The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on October 28, 1957 · Page 21
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · Page 21

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Monday, October 28, 1957
Page 21
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" u- w - w we w j'V w-'w-u l w m jwwrvj w 'h'y yi y""" " i i g i I I g II I III I I I H I H i ' i ( t u , i. i u MONDAY OCTOBER 13, 1957. v; Thp. Ottawa Tottpn at. r s . p9 21 ,0 40 . : 107 Years Of Train Service Ends Ottowo-Prescott Train Mokes t" Its Lost Run ' ir wu iH -I Snnmnt. A man, almost empty train dipped down the nil and into the cold night at Union Station 8trdy. Y It was th last of 1U kln' nd marked the and 10 r of passenger aervie between Ottawa and Pmcttt Jen a Messery.. Now, for old trainmen and district residents alike, all that remain 1 memory. A few passenger aat huddled quietly la a tingle coach, bright with yellow light. A baggageman bentehaflnr hi hand and fingering bU mall within a single baggage esr. ,(, . i It was aeren p.m. and at that front a algnal was given. Two burly trainmen hesred into dteael cab. A conductor swung on at tbe rear. Then tt waa gone. It waa goodbya to the first paasenger aerrlce into Ottawa. ' Prior to Apru. paasen- ger trains exc!ulTely eperai-d between OtUwa and Pre-1 eott, but buslnesa had fallen1 en. ; . ' - As a' remedy' tha CPR put! n a "mixed' (passenger and' frelghtt train. - ' I SU11 tber were not enough, paaeengera and tha company mtH, . uufut annes.1 U.. th. Board of Traiuport Com-! wiuiaktnera. fi9m casly freight will he 1,1,4 a gg.BiUa. is-! Biaw rwa and paaaengera wUl! gifcj baa. T ga by train! ley ww Bare m irarei ay; IMeea or awecariue. ; Tna paasenger serrira camci Into being dnder the St. Law-; renc and Ottawa Railway in, jaw ana waa icaaca w wrn in ioot. Recently 1U stops hare been Ottawa. Billing Bridge, El) wood. Gloucester, Mano-tlek. Bray. Osgoode, Sabourln, KemptrUle. Bedell, Oxford SUUon. Ororetoii. Spencex-rill. DomrUla and Prescott. It has operated (going and coming nnder train No.' W;Stoji waa literally perched -H6 iM j A Small Train. It normally baa been a mail train on leaving Ot-Uww but has picked up passengers and., freight and extra cars along the way:-MrtiMttmvbe: at Ox ford, then at Prescott coai; from rwKiuburr and teld-i vision sets from the town it- Mlf 1 . It has left OtUwa at six ! pan. uundardi and Trlred;By is a reaiaurani, uieauw . .... - i.., u rrwni i iw from Prescou at six an. the following morning, arrlrtng ing tier at nine o'clock. ' ' : in future a Cornwall trucking Arm will . handi mall between th two point. Mail will leave Prescott rxnt office each week day at I 0 am. and arrlre at! Spencervllle- at I SS, Oxford , at M, KemptvUU 1.40,! Un4h rurmr Uinntlrt' 10JO and Ottawa nVlwk -SriBlaze at, Niagara rrtre ManoUck SJO, North Oower t u, KemptrUle S.40, Spencervllle 7.05 and Prescott 7.30 aU standard time. On the train for Its last v . . j . i : a j lu,u . .., Robertson, engineer, of 2(1 Bayswater arenue; J. R. McNally. conductor. of 261 Bays-water avenue; Alvtn Nlehol, fireman, of 09 Palsen street; nd trainmen, Errllle Coleman, of Carle ton Place and Percy Robertson of tl Bar-rold Place Engineer Clifford -Robertson bad been' on antt off the run since lKt. They all rrere-; aorry to see H go. . . . As were many other train-buff in' the Ottawa area. Italian Youth's Body Found - Pollctoday ' aald an in- atlft intmtfkrlv IntA . th death of ayoutb Whose e!mon th riding echools composed , body waa found "P; rted ta hanging from a tree In the lK Gre biMh in . Ottawa' southern! outskirts. ' Th youth waa IdenUfied as av.. m m-h U. who emierated from Ita ' ... iv,. . . ."" idriren by hla mother, Mrs. ffUfUSfX. .V'Armand Bolsrert. struck a ajaxtwas slWlv; IVA UsVTIIlUJf giBJV ' - - r I " rV 7 roP':th Three River area.- - op mnnna u neca. . .i.1mr(r i wtii-, agera out nunllng rabbits. FATHER OP 1 KILLED. KTJtKLAND LAKE. Ont, Oct. JT cn-irlvener J. O Rellly, 44-year-old father of! aeren children, -waa killed Saturday in a fall at the Teck Hughe gold mine. He was working with a rr w In a head frame when he 1 . atepped ppeo a wares ano plunged M feet. ( -N.. - rV :- -rX'. Joha Chiarelli -ta, aJ A '.' " ' , . s " I eolema ceremoay Markinc Sc. ' - - . w : 'f j -f-K Pafa Higk School o laweeaatat'. T' 'I ' i ,; "y' X"'"- III''' eaercUe. yeaterday ajeraooa. ; i .:j ... A-.- " : 7 "T, O-'-y. '' Mora thaa M pare. friMta . . . Z i ; S I" C " V V f S f loraaar Dora. -wdamreoe4 Vi' ' . V.V ' , . JJ,.-.. U .T : .- - I the college auditorium to applaud ' ; - ! . fii .:.- -" 1 I praaeatatita) of Crado U daytoaaaa ' H - '. ' f ... T'' f ? ' ' r '", -.j' ' - iowhooorgraouaceaamlaecood. "V," ! j' ', K ' v f A-v"" " ' ' 1 V- - - ' I "1 ary aehool diploaus lauUl aw... I . 1 t if - ' . 1 . '' '. ' , ceaahrf Grade 11 arudeaia, at well V- ' Ntm . .. 'w ' I' T . , , ' ' ' -SS "' I aa nwdala, priiea, aad aehoUr- . 1 v ty l I ";'- r' ll. . ' ' V ' 1 Tha occaaioa marked tha Uth 1 I i Z' 'Z-i.r-: t "b.- I analvenary of tha awarding of, " - f I ' ' f- :. .- ' "X"' the first Doraa Trophy, donated 1 . ; 1 . : X - J.. ')'. y by Hugh Doraa bi memory of bit . f " Y" " I 'V-4.' :- : . i-x-H i'l father. The l5a-S7 winner, eoa f$iL& ' 1 w'i II Wl ii t of Mr. aod Mrv Aatbaay Y ltTl ' ifll ,f ' -1 . I K I ChiarelV-t2S Somertet atreet V ITV I , h J 1 1 1JJ "ZfSyr ; - Vr' Weat, copped the big lv cup A V 1 1 T t ' V ' 1 . i a atudent vote ovar am other I J 1 3 1 . r if .. ' caadidalea aalactad by the . Ml fj ' Conductor J. R. McNally checks hla watch and ena1ner C. i Robertson, centre, and fireman Alrin Nlcol look on uat before tha last train carrying passengers be- tween Ottawa and Prescott ; ; Pembroke Garage A Potential Bombl I nctnititi s a- mm ISlafJ-ror aeeeral weeks, j employea at a B-A aerrlce station on tha. corner of Agnes and Pembroke streets, worked, abort a powder keg j that could hart "wrecked "",--"-"" " " . j fir ueparunent inres-1 tig tor diseoeered last weeki (u leaking from-anjCaua me eompiainc. underground tank nio tatnerea inio an exptosir reserrolr of fumra In the basement of. tha station. . Itegalar . year . raaod Inspectteaa will Haw atart all aerrtra atatiana to rembreta. Official aald that tha B-A .("top a powner arg uiai given the proper amount of oxygen; could hare beeq detonated by as UUla aa th spark from back-fir lag car. ' " Sertooa Explaalaa. Had the funies been Ignit ed,: they Mid, the-resulting explosion the aUtion and blasted nearby building. ine locaiion us a neavuy butlt-up business block. Near-1 , . . 1 ,. .nrf inm munifinalhiilld. I -- .TT r. ;ings. one wiicw awami explosion wouia b wwsa.o.nger in the area. . - than a large charg of Oyna- Mel Tucker, former lieute-mite being act off. - jnant with the OtUwa Fir Tbe investigation follow-1 Department and now with ed complaints from local real-1 the Ontario Fire Marshall's dents that gas waa leaking Office, assisted in the into their basement.. (Investigation. 150 Pupils Flee ;Riding Academy NIAGARA FALLS, Ont, Oct St. CT) Fifty pupils of the Niagara Riding Academy taved themeve and the academy' ,. th ground Saturday. Academy director Howard Dob- son directed the youngster as they rounded op the animal from the Urge Indoor riding ring and nearby stalls and led them to safety. Altogether 27 horses, li dog, tix cats, four goats, aix pigeons and a deer wer uved. Outside the biasing S7S.0M Academy, teen-agers ia the retcu group walked the horse to prevent them panicking; Four fire departments poured water oa the even-yerid building, two miles south of here, Hindered by low' water-pressure, firemen laid a hose to the well adfiver nearly a mile away' and also tapped nearby, pond ia vain -attempts' to sara the , building.- The acamedy, caidred . .- . ' "". mvmiM. L SJ' if,UI8 DRir"tACK' Qoe-i Oct2S KF Rene Botemt : ' St- Muric, Que- m kuiea When the car tnampiain coumy parisn in . susisitun. BOOOTA. Colombia. Oct 21 IHV-An explosion in a rire-i74 works factory in nearby Fon- tlnboa Saturday killed 20 person and injured 30 other. NON-COMMIE WINS. SAN MARINO, Oct 2 UP) Two Two eapUlna-regent,- first nraos or tnis ancient hilltop republic since me ena or me war, were m- i stalled yeaterday. TIME TO GO FOR THE LAST Union. Station aeren o'clock Saturday , night. Now only freight will be carried on the 52-mile. i-stop run. PaWnger traffic , was not sufficient. ( - (Jwvhal PhMe br OemtnioJnrM mored out of - ti i i ' eApiasunew, an Instrument which -measdrea tha percentage of exploslrc danger In a glrep area, f Ira-; men entered the basement of the aerrlce station. j Tha meter swung quickly j Til T -"I Jt. ' vv- a these fumes which Bad there been expleeiea set off la the aewer pipe, fire fficlals explained. It wald hare started firas at opening all aleng the length at the pipe. fUatiaa Ciaaed. The "Company Immediately closed the station. The tanks were remored and sent to Ottawa for disposal. Pile Chief "TrsTPrte said the . explosimeter, acquired only -recently, would com in handy to check leaks after natural gas was Introduced. The Instrument consists of box which hangs around tha users neck. A long metal antenna Is inserted:- by , . . . . . squeezing a ruooer DU1D ine,"""-" y operator vJs able to drawrjeej110" for ChrUt iumea up . me tupe. An inrfi-tnr L.M. u,. .,.Sade in Maoison square uar- . . ". maicator tells the percentage oi explosive Second Quint Weds Nov. 23 At Callander MONTREAL. Oct 28. C Cecil Dlonne, one of the four aurrirlng Dlonne quintuplets, and Philippe Langlol. 2-yer-old tele-rislon technician, are to be married Saturday. Nor. 23, In Callander, Ont Mr. Langlol said the' marriage la to -take place at 10 i.m, in Sacred Heart Church at Callander where the famous- Quints were born and where thels parents. Mr. and Mrs. oilva Dionne still live. ' It will be a formal wedding, with the 23-year-old Cecile wearing a long whit drew. - . Annette Dlonne became the first of the Quints to wed. She was married here Oct 11 to Oermain Allard, 24-year-old Junior executlr .of a finance company, i-t - Ail-Night Radio Program Nets Rea Feather $900 Night hawk radio listeners pledged more than $900. to the j Community Chest campaign (during a special program orer ,CKOy early Sunday mornings Norm Perry, who handles : the "All-Nlght House Party", amount they lelt Ujey eouiO (afford In return for song de - dlcaUona, Caller were asked to bring or send in their. . oledcea to Chest headauarter. Sparks street. More than 1.500 listeners answered th appeal during the marathon midnight to a.m. show. The station's switchboard broke down at 1 o'clock under 1 the heavy flow of call and a blown-cut fuse waa renlaced about -half an hour later. j Pledirea- varied from a f ew pennlea to on of $it by theiwer still coming tit at th . 'Cyekm, Cycl Club ofOtlwa,jraU of on a minute. , di. rui sxsuueueviuswy IV' ' t St. Patrick'! College highest - t y -. . ,. i.. , , .. . '. ' ' ' I student award, th ttiUiM Doraa I j I TIME. Warns Against False Sense Of Security NSW YORK, Oct 28. Billy Graham told 40,000 people at the Polo Ground yesterday war appears "more possible now thsn at .other time In we pasi iu years" and urged President urged Preiiaent, Eisenhower to tell Americans "exactly where we stand". "It would be most unfortunate If the President in his Xtorthcomlng speeches should say anything that rrould give the American people a false sense of security", the JS-year-old evangelist said. ' "I was told a few daya ago", he aald, "by an' American Congressman that there is a small element within the Kremlin that belleres that Russia should attack tbe United States within the next two year. .We don't know what is coming." - .t - - Orahara spoke at a service Climaxing "riaiUUon wkUjj,,, 1., enrolment an annual jutent of the Pro testant Council of Churches of New York City. Thla year the risltation program eon- .M.IHMfl MM nujfuiifiv iin "-- ""."J l.t Rr,rl. .ni Hummer ",7,. :r V' the Polo Grounds, former home of New York Giant, was held under grey akae. The temperature was In the low 40 s. Oraham said he fears that". have a duty to be " . rr.lenreers" he aald " . OvIvTS lint u sre iiuwii.v . a nsean nation to destroy th ancient kingdom or israei . "We're asleep", he saw. "but I teU you God has not chang ed ... his coming judgment is mora certain than any mathematical formula you may laugh, you may sneer, you may doubt It. But I tell rou it' coming . . . I am conrinced the time 1. short." t tert of th sermon was The text of th sermon was; taken from chapter four of Amos, in which the Kingdom of Israel waa! warned of military destruction which . actually came two years later. Hurls Grenades ,- Into High School BAKER, Ore- Oct 28.-4) Two grenade tossed on the step of Baker Junior High School Saturday night shat tered windows but none of the 200 children attending Hallowe'en party In the building waa hurt. An"iyear-old youth, Wayne X. Collins, was Jailed. Police aald he admit ted tossing the concussion type grenade. . 1 a group of young motoi- . , cyclists whose organization 1 had branches in several part of th city. . Club member nattd that they- were derating their e- erglea t tbe Red Feather Ap ; people . wh .think we -are ;nlhing bat .heodlam aad ruffians". The youth canvassed mem bees of their club and friendt until 4 o'clock Sunday morn trig Some 2S CKOT employea 'and their friend volunteered their services to man the 'switchboard, eight telephone. ' tvnewrltera and adding machines durint the aU-nleht ibmadcast. At 1 im.-tfiT ; telephon calls to the sUtlor I f7nn rV7 Cp.rp.mhn it Ma rkft St. Patrick's College' hiahe!, , rudeot award, th WiUuita Doraa Memorial Trophy, weal to 1 , year-old John Chtarelli ia , a eoiema ceremoay marking St. Pai'a High School commeticeineat . exercise yesterday aeraooa. Mora tha SOg parait, friead aad graduates, iadudiag - It former Doraa wiaaeraxrowded tbe college auditorium ta applaud preeentatioa of Grade U diplomai to M honor graduate and eeand-' ary aehool diploma la. 121 sue- ... ceuful Grade 11 arudeau, a well aa medals, prizes, aad scholar- . .ships. Daaaled by Hugh Daraa. , The accasioh marked th ISth aaaivenary of th awarding of the first Doraa Trophy, donated... by Hugh Doraa in memory of bi father. The 195S-J7 winner, of Mr. r and Mrs. A a t b a a y ChiarelhV t2S Somerset : street West, copped the big silver cup ia a student vote over nine ether candidate selected by the faculty. Ruaners-up for the trophy were Denote Baxter, Pat Chiarelli. Jim Casserly, John Coderrt, David Crimea, Paul Kennedy; Michael Nolan. William Simpeoa and Peter Tobia. Mr. Chiareffl, waw a ideBea atodewt at St. Pat's, waa the . award aa (a hata at academic ataadiag, aicelkraca as ana maiar apart. Iadhlp ajaaK-ttea aad pepalrry. aaMag bia feuew David Laytoa. bow a Grade ii; Da via. Angus Praser, Darld student, .walked away with four Harris, William Jette, Darld of th dosea prnea presented for i Kenny. highest standing, ia Grade Uj Tron Leonard. William esamlaatiaa. He woe thejLogT, Terrene Msgnlre, Eaglish. French, geometry and-Dnrid McCaffrey. Kerln chemutry award. vtllaney. John Morris, Iran Ceiertul Serdag. Saunders. William Simpson, la a colorful aetttag. with the Peter Tobln.' faculty seated oa itag ia fullj 'Secondary School gradua-academic dress, th new gradu-rtton dlDlomas: stes filed up to receive tneir 1 ua to receive tneir dmlomas. medals and Drues from v. r. Gerald Cousmesu.l rector oTsdPst's. I Ia his opening remarks. Rev. J. H. Conway, OM1. St. Pt': principal, told hi audience 71 percent, at th Grade 12 aad 11 graduate were continuing their education. Of theMI honor grad. 1) ar sow at naiversity, twa are seminarians, two ar working toward chartered accountant degree and two ari working with a view to continuing Mudiei next year. 1! He extended a special welcome to th N former Doraa winners who were able to return to their alma mater for tha 25th veraary presentation. ia Catholic schools, he id: "We welcom opening of the new West End High School for English-tpeaking Catholica. This year'a Grade 12 class is the largest ia our history nd w re crowded to the door." Frmr Winner Sneaker, The guest speaker was Dr. Paul Kavanagh. of .Thetford Mines. Que, Doran Trophy winner In IMS. As -men of the -graduating SUCCCHIUl . ta TUUI rresnonsibUltVto- vour bar - - r . , . "its, leacners ana pansn priests, all of whom hare helped you-attain thla goal." wismng inr new graauaie weU. be said: I "At first yon must forget an eight-hour day, a forty-1 hour week, white collar and , holiday. Do not be afraid to dirty your hands as long as I you remember that honesty nd klndnesa td your felloW j men are cardinal virtue. The valedictory address was delivered by Lloyd Bren nan, a Grade 13 graduate. Ust f Graduates. Following ia a complete list of graduates, prtxe and scholarship winners: - - 4 After commencement Sunday former St Patrick's High School student got together wild UU yt a auuata. telling them of aorne of th pitfall that lie ahead. Above, they're all still proud to pose a "a group of St. Pat's boys". . Front, left to ritht. are Dr.' Bernard Brennan, Gerald I Cspello, Gordon Ventura, Rovden Kealey, John ChiaretU 1 ! John Chiarelli.. 1, Is shown being congratulated by Principal Iter. J. H. Conway -after ha waa awarded the Wllllan Doran Memorial Trophy for academic and athletic excellence at fit Patrick's High School Honor graduation diplomas: i Lloyd Brennan, John Chla-relll. Patrick Chiarelli. Bean Closs, John Davidson,' Robert ' t,vn . .. , - t-i i. d- ...&... ...... .h... i-i- m.i, p.trirk itnu ninn').!,. w.i n.M rv...t ! Bradley. Osrr Brennan. Peter! Brewer, . Donald Brorold, uregojy Brunei, Brian Burke. Cbarlea Cahlll. Grant Ca-bill, Stanley Cameron, Gary Campbell, Robert Campbell, William Cardlllo, Justin Car-ew. Olenn Carr, James Casserly, James Cbabonneau. Darld Clarke, Glenn Clarke, John Coderr. John Collins, Thomas Coulaon. Owen Coyne, Frank Cuggy, Brian Dalton, Frank Dewling, Paul Dio-guardl. John Doucette, ChrUtopheri both and Paul Kennedy. Durham. WUbMrt Fahey, Pat- Orade 11: Oold Medal. Bean rich Ferrlgan, Kenneth Gaffijcioss; allrer medal, Patrick n-j, iiuui bwiK, rn u ic. 1 uiuis, rfamea uiuissic, rfooni Otlllssie, Frederick Gorman, Ronald Graham. Paul Orarel, Ralph Green, Darid Grimes, Brian Ouertln, Raymond Ouertln, Paul Ouln- ane, John Hall, Gregory Hart, Oordon Jackson, Robert Jenkins. Richard Johnson, Robert Jones, Paul Kennedy, Jeffrey King. Gregory Kuiack. Warren L'Af rlcaln, Robert Lahey. WUllam Lalonde, David Layton, Robert Lamb. John LeOyt, Robert Leasard, 'Twi ewe'Petcf Llneger. Jamea Loner- If - PhP MscDon.ld, Ber nsrd Maclsaac, Brian Me Eroy, John McKay. Norman Mann, Eric Manning. with the best In show and Allen Martin, . Gera 1 (tibest Canadian - bred dog Upiihrr. Carlo. Mnralaa Lavrrknce Moriarty, Michael Morgan, Jacques Morlasette, Oerald Morris, Donald Mylea, Paul Noel. Michael Nolan, Bert O'Brien. Ronald O'Connell, Alan O'Connor, Leo OT)onneU, Brian OTteefe. , Dennis o'Keefe.. D'Arrv o-w.Mrr O'Keefe. D'Arcy O'Malley, Brian 0Meara, Michael O Reftl! JCenneUv Parker. Patrick Pender. Peter Phelan. Andre . PUon, Darid Powell, Roger Quenne-rille, William Radbum, Daniel itainooin. A,nruiopner Kear-' don, Donald Redmond, John BffgwgMHM BOYS AND NOT .... ......- i.. . .. - - - - - , . " - j......... WINS ST. PAT'S TOP AWARD. Rlret. James Roy, Robert MaguireTLtln, Sean, Closs; Russell, Darld Sari gn ae, Freneb, Paul Brasean; physica, Thomas Sexton, Edwin Shen-,Terrence Magulre, and chrm-nett, Trevor Smith, John'iitryr Ivan Saunders. Btoddart. j Middle .School: Religion, Brian Stokoe. Pierre Tai--Michael Morgan; English. Ichereau, Donald Thompson,' Barry Tunney. Peter Udeer-jtory,. Richard McCarthy: al-helyl. Gerald Valiquette. Ed-lgebra, Timothy - Lenahan; gar Venne,' Paul Vrvoort, geometry. Darid Layton. Darid Vllleneur. Brian French, Darld Layton: phys-Ward. Rheali, Whlteduek, ica, Edward McShettrey; , Michael WUllam. ; chemistry, Darid Lay ton; geo- -1 Medallist. graphy. Lawrence Morlarty, Medalllsu were as follows: fn commercial work. James Orad Nine: Oold Medal.. John Knooel. Oerard Vise- Olllivray. . Edward Vale and ' John Belli. - Grade iff: Oold Medal, Robert Re id; allrer medals, Kenneth Jelley, Robert Oeretn and WUllam Coderr. Orad 11: Oold Medal, Anthony Malone; allrer medals, David Casey, Richard Huyda, Edward McShettrey and Richard McCarthy. Grade 12: Gold Medal, David Layton; silver medals, Michael Moraan. Daniel Rain- fjhiarelll. r rises fat Subjects Prices for individual subjects went to th following students: Upptr School: religion, Lloyd Brennan; English, Robert Davis; history, Sean Closs; algebra, WUllam Simpson; geometry, WUllam Bimp- son; trigonometry. Terrene C. H. Maclaren's Terrier Wins Two Top Awards A Beottlsp terrier owned By, C. H. Maclaren. Punrobln Jock of Sandy HUL walked off ' awards at th Hull and District Kennel . Crab Sanction Show held in the Drill Hall Saturday. Other prises In the largely- attended show wer as fol- lows Best Canadian-bred puppy: beagle ulanrobln Jo Britches, owner, it. A. Archibald; Group winners: Sporting: English Cocker, TarahcJm Oold Dust, owner, Mr. Pamela Slm; Hounds: Dachshund, Oerda von Teckeltuus, owner Mrs. I ylbt gmitb' ' AM! , - SO - OLD OLD-BOYS. thoidlng th William Doran MeraorUKTrophyi. Bernard Benoit and Thomas Davis. Bark, "from the left. Brother Jmea Nooran. OMI. William Mclntyre, Dr. Paul Karan-agh. Frank Dunlap. Trd Bishop, Greg Mclntyr. John Ebbs, Darid Mclfityr and Brother Raymond Richard. - Ui mat Win ay OeMUnimi l graduation exercises Sunday. Old-boy and former Doran Trophy winner Prank. Dun-lap looks on tnullngly. John is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Chiarelli, (2& Somerset street west. (.(ureal Pkoie br Bwiwien Widel Darid Layton; ancient his- oy Bchalarahlpa, Bunanea. Ten 'seholarshlns and bur- rl were awarded to th 'oltowlng St, Patrick's Colleg re gional entrance scholarship, 14.10: Sean Clous Atkinson Bimary, $200: Sean Closs. Regular Officer Training Plan scholarship, of full university and living expense: Raymond Ouertln. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NT, four-year scholarship of $1,200 n yar: Patrick Chiarelli. Knights of .C 0 1 a m b a scholarship. $7S: Darid Uy-' ton. - , . -, . Kinsmen Cluk-scholarshlp, $S0: Michael Morgan. Ladle' AuxUtary, St. Patrick's College, $50:- Anthony Malone.' St. Margaret Mary' Catholic Women' League scholar-hlp: Terrene Nolan. O'Oara scholarship, . $3$: Robert Beld. . Henry Blrk and Song medal and $2S: Darld Orlme- woraing: come, uoppervona of Ronaa Hill, owner, Mrs. O. E. Lorett; Terriers: Scottish terrlrr, Dunrobln Jock or Sandy HUL owner, C. H. Maclaren; Toys: pug, Dickson's Ramrod of Acacia,, owner Mrs. J. A. Loftus; Non-sporting: English bulldog. Drwsa, Mister Winston, owner. Mrs, I. WatU; Children handling classes ' Hull and District Kennel Club Trophy won by Heather rAnderaon;. Uie junior giria " oy Jan Eriehsen; and the Junior boy won by Bobby ' Bradley. Dr. A. L. Kassirer was ireterlnarian for tbe show. rl sajaaa 'jH"ui f fit! iA.A a 4, a'. f 4. a a a. A $4' f -a'k j Aj

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