The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 30, 1950 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 30, 1950
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 80, •LYTHEVILLE (AUK.) OOUWE« Our Boording House with Moj. Hoople OUT OUR WAY By J R. Williams T CAE9ARJ 6IMPLV DM.' How DOES A OF *W MANV BRt FACETS SLIP iMTO A. SITUATION LIKE THIS? -—•TRUDGING THe ViEARV MILES FROM , T500RTO. DOOR, ABSORB- IMG IMSULTS HURLET3 iwro ones TEETH GROVELING. AS IT ' , FOR A OF <srr M A Me**.' sou porr VMMT TMJL "lOU SEE DRMT6D 6HOES BEFORe SPONTAWEOUS COMBUSTION SET INi! „ -~OOTCW/.= THESES* £} M^Ni VJITH eORE f EET POMDBRS LIFE REFRIGERATION PAQE rerar -' FRECKLES AND HFg FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOfiSM * • Service • Sales • Engineering DIAL 224l City Electric Co. FOR SALE rrte enlvrrts 12 inch to 48 eti plain 01 reenfurred Also C»Bcrcte HuiUUng ttlucks cheaper than mmt>ei tor harm chicken &••»«•, pump houses. tenant h*tue« tool sheds W« deliver Call •• for free wtiraatt OSCEOtA TILE & CULVERT CO. AUTO GLASS Installed FRCV By Edwin Rutt co,,,^ K X * NEA s«>k«, i Blythcville Glass & Paint Co. 1*36 E; Main i I>hone 6716 FARM LOANS LfngTmrm tote B«U Prompt Cl*iinf Catcs \Vijji«5 Co. REALTORS Phiine 2751 BljlehvUle ^HlfkOf /*«/ MorTfagt &OM Solicitor for THt PRUDENTIAl •miimNCE COMPANY OF AMERICA JUST LIKE NEW! Shoe itepair I HflLTCRS IQUBL TY SHOC SHOI 121 W. MR IN ST. XXXIII •'[ OOK," said Dan Reagan, his big jaw thrusl out. "I Ttnow when I'm licked." It was three iays after Ede's firsl interview about th« NorthcDtt deal. "Go on. Dan!" Ede's (ace was a little grim, reflecting perfectly her mood of the last three day» "Well," Reagan spoke with »o effort; "I've been thinking things over and I was wrong, that's all. I let myself get carried away And it was rotten of me even'to consider that oHer, after everything your falher did for me." Ede said nothing. "And so I'm asking you to forget it,' 1 Reagan went on. "As much as you can, 1 want to—to go on here, doing just what I've always done, as II all this hadn't happened. I know it's a lot to expect bul . . . well, that's the way 1 want it." Ede tapped her knuckles with a pencil. She was thinking of something her father had said about Reagan, something to the effect that Reagan was the best man in the agency, valuable. It seemed, in the light of what had happened, a colti calculating reason for granting Reagan's request. Then, suddenly, she shrugged. Business, no matter how you looked It, was a cold proposition. Heaven knew she had learned that much in* the-Vlast few days. Perhaps it was.^'better to reason coldly, to shake the last :vestiges of Stardust out of Bone's eyes.' 1 ; ••:-•"; ' " • "Well." she began, and at that point the telephone on her desk shrilled. ' It was the girl at the reception desk. A Mr. Cutler desired to see Miss Prey. "Mr. Cutler?" Ede said curiously, into the mouthpiece. "I don't know any Mr. Cutler." "He says thnt he thinks it's important, Miss Frey," the receptionist told her, in a muHled voice. "But he won't tell me what kt is'said. and I can't get him to go away " "Oh. well," sairt;Ede, "perhaps I'd better see him- Send him in." "I'll ?o." Reagan oflered. •. "No," said Ede. "I'd rather you'd stay. I don't know what this is but II can't be anything much." She was entirely wrong. • • • HE man who entered her office was vaguely familiar But it took Ede a second or two to place him. Then she remembered. He was Gil SummerfSeld's manserv- !t. She remembered him from that afternoon when she had faced Gil with the knowledge that he had been working with' Northcott to buy Frey * Company. Mr. Cutler bowed politely. "Mtss Frey?" he said inquiringly. "Yes." Ede stiffened a little. II this was to be an overture from Gil, she'd get rid of his'emissary in a hurry. "What is It?" Mr. Cutler glanced doubtfully at Reagan. "It's all right," Ede said Impatiently. "You can say whatever you've got'to say." Apparently satisfied, Mr. Cutler drew two pieces of paper from hi« inside pocket. "I found these on the living- room Boor after Mr. SummerBeld had gone," he said. "And I took the liberty of reading them, thinking they might be important. 7"hey seemed to* belong to y*u, so [ brpughtJhem over. I tnought you might want them." He laid the two scraps on Ede's desk. They were the remains of the envelope Gil had given Ede that day, which she had torn in two and thrown at him. Frowning, she pieced them t gether. The next instant it was all she could do to restrain a cry. Mr. Cutler, hat in hand, fidgeted nervously. "I hope that I did not do wrong 'n reading them, Miss Fray," be WE BUY AND SELL USED & NEW FURNITURE PHONE 2112 We're Proud of Our Work • Machine work • Woodwork • Maiulacluring •^Welding BARKSDALE MFG. CO. ARGUS CAMERAS We're jus I been appointed ywr exclwrire agency In Blythevllle for Arirwj CumerM. See our tomplete selection Inchidlnjr the famed Argrw C3 and Argoftex. Com* to today. BARNEY'S DRUG West Main Phone 3617 RED ©SPOT PAINTS^-GLASS—WALLPAPER MIRRORS—GLASS FOR FURNITURE Awning$—Venetian Blinds—Auto Glass AUSTIN & WICKER Phone 6207.,,... — 112 S< First — BlyOieville CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH For the servicing; or repair of your car, brine It to T. I. Seay Motor Co. Our mechanics arc «pe- cifically (rained to care for your car. T. 1. SEAY MOTOR CO. 121 East Main DIAL 3391 FOR TEXACO HEATING FUELS R. M. LOGAN, Consfffne* Tank Tnck Salesmen: Henry Thompson, O. K, Harvey Itorris PIANO For Beginners and Advanced Pupils Enroll Now MINNIE LEE JONES STUDIO 807 Chickotowbo "I Sell That Stuff FUEL'OIL! G. 0. POETZ OIL CO. PHONE 2M9 PHONE Office and Bolk Plant — Promised Land tiXIOJS ABGUT UV ACTMTI OH. NO/ ^Jor THe Micw ASAIfJ Guess OLD VJOULOUT Be EIXSAR ear AROUWOTHIS Heawu JOINT / / FOULED Up uwe* \MMKTUMQ 10C*Y/ 1MO It Ml MIVICI. WC. 1. «. •«« U. >. •» "That eye specialist told me not to read anything for a month, and now he sends me an itemized bill!" PRISCLLA'S TOP A Smashing Discovery BY AL VERMEER THERE!! NOW DOESN'T THIS PROVE THAT IT PAVS'TO HONEST? LET'S SEE IF I IT ALSO PROVES THAT IT PAYS TO BUST A WINDOW ONCE IN WHILE! GARAGE WINDOW..Yyou'RE HONEST HAVE A DIME FOR IT WAS MY FAULT AND M5U, PRrSCILLA! IVY MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANE I'M INSPECTOR SKOWL 1 I TELL Of THE HOVMCK7S tVHEOE H*t JCCW'T KMOW vou eor vie FLiNTf I'M CMESTY PI360N, CWN6K IF "CUKE WJNTIN» OF TH£ (fcWTWErV SOCIAL C1-U9. 1 WA6 JU6T TAWN<3 MXJ'RE WELCOME Vfc WILL; JUST Kei(? PUEI; HANPSOV* . TU. M3UK FRI6SJCW OP 7H6 L4W 40 >WW< WHL -V1V (WOfWIlM* *(JN W.TW WHEW SOU CMJLE.P. TO LOOK AI5OUNCI CAPTAIN EAS\ BY LESf,IE TURNER HUKRV, EASY! THEV TtOUWEST OMi I iUEK MAVE THE SAFE ppnj TACIC16D1 THO« HHDI»U» tvtg, HOPED fOK,\ OEMS, FATHER! fRDM FKWRI6 PCS fLATs: HS INSISTS we MUST Le/we 0*1 *MUT OUISTOfHEB WAWSH SOLD. COW* AL4MI! BUGS BUNNTi 1C VA. HAVSN'T r IT'S SOT ANV •_>/ REALLV DQUSH, ? / <JUIT» WHV VA I / SIMPLB, SOIW IN ^ ( liUV'NOR.. HERE 7 BY V. T. HAMLIN I FBSRTHIS ) V<?U MNTX PFF**H.' THE POLICE HMD HAS <5OT/ KIPWN'.' \VANT WH& IN SOME I SET C^JT^ FAST WE. MY DEAR 9UT NEVER THELESS. ALL RIGHT. MEN THKTC HIM! BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Hurray for Joe BY EDGAR MARTIN Ede jjulled herself together. 'Wrong?" Her eyes were shining. "•No. Mr Culler, rou didn't do wrong Quite ihe reverse Vou ve done me a very great favor But" —stie had to ask It, Reagan or no Reagan— "where has Mr. Summerfield ?one?" 'Mr Summerfteld returned to Bermuda yesterday." said Mr. Cutler and bowed himself out of her office. For a moment Ede sat quite still, staring at the pieces of paper. Then, very slowly, she gathered them up. pal them In her handbag and got to her feet Reagan watched her curiously. "Was it important?" h« askW Ed« drew • breath. "Just about the most important thing that's ever happened to me, Listen. Dan. did you say you wanted to carry on here?" , - . •I did." said Reagan, wonder- Ingly. Ede was almost running toward the door. Hand on knob, she stopped and turned to him. "Okay," she said. "The job'« yours." . ' • • ' • O headwinds retarded the plane. It limply glided through still warm air. circled like « huge bird over the tang dark green curve of Bermuda, ther. 'slanted down—to rest in watn- the color of a robin'* en. Bermuda cuatornj officials do not make it tough for riaitors. In a short time Ede wa» through with them and hailing * rnotorboat that idled of! u» air baa*. A grinning colored man slid the craft forward. "How fait can you get m* !• Wendovet- House?" Ede asked. White teeth flashed through chocolate skin. "Werry fast, Mlns." He patted » gunwale. "She good boat." They that away, headed for Great Sound. As they rushed p««t Riddle's Bay, Ede glanced shoreward. There, perched on Its little hilt, was the cottage where she and Peter Flood had lived. She looked at it with steady eyes. < If, ah« thought, I feel the allght- est regret, I'll turn back—now. But the cottage faded from vi«w —the boat need on. (T. Be Cwttlamcd)

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