The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 9, 1950 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 9, 1950
Page 9
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THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 1950 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE NINE Cut Recommended for AEC-VA F unds House Group Asks 10 Per Cent Drop In Money Bills WASHINGTON, Feb. 9. (AP) — A 10 per cent, cut In emerge/icy « i»ds for the Atomic Energy Com- .sston and the Veteraiis Administration \vas recommended today by the House Appropriations Committee. But in approving French Doughnuts Give Added Note To Family Favorite Those Unify French doughnuts which are served in restaurants nre- n't a chef's secret! They can be made easily right In the home fry kettle and are a delightful family dessert, or beuvcen-ineal snack. „,„ .— One secret of niakins French S732.485.500 money bill for House doughnuts that are fluffy nnfj evenly later this sveek. the com-1 browned Is to heat the frying fat an omnibub .nittee said the cnts would not interfere with tlie operations of eitli- cr of Hie two big agencies None of the AEC funds was earmarked for work on the hydrosen bomb, com- inittee members said. Money lor Use Till June 30 The money is for vise dining the remaining months of the 1950 fiscal year ending June 30. The rca- tilnr 1951 budgets of the agencies receiving the emergency financing arc to be included in an overall ap- Guesswork in Kitchen Saves food and Time Atmmg the mast useful of today's small kitchen aids are cooking thermometers. They save time by telling at a glance when foods arc cooked to required temperatures. They save food by reducing cook- ins fallure.s caused by guesswork. A. completely equipped kiU-hen needs thre types of cooking ther- momctrre. A roast incut thermometer will tell when meats arc roasted to exactly the' right degree of by • committee. to exactly the rislit. Lemnnrature A convenient and smc. H-ay Is to use otic of the new stainless steel deep fryiiiR thermometers.' These thermometers have dial-type faces plainly marked u'lth frying temperatures The face is attached to a stainless steel stem which extends into the frying fat. and thn stem Is fastened lo the kettle by an adjustable clip. The (ioiiiih of Krriich doughnuts is made in very much the same way as that of cve?m pvffs or eclairs. I the dough measures A dee pfat thermometer the, tompcnUufe of the Belgium to Refer Leopold to U. S. BRUSSELS, Hrlglum. Fcl>. B-(A') —The Ilelgian Hou^e o( Heiire.scnt- atives voted today to ask (lie people of this country whether they want King Leopold to return'lo his throne. The referendum will be late in March. By a vote 01 117 to 02 the J.'onse approved an "advisory referendum bill" on ihe question of restoration of Leopold, who ha.s been in exile the war. The bill already had r-o nj-Jcrd for S87.G:iO : OOo in now contract authority. Tlie - rommtttec reconi- mended '$78.885.000. The veterans administration wanted 5800.000.000 and was allotted The full amount of s'03.003 rc- the welfare of Indians was approv- i e<l. but S12IM5.000 sought by the] Tennessee Valley Authority iva.s trimn-cd to $11,682500. Committee members "aid privately the pattern of cutting all mmiey by 10 per cent, may foe fol- „ . Smre the doiignnms are hollmv nis.rie. Hiew mny be filed »ith «-l»nP^ crram squeezed tlirmiBh n naslry tube. Or thfv may b» served sugar , fat for French frying. And a candy thermometer is useful in cooking candy and icing mixtures to the proper cansUtcncie.5. three types of thermometers are NOW available in non-breakable stainless steel. Now and practical in design, one of their most disfinctive features Is that tcmpcr- a'ai:c-s are printed on a 5arge, clnc-k- like face inMead of virlically. This innke.s the temperatures easier U> read, without bending or stooping. Th e meat thermometer has : pointed stem which can be pressed directly into the thickest part of »,he roast without danpcr of breakage The cjuuiy and tlecp Vat mometer3 have adjust able c for fastening them to the side.s ol cockinz parts. All three types a>'e convenient to use and to clean I-Vrnch noue.hmits '-!• cup blil-ter or margarine 1 rup bailing warcr 1 clin all-p"rpr>^" fl'jur 1 iabU'spoon sugar '1 teaspoon salt ... .... ... ,.-- j — .... 4 unbeaten ei;sis on ail appropriations for the | Arid b'Hter lo bo'linK water nncl coutiuj? fisc3'. year, except in isolated i stir unlit meltr-ri.. Ad flnur. stmar ' '1! .\!-"t' (!iven Mire I'mvrr in adriiiiou to the S132.4P5 c:(5fo. the bill carries the new $78.- t?ri 000 contract authority for the AEC. This may have to lie ba:'k"d up ivith cash in a sub>enuent bill and salt nl! nt nnre. Cnrir:. stirrin i Ha r d, until a ball of do-'eh is f->nue(i in . *hat cjnes not stW: to the' sides of 1 ',!'e saucepan. H^mnve from heat ' =Mid beat in eygs. one at a time. Beat tbnrnimhiy aftei' enrh c^ii is j aclried. Keep bpati/rj until '.'ie 40 cnute The bill to Hrttcnl Snyder Proud Of Thriftiness WASHINGTON, Fob 9. (AP) — Secretary Snydct pointed with pride, today to savings of $50,000,000 in treasury cxiM-itses dtiring his three and one-half years In charge. In a streamlined, simply-worded annual re|M>rt sent to congress yes- letday. Snyder said the money WAS saved by cl'ficient operatioiLs, while services to Hie public were being expanded and Improved Tlie bifleest chunk of savings re- IKH'U'd—$20.800.000 — was achieved. Snyder said, by Ihe Internal Revenue bureau's adoption ot "mass operation lechnimics" ineUidiiiR yirally expanded use of mju'hine.s in handlin gtax return-s. 1'iince chiulcs. the Kind's brother, for finul signature. Don't Just Salt it- CAREYi it! '> 'A nil ru.iii i n « JiiiiLfaniin:Jiu n'li. | '- ~ 'The Atomic. Energy CnmmKsi-n I 'f very thick Fill nastry bug with ,.„, b - ah-adv hns authority to i-icuf con- (1 " 11 S I > ""<< «orm three-inch clrcl-a tractual oblieation.s u]> to S3CT.18!).- ^^'^l ,^'^ t "' c ™^ r "^th fi Ktntula Inti liot clonp fnt lipntcd to 370 (loiters F Cn^K- i\bo''( tbri'c ii!"itr>:i fn f»?v; at ft finie^ . brou'iiofl. Drnin on nh- 1 riniiRhniiLs are puffed atitl or I 'I'hp exirn atUl^onty, HSR coinmit- tc .-:u(i. \vil! pcniiit tho coiinnis-sioi] to finance con.strucUon already - U(>| , { .. s'.artr<l for the niiiuiif^cturc of fis- j UP fj| Mrrahlc moteriaLs ntut will providP 3[(r , otU 'T. for "a few additional minor pro- jcr's." Cuniniitccc members said the cnminixsLon already lias funds for '.vork on the hydrogen bomb and doiva't need any more at this Lime. The only criminercial deposit of bruciLc in the U.S. i.s near Gatibs, Nye county, Ncv. Scouts' Roster Shows Big Gain WASHINGTON', Peb 0. (AP) Boy Beauts din-ins the pi=l have picked up 300,00(1 new m beib, Hie " gain in thei veur llistory. i Robert J. Deruulz. n-ycar-olcl Seoul (ruin Giauiic City, 111., in'C- sciueti this report yesterday al a icoul b]-eiikti\.st, attended by con 7 gres.sincn ai.d other national leaders. L™adms, the cheers at iiew.s ol the oryani^alicm's growth \vr^s Eaule Scout Tom Clark, nlio in oihnr company is itlentilied as a Supreme Gcurt Justice. Delegates liere for N'nlionai Boy Scout \Vce'.: (ace a talus' schc;m\e thai tnelude-s visiUnji; with the .scouto' honorary pi'csidcnt, dent Ti-uniar. .Front iteie they go to Phiiadeli)hta and N'e\v York. The money recommended for the Veterans Aiimini.stratic'n us for readjustment benefits for veterans. The committee said an increase In enrollment, of veterans in trnde and vocational schools and a Ixxxst In veterans" loans and unemployment- J^vmcnts made additional funds uece.y-ary, fia means Sri$&fer Days *_r for all of us! PSC Opens Gas Hearing UlTLE ROCK. Peb. 9. (AP) — The Arkansas Public Service Cont- mi.'xsion opened a hearing today on application o[ the Port Smith Gas Corp., to install a natural gas dLs- tribtition system ill Corning, Clay County. Cost of the project 15 estimated at $110,814. HD menus E3lapV-llrniipht, Itie friendly laxative which mis lieen t:i'L[i!n» thousands every time Xlicy neeo a S^auve rilnck-nrrtiiKht has b€ei» i\.e (av«rit« wilt, morp tlinn four Centra lions. When a IrtX.nUve ts necilfil to Jitlp dfsp«l tnj.ii]achf*, upset. stomr\cli. tireiliiess cause.] by jlupRish linwel-i anrt ltr*K»lnr elimination, ymi can always iki>eml on Black- Dr:iliKlit. Ta^en as directed, il's natural-like actlnr. te r-rntnin nml ilioroiiKTi. Hla^k-nraiipIH Is pure. It !s Bclenll!i,\-\Uy prcjinretl by cciilnric. 1 * o(; i.-iboralory controlled for absolute fen take Syrup of lHack-DrauKht hfcsiise U [M)tt*]er«(I or j;r.inulale>l T - Rj'rur for cliiMren. Get ^iBLA^K-DVAUGHT^V/Tm PHOHE FREE 2668 H y /-^ W J^« Delivery CITY SUPER MARKET 109-111 West Mo in Guaranteed Southern Daisy FLOUR 25 Ib. bag $1.69 o Good quality Irish POTATOES 100ibs.$2J5 7-11 All Purpose COFFEE pound bag 53C Jack Sprat FANCY KRAUT 2 No. 2i cans 29tf Maxine COMPLEXION SOAP per bar5c Phone 2668 Grade "A" Beef CHOCK ROAST pound Fresh Pure GROUND BEEF pound 39C The Best Home-made SAUSAGE 3 pounds $1.00 For boiling or frying BACON SQUARES pound Mi King Cotton OLEO 5 pounds 79< Ideal FOOD 3 for Fresh COUNTRY FOGS Dozen Look what you get with Every Sack of Gold Medal A f LOUR Foil REAL DIXIE BlSCUIfS. fiotil Mednl "Kitclirn- tested" Kliru'ht'd l-'lour (|>lnin or sr'lf-risirij;) works worulcrs wiltl your mvorile liisi-uit n-cip^. That's bi'C'rtuso (lOltl Medal's jvtnarkiible hnkinj; <|U!iLitio3 nre uniformly .superb, . , ii'itfi i'tcrythint; ytiit 6<ita'. FINE COTTON BAG-NO PRIMING, Golil Mcilnl'n 25. GO jtiui 100 Ib. -sacks Itni-f no iH-inting on them —just a pnpi.T label which .souks ofl" in 2 or 3 imiuik'3. VALUABLE SILVERWARE COIPOH. Coupons gooil on stun- ninn "Quezon iic-ss" J'attcrn Mlvorwnr^ . . . matte in' genuine Tuilov IMute by HUMOUS Oncidu Community Silversmiths. BL11Y CROCKER COOKING HELPS, New easy recipes for lilt? litsi anil tlirif[ r;ilin' tieals evnr —ilovplopcil by Amenta's No. 1 food expurl, Hi-tty Clicker. General Mills <£ PolatoSalnd BiacuiU CoOfoo or MUk Fruit Uowl "ncUr Cropkrr" »nrt ••".'ftn^iT'*l«i. Rrift DUCK General MilU gumanteei Gold Medal "Kikrien-lesferf" Enriched * Flour lo give completely satisfactory resyltt or your money back. WHAT'S NEW IN THIS PICTURE? \Vell, jail loot how t/ie SpiCMt Mac, nowl Br/gfilwo crcvnd oil windowl. A nnnjB plojc — and mii'Je, door u tai.o old lioy. See Ine SPECIAL in de lun« fin"'" ol on Ine esfj, ct 4 H* ivecognizc this sprightly traveler? Yes, it's the Buick SPHCIAI. 6-p;isstngcr Sccl:uict that has caught the ptil)lic fancy not only on its sleek lines, but on iis easily-reachable price. But notice anything new on it? That's right — gleaming trim and the ^ t ,,.WV>-<» LO '- f!/: nnmc plntc "Srcr.iAi." brightening up tlic fenders. Hrightwork ;iround the windshield and windows, too. And when you swing the door open you'll see siili'oihcr touches of added luxury —side armrests, front and reur, a robe rail, an extra ash tray. It's all still mighty thrifty, because this strapping straight-eight sells for less than many sixes. Frugal in other ways too—gas mileage, for instance, is surprising so many people they are writing us in delight about it. Hut here we've added extra glamor. Stepped up, at small step-up in price, the luxury look and surroundings of cars that would normally be much bigher. Why not drop-in and see for yourself, both how these added touches dress up this Si'HCiAi, and how close it is in price to curs of much less room, riding comfort, standing and performance. • Your dealer will be glad to sec you— glad to show you how this traveler handles—glad to sign you up for prompt delivery. DYNAFLOW DRIVE? SURE, KT f4O LESS THAN BEFOHEl Dynnffow Drive Ji ovaiJablo at optional oqufpmenl on oil (950 Buick SPfCIAlS. Pie exlta coil is now J 40 feu than originally, putting Iho jilfron luxury of rhit tupcr-smoolh transmission wiilu'n stilt easier roach. Ix'tfr-r nH/nniobili'/i arc built III H;K if ill linild f/miu Phone yoitiMUJCK rfej/cjr/or «t d LANGSTON-McWATERS BUSCK Co. Walnut & Broadway Dial 555

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