The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 9, 1950 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 9, 1950
Page 10
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PAGE TEN m/iTTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS ' THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 1350 E. Germany Votes Youth Corps, Gestapo Days of Hitler Recalled in 2 New Red Laws By TJiumas A. Ketdy BERLIN, Feb. 9. (AP)-Kast Germany Is to have its regimented youtl i a nil a 11 - powe rf»1 G es t a po, just like in the days of Hitler. With an unquestioning raise of hands the Communist-com rolled Volk.skamnier (People's Chamber) | ye.sterday passed two laws whk'h appear to roll the calendar back to 1933. One bill creates a new Ministry Of State Security to direct a special secret police force outside the Ministry of Interior, his political force Is to have unlimited authority Ui arrest and imprison ai*y saspecied ; "enemy agent. 1 ?, .spies and saboteur*." , The other law virtually forces i some 3.000.000 youth In the Soviet Zone of Germany to become members of tiie FDJ—the Free German Youth. They must Join if they want to participate in even the most ordinary every-dny activities, including sport-s .certain school work and the choice of profession. Betrayal Encouraged By the language of tlic law, the tree German youth becomes a potential gigantic home spy ring much like the Hitler Jtigend In which boy.s and girls were encouraged to betray even their parents if they were anU-Nazi. There was nothing but acclaim and approval hi the rubber stamp People's Chamber, the legislative body for the Ru.ssian-backed regime, after Deputy Prime Minister Walter Ulbrlcht said the youth organization would have n-s its "sacred duty" the "deepening of Soviet- Gevman friendship and anti-American ism." The new police bin was introduced by East Germany's interior Minister Kar! Stcinhoff. who said it was nece.ssary because "enemy American agents" had threatened peace and order in the Soviet ?.one. The force, modeled after Russia's own secret police, the MVD, may embrace a vast network of informers similar to that of Hitler's Gestapo. As th« bill* were passed, German sources were reporting an intensified purge among East German minority party leaders accused Of falling to cooperte ' sufficiently urith the Communists. Officials Ousl*d Members of the Christian Democrat and Liberal Democrat parties who held public poste In Saxony, Bradenburg and Sachen-Anhalt are •aid to have been ousted and other key members arrested. ' At the same time the Red Army newspaper Taegliche - Rundschau reported that 127 East German •gents of "American imperialists" had been caught in. acts of sabotage. This report has been termed by Western officials a Soviet smokescreen to hide discontent in the east German Zone. , Political teasion in divided Ber- Un was accentuated yesterday when Socialists staged an anti-Communist m!Iy in West Berlin, just at the •border of the Russian sector. A crowd of S.OOO, including many from, the Eastern sector just across the itreet, attended despite snow »nd biting cold to hear West Berlin's Mayor Ernst Renter declare tnat Communism would never win here. Dewey Attacks Democrat Ideas On U.S. Politics PRINCETON. N. J., Feb. 9—07V- Gov. Thomas K We wry of New York ays the Democrats have "trJcci to divide the country on economic and class lines" and the policy will Icail to disaster for the nation. Dewey al-so said that reallsnmeul of the Democratic and Repnn]ir:)]t ParUes "would result in a one-party system and finally totiillnrlan government." The 1948 pre.sidentEal candidate last night delivered the first «f four lectures on "llic Ainerlean Political SysU'in" at the Wood row Wilson School of Pnhlic and In- leniaLiuiinl Affairs of Princeton UniversJl-y. Dewey .-said "Impractical theorists wtih a '|jass!on for neatness' demand that our pnriles be sharply divided one a gainst the 'other, In 1 nicest, rntMiibcshlu and doc tine. "They want to drive alt moderates and liberals out of the Republican Parly and then have the remainder join forces with the ron- scrvntivc groups of the south. The Democratic Party would he. the liberal-to-rnclfcfll party. The Republican party would be tiie conscrvii- live-to-reactlonary party." Police Use Tear Gas To .Capture Veteran PATKRSON, N. J., Feb. 9—f/P]— Pollre used tear gas yesterday (o capture a deranged veteran who barricaded himself In his apartment and shot off bullets by frying them in a skillet. Police siud the 26-year-old man had held them at bay by threatening to shoot anyone who came hi. When they got in, they said, the veteran was found with both arms slashed and bleeding. The man. Identified a.s David Hicham, needed 50 stitches to close cuts on his arms. The cuts were not serious, doctors .said. Police captured Hlgham by climbing a fire escape across an inner court from his apartment mid loss- Ing tear gas bombs through his window. But when they searched the apartment, there was no gun, despite Kigham's threats to shoot. He told! police he had shot off bullets by putting them in a frying pan on the stove and heating them up. Police hearing bullets, thought Higham had a gun. are no big names in the cast. The leading man i.s George Dolenz, onetime Hssistant manager of Ciro's night club, who played minor roles Ui several B pictures. A Hughes pres agent, was bemoaning this lack oi names one day, saying it would be a difficult Him to publicize. Said Hughes: "I don't see why. It's a picture with all new faces. " The pres agent finally had to agree that Hughes was right. All of M.s films have siii-ee.ssfiUly brought new faces to the screen. Tickets on Sole For Kiwanis Club Pancake Benefit lans for flic KiwanLs Club's second anmnd benelit pancake bn-;il:- t art- iteiiring completion and kets for the event went oti suta yesterday. The breakfast will bu hi-Id Feb. in [he show-room of Hie Ulytlio VJlle Motor Compuny on Norih Bro;«Uvay Street v;iU\ bve^kfvist to be served fiotn 6 a.m. to II a.m. ceeds from the arc to to ilie chib'.s Underprivileged Children's Fund. The pancake breakfast was in- Ligiirulrd by tht dub last year n.s mi'HJisoi helping furnish lands for the club's nndrjrpnvilt'Ked children's i'k a tut it i.s planned to make [he event an annual affair, A three-man committee lias hcen ap|h'>liued to carry out plans for the breakfast. Members of thut committee art 1 J. I,. Nubcrs. Bob Lxjgjin nnd Cecil Lowe. Tickets fur Ihe breakfast muy b« pulicha.sed from any Khvaman, was announced. India Will Have A-Bomb 'Soon/ Nehru Claims N'I'W UKMll. IlKliu, Feb. 9. (At') p-Prime Minister Juwutiiirhil Nehru xmJ Kxiiiy Inrliit \vou!cj produce. Its t uun atomic energy "ii> rv ir;]' ' time." .Spp.ikiii" in i'iii-iiiinieiir. Neimi -snicl ihe ['.ovemmc'iu alrt'iuly hnd taken .sle|K lo proce.'o atomic raw innien:iU, |)resiim:iWj uranium ores, and plans to have a .snmll atomic pile producing i-Jicrgy within a few years. lit' said a factory (or Dvoeessing thu riuv material prubtitily would I be In operation within a year. I The lack of adequately trained personnel, Nehru said, was hampering Indla'.s atomic research much nioM 1 Hum lack of finances. He neidcd however, that Hie "nucleus of worker* covering different lechni- 'I'.n.s already :ue trained" and said jorhe: piT.soniit'l i.s foc-lti" instructed. I India Is in tuiii:li with "numerous I 'iirfijsn stti-iitihU", Nrimi .said, and | .-ONIL' ImUatus are Ijeinij trrined ruiid on atomic inu-.-gy. NOIICJ: Kn!j:(> is la'iTby sil'en that the i'lHtei.siiincti IJLLS iii(-d with the Com- inisionfr ul Revenues of the S'.ntc of Arkansas Jor permit to .sell and dispense beer at retail on the pmniie.s de.-cnlml a.s near 114 S. 6th, lilyUieville, Mississippi County. The undersigned states that he Ls a citizen of Arkansas, of good moral character, that he has never been convicted of a felony or other crime involving moral turpitude; that no license to sell beer by the undersigned has been revoked within five years last past; and (hat the undersigned ha.s never been con- ncied of violating tiie laws of this sULp. or any other state, relative to the .sale of alcoholic liquors. Application is for permit to be Ls.sued for operation beginning on the 1 day of March 1950, and to expire on the 30 day of^ June, 1930. George N. Abdou Sub.-cribcn and. s« - orn to before me this fl day of Feb. 1930. Mrs. Marshall Blackard, Notary Public My Commission expires: 3J953. 29.50 it; Monastery Heads Seized For Refusing Red Oath PR AC. UK, C/eclio.sluvnkirt, Feb. 9 /•}'(—Reliable sources report Unit Die heads of two Roman Calholic Monasteries have been unestetl. apparently because they refused to LI oaths of allegiance to the Communist-led government. The fnlormniif-s said (he arrested Abbots headed monasteries in Nova Risen and Xeliv, in Bohemia. Under the new church control law, the* oath to the government is required before priests can receive state salaries. Thousands have been helped by this famous health water. Not a laxa~ tloe. Try it for tlio neit few weeks .. . see how it may help you. Aifc Yovr DmJor About MOUNTAIN VALIEY MINERAL WATER Crosslmvn Whiskey Shop ^ I r j#r So. Division, Hl>-fhcvillc ' ^*S"S^V^O-^g^ G ' !l SUPERLATIVE is worth a thousand words One name —and one alone —has become for! ever linked-with'-the word SURE. Each year, more millions of Americans discover that Seagram's 7 Crown is 100% dependable... that every bottle is SURE to please. Seaetam's 7 Crovm. Bfcndocl Whiskey. 8R.8 Piool. 65% G™ N°ui»l Spiiils. Seagram -Distillers Corporation, Chrysler Bldg.. N.f. Hollywood Continued from Page s t«th to cur* »n Impediment in her speech. She told mer "I had a lisp. I wath awfiil. I couldn't thay a thinj without llth- pmg." Her dramatic coach suggested the toothpick. For a year she read lines with the toothpick In her month. It worked. There li no trace of a lisp today. She started ncfinj In high school in Santa Monica, CalK. A Warner ] Brothers talent scout saw her, gave ' her a contract and changed her ! name to Faith Dawn. That was In i 1041. She was 16 and still goInR ! to school. SLOW STAltT She was Tinder contract (o Warners only six weeks when Hughes mcl • her. bought her contract and chan- i ee<l her name back to Domergye. j Hughes pnid her salary and senl i her [o dramatic school for six years. When jane Kussrll appeared In "Young Widow." Faith was supposed to have played the second leading role. But the script was rewritten so many times she wound up nlayins a two-mimuo bit. While working in "Vcmldla." Faith nnrrictl Trd Stanfrr. the or- clirMra leader. Work on the picture laslnl longer limn the ninrrl- asr. Tliry were ln;irririt only six months while llu> film was in prn- duclion Hirer ye.irs. ."Vendetta" is based on the famous Prosper Mtthnee classic, "Colomba." Kaith plays Coloniba. a Rlr! who dernnnds that her brother avenge the murder ot their father Together they track down the killers In post-Napoleonic Corsica. Kxrcpt for Joseph Callela, there Concrete Culvert Tile Sires ap lo 36 In. Corrugated Mefa! Culverts Si/rs op to 8-1 In. AntomM!* 1 Hood Gale* Concrete Septic Tanks Mclnl Septic Tanks Sewer Tile lies! Prices We Deliver A.H.WEBB lilfhway 6! >l Slate Line I'lione 714 HERE'S YOU mi LOW PRICE FOR fflEROIRY MAKES IT A "BETTER THAN EVER" BUY! A BETTER LAUNDRY For Expert Laundry and Dry Cleaning—Coll 4474 NU-WA FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS OR ANY" EXCAVATION S. J.COHEN Contractor LWJHBIDG. BLVTHEViLLEARK Expert PLUMBING Service • ALL WOUK GUARANTEED • Blan Heath Co. PHONE 828 HAKRY MYKKS in char K e of HAJiMBING DKI'ARTMKNT NOW! Save Money wilh Expert WOODWORK MACHINE SHOP X'nur complete 1 salisfurtion promised on srclcling, millwork. ra im-l liuiltlinc. furni- fure rciwir . . . ;ind all related work. II in cloubl, jus! call 2311. Barksdale Mfg. Co. Soufh Broadway Phone 2911 Mercury prices now start at COME IN rn SKCIM. OWOHSTR»flOH TTTIIUN yo\i compure tlir-in all, v * it's plnin to see whicli ear Kivcsyoii the niotf lor your money. It's the Mercury for 1950! For Mercury's now low starting price now brings you the Mtir-llian- (rcr new car buy! And it's miles alioacl in value, too. itig! Beautiful! Itonriiy' lirller ill styling— with new "Customized" interiors! liellcr in rnnif<\rt- with "l.ouiiKe-Hest" foain-rulilicr c'nsli- ionpil seats! Heller in efoHomy wilh "Keon-O-Miser" rarburttion! liolter in jirr/onmiiirc wilh "lli- I'ower ('oinprcKsion"! littler to i/fi'iv--easier to park! today.Seem«l iSrivclhc hfdcr linn rr<T new Itl.Ml Meri'nry yourself. You'll be glad you did! $ 1998 For brg, SiK-Paiienger Coup*, Model 72A, defrvered here-, licrme, Sfot« and local lo^ftj, if ony, are e-.ttra. Price may vary *Trghr[y in nearhy communltiei due lo difference! in Irarnpoilolion cha^». STILL & YOUNG Walnut of First Street CO. SHEET METAL WORK- OF ALL KINDS Custom work for gins, alfalfa mills, oil mills. Custom Shearing up to J/4 inch thickness. Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 South' Rronritvay I'hone 2fi5l COY GOODSON'.can rio I he job well .cuiimicl work, wiring, ui>]>linncv repair. BLAN HEATH-CO. PHONE 828 latijfyinH: tb, awttK those Erreplnccablc It first I odd! in* Klrnd. S*nrf yawr *'£t«rn*lfzti*K"- Atlach card to y »««• C*M«IM EUctropl.tU *ho« itivinr yflurnjtincand »ddr<*«. r*c»*». This proc**n tfcrosils Or, phone and we'll be (d*H to pick fn-ry cofclinjr of *cLn*l Droui* on Ihemup. Prompt doliv«ry. ATI wort 3Tir B«by'»Sho*«. Time nevtre*n fvaranttttt toplei*f orm»nrwftact. MTU thf«. They'll last forever ~» Phone now or send sho*aor nameLo BARNEY'S DRUG STORE -Master Plum her- JORDAN PLUMBING COMPANY, Inc. All Work Guaranteed For 12 Months I 5.11 North inih. I'hone 60(11

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