The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 10, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 10, 1931
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Served by the United Press VOL. XXVIII—XO. 73 BmHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THP TV!XT IN * WP VC^U'CDA nc'i> r\o . v* nil'Pin** n™ *».. . . . - — . " . ^V.^ THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPKll OPtNOHTHUAST ARKANSAS AND BOUTHEAST M13SOtlTU HOME EDITION Blythevllle Courier, Bljtflerllle Dally News Rllr4li«..IM,. ¥r I j . .. _ , > . .. ./ "*•"«! TUX HE VOTED CITY {^h?rt^j^i^__M^25|_v»l!ej : __Lrador. BLV'I'IIRVILI.K, ARKANSAS, WKDXKSDAY, JUNK 10, 1031 Miss Si. Louis ' ~"~ —— Professional Men and Olli- ors Musi Pay License Fees Under New Ordinance. An ordinance enlarging the privilege code of t'le city of Illy- iheville to include license fc-ts for various businesses and professions not before subject to city licenss was passed by the ci'.y council, in session a; the cily liall, Ian night Tim ordinance carried an emergency clause making It.ifftetive im- media'iely. fund lo buy in outstanding bonds anticipated at between £1500 and $5000, the latter estimate by Mayor N'eill Rrerl, as a result of the new ordinance. Physicians, attorneys and other professional men are the principal group taxed under the new ordinance. Twenty-four classes of professions an;! businesses are included in the ordinance. AM but three or four are businesses not before subject lo license payment while the remaining fees are fixed as redu'c- lions of license fees established in the original license code, particularly lowering the rate for dispensers of soft drinks. Slay FJny in I'onils The council also passed a resolution on the suggestion of Ccipt.j Ivy \V. Crawford, city attorney, authorizing Ihe expenditure ol 53,000 from the hospital bond retirement fund t obuy in outstanding; bonds which migm be offered for less than the bonds were originally sold. The purchase of the bonds at an advantageous price lo require approval of the council, it is understood. The aldermen agreed to have Mayor Reed meet with the board of directors of the cily library with i instructions to offer rooms in tin i City Hall, with heat, light and wa- t ler for the library. In this manner, i it was explained, present expense ol the library in maintaining its building on Main street could be partly eliminated and the house, which it owns and occupies at Main and Sixth streets, rented. Ftay Worthington. member of the library board, met with the council and suggest?:l lhat Mayor Reed confer with IhJ llbran -!>v»rrt.- ...... . niscuss Fire I'roteclion Muyor Reed and the aldermen. ..,. „ discussed the possibility of a sub-!.. " , stantfal reduction in fire insurance „ ,„„ rates by the employment, of a full tune fire department. Mayor Reed said he had been informed that the services of a full time chief and two men added lo the two drivers already employed would result in a reduction of five cents a hundred in insurance rates. Fire Chief Roy Head declared I'.e had been informed that the employment of eight full time men in the fire department would bring about a 25 per cent reduction in insurant: rates. The aldermen and mayor ex' pressed the desire for a full time fire department but agreed that cily revenue did not warrant, increased expenditures for the present. John Lenti. city auditor, who is engaged in making up a set of books for a permanent record of city tax lists. toUl the council that the preliminary examination of the records showed some •!(» auto owners still delinquent in license payments this year. However, further investigation might disclose a reduction In the number of delinquents- to about 200, it was stated. Reports of activities of their departments during the pas! month were given by Dr. T. R. Johnson, health officer. M. G. Gocdv:in. police chief. Roy Head, fire chief, mid J. T. Craig, head ol the engineering department. Xcw Privilege Tavcs Tile new privilege licence ordinance, passed by tl'.e council sets out the following fees annually- for various business. Abstract business $23: accountant or auditor. $20; attorncv. $20: brokers, agents or sellers of fire insurance. $20: advertising by vehicle and music. $5 per day': advertising by billboard, S3 per billboard: blacksmith shops. SIS; brokers nr buyers of cotton or cotton seed. $25: building and loan associations. S50: Iwltbrs of soft drinks $50: bottlers of soft drinks with no regular place of business In city bin offering their products for sale. $50: manufacturer!; of canned products. S25; dentists. $20; newspaper publishers. S100; newspaper agents $12; meat market, fresh meats. S15- miniature golf courses. $15; machine shop. $25. combined with blacksmith shop. $30; garagss. repairing and storing atitos only. 525; games of skill. Jo per day; veterinary physician or surgeon. $20; loan business, dealers In securities or buyers of corj'.merclat paper. S2iS: soft drink*. $6; ostcopathlc physicians. $20; chiropractors. $20. I'lenty of Speed and Curves. Too SINGLE COPIES FIVE. CENTS Y^ Three Arrested for Killing j County Education Body During Hun! for Missis- Organizes at Meeting isppi Attacker. Meld Here Yesterday. COLUMBUS. Mitt.. June lOJ Zal B. Harrison, Blylhoville. wa« ! ibP> — The beat uife It death of H re-elected president of the MKw- 50-ycar-olci iiesro by members of jslppl county board of education, ns::! I a po«e seeking th» IIOTUU attacker of a white farmer's wife brought feeling to a high pitch here today as about 103 men h'.intrd with the sheriff in an effort to find the attacker. The search is being made in a wooded section fifteen miles cast ol here- n?ar where Mrs. Jim Hicks WP..S allackcd as she walked from ; the farm home to a Gene ftafal. above. was selected by St. Ixmis' styfisii to represent the city at the inter- pageant at Gc.l- nationn! beauty veslon, Tex., Jime 12. 13 ai>rt 14. The indicator whirls around to 121 pounds when "Miss St. Ixnm" steps on Ihe scales. spring. J. P. Tompkins. Hiudcllc, serrc- t'-iry and treasurer, in 11 mcetin.: '. here yesterday. Other members u ! Ihe board are: (J. S3. Segravrs, Os- ! eeola, w. w. Shaver, Blylhovilk'. ' ami C, J. Chapln. Manila, nr.d John Hearden,' Lciichville. Of the 43 districts In the county there were 21 budgets approved by the board after examining li i>eatcn lo death was George Mo- Lain. His attackers, ac-iording to aificeri. were Dor.cho lianetl. his brother l.acey. -ind Toy Duncan. The men were arrested last night and held In jail here. Information about the attack on McL:i!n and two other negroes was meager. Officers said the thrc? posse members and three other white men came upon tlie negroes and attempted lo question them. so severely beaten ^^ o sverey eaen n _ •• - — - ..... -•• d«d last night shortly! „,?„„„ "f t ' ratl , cs wl)1 8° to ' """ " " ...... '"' ...... ~" Another neyro.j was seriously McLean that he after the. attack. Dobert Latham, ! maimed, according lo officers, and j a third negro was shot. 1 BheriCi 11. G. Davis said he 'knew the names of the ether three I white men who attacked the. ne- a:ul expected to wrest them ! today. ami u-sceoia districts are not investigated by the hoard as the population of these towns Is more thai; 2500. Members ol tile board will meet with district board members ol ihe other districts. June 10 here lor districts In the northern part of the county, and at Osceola June 20 lor those in the southern pan. for a icvlslon of the budgets. The petition for Ihc consolidation of the New Hope district '29 with Manila w.ts approve:!, Students In Continuance of Dry Weath- C er Will Cut Yield Short: U Other Crops May Suffer. Rain must come shortly or the j early crop of green |>r>ans for the! Blytheville Canning company will' b3 seriously curtailed. The canning.plant has been op-! crating for nearly a week, and so' far the beans hav? been coming in i fairly well, but a sharp falling off is anticipated unless moisture is forthcoming to keep the plants )>ro- ducir.g. The supply of beans this week has not been sufficient to ke;u the canning factory ouerating at capaeifyr but at times the number of workers has run ns high as 125. first planting, no.v b?- not come up to a 100 per cent stand, the oullcak for the season is very good unless tn Hope as formerly and thosj In higher grades will attend the Manila school. "Moil Dion." Says Tex, "The Frond, Government Ouglil lo Be Ashamed." NEW YORK, June 10 (UP)-I sec* me with a French fried no"'"'• " '•" -'-— '- lalo In my mouth I IKMK I sol Texas Giilnan, w|io can shoot her name In u dlshpnn with a 45 i'.t 75 yurds, mine back to the United Stairs last night wilh n boatload m hundMimc slrls and Ihe conute- lion that Napolron lioimparlc hud li.ined thrice In his grave. "The French government ought lo be ashamed," said Texns, "lo have ix-rmillrd a chorus of thlrly- tinee to cross ihe ocean without telling them before they stalled that they were not welcome." Miss Gulmin said she had Immense respect for the Ficndi p."u- ple "but all those ministers, they don't even know the French mid Indian war Is over. The llrst thing I am going to do If 1 have time Is to go out lo this place called French Lick. The name sounds glorious lo me. Anil II uuyone the hoof r.nd mouth'disease. Ocd knows I got the former." Miss Glilnnu wns resplendent In white riding brcechc*. rhlni'stom's iinil n white coat when reporters reached her on board the liner 1'ni-ls. "All I can say." she said. "Is that 3.001) miles Is a terrific lung wny to go lo Jail, and Its a line reception 1 got In the country where Mnr.\lml! Joffre decorated me, one out nl fifteen women ho decorated for cMuioidlnuiy service during the war back In l!t]8. I jang my hmijK out In the trenches and In the hospitals mid now tlwy throw me out of the country. And lo think 1 studied French when 1 was In a convent. Sarre Ulctil Momlleii! Golly!" FLASHES <'AI,I)U'K1,I, Jl.'ltV •OMI'I.KTHH NASHVII.l.K,' June 10 (VI'} — A jury was cumrilrlrfl in rrhnlii- ,-\l rjuirt litre totby lo try ltog= ers Calilwt-ll on rliarffi-s of fr:u:d- utcnl lircach cf tru^t anil lar- i-cuy. Mure than two days were required tit fill tbr jury I)LI\. IX . . i When completed the double green Action laken m Anticipn j i ho " sc wil1 " nvo °" <"•<=«' ot'«oo • . D ... . - . square feet, steam heal and other llOn Of Possible Attack improvements for the all year car- Kv fnmmiimctc ? f n ° wers - similar to thai of tl'.e D> UJmmumsts. i, ouse crcc , C(1 n , mmlm o! 'ago. PEIPING. China, June 10 (UP) I : '. —U. S. authorities acted today to! fl'f:.... .( protect American lives and prop- """-« OI Heaton's Home of Flowers to Erect New Greenhouse j Eighteen-year-old Ruth Thomas Work will be started this month ' doesn't .know much about baseball on a new green for Hcaton's Pitching and is only a novice al surf Heine of Flowers which will be ton! riding, but she takes (he prl/e' larger iliiui (he present conserve.-1 '<"' fsm .v curves at (he opening of tory. . ! 1 tfcc sports season on the Mississippi The new plant, hoii'r will dl- : river near Memphis. Here, you' scd rectly adjoin the present edifice l ller completing a daring turn beam! will be of similar structure with ' '''"d .1 speed boat at 35 miles per an imposing 14 foot entrance across! hour, the front. - drouth interferes, accordin George Gr?b. nresident and Gen- The U. S. Pillsbury was ordered ttj Foachov, en t!^ coast of southern China. The destroyer is at- MEET HEBE Organization Resigns! Genevai % ussio ,n 9* Cot-. •'ton'Bagging-Planned (or Thursday, June 18. MK.Ml'llI.S HOY KILLED COLLISION .MEMPHIS, 'June 10 (UP)—A 11-yrar-old si'lnwl hny, aiikr Cianli-all, was kitlrd hrrc sbnrtly after nmm tucl.iy when the far he w:is driving collided with om> driven by Herman Phillips M. a m-gro. Tbe boy's skull w.-is crushed. I'liitllps is lu'ini; liclil by jxilirr on rbarscs of manslaughter. 1'AIINKU, BACK OX .101! I.ITTI.K ROOK, June in IW'I r.ovrrnor Harvey U'arncil returned lo the executive offices shortly before noon today aflcr an absence of (en days during which time he attended the annual conference of governors .it French IJck, Ind., anrt the commencement exercises at the University of Arkansas at Fayelle- villr. Friend of Dead Girl tacheri to the American HOME . J""c 10 iUPl-Resigna- s a- of Mons 'g»°r Pizardo as as- fleet Gi J sltl; >nt general of the Catholic lay- duty in Asiatic waters The dis-! 1:lens organization A?.lonc Cattali- manasr-r of th? canninp paich of tl.c I'illsbury was des- rribcd as a p!?cautionary measure, indicating American authorities ca was announced today and was . Information com- , fearcri communist uprisings might BOSTON. June 10 (UP)—A close friend ol Miss Stair Faithful. 25. inners of Mississippi I arccn ' vich vl " nBC Riri wllosl? ^Ay . ™Jncent southeast Mis- v ''" s wasllctl a5n ° rc °" T - onlr UCiu:h deemed a passible steping stone to souri territory will be invited to Ni Y " Mollrti <y rcv:aH>d "very ,„,,.,;„., of uaiiBn-vatican prob- meet l-.erc June 18 for furlber con-r' a!unblc Information"- today con- proixBal for the i ccrn!n * llle mvslcrious death. Tills .on baeging for"'"" V "'P nlecl bv Districl Attorney All cotton county and sdjace: solution I lems. [Sideralion of a Just previous to announcement adoption cf colt iwny. mere are excel!™" stands cf result in a lenewed attack upon ""^ 1'^'™= «> announcement adoption cf cotton bagging tori 1 " 5 i^meci uv uistricl Attorney beans which should be rcaclv for Foachow. a treaty |»rt of Fukien ! of !l 'e resignalion it had been I wrappin- cotton produced in u,i.-1 E - N - Edwards. Nassau couiily. New harvest the Litter part of this! province with a population ol one I !carnecl tlm V^terday's govern-I vicinity. "'York, after he. Inspector Harold in-nth and in Jisly. j mii|i on . '."cnt reply lo the Vatican .note had Decision to call the Jimn IB n^h R ' Kt " s nnd Dosto " nolico omMs While green beans are probihlv 1 " lslileii W°» removal of WzardoL "„.„'"" Ot °™ 11 '"*J" nc » meet- ,,,„, m , cstion « d lnc dose ri .| nu] nf probiblv in more imminent danger from lack of moisture than anv other croo. rain Is badly needed to hasten th? growth of cotton, corn. • soybean? and hav crous. It is now over two weeks since the last rainfall of anv consequence in the immediaf vi- cinitv of Blylheville. and !nck of mc'sttire in the sub-soil due to a deficiency in rainfall over the past twelve months maftes the situation particularly critical. . Communists Wound Minister TOKVO. Jun? 10 (UP)—Gen. Ho Yiiig-Chmg, war inliiLster of tlw China national govcrs'.nicnt, \v^s attacked and seriously wounded at the city o! N'anckeng yesterday by comniunist bandits, according to word received today by Japanese government, authorities. Storekeeper Slavs Who Entered With Gun WATSON .Ark.. June 10 (DP) — John Smith, r-2. was sh"t. and in- Mantlv killed by E. M. Vaughn as he entered the latter's stors late yesterday armed and allegedly threatening the storetceprr's lile. According to tlie story related to officers by Vauphn. Smith entered his store aparently intoxicated and pointed a shot pun at him. Vaughn Slid he grabbed n rifle and fired one shot which pierced Smith's heart. The two men w^re reported to ha\e cngazcd In a quarrel earlier in the day. Southwestern Student Hurt in Auto Accident MEMPHIS. June 10 (UP)—Donald NfacQuccn. 18. Pittsburgh. Pa., student at Southwestern college here and nephew of Dr. Marion MncQiieen of the college facility, was In an unconscious condition in a hospital here today follow- in? an automobile accident which orrurred when tl'.e youth was re- lllouv^LJ l.)jull 1L.-IIJUVU1 Ul I l/.ttlUU ' I , on the ground he was a subject of i " B u '" 5 rc!>dlcli Tuesday afternoon the Vatican state but not of Italy. I ?' a ,"'"!>"& attended by a num- The Vatican was understood to be preparing a fourth note. , ber °' district ginr.ers, the dead girl. Frances P. Hamlln cf Dcdham. a clerk employed by '"' C """ r " St °" m5 " ip llnc ' Appears As Witness In Car Theft Trial Raymond Bomar. deputy constable o'Jt of the office of Harry Taylor, is attending federal court in Memphis today as a. witness against Charley Mayer, former i Blytheville resident, charged with LONDON. June 10 (UP)— Debate ' violali ™ °f tne D i' er net. on the "present position of repar- j Mayer is alieged to have rfinov- Mac Donald Sees No Need of Reparations Debate , Mrs. S. S. St ; rnberg. Oliver I pcdgc.aml Max Meyers were named] rt n m /> I a committes to issue the invitations | vJara Bow r'ans Career ,Te d etin" ke a "™°°" mMs f ° r lhe ' as Free Lance Actress Samples of all-cotton bagging, exhibited at yesterday's meeting by alions and war debts would not be I-P ! «i a stolen car from Tennessee deputy here, it is stated. Rsfcrendum Petition Oi Divorce Law Studied helpful al Ihe present lime." Prime l(0 Arkansas. The was subsc- Minister Ramsey MacDonald said fluently recovered by the local today In the house of commons in response to a proposal for such debate by Commander J. M. Kenworthy, laborite. The point was iais^.1 in connection with a discussion of the week end'Anglo-German conferences nt Cheqi^jrs. In reply to a question by Captain Peter Drummond MacDonald as to whether the British government would propose a war debt conference v , among the nations interested the prime minister said "tlie attitude of Great Britain on the war debts is well known and action alcnr; the line suggested would in the present circumstances serve no useful purpose." Officers Did Not Identify Themselves Says Youth ARDMORE. Okla.. June 10 (UP> — Salvador Corles Rubio, nephew \ turning a girl companion home at-io' Pr.-Eldent^Ortlz Rublp^ of Mexl- ! " .--.=^-j .-.--.. .1.- ---,-• representatives of the Delta Cottonseed Cooiwrative Afarketing association of Clarksdale, Miss., which distributes the cotton wrapper In Mississippi, brought favor- HOLLYWOOD. June 10 (UP)— Clara Bow. red headed motion picture actress who wns released from her contract with the Paramount Studio a few days ago. Intends to become a free, lance plaver ,-... A,, inij^i.^o, |j|,,, muuuj;^ lavur-i u i ...... able comment from a number of! w ^ n . s ' lc rcg:lms ncr llcaltl1 sllc ginners. some of whom said thevj . w ' . sa ev ... would use i! regardless of whatever ' S °°' 1 n!> "' ablc T "'"' ' general nclion may be taken. While slightly more expensive the all-cotton bagging was described by some of the ginners as having compen- | sating advantages In strength and appearance that made it more desirable than either the ordinary ™ mc " fl , ce lcll>cc *' stllti <vh - n nskc " , fu "' re l>lan her conlracti »S for LITTLE ROCK, June 10. (UP)-Sponsors ol Arkansas' quick divorce act began a detailed check ol 12.000 signatures attached to a referendum petition filed late yesterday wit Irtiic secretary of state demanding the measure passed by the 1931 leaislatnre b^ referred to the electorate at the 1932 general election. Rcprcsentnttivc J. R. Campbell. Sevier county, authr of the act in Ihe lower house, together witti Hot Springs attorneys, will conduct a careful inspection of each signature. n single production at a time I We for me." Off the Range Go west, young man—and In Fort Worth. Texas, you'll find smiling Alyne IlolTinnn directing a sle( club of singing cowboys. Unt she'; pictured here as she appeared the other day at the While House, which she visited while nllcndlnp, with her (/lee club,, [ho convention oi the' Boys' club Federation ol America. IES TBflTH DF B. A. Lynch Files Answer to Slander Suit of Former Local Coal Dealer. B. A. Lynch. Blytheville banker, filed answer in circuit court this morning denying the allegations set forth In a slander action brought by E. J. Browne, former manager ol Browne and Billings, local field and coal company. Browne Is suing Ihe banker for S100.0CO for alleged Injury lo his reputation by defamatory remarks In his answer Mr. Lynch denies the specific allegation ol the plaintiff that he falsely and maliciously uttered remarks that injured the diameter of Browne, in the, presence of P. C. Douglas, local attorney, and J. Q. Lane of Jones- j Bates, boro. Tlie plaintiff contended that the remarks attributed to the banker were made on March 7. 1031. Fairficld Files New NOUS In Election Case>' ! v;] Trial Is Delayed. Tli.; probability of 'a lone, legal Jaltle in (he election contest, suit" -' : | brought by A, B, Fairfield against, Nelll flced loomed 1 .-tbriixy'-';• udge O. K. Keck set'the';/:l Mayor Judg. case for trial July 2. The' defense •-• indicated loilay II would 'contend •-• then that trial could not be held' - ? mUil (he January, 1932, term ol'.''i| court because of llw Introduction.- of a MW came of action by the plaintiff. . ... . A rrsiwnso .filed by Fa'l'r'flcld- counsel when Judge Keck ope'ned^B court this morning brought about the continuance. After cxamma- lien the rcfpanse. Reed's attoiT.sys 1 , '•« contended that In charging M..G. Cicodwli, police chief .under! the ••':.* Heed administration with . paying :" for iwll lax lor some 09 persons • ivllhout their, authority, the. plain-., tiff had brought a new cause .of-" action inlo (he .lawsuit. Judge..' Keck concurred with the. defend/;: mil's counsel and declared he vyould ^ allow the usual 2« days for the defense to prepare its CP.SC. Ask Belay Until January W. D. Oravelle of Mayor Resd's. counsel contended however tlia£ the Introduction of a new cause of -./" acllou would prevent trial of, the . v : cr.w before the nest term of circuit court In Jahuury and asked that his objection to the scttlng^of , date for the trial before thai time be written in the record. Judge. Keel: staled that lie would not pas's '. on the • question raised b'y..JMr. Oravclte but that it could "be'ar- gucd before the trial judge * in July. Reed counsel indicated that counter charges .similar to-tlie one. Involving Goodwin would be Wed by the defendant. ...-.'' Judge Keck slated this morning that he had not yet asked another Judge tq hear'the trial. The Ely- thcville jurist had previously ahv- nounccd thai IK would, excuse -him- 1 ' self- from the bench during "the. trial. U Is believed' Judge Nelll - Klllou'gh of Wynne y;iH be asked to hear tlie case. ' . The new pleading filed .by . the . MaVnlif't follow:;:' As his response and reply to the : : .i pleadings filed by the defendant '•.-*;';; herein, tbe plaintiff sels up the fol-. > lowing state of facts: ' . '.,!! 1.—Plaintiff admits his error, in'••/;-naming the following persons as be- "'";• ing unqualified to vote in the recent ' ..v city elcclion, 1 and - hereby admlls, • . r .'*. as does the defendant, their quail- " fications: Earl E. Parker. \V. C.-. i* Brante, Joe Shanks. Jim Winches- . 'j ler, I. G. Winchester, C. A. Win- ; .'i, Chester. J. A. Hallcy, J. P.'Kin- •--.': cannon, Sheldon Hall, W. O. Cromwell and Mrs. J. H. Morrison. './ '2. a.—In preparing hk original ' j' complaint herein the plaintiff erred •'•'' in ILsting Ihe following named' jicr-. : ' : sons as being disqualified to vote in the recent city election, and her2by ^ specifically alleges that they were In all respects, duly qualified elec- V tors and entitled to vote at-said •'-< election: Vera Kelley. W. I. lerro- •;••? nconsly listed as W. T.l Wheat, :"'• Hunter Wright, Mrs. W. W. Haw- '. kins, Mrs. Jack Ozincnt (erroneously listed as Mrs. Jack Osbom). Mrs. Hoss Nicholson and S. O. - 1 "^ i"nn cum.'! Hie ordinary r _ ...... jute bagging or the jute and col- LOVed Wife, Lot. But ton combinations that have recent-! »r T n i »i« ly marie their appearance. The all-cotton wrapper welglis only five pounds to the bale, compared to an average of 12 pounds to the bale for jute. While this provides a saving of seven pounds to the bale in freight charges It Is also an obstacle to the immediate $5 Too Much Alimony DETROIT. (UPl-James P. nob- The name of Vcra Kelley was stricken from the original complaint before It was filed; the defendant . names her in his answer as being term of circuit court was not called disqualified to vote, and the plain- Ihe case will be continued until till hereby specifically alleges that the January term of court next year. Elrona. "an .oved his lot." but . Believe Men On Sunken Submarine May Be Safe enough that IIP was willing to pay $5 a week temporary alimony. "If you love her as much as you tcr a college dance. co. testified today the officers who His companion. Miss Allison Cole, jshot his two companions to death daughter of T. J. Colo of Amory. did not identify themselves as of- ' " "' ficeis until after (he shooting. Miss., banker, was seriously hurt.j "«is until a MacQueen's machine was struck! Rubio was by one driven by a negro. the first witness in Latest Modes Bound for " Sale to African Beauties LOXDOX, England. lUP)-An at- upon the vanity and pcckoi- It Is expected that the national tex- _ tile Institute will shortly announce T WO Aged Tennessee a standard tare allowance for cot- ennessee ton wrapped in aii-cottr.n baling. she was in all respects jntitled to vote in the city election. b.—-The name of Vcrlie Snow was stricken from the plaintiff's complaint before it was filed; defendant assumes that her name Is still i in the pleadings and d;ni3s [hat ! she was not qualified lo vote. Plaln- . The Mississippi men told the local ginners eycsterday that Missis jsippl ginners had already contract- for more than a million yards of Farmers Hang Selves ! n " """ C ° 1 bcok of the African beauty will I ""-cotton' bagging and that in some be opened seen. | other counties no other typo of bag- A caravan of motors carrying a S' n B would be used Tiic ithe preliminary hearing of Deputy: complete range'of dresses, cotton ~ '" William ---••'- . , negro Is held in jail pending in- Sheriffs William Guess and Cecil! and rayon fabrics, spsr.sored by a u , _ vesUgation of the accident I Crosby, charged with murder in j leading Manchester firm, has de-|JnOdern Entertainment ----- I !!•••>. slay-in;; of_Emilio_ Cortes Rubio , parted for the tropical country.; r_ i i\ u ,• Hawks Sets New Mark ROME. June 10 (UP)—Captain Memphis Couple Killed at Mississippi Crossing and Manuel Garcia Gomez, Inent Mexican students. ...u.v.. p... ivi. tui unu tropical country, prom-1 Stops will be made at Damascus. [ I Jerusalem, Alexandria. Cairo and] ! than at Capetown. | Ends Prayer Meeting MURFREESBORO. Temv. Jl 10 (UP)—Two aged farmers ended their lives near here by hanging themselves. The two men were Jess Mayhew Smotherman. 66. and 1,0! Boy of Six Shoots and Kills Brother, Seven vm | YORK, Pa., June 10 (UP)—A Bonnie Vfare. 63. Straneely both i f x J '- nr o!cl - toy. William Trone, . . left notes saylnz they had '"dccld- 1 tcda - v sno ' illlrt ed to quit this lite." Beauty Reminders - Ms seven ycar old brother Charles after the i two had argued over a handful of crackers. Air.ther brother Georce witnessed the shooting. BOSTON, I UP) — T!:o were Instantly killed at a at Covington, Tenn^^ M. Hawks uiioflicially es- j grade crossing two miles nor; Dudley rnecl- Every Wednesday night for 46 rtsidcnts o( that action In Stained Glass BROOKLINE. Massachusetts. WEATHER IMt U. V^UVlllVJ lUCf, lenn., JUT.e 10 I \>V HMKl 1C nnn. »•*,,. 3 ^11*1* r 1 .*. ."J.UVWIO u* ulav *c*,llvlk which -tun-Fire which at times threat ind a °t l a new clty"a «5 SW f T^T Sb i P 1tt th ° fr ° nt by lha euctt the witiro h-jsiness district of r« f nmK .^ nc *,fi* '?'..„ i r °?. m of » Iod 8 |n S 1°' JS<; ' r^r n u, A . y Om of » Iod 8lng house. tb/t Mhl and patterned some-1 Now the prayer-iueetiug group n'H ,.?, r Wa5n!n « lon ', D ' c The .has disbanded el tins tho compctl- (Jill 1*1 fV I* «I~1H- WrtllftiTill ,r rr.teirr-nA • II*.. .M . ' .~ . ^ lo as old D,nhi. , now generally referred j (ton of movies, radio and automo- , |«tles as on* reason. iUP)-There Is not'much cinnger of j (/vA . n ^ ANS , A ?r S^ 1 «<*«<! showers Mr. and Mrs. Leonard H. Rhodes. | tonlght alld Tl»<ir«d»y- t^.T'T,, 0 ' M talll 5',i° r . Bet , tl r B l Awdlne to the official weather the natural beauties of that state, observer, Charles Phillips ir the ... I ?.^?f? e '" •U™*.?"?.? 1 "Kimira, t*mpsratu« here- yeste-r- windows portraytog In gor geous colors scenes In camden and Rockland, Me., and Matlnlcus Island, which Is off the Maine coast. — yesterday was 86 degrees and tha mint- mum 65 degrees, clear. Today a year ago the maximum temperature was 84 degress and the minimum M dfgrmv;, partly cloudy, 1'ialificd to vote in that they had 4.— Defendant denies that Mrs. Willie Cox and James Jones each voted twice In said citv election. Tne plaintiff alleges that if two persons by the name of Mrs. Willie Cox or Mrs. Willie M. cox and two pcrf ons by the name of James Jonas voted in said election, then one person under each of the said names was not qualified to vote In ' that she and he had not paid the poll tax as required by law. 5.— Defendant alleges In his answer that the persons hereinafter j named were not qualified to vote | In said city election and that all of said persons voted for the plain- j tiff. Plaintiff denies that, sold yst- sons were not qualifier! and hersuy alleges that each and all of them wore In all respects qualified electors and entitled lo vote at. suc>. election: B. L. Eaton, D. M. Eaton. Thurman demons, J.frj. Thurms-i Cleniojii, E. C. Harpci, Vinl«n Bass, Henry Hale, Johnnie Rhodes, {Continued on Paie TUr««)

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