The Windsor Star from Windsor, Ontario, Canada on January 18, 1922 · 6
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The Windsor Star from Windsor, Ontario, Canada · 6

Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 18, 1922
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0 COURT ASKED TO KEEP OPEN DOOR IH CHINA Britain, Italy Accept Plan Presented By Hughes OTHER POWERS WAIT Japan and France Approve In Principle, But Will Move Slowly Washington, Jan. 18. Secretary Hughes has proposed a resolution forthe l ar Eastern Conference here not only to define more definitely the ohl Open Door doctrine in ( Jnna, hut to set up machinery to see that the door is kept open. By fir tLe most waeping application of th Hay Print ipta ever , fi'tomi t-d i provide,! for in the run riran proprpnsal dflgnerl to end one ami for all, proh'eiu- of frle-t on growing out of violations of the "Opi n Iwor, I (1 fits I'.rn braced The new application of the old doctrine would embrate the following 1 A gi cement by the nine signatory powers. A -Not to ki ck or aist their nationals in seeking any general m-uperiorlty of rights for themselves in China. 15 Not to seek or assist their nationals In seeking to deprive a' v ofhtr nationals of frtedorn or any other commciiUl competitive activity In ('Kina. 2 The Chinese government takes note of these agreements and egrets on her part to be bound by the same pririciplm. 3 A board of reference, constituted by reprett ntatives of the signatory powers is created, so constituted as to provide a detailed scheme by which undertakings involving a question of violation of the principle of the Open I)oor may bo thoroughly elucidated. 4 The signatory powers agree that In event of a conflict of Interests or in event of an apparent violation of the principle of the "Open Door," the board of reference may review the cases Italy and Great Britain promptly rcepted the new Open Door resolution In substances and In principle. Japan also expressed approval I of the spirit of the resolution, raised no concrete objection to any part of it, but the delegation asked more itlmo in which thoroughly to study the text. M. Parraut, head of the French , delegation, while approving the resolution in principle, made definite ) exception to Article 4. Other powers , approved the resolution in principle, and, at the close of the meeting, it I was stated by an American spokesman. that: "We appear to be near to (tb conclusion of a very great and very important step, but we are still in the period of negotlatlona The first approach toward strengthening the "Open Door doctrine of Hay was made by Secretary Hughe In the Far Eastern Committee meeting Monday with a resolution embodying merely Articles 1 and 2 of the present draft. There were humorous criticisms of this , resolution, the most Important one . being made by Mr. Balfour, who de- elated there should he some machinery established to aid in carry-ling cut the agreements reached Secretary Hughes then abandoned 'the original resolution, substituting for It the on written and offered Tuesday, which carried the machinery auggeated by the British, Ml Ftilll PEOPLE SNOULD TB 1UUC Hundreds of Men and Women in The Border Cities Appear To Be Physical Wrecks Simply Because Their Systems Are Starving for Nourishment. XV Sill m m.mmmmmnn n lllBB There are hundreds of thin, run-down, nervous men andVomen right here in The Border Cities who should be strong, sturdy and vigorous, with rich, red blood tingling through their veins and leeiing brimful of life and energy, if they would only profit by the experience of others all over the United States and Canada and assist nature to digest the food they eat, by simply taking Tanlac. Millions of people hare hot only- been relieved of the most obstinate forms of dyspepsia and indigestion by Tanlac after other remedies have failed, but large numbers of .them have reported a remarkable "and rapid increase in weight and a - return to normal health and strength by its use. In fact, so phenomenal have been the gain in weight by thin, frail people through the use of Tanlac that this remarkable preparation is now being pioclaimed everywhere as the World's Greatest Tonic. The food people eat does them absolutely no good unless they digest it properly. When you suffer from indigestion and other forms of stomach trouble, the food ' does you harm instead of good, because food which is not digested stays in the stomach and ferments, causing pains, swelling, gas on ttomach, shortness of breath, bad taste in the mouth, dizziness and tnanv other disagreeable symptoms. ,f this condition is permitted to ua on for an indefinite period the eutire system becomes saturated with poiaons, the patient becomes This Still Produced 100 Gallons A Day j . r t ,4 rirvtysjKfetw sspfytpi i , ' ' " J 4 J" r' S " 3 , - . 4 ' ?', ' r 4 f ys t ' , A 7 i' ' AF 2g at 7 'A sy? a ' Z , 'Jr I fj, " " , ij 6 4 4 " .f v , s rt , 7 A ' ' ' V ' 4r v J s & & v : V 4 AA AH ' a , SF a 4- .JtS ? ktl -Mi Arf THE MANITOBA Provincial Police and the P. C. M. I recently seized this home-brew paraphernalia, capable of producing 100 gallons of liquor per day, in Winnipeg, i he large container at the the left is the boiler in which the mash is cooked. Leading from the boiler is the REQUEST FOR BIRTH CONTROL PRESENTED United Farm Women of Alberta Will Debate Proposal Calgary, Jan. 18 A resolution on the subject of b.rth control ts to come before the convention of the United Farm Women of Alberta, opening today. A resolution passed by the Alix local ask the convention to urge the speedy removal of ali harriers due to legal restrictions, tradition, prejudice or Ignorance, which now prevents parents from access to such scientific knowledge on this su) lect ns is possessed by the medical profession. Another resolution asks that married mothers be cared for at the Governments expense at any hospital during confinement, the Government also to make a grant which would "provide help at home during the mother's absence Another resolution seeks to prohibit the manufacture and sale of cigarettes Boost In Compensation For Injured Sought Toronto, Jan. 18. The Toronto Building Tiades Council, whose officials will be reinforced by representatives of other labor organizations, will again ask the Provincial Gov ernment to Increase the compensa tion paid to injured workmen under the -Workmen's Compensation Act to 100 percent. Secretary Doggett, of the council, announced yesterday. Other amendments to the act will be pressed at the same time. 5 CONVICTS LASHED Montreal, Jan. 18. Five convicts were lashed with the cat-o'-nme-tatls in the special punishment room at the St. Vincent da Paul penitentiary yesterday, four of them receiving the first half of their corporal sentence punishment, and the fifth taking his whole quantum. All of the number had been found guilty of robbery with violence, and four are under sentence of seven years imprisonment. thin and pale and in time various complications are apt to result. Tanlac is a powerful reconstructive tonic, and quickly overcomes this condition by aiding Nature to eliminate the impurities from the system in a natural way and enable the vital organs to properly perform their functions. That is why it is called Natures Medicine. In fact, there is net a single portion of the body that is not benefited by the helpfi 1 action of Tanlac, which begins its work by stimulating the digestive and assimilative organs, thereby enriching the blood and invigorating the entire system. Next, it enables the weak, worn-out stomach to thoroughly digest its food and convert the nourishing elements into bone, blood and muscle. The result Is you feel strong, sturdy and well with the proper amount of flesh, as Nature intended. Tanlac is sold in Windsor by all Lanspeary's Drug Stores, and Laings Drug Store. Advt. r , 4 H j p- I ft P- f il 4 ' V '$ , ", if r I csjt-v-crtr Tsn c v t c .t. ' ' j, f' ,?, v-'- - - sfarf A &$. J & V LOCAL Hardy Ice Cutters Do Work in Zero Weather Preparing for Summer Riverfront East of Border Cities Presents Picture of Unceasing Activity,-as Men and Horses Labor To Jay In Store of Blocks The reign of the Ice cutter is here. For many miles along the riverfront road east to Puce, the lake shore highway on the Canadian side is the sceife of busy operations. Not in much demand now, the 9-inch crystal blocks will Increase in value more than any other commodity before hot weather arrives. Eights cents a hundredweight for ice in summer is like finding money out in Detroit river and Lake St. Clair. The writer visited the water front at Riverside, Monday afternoon when ice cutting operations were in progress by several crews. On Investigation It was found that all were farmers-of the Sandwich East and St. Clair Shores districts. Apparently the pack being put up yesterday was for home consumption, and a limited sale to the hundreds of cottagers along the riverfront from Ford to Tecumseh. liook Picturesque Looking very picturesque in the bright January sunshine, these French-Canadian ice cutters were working with a vim, and not a moment's time was wasted. To one who has never viewed icecutting operations, the scene is most interesting. The neatly marked otf squares for the ice cutter, the long channel hewed out for the poling of ice blocks (o the loading chute, and the unique method of hauling the large cakes out of the water by horse power would make an attractive movie film. Work of Catting The cutter consists of a seventoothed Instrument, the steel teeth being directly in Lne and the points on the ice surface about six inches apart. With thi3 instrument drawn by a single horse, the French-Canadian ice-cutter states that he can cut two thousand blocks per day. At 160 to 175 pounds per block, this is not a bad days harvest. The financial end of it can be deduced when the days cut is figured at the summer price of eighty cents per hundred. The shrinkage between now and summer, If the stock is well packed, would be almost negligible. t The Ice-cutter goes over lines marked out, time after time, and at every traverse cuts down a half inch or more into the river floor. This operation is repeated many times until the thickness of the sheet is reuced to a point where safety for horse and driver compels further severing of the blocks ty precarious axe handling.. Floated Down Channel A long lane of free water, called the ice channel, is hewed out in line with the -loading shute, which resembles the bathing chute provided at beaches for quick precipitation into the aquatic realm. Along this channel, which extends out into the river for several hundred feet, the cut ice blocks are constantly poled along by three or four men using a regulation steel pointed pole for the work. This handy adjunct to the work is about nine feet in length and is very dexterously handled by the men running blocks to the leading chute. When eight or nine blocks are marshalled in Ime at the bottom of the chute, a horizontal clamp is laid across the end block. Out on the ice some forty feet away from the chute, a team handled with equal dexterity stands ready for the word to pull the string of blocks out of the water and up the chute to the loading platform. Just on the other side of the loading platform other wagons continually come in line to receive the loads. Hauled Up Chute Gee Dap Thar, says the French-Canadiap manning the ice block team. The string of crystals are haulel up the chute with sufficient THE BORDER CITIES STAR, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 18, 1922 I H ? 1 rs5-, A . I 'f isJr ' , 3f t ? ' L if ft "A , 'SarT . A. " s S A . 4', it - f 4 KP' - Pi iy y. fAAt' JsA- doubler, which connects with the condenser. The can at the rigid is known as the tail which houses the worm. Grouped around the centre are boxes of prunes, bags of brown sugar, flavoring extracts, home brew bottling apparatus and labels, caps and seals. NEWS rapidity to place over half the load on the waiting wagon, the remainder being poled off to the vehicle by a man in attendance. Team after team drives up to receixe the summer gold bricks, and so the operation goes on all day. At night the crew is tired, but while filling their pipes they reflect just what the crystal blocks will mean in extra money when the big upriver camping season is on It looks like foolishness to be laying in store material v hich is anything but desirable in frigid weath er, but these workers as well as the rest of the world know that the time is not far distant when a hun clrql pound ice block will be among the most desirable articles in the Border Cities vicinity. All honor goes to these hardy river men who are as willing to cut ice in zero weather as the farmer is to make hay while the sun shines. Farmers To Get Man On Federal Reserve Washington, Jan. 18. The fiist step to bring about farmer repie-E'ntatioa on the federal reserve board was taken by the senate late Tuesday in the passage of the Kellogg-Smitb compromise bill incresing the boards appointive memBeiship from five to six and providing that the agricultural interests shall have a spokesman among them The vote by which the bi 1 passed was 63 to 9. Seven of those who opposed the proposition were Republicans and ttvo Democrats. RAIL PY DISPUTE ENDED Montreal, Jan. 18.-Wage tions affecting 14O,O0Cr employes of Canadian railways were settled harmoniously yesterday as a result of a conference between union leaders and railway officials held here. Representatives of the running trades agreed to accept "permanently the 12 4 percent reduction introduced by the railways last July and which were accepted under protest at the time. $1.00 Trimmed and Untrimmed Hats Special, 59c Each 37 Sandwich St. E. W Here is die last word in combination coal and electric ranges, We build nothing else but ranges and water heaters and our lines are the models from which others try to build. Write for booklet to Moffats, Limited, uj Weston, Ontario. fe em m 1 7r GROWS BEST FRUIT Guelph Professor Urges Development of Hardier " Trees" London, Jan. 18. Professor James elson of the O. A. C. Horticultural Department told the members of the Itndcn Fruit Growers Association at a meeting held in the department of agriculture office Tuesday afternon that the outlook for tree fruit was more than favorable. He pointed out that fruit trees had been considerably reduced, in numbers during the past ten jears, due partly to the unfavorable winter of four years ago. Apple trees in particular had been affected. Xo province can produce as good quality fruit as Ontario, said Professor Neilson. "We have the land and the climate favorable for the production of the best of fruit. It means a great deal of work to keep your orchards in good shape, but it will pay in dollars and cents. The man who has a god apple orchard need not be afraid of the future. HEARS 3 APPEALS AH On Convictions On Liquor Charges; Only One Allowed lecial to The Star u!am. Jan 18 Three appeals a,amst convictions on liquor charges in heard today before Judge tanwirth. The first was an appeal by Mis-. Gertie Etches of this city, who was convicted by Magistrate Arnold of telling liquor and was fined $500 and costs. The judge held that the evidence warranted th? conviction, and he dismissed the appeal with costs. The second ar peal was made on behalf of Julian Mission, of Wall-aceburg, against a conviction registered by Magistrate Bridgewater, of Dresden, on a charge of having liquor. In this case the conviction was based upon the magistrate inference that Mission had drunk out of two whisky bottles which he had in liis possession when arrested In an intoxicated condition. The evidence of three witnesses went to show t,hat the bottles had contained liquor, but although intoxicated. Mission claimed that he had not partaken of the contents of the bottle in question. As the appealant has a'rcaay been convicted on a charge of intoxication Judge Stanw orth allowed tile appeal. The third appeal was made on behalf of William Mason, a hotel keeper o Ridgetown, who was sentenced by Magistrate Robert Ball, of Ridgetown, to a term of six months for having liquor. Tins appeal was dismissed without costs, as the judge considered there was sufficient evidence to convict. In the Indiana mining district, a man fell down a 100-foot shaft and was piactically unhurt. Well bet he couldnt do it again. Are Girls 9 Ankles Getting Bigger? - Dolly Varden. according to s the old song, had dainty little feet and ankles but, accord- - mg to the modern observer, Dolly never wore low shoes in season and out of season. The $ ' result was that Dolly's ankles " weie kept neat and trim and $ that the modern gills ankls are getting anything but neat. 8 It has long been the boast ? of adherents of the American girl that nowhere on earth are t ' thre to be found ankles as ; small as m this land. It was -& considered a mark of beauty ' in the Orient for the girl to $ be able to encircle her ankle with the fingers of one hand 3 This was no trick for the 4 average American girl, once -a upon a day. $ ' Since the vogue of the low e- shoe things are different. The $ ankles are getting a trifle larger, and the girls say frankly "Why Not? They claim it is due more to the $ fact that they walk more, and take more exercise than their mothers and grandmothers did. Which is to blame for the larger ankles exercise or 8 ; low shoes? 5- FOR Grip, Influenza, Sore Throat Humphreys Homeo Medicine Co, 156 W uliam St , New York and at all Drug and Country Stores. Moffat9 s Combination N U.S. Inquiry Ordered Into General Electric Washington. Jan. 18. Federal investigation of the General Electric Co., a a result of charges that it had extorted millions of dollars from the public In unfair profits, has been ordered by Atty-Gen. Daugherty. The company is charged with juggling Us private accounts and thereby under-estimating Its tax lia-terty said that expertst of the Treas-bibties to the Government, Daugh-sury Department, co-operating with officials of the Department of Justice. and would conduct the Investigation. The probe was requested by the General Electric Co., because of charges made against the conduct of its business by Samuel Untermjer of New Tork. Thousands at Burial Of Mrs. Greenfield Edmonton, Jan. IS. Thousands of Edmonton and Alberta citizens attended the funeral services jester-day of Elizabeth Greenfield, wife of Premier Greenfield, of Alberta. At McDougall church an impressive Bervice was helcC attended by the lieutenant-governor, cabinet ministers, members cf theAlbprta Legislature and many old friends of the family from Westlock. Hundreds of floral remembrances were received from all parts of the province and many cities of the Dominion. Mrs. Greenfield was a native of Strathroy, Ont. Fraudulent Charge Dismissed at Sarnia Sarnia, Jan. 18. The roles were reversed in the city police court jes-terday when Joseph Lozier, police agent in recent liquor cases, was the defendant, charged with fraudulently obtaining board and lodging from John McRae. 405 Maxwell striet. Defendant pleaded not guilty, and after taking evidence Magistrate Gorman stated that he found no proof of fraud, and in dismissing the charge advised the parties to get together and arrange a settlement of the debt which Lozier owed. The -magisrate held that although Lozier had not occupied his room since December 28 he was still domiciled at 405 Maxwell street, as his clothes were still there. AfT 4 'I I ! I" (jj WHS " Got No Sleep But now the neuritis has gone, the pains have ceased, the nervous system is restored and the writer of this letter pays a grateful tribute to the medicine which made him well. Mr. John Woodward, P.T.O., Lucan, Ont., writes: It give me much pleasure to recommend Dr. Chase' medicine, especially the Nerve Food. I was a sufferer from neuritis for several years, and tried all kinds of remedies, yet never seemed to get any better. At last my nerves and whole system seemed to give way through not being able to get any rest or sleep at nights for pain, which mostly used to take me in all parts of the limbs and feet. My nerves would twitch till my whole body would seem to jerk right up as I lay in bed. Almost at the point of despair, 1 decided I would get Dr. Chase's Nerve Food, which I did. and after taking twenty boxes I believe myself almost normal again. I also keep a box of Dr. Chases Kidney-Liver Pills on hand, nd for the past year I seem to enjoy my usual health. Dr. Chases Nerve Food, 50c a box, all dealers, or Edmanson, Bates & Co., Limited, Toronto. PERLEY TRIED TO BE FAIR, HE DECLARES Dined By Canada Club Ere Departing To Put In Resignation London, Jan. 18. Duke of Devonshire, ex-governor-general of Canada, who was accompanied by the Duchess of Devonshire, presided last night over a well attended dinner of the Canada Club, of London, held in honor of Sir George and Lady Fer-Iey, who are returning to Canada in order that Sir George may place in the hand3 of the new Government his resignation of the office of high commissioner. An Innovation In gatherings of the Canada Club was made tonight inasmuch as ladles were invited. Responding to a toast In his honor, Sir George Perley, referring to his term as overseas minister of militia. said; I strove to be fair in jnaking appointments and also endeavored to eliminate favoritism. I doubtless Carefully selected and blended coffee-beans expertly roasted and ground produce delicious NOTHING ADDED NOTHING TAKEN AWAY SOLD IN TIN'S ONLY-BY ALL GOOD GROCERS Fame is the tribute which the uorld pays to the outstanding personalities of a year, a decade, a century. Whether a lovable Prince, a gracious Queen, a Statesman, Soldier or Scholar, Fame comes to them because each, in their ay, gives of their best to make this old world a( brighter and better place to live in. Fame came to Lewis Eds on Waterman because his life work was for the betterment of mankind to irake writing easy. That he successfully achieved his ambition, is proven by the millions of people who now years alter his death continue to carry Waj Forni through every sphere of their daily life. The usefulness of WATERMANS IDEAL FOUNTAIN PEN can nevtr be doubted, and its popularity will never wane, for it is the something bigger and better that makes writing easier and more efficient. There are many styles! for character but only one quality for satisfaction, $250 and up Selection and Service at best stores everywhers 179 St. James Street, New York Sa Francisco Boston London noKo CUT PLUG 7 Delicious Fraraa't' 1 package also packed tins disappointed aoma but, on the whole J I think my efforts were appreciated It Is a matter for satisfaction that th policies put Into force were continued to the end of the war." Conservative Gains First Day of Recount Prince Rupert. B C Jan. 18. The lead of Fred Stork, Libeial In Skeena, over Col. C. W. Peck, VC., has been reduced from 44 to 24 as, as the recount of ballots before Judge Young here yesterdaj. In the supreme court Martin O'Reilly, said to be a supporter of Mr. Stork, has filed U petition, protest-1 ing the recent federal election for Skeena on the grounds that the election was not carried out la compliance with the rules of the Dominion Elections Act. It is alleged that a Premier Mine but 60 ballots were available, but that 79 voters had applied for ballots, and that when the 50 were exhausted the deputy returning officer had manufactured more ballots in an attempt to enable tlie qualified ones to vote. It is further alleged that-ballots had not been provided at several polling stations. mwnofpwri airs en V,. rwSi lJ J1 Montreal Chicago Pans in Yz Ik 1 f- I - I i t

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