The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 8, 1950 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 8, 1950
Page 14
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PAGB FOURTEEN BLYTHEVTLLE (ABK.) COURFER NEWS Churchill Levels Severe Charges at Labor Party CARDIFF, Wales, Feb. t—ffl— * Conservative leader Winston Churchill charged the Labor Party today with deliberate lying to win votes in the Feb. 23 election. H« declared thai Prime Minister Olcirent Attlee's followers have adopted » Nazi-Communist principle "that If an imtnith is told often enough and widely enough it becomes as good as the truth. Denies Strike Story ' Churchill said tha Laboritcs and coal field Communists "continually spread the story" he sent troops to shoot down the Rhondda Valley mine strikers 111 Wales when he was home secretary in 1910. He called this a "cruel lie." Churchill said the tact was that although the chief constable of Glamorgan - the Wolsli County mainly involved-asked lor troops to put down strike disorders the toldiers were never sent, "I made mi unprewdent Intervention," Churchill declared. "I stopped the movement of troops and I sent instead 850 metropolitan police from London with the sole object of preventing Woodshed." He said the unarmed police charged rioters using their rolled up MncKtntoshes as weapons, thus averting any bloodshed "except perhaps some from the nose." Churchill declared he also wanted to spike what Britons call "the empty belly story" In the Labor Party s campaign manifesto, or election platform. •Empty nellies' Work Said Churchill: "This is their official statement: •empty bellies.' one Tory has said, •are the one thing that will make Britons work'." He declared the Labontes seek bf this means "to rie/rame the whole Conservative Party by fastening on them the monstrous charge that they wish to inflict empty bellies upon tlie people to make them work harder." Churchill co»«~ Unued: "We have however made enquiries. "Apparently a Mr. Biggs, formerly t Conservative member of Parliament, made this statement three years ago when visiting New Zealand. "He had no right whatever to speak lor the Conservative Party. His words were however noted by our vigilant central office and they «e»e promptly, at the time, re- ptidiated. "Here is what was said and published in the Conservative weekly letter of April 19. 1947. Hftrfff Not Qualified *r. Htggs Is not at all represen- of the Conservative Party. He would never be adoptel as a candidate on that sort of speech, tor it Is the most arrant nonsense.' They added the following com- ineot, which I can't help reading: "If Mr. Tiggs' theory were right onr national output would be very high today, for thanks to Mr. Strachey'i efforts our nellies are getting emptier and emptier." John Strachey U Food Minister in the Labor government. Mississippi Stays Dry JACKSON, Miss., Teb. 8. (AP)— The state House of Representatives has defeated a liquor legalization •bill 68-58 and wet leaders agree the question Is dead for this session. Mississippi and Oklahoma are the only dry states. Negro Deaths Funeral services will be conducted at '1 p.m. tomorrow at the St. Paul Baptist- Church by Rev. H. Boykin for Frank Riley, 42. Burial will be in ' the Mount 2ion Cemetery. He died i at his home in Blytheville Sunday. ! His wife, Flora Riley, three sons and ! two (laughters survive him. Caston : Funeral Home Is hi charge. Carol Paight Acquitted in Mercy Killing BRIDGEPORT, Conn., Fob. 8. (AP)— Carol Ann Paight, acquitted In the mercy slaying of her cancer-doomed father, planned today to return to college as .won as .she dial. The pleaded up from the ordeal of her 21-year-old blontle, temporary insanity, who was of 12 freed last night by a Jury parents. - She spent her first night at home in nearby Stamford since Mic shot her father, police .sergeant Carl I'aiEht, last Sept. 23 as he slept In Stamford Hospital. "Oh God." the attractive six-foot girl sobbed as .she broke donw at the verdict. She was near complete collapse. Her ailorncy, D.iiid Oobteiri, termed the verdict "Just and fair," but added: ''This is 710 precedent for a mercy killing, in my opinion." He said the case was tried solely on the issue of whether Carol was Insane at the time of the shooting. State's attorney Lorn W. .Willis declined to see neiv.smcn. He sent out word that he had no comment. The jury deliberated four hours and 51 minutes before foreman Judith Memhard, 52, announced the verdict. The trial lasted two weeks, Negro Alliance Meets At Carter Temple A regular meeting of the Negro Ministerial Alliance was conducted yesterday at the Carter Temple of fheO. M. E. Church with Hev L. D. Davenport presiding. During the business meeting, t.hc group was urged by Rev. P. Smith to support Die Emergency rielief Fund through the Negro churches of (he community. Rev. Smith outlined the program for alliance ax drawn up by (he Rev. Roy T. liac- ley ol the First Mclhcdist Church. The Alliance voted to hold the Negro interdenominational fellowship meeting at the True Light M B. Church Feb. 19(h at 2:30 p.m. with Rev. M, Freeman, pastor of the Baptist Church «t Hnytl. as guest speaker. Other speakers will include Rev. M. W. Wingfleld, Rev. T. H Hay wool. Rev. W. H. Lang of Os- ceoia. Rev. B. W. Hampton of Clear Lake and Rev. F. H. llcnlon of Wynne. A report was made on a musicial festival featuring Negro spirituals which Is now being held from 1 to 9:30 p.m. each evening at the Bethel A. M, E. Church by L. M Henton. A special section of scats is reserved for w : hi(e people. Boy Scouts in Caruthersville Take Over City Government for a Day CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo., Feb. 8-«The "Good Deed a Day" boys took | over the City Government yesterday .as (hey observed National Boy Scout Week. Kepres.en<utivr.s of two Scout Troops, headed by Tim Vickers, Scoutmaster for Troop 92. and Harold Hamby, Scoutmaster for Troop 93, \me named to various city office.;, mid took over for the das'. The ScouLs reported an uneventful morning, but two disturbances, a fire, and a stolen automobile in the afternoon. W. O. Clevidence, operator of a machine shop, got "purposefully malicious" in the water olfice, the rooms said, and after talking his way out of trouble reported a second disturbance at his machine shop. The lire drill resulted In a water light among the firemen, and not even the Scouts were convinced that H .11. Piginon had a car stolen from a used car lot. The boys read parking meters and told the offenders, via a mimeographed note, that they had been caught in the red, hilt that a Scout's "good deed a day" has come to [he rescue with the necessary copper to keep the parking legal. After a day with the city government in their hands the RcouLs met with city officers to complete Iheii 1 sliidy. The Scout officers were: Troop 92: Dicky Richardson, mayor; Ralph Clayton, police judge; Joe B.Mickey, chief of police; Homer Dale Bracey and Dicky Watson, meter police; Donald Barnes, fire chief; Victor Cromcr, ciiy collector; Maurice Cunningham, street commissioner, and Claurt Gallian, water commissioner. For Troop S3 the officers were: J. W. FiggiiLs, mayor; Tom Moody, chief or police; Bobby Bartholomew and Jimmy Leslie, meter police; Joe Aquino, fire chief; Jack Taylor, water commissioner. Jerry Figgius, city collector and Lee Bennett Jones, city clerk. The Scouts will complete activities of the week when they attend church in a group next week. Scouts Honored At Lion Meeting X-RAY Continued from Page One each year, and that Arkansas' death rate was much higher than that of the nation. The national rate is 33.5 for each 100.000 population while Arkansas' Is 46.5, She pointed out that during the last three .vcar.s progress had been made In tuberculosis control work, but that ill 1049 there were 31 deaths hi<:.siprri county due to tvilier- ciilosis nnd 682 In Arkansas. She explained that three of every five found to have tuberculosis through (he free chest x-ray clinics were unsusi>eclmg and apparently healthy. These, she said, would potentially infect 30 to 50 others, unless checked in the early stages. There are at present 3rj2 known cases and 2C4 suspected cases of tuberculosis in Mississippi County, many of which were discovered by the free surveys. Volunteer Workers Xamed During clinics last year more than 15,000 were x-rayed in the county. After the reports are returned from the state health department follow- up work is done by the Mississippi County Health units, and complete records retained. Volunteer workers were named to present the outline of the plans to various civic, church, and social | groups, also. Approximately 40 attended the planning meeting with representatives from almost every organization in Blytheville represented. The workers to present plans are Mrs. J. E. Crafton. Delphian, .Woman's Club, and Blytheville civic Music Association; Mrs. J. Nf. Fer- pusou. Junior High P.T.A.; Mrs. George Stillwell. Woman's Society of christianService; Mrs. Seigbert Jiedel. Temple Israel .sisterhood: Mrs. Carl Marshall. Jayceettes; Mrs. Pioyd White. Mrs. Leroy Huddleston and Mrs. Tant. church groups: Mrs. J. p. McCalla, Junior League Service Auxiliary; Mrs. Johnson. Centra! School p. T. A.: Harold Bradley. Rice-Stix employees, and Mrs. Jack Rawhides, Beta Sigma' Phi. WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 8, 1950 Civic Music Group Plans Constitution Plans for a constitution to govern (he Blytheville Civic Music Association were outlined last night the at a meeting of officers at Chamber of Commerce office. Mrs. James Roy, Mrs. John Caudill and Worth D. Holder were appointed to investigate constitutions lor .similar organizations and draw up the initial instrument. A 24-member of directors was also named at Die meeting last nfghc. They will include Harry W. Halnaj, Mrs, E. R. Lancashire, Mrs C. L. Mcwaters, G. G. Hubbard, Jr., Dob Lipscomb, W. B. Nicholson. Mrs. Alvin Huffman, Jr., Mrs. Walter Rosenthal, Mrs. W. L. Horner, Mrs. R. C. JTarr, Ross Stevens, O. E Mrs , Knudsen, Mrs. Eddie Saliha, W. H. Pease, Bernard Gooch Dr Fred Child, Mrs. Bob McKinnon Mrs. T. L. Stanford, Mrs. Robert L. Pierce, Mrs. L. Berry, and L T Moore, Jr. Buck. G. A. Jlanford was fined }25 and costs on his plea of guilty to a similar charge. COAL hear continued from Page not?" Cole restored calm and the ings went on. The chairman announced Just before the Lewis outburst Unit the board would not take formal testimony, but would instead 1 question the principals in public hearings to determine the facts. In this way, Cole said, the board could speed up Its report to the President "If one is necessary." No elaboration He did not elaborate on that statement. President Trumnn has asked for a report by Monday. The board had some Informal sessions with [,ewis and the coal operators yesterday. Cole asked Lewis aim the operators 9,'helher eitncr side had imposed conditions which made it Impossible for them to settle thefi dispute through collective bargaining. Love said (lie union had by Insisting on a contract clause saying the miners would work when "able and willing." There was a clause like that in the old contract which expired last June. Lewis called several \vork stoppages under it. Love argued that such a clause meant thnt even if on agreement were reached the union would not guarantee to live up to it. Horse Medicine 'Coffee' Causes Woman's Death DANBUR.Y, N. H., Feb. 8. (AP)— A spoonfull of powdered horse medicine she mistakenly brewed for cof- sec killed Mrs. Eva Huntoon, 64, within 15 minutes last night. State police said the woman ap. parcntly took the wrong can from a kitchen shelf/ Betting, instead ol coffee, the j>osionous powder. The Communicable Disease Cen- •? t?r of the U. S. Public Health ij Service is at Atlanta, Ga. Scouts, representing Drunk Driving Charge Three Boy , cub, scouts, Explorer units. Continued in Court were guests of the Blytheville Lions Pi'!, 1 ! " t , l> ,| 1l ", 1 , (:il( Tv ™ ct ' nB yt ' 5 ' N *• Hearing for J. C. McCoy. on a cntlree OI " drlvi "« whsle ' their activities for National Bos- Scout Week. The Scouts were": O'Neal Dedman. explorer scout Glenn Latlri, Jr.. Cub Scout and pob Blodgett, scout. A program of vocal music was presented by Mrs. Harold Davis, who was arcompanied by Mrs. John Caiiriill. She sang, "My Hero," "Pale ued until tomorrow in Municipal Court this morning with bond set at 5200. McCoy was arrested after the car he was driving was involved, in an accident with one driven by EJarry Hands I Love," "One Alone", and "Siponia." Bill Radfr was guest of the club. Folks say we've crowded more downright pleasure into this bottle than they ever dreamed of! It's our own family's recipe -and we've been distilling ever since eighteen-eighty something! $135 A I/I PT. *it«K TWItT (I., U«»[MCitII«, IM. Enjoy Really GOOD FOOD FOR LESS Snider's Restaurant (formerly Sullivan's Cafe) NOON PLATE LUNCH 60 ( • Thursday's Menu • February 9 HAM HOCKS &. BKANS GRILLED HAMBURGER STEAK You get nil of this for onlv GOc: choice of 2 vegetables . . . potato O'Brien, lyon- ruiise s(|, butlered spinach, groat norlliern beans; pineapple and cabbage <l; and coffee. Deluxe Plate Lunch 85' Choice of SI'lit IH'a soup. I'-lllKIl C'liirKKN- ivitli rrc;ini RravT. Clinicc of 2 vi-RHii- lilcs. Ssl.m. CorTe*. Ire ("r<*.im. Breakfast Special Choice of juire. Tw» ret!, lany style.) II,. con. ham. or sausatc. Toast and Jollv. Coffee. 60 - OPEN EVERY DAY EXCEPT SUNDAY— 5:30 to 8:30 Snider's Restaurant BlyrhcyflU EARL SNIDER, 114 North Second Hart Schaffner & Marx The Greatest Name In Men's Clothing Exclusively in Blytheville At Mead's 1*0 fit a REGUIAR , a REGULAR A rtpnbr i.« « prcllj well proportioned man. Ifr « *ome>»here J>clwccn 5'7'/j * in 5' 10" high; his >raiM meaMircmcnl is 5* »o 7" less ill an hi* chest. Our rccu Isrs rnn from chest suca 35 k> 48 inclusive. DONT REGULA* MEM'S •„ oo OVERSIZE * Wfl*.

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