The Province from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on May 4, 1957 · 5
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The Province from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada · 5

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 4, 1957
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THE PROVINCE, Saturdoy, Moy 4, 1957 I I Kidnapped by a Sasquatch Snuff box to rescue By DON LORV . Province 8uf' writer n 'FORT LANGLEY A f Fort Lanjrley man says j hi was kidnapped and r held captive for one week Sasmmtrh favnilv. and escaped when he fed one a box of snuff. ALBERT OSTMAN, M. of 10263 McKinnon Road, told his story this week to William Roe, fin, of 5085 Pacific Highway. Clpverdale. Mr. Ostman and Mr. Roe were brought together after Mr. Ostman read of Mr. Roe's experience in sighting a female Sas-quatch as published in The Province April 23. Mr. Ostman said he was on a j prospecting trip about 75 miles j north or the head of Toba Inlet ) when he was kidnapped during the middle of the night by "the old man" Sasquatch as be slept in a sleeping bag in the summer of 1924. "I DIDN'T KNOW it was the old man Sasquatch at the time," Mr. Ostman said. "All I knew is that I was being carried and that the sleeping bag was pulled so tight around my neck that I almost choked. He just slung me over his shoulder and away he went." He was taken to a cave-like shelter under a rock cliff where he saw an old female Sasquatch and a young male and female. The "old man" was about, seven feet tall and weighed between five and six hundred pounds. The "old lady" was slightly smaller, while the young male stood six feet and weighed two hundred pounds. The young female was about six feet tall and one hundred pounds. HE DESCRIBED them as be- 4 Talk of the Town By BILL DUNFORD OSCAR TO OSCAR Or, this Hollywood sub-head jCo&ld be changed to sport page parlance and read: "Locals have good" bench strength." 4 'At any rate, the magistrates have been in convention at Harri-son.'and one of the highlights of the sessions was a play dealing i -jWitB court procedure that was not only informative, pointing out i lerrers and omissions and so on, but was clever and humorous j 'enough to rate the author andor producer and actors a chance at Hollywood . s It was written, produced and acted in by Magistrate! Oscar , lOrp and Gordon Scott. . . ; J incidentally, Magistrate Orr won the "versatility award." : i H Hollowed his show-business stint by impressing the magistrates ' twith back flips off the high board in the resort pool. li t ' j "1TY SCENE In case you have been bothered by that Grey : "Ford with the quaint paw-prints and printing, this is the story, i ''Taking a page from the political gag of "Follow John," the car is painted with great paw prints and the words ' Follow Sasquatch. Cafc'.is owned by Bill Hayter, who, with Del Jones and Rod McLean, has", just finished the government extension course on prospecting and; in off hours the three are putting their knowledge to work in tjie Harrison Lake, or Sasquatch country. Well, it's a break for the,' centennial committee up there, at any rate. All three plan similar paint jobs. , - , f p TAKE YOUR CHOICE Citizens Sunday can join with the navy or the army in paying tribute to those who didn't come home. Ships company of HMCS Discovery, led by the band, will parade to St. Andrew's-Wesley for jthe Battle of the Atlantic service honoring men of the RCN and Merchant Navy who lost their lives on convoy duty in the Second , World War. The B.C. Regiment (DCO) with band and cadet corps ,wiD be marching to Qhrist Church Cathedral for the annual church parade honoring the fallen and marking in particular the Battle of St. Julien in the First World War. I Rev. R. R. Cunningham will conduct, the navy service, with Cmdr, Joseph A, Roberts in charge of the parade and Cm dr. Jack jStevenson, the CO, taking the salute at Smithe and Burrard following- the morning service. Lt.-Col. Arthur Lungley will lead his ' 3 "Dukes" to church, Where Dean Northcote Burke will preach. The salute will be taken by Col. Clarence Wallace outside Beatty Drill i Hall. ? Z t FOREIGN FAVOR Who said this town was de-1 void of na international flavor? Howe Street, from void of an international flavor? Howe Street, from As. follows: The Viking Shop, -the Tweed Shop, Vienna House of Beauty, French Beauty Parlor, Vanite Modiste, Roman Gallery, Chinese Prawn House and assorted antique spots with European names like Georgian, Reinholds, Nilsons, Vincent Galleries, Hamp ton House, Antiquarian Shoppe. (The Acme tailors are tucked in there too). " i ' ' . INCIDENTALLY We have visitors from all over, too, and horn the guests' register at B.C. Building at Exhibition Park they are, much impressed by the birdseye view of sprawling B.C. as . btained by looking down on the big relief map of the province. There have been comments from visitors from South Africa, Portu- I f J C if 1 VTi I I 1 i L. T C 1 .. T7 1 - . A gal, jreianu, acoiiano, cngianu ana me u.o. ui iatc, jcj&auiiiic. 1 from a South African lady "Top marks to the fellow who thought np this wonderful idea. It is an achievement to be proud of." (Have you sized up our province from that vantage point? B.C. Building Is open daily from 11 a.m. te 5 p.m.). 5 IT'S ALIVE! Despite his business background and the fact he la slightly over the age to be a member of the Junior Chamber of ,'Commerce, Ed Simmons was honored at the twenty-fifth anniversary dinner as "the oldest, real-live paid-up member of Jay-cees." A founding father of the group, he has maintained his fees and active membership, and, a tribute to him, both, are accepted. So far if Ed is going to retain that youth, the club figured he should receive a suitable gift. When he opened the lavish and large gift-wrapped present, out jumped a real live doll. (Statistics on request!) E. C. GORLING LrTD. Beltone Hearing Aids NOW LOCATED AT 524 W.PENDER Convenient (round floor location between Richards and Seymour P a HEARING GLASSES Off,, SBeltone a u a D r n u a a a n ) r 1 h i'' I 7 T MIC,0MO" U JytjB&r'"""" Ilk Sg&ST VOIUMI COHtlOi Ilfl For over 25 years MT. E. C. Gorllng has helped thousand! to hear again. He Is a well-known and highly trained peel a list In fitting difficult cases. HIDE DEAFNESS Phone nr Writ for FREE HOME DEMONSTRATION Anywhere In Vancouver or the Fraaer Valley - a hear a a ing completely covered with short hair, and wore no Clothing. ' Their food consisted of fruits and nuts, and no meat. Mr. Ostman said he was running short of supplies and decided be must escape from the iamily, although at no time did they molest or harm him. "They were definitely human, , although primitive, and seemed more curious about me than anything." he said. "Evety time I would attempt to leave though, the old man would block the way. "But one day I was taking a bit of snuff and I noticed the old man was . very curious, so I handed him the tin. He just opened his mouth and emptied the tin in one gulp and was he ever sick. "WHILE THE old man was busy being sick, I grabbed my belongings and ran as fast as I tould. "I got away okay, and I wasn't harmed a bit. But after living with them a week, I'm sure they are merely a band of Indians that have lost touch with civilization. "They don't want to harm anyone, and don't want anyone to harm them. My advice to anyone going out hunting for them is to just leave them alone. They probably don't want any part of us and I don't blame them. "THEIR SPEECH was a sort of chattering, and even though they wore no clothing.they used Attacked by gang, boy dies OTTAWA (CP) Rene Jodoin, 17, died today from injuries suffered in a gang attack by a group of teenagers on a west-central Ottawa street. Police were seeking at least 10 youths believed to have taken part in the attack on Jodoin, his two brothers and two other youths. POLICE SAID the attack occurred on the sidewalk in front of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church on Lebreton St. Trouble began in the church hall during a youth organization dance, soon after the arrival of Jodoin, his brother David, 19, and Maurice, 16, and two friends, Bob Clermont, 18, and Michael Morris, 19, all strangers to the neighborhood. REV. JOHN KL'MLI stopped the row. Jodoin, his brother and friends, left the hall but were followed to the street by a group of about 12 youths. The- fight resumed and Rene Jodoin, fell to the sidewalk, where he was kicked until unconscious. A lotus from a seed dormant for 2,000 years had bloomed in a lily pond in Japan. A botanist discovered the seed in a peat bed, FcAN YOU AFFORD A BILL FOR MAJOR ; " a smstM a laa I AUTO KtrAIKir Newly Located at 524 W. PENDER Between Richards Jj Seymonr Enable tiie deaf to hear with BOTH EARS! End hsndicsp of trylnt to wilh om owrworeea r. Enjoy Ml dimensions! hesrins, Hear clesrly "In is tslkins , . . vktrt sounds trt eomins from. Q Corns in, phons of wriu Tor FRfi Q 4mi'ipl book. q E. C. GORLING & CO. LTD. Bel tone Hearing Aids PHONK Mttual S-flMS Stop worrying! Btfore you buy gny utad cor look for tha U.A.B. seal and RELAX in the knowledge that if hidden defects should develop they'll cost I you nothing, either ports I or labour, for ONE FULL I YEAR Tha U.A.B. seal on a usad j car means it has bean I thoroughly checked by a I strong, independent Cana-dian company and bears I a written quorontee covering all repairs, as outlined I in Warranty Certificate, I for ONE FULL YEAR. I Also available' - 2 year's J guarantea on new cars. a Absolut elf mileift Miriams! I a 6W rnywhin in (mdi j $rU.S.A. I a ($rt ill firtt i I labour! ! NODOAYS- I Cltimi adjusloJ promptly! I Htod Of'ie. Tofsnis j Buy from 5rSSVho oW,r UNIVERSAL AUTO BONDERS LTD. I.C. Offlcsi USe Stymwr k. IJ. A. TrnrnM I. C. leal) TAHsw 741 VANCOUVH 1, It. MsaasBaasaaaasMss blankets made of moss woven with strips of cedar bark, and they never used a fire." Mr. Ostman agreed the female Sasquatch sighted by Mr. Roe was "quite probably" the young female of the family which held him captive, and was now grown up. Driver Sought Police would like to talk with motorist who knocked down a pedestrian at Sixteenth and Dunbar at 5:30 p.m. Friday. The pedestrian, William Wilson, 89, of 4068 West Sixteenth, told the driver that he was all right, and walked away. Later he had to be treated in hospital for an arm injury. Her goat is got oyer telephone Mrs. Patricia Polglase doesn't want any goats today, thank you. And she'd like a new phone number. One where she doesn't have to turn down owners of goats with beards wanting to get them on the stage. Mrs.' Polglase moved into 1087 East Broadway and Thursday was assigned the number listed for the Vancouver Little Theatre Association. The VLTA is looking for a goat to play in "Mr. Roberts. The one they had was approaching nanny-hood. It was supposed to be named Billy. "Information" was queried today for the VLTA'i number. The operator said it was EM 4720. That's Mrs. Polglasa'f number. Her goat is got. The British home office is producing a weekly Hungarian-language newspaper for Hungarian refugees in Britain. Silk Specialists Since 1903 622-628 Granville Phone TA 1221 Fashions go and the rise of a new Roman-tic Empire is seen in Saba's fabulous Italian Imports Charge Account Purchases made Monday appear on June statements payable July 10th You'll give a big "Viva" for Italian Fabrics 36" Printed Pure Silks These include enchanting silk shantungs, satin finish silks and rich-looking jarquards . original floral , designs, moderns, polka dots and stripes. 7.95 to 11.95 Yard, 36" Printed Silk-and-Wool A beautiful blend that results m a fabric with the texture of pure silk ... the spring-iness resiliency of wool. In clever monotone and designs for dresses of distinction. 8.95 Yard, e P t ' iLW' ! l ' mi nw , sseHP Yard, 50" Printed Woollens Use these for a truly fascinating costume dress with jacket or coat ... very fine Challis weaves in beautiful paisleys and abstracts. Yard, 6.95 - 36" Printed Nylons Yours in a wonderful satin-finish quality that's perfect for a sleek sheath dress or suit-matching blousef In exotic colorings and unique designs. Yard, 4.95 36" Printed Polished Cotton Use these for the prettiest, washable summer dress you ever owned. You'll love the crisp finish . . . the sharp or muted colors in gorgeous florals, abstracts and paisley designs. 4.95 ' 36" Guipure Lace Imagine a wedding gown that combines these exquisite Guipure laces with taffeta or rich ' brocade! Beautiful applique designs can be cut from them as well, to sew as trims or borders. In at least a dozen pastel shades, with black and white included. Yard. 12.95 Foreign-flavoured Blouses ' Beautifully tailored with an inviting intrigue in their knowing fit ... in their demure little collars that "convert to an inviting Vee. With long or three-quarter sleeves. 10 to 18. in cotton broadcloth 8.95 in pure silk 11.95 Bulky-Knit Sweaters . Perfect tops over summer dresses or sportswear. In Vee-neck cardigan style. White, black, red, turq, lemon. 16 to 40. each 25.00 Striped Wool-Knit Sweaters Mama mia! Wait 'till you see what these stripe-teasing sweaters do for you! Convertible-neck pullovers . . . knit as fine as jersey ... in grey-white-yellow horizontal stripes. 14 to 18. , 1 ffc yjjr SSfflsSsr- each 11,95 Crystal-cut Italian Jewelry Extravagantly lovely styles featuring intricately designed necklaces, strung on wire and cut with solitaire facets. Or in bracelets of crystal-crusted metal . . r and bizarre, conversation-making earrings. Sold only at Saba's ... a wonderful gift for MOTHER! 6.95 10 37.95 Elegant Italian Umbrellas 1 Slim as an exclamation point, with covers of PURE SILK . . . elegant handles of leather, metal and leather, all gilt, or hand-carved bamboo. Some are even JEWELLED! And ALL unscrew for packing. . 14.95 t0 32.95 Pure Silk or Wool Scarves 18 to 27-inch squares with edges of fine, fine fringe , , . patterned in exotic colors and designs for romantic intrigue with every costume. 1.95 t0 6.95 Paisley Wool Stoles , To be worn with a flourish over your summer dance frocks! Big, bold and dramatic . . . styled in 54-inch squares . . . patterned In, delightful paisleys and finished with deep,' hand-knotted fringe ' 17.95 Pure Silk Stoles Sheer delight to wear over any summer dress! Styled in generous oblongs and woven in pure silk with metallic stripes . . . complete with silky four-inch fringe. 12.95 35.00 y V) KM-. TkJ . jsV 9 KM Mail Orders promptly filled ati Ml lip ' Wfc' I i OODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDODDDDDItllii ' ' '

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