The Scranton Truth from Scranton, Pennsylvania on June 27, 1914 · Page 4
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The Scranton Truth from Scranton, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Scranton, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 27, 1914
Page 4
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y THE SCRANTON TRUTH, SATURDAY AFTERNOON, VJUNE 27, 1914. Icbcol puns czse - M LEBBETT'S CREEK E3E Sam Irwin Weighs 472 Pounds And Never Misses a Day's Work "THE TWILIGHT if. The Tribune - RmnhliMi, sni - p.. ... - light for the Leggett'a Creek bridge baa been won, the members of council voting; this afternoon to snnrnva nc ordinance for the erection of the bridge He's Best Liked Man in Home Town of Three Rivers and Makes Thirty Trips Daily With His Transfer Bus; "Big Sam" Defies World to Pro duce a Bigger Man and Challenges Teeter - Tauter Test. &TAXDCVG IX FAT MAX CONTEST. Xame and Address. " Weight "Biz sam" Irwin. Three JRivcrs, Mich 472 ebster Kusk, Seattle, Wash... 375 BY GERTRUDE M. PRICE. Special to The Truth. THREE RIVERS, Mich.. June 2 7. This placid little village is anchored to the map by the heaviest heavy weight in America: It boasts of the residence of "Bi Sam" Irwin, who tips the scales at 472 pounds, and measures 72 inches around the belt. "Big Sam" claims that he could sit on. one end of a teetertauter and hoist high in the air the next heaviest man in America if any claimant to that title will come forward and offer to sit on the other end. "I've read about that little dwarf out in Seattle Rusk, his name was, I think who only weighs 375 pounds and vet claims to be the fattest man! said "Big Sam," when he met me at the station here with his bus. "Why, he'd be only a fly. on the other end of the plank from me! "Big Sam'' is one of the hardest working men in this town, as well as the fattest. He is the proprietor of a transfer bus, meets twelve trains daily. makes about eighteen private calls, does general hauling and runs a sightseeing auto. Come over and see my wife and the boy," he said, when I toli nim I'd come to interview him on the sta'e of being fat. And his cheery manner helped me to believe that he really is, as they say here, the best liked man in town. "And now, ' I sail, after shaking nanas with nis wife, and son, "will you answer a few questions?" "Sure thing," he replied, and without waiting for me to ask them, he began: "I'm 44 year old, :.nj 5 feet 11 1 - 2 inches tall. I 'measure 72 inches' around the belt, and 68 around the chest My shoes are No. 11 1 - 2. EEE width. My hat band is 7 inches. "My clothes are all made by a tailor ho has done the work for me for eighteen years. My wife makes my shirts. They're 22 inches around the neckband." "But how did you happen to get so fat, Mr. Irwin?" I askel. "Well" he said. "I iunt crm mother weighed 400 pounds, and my: father 200. Mv brother Wranb weighs 300 oounJs, and mv son Henry, who is 24, weighs 196. So you see we're all prettv hefty." "Do you like being fat?" I askel. "Well, I'll tell you. I never had a leal day's sickness in my life I vvork every day. I enjoy my meals. I enjoy living and always have a good time. What more could you ask'" "What do you eat?'" "All kinds of meats, fruits and vegetables, and not much bread nor s.eet stuff. I have hree regular meals, and several once - in - awhiles 'And what do you drink?" ' Oh, I drink anything," "Big Sam" said, and his chair quivered under the weight of his laughing self. "And remember," he said, as I left :f you see any fat man fatter'n me! 1 m from Missouri." , . " r il , . Seville intro duced the subject, and Messrs. Camp - . .in n, una oavuie voted for the, improvement. Councilman F. Lannmot Bel in voted iralnat th ure, expressing the opinion that the unuse was not needed, and that a footbridge would be sufficient. The ordinance - rrri with i ' appropriation of Sft.000. rhih i. ii able for the work, and bids will be advertised for the Inb plans and specifications can be made reauy lor ine Joo. WEST PARK HOSPITAL IS OPENED FOR INSPECTION irm T C I, ! 1 , . . 1 ntm.i, lormeriy ansa Earlv ' graduate nurse opened for inspection I Pltal. A large number of persons ! took advantage of the opportunity to' VI ft. W trie CiSkvar InatltmUn I Surprise was expressed at the beauty snd homelike appearance of. the rooms nd the modern equipment. Mrs. Keilly will be superintendent of the. hospital. FIOMTS OF DEFENSE FILED BY INSURANCE COMPANIES Saying - that there was a misstatement in connection with the loss by ?.T8 Jt Amsden building, owned by the Union National bank, ten insurance companies yesterday filed affidavits of defense to the suit brought against them by the bank, Tuie insurance companies involved are: Globe Insurance company, Concordia Fire Insurance company, Philadelphia Underwriters, Globe & Rutgers Insurance company. Home Insurance company, of New York, Prussian National Insurance company and the Commercial Union Fire Insurance com. pany. A NEW FAST TRAIN Scranton to New York Daily, Except Saturday, On and After June 29th, i 9 14 I'llSf Leave Scranton 6:25 P. M. Arrive New York 10:25 IVIVL - A Superbly Appointed Train - Parlor Cars, Diner and Coaches "Ik Road of Anthracite" SO WAGS THE WORLD BY CLARENCE I,. CtJLLEJT. (Copyright, 1914, by The Press Pub - , lishing Co.) When a friend of about our own age dies, we take it as a sort of affront on the part 'of the Reaper. Then, to appease our uneasiness, we say to ourselves that no doubt he would have lived on indefinitely if only he had taken care of himself. Anything to ward off the thought that we are in the tine of the Scythe! BETTY VINCENT'S ADVICE masher is neither He's just a plain The professional funny nor clever, cad. The iirst article in a gentleman's code is to show all respect to lad'es. The masher ignores this unwritten law. He forces his attentions on women to whom he is a stranger, thereby implying that they are the sort of persons who welcome informal acquaintances. This is of course a studied insult to a respectable girl. A masher is a coward, too, for he knows that an unescorted girl can only express her resentment by ignoring him. It isn't necessary to give him any think, but a book would be a perfectly suitable remembrance. THE W0RKBAG . Such pretty cap bows and trimmings can be made witn very little trouuie wild at small expense. AlaKe one set in pink ribbon. Use a ribbon two inches wide and three - quarters of a - yacd long and make up into a rosette. The other rosette make a little lar - aer. usinsc a vard and an eifthth of rib - .bon, tne same width as tne smaller i one. Now twist together loosely two I pieces of ribbon two and a halt inches ; wide and a quarter of a yara long, and I fasten witn the rosettes one at each i end. Another set may be made of blue ribbon the same width. In place of the rosettes make a double bow, tyeing: the ends in a loose knot and using a little more ribbon to hold the bows onto the cap. A flat bow with two long loops and made of ribbon three or four inches wide is a very pretty trimming and gives the cap a Dutch effect, which is becoming to many faces. When You Have Five "H. K." writes: "A young man has been paying me attention for about a year, but I have never received any gifts from him. His birthday is this week. Would it' be proper for me to give him a present, and if so, what?" "F. E." writes: "A young man and woman are very good friends, and he has taken her out several times. Is it her place to ask him, when he leaves her, when he will see him again, and to invite him to spend an evening at her home? Or should the young man ask when he may see her A girl should never ask a man to come and see her. Her mother may do so for her, or the young man may ask permission to call, again?" "II. N," writes: "A friend of mine is going to a mid - summer festival. Should he wear pu:ips or shoes with a Tuxedo suit?" Shoes. A woman of our acquaintance, who frequently speaks - embitteredly of husbands who neglect "those little attentions so dear to a wife's heart," also gives it as her opinion that a woman who presses her husband's trousers thereby degrades herself. (Note. This woman's husband always wears a preoccupied air, as if he were thinking bard about something.) When he props the morning paper against the ' sugar bowl and becomes so absorbed in th scores of yesterday's games that alter a while he has to ask if he has had hto second cup of coffee why, then the honeymoon' Is on the wane. . "What is all this Mexican trouble about, anyhow?" a man's wife asked him the other evening. - He spent twenty minutes telling her. - When he finished, with an eloquent peroration about the outrageous way the Mexican peons are treated, she said: "I just wanted to see if that cavity where you had the tooth pulled last week showed when you yot to ranting. game of life doesn't permit many men to possess the virtue of self - effacement. But men can and do appreciate that virtue in women and moat women, even those deemed frivolous, do possess it. The indestructibility af a "Joke" is illustrated by the "comic" allusions. still current after all these long years since the Black Hawk War, about throwing hookjacks at night - serenad ing cats. Tet not one person In ten thousand under thirty years of age has ever beheld so archaic an article as bootjack. 'Tis a whlmsey sight to see a couple of fellows sitting over their highballs In a club or cafe and to hear them advert to a mutual friend whom whis key has "got." RABIES AFFECTS ALL THE WARM - BLOODED ANIMALS The general quarantines rially reduced by proper enforcement or tne dog tax law of. ii, wnicn worn is in the hands of the assessors, tax collectors and constables. In conclusion the state veterinarian riftsirne in m lennwn to th nuhlie atrainst that j tne head of any animal that The competitive nature ofthe modern dogs on account of rabies that the Pennsylvania State Livestock bamtary board have in force occasion many inquiries, therefore the following from Dr. C. J. Marshall, state veterinarian, is of timely interest: "Rabies is a disease that affects all warm - blooded animal Iri man it is called nydropnoDia. tteceniiy a cnnci i ..mio,i iii t, m.H. anri died showing: clinical symptoms of .., .,.,, , a 11 riles or is destroyed, suspected of be ing affected with rabies, is severed from, the carcass near the shoulders, promptly forwarded to tbe laboratory of the state Livestock Sanitary board. Thirty - ninth' street and Woodland, avenue, Philadelphia, plainly marked with the name and address of the sender, a died showing clinical symptoms 01 submitted free of cost. All t.lhn m,bmiKed ?o the positive cases are investigated by the bit the child had been suoraitteu 10 tne r . nonrl animals destroyed laboratory of the board. aJiagnofis boa a,"d e?ose A ,,.,! positive pi t,"". X.VrnM5. are established only when metnoas nave iauea to cmpcit ad of infection in a given lo - .t read over the 1 interested persons notified. The Pasteur I quarantn minutes to spare just read over the as recommended.ut it wa all other list of various articles offered in ex - t administered. Exposed animals the sprei honzA for little or notning in nm were destroyed or quarantined. . i cam;, Barter and Exchange" columns on "A great factor in the spread ol th inside hack oaie of The Tribune - rabies i the stray dog, and the num. l1 "L?..! - Kn.n Truth. Ad I ber of these animals should be mate - nepuuutM v. - - Dave I Forgotten Something? That's the oft - used question when the lid of the trunk is about to be closed. You sure have forgotten something, if you neglect to have your favorite paper mailed to you while you are away from the city. Keep abreast with the current events of the world, especially your home city, by having your favorite paper mailed to you. . Hi , J , St1 i 1L' I All you nccQ ao is 10 nit out 11115 uiann ana we and uncle am win see tnat you aia not rorget something. Address cnangea as often as ocsired. The Scranton Truth jfflr; cHAirro. pa. . f) r ' i . fiend your paper unto To L.. ..... - jr. Street, H. F, D. or Hotel ; ; f"'f"V ' ' " BEES PINION CAPTOR TO TREE FOR TWO HOURS BELLEFONTE, Pa,, June 27. Milton Roblb, of Coleville, had a thrilling experience when a swarm of honey bees he was atempting to capture, settled on him after he had dislodged them from the limb of a tree, and for two and a haK hours he clung with one arm to the tree, forty feet above the ground, while his brother ran two miles for a ladder nd help. BobJb and his brother, Sherwood, went two" miles up the mountain to a tree bearing a big swarm. Milton cli imbed the tree to the' bee limb and began to saw it off, holding the ltenb with one hand, so it would not drop too suddenly. He miscalculated the weight of the bees, fur when the limb was about severed he could not hold it with one hand and it swished downward against his body before it broke and dropped to the ground. The queen bee was knocked Off and took refuge under his left arm, wnicn ho had flung around a HnVb of the tree to hold himself from falling. In stantly the bees followed their queen and swarmed on him, covering hi left side, shoulder and arm and partly - encircling the tree. He did not move for fear of being stung to death or insensibility, as in the latter case he would fall to death on the rocks below. Sherwood Kobb started on a run down the mountain. He returned with a ladder and rescued Robh. ENTIRELY BALD SLIGHT HIRE. A .lihl Art was started shertlv af ter 1 o'clock yesterday afternoon in a ham in tha rear 01 tne ltiru diock on Blair avenue, feparks from a bonfire are given as the cause. Hose com pany No. I and no. 2 and to squad responded to J - " vu turned in fromV Her Hair Commenced to Grow after Two Weeks' Use of Newbro's Herpicide " 'Tever caused me to be entirely bald. I had given up all hope of again having hair when I was advised to use Herpicide. After 'two weeks my hair commenced to grow. I now have the most beautiful head of hair anyone ever sawv Praise to Newbro's Herpicide." , Thus writes Mrs. Howard Bailey, of Bellevue, Mich. We can point to thousands of instances where the proper use of Herpicide has been followed by a remarkable growth . of hair. Newbro's Herpicide is "tbe original remedy which kills the dandruff germ" and stops falling hair. Send 10c in postage for sample and booklet to The Herpicide Co., Dept. K., Detroit, Mich. . Applications may be obtained at the best barbers and ihair dressers. Newbro's Herpicide in 50c and S1.00 sizes is sold by all dealers who guarantee It to do all that is claimed. If you are not satisfied your money will be refunded. H. C. Kennedy, Special Agent, 110 - 112 Washington avenue. The experienced arid brainy married woman isn t "afraid" to leave her husband behind in the city when she soes on a vacation by herself. She knows wnat a lonesome poor divvle her man is wnen sne s away; and she looks forward to the really enjoyable ltle flirtation that she always has with him when she gets back. HOT WEATHER HINTS Hot weather usually means discom - . xo' . i"e ousiness woman wno spends eight hours in a stuffy office among perspiring humanity. Start the day with a calm spirit, a willing heart for work, and a selfless attitude ot mind. Take a walk in loose clothing; before the dav fairlv becrina onm hnm .wi slip into the bath, eat a breakfast of fruit and toast, dress in simple, fresh, clean garments, that are comfortable. ' Be sure vour shoes Af, ,n wll firtA1 mil you lorget mem. .Wear your stays loose enough so you can breathe deep. Arrange your hair simply, without a lot of curls that will become strinev and straggly, before the f:rst hour of the day has passed, omit false hair that heats the head, and go your way happily. When luncheon time comes, eat simple, nourishing, non - heating - food. Fruit or eetz and milk nr sala.d anrl whole wheat bread and butter are to be chosen in preference to meat or fish or sweets. Don't drink with your meals in Summer time. Drink plenty of cool water or lemonade between meals. Don't fret about the weather or discuss it, or to try to make a fan keep you the air with a fan can be out to bet - ! ter advantage. If it isn't too hot to tango it isn't too hot to work. Hurry and worry are the ITummer enemies of good looks. As for make - up. a simple cream, fine rice powder and a cooling lotion are enough. Witch hazel and elder - flower or orange flower water make a simple, cooline lotion for skins that are prone to heat rash. 'I HOTELS AND RESORTS HOTELS AND RESORTS """"" Atlaatie"7fity"xTjr' "" A7lantle"cityTivrx THE SUMMER PLAYGROUND OF II I I lilisb' THE NATION III I II Opportunity for recreation and pleasure nre unlimited. Each day Ml I llu brlnir added attractions. There are no dull days in Atlantic City. HI U Tha flnoar hnrhtnir hsutoft in ft., wnrlri nunrMtinn nira Hanri inurta II I I J sailing, fishing, etc. The Leading Houses wilt faraiih full information, rates, etc., on application. Marlborough Blenheim Hotel Strand Seaside Bona Both American and Euro - Always Open. J3?? IL? - pean Plans F. B. Off and r P Cook 8 Son9' , JoaiaJi White So us Com pany H. C. Edwards. . Tbe Pen n hurst V If 'pen ah year. mm Galea Hall The Bhelburn. J"? '? - II Hotel and Sanatorium t,..,. pi,n Hotel Chelsea If . U Vouns. Mgr. f u?TJtS m Jl' ln the fashionable Chelsea J. Wetkel. Mgr. Motion. Open All Year. Hotel Dennia. ' J. B. Thompson 4 Co. IV American Plan. Hotel st - Charlea The Holmhorat I V Open Entire Year. Open All Tear. Open All Year. I I Waller I. Bozbr. Newlln Haines Co. Henrr DarnelL I I For detallrd Information regarding railroad connee - I .J tlon, time tables, etc., consult local ticket agenta. I I ' l ft' : diJ Make Your Dollar Produce More in a New York City Hotel iFTIIIP' SINDAY EXCURSIONS DURING THE SUMMER 3EASON N. Y., O. & W. RY. CO. From Scranton 8:20 a. m., Oly - phant 8:36 and Peckville 8:41 a. m Archbald 8:47 a. m., Jermyn 8iS2 a. m., Carbondalo 8:07 a. m - TO Orson Poyntelle Lakewood Lake Como Preston Park Starlight and Hancock. Allowing eeveral hours' recreation In the mountain of Wayne and Delaware Counties. Many gummir Boarding Houses, 26 Lake, Delaware Rivar, Attractive Soenery - tome of the Highest Elevations in 8tate. 8eoure Summer Boarding House Booklets at any of the above Ticket Offioos. $20 $3.00 Two Specialties A pleasant room with private bath, PER DAY facing large open court. (Not one nan, but one handled of thearuj An excellent room with private bath, PER DAY facing street, Southern exposure. (Not one loom, but eight7 - oeven of than.) Also attractive Room without Bath for $1.50 per day. The Restauiant prices are most moderate. i Location One minute from 5 ot the lanjest department atofea, Fire minutes walk from 1 9 principal theatres. Within a block of the Fifth Ave. shopping district Erery line of transportation passe the door. Fifth Araue Bui Unes and principal surface lias The Hudtoa Tubes acres the street ;s Elevated Railroad Station across the street Subway Station three minutes sway. Grand Central Station within seven minutes. Pennsylvania Railroad Station just one block away. For conoenbnet one could ufc no more The Hotel EVERYTHING NEW AND MODERN. A FIVE MILLION DOLLAR HOTEL, EQUIPPED TO SATISFY THE MOST EXACTING TASTE. .'. All Baggage Transferred Free o and from Pennsylvania fetation THE HOTEL MARTINIQUE "THE HOUSE OF TAYLOR . Established 1848 Broadway, 32nd and 33rd Streets New York 600 ROOMS 400 BATHS . Thousand Island. aaamwaaflaBcoxwwotiwe IS. X. 1U0U Island House ALEXANDRIA BAY Jefferson CountyNewYork . IN THE HEART OF THE THOUSAND ISLANDS In the most enchanting spot in all America, where nature's charms are rarest, al Ithe delights ot modern civilization are added in the 1,000 Island House. No hotel of the Metropolis provides greater living facilities or sach luxurious comfort real HOME! comforts as does this palatial Summer retreat. An amusement for every hour, or qciat, ......pieie rest, is the choice of every jjuest. ALL DRINKING WATER USED IN THE HOU8E IS FILTERED Send two S - cent stamps for Illustrated Booklet. O. G. STAPLES, Prop. WILLIAM WARBURTON, Mgr. CHARLES LOCH TAYLOR PnsUaat WALTER CHANDLER. JR. General Manager WALTER C. GILSOH Vk - FWeal "HOTELS AND RESORTS $2 UP DAILY, r TO $16' WEEKLY Tennessee Ave. ana Beach. Running - water. Bathing from HOTEL notel. J. J. JOYCE. VjNOTElHlSrciSl!! ATLANTIC CITY'8 FINEST HOTEL AT MODERATE RATES; most desirably located. Kentucky Are. sod Beach. Choice rooms, piirate baths, latest Improvements. Brass beds. Attractive lobby and Sarlors. Capacity &00. Cool verandas. Good music octal feature. lftth vnar ownerahln maiuuremcnt. - Freeh veiretablee and poultry, prime meats, nearby PKfrs. an dxjq supplies or nneec quaiiry. epeciai rawe eat jn Atlantic City. HOTELS AND RESORTS Beat Located Popular Price Family - H in Atlantic t - lty. ,n. t. '. 12.00 up dally, S(j. nD weekly. Am. plan. Auto meets ! trains. rescriptlve folder mailed. a..Connd rkholm HIIIIJff",,,ll Lake Gesrie, Bf. T. HOTEL MARION ; XN LAKE GEORGE, N. Y. i cated on the West snore. sent club. Rooms ei: vat Bath. 4ktiti WD AfiMcrrv 2 so MSN. jEOROIA Wt. ATLCITY. N . J. Scrupulously eiaau. iectrlo llshted throug - n - eut: white service ; hot and cold water baths, sl.25 sni 60 dally; 7 and 8 weekly: established 35 years. Booklet. EMERSOX CROUTHAMEL. Manager. NETHERLANDS New York Avenue, 50 yards from BoardwaB Overlooking lawn 'and ocean; capacity a Elevator; private baths; running water NEW FEATURES LAWN TENNIS C Q - 4J: TANGO DANCE V O Bathing from Hotel; free shower ba KATES: $9. $10. $12.50. $la. $lf.50 W6 $2 up daily. AMERICANj PLAN. 1 Write tor free booklet and points of la Atlantic city. i AUGUST KUHWADEL. ProprletaV StarUsfet, Fa. "STARLIGHT INN" ' aMarlisot, Pa. On lake, L600 teet eievatloa; no table; sutomobiU service; special June rates; booklets on application; .references. Gilbert E. Fay, ltanaer. - Oceaua Grove. If. J. TtTT" TNUKIP SOcsaj aaaas aaiwaasa BUoc Near auditorium. . JOB. if. athway. tn beach. CNCOTT. a? JT . - . BELLA I nesM nelahbol THE LATEST FIREPROOF HOTEL American olan. Always ooeft. Caoscitv 600. beach di recti ir between the two flreat Oeeaa Pi Muaic and dancinft. Oarage. Illustrated literati uwneranip maaaAement. frivate r, O. Box 8! HOTEL SHOREHAM Virginia ave. near Beach, best location. Cal pacity 300. Thoroughly modern; elevate private tvaths. etc. Excellent table, special 92 up aauy HooKiet. m. n. bu,Di i (Lake WlnolA.) HOTEL CLIFTOl ixcellent accommodations for autom parties. - Most picturesque lau ling's. Altitude l, sun lesc prop.

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