngr Desks, Smoking Seas for Gentlemen, Necktie Cases. Cigar MoistBers and a thousand other boxes which are daily. JEWELRY This department is foiupl-ete, and comprises aJl the novelties of the season. Gold and Silver Chatelaines, Watch Fobs, Cuff and Collar Buttons, Hat Pins, Shdnt Waist Sets, and a beautiful line of Sterling Silver Toilot Ware at remarkable prices. Our line of Chatelaines, with from ithree to six articles attached, are be.iutiiful and are rually "The Latest Fad." Chatelaine 1'ike cm GOc, others to $3.00. RENAISSANCE AND SPATCHEL WORK Here's another example of. our Shrewd buying qualities. In rhis de- parmnenlt wo display a HIM? of Arc Goods it hat will rival any of the -largest city stores. Price examples are given below: Renaissance Doylies, works of art, 115 and 35c. Here will be found the choicest styles 'that are nia.de across 'the water, from the tiny Empire Fan, wliich sells at from 35c to $5.00, to the larger and more substantial Silk and Satin Gauze Fans, price at from 50c to $7.50. Pieces of same work, larger sizes, 65c to $2.25. Spatchel work Doylies, from 5 to 35c. Side board covers from OSc to $2.00. Center Pieces, from ;55c to $1.00, Stamped Linens, tlffe latest produc- ATOM1ZERS T h e f o reign. makers Mve beet 1 w o r k i a g for months TO prepare the line wo are now showing Bought right They can be sold r i £ h t. Price, 23c. to $1.50. Feather Boas ranging in price from -25c ro $2.50. Ostrich Feaither Collarettes, *he real fine soft ostrich feather marvels of beauty, at from $2.75 to $11.00 Yantme Scarfs for parties and diauces. Those soft, dressy affairs t.liait are woven over the head. -- .$1.50 BELTS A beautiful line of Leather Belts, tne season's latest production. Prices range from 20c to $1.50. Metal Belts in exact imitation of cut silver and gold, 4Sc to $2.50. This season's Novelty. These belts go nicely with the above Chatelaines. NOVELTIES IN CHINA This is a new depart inent for us, but we be lieve we 'have succeeded in siflocting the most novel line ever shown. The line com prises -cups and saucers vhocolivte sets, tea sets, pin trays and dressing rable requisites, all at prices 1-3 -below the regular price. LINENS As they should be, are found ia ('his d-eparrment A Chr i s it m a s present of a fine sot of Table Linens makes a useful and one that will rlartden the heart of any housewife. OUR NEW DOLL DEPT. The jxjpulation of Which is 3,000; very tra-ivsk'nit. however, as we expect to sell 'them all. Placing our importa- tion order w-Mi u German manufacturer some three months ago enables us to seal Dolls at one-half the regular price. Dressed Dolls from 23c to $5.00 Kid Rod kid Dolls from £-!c>io $2.50. Wool Dolls from 12c to $1.50. rnibrcakable Dolls at 0, 12, 23c. up to OSc. AYe sell dolls different from the regular way: that is half regular prices. SPECIALS IN POCKET BOOKS. Genuine Black Seal Book. 50'j Moil ke y and I Aliiga.ror Skin I Book, all col- 1 ors, S.jc. Ster-l ling Trmim-edl Seal Bouk. a real novtilty. $1.25. Lizard. Monkey. -Snake, Send a-nd Alligator Skin pocket 'books, gold and silver mountings from $1.00 -to §4.00. The new things in this line is an Empire Fan, in black and white, with Sterling Silver mounted sticks. KID CLOVES. Are the recognized standard of the Glove World. We are showing several entirely new shades, different from any you ever saw. All gloves fitted. INEf- HOSIERY The celebrated "Onyx" brand i* be found here, in Cotton. Lisle pure Silk, per pair, 25c to $2.00. We are showing a beautiful mont of NoTeWr Hosiery. Tfc»y «*» again jn demand. Prices from 25c »» $2.00. STERLING SILVER NOVELTIES At prices a itrifle Wgher tliam 1lhe ¥ul- lion value. You'B wondor k»w w« can quote these prices— it's a bwl- u«5s secrot. Sterliaig •Mounted Dressing Comb, a beauty Baiby Sdts— Comb and Brush Sterling Handles Paper Knives, Sterling, Handle Pearl Blade G5e Sterling Curling Irons Z Silver Manicure Sets, Kail Files seemi-n-glj worrti T.JC, 35e, Button Hoote. the regular $1.23 kind, here for C5c. FANCY TOILET BOXES The novelties which we «rhoir i» •Una line, are ideas which could onlr oi-igiuaic "across the water." To»'U be surprised to -see them, and a-t ** prices we have marked -them. TouTI wonder how we cam do i^. Comb Brush Sets in Silk Lined Box«a $1.50, for OSc. Otlhers up to S6.50. TTyou intend to buy Holiday Presents, buy them here and save 25 per cent 499 & 411 Broadway, Through to Wall St, 309 Fourth Street. Bell Home-lick In London. Miss Lilian Bell, the Chicago authoress who is making her first visit to En- rope, has evidently encountered homesickness, and in The Ladies' Home Journal uniquely and vividly describes that hitherto uupictured malady: "If I have discovered nothing else in the brief time since I left my native land, it is •worth while to realize the truth of all the poetry and song written on foreign shores about home^ To one accustomed to travel only in America and to feel at home with all the different varieties of one's countrymen such sentiments are no more than vers de societe. But now I know what heiiuweh is—the Swiss word for home pain. I can understand that the S\viss really die of it sometimes. The home pain! Neuralgia, you kno\Y, and most other acute pains, only attack one sot of nerves. But heimweh hurts all over. There is not a muscle of the body nor the most remote fiber ol the brain nor a tissue of the heart that does not ache with it. Ton can't eat. Ton can't sleep. You can't read or write or talk. It begins -with the protoplasm of your soul and reaches forward to the end of time and aches every step of the way along. You want to hide your faoe in a pillow away weep, but'even mat does nor cure, li, seems to be too private to help materially. The only thing I can recommend is tears, unrestrained weeping." plentv of money, for the amoufic of nis offering on his birthday 25 years hence trill be something over $16,000,000. The Late Judte >"el«on. Speaking of the la to Judge Nelson of Worcester, Mass., Senator Hoar said the . other day; "He never let go a client's | case in which he believed, and no one was wise who went to sleep thinking Judge Xelsou was through with a case just because the preliminary points were lost to him. He was a man of absolute integrity, agreeable, fond of friendship and of his friends, and with a vast knowledge of literature, science and history. He had in his memory the best poecry in the language and knew the stars so that he could on a moonlight night point ont and name the constellations in the skies. He had a rare knowledge of the names and habits of birds and plants," A Rash Promise. An enthusiastic church member of Philadelphia has just contributed $1 to the church on its birthday, pledging himself to double the amount on each anniversary of his birth for the rest of his life. If he keeps his pledge and lives loo?, enough, the church will have, Corncob Pipes and Teetee Stems. The manufacture of corncob pipes • has become a considerable industry at I Beaufort, :5. C. Special machinery has I been made for the purpose, and an expert turner is employed to carve out the bowls, which are of many designs. The cobs are of a particular corn grown in j the Missouri valley and are transporter • to South Carolina by the carload. The cobs have to be seasoned for two or i three years before they are used. The supply of cane stems, which is obtained from the canebrakes along the Port Koyal railroad in lots of 60,000 stems, capable of being cut into three lengths, also employs much labor in the country to select and gather them. A new and attractive feature of some of these pipes is the teetee stem. The teetea is a shrub, the botanical name of which is Cliftonia ligustrina. j It grows up in a long, straight, point- j less stem, with a soft center pith and of various circumferences, from the size of an ordinary pipestem to that of the little finger. It has enjoyed the reputa-1 tion, from tho aborigines and among, southern jplanters and others, who h^ve J ever used it iii preference to any other, not excepting the cherry or fig stem, of best absorbing the nicotine and affording a grateful and fragrant taste.—Savannah News. Bow to Care For tfie Baby. A verv great drawback in babies' outdoor garments is that they usually have capes that are cut so as to fasten round the neck and leave most, of the weight dragging behind. A coat shaped pelisse in which the weight is partly borne by the shoulders is far better. Earache is usually the result of cold, raking children out in a high wind or letting them sit or stand in a keen draft. If the presence of earache is suspected, just a drop of sweet oil dropped in on either side will frequently give relief, because it softens the wax that sometimes accumulates in the ear. Nature does not often provide too much, but now and then an extra quantity is secreted. 2fo one must ever be permitted to poke anything, not even the corner of a handkerchief, into an infant's ear. Syringing very gisitly -with warm •water and dabbing dry -with a soft handkerchief :aiay be resorted to it tbtt* if ao doctor within reach. Annual Gas Rates RTIFICIAL and Natural Gas Bills are * now due and payable at the company's * *• office. ^Natural Gas Consumers desiring to avail themselres of the Annual Rate, commencing December 1st ,can do so by calling at the office and arranging- for same. All bills must be paid on or before the 10th of each month. Valley Gas Ci.

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