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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 5

Ottawa, Canada
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Friday, May 24, 1957
Page 5
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rHIDAY, MAY 24, 1957. THE OTTAWA JOURNAL IN OTTAWA'S WEST END Campeau to Erect Two U.S. Plants QuccnJuliana Takes the Bus STOCKHOLM. May 14 -r- , Br caai tvc of Tt SMraai. Depending on eo-oOeraUcm from the City of ,Ottaa find the Federal DUtrtctrtMJmmis-uon, Robert Campeau, pre alarm of Queensvlew Construction, will build tw. planu in Ottawa West End for tva US. manufacturer which would employ up to 450. The planu would cost a - Visiting Queen Juliana total of 12.300.000 and would be la operation by the end of 15S of The Netherlands prd up th. rogal limousine yesterday sod took th. bus. Willi her host. Swedish King Oustaf VI, tht Dutch Doiurch clLnbed tnlo hlnr new rlty motor coach to travel between lactone, south o( Stockholm. Attendant! Mid in Queen enjoyed the ride. Juliana and her husband. Prlnc. Bernherd, left for born, today after a ttaU visit to Sweden. Had Signed Agreements. Mr. Campeau explained he had signed agreement iut the two companies to start building their plants not later 1 wi ; -our - v " i " mi y, fi US than next Spring If the city and IDC acted to provide sewer and water service. The municipal services would William Robertson have to be extended to the new Queensvlew Industrial Area on the Arkell farm on the north side of the proposed Queens- City Tax Collector way Limited Access Highway. Mr. Campeau said on of the Leaves $352,821 new firms is engaged in turn lng out electronic equipment. It would require a plant of Former city Ux collector, Wllluun Robertson, who died 103,000 square feet and would employ from 150 to 300. Na tlonal Research Council facili April 17, has left an esUU of Isil.SH (before Uxes). His will was fUed for probaU today ties In Ottawa had attracted this firm to the Capital. at the County Court House The other plant would be Bulk of the eUte Is In stocks engaged la assembling heavy equipment. It would comprise 80,000 square feet and employ totalling l31S.ti. Cash In Um bank amounu to $1.4S7. and book debts and promlssary from 100 to 130. note to 14,143. If Mr. Campeau can guar antee the sewer and water Mr. Robertson's personal and KIRE STARTED IIKI.F. Thin U the eonfewlonai In which Thursday' fire at Notre Dame de Orace Church In Hull Is believed to have tarted. Flamea leaped up the wall melting the lead of two valuable atalned glass window. Two altari and paintings also were damaged. services by October, the con household effects have been left to his brother, Alexander tracts will be closed and plana can proceed on the new In Robertson and, apart from NOTRE DAME FIRE. AREA. dustries. A definite answer 'number of bequesU to near from the city would be required almost Immediately. If not. relatives, the balance of the property Is to be Invested by at left Created by artists at Charlemagne, Prance, the windows may be Irreplaceable now at aimilar prices. Two M.000 Priests examine the damage at Notre Dame Church following Thursday's unexplained blase. Two sUlned glass windows, valued at iVMO each, were melted from the frames the two Arms would local, out paintings are lost forever. his exMsutora. the Income from InvestmenU to be received by Alexander Robertson In regu side Ottawa, but they expressed a preference for Ottawa's West End. Ottawa District lar payments. 5,830 'DECISIONS' Macdonald College Results Announced Result, of final examinational . BSe (Agr), aecoiwl year: K. In the tint, aecond and third R. Dean. Ottawa; 8. K. Orla-vears of the B8c (An.) eourseldale. Iroauots: J M. Inrrara. Ot- Executors of the esUU are H7J,m far Sewers. Mr. Campeau estimated the the late Mr; Robertson's solici April Traffic Toll 4 Killed tors. Btaniey M. Clark. QC cost of , extending the sewer , Alastalr Macdonald, QC and R. W. D. Affleck. The will was would be 8173.000. He felt the FDC should contribute to 1U made June 10 of last year, cost as the trunk sewer would be across some of IU property. NY Crusade May Run Through the Summer 6-Lane Span If the land, were owned prt-' vately the owner would contribute to th. development. Continued From Page One. Extension of water from and the BSc HEc) course wereltawa M. A. John ton, Winches-released today by Macdonald iter; E. J. Lelahley. Ottawa; K. College. IF. McCleary, Shawvllle. Thr. Ottawa and district stu- BSc (Agr.) third year: R. N. denti were among the price-1 Booth, Ottawa; J. O. Elliott, winner. They are: J. M.lDeschenes; D.. N. Mowat, City Ingram, of Ottawa, Conkllni View.' Trophy; 8 K. 'orisdale, ofj BSc iHEcl, first year: B. A Iroquois, Claw of 1&3 Book I Armstrong. Ottawa; C. DeB. Prize, and M. L. Adams, of Ash-iDunlop, Cornwall; J. B. Lib- Moreover, the new Bronaon through July and Is that "Marx looks at the Garden NEW YORK. May 14 (UP) Carting avenue was na great problem, Mr. Campeau said. body and says all conflicts , " August. . ,' ! Evangelist Billy Oraham said SuUstlcs released by the OnUrlo Provincial Police show there were (7 motor Vehicle accidents In the Ottawa district during April. In three of them four persons died. There were 31 persons Injured In these accidents. The OPP here, who patrol' the counties of Oarieton, 8 tor-mount, Dundas and Glengarry , Prescott and Ruesell, checked l.m vehicle, during the month. Warnings were given to 1,380 drivers ar.d 721 drivers were charged for offence. come from without, wnue . ' ,.r ,.,. "All of us know w are wrestling today with heart disease, the most terrible of Ues at Uplands. ton. Horn. Economic Club erty Pembroke; V. M. Ugnt- The preliminary sketches show that the new bridge will killing physical diseases". says all problems come from within". Speaks of Pride. body, Lindsay; P. 6. McArthur, Renfrew; A. X. MacFerlanej Piiie. An asterisk following a name span the canal at a different Oraham said In his sermon before lt.000 persons. "But OtUwa; 8. T. Workman, Ot- Indicate, that one or more sup angle than the present swing The 38-year-old North Caro He also pointed out that th. sewer could easily be constructed and there were na grade or elevation problems as the land raise gradually going north. Also the sewer would serve the balance of the West End. Visualise. More Plants. , Mr, Campeau said that extension of sewer and water In the area would mean more Industrial plants. last night his ambitious New York crusade so far has "given m. a feeling down deep, a glorious sensing In my soul that It will be a great success". He said In an InUrvlew with the United Press1 following his ninth sermon In Madison Square Garden that "this conviction, and how It progresses or regresses, will be the decid plemental examinations muatjtawa. bridge. BSc HEc. second year: R. we all suffer an Infection that la a spiritual disease of the be written. The following are linian said that many of his listeners would "die outside of This will make complications heart, that la much worse In land acquisition at the Christ because of prkle, that greatest stumbling block to northern approach, but elm Chinese in Formosa results of Ottawa and district tudnts: BSc (Agr ), first year: B. 8. Caracailen. OtUwa; L. O. Collins. Cobden; C. D. Crooer, that exacts much larger tolls." He said the heart, "the seat of our .motions,, can be E. Balrd. OtUwa; 8. M. A Bruce. Britannia Bay; D. J. Hodglns, Shawvllle; 8. M. Ross, OtUwa; 8. M. Stewart, Smiths rii. BSc (HEcl, third year: M. L. Adams, A.hton; L. J. Henderson, OtUwa. - pllfles the land problem at the southern end. The entire land area west of Branson, between Morrtaburg; W. R. Hodglna, ing factor as to whether we end the crusade June 30, as shielded against Ood. harden the Kingdom of Ood. ' "No man can come to Jesus Christ proudly, be must do It In humility and forget self 8-E-L-r", Oraham exhorted. In last night's audience, Continued From page One. Two ,oI the Americans Injured in the atUck on the Embassy were admitted to hospital. They are the press at- ed against Him' so long that " He forecast at least 18 new Industrial plants and 3.000 houses on the Arkell and Ryan farms In the West End. Shawvllle; O. H. Patterson, Billing Bridge. scheduled, or run It through there may come a tlro when It Is so hard and rotten It will the Summer". 5.S30 'Decisions'. Oraham said that another which swelled total attendance at Graham's sermons to more not be able to respond to the atUche, Alexander Boase, who vu aerlcMulv but not critically the canal and the river, Is Dominion-owned. Had the new bridge followed the same line as the existing one. It would have meant costly expropriation of homes and property along the east side of Bronson between the canal and the river. With the new call of Ood". than 134.000 persons, was Oov. beaten, and security officer K' w" "th number Abe Palmer Heads Ottawa Modern J. E. Luloff Dies, Former Warden Of Renfrew County Orval Paubus of Arkansas, of decisions for Christ that Carl Ackennan, who was hit who said he cam. to hear Or come out erf our meetings here". He said that so far the ham because "hi this Atomle- on the head but not severely injured. Marine Bgt. William '5.830 "decisions" made by New Sutton was sent home after re-i Jewish School Hydrogen bomb age, Billy's roadway, west . of existing message of brotherly love may Bronson, no homes will be dls-be the only thing that will rupted south of the canal. EOANVILLE, May 14. (Spe Yorkers in the first nine days of the crusade has made him feel oetter than I have In my life". At the annual meeting of the save the world eelvlng six stitches.. Hide In Shelter. Most of the Embassy person nel were away from the Em- Ottawa Modem Jewish School, "All of as here, every.n. of us, baa a bad heart",' Graham said. "We have bad hearts becau. we will them with fits of temper, with hat and with frictions In the home. Tb. horrible truth Is that when a lot of bad hearts get together they start building weapons and wind up shooting It out with other groups of bad hearts. Bad hearts m a k . wars. Police Warn Against Fake 'Surveyors' Detective Inspector Csvan today warned housewives to be on guard against new twist In an old racket which has come to police attention. Yesterday two men, posing as "surveyors from the city Ux department", told an elderly West End woman that they were re-aurveylng her property to determine whether the taxes should be raised or lowered. . Fear Complications. Some officials today ex Extra Strength. cial) John E. Luloff, for many yean Reeve of North Algoma Township, and the first person of Oerman descent to become a warden of Renfrew county. Last night, an estimated 7SS neio last nigtvt, Abe Palmer was re-elected president of tht school. In hi Interview with the United Press, Oraham said pressed surprise that the bridge announcement and particu bassy for lunch at the .time ofpfrsoru eame ,0rW4r, w make the atuck. and those Inside j decls0IU Ior Cnrl.t following avoided more serious Injury by! 0rahMn-, .ermon on -the died suddenly at his Oolden like home on Thursday. He larly Its location was made at this time before the necessary land had been acquired. They Uking retuge in me air ram -,irituai disease of the heart". was SS. that although he works much harder than he ever has worked and gets less sleep, he feels "an inner relaxation and an extra strength from the pray Other officers are: A. (Andy) Andras, vloe-presldent; William Oruber, second vice-president; Mrs. Arnold Haltrecht. treasurer; Mrs. - Morris Rachlta, recording secretary, and Mrs. Max Naemark, corresponding fear that there will be drawn-out proceedings Involved In the Roger Hull, chairman of the Crusade executive committee and a vice-president expropriation of quit. num ers being offered for the suc Born and educated In North Algona, he was the son of the late Edward Luloff. A farmer at Oolden Lake, he took an active Interest In municipal "One fourth of you sitting here In Madison Square Oar-den will be dead within 10 cess of the crusade ber of large homes In the northwest Bronson - Driveway wfMutual of New York Insurance Co- said the com shelter. Most Americans encountering the mob In the streets escaped, but two airline employes were reported to have been beaten when they came out of a restaurant on Taipei's main street. The rloU started after Mas- At this point, the interview secretary. years If the H-bomb does was Interrupted by Dr. Norman After they conducted a sham pontics. In addition, th. following Long-range plans call for a 'five director were elected: Mra. not get us all first You know Vincent PeaJe, who bad .given the Benediction following the this, but you allow your hearts investigation tney tout ner tne ( Tof m he M elerk esessment would be raised . and trea4urer or North AKOTn, and asked her to sign a blank ha WM elected reet ,n new highway connecting link Israel Oreenberg, Martin Gins- mittee would meet the first week In June t. decide whether to extend the crusade through the Summer. "We are optimistic about It sermon. Peale, author of sev to be filled with evil Imagination, allow them to be deceit to the Metcalfe Highway (No. 31). This wJl mean that traf eral Inspirational self-help 1847. He was warden of Renter Sgt Robert R. Reynolds books, said to the revivalist: ful and w I e k e d outside of the man whose acquittal stir frew county In 1950. Christ. He was a member of the because we already have half the $800,000 we sought In gifts, outside nightly collections, to Evangelical United Brethren cneque wnicn wuum uv wun-terslgned by a tlvlc official "for her protection". The In-erease In Uxes would be filled la later on the cheque. ' The housewife, after the pair had gone, became suspicious anri atannerf rnvmpnt at tha red the trouble had left with his . wife and seven-vear-old daughter by chartered plane for manlla. A U.S. court ..martial acquit-ed the sergeant yesterday of support the crusade", he said. The crusade, which costs burg. Jack Vlnokur, Philip Weiss and Harry Welta. In his annual report. President Abe Palmer pointed out that the school had successfully completed )u fourth year of operation with a small surplus and wrth a record registration. For the coming season it la planned to add another grade (Grade t) so that th. school will start Its fifth year next September with a . Junior and senior kindergarten and flv. 1 grades. fic entering or leaving the city will have rapid movement all the way from the city's outskirts te th. canal at Bronson. Negotiation will begin shortly for th. sharing of costs of th. project by the city, the province, th. FDC (Dominion), and the Department of Transport, the latter being the authority responsible for th Rldeau Csnsl. 355,000 a week plus expenses of Grahams 35-member team. Church of Oolden Lake. - He 1 survived by his mother; two sister, the Misses Catherine and Theresa, at" home, and a brother, Edward, a farmer at Oolden Lake: The funeral will, be from his "You're working harder than any man I ever saw-keeping ap a pae. that would kill moot men, I wtskt you'd tell an. bow you do It, boy." "Positive thinking. Dr. Peale", ' Graham grinned back. "Just positive think-lng." Peale's mast auccesaful book: "The Power of Positive Thinking." : "God k e e s a great searchlight an year heart. Re p r . b e a your heart, searches It, ponders It. Re weighs It beside the life of Christ, and yon all of us eame short. Our hearts don't weigh enough." Oraham said that the essential difference between Christianity and communism has an option on use of the charges of voluntary manslaughter of a Chinese caught looking through a bathroom bank. Later one of the men attempted to cash the cheque but left hurriedly when bank officials attempted to deUln window while his wife was tak home, Sunday at 1 p.m. to the him, lng a shower. A guard of 67 armed police escorted Reynolds Last year a similar scheme Engellcal United Brethren from a tall pole In the compound was hauled down, trampled and torn tm pieces. A member of the crowd shinnled up the pole and hoisted the Chinese Nation was carried on here when con Church at Oolden Lake. Burial will be In the parish cemetery. Weather Forecast fldence men posed as fire department Inspectors. They pretended to fix fsulty chimneys, charging a fee for the ork. Cecile Blasts Dominion Unemployment Benefits and his family to the airport The attack on the Embassy erupted after the widow of the slain Chniese entered the Embassy compound with a banner protesting Reynolds' acquittal. The woman's banner said "killer Reynolds Innocent? VS. court martial decision alist flag while the mob broke Int. a frenir of cheers. The attack on the embassy began soon after most of the staff had quit . for lunch. Latter Day Saints Conference Opens Saturday The two-day quarterly con MONTREAL. May 34 4C Dominion Public Weather Office 11 JO a m. report: Ottawa Region: Sunny with aom. afternoon cloudiness today and Saturday: a llttie warmer tomorrow. Winds westerly 10 with gusts to 30 during th. day; ltrht winds at night. Among those known to be In Miss Margaret La rose Dies in 21st Year Miss Margaret Larose, IS Average low temperature this date, 48; record 17 In 1854. Tempers taram. Low last night and high Thursday: Prlnc. George 31, 81; Vancouver 47, 83; Victoria 47, 87; Edmonton 83, 78; Calgary 43. 70; Yellowknlfe 34, 43; Saskatoon 40, 7S; Reglna 81. 73; Winnipeg 81. 87; Churchill 18, 31; Port Arthur 31. 88; White River 30, 31; North Bay 40. (1; TORONTO, May 14. (8pe-i the maximum weekly benefit clal ) Ottawa la "pauperis-, w. 854. In Canada It was only lng" citizens of Canada' 830. he aaid. through failure of 1U Unem- The" Ihte-bodied unemployed. unfair, unjust side, however, were admlnls- ference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints A crowd of Chinese gathered , active officer Howard Challle. Low tonight ar.d high Batur- ftweeUand avenue, a lifelong ! opens here at 10 a m. Saturday F r a n k , ptoyment Insurance program.! he declared, should receive at the Embassy gat. to watcnfmbmJUIT "messenger her march. Then a stone was' resident of OtUwa, died lnln the New Edinburgh Chapel, Nesci and some Chinese assist- Ontario Welfare Minister Cecil, every financial ronatderattoo , " , thrown. The crowd began hosplUl this morning following : Charles and Cretghton streeU. charged today. through the establlsoed m-!"' oui"-7. """ He made the chsrges in a chlnery of the Unemployment ' eunny, a lltUe warmer. Outlook t thnr Ulnlilir lnmirance Commission. for Sunday . Increasing eloudl- c i w..- i -.1 ...Ihurllng missiles until pracU- anU. Embassy counsellor James B. Ptlcher was not In the area lengthy Illness. She was 20. Daughter of the late Albert from points between Kingston!"11' '?rLW'ndW '".'..heV building was smashed Oregg asking him to take ae- The proposition of reducir.g n""- risk of afternoon shower Windsor 48. 74; Toronto 48, St; when the violence broke out Z". ..i.s. ' I on on Windsor's unrmploy- them to a -relief level" becoue;Wrm Ottawa 48. 78; Montreal 84. 80; Larose and the former Julia ( and Deep River will take part Blank, she was edurated lnln the dleu.lona under presl- .nrf tCL m, a. ti,. Each crashing pane orougm DUI ... - " meet Drobtetn. they lacked lotos we. en Im-i ynopis: me cooler. lesa Qu, Mi 70; fredericton 81. uproarious applause from the i porta from staff Otuwa and attended St. Paul'i'dent J. Earl Lewis, of Toronto, The letter supported sub- proper one. numio air mm bot m M; Monrton 48. 84; Halifax. mob. Lutheran Church. before the demonstrators rip- head of the Canadian Mission. and . . ... ... i mission trial unemployment ne eiso cnucixeo lacs at - ' v, ; cnsriotieiown 4.. H; n ,4 Ant th, teiennonea ..... . . . . . . j h., i . . . reinforcements Police - assistance was strictly a uo-, raresigni- m nos esiaoianung -a bi. jonn s J4. 3t: Minneapolis Rescue American. minion responssblUty. a Dominion works program mjnF l ' " Qu'beem n. chleego 48. 81; Detroit Police relnforcemenU had; Windsor, at present has 1.300 area where a substantial de- nd Ontario, Thl fin weather jW 74. pton 88. 80; New York rresioem Btaniey Cameron N,lk)naii3t military police In of the Ottawa District will con- ,rmored c,ri w,rt ruhed up duct the sessions. , I h. ,h, unable to codc In addition to her mother, she Is survived by one brother, Arthur, and a sister, Dorothy, both of Ottawa. Funeral, will be held from to rescue seven American aerv- ; unemployed who have extend- free ot unemployment exienea i i "'" 'g7. 78; Washington 71, 81; Two missionary sessions are; with the defiant demonstrators. Noting that ghe working force Saturday, although aotneeloud-ip,,,,, M n. AtltnU M' walla and Icemen from a Chines, gov- ni their unemployment lcaur- 1. u to be held Saturday, beginning; who Canada met a very sub-i""w ""'J """""""",: Miami 77. 87: New Orleans Hulse and Playfalr. Ltd. 31S at 10 a m. and 1 1 share of the cost of eastern regions. Tempera- M. LoUi. u u- Denver pr. Sunday, "SS 'TTTT of th. Ontario gg5 f S"4 in about them and MlnUterraTthat present un-.n. swarmed In about inem atex.tlal VtcLeod rtreeV to 8t. Paul' !..nerml a,t0ns, ' imployment Insurance sure will be on the cool sloe j n Angele 87. 87. Lutheran Church for pm are j,, tht pub, ,nd reached the aecond floor insults then TVw hmI eniiimn as mm turned employment Insurance oenetiu tnrougn lie o percent, con in- j """ '"-r'' A.I . . of the two-storev structure.! shouted Monday at 1 p m.. Rev. R. IIS eorrespondenu snouia oe exienoea 10 iwv irauon, ne saia hw cenainry r - - - w ' . . , , . i . hn- a tMMrf iina,rH aaraln 111 ADDED ARRIVALS. where thev began throwing on two I a, m Rlti officiating. Interment be In Beech wood cemetery. a aA I . . J.I I, J In the building ana year. namcmv pus ai pnni -- - r - Four babies were born furniture, books, documents working . ...i rhlnese He also claimed the benefits In effect was not meeting the Average high temperature 'aM aiaa tavn. 88. record 84 In " - JT: sun . i iiaent, sssrri as. aboard the Mavflower on Its and anvthlnr else thev could ordered anyming eise mey couia oim ne nij dui nwoji na in unempioyea roll pnl a unng, historic, voyage from England move , Journal Went quick results. Michigan worker. J 18a. . m.mrm i, in u- through the windows. . government employe. d the were "e n American flag flying Journalist in 8 back room, S 1 . 'to Massachusetts in 1620. i A - f.

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