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ACE EIGHT i PI fl EPS IE HUTU At gi BARLOW SMITH PROMOTED Metropolis News 8 SCHOOLS 100 Metropolis, 111., Feb. Is (8pecial) BY fl, ST. Grrs Defeated by Score of 22-18, Boys by 35-29 In Home Gym Last Night POT. THRIFTY While Sheriff Rlsinger and Depu ty Krueger were out In the neigh' KENTUCKY DERBY NOMINATIONS IN Break All Records for Noted Turf Event Col. Matt Winn Announce Br tV.

AukUM rmi LoulsvUle, Feb. 18 Nominations to Made Senior Vice President borhood of the crossing of the Hrookport road over the I. C. tracks east of the city limits investigating Barlow, Ky Feb. Ballard county basketball tournament will be held at LaCenter on Friday night, February 24, and Saturday morning and night, February 23.

There are six teams entered in the tournament. Following are the names of the Effective March 1 Successor is Barbara TEACHERS LOSE TO JUNIORS 34-30 Tennessee Team Takes Lead in Last Few Minutes of Play at Murray Murray, Feb, 18. (Special.) The Murray Teachers College basketball team lost tonight to the University of Tennessee Juniors, of, Martin, by a score ot 34 to 30. The local squad led until the, last few minutes, when the Tennessee team went Into the lead. Both teams played loose 78 Per Cent of All Public School Students Make Deposit Deposits amounting to 100 per cent were made bv eiuht -hnii a reported disturbance, they knocked on the door at the home of Porter Thomas, negro tie carrier.

Getting no response they tried the door nado. Mulligan, several times, got away with several sensational dribbles almost the length of the floor. vice-president and Zentral City' Coal Shooting and Teamwork Winning Factors For the second time this season he basketball teams of the Augusta traffic manager of the Nashville, schools anl the manner In which they will meet the first night; First of the Paducah publlo school system the fifty-fourth renewal of the Ken knob and found the door not locked. Pushing the door open they observed Chattanooga St. Louis Ry, for Gulden Rompers it 7)'Teague game, Blandville and WicklifTe; second, Barlow and Bandana: third, a neatly arranged oispiay oi water tucky derby to be run at Churchill Downs Saturday, May 19, have broken all records, it was announced to Girls line-up: lilur Rompers IS Smith (2) Hopper 16) Rouf (7) Johnson Wedell Pii ii last oeposit day, February 14, according to a report Just filed by the Mechanics Trust Sc Savings Bank, the stipulated deoositorv.

The bucket, small funnel, whiskey glass Lovelaceville and LaCenter. After the past thirty years, has been promoted to the newly created post of senior vice-president of the road, effective March 1, 1928. He will be day by Colonel Matt J. Winn, executive director ot the track. (3) Wells (S Brown (7) Rich Humphrey Blue Rompers-Hopper, Distler for these games are played the three teams remaining will draw for places to see which will play the llghman high school bowed in defeat before the Gold and Black earns Irom Central City last night the Tilghman gymnasium by cores of 35 to 29 and 22 to 18 for and girls respectively before Noted sportsmen from all parts Substitutions: Bishop (1) for and a halt jallon fruit Jar which, from where they stood, resembled white corn whiskey.

Not having a search warrant, Sheriff Rlsinger left Deputy Krueger on guard while he returned to the city and swore out a search warrant In Judge Tho- schools making these deposits were the Andrew Jackson, Franklin Junior high, Longfellow, Lee, Llttlevllle, Dunbar, Banders and Garfield. Deposits were made by 78 per cent of all of the DUDlls of the Dublin succeeded as vice-president and traffic manager by Charles Barham, formerly general freight agent of the Johnson. Golden Rom pers Fry mire defensive ball and each missed numerous crip shots. Both showed power on the offense, handling the ball well. John Miller, who played best for Murray, was removed a short time of the are reported, among those naming candidates being Harry Payne Whitney, Johnson N.

Cam game Saturdiiy morning. The winning team and the team which draws the "bye" will play on Saturday night to determine the cham i max ftharn'a court. Before he re schools. Sc St. and now chairman of the Southern Freight association.

den, W. R. Co, William Woodard, B. B. Jones, William du Pont, Samuel D.

Riddle, Edward B. Mc before the end of the game because ne of the largest crowds of the sea-oil. The unusual accuracy of the Cen-ruJ City goal shooting and well mied team work proved more than lie Tornado and Rompers could pionship of the county. This tournament has nothing whatever to do lor Brown. Tornado (29) Pos.

Tide (33) Tanner (6) (12) McEuen Dawson (4) Hughes Mulligan (14) (3) Campbell McCormick 2) (3) Arnold St. Charles (1) (7) Baker The report follows: School Attendance Dent Prt ot a personal foul, thereby weaken Mr. Smith's latest distinction Lean, Harry F. Sinclair, Samuel ing the Murray offense. Murray had led by several points when Miller with the district or state tournament, it is sponsored entirely by the schools of Ballard county.

crowns a long and enviable career as Ross, Admiral Cary T. Grayson, Andrew Jackson George D. WMcner, Bud Fisher, and railroad man, during which he was taken out. and though the Tilglunan -ams put everything they liad Into other equally prominent turf figures. Substitutions: Tornado Wicklirte for Dawson, Neal (2) for 6t.

Charles, I McCorckle and McKnlght were the Mrs. Martha Miller, one of the Among women aspirauts for derby has played a large part in the development of the transporatlon and industry of the south. Dear ot all turned to the Thomas home, Thomas and his wife came home. Deputy Krueger told them not to go inside as their house was to be searched. The sheriff returning soon after with the searcL warrant, the whiskey was selrcd and Thomas placed under arrest.

This morning he pleaded guilty illegal possession of whiskey and was fined $100 and' costs by County Judgo Fred 6mlth and committed to Jail until fine and costs are paid or bond for payment given. Tennessee luminaries, although scor oldest residents in Ballard county, honors are Mrs. Graham Fair Van- Iong fellow Franklin J. H. S.

Garfield Sanders Littlrvllle Dunbar Wash. J. If, S. McDonald (2) for Tanner, Dawson for McDonald, Neal for McCormick, Heath (1) for McCormick. Tide-Rice (7) for- Hughes, Hughes for ing was divided fairly equally among the visitors, died at her home in Wickliffe this week at the age of 90 years.

She southern traffio executives, his wise lie games they were seriously nanai-apped by large number of per-onul fouls. Both gapies were slowed because of fouls. In. the previous, games the "Golden tde defeated the Tornado 33 to 20, nd the Golden Rompers took a 14 was the mother, ot Mrs. J.

O. Lee The visitors have had an unusually of this city, Miss Sue Miller. derbllt, Mrs. John Herts, Mrs. J.

Simpson Dean, Mrs. H. C. Phlpps, and Mrs. Margaret Emerson Baker.

The open weather during the last ten days has enabled trainers here to give their thoroughbreds plenty teacher hi Paducah, Postmaster McEuen, Saulsberg tor Campbell McEuen for Rice. Referee, Washburn; timer, Robertson; scorer, James A. Miller of Wickliffe, Mrs. Tilghman Whlttler Washington Grades Franklin Grades counsel had been Influential in shaping the policies ot the carriers, while his genial personalty has attracted to him a wide circle ot friends both in the railrosJI and shipping worlds. Beside his work for the N.

C. is St. Mr. fmlth has had a large part In the formation and guidance 12 score from the Blue Rompers, successful season, winning all of the games, in their college schedule and losing only to some of the strongest Independent teams in the country. Lineups: 210 217 100 207 213 100 20 214 100 172 178 100 383 288 100 32 38- 100 41 41 100 30 30 100 539 497 92 424 351 82 198 78 317 184 18 270 193 71 283 198 70 234 149 4 223 140 63 368 1 63 61 281 169 60 309 168 34 259 188 82 4638 J789 78 J.

Ij. Hugnes and Miss Mattle Mil ast night's defeats made the Tor- The supposition is that Thomas had been doing quite a bootleg business ler of Wickliffe. ado conference record seven games on and three lost. The Rompers' among the laborers on tne hard James Gray, age 78, died at his road construction work. (inference record Is six games won Murray Pos.

Tennessee Jim Mlller(8) (8) Thomas Holland' (6) (10) McKnlght John Miller (10 (8) McCorckle home in LaCenter Monday follow Jefferson H. Clay Lincoln High Lincoln Grades Arcadia McKlnley St. Mary's Acad. nd three. lost.

Tearue Leads Girls lng an illness of long duration. Mr. The February term of the Massac Gray lost his eyesight about seven Captain Rouff started the scoring County Court was adjourned Friday morning, the Jury having been dis years ago and has been falling in ot the organizations which handle matters ot jo.nt or general Interest to all railroads and shippers in the south. His successo. as vice-president and traffic manager, Mr.

Barham, after 25 years service with the N. O. Sc St. as assistant gejeral freight May (4) Kinsley Thurman (8) Thompson Substitutions: Murray Jeffrey Double Header is Played at Lone Oak In a basketball game between Lone Oak and Cuba in the Lone Oak gym last night. Lone Oak defeated Cuba 26 to IB and Boaz defeated the Bandana team 32 to 18.

At the end of the first half In the Lone Oak-Cuba battle, Cuba was leading 12 to 8. The Lone Oak or galloping on the two local courses. No fast moves have been attempted, of course. Colonel Winn Is now supervising compilation of a full list ot derby entries to be ennouneed next Saturday afternoon, February 25. Clinton Debaters 'Defeat Hickman Clinton.

Feb. 18. (Special) The Clinton high school debating team tonight won from the Hickman high school team in the dis charged Thursday evening. The last case heard by a Jury was the liquor Totals, neaitn ever since. He is survived by his wife and two sons.

Matt and Ott Gray. Funeral services were conducted at LaCenter Methodist for John Miller (2), Emerson for May. violation charge against Ceorgs Htl- Number of withdrawals this week, i the girls' game with a free throw ut shortly afterwards Brown, Cen-iral City, scored a field a goal and jrom that time on the Golden i tampers maintained the lead, league led the Golden Rompers, Scoring with seven points. Wells, entral City forward, was the center Referee, Denning; time keeper, Pullen; scorer, Sledd. 62.

church by Rev. C. O. Frey, Tuesday agent ana general iretgnt agent, was afternoon. Burial was made In the derbrand, the Jury falling to arrive at a verdict as in the two previous trials ot this cse.

The Jury was said tj have been divided, seven for con called to the chairmanship ot Southern Freight association, the McKlndree cemetery in McCracken boys came back in the last half to Kound About Town county. traffic organization of all the rail' win the garnet with a safe lead. roads of the south, more than tour if most of the plays and showed loth fight and sportsmanship all urine the came. She scored but Buckingham was high point man viction and five for accqultaL Hll-debrand is a prominent and well to do farmer. A still was located on The Homemakers club met Thurs- years ago.

He directed ihe reorgant with 11 points. aay afternoon with Mrs. B. A. Dale.

rauon oi me now an jhiree points but was the main cog DENTISTS MEET HERE THURSDAY Dr. Dewey Raley, of Louisville, to Appear on Pro gram of Meeting The program for the Southwestern Bandana played a good game re A meeting of the Paducah staff of the Prudential Insurance com The roll call was answered by each outstanding example ot effective ma ill tne onense as Kicn, star scorer, gardless of the fact that two of the best regulars. Price and Dulworth, pany, attei.ded by employes of the chinery for handling rate and traffic as closely guarded most of the one present saying something about the life of Daniel Boone. The study for the afternoon was on dressmak cussion of the subject, "Resolved, that the McNary-Haugen Bill Should be Enacted Into Law by Congress." Clinton argued the affirmative side ot the subject. The decision of tlie Judges was unanimous.

The McNary-Haugen bill is the celebrated farm relief measure before congress. matters or general interest and were out. Allen for Bandana played his farm and George O'Owln, now dead confessed to having been solely responsible for the operation of the still, taking aU the blame upon himself. He was fined on four counts and served nearly a year in the county Jail paying his fine. addition has served as chaiioian ot best for the losers.

Austin and Dorothy Rouff scored seven points ir the Blue Rompers. Aubrey Hop- ing and the blending of. colors. the fourth secticn committee ot the Ballentine shared honors for Boaz. Those present were Mesdames R.

southern lines. In charge of the ex stpr, playing her first game or tne Line-ups: WUford, C. G. Scott, L. R.

Rich, Kentucky Dental Society meeting, which will be held In the Board of Trade assembly room here February tensive revision of freight rates Lone Oak (20 Pos. Cuba (18) (far, scored six points and In the fiilrd quarter started a rally which composing the debating team for j. u. unoison, m. h.

Duley, Johnnie Metropolis office, was held Saturday in the local office in the City National Bank building. E. O. Stelns-berger, superintendent of the Paducah district, resided. There was a number of discussions pertaining to life insurance and the benefits derived therefrom.

Among the speakers was W. P. Baynes, well known undertaker of Metropolis. A luncheon followed at the Palmer hotel. Those at now under way.

During his connec (4) Edwards Rasco, Jim Page, Lulu Holmes and 23, will include a paper on "Full threatened the Central City lead tion with these organizations he has Hodge (6) Gore (7) Buckingham (11) Mrs. B. A. Dale. The hostess served (Mouth X-ray, a Routine for Mouth Clinton were Laura Tititla HUllard, Martha Brock and 8.

HUllard. For Hickman the debaters were James Langford. Elizabeth Whipple and Holm an (1) Henson (9) Redden (4) Dobson retained his home in Nashville, al though his office has been in At Examination," by Dr. Dewey Raley. Henley (2) nut cnocoiaie ana cake wmcn was greatly enjoyed.

The next meeting Glpson lanta. Dr. T. W. Roberts received a telegram Friday afternoon announcing the sudden death ot his sister, Mrs.

Hubert Furr at her horns in Arkansas City, Ark, that morn jig. The body will be brought to Metropolis and funeral will be held from the home of Dr. Roberts, 820 Ferry street, but date will not be announc Ouldo Trusty. wm dc witn Mrs. k.

j. willora the Boas (32) of Louisville, which will be given at the banquet at 8:30 o'clock In the evening at the new Rlts Hotel, Bandana (18) Mr. Smith's railroad career began ut she beclme over-enthusiastic nd was put out on personal fouls. Johnson, who was assigned the Ulicult duty of guarding the elusive made good in the first half, olding Central City's scoring ace three points. Wedell, and later Ushop and Distler, worked hard at The Judges were: Superintendent inira xnursaay in March.

Ballentine (10) tending the meeting and the lunch in February, 1865, when he became (11) G.Allen (1) Wallace Pos. eon were: Oraves, of Bard well; Miss Robertson, of Bardwcll; Mr. Latta, of Cartwrlght (4) Sladen (8) Austin (10) (4) Grlce Superintendent E. C. Stelnsber- Twenty-second street and Broadway.

Dr. Raley is one of the most prominent dentists in the state and his clerk and telegraph operator for the United States Military Railroads at Huntsvllle, Alabama. In May ot the same year he became agent at Kuttawa News (2) Walters ed until arrival ot Mr. Furr and the Boldry Roland ger, Assistant Superintendent R. D.

Thompson, Assistant Superintendent M. O. Jctt, Mr. and Mrs. J.

B. body. Mrs. Furr was. the daughter paper Is expected to be of especial interest.

Discussion ot the subject Substitutions: Bandana T. Allen Knoxvllle, where he remained until Kuttawa, Ky, Feb. 18. (Special) for Roland. December.

The first six months ot will be accompanied by picture slides. Snyder. Leo Blake, O. F. Radford, Ed Konkle, C.

Nieman, Geo. W. Cayce, T. W. Mitchell, T.

E. Shaw, A petition was circulated throughout Lyon county by the Chamber of 1868 he spent with the Adams Express company In Cincinnati, and of the late Thomas Roberts, a highly respected and well known farmer ot Metropolis, but for a number ot years had res'ded In Arkansas City, Ark. They have two daughters, Beatrice now married, and Gladls, who fefense but Teague and Wells sifted jhrough. Rich got loose for two retty field goals in the third quar- 1 The Blue Rompers outplayed their fpponents in both the third and I jurth quarters, scoring six points Central City's four in the third jnd three to two in the fourth, but ihe lead Central City obtained in Mrs. Nora Parker Following there -Till be a general discussion of the subject, "Mouth Hygiene and its Relation to Health," led by Hugh McElrath, ot Murray.

L. B. McGarvey, J. R. Waller, L.

C. then returned to direct railroad work commerce road committee last Saturday. The petition, with more than Piper, Ralph Dixon, J. N. Garrett, which he has never given up since, 500 signatures, was filed last TueS' Dies at Riverside Mrs.

Nora Downey Parker, 27, Misses Glenn, King and McGregor, aU of the Paducah district; W. P. From 186S to 1877 he served the Louisville Sc Nashville as clerk and Cltnlcs will be given and papers read at the afternoon session, which resides with her parents. Mrs. E.

E. Stephens with Mrs. W. Baynes, G. R.

BoswelL and L. L. wife of Bob F. Parker, died at 5:20 day in county court It is understood that signature of 150 free holders were necessary to call an election for road bonds, which were Kimbrell, aU of Metropolis. tie nrst quarter was not to be eaten.

Central City led at the end agent. The following six years were spent with the Atchison, Topera ic Santa Fe, as agent and terminal o'clock yesterday afternoon at Riverside hospital. She was a graduate i eacn quarter as loiiows: a lo E. Slmms of Brookport, are entertaining at cards at the Country club this afternoon. the object of the petition.

The num superintendent at Kansas City. nurse, being graduated in May. 1924. Lone Oak News In 1883 he returned to the L. erous signatures indicate the popularity of the proposed state will be held In the assembly room of the Board of Trade.

Dr. Bert L. Kenny, of Princeton, will read a paper on "Full Denture Impression." A paper on "Porcelain Jacket Crown" will be the subject of a paper by Dr. J. B.

Hutcherson of Louisville. Another paper that will be discussed will be "Amalgam Restorations," by Dr. J. Ray Boone, of Bardstown. N.

as of terminals and assistant division superintendent aid bonds. The proposal is to float A GOOD START FOR THE DAY BREAKFAST AT OAKLEY'S A 430 Broadway worth of bonds to construct During the last week the pump for the school well has been installed later transferring from the operating department to traffic worir as division freight agent and than assistant IS Us 8, 20 to 15, and 22 to 18. Tornado Takes Lead The Tilghman Tornado started off ilh a rush and scored four points ith two field goals by Tanner, be-sore the Golden Tide could get hold the ball, but McEuen made the core even with four straight free brows and Rice put Central City 'i the lead with a field goal before Hie quarter ended. Mulligan bean the scoring in the second quar- certain state aid roads. An election for the purpose of authorizing the bonds will be called within sixty and the future members of the Lon Oak school will enjoy every convent general freight agent.

at Riverside. Funeral services will be held at 4 o'clock this afternoon at the Selby Undertaking company, by the Rev. Custls Fletcher, rector of the Grace Episcopal church. The body will be sent to White Plains, Ky, where funeral and burial services will be held at 2:30 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. She was a member of the Episcopal church here.

Mrs. Parker leaves besides her husband, her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Downey, of Graham Ky, ence offered by any other school In From 1890 to 1892 he served 'the Mr. and Mrs.

W. E. Holt and daughter, Mrs. Everett Johnson, of Elgin, 111, have returned home after a visit with' Mr. and Mrs.

Walter Fardell, 500 East Sixth street. Eugene Lasslter is making excavation for basement to a business building he will have erected on a lot Just south ot the City National bank on Ferry street Mr. Lasslter will occup the building when completed as a studio for his photographic business. The building will be a one story and basement, brick and tile structure. the state and probably more, for its Queen Crescent and the East Ten PSYCHOLOGIST TO SPEAK Dr.

Ross King, the noted young psychologist, who has been conduct The public meeting called for members, and such visiting members Thursday night of this met by the ing a series of lectures at the Wom as care to indulge, will have the privilege of taking showers In the nessee, Virginia Sc Georgia lines as agent of both traffic and operating departments at Louisville. In 1892 he was promoted to general freight Lyon county Mammoth Cave Na an club, will address the Sunday country. tional Park association to perfect school of the Broadway Methodist In order to encourage public speak agent ot the Queen Sc Crescent at witn a iree throw but lour field oals by McEuen gave the Golden ido a fairly safe lead. The first alf ended 21 to 11 for the Tide. Both of Tilgnman's star guards ere taken from the game during pians ior tne intensive campaign to raise $2,000,000, with which to nur- church this morning from 9:40 to 9:50 o'clock.

ana nve sisters and three brothers. ing in the Lone Oak school, Rev. L. Cnclnnatl, and when that line She was a niece of Mrs. W.

M. Oliver. Holt, pastor of the Lone Oak became part of the newly formed Southern RaUwa in 1895 he became Rivervlew, with whom she had been making her home. lie last half on personal fouls. The the first general freight agent of Baptist church, has agreed to give to the school each year as long as he lives a gold medal fittingly engraved to the one delivering the best WOMAN BURNS TO DEATH Br Tiw AnocuiH Prt Hawesville, Feb.

18. Mrs. Rena Brown, 75, was bumed to death chase the site, has been postponed until next week. The exact date will be announced as soon as It is determined. It is reported the park fund drive will be conducted in all counties bf the state from February 27 to March 3, the line, with headquarters in Wash' ornado outscored the Tide in both the final quarters, scoring nine ington.

eignt in the third, and nine to oration In school. This medal prob When the N. C. St. created at her home near Pellville, this coun SANDWICHES THAT SATISFY in the fourth but as in the id's game, the lead established by the new place of traffio manuger in ty, tonight.

Two of her daughters were also severely burned in a futile Mr. Smith was secured to fill ably will be known as the "Holt Oratorical MedaL" It will be a medal denoting unusual ability and will be well worth working for In the ihe victors earlier in the game was that place. In 1906 the additional du ties of vice-president were added, Ragland News HEINIE TYLER 119 N. 4th St. Pfcone 2679-J school.

probably will do much to help discover more talent. making him the first traffio exe cutlve of the company. L. L. BOYD BURIED Mayfleld, Feb.

18. After a short service at the Kirk Byrn funeral home this afternoon at 2:30 o'clock by the Rev. T. W. Splcer, assistant pastor of the First Baptist church, the body of Lochrldge L.

Boyd, 62, who died at his home on the Cuba road about two and a half miles south of the city early Thursday morning, was laid to rest In Ma-plewood. Two of his sons, L. L. Boyd, Chicago, and J. M.

Boyd, New York City, arrived late yesterday and this morning to be in at effort to rescue their mother, who was discovered in a room surrounded by flames. The house was destroyed and neighbors found the charred remains of the aged woman in the embers. Mrs. Brown's clothes caught fire from an open grate. neavy to overcome, Mulligan retained his record as scorer for the Tornado with 14 oints.

Dawson and Tanner worked ell together on the offense but a Urge number of shots that should ave been good either fell short or Has Seven Cows on Mrs. Belle Skinner Dies in Virginia Register of Mayfield, Feb. 18. (Special.) nd St. Charles broke up the ma- ority of' the Tide's plays but the Word has been received In Pa OUR BOARDING HOUSE BY AHERN ictors had an uncanny eye for the )asket that was lacking in the Tor Mrs.

Jim Creason has been ill for the past few weeks. Henry AHcock is ill this week. Jim Broclman is ill this week. John Glisson is 111 with the flu. Mrs.

Turner is on the sick list again this week. Mrs. George Barton shopped in Paducah Friday. Misses Ella Mae Starks and Violet Mensar motored to Paducah Friday. Misses Amle Mae and Cary Lee Cumbee entertained their friends with a candy party last Wednesday tendance on the services.

ducah by Will Husbands from Fred H. Skinner, of Newport News, Va of the death of Mrs. Belle Anderson Malcolm Harrison, Farmington, one of the leading farmers of the county, has another accomplishment to his credit. 'MovJfiMe me n.L Skinner, widow of the late T. Ate-trs-rA no 6 Mr.

Harrison, who is a believer In IF Skinner. Mrs. Skinner, recently of Waynesvllle, N. and formerly of TAKE A COUPLE OF PEEP CALLIM6 ALL ABOU-f the dairy project, has seven Jersey Eddyvllle and Kuttawa, died yester day at Newport News. -a comesToF.

HOLD-Trl7 LAST MOTE OF cows of the Register of Merit grade; and will probably have four on the honor roll for the month. Two of his cows, and the leaders of his herd, made the following records: She was the daughter of Charles SOME Kl4p pj Anderson, former governor of Ohio, 0 who founded Xuttawa and was the WHAT SAY? LET'S TRY OAKLEY'S SPECIAL SUNDAY DINNER TAIRJ. promoter of the Louisville and Eliza Proud Boy's Sunshine has a record night. Those included in the hospitality were: Mrs. George Grief, Mrs.

Dora Parker, Mr. and Mrs. Galther Grief and children, Misses Vera Cumbee, Margaret Keel, Grace Willis, Adell Grief, Ludle Beasley, bethtown branch of the Illinois of 49.8 pounds of milk per day, of rfHEVVe BtrTA wa -yvi AS-Ibi Central. Mr. Anderson sold the acres of land to Tom Lawson for the erection of the steel mills at SWrfcMiMts which the test revealed 5.52 per cent butter fat, or 2.7481 pounds of butter per day.

-AH-H-M-H-Miiu" and Purnie Gibson, Messrs. Cecil FROM A i VJMo cam Holp a treason, Z. C. Parker, Howard Dun- Shady Grove Oxford Ida, his sec ond cow, gave milk that tested out 1.79 pounds of butter fat per day. in, Leon Grief, Alton Grief, Willie and James Gibson.

Elva Skinner is visiting his father Missouri this week. IH' LOWEST! "THREE, 4 A Reidland Girls -TrlROA-f THRU Your Wose I IMSISI Four, An especially appetizing menu today and only 75c. Served from 11 A. M. to 8 P.

M. This dinner will help make it a "big day" for you. Beat Henderson Henderson. Feb. 17.

(Spe Grand Rivers. The body will arrive at Kuttawa Monday afternoon with funeral services Tuesdaj. The Rev. Custls Fletcher, rector of the Paducah Gcace Episcopal church, will officiate. Mrs.

Skinner is survived by the following chl'dren: Bartley Skinner and Mrs. Marlon Seaver, of Phonlx, T. C. Skinner, of New York City, Mrs. Charllne Je3sup, of New York City, Fred H.

Skinner, of Newport News, and Mrs. Homer Ferguson, of Newport News. She is also survived by a sister, Miss Kittle Anderson, of Newport News. cial.) The girls' basketball team of Reidland defeated the Henderson girls here tonight by the score of OA-TrlROA-f 28 to 18. Reidland led the scoring from the first quarter to the end of ftie game.

The score at the half stood 19 to 12 In favor of Reidland. OAKLEY'S CAFE "Paducah's Leading and Most Up-to-Date Cafe" 430 Broadway Line-ups: Reidland (28) Pos. Henderson (18) Vasseur(6) (2) Jennings Three More Bombing Outrages in Chicago iy Tba Associated Prat Chicago, Feb. 18. reward of $1,000 for Information in connection with three new bomb outrages was offered today by Michael Hughes, police commissioner.

The list for the year was brought to 18. Sixteen more places were to be bombed, Walter G. Walker, assistant state's attorney said he had learned late today, and four policemen were detailed to each home for which fears were entertained. Walker would not give the source of his information. The undertaking establishment and home above it of John A.

Sbarbaro, young municipal Judge, a smokeshop-said to be hit by a gambling resort, and a garage said by the police to have been a rendezvous for gangsters were the places dynamited. Sbarbaro attributed the attack upon him to revenge by persons he recently had sentenced. Sears (10) Koper Edward (9) (3)McMullin Tyree (11) (3) Crafton Hancock Weldon N. C. St.

L. Bonds on Market Monday Bf Th Ai.oclnt.d Prcu 1 New Feb. 18. Public offering of first mortgage railroad bonds, the first in recent years to cover the entire property of a railroad, will be made Monday by J. P.

Morgan company. The offering will consist Substitutions: Reidland Cooper (2) and Reld. Henderson Farley, Mr. Tired Business Man The next evening when the worries of a busy day still hang heavy on your mind, break away from them for an hour visit a Billiard Parlor, unoke a good cigar, play a game of Billiards, mix and mingle with -ther men of your type gentlemen and foreet then eo home' to ot $16,800,000 Nashville, Chattanooga Sc St. Louis railway first mortgage 4 per cent 50-year bonds, priced at 97 your family happy, jolly, contented.

You'll be surprised at the dif Missouri Counties Instruct for Reed By Th Anoclnted Prt St. Louis, Feb. 18. Senator James A. Reed swept Missouri today with his presidential candidacy when approximately one hundred county Democratic conventions either Instructed their delegates to the state convention at St.

Joseph to vole for Rccd or named delegates known to and having an estimated yield ot 4.14 per cent. The new issue is callable after 15 years at 105. 1,4 Proceeds of the Sale will be used ferencethe smiles that radiate at home. PLAY POCKET BILLIARDS At The MARKET BILLIARD PARLOR 107 So, 2nd St. Paducah, Ky.

to meet payment of $18,100,000 due I NU ainvicc, INC. 4- 0 The first legal execution by electricity was that of William Kemmler at Sing Sing prison, on August 6, 1890. Si no U. pat orr. RH OFF! April 1 on tho road's first consolidated mortgage gold 6's dated April 2, 1833.

be favorable to him..

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